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tv   ABC15 News at 6PM  ABC  September 16, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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president's name off the 2012 ballot. >> if people's minds were made up about that, it wasn't going to change, so i did the one thing i thought sounded reasonable which was contact the other government officials in hawaii that kept those records and asked them, government official to government official do you have a birth certificate for president obama? >> reporter: he said he had to just fill out a form and pay 5 bucks, his money, to get paperwork. now part of arizona's election history. now back to you. thank you. and it's a night of reflection for christine jones, but she's already congratulated her challenger, andy biggs. >> he won by 27 votes, the county judge certifying the numbers. jones that challenged some of the ballots said it's time to move on. >> let's lay down our swords
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republicans to make sure we have the ducks lined up for november. >> the seat is a republican strong hold meaning biggs is heavily favored for a win in november, and meanwhile jones has no plans to run for future office at this moment. this accused wrong way driver is sitting in jail sobering up thinking ability his actions d about his action -- about his actions, all do as well. what do you do if you're driving on a road and a driver like that is headed your way? >> in the night time it's really best to drive the freeway in the center to the right lanes because a wrongway vehicle is more likely to be coming done -- wrong way reek is more likely to be -- vehicle is more likely to be coming down the left, allowing you the chance to take evasive action. >> and also adot lights up the overhead signs as soon as they
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so look out for those. they're also working on sensors to detect wrong way drivers. if you look closely, a wild event on our roads is now on the us 60. the street fair from all of this. right now we don't know why the dump truck slammed into a freeway median, the remarkable part here was that no one was seriously hurt in this, and 7 vehicles were involved. so far no time line on adot will repair the median. charges in a home invasion leading to a deadly shooting in the valley. this man's accomplice shot dead by the police, and we know tonight this 21-year-old will face four counts. >. three women able to return to their families tonight thanks to a heroic rescue by phoenix firefighter, much of it caught on camera by air 15. these three women are believed
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steep and dangerous conditions. thankfully to had one was -- no one was hurt, but even with our cooler than normal temperatures it's a reminder that it's still dangerous. >> i think 20 degrees cooler in the shade. some of the mountains are in the shade, so it's nice, but in the sun you're just profusely sweating. >> luckily the women had no injuries and didn't have to be treated. the rescue crews fine tonight as well. i think everybody said cooler when i said cooler, but it's >> yeah, not triple digits, but the triple digits will be back this weekend as oration prevails like -- as our sunshine prevails. tracking the temperatures across the valley, it's 94 in tempe, 95 in glendale and ahwatukee, 91 in scottsdale and gilbert. phoenix sky harbor right now at 95, and as we head through this evening we'll see the drop off into the 80s around 8:00 p.m. low 80s through 10:00 and 11
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11:00, then waking up tomorrow to 72 in phoenix with much of the valley in the 60s. we'll touch the century mark here in phoenix tomorrow 4:00 or 5:00 tomorrow afternoon, then heading into sunday it's going to get even hotter as the sunny and dry forecast continues, but we're already tracking chances for rain back in the forecast next week. we'll take a closer look coming up. your voice, your vote, committed to bringing you election coverage from the abc 15 live desk, and tonight we know hillary clinton and donald trump will candidates at the first presidential debate on september 26th. they were officially invited today, but not any third party candidates. for trump he took the stage in miami a couple of hours ago calling for clinton's secret service agents to be stripped of their guns saying quote let's see what happens to her. his meaning wasn't immediately clear, but analysts say it comes on the heels of his suggestion last month that
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hillary clinton from appointing supreme court justices. clinton will give a speech focused on millennials monday. discussing the challenges facing young people today, and how her agenda would support them, and include her plans to make free community college and debt-free college available to everyone. dozens of complaints, tons of trash, a lot of frustration boiling over in tempe. runners and cyclists actually telling us they've using the trails because they've been taken over by homeless camps. sonu wasu is looking into this, and you reached out to the city. what are they saying about this? >> reporter: they are aware of the problem, the city even sent rues out here -- crews out mother and did a mass -- here, and did a massive clean up a couple of month ago, but the trash is back and so are the homeless. residents are reaching out to abc 15 saying all it did was
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part of park. a counsel sillman saying -- councilman is saying he'll push for action. >> every two weeks i'll do a walk and send the gps locations of every pile of trash and long time homeless encampment i see. i can't direct staff or tell you to do anything, but i can certainly send you a lot of e- mails about what you're not doing. >> reporter: a tempe spokeswoman says they've done 12 clean ups in the area since april, removed nearly 10 tons of trash, and put 250 labor hours in that time. right now they're trying to come up with a longer term solution to handling the on going problem of homeless camps sprouting up. several more clean ups are set to take place in the next few weeks and the city will hear a presentation about a possible long term solution in mid- october. back to you. thank you. so many have asked us habit the cracks in the walls and the structural damage at glendale schools, so we sat down with a spokesperson for the glendale
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today to clarify the concerns, and jim cummings say it is problems at land mark back in 2011 are much different than the ones they're seeing now. back then they had cracks in the upper walls of the gym, now it's an issue with the foundation. >> the difference between then and now is that those were not issues in which the state school facilities board or the structural edge nears said the -- engineers said the building was in danger. >> cummings said they knew the findings needed repairs -- foundation needed repairs for several months. it hasn't even been three weeks and we've seen a bomb scare and a chemical scare at fire stations in our state because of what people are dropping off. bottom line, before you show up with something potentially dangerous, call. in phoenix today a woman dropped off chemicals her late
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already this time. they say the neighborhood is safe tonight. >. a garden hose a lot different than a fire hose, and sadly the person that lives here and treated for breathing in too much smoke. the person just got too close. you can see part of townhouse near 43rd avenue in glendale just burned out. no word on the cause. and it's unnerving to see a rescue vehicle involved in accident, but there's video with the front sides damaged, looks like we don't have the video, or here it is. the ambulance and another car crashed near 13th and baseline. we're still getting calls to get information on injuries. who can forget the uproar? cecil the lion killed by an american trophy hunter, and while the man had a permit, the government could boost efforts to combat illegal poaching and
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cosponsored by arizona senator jeff flake. the bill would give the government a better chance to go after so called trophy hunting. the man that confessed to killing two nuns in mississippi says he went into their home, struggled with them, stabbed them to death, and then stole their car. the guy who did it obviously charged and won't be out of prison any time soon. he was acquitted for one of the highest profile shooting cases this decade, and now george zimmerman gets out of trouble again. just a few hours ago a man in florida was convicted of attempted second-degree murder after he fired a gun at timmerman's truck, saying zimmerman flashed a gun at him first. but the court didn't agree. he's still a free man. meanwhile the family of
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feeling good after today's court ruling. the judge found nick gordon legally responsible for the death of bobb i christina. brown's estate claimed he claim her a toxic cocktail causing her to pass out. he walked in for a drink, but at the time soda cost him a lot more than he expected. and police on the search for somebody who caused panic at a hospital. the ages, a version of this drug -- allegations, a version of this drug could be been cheaper much sooner. how that and other lawsuits could put money back in your pocket. a senior ditch day gone wrong. the punishment for a bunch of arizona students who partied too hard. >> reporter: and we're trying to put a bike under the
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kid in arizona, we're getting a lot of help. say hello to the bears marching band. ?[ music ] ?? we are the tv doctors of america. and we're partnering with cigna to help save lives. by getting you to a real doctor for an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health. doctor poses. learn your key health numbers,
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from the will recollect, we're tracking that -- live desk, we're tranking that developing -- tracking that developing story out of denver where a hospital was on lock down. there was reports of an active shooter. denver police have tweeted they're looking for a man wearing a flannel shirt and hat. so far no injuries reported, but nearby streets are shut down. they're telling the night shift employees to still come into work as police continue to search that area. senior ditch day may not have been worth all the fun. >> tucson students may be
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a parent says the party was broken up because of underage drinking. somehow is school got a hold of this foe koa and used it -- photo and used it as an example blowing it up saying if you're in this photo you may not compete, practice or be on school property. a tough lesson sure to be a major buzz kill. thinking about throwing out that old bike? how about donating it instead? >> by doing so make a holiday miracle come true for foster kids in the valley with the recycle your bicycle. steve the live in were chandler, and -- is leave in chandler, and how is it going? >> reporter: it's going great. we're at earnhardt chevrolet, and we have a lot of help to get these bikes ready for the kids in arizona.
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ace earnhardt is here, and for the people that do want to donate a bike, there's an earnhardt anywhere near you anywhere in the valley. >> yes, we have 20 locations throughout the valley, and it's easy for someone to take a bike and drop it off for a christmas present. >> reporter: ace thanks so much, as you can tell the bears started playing, they're getting us pumped up. there are three ways to donate, volunteer to help out the recycle your bicycle campaign. to get more information go to the recycle your bicycle section of >> looks like fun out there. we're all dancing in the studio. >> yes, timing is everything right? >> i know, sorry ace [ laughter ] here's joe ducey. >> reporter: you probably heard of prescription drug adderall. it's expensive.
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a much cheaper version years ago? it's a popular prescription used to treat add and other conditions, allegations are. >> the company kept it from going generic, years after it was supposed to happen. >> reporter: a lawsuit alleges the drug maker delayed approval of a cheaper generic version. that means if you bought the drug between 2007 and april of this year you could get up to $16 on how many claims are filed. have you had a debt collector call? that could also mean money. >> they contacted people on cell phones allegedly illegally. >> reporter: convergent has been accused of dialing cell phones without consent. that's illegal, and it means up to 170 bucks if you meet the qualifications. then there's the sport watch. >> he actually bought it and ran a marathon and it fell apart multiple time.
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allegations, the wristband fell apart, though it was advertised to help consumers be the best they could be in preparation for a marathon. if you bought it may 2011 and july of 2014 it means $75 or a replacement. none of the companies admit wrong doing, deadlines are coming up. go to sections and let joe know on for more information. i'm investigator joe ducey, if you have a problem, let me know. all right, tracking your most accurate forecast, it's going to be a great friday night here in the valley. temperatures in the 90s, mesa at 97, chandler and glendale 96, and deer valley currently at 91, but we're going to drop into the upper 80s by 9:00 p.m. overnight down to 72 degrees, then tomorrow back in the triple digits with a high of 100 here in phoenix. air quality through the weekend
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if you're an allergy sufferer that's been bad the last week, and ragweed will be prominent the next several days. the uv index high, is if you're outdoors tomorrow put the sun screen on, and here's where the temperatures stand. 8:00 p.m. mid to upper -- 8:00 a.m. mid to upper 70s, by noon mid- 90s, and by 5:00 p.m. phoenix hitting 100, and flail 99 tomorrow. -- glendale 99 tomorrow. tailgating even warmer, triple digits through the 1st quarter and 104 in the 3rd quarter. hot throughout the afternoon, and sunday looking like the hottest day in our seven-day forecast. all eyes on what's happening down to the south. there is an 80 percent chance of this developing into a tropical storm over the weekend off the coast of mexico, and we could top into the moisture
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alignment to get some of the moisture in here with more cloud cover and scattered showers and thunderstorms. the best bets will be in the higher terrain, but even phoenix at about a 10 percent chance for an isolated shower or storm monday and a 20 percent chance on tuesday here as that chance up north climbs to 50 percent on tuesday. we get cooler air as a result as well, and coming up in the next half hour we look numberses. happening now, a celebration to honor hispanic heritage month. it's a free event with art, music, and dancing, all the entertainment starts at 6:30 in downtown chandler. all eyes on the sky. what's causing all the traffic up above? well they were the perfects target for isis, but where they actually beginning the latest online hack? six nights ago belage had a
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in history. not sure they can depend on another eight touchdowns, but
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abc 15 sports brought to you by sanderson ford. it's game day for the sun devils, if it sounds strange it's not just you.
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the devils -- season. the devils were spoiled last week with a record eight touchdowns. tonight a new challenge as asu gears up for their first game of the season outside of tempe. >> it's just a different atmosphere, different experience playing somewhere that's not sun devil stadium. you know, your fans and the people that you're used to seeing and your surroundings and stuff, so just being in a different place we have to adjust and focus of play football. >> and they're going the play some football here in the next few minutes as to kickoff at 6:30 in san antonio. hopefully they get the third straight win. >> feeling strong about? >> yeah, think so. amber? >> if they can handle the humidity down there [ laughter ] by the way a major honor for the diamondbacks, but it's nothing they haven't heard before. arizona's team called once again one of arizona's most admired companies by az
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it's the 4th year in a row. you'd probably do it as well. a normal move at your corner gas station takes a very wrong turn and fast. and a selfish move in a house of worship. wait until you hear how much it was worth. and brand new insight into
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so what's a soda worth these days? a dr. pepper cost a valley man his car. >> and days later he had to watch a police chase and as police shot at the guy driving his stolen car. >> jason is in chandler with this story you'll only see hear. >> reporter: the guy pulled up here to get some gas, and lost his car in the process. at pump number 12, a tough lesson about leaving the keys in your car.
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person at the gas station i go inside to get a coke. >> reporter: and it turned out it was a pricy pop. >> when i turned back around the gas pump is on the ground and my car is gone. >> reporter: he called police and decided he'd never see the car again until a week later. >> so i calimas police and the woman -- call mesa police and the woman says you might see this on the news. >> reporter: they spotted the car at i budget motel, and this man tried to from police officers, who opened fire. >> it's like grand theft auto. it's not like an every day thing for me. >> reporter: the short chase ended, the man tested positive for meth, and had two guns in the car action including an assault rifle. >> the thing that was the most disturbing was there was no hesitation in their part and i have a baby car seat in the back. my 9 month old daughter could have been in there.
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part. >> as long as i'm good and my kids and wife are going, then i'm good, so i'm able to laugh about it >> reporter: abc 15 news. got to have those priorities. life's challenges, the reason this man says he wanted to die, but he was only wounded when phoenix police shot him two weeks ago. police say the 23-year-old man game at officers with a knife and said he wanted suicide by cop. you shall not steal, and that probably applies best at church, but it didn't phase michael walker. he stole a donation box from a catholic church in scottsdale. he's also charged in six other states, and the church had a bad feeling he was stealing from the boxes for years, and started looking at surveillance video leading to the arrest.
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a lot to be proud of in this room, but a woman's coworkers coming today for an awards ceremony who was killed. >> a troubled young man decided he wanted to commit suicide yesterday, and he was not successful with that, he just successful in murdering margie. >> she worked for des for years as a project manager specialist. she leaves behind two children. a valley man will spend the rest of his life in prison for a double murder in tempe six years ago. he was just sentenced to two life terms. a tempe business owner and his 19-year-old worker were the victims. well in the future, it may get a little crowded in the sky. the faa just realized a lot of
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fly drone, but the question is do we have enough -- drone, but the question is do we have enough room? right now the faa is getting 2,000 registrations every day. in comparison there are more than 260,000 manned aircraft registered in the united states it's one thing to be a criminal in a video game, but to turn a virtual reality into reality is worth some jail time. a 16-year-old teen for stuffing meth inside an x- boxer. he was caught before crossing the border. and this is been in the headlines for about a week now, but developing now, the next step in the wells fargo scandal. a house panel starting a new investigation of their sales practices. they already hired thousands of employees and refunded money.
6:34 pm
he and several regulators also appearing been a senate committee -- before a senate committee tuesday. and the judge saying a phone call between bill cosby and one of his accuser's mothers can be admitted into court. the sex assault trial starts in june. clear and quiet across the valley and the state tonight looking live at desert doppler. it a lot of sunshine and highs a little below average with phoenix maxing out about 97. the mid-90s now across the valley, and still the low 90s as we head through the 7:00 hour tonight. then temperatures down into the upper 80s through 8:00, and mid- 80s through 9:00. gorgeous friday night in phoenix, but getting hotter into the weekend. # hundred back in the -- 100 back in the forecast in some of
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tomorrow, and across -- spots tomorrow, and across most of the valley into sunday. and next week big changes, perhaps the last bit of monsoon season with storm chances back in the seven-day. that's coming up. sounds good. democratic candidate for the senate ann kirkpatrick bringing in a big crowd in phoenix. the women for ann event comes on the heels of house approving her amendment this week to protect whistle blowers retaliation within the va. >> i've fought for protection from those people that came to me to let me know about the problems, so that was a real victory to get it passed. >> it would create an accountability office with an anonymous hot line. and her challenger also busy today, john mccain holding a
6:36 pm
and the birther controversy, so who really started it? donald trump says it was hillary clinton. >> her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. >> so this was put through the truth check, and found some clinton supporters did circulate the rumor after hillary clinton conceded to obama in his 2008 presidential run, but there's no record at all that clinton or anyone in her campaign started birther theory, so it's rated false. visit for the full story. to add to that, today hillary clinton's former campaign manager rejected the claims. doyle says when she learned of it she took action saying a volunteer talked about it, and clinton made the decision to let the person go. he thought he was in until he wasn't. a crime where the joke is on
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isis is trying a new strategy online. plus one phone call may help track down a second
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developing tonight,st isis behind it? a human rights group near michigan says their website was hacked. >> the message on the home page calling on muslims to reject western culture. >> and that message spread to over 50 other websites on same server, including two other local groups. so who is he on the phone with? new claims the man accused of to remembering a florida mosque -- torching a florida mosque was actually part of a conspiracy and may have had help. surveillance cameras captured him on his cell phone moments before it was set on fire.
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him doesn't think he could set the blaze alone. an attack on a man that couldn't even defend himself, and the accused attacker take no fault. the cardinals welcome the tampa bay buccaneers, coming up why coach says good teams don't usually lose two in a row. and shoes, shoes shoes, the smart shopper deal you can't walk away from. and it's moon tonight, so grab your cameras and share them with us on our website or on my facebook page, and we'll be right back with your most accurate forecast. >> reporter: and we want to make a difference in the lives of kids in foster care in arizona by putting a bike under every christmas tree this holiday season, and we're getting some help from the bears marching band. ?[ musi scalpel.
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some new video into the live desk showing the power of our community taking action making this happen. a brand new ambulance at the va unveiled about two hours ago. we told you emergency medical veterans response was on their way to a 9/11 event when they found their ambulance wrap dried by vandals. couldn't be repaired, had to be replaced and a company stepped up here in th it for free. they're doing it to honor all military and first responders. very nice story followed by a crazy story. a mentally challenged man beat up because someone wanted his bike, and then the man behind it saying it wasn't his fault. the 25-year-old tried to take the man's bike away, even viciously attacking the man before taking off. when police found folks, he
6:46 pm
stolen from him, and he was just acting in self-defense, but police are not buying the story. and now to a deadly cocktail mix increasing in heroine deaths. apparently dealers are mixing in an elephant tranquilizers, and combined with the drug it's disastrous for humans, already causing one woman to and die. the dealers are using it to stretch the supply and intensify the high. bad news for tamali lovers. almost a thousand bands of beef tamali products recalled in our state. at the time us department of agriculture said they were out of tucson, produced without federal inspection. so far there have been in confirmed reports of bad reaction, but you're urged to
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pa and september 13th. this one kind of embarrassing. an incredible heist, a guy dropping down from the ceiling to steal handfuls and handfuls of cash from a fake register. >> yep, it was fake. he grabbed all the play money and ran out the back door thinking it was a job well done. he got away with nothing really, but police are still looking for him. no question, plenty of room for improvement following the cardinals season opener, and bruce arians said it had a lot to do with what was going on up here or lack thereof. he said especially nit final few day -- in the final few days leading up to the game, the focus was not where it needed to be, and he said the guys had to do a better job the next few days of getting their minds right. >> where i think we failed last week is from friday afternoon to sunday night before the game of mentally preparing more for
6:48 pm
preparation between now and game time. >> so the mental prep continues until kickoff. we'll see if there's a different focus out there come sunday afternoon. all right, do you have an old bike in the garage taking up space? we're asking you to please consider donate it. >> and make a holiday miracle come true for a kid in foster care. it's the annual recycle your bicycle, and steve is chandler with more on how to hem. >> reporter: and we hear so many great stories about what happens when the kids actually get a bike under the christmas tree, for some the first time they've had a bike of their own, and somebody that knows a lot about that is the director of the young people's academy, it's a group home, and last year you got bikes for all of the kids through this program. what was it like seeing some of the reactions on their faces
6:49 pm
bikes? >> absolutely priceless. they were extremely excited. it was really, really great because the bikes all had different personalities, and they were able to pick something that hit their personality and what they like, and it was really, really cool. >> reporter: well thank you so much, and thank you for all you do, and you can help as well. there's a lot of ways to help. i'll let the bears marching band play us out here to tell you about the three ways to help. you can donate a bike, donate cash, and you can also volunteer for recycle bicycle. guys, hit it! ? [ music ] ?? all right, a few clouds in the sky tonight, temperatures
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humidity at 5 percent, and north winds at 6 miles per hour. this evening we go through the 7:00 hour in the 90s, then # 0 after that -- 80s after that, looking gorgeous here in the valley. and we're already starting to see some spots down into the 80s at this hour like ahwatukee, chandler, and gilbert at 88 or89. same story in queen creek and peoria, and even cooler in anthem and cave creek with low to mid-80s in play up there. fact sedona, 64 in show low, and here's what's going to happen tonight. we'll see the coldest spots freeze once again, it's the third night in a row for some of these places. flagstaff down to 32, the grand canyon at 31. window rock 34. 53 in kingman, and upper 60s near bullhead city and lake havasu in the overnight forecast. those spots in the triple digits tomorrow, and phoenix
6:51 pm
well. it's going to be clear and quiet state-wide as futurecast shows throughout the weekend forecast as temperatures continue to warm into sunday. hour by hour looking good with the # 0s in play here -- 70s in play here in the valley. we'll warm up quickly in the mid-morning hours. noon at 95, 98 at 2:00, and 100 at 4:00 p.m. the rest of the valley not getting into the triple quite yet. gilbert and mesa at 98. ahwatukee and chandler at 99. in the west valley a few triple digit spots like peoria and avondale, but that's it, and a lot of 60s in the overnight. so beautiful start to the day. sunday look like about five degrees hotter and about five above normal. early next week we hold on to the triple digits monday, and dropping into the mid-09s tuesday and --mid-90s tuesday
6:52 pm
for showers and storms back in play. our best chance will be tuesday. a traffic alert, and it really doesn't matter what part of valley you'll be in this weekend, mallory moore shows us the tie ups. >> drivers fled to watch out for closures on the freeway, including this one in scottsdale. loop 101 northbound closed, but it's a little shorter because it's from 90th to shea boulevard friday p.m. until noon on saturday. usually it goes the entire weekend, so there's a little relief there, but to get around it hop over and use state route 51. you're also going to see loop 202 red mountain in the eastbound direction closed from gilbert until you hit green field, that's the area that will be shut down. this is friday night at 10:00 p.m. until monday morning at 5:00 a.m., so that's the entire weekend. some options for you, hop down
6:53 pm
about us 60. there's a lot of work going on on i-10 in west valley near the loop 303. head to for the details. >. despite the traffic don't miss out on this. our smart shopper team found more than a dozen stores, all their shoes are on sale. my sister's closet is having a shoe sale this weekend on saturday and sunday. all of the shoes you see here are half off the last marked price. we found some for less than $10. plus all 20 percent off. it's valid at all their locations in the valley, so men and women can get the great deals on any shoe in the entire store. >> these guys know some shoes, can you believe it? >> it's almost here, just two days away the biggest night. >> yes, but they'll be gorgeous. >> we're talking about the emmys here. see your favorite starts
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at 4:00 on sunday, then the awards start at 5:00 followed by special edition of abc 15 news. >> and last man standing at
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are you excited about your 2016 arizona cardinals? well join us tonight as we talk
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page. we talk them every friday night at 7:00. you'll see one on one interviews with famous players, plus a surprise coming up tonight everybody will be talking about, and we'll share your thoughts as you interact with us live on facebook, again it's tonight and every monday and friday night at 7:00. >. it's over in trump's minds, but not for sheriff amp. tonight at 10:00 -- arpaio. tonight at 10:00, why the sheriff say he's not done with the birther investigation just yet. plus pet why this guy is probably wishing he hadn't visited a valley pet store, that's coming up tonight on abc 15 news at 10:00. >. and there's the weekend hour by hour looking great, but toesly especially on the sunday. another look at the seven-day
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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later, 'rents. later, 'aughter. have fun at, uh, 'ool. what are we gonna do with all the time we just saved? i am in a hurry. my civics class is taking a field trip to the state capitol building. we get to watch our bloated government in action. [ door opens ] "inaction" is all you're gonna experience. love ya. bye. drive safe. okay. [ door closes ] mother, father. i have an important announcement to make. a virtual impossibility, but go ahead. you want to take notes, or should i? aw. okay, first off, i want to thank you guys for letting me operate mandy baxter designs out of the basement for the last two years. we wanted a wetzel's pretzels, but i don't think we had the foot traffic. [ chuckles ] well, business has been so good that i need a bigger space.


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