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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  September 17, 2016 1:35am-2:05am MST

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abc 15 breaking news. a lot happening on this friday night. let's get right to it. people running to hide at the hide away bar near 35th and northern after a fight leads to a shooting opt patio. a -- shooting on the patio. the man is in critical condition. and a man falling out of
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unconscious, having trouble breathing. we're making calls to get an update. terrifying words coming across the scanner, a 1-year- old girl falling from a second story window. her mom with her when crews showed up. still a lot to sort out here, but the most important news, we're told the girl is awake and breathing. and as if the community hasn't dealt with enough, first the tragedy in dallas, this, two officers shot in fort worth trying to help someone trying to take his own life, but thankfully they're expected to survive. and a lock down just lifted at a denver hospital after reports of a man with a rifle. birther backlash. for years conspiracy theories swirling about president obama's birth and birth
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it up tonight. >> but sheriff joe arpaio not ready to do the same. jon erickson just spoke with him, and to him it's not about the president's birth place >> reporter: katie the sheriff says where president obama was born isn't the issue to him, never has been. instead he says the issue is the birth certificate, and he say it is trump campaign hasn't reached out to him on the issue after trump's big announcement earlier today and here >> president barack obama was born in the united states period. >> reporter: it's an about face compared to the past. >> with respect doesn't he show his -- why doesn't he show his birth certificate? >> i thought he was probably born in this country, now i have a bigger back. >> whether or not it was a real certificate because a lot of people questioned it, i certainly question it. >> reporter: another person that questioned the certificate was sheriff joe arpaio.
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definitivety he believes president obama was born in the us. do you agree with donald trump? >> you know, that's not my thrust. from day one after many people asked me to look into a possible forged birth certificate, that's what i have done. >> reporter: the fact that donald trump is no longer a birther didn't matter to his fans at a trump event in new river. more important is the cardboard cut outs, the trump sandwiches liberal media. >> i talk to him all the time. >> reporter: does cardboard trump ever talk back? >> occasionally he whispers back. >> reporter: and that voice, that whisper is speaking to a lot more here than just suzanne. sheriff arpaio says he and trump never talked about the birth certificate issue during trump's rallies earlier in the valley here.
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into president obama's birth certificate, arpaio says that is continuing tonight. thank you. just in a school employee shocked by an electric fence. this is in cave creek, and we're told the worker was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay, but school officials are still rying to figure out how it happened. nine attack, seven murder, but it's been two months since he last hit, still working around the clock to identify the phoenix street shooter. navideh forghani is live and it sound like tips are slowly down. >> reporter: yes, it's slowing down slightly, but it's not discouraging investigators. they're searching down every lead trying to identify the man in the sketch. we drove around maryvale trying to get a feel of the mood. you can see people behind me enjoying the park. they seem to move on with things, but families tell me
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forget that there is a killer out there >> every now and then i think about it. >> reporter: the mood has changed in maryvale. >> but it's not the first thing i think about every day. >> reporter: the people pushing back the memories of a few weeks ago. red and blue lights in the night as police investigated. as of now, no new leads to identify the man seen in th >> i don't understand how a guy can go around killing so many people and it not be found out yet. >> reporter: that's the fiancie of the one of the victims, she gave birth to his son just weeks after the serial shooter took his life. she doesn't want her face shown, but does want people to come forward. >> i'm sure somebody knows and they're not saying anything. >> reporter: the mystery shooter seems to have gone off
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11th when he hit this red honda barely missing a 4-year-old inside. the reason for him going dark could be the media attention, but he could also already be in jail for an unrelated crime or left town. either way families don't want people to forget. >> try help because there's so many families without any answers, and it's hard for us. we don't have any closure. >> reporter: now of course you know, there is a $75,000 reward for any information leading the identity and arrest of the suspect. he's usually seen in a black bmw, so of course if you know anything call silent witness. back to you guys. >> yeah, we have to get this case solved. thank you. right now three women pretty thankful to just be on sturdy ground and off the top of camelback mountain after they were stranded for hours after straying off the trail. phoenix fire wasn't able to reach the women right away because it was so steep, so
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another reminder, you can never be too careful on the trails. >> i mean talking to the park rangers is probably a good start, and also doing your own research, knowing how tough it is. we never did it and it's a lot tougher than we thought. >> all three women were straying at a nearby -- staying at a nearby result and not hurt. you shall not steal, and one man is paying the price for violating it. not only did steal, but he stole from a church. surveillance video shows him breaking into locked donation box, and he's not a rookie at this. with 14 prior burglary convictions in six statement. a valley man trades his car for a dr. pepper although he didn't mean to. ralph was getting gas at the circle k last week, and he stepped inside the store and someone stole the car. >> when i come back out the gas pump is on the ground and my
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we're talking about like grant theft auto, helicopters, this is not an every day thing for me. >> yeah, turns out it was his mercedes we were telling you about last night at 10:00. police say a man was driving it and tried to run over officers who opened fire. freely and voluntarily the man is now behind bars. as for the car he doesn't know if or when he'll ever get it back. >. christine jones not able to get back any votes in the recount for the primary in the 5th congressional district. jones officially conceding tonight to andy biggs. the final margin of victory was just 27 votes. trash and tons of it piling up in tempe as complaints pile up about the state of papago park. in addition to the garbage, homeless camps are popping up, when one saying he was chased by a homeless man with a knife.
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running or biking. a councilman decided to take a look for himself. >> i walked around it and it was frankly a disaster. i mean, it was piles of trash, shopping carts, it wasn't somebody passing through. it was people that, um had living room furniture. >> city officials say they are trying to solve the problem humanely. since april crews have picked up almost 10 tons of trash in the area, and more clean ups are scheduled. and now to the most accurate for tracking a hotter forecast for everyone this weekend as we continue to stay sunny and dry, and then rain chances are back in mail next week. here's what -- play next week. here's what we're keeping an eye on. off the shore of mexico, an 80 percent this could develop into a tropical storm this weekend, and we have the potential of taching into that -- tapping into that moisture and bringing it in from the south early next week. coming up the full forecast and what to expect in terms of rain
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video one more time. a fiery mess closing the us 60 for five hours. were any of you caught up in this? adot saying a car may have cut off a dump truck causing the driver to cross the median. truly amazing everyone walked away from this alive. a salute to their service by heavenning a local veterans group get back in service. >> a valley company taking it their wrap. >> and nohelani graf is live with more. >> reporter: desert signs says they got 60 e-mails of support immediately after stepping up to help emergency medical veterans response. you might remember that's what the van looked like at first, the paint was peeled, and now this is the brand new result. but what really make this is special is the owner's first
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we're excited >> oh my god! >> wow [ cheering ] >> reporter: the new wrap features digital camo, and first responders and every branch of the military, and special tribute to fallen soldiers. took about four hours just to print and hours of labor to wrap the ambulance, all done for free. emergency medical response was heading to a 9/11 event when they discovered the damage. if you're not familiar they are veteran paramedics that work at various community events and tonight the new rig is all ready -- already back in action at a varsity football game. back to you guys. >> i was disgusted to be honest. did they go too far? movements away the controversial arrest caught on camera. barking up the wrong tree,
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couple of big weekend closures kicking in. in gilbert eastbound 202 closed
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field. and scottsdale, loop 101 closed between 90th and shea. the 51 or i-17 are alternatives there. it's likely the most expensive bag of dog food ever. a man went in a pet store and cut open bags of dog food with a knife. he said he was upset because the store sold him food that got his pet sick. it will cost h >. and sophomore orlando bradford is in a dark jail cell tonight, and the accusations against the now former u of a runningback keep mounting. accused of domestic violence by one person, now a second alleged victim is coming forward. the wild cats not waiting to see how it played out in court, they dismissed him this week. it's not the peak of wildfire season, but in the southwest we have to be on
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dangerously close to homes today north of denver. they used an air tanker to attack it from high above. they've been able to keep the flames from seriously damaging any homes so far. >> get down! from that moment to this, the nypd officer attacked by a man with a meat cleaver back in his own bed tonight. he left the hospital to the sounds of cheers. he has a six inch gash on his face there, but he say he's just glad he survived. the man that went after him was shot and killed [ bleep] controversial arrest caught on camera at a college campus and sparking protests tonight at san diego state university. a person surrounded by cop, not a student, but that's not the issue to those who are. even factor members raising the question would this man have been treated the same way if
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>> would you do that on a white student? on a white person? >> police say the man they arrested was on drugs and out of hand, but an investigation is underway to see if policies were violated. and just hours ago a lawsuit against wells fargo filed to try and turn it into a class action case, meaning hundreds of thousands of together. wells fargo already paid out 190 million, but that was essentially a fine from the feds. exactly 10 days from now donald trump and hillary clinton will square off in their first presidential debate. clinton taking an opportunity tonight to call out trump for the birther movement. >> imagine a person in the oval office who traffics in conspiracy theories. and refuses to let them go no
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>> trump in miami tonight still trying to capitalize on controversial comments clinton made at a recent fundraiser. >> welcome to all of you deplorables! [ cheering ] and the republican national committee changing the rules to allow donors to give more money to trump starting to catch up to clinton's war chest. and mark cuban issuing a big challenge he'll donate 10 million dollars to trump or the charity of his trump if he sits down with him for four hours to answer questions about policies and substance. it might seem like a lot of money, and yes it is to us, but cuban who owns the dallas mavericks is worth more than 3 billion dollars. >> i'll take him up on it [ laughter ] >> right? >> exactly. >> i'll do six, eight hours. >> worth it to me.
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pictures coming in of the harvest moon. if you missed it check it out. an abc 15 viewer taking this photo in goodyear, and another good luck from our valley cams. this is the full harvest moon near the start of fall which is going to happen next week for us. starting to feel like it too. 70 was the early morning low this morning at sky harbor. we're now at 84, but that 70 was the coolest start since the end of may. humidity 17 percent, winds calm, and t the valley dropping into the 70s in the outlying areas already. 77 in cave creek, mesa, chandler, and gilbert at this hour. 82 in goodyear, 86 in glendale, and 88 in tempe. across the state we have temperatures in the 60s for sedona and payson. already down to the low 40s up in flagstaff. winds are light if not calm across the state. no wind chills to deal with in the coldest spottings up north. things nice and quiet as dry air continues to filter in from the west.
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water vapor imagery. futurecast into the weekend, sunny and dry for all of us. it's a quiet weekend and getting warmer too, but not after a cool start, we'll see temperatures hit the freezing point or drop below up in the main, we're talking the -- higher terrain, the grand canyon and flagstaff in low 30s tonight, and mid-40s in prescott and payson as well. phoenix down to 72. the rest of the valley in the 60s, then tomorrow 100 for us, and we'll see more of the triple digits the west too. flagstaff 76 degrees, show low tomorrow at 77, and mid-80ings in winslow, payson, prescott and sedona for the saturday afternoon. hour by hour, 72 in were phoenix at 6:00 a.m., 8:00 still in the 70s, then climbing quickly in the later morning hours. 87 at 10:00, 95 at noon, touching 100 in phoenix around 4:00 tomorrow afternoon putting us right in line from the 30 year average. air quality that weekend
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count. ragweed and sage brush the main aler generals, and then jumps up sunday, and then relief by tuesday as we bring rain chances back to the forecast. 98 tomorrow in mesa and fountain hills, 99 in charge and ahwatukee -- chandler and ahwatukee, and early morning lows for much of the valley in the 60, a few in the low 70s like phoenix and glendale and the highs avondale. and five degrees above average for sunday, and still feeling the triple digits on monday as the pattern is that rights to shift and moisture is that rights to surge in from the south. some of that could be tropical moisture from the storm earlier in the newscast. the best chance of showers and storms will be in the higher terrain, but we'll see a lot more clouds here in the valley. a slight chance of rain for us too, the best bet being on tuesday as we drop the
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not only is he hosting the emmy's for the second time, he's rolling out the red carpet literally. the party starts right here sunday at 4:00, and the awards show starts at 5:00 followed by abc 15 news. he should be done by the carpet by then. >> i hope so. asu back in action tonight. eight touchdowns can we beat that? >> poor guy, it's all downhill, score. the sun devils were on upset alert. it ended up being a i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!? asu looking for their third straight win against's team they should have easily handled, but sun devil fans
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the good news, harry, true freshman straight out of chandler make it is one-handed grab that may land him on sports center top 10. he was great. the rest of the team? well, you be the judge. more missed tackles tonight in san antonio than there are barbecue joints. a conference usa team and the defense smoked like a beef brisket. but back to good news, the asu offense scores 20 unanswered points in the second half, and they lead th not 68 points this time, but it get it is job done. wasn't pretty, but at the end of the day asu wins 30-28. now shifting gears to sunday's big games. it's not a must-win, but let's just say a lot of people would be hitting the panic button if they don't take care of the buccaneer this is weekend, but the cards have their focus and minds right, and they're just
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>> any good team never wants to lose, especially if you have character, you don't want to lose two in a row, and we've talked about the character here, it hasn't happened often, and there should be a sense of urgency, especially against the veteran players. >> let's hope everybody is ready to play -- ready to play sunday afternoon. and only allowing three hits through six innings, but la wins it. but guys back to the sun devils game, man, tough to watch back there in the sports department. fellow sun devil, i'm sure you understand. it was ugly for about three and a half quarters there. >> you want wins not stressful wins though. >> right, but at least it's a
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thank you.
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new tonight what sound like science fiction could become reality, and these two words motherless babies. scientists discovers a way to create babies from skin cells only using sperm, and no egg fertilization needed at all. study shows three generations of mice have already been created using this method, and they say they're fit, healthy, and now researchers are planning to test the theory in other species. pet owners will tell you and i will testify the dog is
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i was at earnhardt chevrolet at part of recycle your bicycle, huge success last year, and you still have a lot of time to make a difference. drop off your old bikes, donate money or volunteer to help fix up the bikes. all the information is on thanks to everyone who came out. the bears marching band. >> yeah, live music.
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