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tv   ABC15 News  ABC  September 17, 2016 5:00am-7:00am MST

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. abc15, breaking news. >> it is 5:00 a.m. on saturday morning. good morning, it to you, i'm allison rodriguez. >> and i'm nick nick ciletti. a huge police presence happening. right now, we're told there are three different locations and we just sent an update out on our twitter page. shots fired in glendale, and a shooter making his way through phoenix right now. we have abc15's maryellen resendez live at the scene where it all started just to give you an idea there. she is giving an update as we speak right now. actually, i think i'm hearing that she got the update and she's able to tell us what this is about. maryellen, what do we know about the victims here. >> reporter: we were just interviewing one of the neighbors right now, trying to get information on what went on over here.
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the scene is there are three different scenes here. we're told by neighbors there was a gathering. they don't know if they would call it a party. there was definitely some type of drinking going on at this corner home here when all of a sudden they could hear shots being fired. and they did see one car race off. now, i was just at a second scene which is off 83rd avenue and thomas. there is a white car over at that scene, and we were told that there was a victim inside th police are still trying to figure out exactly what happened between this scene, which is near 68th street avenue and the other scene which is 83rd 83rd avenue and thomas. we are also told they may have a shooter stopped on grand avenue. we are still trying to confirm that through glendale police. we know we have two victims. we know one, the condition is unknown, and we are being told
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scene is deceased. so again, we're still trying to get information through glendale police but we are talking to neighbors out here as far as what they heard, and what they saw, and we're going to turn those interviews for you in about 30 minutes. we're live in glendale. maryellen resendez, abc15 news. thank you. it might be a little bit of good news if police have someone they are questioning right now. thank you for that update. meantime, switch gears and talk about the most accurate forecast. allison joining us with that. >> absolutely. and so this morning, we are dealing with some nicer temperatures as far as that is concerned because right now, we're in that time of year where it's kind of chilly in the morning. a little bit anyway, and then it gets hot later in the day. today is no different. current temperatures looking really different. 74 derestrict now. your humidity is -- 74 degrees right now. it is not that bad. it will stay dry throughout the day. here's ha live look at -- here's a live look at clouds and radar.
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coverage. a lot of that breaking up and clearing away. here's a quick look at how your weekend is going to go. a hundred degrees for us today, we're warming up more so tomorrow. 105 degrees. it's going to be toasty out there. coming up in a few minutes. we're working to get more information on another shooting. you tell us it's breaking news at 10:00. people running for cover at the hide away bar near 35th and northern after a fight leads to a shooting on the patio. a man was rushed hospital in serious condition after being shot in the stomach. we're told the gunman was taken into custody. a bad crash happening early this morning near 59th and indian school. one of the vehicles flipped onto its side. we are still work to go find out if anybody is working. >> a scary scene in pinal county as a man crashes a hang glider into the ground. we're told that guy was
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breathing when medics got to him. this happened near maricopa north of i-80. we are making calls to get anup date on -- an update on his condition. a man trades his car for a dr. pepper but didn't mean to do that. he stepped inside a circle k and somebody stole his car. >> when i come back out, the gas pump is on the ground and my car is gone. we're talking about like grand theft auto. this isn't an every day thing for me. >> police say timothy childress was driving it and was trying to run over officers while driving it. a man is paying the price this morning after stealing from a place of worship. not only did michael walker steal, police say he stole from a church. surveillance video reportedly shows walker walking into st.
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hayden and mcdowell. and breaking into the locked donations boxes. his rap sheet shows he's not a rookie with 14 prior burglary conditions in six states. a valley business taking action this morning to replace a vandalized ambulance, and the big reveal all caught on camera. >> getting ready to do the unveiling. we're >> oh, wow. >> yeah, you can just see it on their faces. emergency medical was heading to a 9/11 event when they discovered the sides of their ambulance were cut up, even burned. desert signs stepped up to create the new wrap, showcasing several tributes to first responders and the military. all of it was done for free. veteran paramedics who work at community events. gunshots erupted in hollywood, california, and police are looking for a
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very chaotic. two people were killed. two others left in critical condition. according to witnesses, the suspect walked up to a crowd and shot. he yelled a gang name before opening fire. authorities, though, are not confirming whether or not this is gang related to them. let's go to a scary scene in philadelphia. two officers now recovering after being shot last night. police say the suspect involved was shot and killed, but a search is underway for a possible second suspect. there are still no details in the first place. now, the identities of these officers, they have not yet been revealed. and accused al-qaeda bomb maker, locked up at guantanamo bay is revealing new detail, saying a member o. saw -- of the saudi royal family was parking lot of an effort to recruit him prior to the 9/11 attacks. graduating from aeronautical university in prescott says he was urged to return to the u.s.
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the country. that would involve learning to fly a plane. he got his degree in electrical engineering. in nine days, donald trump and hillary clinton will square off in the first presidential debate. clinton taking the opportunity to call out trump for the birther movement. >> imagine a person in the oval office who traffics in conspiracy theories and refuses to let them go no matter what the facts >> trump was in miami last night, still trying to capitalize on controversial comments that clinton made at a recent fundraiser. >> welcome to all of you deplorables. >> meantime, the republican national committee changing its rules to allow donors to give more money to trump who's starting to catch up to clinton's war chest.
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birther. >> president barack obama was born in the united states period. >> well, perhaps the second most high profile questioner of president obama's birth certificate has been sheriff joe arpaio, we caught up with him after trump's announcement. >> donald trump said today definitively that he believes president obama was born in the u.s. do you agree with donald trump? >> you know, that's not my thrust. i have been from day one afte many people asked me to look into a possible forged birth certificate, and that's what i had done. >> arpaio says his question isn't whether or not president obama was born here in the country, it's whether the president's birth certificate is authentic. arpaio says the information into the birth certificate is still ongoing. christine jones not able to get back votes in the recount for the republican primary in
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jones conceding last night to andy biggs, the final margin of victory, 27 votes. it was a close one, a nail biter to the end. still plenty to have time to register to vote for the november 8th general election. >> coming sooner than thing. it's hard to believe. you know what that means, november election fall. >> nice weather, we like that. >> those are the temperatures we like around here, but we have to get through a couple warm days first. let's go ahead and as we promise you your hour-by- hour forecast. 88 degrees, we're going to stay dry. by lunchtime, 95. it will still be warm and sunny conditions. clear all day, dry throughout the day, hot. coming up we are going to be seeing changes ahead in your 7- day forecast. we're talking possible storm chances. i'll tell you when the best day is coming up. one valley city has a major problem with traffic. it turns out that might be the
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saying are the real problem behind this. plus, it's your dream home. what happened in it before you lived there could give you nightmares.
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12 past the hour. it's the ultimate american dream for so many people. owning a home, having a place to grow your family, and enjoying the fruits of your labor. >> if you knew something heinous happened house, would it stop you from buying it. there may be things to think about before you get that key. >> reporter: do you know if anybody has ever died in your house or do you even care? well, a south carolina man launched this research web site, died in, and sometimes what he finds is unnerving. >> the guy ran a report, and i found there were eleven dogs murdered in this house. >> reporter: an extreme case of a homeowner unknowingly buying
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>> they bought it as an as is property, and the trial started. when it happened, it hit national news, tourists driving by. you can get on you tube and see the videos. >> reporter: in arizona, the seller is not required to disclose the history, no matter how heinous. >> state statute protects the owner as well as the seller of the property, and the licensee from having any duty whatsoever to disclose there has been a death on the property. >> stop there. it includes any felony on the property or if a sex offender lives nearby. in all, founder, roy condry added registered sex offender information in his report. >> anything we believe we want to know, we'll let you know. >> reporter: as a sellers agent, he can not disclose information against the wishes of his client. as a buyers agent, he
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have to protect our clients or to give our clients, i think the better. >> reporter: the price of one report is $12. piling up in tempe as complaints file up about the state of papago park. homeless camps are popping up there. one man wrote the city saying he was chased by a homeless man with a knife. others say they are tired of being verbally assaulted by homeless while running or biking. a tempe councilman decided to see for himself after reading all the e-mails from concerned citizens. >> i went and walked around it, and it was frankly a disaster. i mean, it was piles of trash. it was shopping carts. it wasn't somebody passing through. it was people that had living room furniture. >> city officials say they are trying to solve the problem humanely. since april, crews have picked
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the area. more cleanups are scheduled over the next few weeks. >> adot starts construction on the south mountain freeway project on monday. this is the first phase along the i-10 loop 202 interchange. the big stuff that's going to start early next year. that 22-mile freeway is expected to open late 2019. it will help link the west and east valleys. drivers need to watch out for some closures on the freeways this weekend, including this one in scottsdale. now, we see loop 101 northbound closed. it's shorter, from 90th street to shay boulevard and friday night at 10:00 p.m. noon on saturday. usually goes the entire weekend. you're getting a little bit of relief there. to get around that, hop over, use state route 51. you're going to see the major closure on the northbound side. you're going to see loop 202 red mountain in the eastbound direction closed from gilbert until you hit greenfield. that's the area that will be shut down.
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until monday at 5:00 p.m. that is the entire weekend. hop down and use mcdowell or go all the way down to u.s. 60 and get around it that way. there's a lot of work going on on i-10 out in the west valley near loop 303. head to for the details. if you have kids who like to get messy, boy do we have an event for you. it's called messy fest. events like the mud run, peyton powder obstacle course and mashed potato pit tug it's good clean fun that will leave you a mess. >> life is too short to play clean is our motto, and so it's everything that you wanted to do. put your cell phones away, forget about your worries, come out and get messy and have a great time. >> mashed potato, tug of war. there's also fun for adults, looking for a day of play and it's all for a good cause. part of the proceeds benefit children and families at phoenix children's hospital.
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most accurate forecast. probably a good day to go outside and get messy. >> i think so. the early morning is still going to be a little bit chilly if you're out there for a long period of time. if you're running back and forth to the car, i think this isn't that bad but if you're going to stay out there, do an early morning run, a sweater, not a bad idea. 73 degrees in fountain hills. 60s in mesa and scottsdale, and glendale. still holding on to the 70s in tempe and laveen this morning. your wind speeds currently across the valley. you won't encounter too strong of winds. 5 to 10 miles per hour in some spots. other spots not measuring wind. calm in certain parts of the valley. here's a look at future cast and what we can expect. the overall story for us is going to be sunny and dry. also, clear skies for us. look as i take this through the rest of today, and into tomorrow as well. we are staying clear, so not a lot happening on future cast here. we're going to keep things clear throughout the weekend and even to start off your
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that you'll see in the 7-day in a second. in the meantime, for today, in phoenix, our highs are going to be in the triple digits for some of us. other spots in the you were 90s. 10 -- upper 90s. sunny and warmer. winds not too bad either. as we hit a return of the triple digits, because the last couple of days we have been in the double digits, upper 90s. still very warm. in any case, look at this. the average last 100-degree day typical in the beginning of october, october 3rd there. the latest we have had was october 23rd. that wasac so right now we're still on target for this. hoping not to see a late hot october but we'll see what happens. right now we're back in the triple digits as we get into the middle of september here, so here's a look at the break down of your temperatures hour by hour for your saturday. what do you have going on today. hopefully something fun by 10:00 a.m. 88 degrees. really nice. light breezes. we start to get warm as we do this time of year. cooler start to the day.
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afternoon. by 3:00. triple digits, 93 by 6:00. down to 81 by 9:00. the rest of the valley, look at this, will get very close to average temperatures which is 100 degrees, that 30 year average is. look at the rest of us here. pretty close, upper 90s for a lot of us there. 99 in apache junction. 98 in fountain hills. 98 in scottsdale. and 99 in goodyear today. also hitting the 99-degree mark in buckeye. across the state, maybe you have plans to go up north. beautiful conditions along mid-80s there. 76 in and a flagstaff. as we look ahead at the next 7 days, we're getting warm told. i'm going to call it hot 105 degrees then. and we are getting more rein which is -- rain chances here. if things pop up we'll be sending alerts straight to your phone, and a big temperature drop from 105 down to 94 on
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off. coming up, we have the d'backs playing against the dodgers. i'll have the forecast in just minutes. >> 5:20. it's football season and nothing gets closer to the grass roots than a bunch of 7, 8, and 9-year-olds. craig fouhy introduces us to the big horns and buckeyes. >> it's the big horns in maroon and black and buckeyes in red and white. and cash allen takes advantage early, the buckeyes stiffens. both defenses toughen up and while the fans are loving the intensity, sometimes you just have to resort to bribery to get the kids to play harder. >> come on, you want that play station 4. i know that's right. >> the first half comes to a scoreless end, and that means it's time for some coaching strategy. >> i need you guys to turn it up a little bit more. just a little bit more. we only got 20 minutes left. 20 minutes left, guys.
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>> you got the inside guy out. always take the inside guy and work your way out. >> after the pep talks and fluid, it's back to the action, and the buckeyes offense explodes in the second half. number 24, nicholas yu breaks one open and puts chandler in scoring position in the third quarter. on the next play, quarterback caveon belcher takes it right score board. >> the extra point is good and the home team is in command. the defense stays tough throughout the session half, and -- second half, and the buckeyes come away with a 13- 0w. congratulations big horns and buckeyes, you're this week's small stars.
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5:24 on a saturday. here's a look at tonight's prime time lineup. another weekend of college football. trojans take on stanford at 5:00. right this minute at 8:30. followed by castle at 9:00. and stick around for abc15 news at ten with kim tobin. these two words say it all. motherless babies, that's right. scientists discovering a way to
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fertilization needed. a study shows three generations of mice have been created using this method and they say they are fit and healthy, so now researchers are planning to test this theory in other species. imagine that. well, any pet owners will tell you a dog definitely part of the family. >> in a divorce, if you can fight over the kids, no surprise here, you can definitely fight over the dog. and that is where pet prenups come in. judges refuse to ar about pet custody leaving it to the couple to settle. but with custody disagreements on the rise, lawyers are recommending you get the pets prenupss. it can be the best gift a child gets and you can put the best smile on their faces by donating your old bike. steve irvin was at earnhardt chevy as part of the joint recycle your bike campaign, a huge success for foster kids. steve will be joining us in our
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plenty of time to make a difference. drop off your old bike at any of the 20 different locations, donate money or volunteer to pick up the bike. all the info is on our web site. go to there will be a new mystery that's going to be presented that's going to knock your socks off. >> it is all about tgit, how to get away with murder returns the abc prime time lineup in less than a week. viola davis won't give up too much but will give this away about how she gets ready for the emmys and the long red carpet. >> i take my ibuprofen for my toes and smear my chriscoe on and put my ballet slippers in my evening bag and i'm good to go. >> sounds like a plan to me. >> davis once again up for lead actress in a drama series of
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>> you can catch viola, and this guy at the emmys hosting for a second time. jimmy kimmel rolling out the red carpet literally. the party starts on abc15 tomorrow at 4:00, and the awards show starts at five, followed by a special edition of abc15 news after that. 5:27, gone silent, it's been more than two months since a serial street shooter has struck. where could the shooter be, brand new information from law plus two glendale schools closing their doors after officials say they weren't safe. this morning, we are taking
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we say good morning. it is 5:30 right now on a saturday. thanks for waking up with us. i'm nick ciletti. >> and i'm allison rodriguez. let's go ahead and talk about your most accurate forecast. on around the valley to do a ton of stuff. take a look at what you can expect. mild in the morning, 74 degrees right now. by 9:00 a.m., we are going to warm up nicely. we'll be in the 80s then, and things will be dry. winds will be calm. we'll be warming up quickly. here's a look at your pollen forecast if you're going to be outdoors for a while. we're going to be in the medium category. you see the main allergens at the bottom of your screen. keep that in mind. that's going on the whole
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weekend as well. the dodgers forecast here, and you can see first pitch about 5:10:00 p.m. 98 degrees by then. it will be toasty out there. as we get through the innings, it's going to stay pretty warm. as you're coming out of chase field, i think really nice. 9:00 p.m., 81 degrees. clear conditions all day. i'm going to break down your temperatures throughout the day instead of just the evening so you can see how the rest of the morning pans out as well. breaking news, a big police scene near glendale as offirs investigate a deadly shooting. details unfolding as we speak. maryellen resendez live near 67 67th avenue and glendale avenue. mare -- maryellen, you just spoke with witnesses. what are you finding out. >> reporter: we also got an update from glendale police. we know that the three scenes are definitely related. so this is the first thing. we're told there was a house party occurring here near 67th 67th avenue and glendale.
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and polmare. we're told there was a house party going on here, and apparently a shooting broke out. now, according to witnesses, they heard some arguing going on before the shooting, and said it wasn't just a couple of shots fired. this really sounded to them like a shoot out. listen to what our witnesses had to say. >> it sounded right outside my window. i jumped up and looked outside and all i hear as soon as i help me, help me. >> reporter: now, witnesses have told police they saw two cars ricing off the scene. one of -- racing off the scene, one was a white car. over at 83rd and thomas police stopped that vehicle. they found a victim in the backseat with a gunshot wound. he was transported to the hospital. and then there is a third scene, which i just returned from, and we're going to have that video for you in about 30
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grand avenue. they have a car stopped there. they do believe may be connected to here. we were first hearing that it may have been the shooter's vehicle, but right now, glendale police are saying that they're just investigating the occupants in that vehicle. now, again, we have two victims, one that is dead here at the scene off 68th avenue, and glendale. and then we have the other shooting victim that was found off of 83rd avenue and thomas. that's because he was in a car that tried to get away. live in glendale, maryellen resendez, abc15 news. murders, but it's been two months since his last hit. however, phoenix police are working around the clock to identify the phoenix serial street shooter. navideh forghani explains why fewer tips may be slowing down on this case. >> reporter: the mood has changed in mary vale. >> it's not the first thought i think about every day. >> the streets quiet, people pushing back the memories of
5:34 am
the streets as police investigate nine shootings were 7 people were killed, 4 survived and no no leads to identify the man you -- no new leads to identify the man you see in the sketch. >> i don't understand how a guy can kill so many people, and it not be found out yet. >> reporter: that's the fiance of diego sanchez, she gave birth to her son weeks the serial took her fiance's life. >> i'm sure somebody knows and they're not saying anything. >> reporter: this mystery shooter seems to have gone off the grid for the last two months. the last known hit was on july 11th when he hit this red honda with bullets barely miss ago 4- year-old inside. the reason for him going dark could be the media attention but he also could be in jail for an unrelated crime or he just left town. either way, families do not
5:35 am
there's so many families. we don't have any answers. and it's hard for us, because we don't have any closure. >> that was navideh forghani reporting. a $75,000 reward is being offered in this case. if you know anything, please call silent witness. three women pretty thankful to be on steady ground, and off the top of camelback this morning where they were stranded for hours after straying off the trail. phoenix fire says they weren't able to reach the women right away because it was that's why they brought in a helicopter. it's another reminder that you can never be too careful on the trails. >> talking to the park rangers is probably a good start. also just doing your own research, figuring out how tough it is. we have never done this one, and wow, this is a lot tougher than we thought it was going to be. >> reporter: all three women staying at a nearby resort. thankfully nobody was hurt. so many have asked us about
5:36 am
structural damage at glendale schools. we sat down with a spokesperson to clarify some of the concerns. jim cummings tells us the problems are much different than they are seeing now. back then they had cracks in the upper walls of the gym. now it's an issue with the foundation. >> the difference between then and now is that those were not issues in which the state school facilities or our structural engineers said that the building was in danger or that the building couldn't be >> cummings said they knew the foundation did not repairs for several months and it wasn't until last week and a new engineer's report that they learned the buildings were too dangerous to use. a mentally challenged man beat up, eyes swollen shut because somebody wanted his bike. police say the victim was riding his bike near 27th avenue and poke street when 25- year-old anthony kevin folks tried to take it. even viciously attacking this man before taking off.
5:37 am
claimed that the bike was actually stolen from him, and he was just acting in self- defense. police this morning say they are not buying that. fall from fame, gearing up for the bright lights of college football, sophomore is in the jail cell. and the accusations keep mounting. accused of domestic violence by one person, a second victim is coming forward leading to new felony charges. the wildcats no how this is playing out in court. they dismissed bradford from the team earlier this week. not the peak of wire -- wildfire season anymore. a new fire creeping dangerously close to homes today, north of denver, crews use an air tank tore attack this one from high above. firefighters still monitoring this one very closely. we understand there are hot spots. they have been able to keep the flames from seriously damaging any homes.
5:38 am
to killing two nuns in mississippi said he went into their home, struggled with them, stabbed them to death and stole their car. the nuns worked as nurse practitioners in one of the poorest counties in the nation. he was acquitted for one of the highest profile shooting cases in recent years and now george zimmerman gets out of trouble again. just a few hours ago, a nan in florida was convicted of attempted second-degree murder after he fired a gun at zimmerman's truck in a road rage incident. zimmerman flashed a gun at him, leading him to fire back. the court didn't agree, though. zimmerman still a free man this morning. a significant ruling in the bill cosby trial. a judge saying a phone call between the comedian and the mother of the accuser can be used as evidence. cosby's lawyers tried to block it arguing it was recorded without his permission. cosby's sexual assault trial is going to begin in june. the family of whitney houston's daughter not feeling any better about this big ruling in court.
5:39 am
gordon legally responsible for the death of bobbi kristina brown. though it doesn't really answer questions about how she died, brown's estate filed the wrongful death lawsuit against him claiming he gave her a quote toxic cocktail that caused her to pass out. a jury will now decide on damages. more fallout this morning from the controversial bathroom law in north carolina. experts are saying the state could lose more than $100 billion because the ncaa, saying they are going to pull championships from the state. house bill two requires transgender people to use the barman matches the gender on -- use the bathroom that matches matches their gender on their birth certificate. hundreds of thousands of customers can sue the bank together. it's all related to unauthorized accounts opened by bank employees in an effort to
5:40 am
wells fargo paid out $190 million. that was essentially a fine from the feds. more to come from there. let's go ahead and talk about your most accurate forecast, though, this morning. pretty nice when you're out there in the morning, right, for not a long period of time because i'm not going to lie. i had a jacket with me yesterday, and some of my coworkers were calling me a wimp. when you're standing out thereto in the thereto -- out there in the 60s, it can get chilly. >> i can't deal with the cold, go for today, i think it's not going to be that bad to get out for a morning run. by 9:00 a.m., 83 degrees. we're still going to be in the 70s this morning. i think nice conditions. clear for us all day. by lunchtime, a little bit warmer out there. 95 degrees. we're hitting triple digits as we get into the late afternoon, early evening hours. you'll definitely need the ac and shades. coming up, we are going to talk about changes coming your way. first we have another warm up
5:41 am
warmer than we were yesterday, and we're getting hotter, i'll show you how hot coming up. 5:41. what do you do when your rental house needs work but you can' to prove how authentic my new brewhouse bacon burger is
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in the future it might get more coulded in the sky. the faa realize add lot of people registered -- more crowded in the sky.
5:44 am
had nonregistered drones. they are getting 2000 a day. in comparison, there are more than 260,000 manned aircrafts registered in the entire u.s. who can forget the uproar, cecil the lion killed by an american hunter. the government may boost efforts to combat illegal wildlife poaching and trafficking because of a bill cosponsored by the bill would give the government a better chance to go after the so called trophy hunters. a senior ditch day may not have been worth all the fun after all. >> tucson high school students may be regretting a day of swimming and booze. those do not mix. this photo taken of the massive day party, a parent of one of the students in this photo says the party was broken up because of underaged drinking. somehow, the school got ahold of it, and is now using as an example, by blowing it up with
5:45 am
it says if you're in this photo, you may not compete, practice or be on school property. a tough lesson that was sure to be a major buzz kill for a lot of those kids, those students really. hey, some bad news, almost a thousand pounds of beef, the products being recalled. they were actually sold from this company here. the tucson tamale company. they were produced without federal inspection. authorities say so far there have been not been any confirmed reports of bad reactions from the food. that's good. but you are still urged to keep a lookout of tucson's tamales. if you or someone you know has a marks you might want -- asthma, you might want to check vitamin d levels.
5:46 am
asthma, the sun is the most obvious source of vitamin d. you can also take a supplement to get more in your diet. long daytime masks may make you feel more rested but may be linked to diabetes. napping for more than an hour a day was associated with a 45% higher risk of type two diabetes compared to nonnappers. the reason for the link is unclear, and these findings do not mean that napping directly a national survey finding a quarter of adults over age 50 do not exercise at all. a cdc study shows womens, his hispanics, blacks and knows with chronic diseases are less likely to be active. exercise is linked to a longer life span along with a lower risk of heart disease and cancer. and older adults face higher chances of demanding on others for day-to-day health. early menopause may be a
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before the age of 45. they're more likely to have heart problems and die younger than women who start menopause later on. one in ten women start natural menopause by age 45, but the average age for starting menopause in the west is about 51 years old: nexflix is taking jabs at internet providers, asking the fcc to do something about the data caps. they claim data limited plans discourage people from using broad band internet television whenever they want to. nexflix is also going after low data cap cell phone companies, calling them unreasonably limiting. arizona keeps buzzing in the beer world. hots brewing out of tempe bought huss brewing, already recognized as one of the state's fastest growing
5:48 am
here. lets say you have a hole in the ceiling or a bad leak in the home you're renting, not exactly emergencies, but if the landlord is taking his time fixing it what do you do. la quita greer says her apartment is full of them. >> it was a lot bigger before they put cover. >> takes the cake. she says a worker fell through the roof causing this big hole and a bigger mess. yes, that's a pot catching the water that's coming from air conditioner. >> all my stuff gets mildew. >> she has been asking the landlord to fix this for three weeks. >> i want them to come fix it. i'm not paying rent. i'm going to move somewhere else. >> she says she's done, so she let me know. los angeles based pro residential services manages and owns several apartment complexes. we got in touch with jack patel saying in part the roof was fixed but the ceiling was
5:49 am
with the roofing company. in addition he said all other problems in the unit including the ac have been fixed. >> you wouldn't want to live in this. >> after we sent him this video showing him what was going on, pro residential services sent us these pictures after they say maintenance workers fixed the hole in the ceiling and the leak in the air conditioner. >> thanks to them for fixing it. i don't know why it took so long. if you have the same problem, document with pictures, send a certified letter, giving them ten out. i'm investigator joe ducey, if you have a problem let me know. let's talk about your most accurate forecast today. abc desert doppler scanning the skies and the valley. not a lot going on. this morning, things and calm and quiet. desert doppler can take a break. 74 degrees at phoenix sky harbor there. pretty dry out there. only going to get dryer here on out. other spots, very light, about 5 to 10 miles per hour this morning. as we look at your current
5:50 am
60s this morning. a few spots into the 70s in fountain hills and tempe. most of us, again, right now, this morning in the upper 60s. 68 in scottsdale. 69 in glendale. 67 in peoria and surprise. so your saturday forecast is going to look like this. 100 degrees today. hot conditions. we talked about the light winds. about 5 to 10 miles per hour today. your uv index is at an 8. putting us at the category. no other weather alerts and no rain chances for today. we'll enjoy it while we can. a good weekend for us here. your hourly planner for this saturday as these temperatures break down for you. 10:00 a.m., 88 degrees. mild conditions, though, we're warming up by lunchtime when we hit the mid 90-degree mark there. staying clear. hot as we get into the late afternoon, early evening. we are expecting to hit the triple digits. 100 degrees for us here at some spots until the valley. here's a look at future cast here.
5:51 am
and play instead of stopping. to show you how clear we're going to be today. for us in the valley, we're not expecting activity. the good news is if you have plans to go out of town, maybe head up north, we're going to be clear all day today as well. might be a good weekend to look at the grand canyon because again we are expecting clear conditions, and nice weather up there. a little bit warmer too. so here's a look at your valley rain chances. the reason i show this is because we saw today and tomorrow that we're not expecting rain chances. things are going to be clear. you saw that with look at the changes we're expecting as we get on through the rest of the week, starting to get moisture build back up in here. we're up to a 10% chance for storms on monday. and keeping that wednesday as well. but looks to be the best time for us is going to be on tuesday when we bump to a 20% chance. this system bringing cooler temperatures. you'll see how cool in the 7- day coming up in a second. first, look at your forecast highs today, not bad. seasonal statewide.
5:52 am
also in prescott. 70s in flagstaff. beautiful there. we talked about the grand canyon. 78 degrees there. 90 in kingman. we are expecting things to be hot out to the west of us, the northwest, triple digits in bull head city, lake havasu and quartzsite. the hottest spot, 103 for them there today. in the east valley, we're going to be hitting mostly upper 90s. a few spots in the hundreds like chandler under clear skies. that's average this time year. that's seasonable and a few more spots hitting the triple digits. upper 90s, too. 99 in glendale. 98 in deer valley. here's a look at your 7-day forecast. we're hotter tomorrow. 5 degrees above normal when we hit 105 degrees. rain chances come into play on monday. we talked about the cool down, and we're dropping within 11 degrees from sunday to tuesday. 94 on tuesday. 96 on wednesday, so a good time to have the mobile app. look at the changes coming your
5:53 am
5:54 am
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five until six, our smart shopper team found more than a dozen stores, all of them having big shoes sales. my sister's closet having the shoe sale this weekend. today, tomorrow, all of the shoes you see there, half off the last marked price. some shoes for less than ten bucks, all their designer shoes are 20% off. the offer is valid at all of
5:56 am
suited locations in the valley. men and women can get these great deals on any shoe in the entire store. kids will be kids and that is the point of events happening across the valley today. the boys and girls clubs are hosting day for kids as a chance for your child to forget about everything else that's going on and just have some fun. the goal is to encourage friendship, physical activity, and also to unit different females. for more information head to the web address right there on your screen. a love of bouldering to new heights. chris dodd served in the army and went to iraq. he says bouldering helped him with the stresses of army life. >> the grand opening is today from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 at 32 32nd street and shay. they will have give aways, live music and food. chris says it's his way of thanking the community for welcoming him back into civilian life.
5:57 am
>> good exercise, too. let's give you a last look at your most accurate forecast. 100 degrees today. it will warm up nicely. that is average, and look tomorrow, we go up 5 degrees. it's going to be warm up there tomorrow. hot i'm going to say. look at what happens. big changes this week. 11-degree drop there on tuesday, looks to be the best chances for storms as well. as we get cloudy conditions rolling in. i'll have an hour by hour look at your forecast at 6:00. also coming up, police on scene of a deadly shooting,
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
good morning, everyone. nick ciletti here, also alongside allison rodriguez staying on top of the most accurate forecast at 6:00 on a saturday. >> let's look outside right now. this is a live look. 73 degrees currently, your humidity, dew dew points a little bit lower. they will continue to drop. your winds either, about 3 in my opinion currently at phoenix sky harbor. we'll look at the rest of the valley coming up in a second. first, here's a look at clouds and radar, in certain parts of the valley. really we are going to see clear skies this morning. all of that breaking up. clearing out, and we're going to stay nice today. 100 degrees today. look at how warm we get tomorrow. 105. we're going above average temperatures here. staying clear, but we've got big changes coming our way. i'm going to break that down
6:01 am
by-hour forecast in just a few minutes. allison, thanks, meantime, we are staying on top of a scary scene as a man crashes a hang glider into the ground. a viewer sending in these photos from the scene want we're told that this man is unconscious and having trouble breathing when medics got there. it happened near maricopa near az44. we are making calls to get an update on his conditions: police say a gunman is now in custody after a shooting in phoenix. people running from the scene here. hideaway bar near 35th avenue and northern. after a fight here, we're told led to a shooting, a man is in serious condition we're told after he got shot in the stomach. a big demonstration for a big cause. more than two dozen protesters posting up outside of maricopa county animal care and control. these animal advocates are holding another vigil happening today in memory of pets killed in maricopa county. today's event goes from 7:00
6:02 am
and protesters will also be at the east valley location which is off rio salado. that recount in the republican primary in the 5th 5th congress district, jones conceding to andy biggs last night, and a final margin of victory, 27 votes. looks like not all of the presidential candidates will make it to the first debate stage. hillary clinton and donald trump will be the only two debate. gary johnson and jill stein not getting enough support in the polls to snag an invite. the candidates need to get 15% in the polls to be invited. that first debate is september 26th, a week from monday. mark cuban giving donald trump ten million reasons to talk about policy, offering to pay $10 million to the charity of trump's choice if he will sit down for cuban for four
6:03 am
president. he used his own words against him, ending the offer with a fifth tweet, what do you have to lose. no word from trump yet. 6:03. maybe he could use the extra cash since now the republicans are trying to raise more money. the republican national committee just raised the maximum amount that donors can give. a top donor can give up to $550,000 to the republican nominee's fundraising committee, trump victory. that amount is $100,000 more than what was allowed. clinton's fundraising agreements allow a single donor to give $620 to democratic efforts. about face for donald trump, he is no longer a birther. >> president barack obama was born in the united states period. >> well, perhaps the second most high profile questioner of president obama's birth certificate has been sheriff
6:04 am
>> donald trump said today definitively that he believes president obama was born in the u.s. do you agree with donald trump. >> you know, that's not my thrust. i've been from day one after many people asked me to look into a possible forged birth certificate and that's what i had done. >> arpaio says his question isn't whether or not president obama was born in the country. it's whether or not president obama's birth certificate authentic. arpaio is saying the investigation in the birth certificate is still ongoing. breaking news first on abc15 abc15. 6:04 right now. a west valley shoot out hitting too close to home for one woman in glendale. >> that's right, we are starting to look at that scene. three different scenes, because there's so much going on here. we know that one person is dead. maryellen resendez is actually there live.
6:05 am
67 67th avenue and glendale. we know you have been working your sources, talking to witnesses, explain to us what happened. >> nick and allison, we not only have new information, we also have new video. first thing i want to show you is the scene here. this is where it all started near 68th avenue. glendale police say there was a house party or a gathering of some type going on when there was an argument that broke out and of course shots being fired now. i just got back, though, from take a look at that video that we shot there, and you can see a gray car. now, we're being told by glendale police that this car has stopped and may be related and they're investigating whether the people inside car were related to the shooting where we were just showing you live off 68th avenue. we're told they might have a possible shooter. they haven't confirmed that just yet. now, witnesses say, if you want to take you back to video that
6:06 am
were just a little bit closer before they pulled the police line back. this is where the party all happened at this corner house. now, police say there is one victim dead at the scene here. neighbors are telling us that they heard an argument just before those gunshots rang out, and it sure sounded like a shoot out. listen to what they had to say. >> i seen a white car fly by, then when i was in the alley, i seen two cars parked and they were talking it out. it was a the gunshots were so so so loud. >> reporter: now, we're being told by witnesses, picked up one of the gunshot victims, police were able to catch up to what they believe may be that car. it fits the description. it's a white car that raced from the scene, and you can see a white car from this scene off 83 83rd avenue and thomas.
6:07 am
that person was rushed to the hospital, and is still alive at this hour. again, all the information that we have is now coming from glendale police. they're kind of investigating exactly what took place. spans over 3 scenes across their city. we're going to have more information for you in about 30 minutes. live in glendale, maryellen resendez, abc15 news. >> thank you for staying on top to have that. we know a lot going on out -- top of that. a lot going on there. multiple scenes this keep us updated. it is the 8th commandment. though shall not steal, and one man is going to pay the price for violating it. not only did police say michael walker stole, they say he stole from a church. surveillance video reportedly shows walker strolling into st. daniels catholic church near hayden and mcdowell and breaking into the locked donation boxes and his rap sheet shows he's not a rookie with 14 prior burglary convictions in 6 different states. all new this morning, two
6:08 am
wild shootout near the university of pennsylvania. officials saying the suspect walked up to a police vehicle and started shooting. officers say then that person walked into a bar and shot a security guard. just moments later, he fired shots into a car hitting a man and a woman. police catching up with the suspect, fired shots and killed him. all of those victims fortunately are expected to be okay. two officers also shot in the dallas area. this after they found a man unresponsive with a gunshot wound to the head at a home, and we're told a witness was in a backyard set. when they opened -- shed. when they opened the shed door, that witness shot at the officers. one of them was seriously injured but is expected to be okay. the officers returned fire and killed that person that was inside the shed. two people shot and killed in east hollywood last night. two others are in critical condition, and police are looking for the shooting suspect. it's still unclear right now whether this was motivated or
6:09 am
but a scary situation nonetheless. just coming in now, police have completed the search of a denver hospital complex that was put on lock down after reports of gunshots. police conducting a room by room search by a man seen carrying a rifle on the ground yesterday. no injuries have been reported and authorities have not found anyone with a weapon. to give you an idea of the location, that complex is about 2 miles from downtown denver. >> i was 3/4 asleep, and somebody started yelling fire. >> delta flight attendants springing into action, hurting passengers away from the smoke. the airline says the smoke was from a battery not connected to a device. it was unclear after the feds issued a warning about batteries from the samsung note 7 phones. they tell us they are investigating. a scary warning. a dump truck catching fire around 5:30 yesterday morning. we still don't know why the
6:10 am
freeway median. the remarkable part here, nobody seriously hurt. and i was out there yesterday morning and the scene just looked incredible. amazing to hear that nobody was seriously hurt there. 7 vehicles involved but so far no time line on when adot is going to repair that median. 6:10, a valley man trades his car for a dr. pepper. didn't mean to do it. here's what happened. ralph amsden was getting gas at a circle k last week. he stepped inside the store, and that's when somebody made off with his car. >> when i come back out, the gas pump is on the ground, and my car is gone. we're talking about like grand theft auto, helicopters. this isn't an every day thing for me. >> yeah, it turns out his mercedes, yeah, we were telling you about it earlier this week, was stolen. police say timothy childress was driving it and tried to run over several officers who
6:11 am
as for the car, amsden tells us he's not sure if and when he'll ever get it back. i was ready to go to work, they call me, see my car on the freeway. it's like a movie or something. >> after her car was stolen two weeks ago, it was crazy to see it driving down the freeway this week, involved in a high speed chase. a man and a woman leading police on a chase through southern california, eventually pulling into a hospital parking garage. police shut down that whole suspects. the woman says she's happy to have her car back. it does smell since the suspects were seen smoking a meth pipe in the car during the chase. a valley business taking action to replace the shock of discovering a vandalized ambulance with a surprise of a freshly redesigned rig. >> and the big reveal all caught on tape. >> they are getting ready to do the unveiling. they're excited. >> ready? >> yeah.
6:12 am
oh, my gosh. >> oh, wow. >> yeah, this is awesome. you might remember emergency million veterans when they discovered the sides of their ambulance had been sliced open, even burned. so desert signs stepped in to create the brand new raft showcasing several tributes, the first responders and military. all was done for free. if you're not familiar, veterans paramedics who work at variouco these people are taking action and trying to help us. sad to see that someone would do that to a group that does so much good. another valley group stepped in. so many great giving people across the valley. >> humidity and faith is restored. let's talk about your most accurate forecast this morning, a quick look at what you can expect for the weekend, your saturday and sunday. here's a look at how your saturday temperatures are going to break down. dry conditions throughout the day. 88 by 10:00 a.m. by lunchtime, 95 degrees.
6:13 am
we are hot by 2:00. 98 degrees. we are expecting changes coming this week. i'm going to break that down in your full forecast next. 6:13. no plans this weekend, don't worry, we've got you covered, including details on a special event at the d'backs game that is giving back to the community. let's give you a live look
6:14 am
6:15 am
drivers need to watch out for closures on the freeways this weekend, including this one in scottsdale. now, we see this loop 101 northbound closed. it's a little bit shorter from 90th street to shay boulevard. friday at 10:00 p.m. until noon on saturday, usually the entire weekend, getting a little bit of relief there. to get around that, hop over. use state route 51. you're going to see the major closure on the northbound side. you're also going to see loop 202 red mountain in the eastbound direction closed.
6:16 am
gilbert until you hit greenfield, kind of the area that will be shut down. this is friday night at 10:00 p.m. until monday morning at 5:00 a.m. that is the entire weekend. some options for you, hop down and use mcdowell or go all the way down to u.s. 60 and get around it that way. there's a lot of work going on on i-10 in the west valley near loop 303. head to for the details. here is something fun for the whole family, especially if you love legos. now, starting today, the phoenix zoo kicking off its nature connect exhibit. look at that. you can check out two dozen animals, made of 1 million lego bricks. this is going to run through january 2nd, and you don't have to pay extra either. it's included with your zoo admission. i was out there. saw them live, up close, they are incredible. if you have a chance get out there and see them. the zoo isn't the only place to be this weekend. you can experience the arizona science center for free this
6:17 am
they are open from 8:30 to five. guests are able to roam around, hands on science fun, and show,s and there is access to the planetarium, just 5 bucks. the hispanic heritage festival, with art, music, and lots of dancing. that starts at 10 this morning. fall is not quite here. but get a head start in wilcox. apple an knee's has the -- annie's has the largest corn maze in the state. before kickoff, head to west gait for the touchdown tailgate. >> tonight, you can take part in go gold night at the d'backs game. several valley companies and businesses are supporting phoenix children's hospital, with their first ever go gold campaign for childhood cancer awareness. now you can get their gold t- shirts for a 10-dollar donation. the first 20,000 people to get
6:18 am
held fans and childhood cancer survivors in gold jerseys will take the field with d'backs players before the game. >> last night they were going for the 5th win in a row with zach greinke on the mound. four hits through 6 innings. the dodgers managed to bring a few runners across. defensive mishaps and yeah, it was a close one, but la wins this one. 3-2. the arizona state fair just around the corner, and today they're holding a over a thousand jobs up for grabs this morning going on from 10:00 to 2:00. head down to veterans memorial coliseum at the state fairground. you have to be at least 18 years to get a job there. i can't believe it is almost fair time. >> i was going to say, a lot of good concerts, always good food. >> you like the turkey legs. >> i like the salty things. that's why we kind of compliment each other.
6:19 am
very salty. very salty. >> he'll pay for that later, trust me. in the meantime, let's go ahead and talk about the most accurate forecast this morning. let's look at temperatures outside. before we do. >> here's a look at your queen creek valley camera. the sun is coming. get a little bit of that yellow, kind of goldy look above the mountains there. the sun coming up here in the next 30, 40 minutes or so. in the meantime, those temperatures, they typical will get the low -- typically will get the lowest before the sun comes up. seeing that now. a little bit cooler upper 60s for a lot of us this morning. some spots in the 70s like fountain hills, mesa, tempe out to goodyear. deer valley and wickenburg, 71 degrees today. here's a look at the valley wind speeds. some spots not registering. calm in deer valley, and other spots you can see anywhere up to 10 miles per hour. they are still not that bad at all coming from the east this morning. so here's a look at future cast. i'm going to go ahead and press play on this and go through it
6:20 am
today, as we take it to tonight, staying clear, not expecting any clouds or any kind of activity going on for us, so your sunday is looking good as well, and as we take this into monday, that's when we can see changes. monday morning, anyways, at least for the commute, still looking good. you don't want to think about monday just yet. it's saturday and sunday. so today we're expecting a high of 80 degrees. sunny and warmer than we were yesterday. winds not too bad. we'l finally not see the triple digits anymore. average last day for 100 degrees is usually october 3rd. we have a couple more weeks in that. definitely hoping it doesn't last the latest day we saw 100 degrees plus and that was in october 23rd in 2003. not hoping to hit that one, but we have a couple more weeks. that's on average anyways so things are looking pretty good on target for that, too even though we'll see changes this
6:21 am
temperatures, 10:00 a.m., 88 degrees. 97 by 1:00, and 100 degrees by 3:00. we'll hit the 80-degree mark by 9:00 tonight. a quick look across the state shows nice temperatures in payson, sedona and prescott. mid-70s in flagstaff. closer look for us here in the valley. we're going to be right about on target. average is 100 degrees. we'll hit that in spots like phoenix, chandler, and maricopa. the rest of us in the upper 90s. talking about the clear, skies. the changes we have been talking act, well, look at this, hot tomorrow, okay 105 degrees. we're talking 5 degrees above average, and then we saw the future cast, some of the changes coming in on monday. i don't think we'll have good chances but at least a slight one. better cans up north -- chances up north on monday and tuesday. look at the temperature drop, 105 to 94 degrees. that's an 11-degree difference. a good day and a good time to
6:22 am
we'll send weather alerts to your phone. we did talk about the d'backs game coming up. 6:22. do you know the difference between a heart attack and cardiac arrest. you're not alone. we'll explain in this morning's rally for red. >> i was scared but then it was like wow. total amazed. >> and a mom celebrating as her daughter gets to experience new life in something all of us take for gran mething new. especially when it comes to snacking. th's w we're introducing cheese dippers. the creamy cheese and crunchy breadsticks
6:23 am
6:24 am
n. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look.
6:25 am
who says health checkups can't be fun, you can get a flu shot, blood pressure check, and so much more at a free community health fair going on in phoenix. this kicks off at 8:00 at franklin and high school. >> that's right. organizers tell us there will also be food and plenty of door prizes to go around, so a fun time to be had, plus to get a free health screening. >> and first responders want to make sure you're buckling up your kids the right way. they are hosting a free event car seat inspections, at 8:00 at larry toyota in peoria. the dealership is donating $75,000 to safe kids. do you have an old bike taking up space. consider donating it and letting it be a holiday miracle for a kid in foster care. abc15 is teaming up with earnhardt auto centers, help in
6:26 am
bikes at 20 different earnhardt locations, donate money or volunteer to help fix up the bikings. find a full -- bikes. find a full list on some of our best story ideas come from the viewers. today's rally for red, one viewers asked katie raml to help us understand the difference between cardiac arrest and a heart attack. >> if you mix up these two terms, you're actually not not the same thing. a heart attack is actually when blood flow to the heart is blocked. in cardiac arrest, the heart malfunctions and stops beating suddenly. think of your heart like a house. in your house, you have electrical and plumbing. in cardiac arrest, that's a plumbing with the electric or the beat. in a heart attack, that's like a problem with your plumbing or circulation.
6:27 am
not beating and they are not awake. most often in a heart attack, symptoms start slowly and can persist for hours, days or even weeks before the heart attack, but cardiac arrest occurs suddenly and without warning. in a heart attack they need 911, and in a cardiac arrest, they need 911, immediate cpr and a defibrillator. >> good information. katie raml attacking action for us as part of our commitment to heart health, abc15 and mayo clinic encourage you to know your numbers and sign up for a rally for red news letter. learn more at for red. we are going back out to the scene of a west valley shooting. maryellen resendez is going to give us a live report on these new developments from the scene. she's got brand new information. building not safe for kids to go to school there. who knew about it, and for how
6:28 am
? ? grocery shoppers of america! take your o organics baby carrots. take your eggs. even your o organics chips. and join the organic movement. organic food is no longer just for the privileged few. o organics,
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6:30 am
a house party turns violent right here in glendale. the scene spanning over 3 different locations. we're going to have the story from police coming up. plus, near this area, the serial street shootings are happening or were happening, of course earlier this month. the investigation still continues. you're going to hear from one woman still looking for answers after her fiance was tragically killed. and a fall from fame, the new allegations against a former star running back that are keeping him off the field and behind bars.
6:31 am
saturday morning. we are so grateful for your company, thank you for joining us. i'm nick ciletti. >> and i'm allison rodriguez with a look at your most accurate forecast. no doubt you have some things to do today, maybe go out for a walk after you snuggle in bed. here's a look at the morning coffee forecast. 73 degrees. not bad, mild out there. by 9:00 a.m., 83 degrees, and we are only going to get warmer from there. let's go ahead and show you what your pollen forecast is going to be in case you have plans outdoors. you suffer from allergies, we are gog category, the main allergens at the bottom of the screen, will stay in the category today, tomorrow and on monday as well. i promised you a look at your diamondback forecast. first pitch at 98 degrees. very warm out there. things will cool down as we get through the rest of the game. as everyone is pouring out of chase field, temperatures will be really nice out there. hopefully people in good moods with a win. we'll give you a break down
6:32 am
i'll let you get to the breaking news we have been staying on top of. one person shot and killed. another person shot and in the hospital. >> these are three different scenes, too, and police are trying to piece all of this together here. abc15's maryellen resendez is live near 67th avenue and glendale. you have kind of been all over really all of these scenes this morning, maryellen, so were neighbors woken up from all the gunfire. what are they telling you? they certainly were and this all happened at about just before 3:30 this morning. it started with a house party that's just located down the street. if you see past that silver car, that's where at least one person is laying in the street. we are told that person is dead here at the scene. take a look at video shot earlier from our photographer rick lebo when he was just a little bit closer to the scene, and you can actually see where the shooting happened. according to neighbors, as we
6:33 am
gunfire. before that, they heard or at least the one we spoke with heard arguing going on before those gunshots were fired. listen to what she had to say. >> it sounded right outside my window, so i jumped up and looked outside and all i hear as soon as i come outside is like they were really right next door to me. i all i hear is screaming, help me, help me. >> reporter: now, baker said when she ran outside, she and other witnesses saw two cars fleeing from the scene. also saw two cars fleeing from the scene. one was a white car. off 83rd avenue and thomas, this is the video you're seeing right now on your screen. this is where one of the cars was stopped that matched that description. they did find a victim in the vehicle, a passenger we're told with a gunshot wound. they were rushed to a hospital we're told at this hour. that person is still alive. take a look, though, at this third scene. you see a silver car there. this is off of 57th avenue and
6:34 am
now, acc police, this could be a possible suspect. they're investigating whether or not the occupants of that car were actually connected to this party scene. it is possible that they have a suspect that they're questioning right now. they do believe that there are no outstanding suspects so that tells us that who they're questioning, they may have their man on this. we're going to bring more for you throughout the morning. we're going to be out here and of course talking with witnesses, so we'll have more in our later shows. we're live in west valley, maryellen resendez abc15 news. we know you're certainly going to work your sources throughout the morning. let us know as soon as you get an update on that. now let's go to a scary developing investigation near that area. the serial street shooter, we're talking 9 attacks, 7 murders, but it has been two months since he last hit. >> however, phoenix police are still working around the clock, they tell us to try to identify whoever this person is.
6:35 am
we don't have any answers. it's hard for us. we don't have any closure. >> well, that was the fiance of the diego sanchez, she gave birth to his sons weeks after the serial shooter took his life on april 1st. this serial street shooter took their loved ones too. >> police say there have been no new leads and he hasn't hit since july 11th. that may be because of the media attention. he have also could be in jail for something unrelated or he a $75,000 reward is now being offered in this case. if you know anything, call silent witness. so many of you have asked us about the cracks in the walls and the structural damage at at least two glendale schools. we sat down with a spokesperson with the glendale elementary school district to clarify some of those concerns. jim cummings tells us the problems at landmark elementary in 2011 are much different than the ones they are seeing now.
6:36 am
now this is an issue with the foundation. >> the difference between then and now is that those were not issues in which the state school facilities board or our structural engineers said that the building was in danger or that the building couldn't be occupied. >> cummings said they knew the foundation needed repairs for several months. it wasn't until last week they learned the buildings were too dangerous to use. they really can't blame them at all. a senior ditch day may not have been worth all the fun after all. tucson high school students may be regretting a day of swimming and booze. this photo taken of the massive party, a parent of one of the students in the photo cissna party was broken up because of -- photo that party was broken up because of underaged drinking. now they are saying if you are in the this photo, you may not compete, practice or be on school property. tough lesson, though, that we're sure was a major buzz
6:37 am
he was looking forward to the nfl. now he's looking to getting out of jail. sophomore orlando bradford is behind bars and the accusations against the former u of a running back keep mounting. already accused of domestic violence by one person, now a second alleged victim is coming forward leading to brand new felony charges. the wildcats not waiting to see how this plays out in court. they dismissed bradford from the team earlier this week. a valley veteran taking love of bouldering to new heights. he went to high school with morning anchor, dan spindle, chris -- danielle lerner, chris talked about how bouldering helped him with the constant stresses of army life, and is sharing the passion through the black rock bouldering gym. the grand opening is today from 10:00 in the morning to 7:00 at night. it's near 32nd street and shay. there will be give away, live music, food, chris says it's his way of thanking the
6:38 am
back into civilian life. it's the least we can do. and i think it's a wonderful thing that he's doing. we're glad to have you back. it's time to get physical this morning. the city of goodyear, and cross fit fury are hosting the 4th 4th annual family health and finance day. the goal is to get families moving healthy. you can say high to howler from the arizona coyotes while you're out there. and you might want to check out the event today. here is concerning news. a survey finding a quarter adults don't exercise at all. a cdc studies shows women, hispanics, blacks and those with chronic diseases diseases are less likely to be active. exercise is linked to a longer life span and a lower risk of heart disease and certain cancers. older adults who don't get enough of it, higher chances on depending on others for day-to- day health. if you're headed out for a hike, stay on the trails and
6:39 am
three women snug in bed this morning thankful to be off camelback mountain where they were stranded for hours after straying off the trial. phoenix fire says they weren't able to reach the women right away because it was so steep. they brought in the helicopter. it's another reminder, you can never be too careful on the our trails. >> talking to the park rangers is a good start but also just kind of doing your own research, figuring out how tough it is. we have never done this one, and you're like, wow, this is tougher than we thought it was going to be. >> all three women are staying at a anesthesia resort, and thank -- nearby resort, and thankfully were not hurt. it's easy to get off course, so it's definitely good advice. imagine being born without the ability to hear the world just silent. >> then years later getting hearing aids. you can hear pitch, range, tone, everything is monotone. that was reality for a 14-year- old girl in texas until now.
6:40 am
>> yes. >> for the very first time this week, brianna mendoza, hearing her mother's voice, a moment that brought her to tears. her cochlear implants are giving her new experiences and happiness every single day, and we of course are very happy for her. >> something that so many of us take for granted. this is going to change her life, change the lives of her family members and just so happy to see it. her. we're very happy. let's give you a look at your most accurate forecast today. maybe going out, heading out for a round of golf. let's give you a look at that forecast here. throughout the day, you can see that our skies are going to stay clear. by 9:00 a.m., 83 degrees. by lunchtime, 95. we are warming up. and by four we're at the triple digit mark. we're getting hotter this weekend. i'm going to tell you how hot the temperature is going to
6:41 am
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good morning, joe ducey
6:44 am
don't let the cheap service call charges fool you, because a lot of times they can end up like this. >> gail's neighbor locked herself out of her house. she did a google search for a lock smith, wanted one that quoted a 14.99 service charge. he asked her an authorization to do the work. an hour later she was in her house, but was charged, get this, $721. for a car or a house, that's outrageous. added to that, 14.99 service charge was a 289 lockout fee, a 164-dollar lock. a 45-dollar rekey charge and labor and parts for 150 bucks. gail says this guy is ripping her off and it's not right. legit lock smiths tell me that should have cost about 150 max. the problem is not being prepared and relying on a quick search for the first one that comes up. google phoenix and lock smith,
6:45 am
up. no one will come out for that amount. your call ends up in a random call center in another state, dispatching some clown to charge you way too much. it's an old scheme and there's one way to stop it. ask how much it's going to cost before the work is done. have them right it down. i'm investigator joe ducey. have a great day. if you've got a problem, let me know. welcome back, it is quarter until seven on a saturday morning. switching gears right now, we are in friend with me. this is teases -- tess and he brought stacy with him. what at this time us about -- can you tell us about tex. >> he's a chihuahua of some sort. not sure what he's mixed with. >> that tail is going. >> very friendly guy, loves to be in laps. he will whine until he gets into a lap. >> i do the same thing.
6:46 am
how old do you think he is. >> about 2 years old. >> that's a good age. you're kind of a puppy but maybe starting to calm down a little bit. >> yes, definitely. he was very calm on the ride over here. i know he does well in the car. but yeah, he can be a little timid at first. as you see, he's all over us. >> nothing intimidating about him now. he's getting very comfortable. just want to get kisses. that's good. he would maybe be good for a family who's looking for a la dog. how active is he. how much do you think he needs to play and run around and all that. >> structured play wouldn't hurt. but he's not overly active. he doesn't need to go running every day or anything like that. >> i love big dogs. i grew up with big dogs. big dogs, they need a lot of activity, and a lot of, you know, different things to do. this is a happy medium. you can get them both. play with them a little bit, but sounds like he likes to play too.
6:47 am
is he going to be available at the main shelter. where can we get him. >> at the deer valley location, pet smart. it is pet smart charities national adoption weekend, so all chihuahuas and pit bulls, six months and up, fees are $25, and he falls under that. his fee is $25 at the deer valley location this weekend. >> that's great and of course includes spay and neutering, micro chipping. it's a great deal when you think about it. and you get an addition to your house, your family. we love that. stacy, thank you so i appreciate it. if tex gets snatched up by someone, they have plenty of other dogs and cats that need loving homes. check him out. >> let's check in with allison in the studio. she has a look at the most accurate forecast, and we're wagging our tail over this one. >> 73 degrees right now currently at phoenix sky harbor anyway, take a look. it's dry out there, and it's only going to continue to get dryer throughout the day and weekend. your winds not bad either
6:48 am
hour in some parts of the valley. other spots not even registering. here's a look at those current temperatures right now. the sun is coming up. now we're starting to get a little bit warmer. just about 30 minutes ago, most of us were in the upper 60s. now half of us are and then other parts are in the low 70s this morning. so we'll start the climb into our high today which are going to be hitting the triple digits. 100 degrees today for us here in the valley or in phoenix, i should say. your uv index is at an putting us at the high category here. air quality moderate, because we have ozone concerns. plus, no storm chances. whatever you've got planned this weekend, i think it's going to be nice. you just are probably going to need the ac. here's a break down of the temps hour by hour. in the morning, we'll warm up quickly. 88 degrees by 10:00 a.m. lunchtime coming in the mid- 90s. warm then. we'll keep skies clear throughout the rest of the day and evening as well. those triple digits definitely
6:49 am
afternoon to early morning. here's a look at future cast. a closer look for us and you can see not a lot happening on us there. i can tell you honestly, nothing is happening there. we're staying dry, clear, calm these next couple of days. we don't see with future cast now is ahead like this. look here, we've got rain chances coming in to play. future cast takes us into monday morning, and this is why you needed mobile app here, that free one. we'll push these changes happening straight to your we're up to a 20% chance for isolated showers in the valley on tuesday. we'll continue the chance at least on wednesday. drop it a little bit before we dry off and remove them completely on thursday and friday. again, a good time to have mobile app with you. here's a look at what we'll get to across the state. beautiful conditions. up north. in the mid-80s in payson, sedona and prescott. 80s in winslow, and 80 in window rock today. closer look in the east valley. we're doing to be hitting
6:50 am
we'll hit that in chandler there. clear skies for us throughout the day. a couple more spots in the triple digits in the west valley like peoria and lichfield patch. as we look ahead at the next 7 days, hotter tomorrow. 105 degrees. 5 degrees above average. then we get the changes with the rain chances coming into play, and our temperatures drop. we're talking an eleven degree drop by tuesday, and look the rest of the week looking nice as we start to we'll give you another look in a couple minutes. guess what, tomorrow is the big day. we're talking about the emmys, the 68th annual emmy awards case you haven't heard about it. did you forget your favorite stars, what categories were up for grabs. this is on our web site,, you can see all of the stuff for the emmys as i scroll for you. jimmy kimmel rolling out the
6:51 am
abc15 tomorrow at 4:00. this is a little preshow. 5:00 is when those awards get underway, and of course that is followed bid a very special edition of abc15 news. we will be glued to it. tune into our social media and our free abc15 mobile app. you can get the updates there. 6:51. it is never too early for a good slice of pizza and in just minutes, our friends are here telling us we can take action
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
. taking action for kids. one slice at a time. now is is the time for you to satisfy your taste buds and do some good in the process. >> our friends at grimaldi's taking part in the no kid hungry campaign. it does so much for them. they are taking action for us right now. let's go ahead and bring in dustin from grimaldi's, thank you so much for being he early. never too early for good pizza. you have great pizza, all of the 8 arizona locations. let's talk about this, how are you partnering with no kid hungry. we just provide a median for guests to donate. we'll donate back to whatever they give us to, they can use for a future visit. so we have raised over a half million dollars in three years. it's the charity we're most passionate about. we're passionate about helping
6:55 am
16million kids across the united states. fortunately we have been asked to be a part of it. it's been a great ride for a couple of years now. >> we asked how you got involved and how it's changed over the time. i'm sure you get more dedicated to it. >> a couple years ago it was presented to us. we became involved, had a great first year, and asked me to cochair a board with them. every year we go back to washington, d.c. to present our check and he gets to be part of several meetings about helping end child hunger. >> and you brought along some of your favorite, signature items, including desserts. are these bruschetta. >> yes, and we have our tomato basil, and olive medley bruschetta. >> we can't talk about pizza and italian food without talking about some of the wine here. >> we added that this year. that is the feature signature wine. our chef went to italy and blended it with the winery, and then we have added to our menu
6:56 am
successful wine. we sold way more than we thought we would. >> for sure. give us a quick sneak peek. we have about 30 seconds left of how your signature pies are made. >> absolutely. >> we make them back wards. we actually, you know, stretch the dough and put our cheese on first, if you can help if you'd like. >> don't want to mess it up. >> i'd hire you for later if you're really good. cover the dough with cheese, which a lot of people think you put the us new york styles, we put the cheese on first. a little coverage there, if you will. >> pass you're doing that, we're going to kind of fast forward things. we want to give you a last look at the forecast. he's going to continue making this delicious pizza. get out and enjoy yourselves today, 100 degrees, 105 by tomorrow, and big changes an 11- degree drop by tuesday. 20% ran chances. we'll be on the lookout for
6:57 am
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good morning, america. new overnight, disarming comments. donald trump calling for hillary clinton to be stripped of secret service protection. >> she doesn't want guns. take them. let's see what happens to her. >> this just hours after his birther backtrack admitting president obama was born in the united states. this outrageous lie. pain at the pump. the pipeline leak causing price spikes from texas to new jersey, gas shortages and lines around the block. six states under a state of emergency. how much more you could pay to fuel up. undercover video. abc news obtaining new police video from the investigation into the murder of a well-known fsu professor. his ex-mother-in-law's encounter with an undercover agent. >> i don't know what you're


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