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tv   ABC15 News at 6PM  ABC  September 19, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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now her car is stationary, end quote. one of our witnesses saw the whole things unfold. in the transcripts farmer seems a little distracted. listen to what he has to say. >> it's quite traumatizing. it was like pow, you heard one pow, and then i heard two more pows. and her car hit the wall pretty hard, and just kept riding the wall, and when i approached the hi that had went in the vehicle >> reporter: the witness says it was quite shaking, and he's seeking some therapy help. he said the one thing he noticed about himself after witnessing farmer dying that it was a wake up call for him to really appreciate the important things in his life. we're live in phoenix, maryellen resendez, abc 15 news. >> haunting and feeling helpless there. pun part of investigation --
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tonight, but still a lot of questions about the 1972 plane that crashed into a gilbert home this weekend. it was registered to p and t air services in chandler. and melissa blasius just talked to the pilot's brother. >> reporter: that's right we talked to the brother of the pilot ryan kilgore. he says ryan is still in the hospital with burn injuries. he didn't want to go into too much detail about exactly what's going on with his medical condition, but he did say it's just everyone here survived ryan kilgore. this picture shows him behind the controls of this same plane he was behind saturday night. >> he's lucky to be alive. >> reporter: pilots undergo extensive training to survive injuries. >> >. it's survival, and you're taught to fly the airplane, fly the airplane, fly the airplane. >> reporter: to the nearest airport or open space, but this
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been impossible in this case. >> i think in this case with the airplane in fire, actually exploding, and he had no other choice but to bail out. >> reporter: ryan was wearing a parachute which is common among the sky diving plane pilots. the ntsb will now go to the wreckage and look at the maintenance on the plane. >> look at the logbooks on the airplane. >> reporter: and his brother says r hospital, and they're just thankful no one on the ground was injured. and the family who lived in the house where the crash occurred, take a look. it's a total loss. there are big holes in the roof. the cars are even still in the garage, untouchable at this point. there's a lot this family needs, in fact they couldn't even get their driver's licenses out of the house according to a neighbor which
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go fund me account for the family that owns this house, and we're linking it to our story on back to you. >> so tough for that pilot to bail out of plane, not knowing where it was going to end up. thank you so much melissa. and new from the abc 15 live desk at 6:00, it appears the man who's now the main suspect in two east coast bombing attacks asked our government for a favor years ago. the man apparently calling from pakistan to get his pregnant wife a visa, and she got it ac congressman. now ironically he's now accused of turning against the country that helped his own family. the feds say fingerprints and surveillance video helped nabbed him. right now attorneys working to provide more evidence for a terror case our state. khan in court today, accused of planning attacks at government buildings in two counties. a hearing is on the books for november 16th. and now to the most
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clouds thickening up in areas in the valley and even far to the north. sedona throughout the day today, the clouds getting thicker and thicker late this afternoon and evening, and the same story in flagstaff. clouds coverage and moisture streaming in ahead of hurrican paine, and we're seeing the showers along the arizona and mexico border as the hurricane gettings closer to home. here's the storm, it's a category 1 storm, and weakingenning only the back down to down to a tropical storm tonight, and here's what we expect. rain chances increase in the overnight forecast. it starts out about 10 percent around 11:00 tonight, and by the time you wake up in the morning a 50 percent chance of rain here until valley. coming up in just minutes we'll talk about how much rain we could see and the other big changes coming in for us tomorrow. and who are the kids seen running away from this apartment complex, and are they
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baseline roads? officials say things look suspicious, but they haven't released more information tonight. and that incident 24 hours before this one. police trying to determine if an arson cyst is setting cars -- arsonist are setting cars on fire. pretty scary afternoon on the mountain trails. crews rescuing a man in his 50s passed out in cave creek. no word on his condition. a terrifying traffic stop, and for the first time we string it all together for you from the dps trooper's perspective. the first moment he heard a gun. >> a guy tried to pull a gun on me. we're exciting indian school. >> that's where the adrenaline kicks in and the chase begins. megan thompson is live where all of this started. >> reporter: well, this is the loop 101 and indian school, and this is that ramp that the
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according to dpd, and then -- apparently came off according to dps, and then looked it for a chase across the valley with multiple agency fanning out and looking for the man they say threatened one of their own. >> we're westbound on indian school and i'm in pursuit. >> reporter: the shrill of sirens echoing behind the trooper as he tries to track down this 20-year-old ismael hills, someone he believes is armed and dangerous. >> i lost him. notify scottsdale pd. >> reporter: the trooper getting help from surrounding departments, and as the chase continues the trooper trying to relay back any details he can. >> he pulled something on me and i heard a click, like this wasn't one in the chamber. >> can you describe the weapon? >> no good visual, just heard it. >> reporter: the chase through scottsdale and mesa, but they
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half later hiding in a bush. after that he was taken into custody without further incident. right now hill is not facing any charges for actually threatening the dps trooper. he is facing a charge for actually starting this chase and eluding law enforcement in the first place, but more charges could come as the investigation continues. well, new from the live desk, and it's caught on video. the moment police rushed to the road during a traffic stop in tulsa, and that's all we're gog happens next is now the subject of a big debate. the aclu wants criminal charges filed against the police officer who shot and killed 40- year-old terrance crutcher on friday. now police thought he had a gun, but we now know he didn't, and as the aclu points out you can see his arms up in some of the video. we understand from report that is later he was seen lowering his hands, and possibly reaching toward the car. we'll stay on top of this one.
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caption do you know us after they were caught breaking into cars. this is close to the sun city west area near 107th avenue and deer valley road. sheriff on the attack criticizing political commercials and an abc 15 investigation that exposed his time running a boarding school life with abuse. >> that's a down right lie. >> reporter: sheriff, they found abuse at the school, that's why it closed >> that's not true. >> he squared off with our own dave biscobing that broke the stories, and there's more. >> he repeatedly tried to deflect criticism about his time at the school. >> nearly 1700 pages is what i have here of a complete investigation. >> reporter: in a press conference on the capitol line, the sheriff claims this stack of papers vined dates him.
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>> the evidence here proves my complete and full innocence. >> reporter: he say he's only mentioned in the state's investigation three times, but in the same documents, evidence and testimony of horrific abuse. the abusive practices here, matching exactly to ones he described in detail in this home video. >> and you could feel it. >> reporter: several reporters pressed him about the video, and how he could deny responsibility as headmaster and executive director. >> was i aware of the philosophy of the school? absolutely was aware of the philosophy of the school. >> reporter: those tactics -- >> i don't agree with them. >> reporter: conflicting statements leaving reporters searching for the truth after the press conference. >> i'll leave with that. >> reporter: you said the students need to fell hopeless and -- feel hopeless and feel depression, i mean, that's what you said. do you agree with that? you think the at risk students
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>> no, and you falsely put out they're special needs kids. they all had underlying mental health concerns, and some had addiction issues. >> reporter: and then he said this. >> this isn't about abuse or neglect, because it wasn't found. >> reporter: but the state found it, employees admitted it, and a judge ordered it to stop. >> thank you >> now if you've been following the investigation, you'll with the state's lead attorney on the case, cathryn clark is now a congresswoman here's, and today the sheriff went after her filing a bar complaint against her because of her interview with us. in the news room, dave biscobing, abc 15 news. >> we want to be clear, abc 15 had no involvement in the creation of any political advertisement. if you want tot see all of our reporting on this story go to
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trespassing sign, and one valley woman got fed up. only on, how she chased down the crooks. 14 minutes of one valley woman's life may have cost her her future and a chance to see her baby grow up. the health insurance marketplace is getting smaller. coming up joe lets you know why your insurance company may be on the way out. >> reporter: i'm craig fouhy live at the big red brew house. a lot is going on here, plenty of
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>> reporter: welcome back to the big red brew house at university of phoenix stadium, and joining me now is david johnson, one of stars of yesterday's game. that's got to feel good to get a 40-7 win over the buccaneers. >> yeah, it feels great. i felt like all the guys were
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defense. they did really good, kept us on the field, and kept giving us opportunities to get points on the field. >> reporter: and fitzgerald talked about your passing ability, he said i don't want him to have that much success [ laughter ] >> yeah, we joke about that a lot, and he gives me crap about getting down to the 10-yard line and having carson throw it, but i said i have to get some touchdowns too. >> reporter: and did you know this thin the brew house? >> i found out, my wife was talking about it, and said it was kind of a new thing, and said it was actually tough to find and she couldn't find it, but she said really nice things about it. >> reporter: well david is going to stick around with us, and be with us later at 6:00, and at 7:00 we have facebook live with david, and you can ask him questions, so stick around, we'll be here throughout the next hour or so. david going to sign some
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should be fun. >> jealous! you'll have fun, we'll see you in a bit. when it comes to college courses paying for textbooks is nothing new, but now there's another hit to students' bank accounts at university of arizona. there's now supplemental course material being put online by the textbooks so there's an extra fee. >> a lot of times they have access to like information and quizes and activities that are very beneficial, but i think there's way to do it without charging students. >> codes can be included in the cost of the textbook, but only if the textbook is new, and the access codes expire after a certain amount of time. >. stepping inside a 99- cent store may cost a phoenix woman a lot more. carter is being slapped with child abuse charges after police sigh she left her nine month old baby in an unlocked
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the keys in the ignition while she was shopping. carter was shown in the store on surveillance video for 14 minutes. according to child services the child was involved in a prior child abuse case. if you're one of the200,000 people in arizona that get insurance through the marketplace, you're in for big changes. >> joe ducey lets you know what it means and what you can do about it. >> reporter: the health care marketplace in arizona is getting smaller. this year eight companies offering policies in the state, next year the dropping to just three. how can that be? >> it's a financial decision really. >> reporter: she says it comes down to one thing. >> if they're not making money in that segment of business, it's hard to convince them to say. >> reporter: united, humana and more are out. blue cross/blue shield of arizona, health net, and cigna are in, another trend is higher premiums, the exact increase
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negotiated, but an average nationwide. >> about 25 percent. >> reporter: nearly double last year's increase. so what can you do? subsidies with the government should cover most any increase. >> the subsidies will climb too to keep pace with the premiums. >> reporter: and you can still by directly from any insurer offering coverage in the state. she say it's a work in progress, but for now. >> it's something for everyone. >> reporter: open starts november 21st. go to, click sections and let joe know to find out how to get one on one help for free with this. need my help? call thible volunteer team or find -- my help? call the volunteer team or find me on facebook. and we're tracking big changes in the most accurate forecast. we're already starting to see the cloud coverage stream in ahead of rain and cooler air coming as we track hurricane
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rain here locally on doppler radar, but there's a blowing dust advisory in some areas until 8:00 p.m. wind picking up leading to widespread blowing dust. visibility less than a mile here over the next hour and hour and a half. winds breezy across southwest arizona, even here in the valley, 18 miles per hour here in phoenix, and the moisture with the clouds streaming in from the south. there it is. he, paine, a category 1 storm. and dewpoints in the 50s turning into dewpoints in the 60s heading into tomorrow and that's going to increase the chance of rain over if had next several hours, so we start out with a slight chance in the overnight forecast tonight. mostly cloudy skies this evening by the time we hit 11:00 and midnight, we'll see a 10 percent chance increasing to 50 percent by tuesday morning.
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tuesday as well. tomorrow mights in the upper 80s after 100 today, with lingering moisture throughout the area, maybe a few more scattered showers wednesday and thursday as we deal with the next storm system coming in also cranking up the winds once again in the thursday forecast. so how much rain with we talking? let futurecast cycle through, and you can see tuesday and wednesday the possibility of maybe about .03 of an inch for phoenix, and we do expect southwest as futurecast shows here. and that could help because so far for the monsoon season we are around a quarter of an inch below average, and well below average for the year date totals as well, and again we have the chance of showers again here for the next three days. 89 tomorrow, mid-90s in play wednesday and thursday, and
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on friday as we dip back down into the upper 80s. in the next half hour we'll look at next weekend too and track the changes we'll see then. a threat that went away as fast as the rumor. how a valley school did in the face of preventing tragedy. and a man's dreams literally go up in flames.
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crime alert involving your car, stolen car seats. phoenix men recently arrested two men taking out the car seats from a parked car at a hospital near 94th avenue and thomas. the men placed an online add and sold the seats for $200 just a block away. police say they know who to remembered a south -- torched a south phoenix homeless shelter. a 32-year-old woman, a co all of it. walking into the shelter's bathroom near 12th avenue and jackson and lighting up toilet paper and a jacket using perfume as the catalyst. she confessed. >. drones are filling up the sky like you wouldn't believe, so all eyes are on the sky at this year's reno air race. there's a competitive angle.
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and even demonstrations and accessories as the love of drones continues to grow. and workers wanted in the valley right before the holidays. kohl's hiring 69,000 employees across the nation. most jobs will be filled by mid- november. >. nightmare for a valley neighborhood. how a few arrests exposed a huge crime and what we found out about the victim groped at the cardinals game. and the tedious mistake homeland security is trying to unravel right now. we are the tv doctors of america. and we're partnering with cigna to help save lives. by getting you to a real doctor for an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health. doctor poses. learn your key health numbers,
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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caught red handed and thanks to quick action by a woman in phoenix. >> two thieves behind bars
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>> they came out and started running, so they ran straight from here down this pathway. >> sonu wasu talks to a fearless woman and we want to point out, police don't really recommend you chase after suspects like this. >> reporter: not something police would advise, but this woman says she was fed up. these thieves kept coming back, ignoring the no trespassing signs posted up. >> they had a lot of nerve. they actually parked righting >> reporter: making themselves at home. ruby recognized the thieves as friends of her former neighbor. a woman evicted for stealing electricity. the empty apartment a gold mine for greedy thieves. >> i saw them stealing the copper. they put it in the truck bed. they stole copper, water heaters, they stole a kitchen sink even. >> reporter: gutting the whole place, those broken pipes led to minor flooding.
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they loaded up the truck the thieves even smiled and waved as they were leaving. >> so i had to make a decision, so when it comes to drug addicts and steals, i felt like you couldn't easily recute rate the losses -- recuperate the losses, so i foaled them and -- followed them to find out where they live or were disposing of the goods. >> reporter: she talked to police the entire way. >> i had a identifying them, but at the end of day it's more important to put someone behind bars because they were stealing. >> reporter: and police believe these men might be connected to other robberies in the valley. a cardinals fan learning the hard way to keep your hands to your health. new information about the man and what he allegedly did at the game this weekend in glendale. police say the woman he grabbed hit him with her phone and then
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he was drunk. and no one can give us a time line of when mark payne will be back in jail. he was booked for mowing down three police officers. an arizona lawmaker apparently wants to put a so- called witch hunt in the past. representative valesquez plans to please guilty to food staff fraud. she was indicted back in june. try saying oops 858 times. that's how many immigrants were accidentally granted citizenship in the us, and some don't even have a clean record and could pose a risk to national security. homeland security is in the process of uploading every file that could contain a case of fraud and they'll review the files.
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immigrants used different names or birthdays to apply, but their fingerprints were missing from government data bases. a blank slate, no emotion, that's how one victim of the attack at a minnesota mall designed -- described the suspect. right now the suspect's dad claims he didn't have contact with an islamic terror group, however there have been report he was radicalized. rumors or not, some parents decided to keep their kids at home following chatter online about a possible shooting at a tempe high school today. turns out the rumors weren't credible, but that didn't matter to them. joe bartels has more on the tense situation. >> reporter: the school day seemed business as usual. no gun violence on the campus of the high school, but clearly a larger police presence. >> yeah, there's like maybe a couple more police officers on
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the most part it's just normal. >> reporter: tempe police promised beefed up patrols following rumors stemming from a fight last week, a supposed shooting rumor over the weekend spread like wildfire online. >> people saying just be safe, there's a threat, but nothing just worrying. >> reporter: parents got a letter home explaining the situation yesterday. some why kept their kids home just to be safe. >> my class in math there was about half of we have like 30 kids, so there was about 10 or 15 of us. >> reporter: school leaders say no credible threat was made, and students were not in any danger. joe bartels, abc 15 news the clouds are streaming in, and they are going to continue tomo in from the south -- to move in from the south overnight and tomorrow, all from hurricane paine, and the clouds work into southern
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that activity, mainly south and stretching farther to the west near yuma. we'll continue to keep a close eye on all of this. it almost continue to move into the -- it will continue to move into the northern portions of state over the next 24 to 48 hours. there's the hurricane, right now a category 1 storm. all the models in pretty good agreement over where the storm is going to go. they curb it right back the baja peninsula into tomorrow, and that brings the moisture our way. big changes, rain chance increasing overnight. could be a wet commute in the morning. mainly light to moderate rain. a few thunderstorms possible, but we will see rain fall totals about a quarter of an inch or less. and we also have a big cool down. highs in the 80s tomorrow. how long we can hang on to the cooler air and the other chances of rain we're tracking for this week coming up in minutes. an air force base dealing
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power outages. it's a 4500-acre fire northwest of santa barbara. part of base is running on generator power. no word on how the fire started. no containment right now. it's laying down a little into the evening hours, not spreading as raptly as it was early in the day. a lot of act situations on the campaign trail -- accusations on the campaign hillary clinton saying trump's antimuslim rhetoric helps radical groups, and says he won't do one last thing to put the birther issue behind him. >> he refuses to apologize to president obama, his family and the american people. we have to stand up to this hate. we cannot let it go on >> on the flip side trump argues the terrorists want hillary clinton to win, and he was explaining his reasons in
6:37 pm
chanting lock her up. >> she's a weak and ineffective person. just remember that. hillary clinton, and they are looking, oh, they want her so badly. >> as for the attacks in new york and new jersey, trump says he must deliver a just and very harsh punishment to our enemies.
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a new page of controversy for sheriff paul babeu. sources tell us the fbi has subpoenaed records related to how babeu's office used seized criminal money also known as rico funds. critics have said pcso's use of the foundation is like money laundering. eu of using the funds to fuel his campaign. it may already be illegal campaigning with government resources. or if they're just being used to make the sheriff look good, as he runs for congress.
6:40 pm
from the live desk, the museum of broken relationships, yes, it's a thing, it's right there, you can see it. it got broken up a bit today. a car smashing into it along the hollywood walk of fame. a driver hit two pedestrians before hitting the building. the injured pedestrians were taken to the hospital. gunning for votes, calling for extended background checks,
6:41 pm
political ad. >> but this delivery may be something you have never seen before. >> i support second amendment rights, i also support background checks so the terrorists can't get one. i approve this message because i'd like to see my opponent do this. >> >. he uses the 30 seconds to assemble the rifle blind folded while listing part of his service record his support for the second amendment and background checks. the ad has been shared many times. >> >. bad news for self-driving cars. what we're just learning about their latest shes on the -- issues on the roads here in the valley. and samsung trying to makeup for faulty phones. a new round of replacements set the hit the states. and temperatures in the 90s under cloudy skies in the valley until 9:00 p.m., and
6:42 pm
afternoon as we track a major cool down and chances for rain.
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we have new viewer video into the live desk tonight, smoke from the fulton fire burning about 30 miles west of payson. the flames sparked last monday by lightning, and it shut down a stretch of route 260 for awhile, it's back open now. >. also from the live desk, a judge clearing the way for the release of many of the hundredsover 911 calls -- hundreds of the 911 calls from the orlando night club shooting. the judge dismissing a lawsuit from the city of orlando trying to keep the calls from being released. media groups sued the city for the record. despite the ruling, some of the calls detailing people being killed will not be made public. google now saying three of
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involved in crashes in the valley, all happening last month in chandler. according to google the drivers were manually operating the cars when two of them happened, but one rear ended a van. this comes as safety regulators say the highways will be safer with the machines. and it was a night of partying for the biggest names of television, and a valley chef was in the thick he spent the night feeding hungry a-listers. he's a chef here in the valley, and here's what he said about feeding the stars >> i want with a margarita tonight, crushed tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil. for this i want something simple and classic. >> oh, yeah, sounds delicious. told everyone in la -- we hope
6:47 pm
la enjoyed the food as much as we do in the valley. and the university of arizona is about to start construction on gender neutral locker rooms. the locker rooms haven't been updated in more than 25 years. construction on the 5 million- dollar project is expected to be complete next fall. and replace galaxy note 7 should be available thursday. they suspended sail sale of the phones september 2nd. the problem was traced back to a battery problem. >. well, here's a big one for parents. kellogg recalling some eggo waffles over listeria fears. check for the 10-count pack
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ve listeria can cause serious and even deadly infections. a major buzz kill for some runners in las vegas. what was supposed to be a fun run turned out to be a disappointment. dozens of people showed up to the margarita 5k, but it was just closed gates. turns out the runners were scammed out of about $60 by the registerin and we're at 94 and breezy in the valley coming off the high of 100, and looking across the valley, a lot of other spots still in the low 90s at this hour. slightly cooler in goodyear, buckeye, up to the north and cave creek and anthem, these locations in the upper 80s, and across the state temperatures in the # 0s near casa grande -- 80s near casa grande, globe, and sedona, 81 right there now. and clouds strepping in from the south. showers -- streaming in from
6:49 pm
up to the southeast of the valley at this hour. here's abc 15 desert doppler. some rain to the south of superior, headed fact to the south, mainly over open land, and fact south than that down to the west across yuma county, and then into southern california. tracking the rain showers there as the moisture streams in if ahead of hurricane paine. and here's tomorrow. futurecast in the morning, 6:00 a.m., showing a chance of showers in the valley out to the west and southwest, and the much of the day. this is 3:00 in the afternoon, it starts to work fact up to the north and east into the higher terrain, but we still have a chance of seeing a little action in the valley through the evening hours as well. so here's a look at the rain chances. tomorrow in phoenix, 50 percent. higher terrain to the north, 60 percent, and we'll keep chances at 20 to 30 percent in these spots on thursday. slight up tick in the higher terrain comes thursday as the next system comes down from the pacific northwest, so we'll
6:50 pm
air in here heading into friday. lows tonight down to 46 in flagstaff, 63 in sedona, and 57 in prescott. tomorrow we'll see highs in the low to mid-70s in prescott, sedona, and payson. right around 76 in winslow. 70 in show low, and 77 in kingman, with central arizona spots and spots out west in the 80s tomorrow tomorrow. 87 in mesa and fountain hills, and in the west valley, 89 in avondale, glendale, and here's your hour by hour, we start in the 70s. up to 81 at 10:00 a.m., 84 at noon. only the upper 80s tomorrow afternoon, about ten degrees below average. 90s wednesday and thursday with a slight chance of a few more showers around. then drying out for friday and the weekend with another dose of cooler air on friday. one more day in the 80s before we head into the weekend and see those 90s return. how about touring the valley on a bike while the bike does the pedaling?
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will allow you to use for cheap >> reporter: so the weather is finally cooling down a bit, maybe you want to get out, cruise in style for a great place? we're here at pedal and go electric bikes in scottsdale with a deal of the day you don't want to miss if you're ready to get rolling call or visit today through wednesday, mention abc 15 smart shopper and get half off a full day rental. or $125 depending on the bike you choose. you have until the end of year to redeem it, but you must make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance. each rental also comes from a helmet and bottle of water, so safety first, but remember you have to call ahead because they fill up fast. for more deals head to all right, and here's
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two hours of dancing with the stars starting at 7:00, and an
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we have some breaking news into the live desk we're following. two people shot in a parking garage at las vegas' airport. this is from our sister station out there. they're monitoring the situation as well. we know the victims have been taken to a hospital. we have no official word on what led up to the shooting, but what we're hearing from
6:55 pm
saying it appearing to be related to a -- it appears to be related to a domestic violence situation. we're waiting to see if any flights are effected, but if you're headed that way or picking someone up check with your airline tonight. s from abc 15 sports brought to you by sanderson ford. >> reporter: welcome back to the big red brew house. craig fouhy alongside david johnson, and i have a few questions for you. live, but you're an expectant father now. you're having a baby, congratulations. >> >. oh, yeah, i'm so excited. thank you so much. it's a baby boy. >> reporter: and you were helicoptered in here, was that your first ride? >> it was my second. on our honeymoon we took one in hawaii, but man, how quick we got here, it was great to see arizona, and i want to do this
6:56 pm
pick you up at the facility, and it was not a tour, just your helicopter ride. >> yeah, just straight here. >> reporter: so we're going to talk facebook here and about the game yesterday and then the upcoming game against the bills and answer a lot of questions from folks on facebook. so you're all geared up for that? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: and he also said he might want to do dancing with the stars. >> oh, yeah, we'll see. >> reporter: stay cardinals countdown on our facebook. and top stories now, the man accused of being behind two east coast bombings is facing two attempted murder charges, he was arrested today wounded in a shoot out, but once behind bars he'll be held on more than 5 million dollars bail. the ntsb wrapping up part of their investigation, but there's still a lot of questions to answer after a plane crashed into a home in
6:57 pm
plane's maintenance records. everyone survived the crash. a witness say it is moments leading up to denie farmer's death were traumatizing. he heard the bullets and saw the crash weeks ago. the newly released 911 transcripts confirm what we knew, she was being followed and feared for her life. and we're working on that big immigration citizenship oops putting you and a child's soccer game nearly ending before it began and it was all because of a thief. and showers starting in our state tonight as moisture streams in ahead of hurricane paine. the chance in play throughout the day at 50 percent for the
6:59 pm
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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welcome to the season premiere of "dancing with the stars"! >> first class. >> ryan lochte, "dancing with the stars" drama. the protesters interrupted the show. a scary situation in the ballroom tonight. ? want to make you feel good ? ? just want to make you feel good ?


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