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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  September 19, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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tonight we're asking questions about the huge immigration mix up. a bombshell discovered by homeland security. >> hundreds of immigrants granted citizenship by mistake: navideh forghani is digging
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live. >> hundreds falling through the cracks here, and you have to wonder about safety. >> reporter: yes, the audit opportunity tell us where the immigrants are, but we know some of them got jobs at the airport giving them very good access to secure areas. one even became a police officer. now some of these people came from special interest countries flagged by the feds as a threat to national security. >> there's real strict criteria that we have for immigratio they're supposed to be kicked out of the system. >> reporter: but a new audit shows 858 people were granted citizenship instead. the immigration services gave them papers even though they used different names ons their application, and their backgrounds aren't available in any federal data base. >> with any large bureaucratic
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that sometimes people will fall through those particular cracks. >> reporter: but the people that slipped through this time came from countries tied to terrorism. two of them people considered actual threats. the biggest problem, different federal agencies were not sharing their information. >> that doesn't surprise me at all. >> reporter: contacts made by dcs was not given to the other agencies. >> a lot of them are saying i'll do my part but them about your part. >> reporter: which is counterproductive when trying to fight terrorism. it will agencies have been in the process of updating their data bases for quite some time, but the task force set up to catch the mistakes were dismantled this year, and dhs worries that it's going to be harder the mistakes won't be made again. back to you guys. >> yes, many of the same elements played into 9/11 so many years ago. >> were can we should mention
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the us citizens could be recommended to be denaturalized. and immigration is a hot topic in this election, and donald trump met with egypt's president saying he has a high regard for peace-loving muslim. hours earlier in florida he played the blame game. >> incredible there have been islamic terrorists attacks in minnesota and new york city and in jersey. these attacks and many others were made possible because of our extremely open immigration system which fails to properly vet and screen the individual or families coming into the country. >> the gop candidate says this is a result of how poor screening puts us all in danger. hillary clinton is leaning on her record though, and calling
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program, intelligence gathering and collaboration within the muslim community. >> i'm the only candidate in this race who's been part of the hard decisions to take terrorists off the battlefield. it is crucial that we continue to build up trust between law enforcement and muslim american communities. >> tonight the democratic nominee also met with world leaders at the un general assembly. friendly and quiet neighbors describe the afghan immigrant arrested today for the bombings in new york and new jersey, but said there were red flags along the way as he became more religious. fingerprints and surveillance cameras helped capture the man. he was caught planting one bomb saturday night, and in another area where an unexploded bomb was found. he had been interviewed for
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>> he was a very friendly guy. you never suspect it. terrified. he was hiding in plain sight. >> tonight he's charged with five counts, including attempt murder on a police officer. -- attempted murder on a police officer. >. meantime we're hearing tonight one of victims wounded in the stabbing at the minnesota mall says the man that carried out the attack showed no emotion and his eyes looked blank. he was one of 10 hurt before the attacker was shot and killed. it's nos connected to the -- weekend bombings, but is terror related, in fact isis is claiming responsibility. huge changes in the most accurate forecast tonight. the clouds streaming in, the breezes picking up as moisture from hurricane paine is streaming into the state. already showers to track on desert doppler, and they're getting closer to central arizona as they move up from the south. some of them now already into parts of maricopa and pinal county. so overnight the rain chances here in the valley are going to be increasing. temperatures in the 80s through
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dropping off into the 70s as the rain chance increases to about 10 percent by tomorrow morning. temperatures much cooler throughout the day as well with highs on the in the 80s tomorrow afternoon. now, will it be light rain or heavy rain and how much are we going to get? we'll answer the questions coming up in the full forecast. tonight we're trackerring a shooting just out -- trackerring a shoot -- tracking a shooting just outside the airport in las vegas. we're learning it's feud, not a random attack. two people hurt in this. the shooter got away and flights wereth effected. >. a mid-air life or death decision, and tonight we're hearing it all play out. it's the newest twist as we dig into the crash landing in gilbert nearly leveling a home. jason is live, and you did some digging on the pilot and this particular plane >> reporter: i sure did, steve, and first of all let's take a
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this chain link fence all the way around it. the house destroyed, the homeowners had to leave. listen to the audio from the air traffic control, the talking between the pilot and the air traffic controller. this fire on the plane happened very quickly. the pilot didn't even have time to go over to chandler which is the nearest airport, less than a minute by air from where the crash happened. this video of the flaming cessna 182 from the safety of mother earth. this audio from the terrifies moments inside the >> we have an emergency situation. fire on the wing. fire in the airplane. >> did you want to go to chandler? >> reporter: the pilot or thedly tried to -- reportedly tried to put the fire out, and wasn't there when the controller tried to guide them into the airport. >> do you want chandler airport? two miles. >> that plane went down. >> reporter: right before the fire several parachuters jumped
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the pilot used a parachute to save himself, at odds with the normal protocol of fly the airport no matter what. >> i think in this situation he had nope choice. >> reporter: according to faa records he received his pilot certification back in may, but much of the investigation centers on the plane and why the wing caught fire. faa records show the plane fully registered and had a major repair in 2004, but the big question was the plane's required may want unanimous and whether it was -- maintenance and whether it was up to date. two things the ntsb will want to see from the owners of the plane, the last annual inspection, the maintenance records will show that, and when was the last 100 hour inspection required just like
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plane flies. both are required by federal law. >> we know the investigation will take quite some time. thank you so much. out of jail tonight, but not out of hot water. this mother accused of leafing her six -- leaving her six month old baby in the car, engine on and unlocked while she went shopping in a 99-cent store. she was in the store for 14 minutes. and a crook that seems to have no soul steeling a little boy's -- stealing a little his doorstep, but she was caught on camera, and here's how the family tracked her down. >> reporter: how many times have we seen this? someone walks up to a stranger's door, looks around, take what they want, but not knowing there's a camera on them. they're called 9 new storm, and that's exactly how the pint- sized player. >> hut, there you go fellows,
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>> reporter: plan to take on the season, by storm. until a dark cloud moved in on number 7's debut, his cleats go missing, and every store is out of his size. coach games up with a new game plan. >> bout a size -- bought i size bigger, and he went out and did the best he could, but he was slower. >> reporter: and the shoes didn't disappear on their own, so he there she is. >> she looks up to see if there's cameras. >> reporter: tucks them into her vest and takes off. dad zooms in for the flier. it's for a gilbert gym. they use a third party marketing company. sure enough that boss identifies her, and the shoes? >> the man came in, dropped the shoes and ran out. >> reporter: find their rightful fit for the next practice. >> he did score a 65-yard touchdown catch. >> reporter: in gilbert,
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also new tonight, swimming with dolphins in scottsdale. we told you it was coming next to the new odyssey aquarium, and now we know win. it opens in less than a month on october 15th. excitement for some, and a lot of controversy for others as groups have been trying to stop it for months. it will offer four dolphin experiences, including letting you be a trip were for the day. rising -- trainer for the day. >. rising above the ashes, dominating, putting phoenix second in the nation behind portland. the biggest boost is from foreclosures falling and home values increasing. property values a worry for some living behind the new south mountain freeway, but adot says it will make life easier for thousands of people, and now work is on the way to put more cars on the road. this is the first phase along
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hitting obstacles along the way. it will eventually link the east and west parts of valley, completion is set for late 2019. road work of a different kind is needed in oklahoma, and you can see why right there. that's a huge hole on a freeway bridge. rush hour becoming a nightmare as it took crews all day to close the road. they've had to repair the bridge three times just in the a bazooka at the boarder, and what -- border, and what it was being used for. gas pumped closed, not a drop in the pump, and it could
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an every day traffic stop turns terrifying for a dps trooper on loop 101.
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says, he actually heard the click of the gun. luckily nothing was in the chamber. the man took off leading to an all out chase until he was nabbed near indian school. a new danger tonight at the border, as if drugs weren't bad enough. this is a cannon likely built to shoot drugs over the fence into the us. mexican police found a stolen van decked out with a large tube and air tank. and your voice, your vote. we're inching closer to election day, and while you're deciding on the races, the first batch of november ballots started printing today. write in candidates have until the end of this week to file, and october 12th is when early voting begins. even before all of that the presidential debates, and we just got the topics for the first one. america's direction, prosperity, and security. this match up happening in new york, exactly one week from
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abc 15 just in, how is former president george h. w. bush voting? according to a kennedy he's voting for hillary clinton. cnn is reporting a spokesman for the former president won't confirm it. and a pipeline spill out of alabama causing gas shortages. drivers in in atlanta and georgia finding completely dry, and three other states also suffering. the governor of south carolina issued another executive order to make it easier to keep other gas supplies flowing, and the shortages could become more widespread. they're shipping to the second main line trying to limit the impact. sometimes it's cheaper to fly than drive, and southwest is making it possible with its want to get away sale. don't miss the chance. it ends in less than two hours. we checked and found 45 flights
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vegas for 59 bucks. la 69, el paso 106. it was bound to happen. the iphone 7, brand new, but already there's a problem. several reports of them hissing straight out of the box. apple suggests it's a defect with the new design. others say it's likely a coil noise, but when smart phones put your life in danger, it's important to though the one you're holding samsung started shipping new and replacement galaxy note 7s with a change to the battery indicator. you can also check the box it came in. they'll put a black square on the sticker with several bar codes. >> >. go ahead and say more in the next tweet. there's a big change as of today. attachments like photo, gifs, videos and polls will no longer count in the character limit,
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either when replying. >> yea! >> more like you can leave in the vowels because before you were taking them out. >> exactly [ laughter ] all right, we have some changes to track, and already some rain on the radar tonight as we look live at abc 15 desert doppler. portions of southwest maricopa county and pinal county seeing the light showers this evening, and it's going to continue to move up fact to the north in the over-- farther to the north in the overgh tracking it closely. the moisture coming in ahead of hurricane paine still off the baja peninsula there, and watch the hurricane tracker. it's weakening to a tropical storm overnight tonight, and curbing back to the east as a remnant low here is crossing the baja peninsula into wednesday evening, so we're going to tap into the moisture for a couple of days to come, keep the dewpoint and humidity levels high, and tomorrow morning mean a wet commute. this is the latest futurecast
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a chance of showers from the valley out to the west through the morning commute tomorrow. may not be quite as widespread as the model is showing, but the chance is there to get in on the rain, and more chances for showers later on in the day as well. so how much rain are we talking? futurecast shows the possibility of a little more than a quarter of an inch in some valley sports. some may not see that much, and we're expecting mostly light to moderate rain fall. thunderstorms in the mix. mostly just light showers that we'll see in the overnight hours and into tomorrow morning. so here's the hour by hour, 77 degrees at 6:00 a.m. 79 at 8:00, 81 at 10:00, and 84 at noon. then the upper 80s through the afternoon hours, about ten degrees below average here in phoenix, and 10 to 12 degrees cooler than today. right now 88, tomorrow dewpoint
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feel the stickiness in the air. winds out of the west at 6 miles per hour, and most of the spots in the valley already dipping down into the 80s. glendale is still holding on to 90th. the 70s overnight. already seeing the 70s in prescott and payson. flagstaff at 60 and will drop to 46 overnight tonight. the chance of showers continues to push up to the north as well, so we have that chance up in places like flagstaff and elsewhere along the rim for tomorrow as well. here's a tomorrow. 73 in sedona, 74 in payson, 70 in show low, 83 for globe, and 80s across the board for the valley and west, so well below average, and here in the valley we hit 87 in mesa and fountain hills, 88 in tempe and scottsdale, and 89 in ahwatukee, peoria, glendale, and avondale for tomorrow afternoon. here's the next seven days for you. so we have that 50 percent chance for showers throughout the day tomorrow, again not expecting really heavy
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chance for rain continuing through the morning and even into the afternoon. then with lingering moisture in place, a slight chance of maybe seeing a few more wednesday. and thursday things could get interesting, still some left over moisture, and another system moving in from the pacific northwest, windy conditions up north, and another dose of cooler air, so 90s warm back up. trouble between the sheets. forget the little blue pill. how couples can get desire back with the flip of a switch. call it a new work of art on your latte. how you can see your own face if it doesn't creep you out as
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for years many of you opened your hearts and your wallets to help those with muscular dystrophy, and now two years after the telethon we can
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the fda just gave the go ahead for the first muscular dystrophy drug. next is clinical trials. it's a serious issue that effects many couples in the bedroom, but there could be an easy answer. >> we're talking about boosting a man's sex drive, and turns out leaving the lights on may help. exposure to bright lights can boost testosterone levels. it focused a study on men over 40, and those increase experienced an increase in sexual desire. before you go do bed tonight there's a recall on a breakfast favorite. the eggo whole grain waffles could be tainted with listeria. kellogg is offering refunds. new at 10:00, we're giving a thumb's up just like this
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pleasures, and the pictures are made with a water based edible inning. the trend started overseas and made it to new york, and it's only a matter of time until its here. >> reporter: coming to you from the big red brew house at university of phoenix stadium. i do this all the time, i'm going to hand it off.
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plenty of fun tonight at university of phoenix stadium. a watch party at the big red brew house and a special guest. >> yes, david johnson was on hand, and jason snavely had a bit of a pop quiz for us. >> reporter: yes, dj smiles is in the house, the happiest cardinal in the locker room without a doubt, that's what i call him. and a reason to be happy now, you're about to be a dad.
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baby boy. city work -- still working on a name. >> reporter: congratulations man, when is she due? >> january 29th. >> reporter: you been reading up on the books? >> i've been trying to, but luckily she's a nurse, trying to help me out, but i don't know i'm definitely going to have to do a little more studying. >> reporter: that's coming up, just around the corner, we're putting your knowledge to the test with a little father to be trivia. you game? >> yeah, let's do the safest position for a baby to sleep. >> on their, i'm going to stay stomach -- no their back! >> reporter: good thing you're learning these now. name another baby food besides gerber. >> that's a tough one. >> reporter: i have no idea, so you can say anything. >> i'll go with, i don't know another baby food.
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judges? we have no judges, so it's correct! huggies or pampers? >> pampers. >> reporter: you sure at how many months does a baby eat solid foods. >> i'll go with five. >> reporter: nailed it! all right man you passed. david johnson where are is in good -- david johnson jr. is in had good hands. i love it. birds live every monday and friday night at 7:00 on our facebook page. you'll see one on one interviews with favorite players, plus surprises, and we'll share your thoughts as you interact with us live on facebook again every monday and friday night. and grilled cheese stuffed crust pizza is now officially a
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and baked into the crust from pizza hut. it follows bacon and pigs and a blanket stuffed crust. >> i just had that tim allen sound effect in my head. live at desert doppler, gila bend and maricopa, showers just south of there.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, kiefer sutherland, john olive, and music from die antwoord. and now, your attention please -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy.


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