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tv   ABC15 News at 500AM  ABC  September 20, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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and a startling discovery as smugglers get creative in their plans to get drugs across the border. abc15 mornings off and running. we're going to be feeling the pain this morning. >> that moisture boost because of tropical storm payne is bringing the scattered showers. the good news we are not expecting flooding, drenching rain, just steady off and on rain through the clouds. and that's what you're going to walk out the door to. with the bulk of the showers hitting the north and west valley. from good year to sun city to deer valley. we're seeing scattered light showers. enough to get the roads wet and especially if your drive on the loop 101, grand avenue, and i- 17 impacted as well. those areas certainly watch out
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work. not a washout but scattered showers are a possibility and overall, they should be light. as the moisture increases, it's going to stay humid through the day as temperatures gradually warm. we're in the 70s and 80s now. and it's going to be a slow warmup. with the phoenix high temperature making it to the low 90s. and we're in for a warm and humid afternoon with more storm chances or rain chances in the forecast. hour planner and show you exactly what the latest future cast looks like and we have chances for rain over the next few days. as we continue to track this rain on desert doppler let me show you what it actually looks like. nick ciletti is in the live drive tracking the showers, nick, what are you seeing on the roads? >> we are in the area of the i-
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miller road exit. and we're running into -- you said it best. moderate rain. let's flip the camera around. right now we're just seeing drizzle. it's tapered off a little bit. and what we are noticing is i think the cars are getting by okay. we're starting to see people go a little bit slower. people are trying to be cautious. they've been listening and knowing that we're going to rub into periods of -- run into periods of rain. we've seen sprinkle activity and we'll continue to stay on top of that and let everyone know how the road conditions where we are. and mallory moore is letting us know how roads are across the rest of the valley. taking a look at the big map. you are not seeing slowing speeds. on i-10, just an 11 minute
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ministack. i also want to give you a look at the adot camera. that's a spot where you could see the light showers. and it could cause slick conditions. 101 at 19th avenue past the i- 17 interchange. and we'll give you a look at the east valley drive in a few minutes. new this morning, a huge problem discovered by the department of homeland security. this could put you and your family hundreds of immigrants, granted citizenship when they were not supposed to. and katie conner joins us with more on that. you've been doing the number crunching and it's shocking. >> 858 illegal immigrants were granted citizenship when they were not supposed to. they were granted citizenship in the u.s. and some didn't
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came from countries found as a threat to national security. some of the immigrants have landed jobs at airports. and one became a cop. how did this happen? immigrants used different names or birth dates to apply for citizenship. and from time to times were missing from -- fingerprints were missing from government databases. they are working on fixing the problem. and sending out a this could take a long time. refugees and migrants around the world are getting a boost from a billionaire. he's pledging to invest $500 million to establish buses started by refugees -- establish businesses started by refugees and immigrants.
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these guys were caught breaking in to cars near sun city west. the crimes happened between august 21st and 22nd. >> take a look at this thing. this stolen van outfitted with a cannon was found near douglas. mexican police believed it was built and used to launch drugs into the u.s. the van outfitted with a launch tube, an air compressor, and an air tank. and douglas border residents have found bales of marijuana in their backyard in the past. >> reporter: i'm justin pazera. it's been two weeks since a driver was shot and killed. police are still looking for the suspects. and we're learning about the conversation a victim had with
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conversation she would have. what she said moments before she was shot and wrecked in a desperate attempt by 911 operators to figure out where the woman was at on the freeway. that's coming up in just a minute. justin pazera, abc15. the health insurance marketplace is shrinking. why your insurance company may be on the way out. it's 5:06. remember the wildfire on the california coast? can you beli there and still burning? we'll break down the cost in manpower and millions of dollars next. and your drive is quiet around the valley. we'll head to the east valley next. and we're tracking rain now it was doggie destiny and we're tracking rain now but the chance of was mr. bonejangles expecting the perfect toy at an amazing price? of course not. he's a dog. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find,
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dishes your family will love like short rib tacos.
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burning on the big sur coast. more than $200 million spent to battle the sobranes fire. the wildfire is 67% contained. tracking the latest on dessert doppler. we have green out there indicating light to at times moderate showers. and not seeing any yellows or reds. that would indicate the heavier rainfa ready to head out the door. and mainly the west and north valley impacted by the rain as we see quieter conditions across the southeast valley. so it's tracking the showers from cave creek to anthem and deer valley. this is an impact for the boop 101 and i-17 this morning. and through glendale seeing the showers as they track up to deer valley. all fairly light but enough to
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give yourself a bit of extra time. and through central phoenix and paradise valley seeing light rain too. right now apache junction not seeing much in terms of rain. and you have a chance of scattered light showers through the early morning commute. a few more scattered showers out to west and southwest. they could move back to the phoenix metro and the bulk of the rain through yavapai county getting wet weather for the morning commute. as you plan your tuesday, we have a chance for scattered showers pretty much through the day today. scattered off and on and not likely for everybody but you could get caught through the afternoon. overall, light as far as rainfall amounts. we'll end up to a quarter of an inch of rain. it's not looking like a washout. just know that you could get showers here.
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lunchtime into the afternoon and early evening. rain chances in the valley as temperatures make it to the low 90s. the clouds keeping the temperatures a little slower. and it's going to be humid. i'll show you storm chances through the next few days. the desert drive times are not effected. i want to focus on the east valley. we're not seeing much rain but you're seeing great conditions, no problem spots. maybe u.s. 60 is what you're making. a 14-minute drive time until you hit the 101 and loop 101 is looking light right now. we'll look at i-17 in just a few minutes. the gym is not the favorite place to be. how one university is looking to make working out -- that whole experience -- more inclusive.
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plans to say to lawmakers about betraying the trust of millions of customers. a bombshell wrongful death lawsuit leveled against one of hollywood's biggest stars. >> white is seen in early 2015, overdosing that sent on prescription drugs. the coroner ruling it a su and now white's estranged husband is blaming carey for the 30-year-old's death. it's claimed he used a bogus name to get prescription drugs for her. >> sadly her tragic end was beyond anyone's control.
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mallory will have the desert drive times in just a moment but first the state supreme court could make a a san tan valley teen in assaults. he was released for a little while and the state supreme court is expected to weigh in. this morning, we're expecting a capitol hill apology as you look live at our nation's capital.
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apologize for betraying customers' trust. there are allegations it opened millions of accounts, moved money to them and signed customers up for online banking to meet sales targets. the ceo is deeply sorry that the bank failed to meet its responsibilities to customers and didn't act sooner this unacceptable activity. they've been fined $185 million. if you are one of 200,000 arizonans who get health insurance through the federal marketplace, you are in for big changes. >> the healthcare marketplace in arizona is getting smaller. eight companies offer plans.
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drop to three. >> it's a financial decision really. >> reporter: it all comes down to one thing. >> if they are not making money in that segment of their business, it's hard to convince them to stay. blue cross blue shield of arizona, health net, and cigna are in. but insurers are leaving exchanges all over the country. higher premiums are being negotiated. but on average -- >> it's around 25%. >> nearly double last year's increase. what can you do? >> subsidies from the government should cover most any increase. >> the subsidies will climb to keep pace with the premiums. >> and you can buy from any insurer who offers coverage in the state. the system is a work in progress. >> it will be something for everyone. >> open enrollment starts
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go to and click on sections and let joe know. e-mail me or find me on facebook or twitter. if you've got a problem. let me know. 5:17 now. big changes coming to the university of arizona as they are set to start construction on gender neutral locker rooms. families and members of the lgbtq community construction on the $5 million project is expected to be completed bier next fall. and people living at the -- city leaders, students, and staff will be celebrating the grand oping of the 15,000 square foot area of offices, clinical space, and a community events area. where students who major in
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lives of the elderly who call the area home. on october 15th, next to the new odyssey aquarium in scottsdale. groups have been trying to stop this for months. the website says trillion be four dolphin -- there will be four dolphin experiences. today is going to be one of those days where you want to grab the umbrella and in the backseat. we'll stay stuck under thick clouds and we have chances for showers through day. very scattered around the valley and that's the trend through the day today. some spots getting rain and others stay fairly quiet. and know that the potential is there for scattered showers across the entire phoenix metro. that's why we say a good idea to have the umbrella handy.
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cave creek and deer valley. and we have a batch that will push to the northeast. pushing northeast through the phoenix metro. we'll be watching throughout the morning. we have a few scattered showers south of gila bend and west of the valley, it's been more active. you see a lot of the light green indicating light to moderate showers and a few pockets of yellow. you may get heavier downpours. but overall, it should be on the lighter side. and tracking more of the widespread showers through yavapai county. and sedona getting rain. and we have bursts of slightly heavier rain west of flag statute pushing to the northeast. you can see that the focus of the rain out to the west. and that will be the best potential for heavier rain out west.
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scattered showers in the valley through the day as the moisture just has increased statewide. you can see all the green on the water vapor imagery. all that green is being pumped in from tropical storm payne. the remnants a that have system will eventually drift into our state. and that moisture staying elevated and the shower chances are sticking around. it's 83 degrees and the dew point at 60 degrees. it's going to feel muggy through the day. our temperatures will warm to around 82 degrees by 8:00 and 90 by noon. and that will be the high for today. with a 40 to 50% chance of scattered showers through the day today, the storm threat is low because of all that cloud cover. and know that we may hear a few rumbles of thunder. 91 for a high today. and storm chances wednesday to
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temperatures in the upper 80s as we dry out into the weekend. we'll talk more about the other changes in just a few minutes. i gave you a look at the freeways a couple of minutes ago. we have a crash on the surface streets. alma school road and chandler boulevard. taking a look at the big picture. not seeing any slow spots on the valley freeways, that includes the 17 and it's nice and light around the durango curve. let's give you a look at the adot camera. there's a little bit of shine on loop 101. and very light and it's not causing any trouble spots on the road. in the west valley. it's picking up right now. 5:21. as you wake up and getting ready to make breakfast.
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day. coming up at 5:30. the donald and hillary clinton
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many of you opened your
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the first drug that plays a role in the growth of muscle fibers. clinical trials are next and those will show how well it works. this is 1 eggo you'll want to leggo. >> they could contain wisteria and make you sick. no illnesses have been reported. toss the 10 count packages with a use by date of november and 22nd of next year. and kellogg is offering refunds. >> if you have a galaxy note seven that could catch fire and explode, replacements will be available tomorrow. sales of the phone were suspended earlier this month as the fires were traced to a battery problem.
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ormit's not a weekend hobby. you have to live and breathe it for 50 years. it's the sound... and the fury. it's letting it all hang out there, and it's hanging on for dear life. that is what amg driving performance means. and this is where it lives.
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now at 5:30 we're tracking showers on the 101. we'll let you know where else it's raining this morning. >> reporter: and a desperate call from a driver on the 51 before they were shot and killed. the new information we are now getting 911 call. hirings and firings at valley stores just in time for the holidays. who needs help and who might be heading to the unemployment line. we'll get to more breaking news in just a moment. >> absolutely. >> the story of the morning is the rain and the cooler temperatures. as soon as you step outside you'll feel the moisture. >> we're bringing you the latest on where the rain is, where it's heading and what the roads are looking like.
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in the live drive. where are you and what are the road conditions like? >> chris, good morning. we are driving on the 101 in the north valley right now. and i have to say the roads are not looking so bad. let's flip the camera around. you can see maybe a few drops on the windshield. i want to say we have been going through different periods where we've seen the rain a little bit hvi keep that in mind that at one point you could pick up a little bit. [audio difficulties ] we're losing the signal this morning. but certainly some pockets of wet weather in spots across the valley. not everyone is getting rain but the chance for showers is there through the day. you could get caught in showers, especially as we go through the morning into the early afternoon.
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grab the umbrella and throw it in the backseat of the car. you may need it later. any showers that develop shouldn't produce heavy drenching or flooding rain. but through the day, the shower chances are sticking around and it's a warm and humid day. not everybody is seeing rain. we're starting to get in a lull. we've had the showers across the northern part of the county in cave creek and anthem. and another area of good year and tollson. you can see how quiet things are in the east valley. and things in central phoenix are winding down as well. the chance for showers will continue through the day. know that the potential is at least there. and as you're getting ready to head out the door. you could get caught under light showers, enough to use the windshield wipers on the way to work. and if you get caught under the
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little bit of extra time. by this afternoon, muggy with a high of 91 degrees. and a chance of showers through the day. and a chance for showers and storms through the next few days, and i'll break down that part of the forecast in just a few minutes. some spots are seeing the wet roads, but it hasn't slowed you down too much. it's blocking traffic and causing delays. this is southbound blocking the center lane. and we have hand side. hopefully, we can clear that shortly. you'll have to veer to the right or the left. and it definitely could get worse. the rest of our map showing nice conditions here. and starting to see slowing on the 10. this is eastbound from the 101 to 17. and it eases up just past the 17. we'll look at the north valley drive in just a few minutes.
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happening while you were asleeping, look at the flames here. and firefighters making quick work of this. this is a car fire. as our cameras were there before firefighters arrived in this industrial area near 40th street and broadway. the car obviously fully engulfed in flames. nobody was found inside the car and no injuries to report. and number 2 and the interesting part of this. nobody was found in or near or investigators believe it's a suspicious fire. when we get an update we'll let you know. on broadway near the angels facility where it crosses over the i-10. somebody turned right in front of another driver. and the crash sending one person to the hospital. a life or death decision in midair. and we are hearing the pilot
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a burning plane. >> we have an emergency situation. fire on the wing, fire in the airplane. >> 844 roger, did you want to go to chandler? >> southwest 15, that plane went down. >> sky harbor controller tried to help him get to the chandler airport but he already bailed using a parachute to leave the burning flame. he has burns but survived and no one else was hurt. 5:34 now. new information on the man suspected of planting bombs in new jersey. there he is. he's being held on $5 million bond. a law enforcement official says
5:35 am
video helped identify him. surveillance cameras showing him planting one bomb and another saw him where an unexploded bomb was found. he was not on a watch list but had been interviewed. >> he's a friendly guy, you'd never suspected this. he's hiding in plain sight. >> he faces the attempted murder charges but has not been charged with anything related to the bombing. he remains hospitalized with a gunshot wound to the leg. we're just now finding out brand new information about his wife. as you were talking about that, cnn tweeting that his wife fled the country days before the attacks. this was the tweet just sent out. she took off from the united states.
5:36 am
with pakistan. and the united arab emirates. >> >> we can't hear her voice but a new transcript reveals the desperation of a valley woman in the moments before she was gunned down. justin pazera live near that scene where the shooting took place as the search continues for killer. justin, good morning. >> good morning, dan. you said that youou her voice. you can sense what the person is saying. this is the transcript. and you can sense how anxious the driver is and how desperate the 911 operator is trying to figure out exactly where she's at on the 51. according to the transcripts, she shopped to enter the freeway and they were going to get out of the truck like
5:37 am
freeway. she tells the 911 operator, yeah, they are next to me. that would be the last time we would hear from farmer. and that 911 dispatcher calling out to the victim at least 28 times, trying to get her attention and at one point trying to get the attention of troopers. they knew something was wrong when they started to get other 911 calls from the 51. police are still looking for the three guys in the white pickup truck. we're live in phoenix, justin pazera, abc15. that's heartbreaking. a civil rights investigation has been launched in tulsa, oklahoma. if you haven't heard about this. it happened after a fatal shooting death of an unarmed man. the video from a police helicopter shows -- walking away from officers with hands
5:38 am
after being hit with a stun gun. and that began as a response call to a stalled vehicle which ended with the 40-year-old dead. tulsa's police chief say no gun was found on him or in his vehicle. officer betty shelby fatally shot him and another stunned him. he had his hands in the air when he was shot. a football player before he stepped onto the field for his first game. someone stole his new cleats. they had to crammable to find a replacement pair. he w3was forced to play in shoe that were too big. >> i could tell in his ??eyes a in his motion that it just wasn't him. if it was my ??shoes, i wouldn'
5:39 am
when it's a kid ?r-- it affects them. >> mystery solved. you see that ??woman delivering fliers. she's hiding the cleats in her vest. he was able to connect the flyer to a gilbert gym. the boss recognized the woman and happy to say that the family got the cleats back but quite the ordeal. time now for your most accurate forecast here. as we look at the last six hours, gloomy skies and the clouds started to roll in. a few light showers also tracking across the valley. and they've been off and on. and right now we're in a bit of a lull in most spots with the bulk of the rain sifting off to the north. we're tracking showers between
5:40 am
anthem. and the showers tracking northeast. and we got that other batch that i told you would be moving off the estrellas. and glendale, you have another batch of rain heading your way. sprinkles to light rainfall. that really is it. we're not going to see washouts but the chance is there for scattered showers. and the best chances for rain will be in spots out to the west. and we're seeing developing. those will track through western maricopa county. and lake havasu city, seeing more of the widespread rain and tracking the widespread rain through yavapai county. these areas will have the best potential for rain. northwest and west of the phoenix metro. and in the valley, a chance for showers through the day. and it's going to feel humid. the dew points have gone up over the last 24 hours. and i'll show you what the
5:41 am
and on i-17, the crash has shifted to the right. southbound right at thomas. and the crash is on the right. and the fire department is there blocking the one lane. up to a 21-minute desert drive time. that will improve because the crash is blocking the right lane. and we also had a crash near mcdowell. the slowing starts near bethany home oro. the rest of the 17 and the 51 and the 101 pretty light but you could see slick spots. we'll head out to the east valley next. if you occasional treat your car with premium gasoline, stop. why this treat might be more of a treat for the your wallet. the phoenix housing market is rising from the ashes. and for quite some time we've been following the shootings in chicago.
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nick ciletti in the abc15 live drive. it's 83 degrees right now. about a quarter 'til 6:00 this morning. we show you where we are on the 101 right at the 17 interchange. and traffic is starting to build and cars moving slower because there could be rain here. keep it safe and we'll be tracking the showers all morning. 5:45 from the abc15 live desk. interesting days unfolding in chicago. we've been following all the violence in chicago. get a load of this. just over the weekend. saturday and sunday, five people killed and 38 wounded. and that doesn't include the monday which would bring the total to 10 people fatally shot in the city.
5:46 am
the incidents being laid out by the abc affiliate. and one victim we've just learned was a 19-year-old pregnant woman walking down the street. you talk about the heartbreaking stories. >> enough to make you sick. we're inching closer to election day. seven weeks to be exact. and while you're deciding on the races, the first ba ballots has begun the printing process. the two big dates to remember, october 10th -- so less than a month away -- when voter registration ends. and october 12th, early voting begins. less than a week before the first presidential debate. and we're learning what the topics will be. the debate will focus on america's direction, prosperity, security. the matchup happening next
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debate and reaction right here on abc15. there's one way to avoid voting lines. uber is offering free rides in philadelphia and washington. so i guess no help for us. that's part of the get out the vote campaign. if distance or demand drives the cost above 10 bucks, the voters have to pay the extra amount. on the south mountain freeway, this is the first phas for years. it's hit a lot of obstacles along the way. it will eventually link the east and west parts of the valley. it's set to be finished by 2019. don't splurge on the premium. research by aaa says premium doesn't reduce emissions or clean engines any better than regular unleaded. 16million drivers shelled out
5:48 am
this past year on premium gas. ouch. >> 13-minute toss the top of the hour. we have seen self-driving cars on valley streets. the department of transportation will release guidelines for testing and deploying the automated vehicles. they'll include how the cars should perform. a safety assessment and a model for state policies. and we likely won't see any clear benchmarks worthiness, cyber security, or ethical issues. rising from the ashes. the housing market is doing what we haven't seen in a long time and that's dominating. phoenix is 2nd in the nation behind portland. >> the biggest boost is foreclosures and home values rising. it was based on affordability and property tax rates also. let's talk about your most
5:49 am
maybe you're getting ready to head out the door. the sun is not up just yet. when you step outside, you'll see the cloudy skies, and you'll people to the moisture in the air. and taking a live look with our phoenix valley cam at loop 202, state route 51 interchange. mallory is going to have an update on the traffic. a few spots are getting light showers earlier on. and we're catching a bit of a lull in the valley. and we'll see a chance scattered showers throughout the day today. it's also going to get warm and it's going to stay muggy through the day. currently sitting at 83 degrees. and 86 by 10:00 and 90 at noon with today's high only 91 degrees. temperature-wise lower than where we've seen the temperature the last couple of days. we'll see a drop in temperatures because of the cloud cover. but it's not going to feel too comfortable because of that
5:50 am
in the scattered rain throughout the day. not everyone will see rain at the same time. but we could see pop-up shower thus day. and light showers across the phoenix metro. overall, rainfall amounts look to stay under a quarter of an inch in most spots across is it valley. it's out to the west where we'll see higher amounts between a quarter of an inch and a half inch of rain. in the valley, not cause major flooding concerns, but enough to slow you down. that boost in moisture coming from what was hurricane payne, now a tropical storm. and that will move to the north, northeast. and continue to weaken, likely weakening before it makes landfall over the baja peninsula, and the remnants moving to our state. the moisture ahead of it is bringing us the higher rain chances today. and over the next couple of
5:51 am
chances stay in the forecast. plan on scattered showers through the day. and tomorrow looking warm and humid with a slight chance of showers and storms. and we keep a slight chance of storms in the forecast. and by friday, cooler air moves in the we start to dry out as we head to the weekend. and we'll see that reflected on the 7-day forecast. 91 today and upper 80s by friday. and staying in the low 90s and dry through the weekend, mallory. drivers on i-17 another crash to deal with. this is i-17 to -- and it's blocking the left lane. it's hard to see. make sure you stay to the right. this is just adding to the delays. we were already seeing them on the 17. we've had three crashes in the past 15 minutes. one at thomas which is no longer blocking. and your delays are back to northern or so i-17 southbound. the 51 could be a good option
5:52 am
delays and try to get to work on time. the east valley is very quiet. and we have the crash alma school and chandler boulevard. and we'll give you a look at i- 10 in the next traffic check. students using brain power to change a way of living. and arizona students cheating and fixing grades. the school district dealing
5:53 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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some california high school students are using technology and their desire to learn to build a robot for a special girl. vivian johnson is on the go spite of doctors' predictions. mom started researching options and ran across a robotics team. they came up with mechanical hands to help her move around, an invention that will help her be like every other 2-year-old. >> great video. and this one caught on camera. something you expect to see from dog owners.
5:56 am
didn't come running, the elephants did. >> of course. >> that usually means get out of the way. >> this amazing scene taking place in thailand at the nature park. he calls the baby elephants by name and the entire herd runs to him. >> he's another angle on a different day. there they it's an elephant rescue and rehab center. see all the day's top videos every weekday on right this ?:l: have spotty showers. i'll show you where the rain is falling and what to @gqexpect t rest of the day -- next. >> pfh?and after a bunch of cra on i-17, you are definitely seeing delays. the q-2v@vdesert drive time is where f?is she?
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with this level of engineering... it's a performance machine. with this degree of intelligence... it's a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. introducing the completely redesigned e-class. it's everything you need it to be... and more. lease the e300 for $549 a month mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. r)ijt now at 6:00, get ready for the rain. ythe day. >> you could see slick roads for the morning commute. so the abc15 live drive is out and about on the roadways, keeping track of any weather issues. >> and a .nb??omdriver shot and on the 51 rofthis morning.
6:00 am
on that desperate %./?911 call on that despas te %./?911 call fired. plus hundreds were supposed to be deported and instead &n slipped through the cracks. coming up what this means for your safety. >> tuesday, it's 6:00. time to rock. i have no idea what that means, just rolled off the tongue. you know what? iris, you're the top story. we're keeping a close eye on the roads and the skies. we've been tracking showers througho most of us in a bit of a lull, seeing the thick clouds and not a lot of rain. we have light showers through glendale. through central glendale northeast of grand avenue. those will l=?track up to the dv valley. we've got a chance for showers throughout the day today. you could still get caught under rain. if not this morning, then we have chances through the day and the afternoon. it's going to be a humid day ?4


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