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tv   ABC15 News at 600AM  ABC  September 20, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MST

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on that desperate %./?911 call on that despas te %./?911 call fired. plus hundreds were supposed to be deported and instead &n slipped through the cracks. coming up what this means for your safety. >> tuesday, it's 6:00. time to rock. i have no idea what that means, just rolled off the tongue. you know what? iris, you're the top story. we're keeping a close eye on the roads and the skies. we've been tracking showers througho most of us in a bit of a lull, seeing the thick clouds and not a lot of rain. we have light showers through glendale. through central glendale northeast of grand avenue. those will l=?track up to the dv valley. we've got a chance for showers throughout the day today. you could still get caught under rain. if not this morning, then we have chances through the day and the afternoon. it's going to be a humid day ?4
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low 90s. and we'll talk about the hour- by-hour rain chance in just a few minutes. >> reporter: ko2nick ciletti he in the abc15 live drive. and :,iwe're headed southbound the i-17-year camelback. and i want to we're dealing with. there was 2??an earlier acciden that's cleared and there are still backups. we're in a bit of a traffic jam. as far as the roads are concerned, we were seeing to q-?be cautious. right now it's pretty quiet. we were seeing a little bit 7?17. ran into periods of heavier rain. make sure to be careful as you're on the roads. we'll continue to =)?track the showers and the roads. he 17 is super slow. and we've had three crashes in the same area. this one at thomas. this is southbound. and h7?everything is right.
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i-10. all those have been cleared but you're seeing slow conditions because of that. let's give you a look at the desert drive times. 21 minutes -- glendale is where the backups d 51 could be a good poption. >> the rest of the valley is quiet. and hearing of a crash near 91st avenue. we'll get more details and let you know about that next. 6:02 and a major oops morning in the immigration debate. there was a scammable to try and fix a mistake. hundreds were granted citizenship even though x@??the weren't supposed to. katie conner has w through this and we're talking a lot of people. >> reporter: 858 people and a lot of them were supposed to deported from the u.s. and that
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citizenship and some of them didn't x"ihave clean records, a others were from companies flagged by the feds as a threat to national security. and one has become y?k?a qwecop how did this all happen? inspectors say immigrants used ? different names or birth dates to apply for citizenship. and the fingerprints didn't go into all the federal database check t if they had they are working to fix the problem. and admitting that it !&-?will difficult to prevalent it from n -- to prevent it from happening again. back at the live des?wand the state supreme court could make a decision in a case that affects a san accused in a series of sexual assaults. tyler cost was held without bond until q?an appeals court
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bail was unconstitutional. he was released -- at least for a p-while. >> and he's back in custody and the state supreme court is expected to weigh in on this issue. the final pleas of a mother gunnew9down on a valley freeway. >> live pc> reporter: it's very ere. and you don't hear her voice but you get ??oa iwtsense of ho? desperate she is and how desperately the 911 operator is trying to figure out where she is on the 51. farmer stopped to hg'enter ; freeway and they pulled up and were going to get p,?$x?out of truck.
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>?-- they're next to me. they hear something and don't know what it is. p being a gunshot. we spoke with a witness who saw the whole thing unfold. >> we heard a pow. and i hit the brakes and then i heard two more pows. as for the suspects, they are looking for the three guys in the white work truck. we're live in phoenix, justin pazera justin pazera, abc15. new surveillance video moments before a bomb explodes on a manhattan street. the video showing the suspect wheeling two duffel bags down 23rd street saturday zi-?night. you can see it there highlighted. he's in the hospital facing charges after a shoo4m[tywith @& police. we're hearing from a bar owner who told authorities :m?about l?
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>> i'm just a tregular citizen doing what every citizen should do, call when you f?-- call the cops and [ pindiscernible ] law enforcement -- >> we owe this man. see something, say something. getting updated on the y?new yo? bombing as we speak. p self-surrender program. the police department tweeted that several people went in to clea you have time @aclear up you warrants in peoria. anything from a traffic violation to domestic violence. the police department is trying0 to clear out 2000 oo??outstandi7 warrants. changes are coming to mesa airport. a million square feet of concrete is about to be replaced. this is a $10 ?million project that nkreplaces the concrete 8? 1941. and it will create w 100
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the work this morning. new developments in the faa flight /cpaths. what ??we just uncovered from ? newly released report. i-10 at 19th avenue. and we have a crash closer to the 101. and gloomy skies across the valley. what to expect through l
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the hour a weather alert a new video out a, of take a look. that nation hit by a powerful typhoon overnight. you can see pghthe caj4 in the water and landslides reported in the southern part of the island nation. we are told that f?a nursing ho was badly damaged by flooding. all of the residents we heard made 31,000 buildings left without power. rough issues on that end pacific.zod&c% and we're dealing with a different >> we're e, system. %1?hwstorm paine. and it's continuing to weaken. and it will weaken before the remnants p?tonight. we're getting a surge in moisture. and that moisture ok?translatin to rain across the state. even here in "n2the valley. and the bulk of the rain to
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widespread rain. in the valley. things have been spotty through the morning and they'll stay spotty. we have a chance for scattered showers through the day. and even if you're not getting rain, the chances are there. you'll notice light rain near deer valley. and showers mushing off to the northeast. this is what you'll walk out to the door to. it's going xe'?to make getting difficult d?with h"kthe er skies. know rthat today you may need t grab the umbrella and throw 4it in the backseat of the car. in case you get caught under the spotty showers through the day. a chance for showers through the day. we go from 82 to 90 by lunchtime. and today's high 91. and even though the temperature is lower, it's going to be muggy. we've got chances for storms over the next few days. i'll break down that part of
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impacted the morning drive. but xd??we've had a couple of crashes. the newest is i-10 eastbound at 91st avenue. you'll see cars on the right and left-hand side. not blocking traffic but it could add to the delays. it could definitely get worse. i-17 things are improving. we've had three crashes near the i-10 '4 glendale, this is the beginning of the slowing, and it eases up. >> sounds like we have a cheating scandal in xl?arizona. why three students so wckyfar a in big trouble, danielle. and did uber profit off terrorism? what h@w?the ride sharing compa is accused of doing during qrl?
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>> >> news, weather, and traffic 247. >> for any device. we are inside the abc15 live drive this morning headed eastbound on the p we just passed the 7th avenue exit. traffic starting to get heavier as we head to rush hour. roads not looking (a?bad. we've dried out a little bit. we'll continue to stay on top of the road o course the showers. >> 6:15 the controversial flight path. a new survey shows half of the flies out of sky harbor don't follow the designated flight path of the faa. a lot of them are not following them. and similar issues in new york, boston, p9?washington, d.c., san francisco. as you know by now.
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neighborhoods by the -- there's a new cheating scandal in arizona. three tucson freshmen are accused of changing their grades. this happened at kcv?sunnyside school. the students are accused of a?? finding out the teacher password, logging on, and making the changes. the teacher did notice the changes here. the school district says the students will face a consequence. and there's still an investigation unfolding. >> >> >> congress h#ois getting close to a deal on zika funding. it's close to approving $1.1 billion. and both sides of the aisle fighting over non-zika related items. and pesticides regulations. the cdc lifted the travel ban for 'c?a miami neighborhood because there's no hf7active ko2 transmission of the virus in the last 45 days. we were just talking about
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control after report, the company gouged viocustomers who were trying to -- uber cars. notifications from the app showed high prices that were off the charts. uber suspended the pricing in the bombing aftermath. /7yu.chris -- is expected i court for his 3w?assault with a deadly weapon charge. a woman her brown's attorney called the allegations false. remember the clerk jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses? she has a new fight. she's been sued by the aclu. their attorneys logged 600 hours p1mrepresenting couples
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message pgaabout the high price violating people's rights. jim carrey is facing a +o lawsuit. the estranged husband of the actor's former girlfriend says he provided her with 4??cl presc((55r(tion drugs. he claims he gave her the drugs knowing she had problems. he f?released a statement conditioning the claims. for opened your hearted to 'c?help those with muscular difference trophy. >> the fda just gave the approval for the first drug that plays a part in the development of muscle fiber. let's talk about the most accurate forecast. you'll walk out the door to
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showers. maintainly from 9wxdeer valley anthem. ?th northwest. much of the valley is quiet. we're stuck under the thick clouds and there's at lot of moisture. we're in the scattered range for the rain chances. that nm&?means it's not likely everybody will see rain at the exact a, sam we're not talking widespread heavy downpours but scattered light showers off )?8?and on throughout the day. overall as far as amounts we'll e+9?end up with a quarter inch. that's it in the metro. to the north and 3le?northwest. we could end up with a half inch of rain. not u!enough to create major flooding issues. to the west and northwest. there could be slick roads. we're getting a boost in moisture from the tropics. that's giving us the higher %q? rain chances. tomorrow we keep the moisture around and daytime heating will
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showers and thunderstorms. hursday to friday, we'll be tracking another storm system, one moving in from the pacific northwest. very fall like system that's going to bring a cold front across 2?the state. chances for showers and thunderstorms and also a push of much cooler air our w3?way stronger winds by thursday. today, scattered showers through the day so you may want to carry the umbrella, maybe a windbreaker, something light to protect you from the rain. and know that it's going to 4be warm and and tomorrow. showers and storms. and breezy and warm on thursday before the cooler air moves. in valley highs in the 80s. something to 6?look forward to after the c?gloomy conditions. we'll talk more about the temperatures that you'll be stepping outside to next. ?%iabc15 desert drive times brought to you by centurylink prism. i'm starting to see minor
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drivers. still $pmrelatively light. but it slows around 19th avenue. and the drive time eastbound on the 101 from the 17 to state route 51. on the 10 we have the crash at 91st avenue i told you about a couple of minutes ago. delays are getting worse as far as how slow it is. slow from 91st to 43rd avenue. heavy on and off slowing through. and i-17 is trying to 9w?recove from a couple of crashes. let's give you a loo kp?rq?r @&c% a tow truck has arrived and back to glendale on i-17. [s#d'll take a look at the east valley in a couple of minutes. >> >> that's a car on fire. a problem though. as first responders got 4?there something was missing. we'll explain that. the feds are hours away from announcing new rules on self-driving cars.
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what is driving performance? it's not a weekend hobby. you have to live and breathe it for 50 years. it's the sound... and the fury. it's letting it all hang out there, and it's hanging on for dear life. that is what amg driving performance means. and this is where it lives.
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replacements for the galaxy note seven, the samsung phone under fire, will be available pe tomorrow. the @gxphone was recalled after people reported it %q?was fire. and some vsjsaid exploding.
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free replacemented from samsung, they're wireless carrier, or the store where they bought it. raise awareness and stop domestic violence. an australian will be the face of love your age #w?campaign. she was abused by greg anderson who k next month. lanc matching every dollar donated to the foundation. the guidelines for self- driving cars will detail how they should perform and include a model for state policies and would determine whether or not the vehicles are safe for %q?kn public. other rules would involve companies sharing data with the feds. bad news gufor drivers in t south. the gas prices qjjkeep going ??
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southern u.s. declaring emergencies because of a gas shortage due to a pipeline link. gas prices are up 18 cents. and aaa doesn't iz5know when they'll go back down. and that's causing long ,0?line patience is also running out. >> i'm out. i'm on e. >> @x5basically i'm dry. >> is it scary? >> it is. that's why i've ,cbeen calling before i come to onthe gas station to make >> we do not know what ;??hud the leak in the first place. out with the old, in the new. >> 70,000 f?e94 american airlines start switching to newz[y?uniforms. this is the first time in three decades. this is one of the most visible signs that the merger is almost done. we are taking off the day with overcast skies.
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the , what to expect in your most accurate u-b?forecast. >> we're dealing with delays in -- east valley starting to slow. hundreds were granted citizenship when they weren't supposed to. new information on the terror suspect that caused so much concern. we'll talk &syabout the v:?eeec and i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves!
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of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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we are in abc15 live drive sli roads. we'll let you know what we're d seeing to make sure you're getting to work and school safely. she made a desperate call from the 51 trying to get help. this morning, we are hearing about the 911 call before the
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this is a chilly audio that you have got to hear. what a pilot says moments before his plane crashes right into a valley home. good morning, everyone. 6:30 and this is abc15 morning. >> chris will have more 4?upda on the terrorist situation on the east coast. >> i think the alarms are going off and it's hard to 8?get out the door when it looks so gray outside. this is the kind of weather to sleep and not as much rain though. off and on showers in the early morning. and right now the only spots where i'm seeing light rain is in the north valley west of deer ??valley up to anthem and cave creek and black canyon city. we've got a lot of cloud cover out there. and as you head out the door. it might be ??a good 06?idea to
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u windbreaker. and shower chances continue through the day today. there's that potential for good? rain. it's warm and humid and highs in the low 90s. and y.i'll break down the hour-- hour $x?planner next. actually h?@gqdoing better 30 minutes ago. we have a bunch of crashes on - 17. ?easing up. in the west valley. about an 18-minute desert drive? time. eastbound from loop $x?101 to t 17. we have a brand new crash for the east valley drivers. i'm looking at this for the first time with you. it's northbound loop 101 5a?nea? elliot. blocking the left lane. ' it's a better idea to slide to the right. we'll give you a closer look at the delays.
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live drive. we're on the 202 and just got to the 202 san tan here in the east v:valley. of moderate rain. and right now it's pretty dry and the roads are not too bad either. and we were seeing slowing approaching rush hour. and slick roads in the west valley. and things are looking better. looks like conditions are improving a little bit. just in case, stay careful. you could run into slick spot and 5/nshower activity througho the morning, chris. thank you for that. and back at firefighters making quick work of this. this was pretty intense in south phoenix. moments before firefighters td arrived at 40th and broadway. the flames. and fortunately, nobody was inside. and g7mnobody was found around car pc5at all. investigators are calling this
6:33 am
out. here's the scene on broadway where it crosses over the i-10. it appears somebody turned in front of 'n.?another driver. the crash serious enough to send a man to z3?the hospital. we don't have an update on his injuries but they do to be 3omlife-threatening. ?'!we're digging into a scandal surrounding your safety and immigration. >> hundreds were granted citizenship even though they were supposed to katie conner is live &j?with mo what is dhs saying? >> they are blaming the old system that can't ht?kn+be -- electronically with other agencies. 858 illegal immigrants were even though they weren't e ?ju.? supposed to. fake names threw off the records. here's one of the most concerning names. the majority of the people came
6:34 am
national security according to the feds. we don't know if any kvc?of the people came here to arizona ,0? two of them had ties to terrorism. three worked in the ?7!airport transportation. and one cousin a police moving forward. they'll have a tough time correcting this ?3??because of databases and getting everything moved into the computers. >> a lot of moving parts. we life of death decision made in midair. now we just moments before $x?he baile out of a burning plane. >> we have an emergency situation. fire on 0the wing, fire in the airport. >> did ch?cn+1'h @&c% >> southwest 15, that plane went down. >> you heard the sky harbor
6:35 am
get v&0to jfchandler airport. but he already bailed out. he %q?used a parachute to escap the burning plane which torpedoed into a f'?viohome. a week ago we showed you this. we'll never forget as a driver runs down three phoenix police officers. one of them was sent flying into the convenience store. and the man accused of this cowardly act is /3]?du mark payne is supposed to have a status hearing. he was taken back to a hospital a day after his arrest. payne is
6:36 am
details > reporter: this is the transcript. and you don't hear her voice but < ?you get a vomsense of hor desperate she was. desperate she was. this h7?is the lasd?phone call pla the suspect. farmer stopped to get on the freeway. tho pulling up by her. get out of their car. she made a turn and they followed her. and you ??can see them trying t figure out where she's at. at one point she said they're next to me. and that was the last thing she said. a witness saw this go down h%?t the 51. >> it's quite traumatizing. it was like pow, you heard one pow and then x6two more pows.
6:37 am
hard and just kept riding the wall. and then a portion of the vehicle, you could see the tha vehicle. rep4 was trying desperately to get ahold of her, calling ?her 28 times and then trying to get the troopers' attention. police are ?2?looking for a whi? work truck and three guys. thanks for let's talk about our safety our security and terrorism at the live desk. authorities have a bombing suspect and the hunt is on to find his wife. we want to show you the tweet coming in from cnn stating that she fled the country. she took off from the u.s. just a couple of days before the attacks. meantime, charges have been filed against the suspect in connection to the bombs found in new york and new jersey.
6:38 am
attempted murder of a law 2nd degree charges involving the weapon he used. he is being held on $5.2 million bail and remains in the izrd?al after being pe%?shot. e federal charges in the bombings have yet to be filed and plenty of time left to do that. two 1w?officers injured in the battle are expected to recover here. danielle-- your voice x? we're inching closer to election day. and while you're deciding the first batch of ballots is being printed up. write-in candidates have until next week to file. and october 10th, voter registration ends and october 12th, early voting begins. and we are inching closer pre debate. and we know the topics, america's direction, prosperity, and security. the matchups happening in new
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and you can watch the full 90 minutes right here on abc15. if it's not green, don't trust it. special agents are looking for black p people are selling fake cash, claiming to krhave smuggled it to the u.s. they are 4trying to convince people to buy a chemical to wash it out. this has been an on if syou know anything about these alleged accused scammers, please contact police. video pc5m/]of heconstructi the south mountain freeway. overnight. that 22-mile expansion will eventually link the east and west parts of the valley. and it's set to be finished in late 2019. company y.employees deliver truckloads of food donations.
6:40 am
>> there's more =#e?work to be done. one in four arizona children struggles every day. and now is the time to stock the shelves. let me help you get out the door with your most accurate forecast. you're going to walk out to cloudy skies, humid conditions out n?there. we've seen a push of moisture across our state and that's going to mean shower chances roo through the -/aday. spotty, light showers ??will be not everybody is seeing rain at the same time. but note that you could get @gq caught under a stray shower. that's pc5why it might be a goo idea to grab the umbrella and have it handy with you. goi we warm xl?into the low 90s thi afternoon. right now not seeing a lot xl?o rain in the phoenix metro. and the overcast skies eenare there. and the roads are looking dry.
6:41 am
chances pretty much throughout the day )]q=?the early evening. the chance is there that you could get caught on =k:wet road 82degrees now. and a gradual warmup to 90 by noon. and today's high 91 degrees. and temperatures across the valley are lower because of the clouds and the boost in moisture. a lot of upper 80s to low 90s. we'll +o get -9??warmer over th few days. i'll break down the forecast day by si]day next. >> we have more trouble on w3 101 in the east valley. a hf%crash near elliot -- we ha a stalled vehicle p?blocking th hov lane. there we go in the hov lane. stay l
6:42 am
usually it's slower than the 101. and take i-10 westbound to avoid the heavy delays for drivers on loop 101. the-- it's getting worse for i- 10 in the west valley. we'll take a look in just a couple of minutes. strapped v brakes, brakes, brakes. you don't want to hear that. for ."?t8?146 passengers from phoenix, that's how the pga
6:43 am
a new page of controversy for sheriff paul babeu. sources tell us the fbi has subpoenaed records related to how babeu's office used seized criminal money
6:44 am
aid pcso's use of the foundation is like money laundering. and they've also accused babeu of using the funds to fuel his campaign. it may already be illegal campaigning with government resources. or if they're just being used to make the sheriff look good, as he runs for congress.
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welcome back to abc15. time is 6:45 and you're &'?taki a look at our adot camera at loop 100 and chandler boulevard. drivers may be working through ? tempe on the 101. heavy delays because of a st. louis and a crash. i-10 could be a i'll give you a look at $x?the other options. and this just in to the live desk. flight 574 from phoenix to tampa, forced to make a scary landing. passengers were told to brace upon landing in case it h7? crashed. and passengers calling l'?it absolutely 4w?terrifying. the american airlines flight apparently had a problem with the landing gear and crews are
6:46 am
from our sister station, 146 injured. >> after this dash 3w?cam video was released. it shows the moments before an unarmed man is shot by a tulsa police officer. you can see !u?him with his han his and officers say he refused to show his hands and the officer is on leave right now. the justice asked to investigate. defending your right to leave negative reviews. we've heard of businesses suing customers. and we've been forcing them to sign iz?non-disparagement claus the house just passed a bill to let you ?lu?leave negative revi students are taking
6:47 am
x"?9+dent loan defaults. signing #0up for the plans is free and the company sends postcards and ads that x??are @? misleading. the fee is typically $600 to $1200 that people are paying xd? unnecessarily. the ceo of wells fargo will be testifying about a scandal which has damaged the bank's reputation. the company adms opened millions of credit cards that were m4?never ordered. >> wells fargo has fired more than 5000 employees and the bank paying $185 million as part of a civil settlement to i, the government. $185million, a drop in the "' swimming with dolphins in scottsdale. the new odyssey aquarium is right next door.
6:48 am
october 15th. it comes with excitement for some and controversy for others? as many groups have been trying to rg6stop a$? g=the practice. the website will offer four dolphin experiences, including letting you be a dolphin nagkrr?the dance floor is heati up with it being premiere week. it was only fitting they paid x? tribute to the small screen. >> sluckily we didn't have any interruptions. there was place. >> knowing that there's security and everything helped me out a lot. and in the back of my mind i was still like nervous. l? of 24. 4w'?urie hernandez is to leader board. who will be going home? a special night of ko?eliminati begins tonight with surprise performances by three returning pros.
6:49 am
stars -- the f?shield and oox? at 10:00. >> clet's check on the =)?most accurate forecast. speaking of summer. it's technically summer. and we cofficially begin fall thursday. and today, kind of not feeling under cloudy skies across the valley. it's also muggy as we've seen a boost in moisture. not ym?seeing wet roads in the ? phoenix metro. showers why early and now in a bit of a lull. up north a different picture. here's a view from our live cam. ?you can see the lower clouds and we have wet roads, especially driving up i-17. take it slow if you're heading to the pc5z=e?high country. in the valley, desert doppler has quieted down in the lasn
6:50 am
in western maricopa county with widespread rain. also some more widespread rain, all fha?of the i-17 up @gqto fl and across yavapai county. these areas have the best potential for widespread rain through the day. and in the valley, a slight chance of scattered showers with much of us ending with light rainfall. overall rainfall amounts e6at a quarter of an inch or less in the phoenix metro. a slight chance +[?q?of showers storms before hold off on the ?[?car wash. and friday looking better. bout the weekend forecast in just a u/"few minut we're in the thick of rush hour with plenty of brake lights to go along with that. >> take a look at the north valley. near i-17 it's pretty ?omko?slo you'll see it from ht?35th to 19th. it eases up closer to cave creek. 30-minute desert drive time from 75th avenue even though r?
6:51 am
101. and by the time pc5you hit the tunnel it eases up. the 202 will wrap you around to the 10. we have a crash and a stall. let's +give +you a look ceat t crash blocking the hov and the l this is northbound at elliot. stay to the far right :oto get that. we have that stall at warner. and the delays are back cto ?2 heavy delays. >> reporter: a very big mistake that could pose a threat to your safety. from u/0tracking the rain t the roads, i wanted to ggshow you. you. team coverage to make sure you with prism on the go from centurylink, you can get your favorite shows right on your devices pretty much everywhere you go. um, paul, that was great. i like how you can walk around and watch your shows. and your delivery really evokes "the frozen north".
6:52 am
or early film noir. like "whispering city." but the french version. i'm just gonna take a drumstick there. hmm, it's a bit derivative. mom: and your suggestion? "the pottery maker"? son: no. "the summer of my despondency."
6:53 am
6:54 am
time is now 6:54 as we talk about your top stories and the weather will be worth watching. a lull in the action across the valley. and overcast skies and a slight an scattered in nature and fairly light. and worth maybe throwing the umbrella with you as you could get caught under rain later. the widespread rain to the northwest will continue to be widespread through the day. i'll show you when we dry out f6 in the 7-day forecast still ahead. nick ciletti here in the abc15 live drive. re cruising near the i-10 westbound and the warner road exit. let's put the camera around and
6:55 am
build into the thick of rush hour. the good news is it looks like u)? the ."? that wasn't the case an hour rg? ago. pic rain at 4?47times. iris and the rest of ?g?the tea will -- nick ciletti, back to you. we're learning about a mistake illegal immigrants when they weren't supposed to. s?jority of the people came from special interest countries and those are the li?areas the feds have red flagged for dangers to our national security. ive in phoenix, katie conner, abc15 news. z6j?>
6:56 am
games. tickets will go l=?quickly. they were fo1available after 2: let's talk businesses. marriott international is one step closer to starwood hotels. the combined companies will have !.e?a value of $26 billion and 1.1 million hotel rooms. good morning america is minutes away. let's check in with george stephanopoulos. coming up on gma the latest on the bomber who is facing charges of attempted murder after firing at police. ?we've learned about his past. that's coming up on gma. 6accurate 7-day )w< forecast. today not expecting a washout or heavy downpours but a chance for showers off and on.
6:57 am
possibility. cloudy p highs in the upper 80s to )w.lo 90s and tomorrow a slight chance of showers and 8h?storms and 90s for thursday, and cooler 4? 6?and drier heading weekend. and traffic jams in the east and west valley. nd a crash on 101 -- a stall and a crash on 101. it's slow back to 202 san tan.
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good morning, america. terror takedown. the dramatic shootout with the suspected bomber in broad daylight. >> there's a guy shooting a gun. shots fired. >> taken down in a gunfight with police, the moment he is chased by two officers both shot during the arrest. and what we're now learning about the suspect. the new surveillance footage as he planted those bombs. his trip overseas. and what authorities found in his home. and terror is front and center on the campaign trail. >> i'm saying you're going to have to profile. we're going to have to start profiling. >> hillary clinton calls donald trump's comments fuel for isis and his son sparks outrage


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