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tv   ABC15 News at 6PM  ABC  September 20, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm MST

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app parentally to -- apparently to show his friends, but at the bus stop it was spotted by other students, but they didn't report it until they got to school. when police got there, sure enough the gun was in the backpack, not loaded, but bullets were until the bag. a letter was sent home to parents and police are recommending juvenile charges for the boy. back we've been asking paradise valley school officials whether another student with a gun at school today will be punished. this is at north canyon high school at union hills. so far it doesn't look like the student had plans to hurt anyone with the gun, but we don't know where it came from. and on the abc 15 mobile app, we have a list of all schools put on alert because of scares just like these. >. and now the most accurate forecast on this
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mainly across northern arizona. we had a few showers roll through phoenix in the last hour to an hour and a half. those cleared out to the north and east, and a few more popping up down south of maricopa, along with some stronger shower activity in the higher terrain, and even fact south of that area. -- farther south of that area. this will keep the chance of rain going in the forecast late this evening, and as this continues to develop and move to the north there's a chance we could see more rain tonight and hopefully we'll get something in the bucket before midnight. so far today only a trace, meaning average to date for september, well below average for the monsoon total that's coming in just shy and two and a quarter of an inch. for the year well below average as well, four inches acth sky harbor, more than -- at sky harbor so far this year, more than an inch and a half below. tonight as the moisture continues to stream in from the remnants of what was once hurricane paine, it's a so to
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temperatures for the rest of the week and the next storm system we're tracking coming up in minutes. remember redecrees? it's the -- recess? it's the best part of day right. >> yes, and parents are fighting for the right for their kids. >> hundreds have signed a petition demanding longer recess at school in chandler. >> and sonu wasu was live at the meeting. any decision scheduled today? >> reporter: school officials say tonight they just want to listen. parentshave been handing out these fliers at the meeting saying yes to recess. more than 100 people signed the petition to support this, and these parents say right now their kids are getting 20 minutes of play time in a six- hour school day. but the school does offer a brain break throughout the day. these are short videos or activities in class, but these parents want their kids outside in an unstructured environment. their citing studies, saying it's healthier.
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nationwide. we found hundreds of petition on >> you know, we turned out okay and had multiple recesses. our kids can do that as well. >> the other side really has been very happy with the way things are and they don't want to give up the decisional instructional minutes. >> reporter: no decisions expected tonight. the principal tells me the next step is they'll send out a community survey to hear what district feel, and after that they'll sit back and make the decision. the district tells me they are open to change. >> all right, thank you. >. from the live desk right now charges filed tonight against the man suspected in the bombings in new york and new jersey. he's the man accused in all of this. he's facing several charges, including using weapons of mass destruction. we're also learning he was on
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when his father told agent he was entranting with quote bad people overseas. now the next and first court date in all of this is set for next week. we'll keep you posted. it looks like quite the lab, and some items you could have at your house, but this is no science experiment. it's a way to make sure terrorists don't target us. some of the state's top agencies spent hours inside a mock lab to simulate a scenario where weapons of mass destruction phoenix fire explained their role in these kinds of emergencies. >> it can be difficult, you know, because the people that create these things don't use the proper tools. they could put the chemicals in the wrong things, and when they do that something bad happens. >> more than two dozen agencies took part. >. scary moments as students head to school in maricopa. a bomb threat shutting down the high school with promises to
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ransom. abc 15's maryellen resendez tells us what happens next. >> reporter: police tell us what that threat of a bomb came in along with hostages taken for ransom, students were just minutes from arriving on buses. >> and then the phone rang saying there was a threat at the high school, the kids are being rerouted. with all that's going on in the world today it was really scary. >> reporter: police swept the school with bomb sniffing dogs. nothing. found. they believe the fax was sent via a spoof website. hundreds of uneasy pare lined up for miles to pick up their kids. >> it was an extremely long line. , parents -- line. parents parking miles away. >> go back to the spot where we pick them up, i think that would work a lot better so you don't have the frantic parents. >> reporter: detectives say two other schools across the country received the very same threat. one in ohio, and another in atlanta, georgia, and they're working to trace the ip address
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in maricopa, maryellen resendez, abc 15 news. a no tolerance policy for a valley man who tells valley deputies he got so mad that he killed his roommate after he disrespected his girlfriend twice. the man turned himself in on sunday after this shooting in guadalupe. he told the deputies he was drinking, doing drugs along with his roommate. he says he shot the roommate three times with a gun in the back of a truck. will there be a copy cat on the campaign trail? donald trump seems to think tonight he's saying hillary clinton will copy his policies, and even use the same language to get her point across on national security. he told a rally in north carolina he expects clinton to suddenly talk tough. meantime clinton is not worry about the first debate saying she can take whatever trump sends her way, and plans to talk about her economic plans tomorrow to get ahead of the game. the big speech in orlando, florida, a state where she's
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points according to a poll. remain calm, that's the word coming from oklahoma's governor for the people in tulsa after an officer shot a man there. protesters are outside the police department there upset about the death of unarmed black man, and kaepernick just weighing in tonight saying shootings like this are why he's protesting the national anthem. a streak of debris after a failed training mission, and sadl make it. the air force spy plane hitting the ground 60 miles north of sacramento after taking off from bls air force base. amber sullins i temporary fix -- it's a temporary fix, but will get the gas flowing again. states effected by a major leak in alabama will be closer to relief. crews built itinerary by pass of the -- temporary by pass of the leaky pipe, but prices aren't expected to stabilize right away.
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chicago tonight after a bad string of violence in the city. the department planning to hire more than 500 officers. the formal announcement is expected tomorrow. there are currently more than 12,000 cops on the force, but with more than 500 homicides this year alone, the city says they need more hands on deck. only on abc 15, the usda citing arizona wild life park in williams after a mountain lion jumped over two fence, killing a sheep. il fences must be corrected, the arizona park manager tells abc 15 that this was an isolated freak incident, and that they will work with the local inspector on a solution. well, everyone wants to get paid more, especially for overtime right? but that may actually be out of question for some workers. a bunch of states, including our own, just filed a lawsuit against the us department of labor. it's about a new rule kicking in december 1st, and basically the thresh hold for overtime
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would be eligible to be paid for it, but 21 states say that will burden businesses and call it federal overreach. next time your spouse wants a piece of furniture in a different spot in the house, you might want to listen, it could help avoid disaster. sadly this town home fire in glendale was because of a barbecue too close to a couch and the couch caught fire. and the battle against prop 205, the recreational marijuana law is getting support from colorado. >> they're traveling the country and warning about the fall out from legalizing pot. they passed the initiative in 2012, but say it came with increased teen usage, more homelessness, and an inflation of cartels. >> the black market -- influx of cartels. >> the black market is flourishing, and undermining
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receiving and could go to schools. the schools are getting a paltry amount. >> you get the chance to vote on the initiative in november. proponents say there's financial benefits for education funding, and believe it will push illegal dealers out of business. the last and final portion of legal challenges against arizona's immigration low now done. a judge signing off on the new guidelines today that officers are required to do reasons for suspicion a person is in the country illegally. and they put it bluntly, edward snowden erased us capabilities used to help forces in afghanistan, and because of that they say the presidential pardon is unlikely. a toxic sip? what's in our water, and why are the red flags just now being raised?
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and back at the live desk, we have a live look at police activity inside a valley neighborhood, and truth be told we're trying to get more information about what's happening here, but we want to let those in the neighborhood of 27th avenue and glendale know thawe this story, and we'll keep you updated. as soon as we hear anything more back from the police department about what this is we'll let you know, and we'll keep the live picture up as well. and breaking at the same time, a mobile home fire in phoenix. we're told crews put the flames out a short time ago, but let's take you there. a viewer picture from moments ago, this is the area of 35th avenue and broadway. we're told no one was inside the mobile home at the time, but at least two cars caught
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there's an invisible killer lurking in your drinking water, and 200 million americans are drinking it. it's chromium 6, a metal linked to cancer. >> and worse yet here in the valley we're drinking higher concentrations than most places. >> reporter: this study said the chromium 6 levels in the water supply was on average parts per billion. at last the equivalent of having say 8 drops into an olympic sized swimming pool. california environmental activist erin brokovich exposed the dangers, and phoenix has high leaves of the chemicals. -- levels of chemicals. the officials say it's the
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what measures the levels at the tap? >> our customers are seeing a very safe product that's been treated and tested and that's well below any limits that anybody set. >> reporter: still phoenix has a lot of skeptics. >> >. we have a lot of customers coming in that don't trust the source. >> i'm particular about the type of water i drink because of reasons like this that usually you don't even know about. >> it's not as tasty as other cities i've been in, but it's fine. brokovich, and she tells abc 15 that it's evidence of a water crisis nationwide, and say it's due to the incompetence and complacency of our government leaders, and will only be changed by outrage by the voters. it can be easy to send a text message to the wrong person. i would know, guilty, but one text mistake was actually enough to send an indianapolis
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the 20-year-old didn't realize that she sent a text message to a police officer offering to sell meth. the police department contacted the sheriff's department, and an undercover detective began texting her. court papers show they arranged to meet two times before the detective arrested her. facebook live is being used for just about anything now, but one dallas man thought it would be a good idea to live stream his arrest with all of his followers. >> okay, so i'm getting pulled over here in the parking the auto zone because i didn't use a turn signal >> during the exchange with the officer he gets angry and demands to see a supervisor, and jokes about being shot, but then admits he has drugs inside the car. >> i got [ bleep] >> and inside the car police found a pipe that smelled like marijuana and cocaine, and he was eventually taken to jail >. hopefully you already
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see them on your computer, but what about when they show up on your phone? does this look like a scam to you? >> a notice about changing my password. >> reporter: it does to will. after turning on his iphone this message pops up. pass code requirement, you must change the pass code at this time. >> and i'm very leery of everything. >> reporter: and he should be. it's the quickest way to al malware. we checked with the cell phone provider. >> she told me it came from apple. >> reporter: so he changed it. but then a few days later. >> it asked me to change it again. >> reporter: apple won't comment, but they claim it's part of their latest operating system security. you can be asked to change it if it's too simple, common, or you use facebook or outlook. the good news, deleting the internet browser history seems to be the fix. will says it worked for him.
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sense. >> it worked this time, but the pop ups can be dangerous, so i say close them out until you know they're not harmful. go to, and click sections and let joe know. need my help? here's how to get ahold of me. i'm investigator joe ducey. if you have a problem, let me know >. a cool and cloudy day here in the valley, on and off again showers, but not major for the valley of the sun, just a trace amount of rain here and there and we picked up a trace at phoenix sky harbor as well. skies starting little bit out to the west, so it should be a gorgeous sunset tonight. the showers pushed well off to the northeast here approaching payson. we have more activity down to the south, and rain along i-8 south of maricopa, and more shower activity that's getting pretty intense over the higher terrain over the last hour well to the south of i-8, but we'll continue to keep a close eye on that, and we're going to be watching it move to the southeast for new development
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because it has the potential of getting closer to the valley later tonight. in the high country is where most of the rain has fallen. and some of these spots like out near williams have seen well over an inch and a half of rain. a few spots even closer to two inches. all of this moisture coming in from what was left of hurricane paine, and now it's a tropical depression down there off the coast of the baja peninsula, and it will continue to push moisture our way as it veers off to the northeast here and cros going into later tonight and tomorrow. so we still have that moisture in place. humidity levels will be high tomorrow, and we have a chance of seeing a few spotty showers and thunderstorms. later on tonight a chance in play, and later tomorrow when we get the afternoon heating going we start to see spotty showers pop up here and there. about a 20 percent chance for the valley tomorrow and thursday and a 40 percent chance in the higher terrain. now more changes coming thursday and friday. we have the next low pressure system to track coming out of
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approaches we pick up the winds again on thursday. breezy in the valley, windy up north, it works with that left over moisture from paine to give us the chances of showers and thunderstorms, and then behind it drier air and cooler into the weekend. 95 tomorrow, 92 thursday. down into the upper 80s friday. back to the 90s saturday, and we'll have your seven-day forecast coming up in the next half hour bad luck for becoming target? the new fire scare at this beloved valley saloon. plus parents with a lot to say about their son's almost unbelievable leap of faith. and he does big things on the football fields on sunday, and big things for the
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a new page of controversy for sheriff paul babeu. sources tell us the fbi has subpoenaed records related to how babeu's office used seized criminal money also known as rico funds. critics have said pcso's use of the foundation and they've also accused babeu of using the funds to fuel his campaign. it may already be illegal campaigning with government resources. or if they're just being used to make the sheriff look good, as he runs for congress.
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>> yeah, you can get it. yeah, you got it. that's what the guy is down on the off day, no practice for the cardinal, so patrick peterson reveals patrick's corner number seven are students -- where students and families can read and explore today. his wife and daughter were on hand too, and he says this is just the beginning. >> we have a lot of things to plan, a lot of things we want
6:26 pm
center some day. we have patrick's pick up a book program which we started at one of last schools in arizona as far as reading, and now they're the top three, so we have a lot of things in store that's going to continue helping the arizona community. >> tough not to like the guy on and off the field. >> yeah, great guy, great effort. >> cute buy by too. >> >. absolutely -- baby too. >> absolutely, and i have a those dads, can i have it. >> yes you can. and the traffic back up that could put you in a crunch before your next trip. more disturbing accusations against a u of a football
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bombs will be heard on the streets, words from the accused
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feds. this is just coming out. they said the suspect vowed to be a martyr, he said he'd never be caught after setting off explosives in new york and new jersey. court dock youths show he didn't -- documents show he didn't try to hide what he was doing. ordering the bomb making materials online and having them delivered to his work. he's still in the hospital after being shot yesterday. >. it's been a cloudy day, the skies opening up just enough to get a few for the evening tonight, and the showers continue especially up in the higher terrain, williams one of wettest spots today, receiving well over an inch of rain, including prescott as the moisture coverages to stream in. here's the desert doppler, much of the action still up to the north, but we have a few showers down to the south to keep a close eye on, they're on
6:31 pm
and areas south of there over the open land and higher terrain spots. now into tonight, just a slight chance of a stray shower or two here in the valley at 10 percent. the chance will increase a little bit in the overnight forecast, but not by much, and then tomorrow with all this lingering moisture still in place, we could still see a few showers pop up in the heat of the day. temperatures tonight until the 80s. the high today only only 89. caught in the act, this is needs to be caught. >> he tackerred act apartment complex in -- targeted an apartment complex in tempe filled with college students and young professionals. >> and this could happen to anyone. and joe bartels has the story you'll only see on abc 15. >> reporter: steve and self knee, the package -- stephanie, the package stealing punk probably wasn't expecting to be caught on camera, but the victim catching surveillance pictures of guy striking right
6:32 pm
people aren't home. special delivery, the victim expecting a very nice $600 high- tech watch to be delivered to his apartment last week. well it made to the apartment door, with the into someone else's hands. >> that's honestly since i live here, that's scary. we get packages all the time. they don't go through the office. we have a policy where they come straight to the doors. >> reporter: take a look, the victim caught a series of surveillance pictures from inside a hallway. the white package is tucked away in the corner doorway. then this guy helps himself. his face never shown. he's a white guy about 200 pounds wearing a baseball cap, and the victim believes the person might live in the complex. tempe police looking into the case. back to you. >. a new crime alert tonight in tempe. police say a criminal is behind those suspicious track fires late sunday night in the area
6:33 pm
trucks and a couple of dumpsters on fire too. if you have any tips or know anything call the police. a second scare at the buffalo chip saloon, there was another fire, but it didn't spread to the saloon. they're about ready to be reopen after a fire last year that destroyed part of iconic structure. there's speculation it was arson. a fight over a cell phone, strangled for coming home late. accusations against a former u of a football player, and that's the testimony from the second alleged victim. we're told that woman came forward after the first batch of charges were filed against orlando bradford, and some of the details are just too graphic to report. the second victim actually had a relationship with bradford for nine months. you probably never thought changing your child's diaper is something that can actually land you in jail, but there's at least talk around town of
6:34 pm
the arizona supreme court is upholding a law creating a very gray area between sexual offenses and basic parental activities. it's a convoluted topic, so here's the answer on what's what from county attorney bill montgomery. >> in caring for a child without any sexual motivation whatsoever are not going to run the risk of being investigated, yet alone charged, yet alone prosecuted or convicted. >> bottom line montgomery say it's all about common sense. no one doing the right thing will be prosecuted. and we're learning more about the terrifying movements. a pilot and his crew jumping out of a burning plane. the pilot's parents speaking out. ryan kilgore's parents say their son flew the plane as long as he could as the four sky divers parachuted to safety, and he was forced to
6:35 pm
the plane crashed into a gilbert home, and ryan landed in a field about a mile away. >> with the heroic act of a brave pilot who was more concerned for others than himself in a crisis, we're proud to call him our son. from the live desk now, we're wait, for the official con fir mission, but as of -- confirmation, now officials believe they're dealing with a heat related hiker detect. the man was with a -- death. the man was with a group, but somehow got separated and went through two bottles of water. flames are spreading in an area where our state experienced one of the worst fires in history. right now you're looking at the fire burning west of show low. parts of it will naturally burn
6:36 pm
that specific area any time soon. don't say we don't warn you, the easy breezy airport many of us use is about to get really busy, and you could be faced with delays. starting october 6th, sky harbor plans to close one of the three runways for maintenance for an entire month, and is predicting delays of 30 minutes in peak hours, so what do you get in exchange? new concrete on the runways, new light, and upgrades to terminal three, and those livi airport may hear more planes flying by until november 6th. pieces of history at our backyard tonight coming from the uss phoenix, the los angeles attacked submarine was first put in the water in 1981 and decommissioned later. the goal is to build a monument. >> only three ships were named after the city of phoenix, and there is the only submarine named after the city of
6:37 pm
rudder will stay at the military residencization. donation -- reservation. and creepy clown sightings leaving teachers and police
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all right, now we know why the poli a valley neighborhood. there was a shooting out there, the officers confirming it for us. this is the live picture near 27th avenue and glendale. the investigation just beginning. several shottings were fired in this -- shots were fired in this group of men. one has a gunshot wound to the forearm, but they believe everyone they want to talk to has been detain. creepy clowns roaming the streets of maryland. turns out it was just a prank
6:41 pm
students talking about a couple of people trying to lure them into the woods. teachers got worried, contacted police, but then the kids confessed to the hoax. the clown scenario has been making its way across the country. tropical moisture still streaming in, rain chances continue over the next couple of days. humid and warmer tomorrow. we'll look at cities across the state, how much warmer it's going to get, and the rain imagine looking into a child's eyes and telling them they get no lunch. it's a lunch shaming policy that forced one cafeteria worker to walk away from her job. and accusations of gutless leadership as elizabeth warren
6:42 pm
o'halleran: i had some really tough cases as a police detective. but the problem in washington is as clear as day -- tom o'halleran has a plan to hold the politicians accountable -- no pay for congress if they don't pass a budget, reduce the influence of big money and special interests, and no more first-class travel paid for by taxpayers. i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message
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police shooting why coming in, this one happening though in charlotte. police say one of their officers shot a man, the man it's determined was armed. it happened after they noticed him getting out of the car with a gun. officers saw him as a threat and opened fire. he did not survive, dying at the hospital. a cafeteria worker is throwing in the towel after accusations of lunch >> she claim she was forced to take away hot meals from children with overdrawn lunch accounts, instead it was replaced with sandwich, but for older kids it meant no lunch, and it was something she couldn't do. >> his eyes welled up with tears. i'll never forget his name or his face. >> the school say it's about money owed, and the parents are
6:46 pm
a lot, but somehow surprise police ended up the target of an angry vandal. the 19-year-old john ivy went to the property yard, but got mad when he couldn't get inside, so he broke the call box, kicked in the gate, and broke the security camera. and today's wells fargo hearing got heated senator elizabeth warren tore into the ceo john stumps. >> you squeezed your employees to the breaking point so they'd cheat customers and you could drive up the value of your stock and put hundreds of millions of dollars in your own pocket. >> it was all over the millions of fake accounts the bank created over several years, and thousands of employees fired. warren slams stumps for failing to fire any senior executive linked to the scandal, while
6:47 pm
price. >. and tomorrow milan's ceo is going in front of a committee. the ceo is in trouble for the price of the drug if you missed last night's spat between the giants and dodgers you didn't miss anything too exciting, but what was impressive was how quickly and effectively the were able to poke fun at the situation. it happened when puig grounded out to baumgarner, and it's known they don't like each other, so had he said don't look at me. benches clear, nothing really comes of it, that is until today. dodgers slugger gonzalez tweeted out this picture with
6:48 pm
just fuel on the fire of the dodgers rivalry with them. i'm like the furtherrest thing from a dongers fan, but that's pretty funny. >> funny enough for you to root for them? >> nope! and now new looks at what's happening right now on abc 15 desert doppler. we just got the update in, and there's a slight chance of showers tonight, nothing major, but still moisture with, so models still showing the chance for the late night forecast, and even into tomorrow. right now on abc 15 desert doppler, showers developing to the south. some of them getting heavy, we'll keep a close eye on that for you. in the meantime rain still falling along i-40, and it's the spot like williams that's received close to two inches of rain, and it's still falling through williams and flagstaff
6:49 pm
the north -- farther of to the north of that area, and it's headed to the northeast at this hour, but the stuff building down to the south is also heading to the northeast, so that could come into central arizona later tonight. we'll continue to keep a close eye on it. it's 86 in the meantime, dewpoint at 60, and winds breezy at14 miles per hour, and breezier at deer valley. the breezes a little lighter than just a couple of hours ago, and almost continue to taper -- will continue to taper off into the late night forecast tonight. temperatur c 80s through the most of the valley. cave creek and anthem with the exemptions, 79 in both of those elections. 52 in flagstaff right now. lows tonight in the higher terrain are not going to be as cold as they have been. some of the spots like the grand canyon, flagstaff, window rock, have been down into the 30s over the last few nights, but tonight with the cloud coverage around it's 50s for the early morning lows
6:50 pm
and 66 in globe is what you'll wake up to early in the morning about sunrise, then 70s in payson and sedona for high, show low at 73. safford in the 90s as will most of the central arizona spots, and even areas out to the west, mostly in the low 90s for tomorrow afternoon. here's a closer look at the valley. 93 in mesa 9 tomorrow in gilbert, scottsdale, and tempe, and deer valley checking in at 92. this. up into the 90s by noon. rain chances continue about 10 to 20 percent throughout the day. nothing major expected but we could see thunderstorms in the mix tomorrow as well. and same story on thursday. thursday another storm system coming in from the pacific northwest. we'll work with the moisture already in place. so storm chances continue, winds pick up, cooler air coming in, and we're down to 88 on friday with the 90s back in play this weekend. >. can you imagine seeing this guy and not actually
6:51 pm
catch him if well a south carolina -- him? well a south carolina family's first alligator hunt surprised many that have been hunting them for year. they managed to catch the 604- pound gator. take a look at the footage, big claws and teeth. it was a catch the family wasn't even looking for. a 13-footer found in a well- populated area. unforgettable experience. kind of frightening for the kids. the gator came from the very same area where they grew up swimming. >> oh my gosh! that video is incredible. all right action let's talk groceries. what do you buy most at the grocery store? chances areit's on sale somewhere. danielle lerner has the best deal. get a three pound bag of seedless mandarins at fry's for $2.99, and seedless grapes for 88 cents a point, but better
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page. and abc debuting two new shows, speechless bringing diversity to the family sitcom, their oldest son has cerebral palsy. they move to an upscale school district only to find trouble. it debays tomorrow night at 7:30. and keifer sutherland is returning in designated survivor. you can catch the first episode at 9:00 tomorrow night here on abc 15. here's a look at tonight's prime time line up on abc 15. two full hours of dancing with
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here's your top stories, at least three school scares in arizona today. the first at maricopa high school. a bomb scare there. then at north canyon high school in phoenix and cactus students brought guns to school. nobody hurt in any of the cases. >> >. a guadalupe man is held on a 1 million dollars bond for shooting and killing his roommate this past weekend. he turned himself in, told deputies he got angry after his roommate disrespected his girlfriend. the man say it is two roommates were drinking and doing drugs. and a shooting investigation just wrapping up in the valley right now, they just cleared the sane, but four people -- scene, but four
6:57 pm
this is near 27th avenue and glendale, and caused a pretty big police scene. one guy was shot out there. froze >. and new tonight at 10:00, a new rash of car break ins in the valley, and we have the video you want to see. handing out prescriptions like candy, it's happening, and it's pretty easy to do. how small pills are leading to a bigger problem. plus finding love online. it's not just your anymore. what your potential matches can see that could be a big turn off. and still a slight chanceover showers and thunderstorms over the next couple of days. temperatures warmer tomorrow at 95, 92 thursday, and the breezes pick up. windy conditions up north. another storm system bringing a cool down for friday.
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exclusively at safeway. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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