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tv   ABC15 News at 500AM  ABC  September 21, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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how neighbors helped bust a madam after a lengthy investigation. >> reporter: you could be paying more for sheriff joe arpaio's mistakes. welcome to abc15 mornings. we're following breaking news out of tempe. mcclintock and apache might see a police presence. showers south of the valley. but i'm looking for them to move to the showers are not holding together too well but moving across spots like gila bend. and there's a chance we could get a few showers through the early morning commute. as soon as i see showers moving in to the phoenix metro. i'll be sure to let you know. when you step outside, it would be 79 degrees. we're off to a mild start. and you'll feel the tropical
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60s to upper 50s today. that will make it a humid to muggy day. humid to muggy and temperatures in the mid-90s this afternoon. partly cloudy with the chance of showers and storms through the day. and i'll show you when we could see the best potential for storms in just a few minutes. the commute is off to a good start. no crashes on the freeways or slowdowns. but the desert drive time on i- 17 is 16 minutes. this is southbound to the i-10 stack. it's busy near camelback and glendale. in the other direction up to the 101 you're seeing light speeds there. even on the 51. and which wouldler boulevard has a -- chandler boulevard has a crash in the east valley. this is a live look from the scene around mcclintock and apache. carlos, our photographer
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and officers had guns drawn at one point with the shields out. and moments ago i got a brand new update. look at the video here. this is what we're watching unfold. you talk about tense -- this was a serious situation. tempe police received a call about a shooting unfolding at this location. one person has been taken away in handcuffs. we don't know if it's a valid shooting active police situation. when you send your child to school, you expect them to be safe but a number of threats yesterday had people on edge. >> raquel cervantes is live at maricopa high school. quite a scare yesterday. >> reporter: definitely scary. and this morning, parents and students will see more security
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police and school officials school seriously. yesterday at north canyon high school in phoenix, a student was taken into custody for bringing a gun on campus. and it's the second time it's happened this year. over at cactus middle school. a 13-year-old boy brought a gun and ammunition to show his friends. no one was hurt in either case but no one is laughing. >> accidents happen and why would you want to take a chance of your child school. look what's happened before. >> reporter: this now makes 26 total threats at schools around the valley so far this year. we have a map of where those have happened. back to you. a prostitution ring busted after a lengthy investigation into several valley massage
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prostitutes working at four massage parlors. all of the businesses were located in strip malls in bad neighborhoods and had tinted shades. they would arrive after business hours and park down the street. investigators say she advertised on escort websites. detectives went undercover to expose her, one officer posing as john and was offered money. one said she didn't need a massage license but she would need her own condoms. a neighbor so desperate. can you imagine trying to put out a fire with a garden hose. the flaming 5th wheel trailer, two cars, all of them on fire. firefighters were able to keep
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homes. >> with you have my best friends was squirting water in the back trying to bring it down. and it wasn't helping and he called 911. >> come yelling saying that the trailer was on fire and called 911. >> that homeowner told us he has no idea what could have started the blaze. fire investigators are looking into the cause. to the latest on sheriff joe arpaio. we are waiting to see if he'll be criminally charged. the case could be costing you even more now. katie conner is live at headquarters for us. what with you tell us? >> reporter: sheriff arpaio has made millions selling pictures and writing books. but he may not be reaching into his own wallet. the board of supervisors will vote on whether taxpayers will
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fees. because the sheriff lost his lawsuit he has to pay legal fees for the other side. the case will cost taxpayers $48.2 million. arpaio earns $100,000 annually as sheriff and owns commercial real estate worth $2 million but he hasn't had to pay any of the legal fees in his 23 years as sheriff. the board of vote and we'll track what happens. police are searching for suspects in a rash of car break- ins, this time in peoria. the suspectings walking down the street -- you see it there. this is thanks to surveillance camera from nearby homes. they try all the door handles and find some unlocked. police made off with items. look your cars, folks. and tempe place want you to
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poacher who struck in the middle of the day at an apartment complex near the loop 202 and scottsdale road. a series of photos as the guy snatched the package with the expensive watch inside. >> that's honestly since i live here that's scary. we get packages all the time. >> the problem here with these pictures, you never see the face. it happened last week. if you recognize the perhaps with the stripes there, contact tempe police. neighbors of a massive egg farm want a county leader to step away in making decision in connection with the family farm. the stench from 4 million hens is too much and they are trying to keep the egg producer from expanding further saying it's a threat to the environment and the community.
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county board of supervisors. >> reporter: i'm justin pazera live in phoenix where phoenix police are investigating a shooting between two neighbors. we'll show you exclusive video of how this ended coming up. could it be the next water crisis -- right here in the valley. before you brush your teeth, hear study. we're heading to the east valley next. and a crash to watch out for. before you head out the door, there's a slight chance of rain today.
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did you catch the storms last night putting on quite the show. look at the picture. the lightning strike was near
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mcdowell. incredible shot. of course we urge you to be careful when you're taking these types of pictures. let's talk about the weather as we look at a time lapse from the arizona department of environmental quality. and i've been watching desert doppler closely for pop-up showers. the chance is there this morning. and i'm starting to see little bit of green. light light rain showers, sprinkles likely moving south of good year. we've got the potential for scattered showers in the phoenix metro through the early morning commute. and we have more showers to the southwest that could certainly survive as they move up to the northeast. know that the chance is there. as soon as we see wet roads, we'll let you know. we have a 20% chance for showers through 7 a.m.
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bit but we're not in the clear. there's plenty of moisture and a chance for a stray shower or a thunderstorm through the afternoon into the evening. today, it's going to be muggy with all the moisture. and we'll get a little warmer than yesterday. we go from 79 to 82 by 9 a.m. and then the 90s set in. our high today, 95 degrees. temperatures over the next couple of days, we'll see changes as we storm system. i'll show you how much cooler it's going to be by the end of the week in just a few minutes. still not seeing issues on the freeways. and i want to head to the east valley. we have a crash on the side streets. chandler boulevard east of alma school it doesn't look like a huge traffic impact. use ray road instead.
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at 83rd avenue. you'll see minor delays for west valley drivers. i'll break down what to expect on the 10 next. i was immediately flashed back to the moment he was violent and beating me. >> 49 people massacred at pulse nightclub. and omar mateen's wife knew he crime. will it end the gas shortages in the south? details on when they'll see relief. embattled ceo facing new questions about the role her mother played in promoting a blockbuster product.
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the price of the epipen to $600. >> usa today reporting that her mother, the former head of a national education group led an unprecedented effort that drove the devices to become staples in school. the company says the report inaccurate. and thousands were donated.
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good morning. happy wednesday, folks. 5:15 and taking a live look at tempe. the lights still sparkling. 79degrees. and our meteorologist, iris hermosillo, is keeping track of the doppler radar.
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deadly situation happening in indonesia. torrential rains triggering floods and landslides and at least 19 people are dead. this is new video of the devastation just coming in to the newsroom. dozens of people are missing. and a thousand had to be evacuated and send to army barracks and other temporary shelters. 49 people killed in orlando back in june. the shooter, omar mateen. hi watch daily about how she knew he was capable of what he did that day. at first, there was speculation he was linked to a terrorist group. but she knew that couldn't be true. >> he doesn't have what it takes to be committed and
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you know, crime gang, terrorist group. it takes some sort of dedication and sacrifice. and i don't think he had that in him. >> you can hear more from his ex-wife today. crime watch daily, right here at 3 p.m. the time is 5:17. and bring on the gas. you don't hear that. states affected by a major leak in alabama specifically will soon get crews have built a temporary bypass and gas will begin flowing once again. the shutdown has led to gas shortages across the south. but don't expect to see gas stations back to normal just yet. it will take days for the supply chain to return to normal. prices are not expected to stabilize right away. and it's not just alabama. a total of five states have been impacted by this.
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this is something that everyone needs to hear. cancer causing toxins could be in the water you're using to brush your teeth, wash your face, and make your coffee. phoenix has the highest amounts of chromium six than any other large city. phoenix officials say the study numbers don't reflect the numbers at the tap. >> the w it's reliable. and it's less than any limit we can find out there to be below. >> other valley cities have chromium in the water including mesa, glendale, and scottsdale. if you're waking up with us as we look outside, it's still dark. once the sun comes up. you'll see partly cloudy skies. a mix of that sun and those clouds, and we're also tracking lingering rain chances this morning.
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showers through the early morning commute. the chances at 20% this morning. just seeing a few sprinkles over thest tray i can't say -- estrellas. sitting at 79 degrees and it will be a gradual warmup. today will be a bit warmer than yesterday. and it's going to stay humid to muggy. we hit 90 around lunchtime. and a high of 95 degrees. that puts us a few degrees below the than yesterday. and we have a lingering chance of storms through the day as the atmosphere heats up. we could get a few pop-up storms this afternoon. not looking at a very active day. we could see a few storms popping up this afternoon. don't let your guard down. i mentioned it's going to be muggy and the dew point forecast will be in the 60s. it's going to be a little bit uncomfortable out there.
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activities planned. the extra moisture could put the stress on the body as it makes it harder to sweat away the heat. so we get a chance for storms through the day. because of the daytime heating and the moisture. but by tomorrow we're tracking a storm system moving in from the pacific northwest. that will swing a cold front across the state. and storm chances through the day tomorrow. we could see storms before cooler drier air sets in that system as we head into the weekend. so as we go through today. watch for a stray pop-up shower or a thunderstorm. a high of 95 degrees. and thursday, temperatures in the low 90s. and we have a 350% chance for the -- a 30% chance for scattered storms in the phoenix metro. and then once that cooler air sets in. look at those temperatures.
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and low 90s through weekend. we'll talk more about the winds tomorrow in just a few minutes. delays are setting in on i- 10 for west valley drivers, and we could have a stall or a crash off to the right. this is i-10 at 67th avenue. and you're taking a look heading inbound. and there are a couple of cars. just something to look out for. and it could make things slower. you're going to start to see it slow down we're up to 16 minutes. it really eases up past the 17 stack. you'll see light conditions through the park tunnel and the ministack and the rest of the 10. and we'll give you a look at loop 101 in a couple of minutes. pop-up messages could be malware. why a certain pop-up on your iphone might be a good thing.
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the table. >> joe ducey here. ignore pop-ups on your computer. but ability your phone. does this look like a scam? >> a notice about changing my password? >> after turning on his iphone, this message pops up. pass code requirement. you must change your unlock pass code at this time. >> and i'm leery of everything. >> and he should pop-ups are the quickest way to allow malware on your tablet or cell phone or computer. >> he changes his password. >> and a few days later they asked him to change it again. reports from tech sites claim it's the new security.
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your password for reasons like too common. >> it hasn't come back since. >> these random pop-ups can be dangerous so i still say close them out until you know they are not harmful. if you have a problem, let me know. okay, here's a fair warning. take a minute and come to the screen and grab a tissue and listen up. during an interview. a police officer in ohio is approached by a stranger. he anyway. >> turns out the police officer had saved that man from drowning when he was 5 years old. take a look. >> do you remember me? >> about 1997 in a swimming pool. >> are you serious? wow. >> certainly such an emotional
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that man is now 24 years old. and has a 5-year-old daughter and says his little girl would not be in the world without the officer's heroic actions. today in your forecast. it will be warmer and also muggy. and we have storm chances. i'll tell you how high the storm chances are -- next. a crash on i-10 and super slow at 67th avenue. and battling the cartel to fight the heroin problem is not going to cut it. and happening now, we're getting a brand new update on
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it's now, we're following breaking news of protests in charlotte. this after a police officer opened fire on a man there. but it doesn't end there. there's a lot more to the story. and officers have been injured. >> reporter: a fight between two neighbors does not end well at all. one is in the hospital right now. we'll tell you what happened and the new information we are just getting.
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class at maricopa high after a threat that canceled classes yesterday. what you can expect to see this morning. you're watching abc15 mornings with danielle lerner, christopher sign, dan spindle. iris hermosillo, and mallory moore. this is abc15 mornings off and running for all your early risers, ready to get you out the door. >> we have to start with iris. you've been watching the desert doppler radar. >> i told you there was a chance for showers, and i'm keeping a close eye for anything moving to the valley. they're tracking from the southwest to the northeast. and they could push into the phoenix metro. so far, just tracking an isolated area of sprinkles over the levine area. and we have more showers creeping up from the southwest. we'll be watching through the morning. and there's a slight chance for rain through the morning commute across the phoenix metro. if i see anything more or wet
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be sure to let you know. right now 79 degrees and partly cloudy skies and a slight chance of rain through the morning commute. and it's going to stay humid as we warm to 95. the daytime heat willing give us a slight chance for storms later. and i'm keeping an eye on the next storm system that will bring more storm chances. and we have one crash on the freeways right now. and it's slowing things down for drivers in the west take a look at the adot camera. this is for eastbound drivers, and it's slowing things down more than we typically see it. let's give you the big picture. you'll see it slow near loop 101. and i'm not seeing too many trouble spots. it's a six-minute desert drive time. we're going to head out to i-17
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wear a breaking news update coming in to the live desk. i have to tell you about the situation in tempe. the newest information is that a woman has just been arrested. this was tense. a woman arrested for false reporting. officers say that they got calls of a shooting at baker's acres. and it was an active shooting near apache and mcclintock. they rushed to the scene. as law officers stormed area. they found nothing. and they found the woman who placed the call and she's in handcuffs. and they believe this started as a domestic dispute. students are returning to class after a huge scare at maricopa high school. raquel cervantes is live from maricopa high school. it could not have been easy for
5:34 am
easy. before students could get to class, classes were canceled. parents were rushing to pick up their kids who were on their way after a threat was made yesterday. and you'll see an increased security presence. yesterday's threat was faxed in and authorities took it seriously. the threat making mention of bombs and hostages. two other schools got the exact same threat. classes were canceled and students were rerouted to a nearby middle school for parents to pick them up. police think it was a hoax sent through a spoof website. >> that makes you go, okay, is everyone else okay. >> with all that's going on in the world today, it was really scary. >> and detectives are working
5:35 am
we'll tell you how this was not the only threat in the valley. in an argument between neighbors, one was shot twice. it's another breaking story happening early this morning in phoenix. justin pazera is live with the exclusive video. that has been a very active investigation. >> it is and in the last few minutes, we've seen a detective on scene. imagine this area here and you walk yourself to the you can see the squad cars. but let's get right to the video. you can see that victim ing treated by the fire department right there. you can see the bloodstain on his white tank top. this guy was able to sit himself down on the gurney to be loaded up into the ambulance. obviously, he's expected to be okay. and then a few minutes later. one guy was taken into police custody. we are hearing that is the
5:36 am
live at this apartment complex. at this point we can see detectives getting here on scene. and the one shooting victim in the hospital this morning. as for a motive. at this point it's not clear. we're live in phoenix, justin pazera, abc15. the dea targeting doctors who run pill mills. they are using this east valley 42 counts accused of handing out the prescriptions like candy. the dea says that will only push people towards becoming heroin addicts. >> one bad doctor who can write a couple hundreds of these bad prescriptions a day can wreak havoc in the community. >> as of right now. the doctor is still practicing. the state medical review board is reviewing the case to determine if they'll suspend
5:37 am
a robbery suspect is on the run. the man walked in to a residence inn and tried to rob the place. he didn't get anything but police want to track him down. no one was hurt. a fight over a cell phone, strangled for coming home late. these are some of the accusations against a u of a football player. some of e graphic to report. the second victim had a relationship with bradford for nine months. to the streets of charlotte and the breaking news is things have quieted down. boy, the scenes from overnight after hours of unrest. the protest -- no protesters are currently on the streets but the area is littered with broken glass and tremendous
5:38 am
straits in retaliation for the shooting death of a black man by a black police officer. and at least a dozen officers have been injured following the shooting. the protests began after 43- year-old keith scott was shot by a police officer. the officers say he got out with a gun and they felt threatened. this morning, we're getting more information about the deadly officer involved shooting in tulsa. we've seen this what we saw in charlotte. oklahoma police saying investigators found the drug pcp in his car. attorneys say the discussion of drugs distracts from questions about the use of deadly force. a white tulsa police officer fatally shot and killed the 40- year-old on friday after responding to a report of a stalled vehicle.
5:39 am
road. that's dash cam. police chopper video. and looks like he has his hands in the air and moves to the car. and doesn't seem to be listening to officers when he was shot and killed. a man is paying $10 million for raping a prison teacher. a federal judge has ordered jay con harvey to pay damages. he was sentenced to life in prison. and the state paid her a $3 million settlement. the rape happened in a prison classroom in january of 2014. the fight for the right to play unfolding in chandler. dozens of fulton elementary students want a longer break, more recess than 20 minutes a day. and others argue play time can be done after class. school officials listening to both sides of the issue.
5:40 am
and we had multiple recesses. our children can do that as well. >> the other side has been happy with the way things are and don't want to give up the additionallal instructional minutes. >> a decision will be made after they get results of a survey sent out to parents. for kids it's going to be sweating a lot. if you've got plans to get outdoors. know t humid when you step outside and the reason that's important is because the extra moisture in the air can put stress on your body. it makes it hard to cool off. today we'll have plenty of it around. and we've got a chance for rain. a 20% chance for rain this morning. a few sprinkles near levine. and 79 the current temperature. we'll cool a little bit further before bumping up to 79 by 8:00. that 20% chance for rain in the
5:41 am
after that, the chances drop to 10%. doesn't mean we're in the clear. we could see a stray shower or a thunderstorm throughout the day. this afternoon, watch for a pop- up storm that could impact the valley. highs up to 95 degrees. and we should hit that around 3:00 20 4:00. and tomorrow notice how the storm chances go up higher. changes we'll see with that storm in just a few minutes. drivers on i-17 will see brake lights. traveling southbound around the durango curve. we're up to an eight-minute desert drive time. so still not terrible. this is from the i-10 stack until the i-10 split. and as you continue to the east valley, we're quiet.
5:42 am
va valley drivers. we'll head back to the east valley. we'll take a look at the delays next. it's 19 minutes until the top of the hour. his parents are calling him
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good morning, everybody. it's a quarter 'til 6:00. and as mallory moore has the desert drive times. and iris is working the most accurate forecast. christopher stein is at the live desk. pulling up a twitter for the chicago police department. the chicago police department announcing they are ready to combat the growing violence in the city. we thought they were going to announce 500 new hires. this is a tweet coming from the public information officer
5:46 am
more than 500 people have been shot and killed this year so far. but now they are trying to hire a thousand new officers. let's talk politics. in five days, donald trump and hillary clinton will face off in their first debate. trump said hillary clinton is taking the day off again. she needs the rest. see you at the debates. clinton took a break while trump was in the republican is looking to gather support from the african- american community by promising to rebuild our inner cities which he says are more dangerous than afghanistan. >> you take a look at the inner cities and you get no education, you get no jobs, you get shot walking down the street. >> trump is in ohio to try and win over voters there. clinton is not worried about the first debate.
5:47 am
sends her way. and she plans to talk about her economic plans which will support people with disabilities. that speech in orlando, florida, in a state where she's leading trump. the plane crashed into the gilbert home and the pilot made a split second decision to jump out. and now his parents are sharing the moment that they go call. ryan kilgore's parents flew in to be by his side. kilgore says he flew as long as he could. he wanted to make sure that the sky divers could get to safety. >> with the heroic act of a brave pilot who was more concerned for others.
5:48 am
rushed to help him. his family has set up a go fund me page to help with expenses. the fight over your money. arizona is one of 21 states suing the labor department to stop high earning workers from getting overtime pay. some say it will force layoffs. the rule takes effect december 1st. getting force more educated, trained, and prepared for the future. it's called achieve 60 az. and the goal is to make 60% of arizonans have a degree or a certification. right now the number is 42%. it's a lofty goal. but it's definitely attainable. especially since 200 groups are working to make it happen. >> it's really going to put
5:49 am
students more quickly than ever before. >> there are a lot of benefits. when education goes up. wages follow. and it can attract a wide array of companies to the area. the next time you head to sky harbor, get ready for delays. they are apparently inevitable. sky harbor the runways for a month of -- new concrete, new lights, upgrades to terminal three. and also keep in mind those living east and west of the airport might hear more planes flying by with the reduced number of options there. as we look at desert doppler we're tracking
5:50 am
harbor airport. very, very light rain trying to work into central phoenix. likely just sprinkles you may see on your windshield as they track to state route 51. there's a chance for more showers, and i'm seeing a few to the southwest that could move into the phoenix metro. know we have the potential for scattered light showers across the phoenix metro. to the northeast, we've been tracking spotty showers in northeast arizona that light, steady rain across the northwest pocket of mojave county. as we go through the day today. we'll keep that moisture in place around our state. and that means once the daytime heating kicks in. we have chances for showers and thunderstorms. the best potential will be across the higher terrain. and we could see a stray shower or a tomorrow this afternoon.
5:51 am
the mobile app handy. and we'll let you know if anything starts to move in. tomorrow we'll track a cold front, a fall like storm system on the first day of fall. we'll swing across our state and that's going to bring us a chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms along the cold front through midday into the afternoon. eventually, that also brings us cooler air. keep that in mind. we have chance the next couple of days. and drier air starts to move in friday and through the weekend we'll get cooler once that storm system moves through. something to look forward to by the end of the week. today, humid, 95 degrees. low 90s tomorrow with a chance for storms. and by friday that cooler air sets in. and we're talking highs only in the upper 80s to low 90s as we head into the weekend.
5:52 am
67th avenue is till the only crash that drivers are dealing with. and it's definitely adding to the delays on the 10 as you're trying to travel eastbound. the delays are remaining steady for the most part. we're looking at a 17-minute drive time from 75th avenue to the ministack. slow between the 101 and the i- 17 stack. still light in the rest of the valley. and i-17 especially near thomas i'm starting to see delays there. i'll g just a few minutes. it's splitsville for brad and angelina. one singer paid tribute to the former power couple during a recent concert. sheriff joe arpaio crossed the line and now he's in big trouble. how his legal battles could cost you even more.
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and join the organic movement. organic food is no longer just for the privileged few. now everyone can afford to go organic. o organics, exclusively at safeway. all right. everybody in the studio and everyone at home, let's do this together. ah. >> the kitten was rescued and is resting and recovering at the arizona humane society.
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rock you've probably heard the news. brangelina is done. angelina jolie filing for divorce from brad pitt. i know this is tough. music can help you get through it. >> last night adele dedicated her show to brangelina. she was so sad to hear about the split calling it the end of an era. tracking light far from sky harbor airport and moving to the northeast. delays on i-17 at indian school and looks like a crash off to the side. a closer look coming up. sounds like if there was a neighbor dispute in phoenix. justin pazera is on the scene of the shooting with the exclusive video. they are is ones who should be stressed and the
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now at 6:00 a valley high school on high alert as a threat hits campus. school is back in session today. what is being done to keep these kids safe. chaos in charlotte.
6:00 am
edge. and protesters are looting and setting fires over a deadly shooting. the heroic actions taken to keep this from spreading out of control. let me start with your most accurate forecast. tracking light sprinkles and light showers through central phoenix right now. right near sky harbor near the i-10 and the interchange is where we see the light showers. slowly tracking to the northe camelback mountain. if you live in the area, know that we have light showers heading your way. and they could certainly move in in time to impact the morning commute. the chance is there for spotty showers through the morning drive. and we have a slight chance of a stray shower or a storm through the day. we'll talk more about the storm chances in just a few minutes. looks like we have a new crash, maybe a stall on the right-hand side.


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