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tv   ABC15 News at 600AM  ABC  September 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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edge. and protesters are looting and setting fires over a deadly shooting. the heroic actions taken to keep this from spreading out of control. let me start with your most accurate forecast. tracking light sprinkles and light showers through central phoenix right now. right near sky harbor near the i-10 and the interchange is where we see the light showers. slowly tracking to the northe camelback mountain. if you live in the area, know that we have light showers heading your way. and they could certainly move in in time to impact the morning commute. the chance is there for spotty showers through the morning drive. and we have a slight chance of a stray shower or a storm through the day. we'll talk more about the storm chances in just a few minutes. looks like we have a new crash, maybe a stall on the right-hand side.
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i-17 southbound near indian school. and it doesn't look like it's blocking traffic but everything is off to the right. you'll see delays in the southbound direction. starting around glendale or before that, i-17 southbound. you'll see the delays all the way around the durango curve. weekend see the light showers this morning. and that could be contributing. for the 10, you're seeing delays typical for this time of the we have a crash, i-10 at 67th avenue. everything is off to the side but adding to the delays. >> reporter: i'm justin pazera live in phoenix where one man is in the hospital after he was shot at least once. and you can see him being treated by the phoenix fire department. and that guy is able to walk over to the gurney. he is expected to be okay.
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suspect -- we believe this is the guy responsible for the shooting -- he was taken into police custody. initially, police were called out for an altercation. and those two guys live at the apartment complex here. as for a motive and what started the argument, at this point it's not clear. we're live in phoenix, justin pazera, abc15. security will be beefed up at maricopa high school after down the campus. panicked parents will be on high alert as they drop their kids off today. raquel cervantes is live on campus with more. raquel-- the sun comes up and we'll see parents dropping off students at a maricopa high school. police told us the threat was
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mention of bombs and hostages. two other schools got the same threat and authorities took it seriously. and students were rerouted to a nearby school for parents to pick them up. it's important to note that nothing was found and the police think the threat was a hoax. >> people are messed up. why would you do that? do you want to hurt kids? does that make you happy? >> reporter: detectives are working to trace where the threat came from. it was a scary day around the valley. this was not the only scare at local schools. back to you. chaos in charlotte as protesters take to the streets. an outrage growing over a deadly shooting of an african- american man who police say was armed with a gun. >> the back of the trailer as we speak right now?
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stuck amid the protests. noteworthy here, the officer who pulled the trigger was african-american. and the person who died was african-american. one demonstrator, protester was injured. twelve officers were hurt. one officer was hit in the face by a rock. roads were blocked overnight. and protesters set items on fire including a tractor- trailer and others were looted as well. >> hate to see that kind of violence, chris. back in the valley, sheriff waiting to see if he'll be criminally charged. katie conner is live at mcso headquarters. what do we know about this? >> sheriff arpaio has made millions over selling pictures and writing books. but he may not be reaching into
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decide whether taxpayers will cover the costly attorney fees. this case will cost $48.2 million. arpaio earns $100,000 as sheriff but he hasn't had to dig into his wallet for legal fees related to this case. >> katie conner with the late information for us. look at this large ball of fire engulfing the trailer. firefighters weren't able to save the cars but they stopped the flames from spreading. a neighbor tried to put out the flames with a garden hose. >> one of my step dad's friends was squirting water in the back, trying to bring it down. and it wasn't helping so he
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was on fire and i called 911. what can i do? clean it up. >> the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> tempe police on the hunt for a package poacher. he struck in the middle of the day. this is from an apartment complex near the loop 202 and scottsdale road. there's the package and the thief. the guy just snatched the package with a watch inside. >> that's honestly since i live here that's scary. we get packages all the time. they come straight to our door. nothing goes to the -- >> the problem with the pictures, you never see the face. it happened last week. if you know who it is or recognize the shirt stripes, please call tempe pd. this crash is just about
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delays. we'll head out to the east valley and take a look at the drive. i'll show you where the showers could move in in the phoenix metro. and a look ahead at what to expect. a valley school district looking for feedback as parents push for more recess. if >> you buy them to keep tabs on your fitness.
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coming up on 10 minutes after the hour. if you're not by a window, take a look at our window to the world. the sun coming up and boy what a show it is here in the valley of the sun. iris is working on the most accurate forecast. the clouds might spell rain. we'll have to see what it holds for the rest of the day. our photographer does not we're talking black friday deals in september. the 2016 holiday shopping predictions and one of the biggest sellers, tvs. best black predicts a 50-inch for 145 bucks. and you can expect to start seeing black friday ads in early november. and fall is literally around the corner.
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day of summer. the autumnal equinox is tomorrow. today we are looking at a beautiful sunrise and tracking showers. the sun just sitting whether or not he the -- the sun just sitting below the horizon. let me show you the southwest and west. more cloud cover as we look at the estrellas. we're seeing southwest of the valley. a few sprinkles in central phoenix and this batch of showers tracking to the northeast. so it looks like it's going to move in. seeing a little area of light rain near 44th street and camelback. and again, we've got showers to the southwest that will push over the estrellas and move to spots like levine. watch for sprinkles here on
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morning. we've got a 20% chance for rain this morning. the rain chances drop through the day. we've got a 10% chance for a shower or storms as we go into the afternoon. that's as lingering moisture stays in the state. we'll talk more about temperatures and tomorrow's storm chances next. we do have a crash on state route 143 southbound near washington south of loop 202 is where you see the crash involving a couple o it's blocking the right lane. as long as you stay to the left you shouldn't see problems. it's partially blocking the right lane on the 143 southbound. taking a look at the big picture, the only delays are on the 10 and the 17. the east valley is quiet. i-10 as you're traveling westbound i'm not seeing any delays. that crash i-10 at 67th avenue.
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freeway. and the suspect ramming into a police cruiser. what he did next to try to escape from police. and the galaxy o'halleran: i had some really tough cases as a police detective. but the problem in washington is as clear as day -- we can't trust our politicians to work for us. tom o'halleran has a plan to hold the politicians accountable --
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and no more first-class travel paid for by taxpayers. i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message
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take a look. we have a bunch of different vantage points of the beautiful sunrise over the valley of the sun. 79degrees outside. an skies fool you. iris tracking the chances of rain over the next day or so in your most accurate forecast. >> and something else we had to show you. a wild chase on a utah freeway. a suspect in that truck there just weaving in and out of traffic before stopping and ramming into a state trooper's cruiser. he backs up and takes off again. and the trooper's car was hit again by the suspect.
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a run for it. and tries to hide in a crowd and pretends to be a witness. troopers are too smart for it. the guy was arrested and he's facing several charges. the next story is a little bit gross in case you're eating. a fire station is shut down after someone breaks in and leaves urine all over the place. the vandals left behind notes with profanities on them. >> i want to see bars no matter who they are. there's no excuse for this. this is criminal and they need to go to jail. >> we're told there was no forced entry. as for a possible motive. there's a rift between two fire stations. there's no proof who was behind the vandalism though. we do have a traffic alert. a crash in the east valley. there's a lot of debris.
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warner road onramp. you can see the car turned around in the other direction. i'm hearing it took out the light there. and that's what you're seeing on the ramp. i'd avoid this area. you'll see a lot of slowing on the 101. i'll give you smart routes. this is going to cause a lot of congestion from chandler to tempe. >> looks like a lot thanks for live update. happening today from the live desk, galaxy note seven owners can start getting their replacements. the items being recalled involve the batteries which can catch fire. a new survey finds that a third of americans who own the phone want a refund instead of a replacement. and a little more than a quarter are not going to switch
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and less than 20% are going to stick with the note seven. 6:58 and a scottsdale cigarette company has filed for bankruptcy. they are -- this comes after the fda finalized rules to regulate all tobacco products. the new regulations are forcing companies to show that vapor based products are not any safer. a spy plane crashed during a training mission in northern california. we are hoping to learn the name of the pilot who was killed. a second pilot is in the hospital. he ejected from the plane. the plane crashed shortly after takeoff. the cause is still under investigation. we could find out this afternoon if the federal reserve will change interest
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rates won't change until december. each and every time we say maybe and then maybe not. of course, that's after the presidential elections. delaying the rate change should have been done to influencing the election. you should resign. give back the money you took while this scam was going on. and you should be criminally investigated. >> grilled on capitol hill. the ceo of wells fargo sa for a major banking scandal. many lawmakers are calling for john strumpf to step down. bank employees were fraudulently opening accounts. the bank was hit with a $185 million fine. this morning i'm tracking a few light sprinkles on desert
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closer to the valley. and moving over the estrellas and south mountain. we also have an area of sprinkles and light showers up to sun lakes. i mentioned there's a chance for rain and that's exactly what we're seeing early on. we had some sprinkles over camelback mountain. and all of this is fairly lightning. not a huge impact for the morning commute. and don't be surprised if you get a few sprinkles on your windsh another batch of light rain moving into your neighborhoods this morning. we have a 20% chance for showers this morning. the chance will drop after 7:00 to a 10% chance. doesn't mean we're in the clear. we have to keep an eye on the sky. we have a chance for thunderstorms. that moisture is lingering and that will keep the storm chances in place. and it will make it feel humidity. plan ahead and do the indoor
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activities as the humidity could put extra stress on the body. >> 79 degrees now and we'll warm into the 80s and the 90s this afternoon with a high of 95. today warmer than yesterday. and muggy. today a slight chance of scattered showers and storms across the state. by tomorrow we track a storm system approaching from the pacific northwest. it's going to be a fall like storm system and will send a cold front across the state. and tomorrow is the first day and we'll see if a cold front sweeps through, and that means more chances for storms in our state. storm chances through thursday before we get drier air in here. wind gusts in the valley. and we've got wind alerts across northwest arizona. 95 today. and low 90s tomorrow. and a cooler weekend ahead. we'll look at the forecast and more details in just a few minutes. abc15 desert drive times
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prism. in the east valley, loop 101 northbound. on the onramp. and the actual crash is not blocking traffic. there's a lot of debris on the ramp. i've seen one of the troopers trying to clear this off. sounds like a car hit a metering light. it's going to be slow on the 101. just avoid the area. and it's going to take time to clean up elliot road, use that ramp if you're trying to get northbound. heading out to the west valley. we just jumped up to a 32- minute drive time. this is from the 101 to the 17. the crash at 67th avenue is clear and added to the extra delays right now. besides that slow on the 17. and the 101 in the north valley. i'll break it down next.
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this situation that unfolded last night and this morning. what happens next? we're taking you there. is the presidential election stressing what is driving performance? you have to live and breathe it for 50 years. it's the sound... and the fury. it's letting it all hang out there, and it's hanging on for dear life. that is what amg driving performance means. and this is where it lives. the 503-horsepower mercedes-amg c63 s coupe. with prism on the go from centurylink,
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pretty much everywhere you go. um, paul, that was great. i like how you can walk around and watch your shows. and your delivery really evokes "the frozen north". meets "un giorno nella vita." or early film noir. like "whispering city." but the french version. i'm just gonna take a drumstick there. hmm, it's a bit derivative. mom: and your suggestion? "the pottery maker"? son: no. "the summer of my despondency."
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>> loved ones and visitors are
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the old fence where people have been leaving items including flowers, candles, and messages was taken down earlier this week. the permanent memorial is still in the works. >> the gunman's wife is speaking out today at 3:00 this afternoon right here on abc 15. as we get closer to the presidential election. many americans are feeling more stress. the american psychological association found a quarter of employees have felt stressed out the workplace. younger dealts and men tended to feel the worst effects. if you wear a fit bit or another wearable techie device to monitor your activity and steps, there's a new study comparing indicters who wore them versus dieters who did
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bit -- i shouldn't say fit bit that's a brand name. pedometer. both still losing weight. >> reporter: students are returning to class after a threat. coming up. it wasn't the only threat around the valley yesterday. >> and book to the chaos in charlotte. this is something that unfolded last night. new information on this concerning situation that led to officers being injured. and the fire department is on the scene of a crash near the 202. that's blocking traffic. and how to get around the crash on the 101.
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a new page of controversy for sheriff paul babeu. sources tell us the fbi has subpoenaed records related to how babeu's office used seized criminal money also known as rico funds. critics have said pcso's use of the foundation
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of using the funds to fuel his campaign. it may already be illegal campaigning with government resources. or if they're just being used to make the sheriff look good, as he runs for congress. dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. my dream is to help kids living on the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! ball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look. whoa. - -he likes to be called america's toughest sheriff.
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you money. donald trump under fire over a scandal with his family's charity. and it's the holiday ending that shocked angelina jolie, brad pitt, splitting up. what is next for them and their children as the couple parts ways? >> we're going to get your forecast in just a moment. and we want to get you there. this is for east valley drivers. it's it's not in the main line of traffic but it's causing a mess for drivers. there's a lot of debris they have to clean up. right at warner, the actual crash is on the right side of the ramp. sounds like this car involved, looks like the fire department is arriving on scene. they may be blocking one of the lanes off. sounds like it hit the metering light. you can see it on the left side
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and there's a lot of debris. it's a spot i would just avoid. elliot road is the best spot. it's probably a better option to avoid the delays also. taking a look at the big picture. a lot of delays and a crash on state route 143. now a little bit of rain in the mix. we have light showers moving in from the southwest. right now we're tracking rain in spots like levine. and it's tracking northeast. sun lake and chandler could get in on the showers. and light rain moving into spots like levine. and the roads may be a little bit wet. you may need the windshield wipers. it's going to be very, very light rainfall. not enough to be a huge impact but the potential is there for more of the showers to spread northeast across the phoenix metro. it's something i'll be
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the door. know that the chance for rain is there. temperatures get warm and i have your hour-by-hour planner next. it's things that happened while you're sleeping at home. and this is a great example. there was a high speed chase in phoenix this morning. i was listening to it in the newsroom as officers spotted a stolen car. we're told that the car took off once it was spotted near 27th and indian school. and police officers the helicopter. the helicopter tracked it, following it down 27th avenue as it pulled onto the i-10. and the vehicle quickly exited 43rd avenue. the car started to spark and smoke. and the suspects stopped at a nearby apartment complex and took off running. two of them were caught immediately. and the driver ran to a nearby apartment complex until the k-9 tracked him down. bit him on the arm.
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into custody, danielle. maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio didn't follow the rules. >> not a lot of people are happy about this one. >> he hasn't paid a dime related to the case. he made a name for himself with books like this writing tent city. and tough stances on immigration landed him in trouble. he got fine asked that's being paid for by us. the board of supervisors will vote whether taxpayers will pay $4.4 million in attorney fees for other side. and that all has to do with the racial profiling case. back out here live, the vote is later today at the board of
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updated on what happens. neighbors of a massive egg farm in the far west valley want a county leader to step away from making decisions related to his family's farm. a group of tonopah residents who live near the facility think that the stench from 4 million hens is already too much. they are trying to keep the egg producer from expanding. they say it's a threat to the environment they'll deliver petitions to the board of supervisors, and demand that hickman recuse himself. violence erupts in charlotte, north carolina after a deadly police officer involved shooting. city leaders are pleading for calm. the highway shut down after protesters take to the streets. it all started over a shooting of an armed african-american
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police officer. the outrage continues. there's something going on that needs to be addressed. my child, my nephews. i am concerned. >> police cruisers were damaged and the state is promising a full investigation. increasing security at more revenue see hospital after they found out about a student who planned to bring a gun to school. guns were found on campus at threat. raquel cervantes live at maricopa high school. the past 24 hours have not been easy for parents. >> reporter: this morning you'll see an increased security presence on the campus at maricopa high school as students return to class. around the valley, that wasn't all. as a precaution, eight schools
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district were put on lockdown. and a student was taken into custody for bringing a gun to campus. and it's the second time it's happened this year. police say a 13-year-old boy brought a gun and ammunition to show his friends. no one was hurt in either case and no one is laughing about this. >> accidents happen and why would you want to take a chance of your child taking it to school or show and look what's happened before. >> reporter: this makes 26 total threats at valley schools with three yesterday. you can see how often this happens around valley schools. we have a map with the incidents listed on our website at >> unnerving for parents and students. and the chandler school district is looking for feedback on recess. dozens of parents want more
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and others argue that school is for studies. a pair of crime alerts this morning. the video out of old town scottsdale after a native tradition's jewelry store. somebody went in and smashed the display cases. we do not have a suspect description to pass along to you just yet. moving on to tempe where officers are looking for a su residence inn near priest and baseline. officers say the guy attempted to rob the place and left empty handed. the suspect is a white male, 5'8", in his early 20s. and this morning, a security committee is going to meet and discuss the recent bombing plots and how to prevent future attacks. the nypd deputy commissioner, john miller, will be providing
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from there i want to go to the new york bombing suspect. the feds have charged ahmad khan rahmani with several counts including weapons of mass destruction. she was investigated two years ago but not tied to terrorism. the fbi was notified by chances haw knee's dad. donald trump is facing a scandal. the gop campaign is responding to claims from the washington post that trump used his family charity to settle lawsuits against his businesses. his campaign manager called it biased journalism and the money went to veterans groups. former secretary of state back on the campaign trail
6:39 am
orlando. and the clinton campaign plans to spend more advertising money in florida. it's the holiday ending that took a lot of people by surprise. >> the breakup of brangelina. angelina jolie filed for divorce from brad pitt. there are allegations of substance abuse and cheating on pitt's and the actress is not asking for spousal support. even flow is recalling 30,000 combination booster seats. i just pulled up this google image. this is what it looks like. children can loosen the harness without your knowledge. is that concerns or what? no injuries to report at this point but there have been dozens of complaints that have
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owners of this particular issue and how to make those necessary repairs. and it's a good reminder to make sure you are registering these products. maybe you're waking up with us and have plans to get outdoors for a workout. we have the clouds and it's going to be humid and that can put stress on your body. with all of that increase in moisture with all of the moisture in the air, it makes it more difficult for your body heat. humid and the clouds will be nice and we're seeing light rain in parts of the valley. the southwest valley over lengthy investigation veep. and the showers could move across camelback mountain. and light rain off to the southwest. and the chance for showers is there with the chance for storms as we heat up today. sitting at 79 degrees. plan on a partly cloudy day.
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and storms today. the best potential for rain in the valley this morning. but we could see a few pop-ups. the high 95 degrees. and more storm chances tomorrow. and traffic in the north valley is slowing on the 101. take a look at the long line of traffic eastbound for drivers approaching the i-17 interchange. very, very heavy in this area, probably 35th avenue or so. no crashes and i want to give you a look at time. 13 minutes from i-17 to the 51. and you'll start to see relief around cave creek or so. taking a look at the big picture, the 17 is doing much better. and looking at a 30-minute drive for i-10, west valley drivers, and then we have the crash on the 143, southbound south of the 202 near washington street. the right lane is blocked and traffic is light and it's not a huge traffic impact.
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head to the east valley. i just got new information about the murders of four children overnight. and the dea tracking down on so called pill mills. and a valley doctor is front and center in the investigation. >> planning for college can be tough especially when you're
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time now just about 6:45 as we take a live look at downtown phoenix. mallory is keeping a close eye on the desert drive times. we have to talk about a travel alert. sky harbor plans to close one of three run ways for a full you'll need to arrive earlier. arrival and departure delays could be 30 minutes during peak times. went to tell you about the murders in detroit that left four children dead. marriage problems may be the motive behind this attack. and we just got brand new details as officers say the father called 911 saying he killed his family.
6:46 am
dead in their beds. they died from carbon monoxide poisoning from a car and then the man moved them to their beds. the mother was shot as well. seconds ago they sent us these photos of the young victims. heartbreaking. a good reminder, counseling is always available. the dea cracking down on pill mills. they are contributing to the prescription pill epidemic. and valley doctor to be an example. the dea saying it will push people towards becoming heroin addicts. >> one bad doctor who can write a couple of hundred prescriptions a day can wreak havoc in the community. the state medical review board
6:47 am
determine if they'll suspend his license. college tuition -- enough to make any parent break out in a cold sweat. you can fill out your fafsa form earlier. it helps students gain says to pell grants and loans. >> the group college success arizona says it's giving answers sooner. >> we've done it in a unique arizona way. and it's something for us to be proud of, bonding together as a community to get this going. and also new this year on the fafsa. parents can use tax returns for the last two years. i'm keeping a close eye on desert doppler as we have a few light showers in the southwest
6:48 am
levine. we have a few more of the light showers near maricopa. and everything is moving to the northeast. it's going to move in -- in the next hour. and hopefully, nothing to slow you down but a chance for showers through the early morning. and i'm keeping a close eye on the light showers in the northeast pocket of our state. and a little bit of lightning. and light rain falling northwest pocket of arizona law -- and thunderstorms developing across the state with the daytime heating. watch for the pop-up storms as we go into the afternoon. the west potential across the higher elevation. and we could see storms developing around the phoenix metro. tomorrow we track another storm system that's going to swing a
6:49 am
more of a fall like storm system moving through. and that will give us the energy we need. and a line of storms looks to race across central arizona by midday into the afternoon. storm chances for the valley too. a 20% chance for showers and a 10% chance of a pop-up storm. and then the storm chances get a little higher. and we'll get stronger winds through tomorrow and cooler air by the end of the week. i'll show you that in the 7-day forecast. and the crash on loop 101 is still slowing things for drivers, especially as you're trying to get on the freeway. and everything is on the right- hand side. and looks like a tow truck is on scene and hopefully, they can get that cleared. and we have some debris on the roadway and a lot of slowing. for your smart route. i would recommend using the elliot road onramp. and i'm starting to see the
6:50 am
from the san tan freeway to the red mountain. and the slowest near chandler boulevard. and from value vista to alma school is slowing. the 10 is heavy right now. in just a couple of minutes, we'll give you a look at the desert drive times. this is brand new, just now coming in to the live desk. there's a military poll finding donald troops, but barely. the poll pulled more than 2200 active duty troops. and donald trump, 38% of the vote with libertarian gary johnson a point behind. and hillary clinton third place with 16% of the poll.
6:51 am
his return. designated survivor starts tonight. kiefer sutherland takes over the job of president as everyone else is killed. he's got a thing about staring. >> this is a brand new family comedy premiering. speechless, minnie son with cerebral palsy. here's the lineup at 7 p.m. two hours of comedy followed by designated survivor. and abc15 at 10:00. >> reporter: i'm justin pazera live in phoenix where phoenix
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i'm justin pazera live in phoenix where one man is in hospital after being shot. very fortunate because you can see him walking to the ambulance. he was able to get himself on the gurney to get loaded up. obviously, he'll be okay. just a few minutes later, the suspect was taken into custody. we believe this started as an altercation between two neighbors at a phoenix apartment complex. we're live in phoenix, justin pazera, abc15.
6:55 am
sheriff joe arpaio could cost you more money. the board of supervisors will tell you whether taxpayers -- >> so far the case has cost taxpayers $40 million. stick with abc15 for updates. katie conner, abc15. riders destroy so much property in the streets there. and this is in response to the deadly police shooting. conference held and the mayor urging everyone to wait until all the information is available before coming to conclusions in the death of keith scott. he was instructed to drop his gun moments before he was shot. i'm raquel cervantes. the school is increasing security after a threat was made to the school yesterday
6:56 am
canceled classes. students were rerouted to a nearby school and police found nothing. police believe it was a hoax. and detectives are working to trace where the threat came from. >> a teen accused of murder is mentally competent to stand trial. that coming down yesterday in the case against aaron ott. the deadly robbery happened back in april. officers say the 16-year-old was shot when up his xbox. we've got sunshine in the valley of the sun. some were surprised here. tech giant apple finishes construction on a solar power plant near flores. and now they'll share the power it generates. the 50 megawatt plant will support apple's facilities in the east valley. and the utility will buy the power at wholesale rates. >> you might get a few sprinkles on the drive to work.
6:57 am
showers or heading into the southeast valley. a chance of a few storms this afternoon. a chance for thunderstorms and cooler air settling in. and by friday, highs only in 80s. on the 10, you're looking at a 32-minute desert drive time from the 101 to the tunnel. this crash on the 101 northbound is slowing folks
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, violent protests erupt in north carolina after a deadly police shooting. >> how many times? >> protesters destroying police cars injuring at least a dozen officers, setting fires, shutting down a highway and looting trucks. the driver trapped inside terrified. >> they're on the back of the trailer as we speak right now. >> as outrage grows nationwide over police shootings. breaking right now, massive wildfires tear through the west torching 12,000 acres. burning through an air force base and delaying a rocket launch. and closing in on a highway. now concerns growing as winds pick up in the west. donald trump facing new questions about his charity accused of using more than


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