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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  September 22, 2016 1:35am-2:05am MST

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start with breaking news a wrong way crash. u.s. 60 was closed completely in both directions at signal butte eastbound lanes have opened up you'll get completely stuck westbound. four people hurt tonight you
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those westbound lanes will reopen. tear gas windows shattered and a man shot tonight absolute travesty in charlotte north carolina. >> we're now learning that man shot during tonight's protest is on life support barely hanging on not dead as some had reported earlier on. the city is saying he was not shot by an officer. the protest erupting after police shooting of keith scott. scott pulled a gun his family says he was only holding book. >> this protest started as a rare vigil one group splits off they marched right through downtown and led to violence. we've seen fires we've seen looting tonight the governor now declaring a state of emergency there and will be sending in the national guard. >> of course we'll continue to watch this and we will continue to break in with the latest. >> meantime back here at home bold crime a gun aimed at a deputy in traffic and it seems for no reason.
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happened the same day 3 phoenix cops were run down outside this gas station an days later a temperatures trooper narrowly escaping a gunfight during a traffic stop. >> nohelani graf sitting down with mleaders. the violence isn't letting up. >>reporter: they tell me the badge i viewed differently than it used to be of it was more widely respected honored a job many aspired to. but now many think are ta the heat because of the national negative perception and they say that's not safe for anybody. just another tuesday in traffic on the loop 202 at least that's what maricopa county sheriff's deputy thought until another flagged down his patrol car. >> we had a vehicle pointing an a gun at him. >>reporter: he saw a handgun not pointed a him but aid at a deputy under a direct threat he didn't know it.
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traffic heading to loop 101. >> chevy silverado. >> there is a war on cops. >>reporter: it's become a mantra for sheriff joe a. >> it feels like you're running around with a target on your back. >>reporter: still reeling from their own brush with death with the force as a man plowed through three officers. police president tim crain says the tone has changed toward the uniform a trickle-down effect of national unrest over involved shootings. >> i don't know anybody targets somebody because of their race. i think i'll pick on a black guy today. weld i'll do a mexican. what? we don't operate like that. >>reporter: thinks the community should be held more accountable. >> we're 50% of the equation but we're expected to own a hundred percent of the outcome. >>reporter: phoenix pd is trying to do its part making
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deescalation training basically learning to take a breath before react national guard a tense situation. sheriff arpaio response. he's teaming armed posse and reserve deputies with his patrol deputies. now back to you. >> i speak for so many people when i say we support our law enforcement we appreciate everything they do. police say they just arrested a guy for the stabbing pictured on your left and the attempted robbery on your right. both this same intersection. now no mugshot yu yet but we know the accused is 20 years old richard cross. we're told his girlfriend was hurt in the stabbing nobody hurt in the holdup it was the one we told you about last night at the residence inn. put yourself in his family's situation and please keep an eye out for this man who's missing. this was just upgraded to a silver alert. he was last seen at the lone view casino. he drivers a black 2006 dodge
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actually spoke to him by phone while he was gambling but he never made it home. we're tracking a rash of car break-ins. they seem to be happening just about everywhere at home out on errands even out where you hike. kim tobin live taking action tonight and kim you can't exactly hide from these thieves but you can out smart them. >>reporter: it's really simple steps. you always need to take obviously locking the door number one some people not doing that but the phones, the the front seat a lot of times that's the problem of it was happening at daycares and all the hiking trails a lot of people leaving them in the front seat leaving people try trying to break in to grab it. throw it in the trunk so you don't create a target for yourself for those thieves. in the dark of the night and the light of day thieves are carefully waiting for the right moment to strike. >> i just can't believe it.
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>>reporter: police salient wells and heather klein targeted several cars and daycare parking lot from gilbert to tempe. >> that's crazy i didn't know it was like a big deal and now they are caught. >>reporter: police say the bear went after parents getting their kids in and out of the car. swiping credit card and racking up more than $5,000 in charges. >> i guess you're more susceptible when you're with a kid. >>reporter: it has this tempe preschool posting a reminder for the parents. >> purse in here or my phone in here. i will be going in check them in i'll be out in five minutes. >>reporter: it's not just daycares this new surveillance video from 20th street and camelback showing shows a man going down the linebrink breaking into car after car. authorities are still looking for these people following car break-ins and credit card theft from hikers at white spark campgrounds showing you always need to take the simple steps to deter the crooks.
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daycare car burglaries were tracked by gps by the police. they wound up turning themselves in. they are now facing fraud charges. we'll send it back to you. >> new tonight way state investigators are calling food stamp fraud to the tune of $600,000. myra ramirez is accused of allowing her customers to swap snap benefits for cash to purchase ineligible items. the inspector general calling it a gross misuse of taxpayer dollars and stealing from those really in need. it was a warm dry day across the valley had a couple of showers out to the west and down to the southwest but we didn't see any here in the valley area. abc 15 decemberer doppler showing quiet we are tracking a storm system back to the northwest going to kick a cold front through bringing breezes tomorrow and the chance for rain. so here's how those overnight rain chances are looking. >> they say outstart of the forecast until 4:00 a.m. your morning commute isolated
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how long those rain chances stick around in minutes. a man dubbed the glendale groper police say he targeted a 20-year-old woman at random while she he walked along 59th avenue near the loop 101. he snuck up behind her ran his hands up her dress grabbed her and ran off. >> little scary to think about its here. my wife obviously was here with me a lot of young kids in the neighborhood. >> glendale miss have compared this sketch to the sex database so far no luck. new know anything call glendale miss. >> it's going to be a long night for detectives trying to identify body parts scattered out in the open found at a phoenix scrap yards this is an industrial area near 25th after a new and broadway a lot of questions we're going to be asking with this ongoing investigation. sounds like he couldn't son going back for more and tonight it got him busted mesa police say scott owens by spent
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security cameras from the car wash. jason how did cops finally catch this guy? >>reporter: here's the thing with stealing security cameras. you usually ends up on camera. and after 3 visits here to dolphin car wash the suspect finally got hosed. cars roll in, come out clean, but then something grimey started happening at the dolphin car wash after owner terry johnson locked up for the night on september 1th. >> i'm thinking what the are you doing? >>reporter: the first time this guy stole two security cameras they called the cops but a few days later. >> he actually crawled up the pole, got over to here then got up on top here to the tarp. >>reporter: you could actually see the suspect slithering around the tarp to steal two more cameras. >> i'm thinking after 4 cameras this is a bold guy. >>reporter: but he wasn't
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all six cameras ripped off the wall 10150 bucks each. >> that's what hurts the small business guys. >>reporter: stealing security cameras has a drawback it leaves a lot of evidence and this week mesa police arrested scott owns by who according to arrest pains admitted to stealing and selling all 6 cameras. now carey can get back to cleaning cars without wore of any more disappearing cameras. there were only left. now the arrest paperwork said owns by has a drug addiction problem and history with burglary he was out on probation for a burglary conviction back in 2015. >> jason thanks thanks. >> democratic say 2016. we know details of tomorrow ice big visit. this mesa church is where trump's running mate mike pence will be heading up a town hall.
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new chapter in the tonopah egg farm fight hundreds signing a petition to glock block any contest of interest. the commission demands the county supervisor co-owns the farm not be able to vote on air quality issues at center of complaints filed with state and county agencies. >> there are other quality issues coming up when their family farm has been violating so many of them we don't feel he has a right to stand in judgment of anybody else. >> ifs something that affects the entire maricopa county region i'm not recuseing myself from anything. he went on to say he's already recuseing himself but only issues that directly affect hi family farm. >>reporter: a dot revealing benefits of the south mountain freeway projects eventually it will connect east and west parts of the valley save drivers nearly 30 minutes when compared using the i-10.
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but we have to wait that long the freeway should open in 2019 one of the projects started this week. eye catching and suspicious for sure. the latest cash off a dale full of cost has across the country. what's your taking on this costume. it is already getting yanked from as to she will. >> a scottsdale mom about to make national news for her memorable call to the cops. we're tracking a cold
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. tonight a valley community coming together to rebound together after a school is robbed. police say somebody broke into replied town primary overnight unfortunately investigators have to surveillance video of
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cash and another $400 worth of bus passes. >> you know a good hit. we're your smaller charter school we're a free school. so we put as much money as we can into our classrooms so it does hurt a little. >> some new video tonight the school holding an already planned fundraiser but instead of the money going for equipment they will have to replace the stolen stuff. >> there's a one thousand dollars reward if you can help catch the guy who stole from a chandler bank. >> here's the best look at him since the august 11th heist. call silent witness if you think you might have a lead. one after another tonight we're tracking suspicious sightings. the latest a pressure cooker right alongside the debegan expressway with in the bronx traffic coming to a halt in both directions. cops saying this is discarded kitchen wear. >> a cauldron looking thing in detroit.
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kept way from their cars for 2 hours but it was yet another false alarm. >> that follows this situation in las vegas a suspicious package found at the stratosphere it too deemed safe. but medical supplies inside that abandoned bag were apparently making some strange poisees. big picture we know more than 400 of these cars have come into police in new york city alone. >> sue see something say something yes, it is leading to a lot of scarce. but authorities willing tell you every me be safe than to be sorry. >> on to the real bonds any. the fbi looking for these two guys as part of that chelsea veryes says games. he they found a piece of luggage on the sidewalk it end up being the bomb. they left the bag behind they left the bomb and took the bag for now they are being called witnesses though not suspects. paper, plastic, guns. new tonight that's what some workers are finding in
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down the conveyer belt next to aluminum contains officials found at least a half diploes the last two years. a costume controversy along before halloween. this time it's the costume for maui. ledge tear polynesian figure the costume is getting pulled because some say it's offensive for children to wear skin color. disney out with an apology they regret offending anyone with that outfit. let's call it an eye opening lesson on seatbelt safety for 3-year-old camille. complies with police enter advantages venges. my son sells to me mommy mommy come caminero he'll unbuckled her seatbelt.
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became has been wall. school dale police the call the story is about to appear on good morning america which airs right here tomorrow at 7:00 right after abc 15 mornings. get up tomorrow morning nice cool at any time out there. are you greet ready it's the end of summer. >> a storm headed in bringing pretty big changes. pretty pleasant night out there we topped out at 100 for last official day of summer. 85 west winds at 16 miles per hour. we had storms out to the west and southwest brought you in a breezy we'll keep most skies mostly cloudy to partly cloudy skies tomorrow morning waiting up in the 70s. mid to upper # 0s valley wide then low # 0s with a chance for showers and thunderstorms. here's how the rain chances are looking. ice hated chance toes the morning community as the cold front gets closer it's moving
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here this the valley at 10 arc we'll bring it to you up to would once that cold front gets off to the eat we'll see though rain chances begin to diminish quickly we're drier and cooler air coming up on friday. you'll see the changes in your most accurate forecast in minutes. 50 outdoor in gila bend at 79. as you look with me i'm the satellite radar composite passing through much of the prescription has neded for knew this cold front storm system back to the northwest that dives to the east side and on that row are going to be showers and thunderstorms to develop just to the west of the phoenix metro at 22:00 indicating it moves through throughout the afternoon hours
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based i'd of this we'll have much drier air moving in from the northwest. rain chances will be out here pretty quick not only in the real but hair those rain chance. tomorrow higher coverage across northern and. if you're traveling traveling% chance lining egg through friday morning forth not to see ran a in van we'll charge take those classs out by tup and we have a winds advisory in affect from mo half i condition. it is going to be a breed he here in the valley gusting mere 25 miles per hour with sustained winds between 10 and 20 thundershowers. we'll have that front and that tell me move through. overnight lows tonight 50s north had 70s across the valley. 9 the for a high in casa grand.
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again in the 70s. tomorrow already change of rain with highs in the upper rollss high school highs open the 8s on on friday beautiful through the weekend. it's. decision by all pro running back adrian peterson has minnesota vikings super bowl hope a big switch
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. not cookie dough and ice cream gentlemen sorry to report there's a new recall meaning you might have to toss some of it out blue belle chocolate chip and cookie two step players may be contaminated with listeria. we posted the full details on our web site and our app. no illnesses to report. another if you listen carefully you could make 10 grand in just a few shorts years. a new report shows many of you were throwing away quite a bit of cash simply because you can't get rid of your own junk you're renting self storm you any have you ever added up local up that costs. 1400 bucks a year not including taxes or extra insurance. so here's something to think about. consumer reports says if you invested that money at 5% a
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$10,000 in just 6 years. so why not hold a yard sale to get rid of the big stuff stick the shawl stuff in a lookest don't be afraid to donate toss declutter if you have an old bike you don't need recycle bicycle campaign something we do every year with earnhardt auto centers the bikes go to valley kids in foster care. the web site has everything you need to know. . arizona cardinals travel to buffalo this week the 0o2 bills. a team already fired its offensive coordinator. coach arians says this team is better than its record the cardinals better come to work with that attitude this week if they hope to come away with their first road win of the season. >> you got to respect your opponent every week. buffalo's got a ton of talent. you just watch the film there's enough up there to scare you tyrod is playing ex-teamly well
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practices we shouldn't have to worry about it. remember back a few weeks agriculture w the minnesota vikings were supposed to be a super bowl contender they lost teddy bridge juan and matt khalil and adrian peterson aiding to the bad news peterson has decided to have surgery on his knee tomorrow morning. that's expected to keep him out for 3 to 4 months. >> but hey that's football. john fox said truth be you're two weeks away from disaster. that's the nfl. isn't that the truth. the good news is las vegas has vikings 18-1 to win the super bowl . even better news the cardinals have the third best odds of winning super bowl li highest ranked team in the nfc. that's foo which on sports.
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winning a national emmy award. >> producer shawn martin in the middle. each were honored for layer work on a series of stories called dental danger. there was one that exposed the problems with the state despite patient better you can sill wash all our stories.
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s. change to expect if you're a netflix fan revealing they want half of their library to be original conat the present time. they plan to make it happen in


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