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tv   ABC15 News at 430AM  ABC  September 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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i'm allison rodriguez live in phoenix. fire crews pretty busy trying to put this one out here. but the damage is already done. we'll tell you what happened moments before the frames sparked. and a state of emergency in to grow out of control. >> several people are in the hospital. how is the state now responding? >> if feels like you're running around with a tearing oat your back. >> plus, officers on high alert. coming up, new information on one of the latest attacks. good thursday morning, everyone. 4:30 and it's abc15, early risers.
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it's still muggy outside. things are changing? things are changing. it's humid now and we have cooler, drier weather on the way and that will be combined to give us storms. a lot to talk about. over the last six hour, we're seen a few more high clouds and they will continue to drift in through the morning and we'll end up with partly cloudy skies as storm chances increase. right now, it's dry across the valley and stay dry through the morning commute. it likely won't be until 9:00 that we bring up the storm chances. we'll talk about the climbing storm chances and see the best potential for storms next. iris, thanks. coming in to the abc15 live desk, 4:31, and happening early this morning, breaking news as a fire rips through a mobile home in phoenix, not leaving the homeowners, unfortunately,
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allison rodriguez, the main cross is 24th street and mcdowell. first and foremost, allison, anybody injured? >> reporter: the good news, chris, is nobody was hurt but the damage is already done. the good news here is that fire investigators believe they know the cause. they think it was a water heater that was standing up right is what i'm told. and now you can see it charred and all the smoke and damage to the area. now, fire crews are telling me that they 2:45 this morning because of the water heater with the flames just going up. firefighters, they knocked on the door and didn't know if anyone was home. they had to bust into the mobile home and make sure nobody was inside. they scanned around and checked. they were able to get hold of the fire and put it out quickly. fortunately, it didn't spread to any other homes, either, but
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but don't know where they are. you can see a lot of damage but the good news, it didn't spread. new video, a man stabbed while walking near a bus stop. this is brand new video at 40th and van buren. the victim said he was jumped and the suspect stabbed him in the arm and took his wallet. the suspect involved apparently jumped into a car waiting for at this point, i do not have a suspect description but we need to get to mallory. chris, we have a traffic alert. u.s. 60 is open after a wrong- way crash. we have new details on what happened near signal butte. take a look from air 15. dps is telling us that witnesses saw an elderly driver make a u-turn and head the
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hitting two oncoming cars and a pickup slammed into the crash. you can see this picture right here. three people were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. a chinchilla in the truck died. here's a look from adot, a live look from the area. everything is moving smoothly in this area, and i'll give you a look at your complete roads in just a few minutes. 4:34. and let's get to the top story everybody is nationally, the violent unrest in north carolina. the governor calling the national guard, and we want to get back to the abc15 live desk with christopher sign. christopher last night, i, like a lot of people, glued to the tv and watching what happened. what is happening there? >> reporter: what we learned, dan, is for starters, they will not release the body cam or
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keith scott. family members say he was holding a book. but officers say he was armed with a gun and refused to put that down. protesters are met with opposition from other groups. several people including police officers were injured in the riot. one person is in critical condition after getting shot in the crowd. somebody was shot and protesters reached out to police for we'll keep you updated with the latest, dan. with everything going on across the country t seems that first responders have a tearing oat their back and here as well. katie conner is live at loop 202 where a deputy was targeted. what do we know? >> reporter: dan, a guy pulled up and pointed a gun at him, not once but twice. the deputy didn't know he was targeted until another driver
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happened. we are told this happened a week after three police officers were run over outside of a qt. the law enforcement association said it's a trickle-down effect of officer-involved shootings. the badge is targeted more than ever, and cops are frustrated. >> i'm 50% of the equation but if something goes south with you and i'm taking you into custody and you decide you don't want to go to jail that day and i ininjury or break you, i am expected to own 100% of it. >> reporter: and they are giving the officers de- escalation training. we have not yet got a suspect description in this latest case. katie conner, abc15 news. katie, thank you, and the protests look a loot like what happened in ferguson, missouri two years ago.
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the department changes is andre anderson. he served as the interim police chief in ferguson. he is back in glendale and will hold a diversity dialogue today starting at 6:00. interesting to see what he will have to say. let's shift the focus and talk trailer here. look over my shoulder here. the fbi are looking for two more men tied to the chelsea device. they are seen on camera touching the bomb and taking off with the luggage which carried the bomb's if a silltation, if you will. the bomb exploded and injured 31 people. the fbi is making it clear and calling the two witnesses and are not facing charges, dan. can prosecutors simply lock up someone accused of crimes
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an appeals court ruled that the defendants are entitled to a bail hearing. but at least one case will be taken to the supreme court. a case of a man assaulting girls in san tan valley was held out bond and released and now he is back behind bars as he awaits trial. two women, a man and deputies say they are usin credit card that is do not belong to them. take a look at the convenience pictures captures from a store in prescott. it's knowed these are the suspect -- believed these are the suspect that is broke into a car and stole a purse from a campground. they are believed to be in a newer jeep vehicle, black in
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hand caught in the car wash. this guy spent most of september stealing security cameras from the dolphin car wash at baseline. he went back three separate times taking two cameras per visit. that's the thing about stealing cameras. you have a whole lot of everyday left behind. >> i am just thinking, what the heck are you doing? that's what hu business guys a lot of times, the little small thefts that aren't extremely large value. >> scott owensby admitted to stealing all six security cameras and selling them and was on probation from a burglary conviction from last year. keeping an eye on abc15 desert doppler. the storm chances will go up today, but right now and i expect through the morning commute things will be nice and
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doppler. at least in the valley. but a different picture as we track a line of showers in western arizona and a few showers popping up west of maricopa county and west of wickenburg. as we go through the day, this line will slowly expand to the east and we will see our storm chances pick up. but this morning, it should be dry on the roads as we look live with the phoenix valley cam. the most accurate forecast, a high of 90 degrees but the we will have stronger breeze this is afternoon. i'll break down the hour by hour planner and give you a look at the cooler outlook in a few minutes. iris, the freeways look very light as far as the speeds go. but i want to focus in on the east valley. we are not seeing congestion but we have a crash on the 101 southbound near baseline. everything is off on the right- hand side, and make sure you
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and a new crash on u.s. 60. more details on that next. should they move north, south, or stay where they are? the san tan valley could be annexed. or it could incorporate into its own town or city. state leaders want your input. tonight from 7:00 to 8:30, iron wood campus. isis continues to terrorize the world and now authorities think the terror group has taken the attack to new levels. the merkley head into indiana for the wnba playoffs
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about a quarter to 5:00 here as we take a look at the
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town lake, beautiful stuff, 81 degrees and iris is working on the most accurate forecast to send us into the weekend as well. we'll have to see what the next couple days hold for us. christopher? dan, listen to this. isis may be upping the game against the u.s. and iraqi troupes. the terror group is suspected of firing a shell filled with mustard gas that landed at an air base in troops there had to go through the decontamination process. one called the shell poorly constructed. the department of veterans affairs taking another blow after another denver hospital will be delays for years. federal investigators are
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calling it gross mismanagement. the project is now tripling in cost to $1.7 billion. >> the va was supposed to let the contractor and architect work together to either shrink the size of the project or increase the contract price. they didn't do that. >> investigators say that a senior va official knew that the project was veering to the huge costs but didn't tell lawmakers ago, chris. and dan, this is interesting. another day, another round of shootings in chicago. overnight, 11 people were shot. one person died, a 17-year-old, and the mayor will discuss public safety today, and part of the focus is on -- this is what i want to show you. this is something else. put it in perspective and look at the number of shootings here, the map from the chicago
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since january 1, 3100, and look at this. i'm going to filter it. this is just in the past 30 days. these are all the shooting victims in the past 30 days. you asked how they are trying to combat this? chicago announced they will hire 1000 police officers, dan. in democracy 2016, republican vice presidential candidate mike pence will hold a town hall at 6:30 this morning at living word bible church near brown and val vista in mesa. we will bring you every moment. we know that president obama is supporting democratic nominee hillary clinton, and that is no surprise but it does not mean that all of the o bam as, the family members are on board. malik, half brother of obama,
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is an honest guy. and trump may need that vote to boost his numbers. a new poll shows that clinton is ahead by 6 points ahead of monday's debate. trump has 37% of the vote but the numbers could change on monday night. you, by the way, can watch the debate live on abc15. the more that you read, the more things you will know. the more you learn, the more places you'll go. wise words by the one dr. seuss. this is the 50th anniversary of reading is fundamental. there will be celebrations with a reading live on the mayor's facebook page. it would be great if it were thing 1 or thing 2. >> cat in the hat. great plans to add to thursday night. it's premiere week on abc15, and your favorite tv shows will
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-- screen, starting with grey's anatomy. i am excited, love premiere week. we have big changes headed our way. as you look outside, it will be humid and our temperatures, mild at 81. look at the dew point, the moisture in the atmosphere, still in the 60s and feeling muggy outside. but will be replaced by cooler, drier air, something to look forward to. 70s to low 80s in the yellow. in the green, the dew points in the 60s. again, feeling moisture out there, and we're tracking the big changes as eventually, we'll get cooler and drier air moving in here and with the warm, moist air ahead of it,
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air masses, that's the storm chance for today that will move into the phoenix by the afternoon, and eventually, a cold front will move through and brings us storm chances in the valley. futurecast, as you step outside this morning, we'll be dry through the early morning commute and watch for showers and storms to the west and northwest first, and notice towards know noon time to lunchtime, the storms will get closer t western maricopa county will be the place to watch and areas to the northwest. kingman, scattered storms through the morning. as we get in the afternoon in the valley, watch the line of storms that move to the east and storms are more scattered, not as widespread over the phoenix metro but at least a chance of scattered storms across the phoenix metro this afternoon. some could be on the strong side and it will continue to
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overnight, the cooler air will set into the valley and we'll get the drier air in, too. by tomorrow, clearing out the storm chances. so a 10% chance for a shower or thunderstorm after 9:00 this morning and i think it won't be until 3:00 to 6:00 that we see the best potential for thunderstorms in the phoenix metro. but again, a gradual increase and keep the abc15 mobile app when the storms head into the valley. any wind will have the potential of being strong especially west, northwest, strong winds, heavier downpours and small hail is not out of the question with storms that do fire up. we do have the threat of at least some severe storms in northwest arizona. temperatures will only top out at 90 but tomorrow, down in the 80s, and i have to detail out the weekend forecast further
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we have cool mornings to look forward to. just a couple of minutes ago, i told you about a crash on u.s. 60. it looks like it was just about cleared. it was gilbert westbound, something to look out for there. and let's give you a look from the adot cameras, loop 202, red mountain, eastbound near 32nd street block at least right now the hov and it looks like the fire department has arrived on scene. eastbound loop 202. these halls might be empty but, man n a few hours, they will be backed with veterans looking for a job. the big push by valley companies to get vets employed. have you installed your baby's car seat correctly? whether a seasoned veteran or a
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about the police takes. mark zuckerberg and his wife are committing $3 billion in the next decade in an attempt to end all disease. >> they will develop a high- tech research center. and published reports say that apple has been talking with two automotive companies including race car manufacturer maclaren who denied in but not working with apple. and sneakers powered by rechargable batteries. >> nike suggests that buyers make an appointment to buy
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the mercury players took a knee during their game but did win their game, 89-78 and ended the fever's run. by in the face can be funny but not this time when san francisco mayor kevin johnson
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after he spoke at a charity dinner, a man came up and took a by from his bag and threw it in his face. johnson tweeted out his appreciation for the police in keeping everyone safe. a scottsdale mother making national attention as she report that does her 3-year-old daughter was refusing to wear her seat belt. >> my son said, mommy, mommy, she unbuckled her seat belt. i knew this was a moment that i had a my husband and i, her life could be in danger. >> would you have done it? we'll hear more coming up on good morning, america after abc15 mornings. have you heard? fall begins today at 7:31:00 a.m., and we have the storm chances for you next. two mobile home fires in phoenix about 30 minutes apart. we're on the scene of both of them, dan.
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our top stories at 5:00 on abc15 mornings, crooks targeting you where you are the most vulnerable, around your children, lurking around schools and daycares looking to catch you off guard. plus, a deputy out here doing his job, targeted.
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is becoming a dangerous pattern. vote yes or no over legalizing pot? questions we will have to answer on election day at the ballot box and how schools are used to help you check the yes box. danielle lerner is off today, and we don't have much time to chat but we have a crash alert. loop 202, traffic is light but you will see delays at loop 202 in the eastbound direction right now the hov and left lane there. the fire department actually just left just make a couple of seconds going before we went on air. stay all the way to the right to get by this. a look from the traffic computer because we are already seeing a backup almost to the main stack. so you may want to take the 10 instead. but i think this will clear up hopefully, but you will see a


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