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tv   ABC15 News at 6PM  ABC  September 22, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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forecast before we bottom out at 67 degrees. tomorrow, 87 degrees still below average and coincidently, 87 degrees our high so far today as well. a dose of cooler air as fall kicks off in the valley. another warm up is headed our way. we take a look at the weekend coming up. with all that rain, it is no wonder it took crews a while to clear up this car pileup. look at that. we counted at least five from air 15. no word on injuries yet that police confirmed minutes ago that for you. now to democracy 2016, the donald trump candidacy trying to keep pace with history in arizona. most polls show trump and clinton neck and neck. >> trump sending his vice president pick to a church in mesa hoping to sway voters. >> jason valentine is liber that speech is now less than 30 minutes away. >> reporter: the party now getting ready for that mike pence speech.
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with another blue candidate. clearly, that campaign feeling the pinch here in arizona. the good news here tonight is preaching to the choir. 2000 people are able to fit into this church. about a third full right now. pence is very outspoken. as governor of indiana, he signed a controversial religious freedom bill many described as anti-gay. he describes himself as born- again evangelical chst catholic. many supporters want to hear that message. >> to be a christian now is supposedly a bad thing. i wept when i seen trump quote scriptures at the detroit meeting instead of quoting the koran. truck mike pence set to speak in about a half-hour. he is on schedule right now. we are strumming the whole speech on our website back to you.
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mike pence landed, democrats fired off at donald trump for his 1800 on the birther controversy. >> he didn't apologize for that. i think that is something that he should have done. he should have. a lot of the african-american, prominent african-american community members we had recalling for that. >> those prominent leaders want trump to apologize. trump tellin yesterday he just wanted to get back to campaigning and that was the reason for his comment. a story we have been following closely. that pulse officer seen on dash cam video moments before a shooting an unarmed black man. she will be surrendering at any moment. betty shelby charged a few hours ago with first-degree manslaughter for the death of the father of four, terence crutcher. his twin sister says tonight, your family is pleased with the charge and she says she hopes
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end to the innocent killing of black people by police. if guilty, she faces between four years and life in prison. meantime, police in california are holding officers accountable in a new way. as of today, all 800 departments must use an online tool to report each time an officer causes serious injury. everything from a broken bone to a deadly shooting. the developers see it as a model for other states. months ago. they sought -- thought this guy might know something about a murder. turns out, daniel lopez is the victim's husband and he is now charged with his wife's death. maria lopez's body was found last december. her husband was hiding out in mexico and was arrested days ago. first on acb15, eat your weed or go to jail. that is the option three officers gave a man during a
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those officers are out of a job and face losing their badge for good. we have details on the investigation we first broke on >> 1 g of marijuana was found in this car, about the size of this sugar packet. he got sick after swallowing it. >> reporter: the incident happened on 45th and mcdowell at 3:30 am when officers pulled over a 19-year-old for speeding. during the stop, eight done and weed were found in the car. they c they were wearing body cameras and those cameras were on a tall he was cited. once he was cited, the cameras were turned off and that deal to swallow the weed to get out of jail was offered. >> the allegations against these former officers are compelling, appalling, and extremely unprofessional. >> reporter: phoenix police still investigating why the cameras were turned off but they are also looking into why it took a week to investigate. >> this took place on october 13. we are sitting at september 22.
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of this issue. they need to start the investigative process immediately. he told the sergeant to delayed by several days. truck the big question, where they even planning to investigate? the department will look into that as well. that lieutenant says one officer was a lateral transfer from chicago. he and another officer could face criminal charges. all three will have their cases sent for review and they could lose their >> an era tone it -- arizona detention officer says roy remy got involved with an inmate sexually. the crime allegedly took place in august. roy remy admits it happened and has been removed from his post. he has worked as a detention officer since 2013. another report of a gun pointed on a valley freeway but this time, it sounds like a passenger may have fired a shot. troopers checked out the loop 101 at warner.
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but no luck. we are told it happened just after 4:00. if you find anything that matches and can help, call dps. they tout it as a form of school funding. a statewide ad campaign in which a spokesperson says the people and their money for schools commercials are a local mother, grandmother and teacher talking about how schools need more funding. according to a state report, legalizing marijuana could generate money for k-12. opposition says it could also lead to stoned teens. a 50 year plus prison sentence for a man trafficking drugs in and out of our state. we are told this guy is a five- time convicted felon, accused of selling meth to police undercover. it almost looks like this woman is confused by charges but sheriff's deputies have their investigation locked down. they say nicole shively and her husband put up a fight with
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take their two children in golden valley yesterday. demands for governor ducey from parents. they say what is supposed to be an improvement to the prison could be putting happy valley kids in danger. truck that's right. take a look at this building. it was just repurposed to serve about 600 parolees in the valley. while it may look like it is in the middle of nowhere, it is just a mi as a school and family hangouts. that is why parents are upset here. here's what they are saying. they are saying they want the governor's office to take action. they say they did not receive proper warnings that adult ex- cons would be coming here for programs and in some cases living here. they want the facility locked 24/7. they want the state to consider selling this entire correctional complex for redevelopment into
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and they want guarantees that community leaders will be consulted on future community corrections programs. >> they didn't consider the community in which they were coming into. there was no community outreach at all. they didn't survey the community to see what type of businesses or homes were up here or what type of families. >> reporter: doc officials say they weren't hiding anything, that the governor publicly proposed this, hearings at the state capital and at least one community meeting. they also say right here, there are drug treatment programs going on and programs for homeless people who have just gotten out of prison. they say these programs have shown to be good at lowering recidivism rates and keeping the community safer. he lashed out but he is still not getting results. here is the new plan to fight seek out. the governor just ordered the
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to make up their mind about where the money should come from. meantime, without a vaccine, states are leaning on the newest technologies to fight zika. this is the buffalo turbine. it is now being used in parts of texas to spray for mosquitoes up to 200 feet. oklahoma is not the only state recently rattled by man- made earthquakes. scientists say texas is going through the same thing. they say five earthquakes between 2012 and 2013 were caused by oil drilling methods in the largest one, a magnitude 4.8 but the number of matt -- earthquakes has decreased because activity deep underground went down. we're getting news about a devastating fire in central california. crews hope to contain the canyon fire of brandenburg air force base. it is about 70% and more than 12,000 acres have burned. a firefighter was killed in a truck crash while
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is grieving the death of its two dogs after an afternoon fire near sweetwater and cave creek road. no word on what caused the fire but it looks like it all started in that garage. pinned down by a piney branch. a tree trimmer will make a full recovery after an issue on the job today. while he was cutting the branch, it snapped, trapping him against the tree. trapped in a predicament. one valley homeowner taking it upon himself to clean up his neighborhood from dirty visitors. rested for scams in one have targeted for more and we have those details coming into the live desk. thinking about solar? we will let you know the questions to ask before making the move. this week's opponents, the buffalo bills, might be 0-2 but traveling across the country isn't going to be easy. it's been a stormy day here in the valley. .26 inches of rain, just over a quarter inch at phoenix sky harbor.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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it is a problem invading so many valley neighborhoods. one guy is so frustrated, he has taken matters into his own hands. >> a man is setting up traps to capture feral cats and then releasing them back into the community. sonu wasu talked to people who often work with animals and they say that is no go. >> reporter: in these traps, this man has captured more than 400 cats in the last few years. in the last 24 hours, one more wild neighborhood at captured by lyondell. >> they spray our doors. they claw and scratch at the cage. they scream a lot. >> reporter: fed up, he says the animal shelters won't take them in so he has taken matters into his own hands, driving the animals 30 to 40 miles down the
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out into the community. we informed him the animal defense league of arizona has a successful program to trap, neuter and release cats. >> i have not called them because it would be easier for me to just load them up in my truck and relocate them somewhere else. >> reporter: animal advocates, not happy to hear that saying it only makes things worse. >> it makes me cringe for a few reasons. first, i am worried about the cats but also the neighborhoods. if you happen to live in the neighborhood that's 30 or 40 miles down the road, thanks a lot. truck advocates have set up a special appointment for him to bring in the feral cats tomorrow. we passed on the information to him. for more on the program, go to the tally of charges might be going up against an ex-con accused of conning people in the valley because there may be more victims. scottsdale police tell us michael ortega scammed families
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work. homeowners paid him. however, police say he never held up his end of the deal. he conned people in for more valley cities, there they are. police say he may have stolen more than $30,000. you don't trust your hard- earned money with just any bank that is your account at the worst bank? that title goes to bank of america according to consumer finance research. they ranked 50 large banks and bank of america of 50 came 34th out of 54 consumer reports, second barkley, hsbc and wells fargo. on the flip side, front bank is ranked the best. here with producer courtney homes. the topic is solar. maybe have -- you have thought about it to save the earth, save some money.
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provider who hasn't had problems. >> how are you going to pay? finance? lease? why them out right? they have a pretty big cost so it is good to know how much they are going in. >> by how much could you save every month? you have to get in writing what the provider says. >> and look at the contract. that someone who you trust to look over it with you. at the 20 your commitment so you need to know exactly what u >> go to we have information there. no doubt we have plenty of sunshine but if you are ready for an island escape, canada is calling. the story trending on, if you haven't read it, a small business is offering a job and land to those willing to move to nova scotia. it's beautiful. the country says it's little village just really needs people. it is located in the heart of cape breton, an island a little
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acb15 sports brought to you by sanderson ford. >> the arizona cardinals travel to buffalo this weekend. it's close to nova scotia, right? they are taking on the bills but the bills are hungry for a win and there is already turmoil. head coach rex ryan fired his offense of coordinator after last week's game. playing with your back against the wall is always difficult. >> on the road. it's an exciting opportunity to see what it is going to be like in a very hostile environment. we haven't been there in 12 seasons. it's really unfamiliar territory. we are not accustomed to their personnel. it's a lot of things we haven't seen and it's going to be a great test for us. >> the arizona coyotes are kicking off another season at gila river arena. a fourth-place finish last year. captain shane doan says the team has a lot to prove. >> we have to be better than we
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there is times we are good but the goal for our group should be to consistently hold ourselves to a high standard. >> can you believe hockey is back already? >> i can a little, yeah. >> we just started football. the coyotes start practice tomorrow. the sun's report monday. >> we have a long way. >> i guess it's starting to feel more like football weather. >> i have been so busy for long. it's time for me to sit back. the rain is clearing out. it has been a stormy day. these rainfall totals just coming in. be significant in some spots. paradise valley getting just under three quarters of an inch of rain. scottsdale over a half-inch. mesa close to that. phoenix sky harbor over a quarter inch today. the sky is clearing out now as we look from our phoenix
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not much to track on desert doppler other than lingering showers in the higher terrain near payson and south of christopher creek toward younger and claims well. these are pushing off to the northeast and are weakening at this hour. otherwise, nice and quiet across the state and dryer air is already starting to come in behind today's cold front. that big swath coming into central arizona as we speak. it will be dropping dew points and humidity levels this evening for us in the phoenix metro. it is also going to keep our forecast quiet through tomorrow. there is futurecast going into saturday and it looks clear and quiet across the valley. your activity planner looks great. we have are bragging rights back and things are looking fantastic. green light on hiking, biking, running. we will see temperatures in the 60s through 6 am and 7 am. by 10 am, mid-70s. noon, 81 degrees and made 80s
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below average by more than 10 degrees. phoenix will hit 87 degrees, mesa, tempe and good year at 86 degrees, gilbert at 86 degrees. those in the 60s here. up north, highs in the 60s. prescott at 69 degrees, sedona at 72 degrees. there will be a 10% chance of a shower in the flagstaff forecast. still dealing with strong winds in the overnight hours going into tomorrow as a cold front continues to push off to the east. winds in the high country should back down by tomorrow we will see some breezes back in play here and some windier conditions up north sunday and monday as temperatures start to drop again. 87 degrees tomorrow, a warm up to 91 degrees on saturday. 95 degrees on sunday and then we drop a couple degrees as those winds pick up on monday. in the next half-hour, we take a look at our forecast across the state and we have your seven-day forecast so you know what to expect heading into next week. guns blazing, just steps away from kids.
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dramatic shootout. nasa may be forced to go to mars. it could be the law. how the election is playing a huge role in this decision. i'm getting information on a shooting happening.
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we want to get you more information on the breaking news. we are just hearing of a shooting in peoria. this is especially important
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an him -- an elementary school right here and a movie theater right over here. we don't know if they are looking for someone at this point but there is one person shot. we do not know their condition. just off the loop 101. we will keep you updated on the developing story. a developing feud between two rival gangs close to children. the shooting taking place at a gay stage -- a gas station in colorado. the guy in the white shirt fires a gun and then he back, firing again. no one was hurt and the gunman is now facing charges. republican vice president nominee mike pence is here. he is about to speak from mesa.
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o'halleran: i had some really tough cases as a police detective. but the problem in washington is as clear as day -- we can't trust our politicians to work for us. to hold the politicians accountable -- no pay for congress if they don't pass a budget, reduce the influence of big money and special interests, and no more first-class travel paid for by taxpayers. i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message
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vice presidential candidate mike pence is in the valley at this hour. you are looking at a live picture inside the living word church. they are going to have a town hall style meeting there. plenty of q&a. this is his third visit to the valley in the last few months. doors opened at 5:00. it is just starting to fill up. we will be streaming this live on our facebook page. that's acb15 arizona. there is always a lot to see in arizona and is tonight's rain. >> everybody got their fair share. here is a peak at your now and the grand canyon. >> there was so much water. it's a little mini whirlpool and midwest phoenix. amber sullins has your most accurate forecast. >> reporter: pretty incredible time lapse as those strong storms moved through the west valley this afternoon dumping a
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inch as we showed you earlier. take a look at the structure on this storm. it was incredible to watch it role in from the west end it brought our sky harbor total to up over a quarter inch. we are back in the clear across the valley. lingering showers in the higher terrain. take a look at the monsoon so far. we have about a week left in monsoon season and we are now just shy of the average to date. 2.47 inches total over the last four months or so .09 below average. we do not have any more rain chances in play as we finish out the monsoon season. we are drying up big time as we head into next week. temperatures also staying below average as a cooler air settles in tonight behind today's cold front. we will take a look city by city across the valley coming up. they have the video but we won't be seeing it anytime soon. i am tracking new developments from the live desk out of charlotte, north carolina. we are watching ms. liked the
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far described as peaceful after one man was shot and killed last night. several officers were hurt last night as well. the mayor just announced a curfew will be in effect until 3 am in that area. the protests come as the city police chief refuses to release dash cam and by cam footage of the killing of keith scott. he says it will only be made public when there is a co the family was able to see it within the last hour. their lawyer says scott's widow saw him get shot and can't make out in the video if he is holding a gun or anything at all. >> this family has questions and they deserve answers. this community deserves answers. we are hearing this side of the story. that side of the story. it seems as though every which way you look, there is a witness who says i saw this.
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saw that. >> the demonstrators have been demanding answers with some chanting "right now release the video." we will continue to keep you updated from the live desk. other cities have released footage of police shootings. this week, we showed you that video out of tulsa. a few hours ago, we sent out a mobile alert to your cell phone set the involved officer has now been charged with first- degree manslaughter. arrangements are being made everybody shape -- for betty shelby to surrender. the video shows terence crutcher walking away before she opened fire. police say he was unarmed, had no gun in the car either. the oklahoma governor says she hopes the tried -- she hopes the charge provides comfort to the family and community. if convicted, shall be could face the minimum of four years
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shelby could face a minimum of four years in prison. colby horrigan got in this home your 57th and cactus through a doggie door. he took a bunch of stuff along with credit cards and a car. police say he used the credit card to buy on -- by an ipad for his grandmother. deputies say they weren't there for the furniture or the meatballs. these two were at the ikea to deal drugs. mcso's says they got busted in an undercover sting. they say jorge tirurentas was already busted for being in the country illegally. border crimes in our state. to counties will benefit from this. the funds will help put sheriff's deputies on arizona's new border strikeforce. getting answers in the new york bombings from the woman who may know the suspect best, his wife. she is back in the usa and talking with federal agents right now. it is ahmed rahami's father being the most that's bacon --
6:35 pm
his son. rahami set off a bomb in new jersey and one in new york where he may have cased the neighborhood two days before. they also say right after the blast, he went home. rahami's public defender is trying to get him a court date so he can hear the federal terrorism charges against him. if you have seen as many political ads as we have, you may know some include videos from acb15 newscasts. many have -- many of you have asked, but we have nothing to do with creating they were produced without our permission or knowledge and political campaigns have every right to do that. but we want to make clear is that acb15 news never supports the use of our video for partisan political attacks. that is a stance you can count on from us through election day. a developing story as john mccain makes sure vets who depend on the phoenix va hospital have someone who is making the calls smoothly. they just sent a letter to the va asking the department to
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we can't stop watching this. an epic takedown on video. rattlesnakes doing battle near scottsdale. snake removals are skyrocketing. joe bartellis has the video you will only see on acb15. >> reporter: two adult male rattlesnakes packed with powerful than him duke it out on the back patio of a home just east of scottsdale. this late-night fight went on for three hours for quite a >> those are two male rattlesnakes that were fighting for dominance over the area and after one of my guys got there he found a female rattlesnake underneath the barbecue in the background. >> reporter: snake experts say this is the time of year cooler weather puts snakes and winter prep mode, eating, mating and sometimes fighting for lady snakes. one couple could only watch. >> for the first hour and a half, i was just going what do i do? i've got these two rattlesnakes
6:37 pm
>> look at the backs of their rattles. trip these snakes were moved back to the desert but the outskirts of the valley are a hotbed for snakes right now. joe bartellis, abc15 news. i have got another shooting coming in. i want to get you to the latest details. i'm just finishing punching this up. this is near bethany home and 91st avenue. we do not know how has been hurt. we do not know if they are searching for the shooter but this is close to the university of phoenix stadium. it is really close to the shooting i told you about on the other side of the 101. i will keep you updated on all of these just developing, just coming in. meantime, new video coming into the live desk. this would have been a scary ride. there wasn't a fire. there were no kids on board. let's take you to this bus.
6:38 pm
of seeing smoke coming from the engine. look how scary that would be. this is about 4:15 pm this afternoon right near dobson and university. police right on it. the good news is, no kids were on board. crews say by the time they arrived, there was no actual fire, just a lot of smoke and a scary scene. >> certainly, katie. hackers go after the white house. have you seen this yet? the first lady's passport leaked online but that is not
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she traveled with us. she has been campaigning with us, doctor anderson. she says every time she says she graduated -- we say she graduated from college and she's with us, she says it makes it sound like i don't have a job. it's one of the things we have
6:42 pm
early on. when we were first approached the month of june about whether or not we would be willing to be considered, one of the things we said was we make decisions as a family. we would want to know them and have them know our family. so we spent fourth of july weekend, doctor anderson, we were invited to join the trump family there. you are listening to republican nominee --'s -- republican vice presidential nominee mike pence at the living bird church in mesa. plenty of people right in front. plenty of time for q&a. it's similar to the one he held earlier today in colorado. it is his third visit to arizona in less than two months. donald trump has been here five times campaigning for the white
6:43 pm
if you would like to watch this in its entirety, i just checked this in on the facebook page. you can listen right there. your email, phone number and so much more stolen in a massive hack without you even knowing. the big change you need to make tonight. talk about paying your dues and hanging in there. new quarterbacks who have been put by dish cut by more than a couple teams are getting a shot with the bears. we're drying out in the valley after a wet day.
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6:46 pm
another live look at presidential nominee -- vice presidential nominee might fence in mesa. we are streaming this live for you on our acb15 facebook page. meantime, arizona democrats are pounding the phone lines. while volunteers call prospective voters, they are joined by the human rights
6:47 pm
choice words for donald trump. >> donald trump is a bully, a demagogue. that is what he is seen as in this state and around this country. states that maybe six months ago or a year ago were not front and center are today. >> while most of those candidates are busy this weekend, they face off in their first presidential debate monday in new york. watch it live right here on abc15 or stream it on facebook. immune to hackers. this scam appears to be michelle obama's passport. the secret service is really concerned about this. the hacking group dc leaks posted the scam on twitter along with white house staffers private communications. this is the same group reportedly behind the hacking of colin powell's account. your yahoo account, not safe either.
6:48 pm
massive data breach two years ago of at least 500 million accounts. the stolen information includes user names, email addresses, phone numbers and security questions for verifying your id. they also recommend you change your password right away. a consumer alert tonight. if you think you can go hands- free in the tesla self driving cars, a new software update means drivers must keep their hands on the wheel or the automatic steering turns off and won't restart until the car is parked. ac on if the cargoes be -- above 105 degrees. mandatory mission to mars could be on the agenda for congress. since we do not know who will run the white house yet, lawmakers want to protect future missions for nasa. a senate committee just approved a bill requiring the space agency to make it to mars. the goal for now is set for 2030. talk about a strange twist of events and just how quickly
6:49 pm
being a starter. to former quarterbacks who were cut loose by the cardinals are now 1-2 on the chicago bears depth chart. brian hoyer played in 2012 and with jay cutler out, he is now the starting -- starter for the bears. matt barkley was released by the cards at training camp a few weeks ago. now, he is the backup. how is that for a great lesson in hard work and perseverance? player is with his sixth team in eight years and barkley is on his six team in four seasons. sometimes you just have to hang do, you may just get your shot. i love these stories. just persevere over and over until they get that shot. they get a shot. it's kind of fun. >> have to pay attention to their families to's they have to pick out the move. >> matt's family drove from california to arizona. it's a longer drive to chicago.
6:50 pm
good luck to those guys. it is the first day of fall. it is only fitting that we find the newest pumpkin spice treats. pumpkin spice french fries. >> we have gone too far. >> [ laughter ] >> weight, there is more. they are also drizzled with chocolate. mcdonald's plans to serve us up but only in japan starting next week for halloween. >> we are going donuts instead. >> i haven't had while. >> in my 20s, i had tastebuds like that. right now, 78 degrees, humidity 76% and our dew point at 70 degrees. dryer air is coming in. we are going to see humidity and dew point indicators drop in the next several hours. winds are coming out of the east right now at eat -- 8 miles per hour. take a look at current temperatures. glendale 84 degrees, deer valley and scottsdale at 78 degrees and across the states,
6:51 pm
60s in prescott, sedona and payson. 64 degrees currently in show low. we have pretty strong winds in the higher terrain. all along that i-40 corridor. but especially across northwestern portions of our state. checkout kingman and bullhead city. wins over 20 miles per hour and gusts near 40 miles per hour at this hour. a wind advisory still in effect for that area for another hour or so until 8 pm and then we still see strong breezes overnight, which will shift further to the east as the cold the overnight forecast. the four corners looking breezy if not windy overnight. window rock bottoms out at 51 degrees, 53 degrees and show low and winslow, 39 degrees and prescott. here in the valley, 60s. tomorrow, 87 degrees. 72 degrees in sedona, 73 degrees and kingman and low 80s for globe and suffered out to the east. city by city, notice the averages.
6:52 pm
average. we are going to be well below that tomorrow. sky harbor about 11 degrees below that. fountain hills, 85 degrees, gilbert, chandler, mesa 86 degrees, cave creek 82 degrees and 87 degrees in avondale and peoria. those are our warmest spots tomorrow afternoon. it is going to be a beautiful day. we have 60s in the morning. by 8 am, low 70s. in the 70s at 10:00. the 80s at lunchtime. mid to late afternoon hours. then a warm up to the weekend. temperatures in the 60s overnight. highs returned to the 90s saturday and sunday. more breezes sunday, monday and tuesday. a subtle drop next week but we remain in the 90s from saturday on. the coyotes have hit the ice. we are headed to the ice den in chandler where the islanders face off against the chandler canadians.
6:53 pm
their gear as the sun sets on the ice den in chandler. it's the championship game between the visiting scottsdale islanders and the chandler canadians and it's all smiles in the islanders locker room as the team snaps on their gear. as far as brady is concerned, it is all about which team is best. >> i hope we are a lot better. >> reporter: in the canadian's locker room, the guys are ready to go, getting excited while they wait. it's time to play. with that, we are on the ice. but after a scoreless first period, the islanders turn up the heat. number 34 scottsdale, brady sheridan scores the first of three goals on the night. and then his second and it's 2 to zero. but number nine, cooper gets the canadians back in the game with this dramatic goal. number 50, connor mcdonald, put the icing on the cake for scottsdale. this second goal for chandler.
6:54 pm
trick and the islanders when the first ever crosstown rivalry. it's the thrill of victory. and the agony of defeat. congratulations islanders and canadians. you are this week's small stuff. brought an only primetime lineup on acb15 tonight. in minutes, it's the 13th season of
6:55 pm
o'halleran: i had some really tough cases as a police detective. but the problem in washington is as clear as day -- we can't trust our politicians to work for us. tom o'halleran has a plan to hold the politicians accountable -- no pay for congress if they don't pass a budget, reduce the influence of big money and special interests, and no more first-class travel paid for by taxpayers. because you deserve leaders you can trust. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
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another live look right now of vice presidential nominee mike pence in mesa right now at a church. heta minutes ago. most recently touching on religion and asking for people to pray for the country. it is his third visit in less than two months. listen in on our acb15 facebook page. it is streaming live there for you now. we stay dry for the weekend. temperatures in the 80s tomorrow.
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every day i get to play a brilliant, complex, get it done woman. who obsessively fights for justice, who gives a voice to the voiceless, who cares. that's television. ld, the real world has hillary clinton. a bonafide, rolls up her sleeves, fights for whats right, in it for you, champion for all of us. that's why we're with hillary, join us.
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previously on "grey's anatomy"... i want -- i want a wife and a house and a family! amelia and, uh, owen's wedding today -- i want that! i can't marry him because i'm already married. okay, don't do that, okay? let's get you into you bed. no, no. stop. [ laughs ] dr. karev, hold on. hey. what are you -- alex! bailey: you made an astonishing error in judgment... if you had been anyone else, you wouldn't have been suspended. you would have been fired. and i'm done talking about this here -- church and state. my baby is dying, its blood supply is cut off, and it's going to die. you saved two lives today. i like him. -who? -riggs. i really like him. ?


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