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tv   ABC15 News at 430AM  ABC  September 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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it's 4:30. here are some of your top stories. the two sides in the charlotte situation with another round of riots destroying the city while some are taking a moment, calming racial tensions with free hugs. >> some of the most popu hotels in the valley told they have a new owner this morning. what it means for customers and employees in the valley. >> i am very, very displeased with their activity. i was going to fire him. >> one man didn't get the munchies from marijuana. he was forced to east the evidence and now, the police
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officers, bizarre. good morning. it's abc15 in the morning. and a cooler start, guys, but i am looking for a few clouds across the valley, and you can see them on the time lapse from the arizona department of environmental quality. some of the clouds could produce light showers mainly in the valley and southeast of the phoenix metro. keep in mind at 6:00 a.m., a 10% chance in the forecast but most of us like we are now will stay nice and dry as we look live at the abc15 desert doppler. again, mainly for the southeast valley, and after that, a drier day on tap. i'll have more in a few minutes. breaking overnight, a scary situation. while you were sleeping, a suspect fleeing from police driving at a high rate of speed, 100 plus, and then a barricade situation at a
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>> your lives are in danger. >> that was dps tells the customers and us to get away, and some onlookers went into a bar. at one point, police officers moved the security cameras so the man would not see the s.w.a.t. team taking up positions. you can see him in cuffs after he gave himself felony warrants. officers in two cities trying to connect two shootings, the latest at 95th and bethany home road near phoenix stadium. the victim in critical condition in the case and 3 and a half miles north of that scene, peoria pd investigating this near 91st and northern. that man also shot and is in
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police departments looking for more information. when we get it, we'll pass it along to you. they vow to protect our community and a few hours from now, the arizona guardian angels will be back on the street. that's video from the patrol last month. tonight beginning at 6:00, they will patrol more of south phoenix. the last time that the serial street shooter struck was on july 11. it was a $75,000 reward to find wall silent witness with any tips. and to the unrest in charlotte. if you haven't heard it, the overnight curfew was lifted about 3:00 our time. the riots, quieter on thursday night. no reports of officers or civilians getting injured. and there is pressure to
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stop. >> we have law enforcement saying that they recovered the gun from the scene and multiple witnesses say that he didn't have a gun. at the end of the day, we don't create the facts. >> images have been released showing a gun next to scott's family, and the scott family did watch the videos and say they cannot tell what exactly was in keith scott's hand, dan. >> chris, a lot of violence in charlotte, parts of the destroyed, but there is hope in the free hugs project, and it began a couple of years ago. you might have heard about this after the marathon bombing. the man, he travels the count rye and calls himself a peace ambassador, and what taunted by protesters, he said police need our compassion, too. they are people, not robots. i'm justin pazera live in
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regarding some of the largest hotels in the valley and resorts like this one, the sheraton. they have been sold. so hotels like this sheraton right here, they now have a new owner. marriott announcing the $13 billion deal to purchase starwood. it's done. big hotels, the w scottsdale, the sheraton, the big hotel in downtown phoenix, just a few. and those brands will the marriott umbrellas. i talked with the ceo of marriott and he told me that the jobs in the valley, they should not be impacted. the only places we'll see the shift is the high-level ranking employees, for instance, dan, saying that they do not need two ceoss. dan? >> 30 hotel brands are now under the marriott brand. and it seems like marriott hotels are everywhere.
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now? >> reporter: 5800 hotels in 110 countries and the ceo told me this is the largest hotel chain in the world and one of the big questions is are we going to see a name change? i asked the ceo and he very that answer coming up in the 5:00 hour. dan? >> justin, a world wide ripple. thank you. we are digging into records after three now ex-police officers here, fired after they are accused of forcing an inmate to eat marijuana. we have found complaints against one, jason mcfadden, and he was only reprimanded for one of several complaints but the police chief said they will
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>> we'll dive into that and make sure if there were red flags we didn't catch, we'll address them. >> mcfadden and richard pena under investigation, and a fourth lieutenant was demoted for staying silent. we have learned that he was disciplined before for telling an inappropriate joke and using the "n" word. chris, just a bizarre story. >> sure is. and meanwhile, we talk much about the heroin epidemic, and just coming into the live desk, a record-breaking bust in five states including in arizona. in new york, 35-kilograms of heroin and fentanyl, the largest ever for the organized crime task force. new york's attorney general expected to release details of the operation later today
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arizonans involved. and staying here at home, breaking overnight, a deadly night here on the roads. we told you about this at the top of the newscast. let's get to it right now. we are on the scene of two different rollover crashes on different sides of the valley. abc15's allison rodriguez is live at u.s. 15 and valdosta, and they just re-o just moments ago, chris, and adot made quick work of getting it re-opened. only one vehicle involved in this one here, not sure how the driver lost control but two people were ejected and were taken to the hospital. fortunately, we believe they will survive and be okay. one person, not so lucky in a rollover in the west valley. two vehicles involved in that
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one person there ejected and unfortunately died. the causes of both the crashes are now under investigation. let's go ahead and check in with our traffic expert mallory moore. yeah, allison, and just as that was re-opening, we have another closure in the west valley, loop 303 southbound closed at i-10 because of an early morning crash. opening that shortly. hop up indian school and maybe take bullard until they re-open the ramp. the i-10 at 15th, looking busier but not too bad for eastbound drivers but there was a crash at 51st and it looks like it has cleared up, and that's why you are probably seeing heavier traffic. iris? mallory, the good news is we are not adding rain to the mix this morning but did you
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yesterday? several parts of the valley getting showers and storms. the rain in the san tan valley where the video is from here, and we love to see what is happening in your neighborhood. don't forget to send them in to and this morning, we should get good sunrise pictures. no rain in the valley but a few pop ups to the northeast and an area to watch off to the globe, florence, and queen creek with a 10% chance of a few spotty showers. the 10% chance you see in the forecast is to account for the east valley spots that potentially could get a stray shower. it's 77 degrees and we'll drop that a few degrees further before we start the warm up into the mid-80s. that's it. a look at the weekend forecast in a few minutes.
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harbor. if there are delays, it may be the mechanics. it could be bigger than the super bowl, a showdown we have been waiting for, but what do the presidential nominees need to do to walk away with a win? and time to take a knee because colin kaepernick's decision put him at the top of a not so favorable poll. and are you crazy about your arizona cardinals? join us as we talk monday and friday night,
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here at abc15, we want you to think about donating an old bicycle. it could really be a holiday miracle for a child in foster care. we're teaming up with earnhardt
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recycle your bicycle campaign. you can drop off any old bike at any earnhardt location, donate your money or time or volunteer to fix up your bikes. get all you need to know at barb bikes. what a day it was yesterday; right? iris hermosillo has more coming nice couple days of fall, chris. and it's going to be the biggest night in the presidential race so far, donald trump and hillary clinton squaring off for the debate. theysay trump needs to remain calm and collected and clinton needs to take a different approach. >> she can't talk down to the audience in a way that makes
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another person in washington, d.c. that doesn't relate to our life. >> the audience is asked not to react, no cheers, no boos. expertssay that the tv audience is expected to reach super bowl levels, dan, super bowl levels, and arizona, front and center. >> we'll be watching, chris, and the candidates are not ignoring our state. the latest campaign stop, mike pence in the valley talking with 800 people at the living word bible church. she talked religion and immigration. coming up in the 5:00 hour, what he has to say about the unrest and protests across the country. 45 days out until election day but the early voting ballots are out and ready for voters begin today, so it begins. here in arizona, early voting begins october 12. you have to be registered to vote by october 10.
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chris? dan, new this morning, san francisco 49er colin kaepernick making headlines every weekend when he kneels during the national anthem. not all press is good press. a national e poll finds he is the most hated player in the nfl but his popularity is reaching record numbers among african-americans, and his protest has landed him on the cover of time magazine. the marijuana dispensary will open in scottsdale in a former bank building 6800 square feet. harvest of scottsdale will have specials all grand opening weekend. this morning, i want to share new video out of utah where a tornado touched down. the national weather service confirming it hit at 4:00 yesterday, and it hit quickly. >> i looked out the kitchen
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in a circle, yelled at my wife, let's get to the back room, and it hit. >> luckily, most people were able to take cover. there were report was a few injuries but nothing nairnlg -- major that we heard of, and that was spawned by the same system we saw move through our state yesterday, and it brought the showers and the thunderstorms in the afternoon just as expected but this morning, a nice, quiet drive into work for most as we look live from the phoenix children's hospital tower cam, loop 202 and 51, hard to see but the roads are all dry. when you step outside. don't worry about the rain delaying the drive into work but look at the temperatures, 77 degrees and the humidity is elevated but in the last hour, the dew points from the 50s into the 60s and that means we are tapping into the drier air
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out early this morning, maybe for a walk or a run, it will be a great morning for it. we will have lingering clouds earlier in the day and they will clear and the drier air will push in. and we will see the mostly sunny skies likely around 9:00 to 10:00 this morning. we'll be 70 degrees by 7:00 a.m. and the gradual warm up with temperatures in the 70s even by 10:00 this morning. now, i mentioned the drier air. you can really see it s look at the moisture around the state and so much drier to the west. and all that is pushing east into the valley. so by later today, it will feel much more less humid and we'll clear out the storm chances later today. watch for a stray shower until 6:00 a.m. and after that i will clear out the storm and rain chances completely. we'll watch areas to the southeast through the day
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evening, mostly clear and tomorrow morning mostly clear. i am tracking changes going into early next week. weekend see a boost in moisture and it will mean more cloud cover to start the week with the rain chances going up in the valley in the early and middle part of the week. and if you are looking to go through the car wash, we'll stay dry bu the rain chances return. 86 the high today and we'll talk more about the overnight lows heading into the weekend and when to expect the coolest temperatures coming up in just minutes. and your desert drive times are nice and light including the east valley drivers. u.s. 60, a 14-minute drive from
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it's very light and no problem spots there. but i want to give you a look at i-10 at 75th, looking heavier for this time of the morning but the ramp and the area loop 303 southbound that was closed because of a crash, that is all back open, and sticking with the roads, drivers in tempe, you will notice the new box on the roadway. the bike box has improved visibility for bikers, just installed at 10th and mill. you need to stop at the line, drivers, and let the bicyclist fill in the space between cars in the intersection. the city of tempe hopes this will prevent crashes. >> we refer to them as a more vulnerable user and they don't have the luxury of a car surrounding them and having the separation and allowing them to move in the front creatings a safer experience. >> this is part of the push to
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friendly. if all goes well, you could see more green bike boxes popping up. chris? mallory, a picture is worth a thousand word bus this is creating a bigger effect. >> the battle for congressional district 1. where will candidates will be debates over breakfast. yahoo reveals more than 500 million accounts have been hacked. >> the personal data including names, passwords, birth stolen in 2014. some iphone 7 users are experiencing a software glitch with wired ear pods claiming that they stopped working after a few minutes meaning that they can't adjust the volume or access siri. and people who often count the number of facebook likes on photos and posts may not be
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won't affect the likes as much of those who are self
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if you're taking a weekend get away, you could see delays at sky harbor airport because this morning, there will be picketers from 7:30 until
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demanding a better contract from southwest airlines. southwest airlines say they are committed to striking a deal, dan. rain and many of the clouds have cleared up. time to plan the weekend. it's friday and we're here for you too. this weekend is the last maricopa county home and garden show of the year. we stopped by for a preview. more than 900 booths will be set up, the longest home show in the southwest. there is really something for the whole family. >> everything from home improvement to landscaping to garden. we have our celebrity guest this is weekend that we are excited about. >> hillary and david from "love it or list it" will be there tomorrow. so head out for that. it's $8 for adults and all happening at the arizona state fair grounds. and talking stick a rena tomorrow will have a viewing party as the phoenix mercury battle the new york liberty.
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playoffs. if you have a sense of curiosity about the sky you won't want to miss the night viewing event tomorrow north of tucson. if you are into extreme sports, it is first ever enduro cross is coming to scottsdale. >> enjoy a movie in the park. the city of mesa kicks off the series tomorrow night. celebrate hispanic heritage month with a f happening at the peoria sports complex tomorrow night. for more, head to we are heading into the weekend with highs only in the mid-80s this afternoon but i'll show you the warm up into the weekend next. we have a safety alert this morning as police take a dangerous man off the streets. you won't believe the disturbing charges. that story and much more coming our way on abc15 mornings.
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our top stories at 5:00, surveillance pictures showing a disgusting and disturbing scene as a man flings an unconscious woman over his shoulder and takes her off to be sexually assaulted. he pied kevin johnson in the face.
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again, the jailhouse interview you have got to hear. some of the biggest hotels in the valley sold. will their names change? we'll have the answer coming up. welcome to abc15 mornings on this friday. you can see someone is missing, danielle lerner with the day off and mallory has the traffic and i'm really excited about what iris will tell us. >> right? it's fall. and as temperatures dropping. we are at 73 degrees as the skies continue to gradually clear and drier air moves in. on your way out the door, it will feel great and you may even roll the windows down as you drive into work. we will have lingering clouds but they will continue to clear off to the east. so lunch time, mostly sunny skies. light breezes this morning and this afternoon, and it's going to be a beautiful afternoon with highs only in the 80s


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