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tv   ABC15 News at 5PM  ABC  September 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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area, police say that ramirez found his victim, abducted here, and assaulted her multiple times in that parking grand jury you see there. now they were able to release these pictures that appears to be him showing a passed out woman. she was left alone while her friend went to get their car, and that's when they believe he struck. detectives say a lot of this is all caught on parking garage came woman and also driving away. it's not hard to notice the cameras in the parking garage. many of them seen from just outside, and they capture his movements that night. >> it freaks me out because i go out and leave my car here when i do go out. so yeah, it's scary. >> i don't even see shady people in the garage ever. >> reporter: now that's one of the cameras you see right there belonging to the parking
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back to his home and assaulted her two more times. we knocked on the door listed in court papers, but no one was there to answer, and the suspect told detectives he made a mistake that night and he's not a bad guy. >> really troubling story. thank you so much. they say this happened five years ago, but police not taking this sex assault case lightly. this is allen johnson, a teacher, and acc sex with a student at cactus high in glendale. officers say he had sex with the teen twice in one day. we're told he admitted to the crime. paradise valley schools put him on paid leave. into the live desk now. we have a face to put to the name. a mug shot of a valley detention officer accusedth of having an inappropriate relationship with an inmate. he's charged with four counters of sexual contact.
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jail, and he confessed to it and was removed from his post. in peoria we know a 20-year- old man is in critical condition after he was shot multiple times. list are activity searching for who pulled the trigger, and they say there's a good chance more than one person is on the run tonight. it was a crazy chase on multiple valley freeways, and you watched it all unfold on abc the speeds soars past 100 miles per hour. megan thompson found out who was behind the wheel. >> reporter: he was wanted for multiple wanters. >> >. vehicle at 102 miles per hour cutting through traffic now. >> reporter: tonight the specific has a few more -- suspect has a few more charges on his record. >> what's the reason for the pursuit? >> it's felony flight. >> reporter: the police trying
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old. police say he peeled off and drove along i-10 and route 51. >> suspect called and advised he has a gun. >> reporter: the well, a rifle carrying it with him after he bailed out. >> the vehicle pulled into a gas station on the northwest of 32 street and cactus. >> reporter: and he barricaded himself inside for an hour before surrendering. he's facing a felony charge for kidnapping, ransom and related to those inside the gas station at the time, but he's got a long list of other charges he has to deal with, the one he was running from in the first place. thank you. he admitted to murdering his wife and son in goodyear, but today he pleaded not guilty to the same crimes. he was recently released from the state hospital and put in jail. he killed his wife and son in 2013, their bodies found inside a home.
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fearing he gave his wife hiv after sleeping with prostitutes. and a phoenix man who already served time for threatening a deputy county attorney is now facing charges for stalking her. he kept showing up in the courtroom where the lawyer was, and also found a rifle in his home. a serial murderer still on the loose in the valley, and it's not just police trying to catch him. the ph angels back on the streets tonight to tell everyone what to watch for. they've been out and about before. this is video showing them on patrol last month, and tonight starting at 6:00 they plan to make their way through more of south fiorina. the last time -- phoenix. the last time the serial shooter struck was back in july. the video still shocking to watch, and now the ntsb
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most of what's in the report we already know. it does say one of four sky divers heard a loud noise and noticed damage to the left wing. the divers bailing out and the pilot as well, suffering burns. beautiful friday afternoon, and mid-80s out thereto now, but we -- there right now, but we topped out in the 80s, 10 degrees below where we should be. mostly clear skies. li mountain. no clouds out there. 85 degrees, light winds, keep things dry tonight. clear. in the low 80s by 7:00. upper 70s at 8:00 and then 76 into thed hour. -- into the 9:00 hour. overnight in the 60s, and then tomorrow a little warmer. we're headed up to 90, so going to be a beautiful saturday afternoon. we'll continue to warm, and breezes returning for the
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in phoenix, two deadly crashes both involved bicyclists. the first this morning on van buren brother a truck hit and killed a man on a bike. the driver did stay on the scene. then near the loop 202 ramp, the driver of a cement truck ran into a man riding his bike, dragging him several feet. the driver stopped. smoke billows from a scottsdale townhouse with a woman stuck inside. she's now in we're waiting to learn her condition. air 15 up over the scene. 91st and shea. there was a fire in a bedroom. crews jumped into action after learning the woman was inside. they were able to get her out. no word on what started the fire. in the meantime another fire, this one also in the valley leaving a man with burns to his face. the flames breaking out this morning near46th and mcdowell in phoenix.
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out. the mans burns were not severe. he was treated on scene. walking the picket lines. why dozen of mechanics at sky harbor are upset with a well
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happening right now, we've got a recovery of a body going on in buckeye. air 15 just getting there. you see the buckeye fire department arriving on the scene, and this is the canal they're looking into. mcso just telling us a body has indeed been found out there. they're making efforts to recover it and find out what happened there and who the person was. right now we're making calls to learn more as well, and as soon as we know more we'll pass it
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it. dozens of airline mechanics walking the picket lines at sky harbor, about a hundred picketing at terminal 4 this morning, upset with southwest airlines. the organization leading this says there are contract issues with the employees. they say the airline is outsourcing local work to unlicensed workers in other countries. >> the technicians have been four years without a contract, and they want a contract. ey >> southwest says it's committed to working toward a solution in all of this, and they will focus time and energy discussing issues at the table. law enforcement officers honoring their own. nine brave officers and deputies taking home awards for valor, and one of them is a chandler police officer shot in the line of duty by a gunman at a wal-mart, and tonight he's speaking out for the first time. sonu wasu is here now with his story. >> reporter: most of these men
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the limelight, not fond of going on camera to share their stories, but this room is full of some of the bravest. >> as much we don't like to say it, it was kind of a routine call, not something you think twice about. it just goes to show how quickly things can change. >> reporter: a trespassing call that almost turned deadly. a chandler police officer took two rounds to the chest, knocked to the ground, guy dead while still on the floor. >> the bullet proof vest absolutely saved my life. getting shot in the vest one of the rounds was very close to the top of the neck, felt like i was getting punched in the throat. >> reporter: just two years on the force he's now going home with an award for valor. eight other officers and
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you can read their stories on >> boy, are we glad they're okay. we're also hearing from those that live to tell their stories, but today was also a day to honor those that didn't make it. a fallen officer, david glasser recognized by his peers today. the family there to receive the honor. trying to offer some context. see the video showing a deadly police shooting, and find out who released this today. the show down for congressional district 1
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a new page of controversy for sheriff paul babeu. sources tell us the fbi has subpoenaed records related to how babeu's office used seized criminal money also known as rico funds. critics have said pcso's use of the foundation is like money laundering. he funds to fuel his campaign. it may already be illegal campaigning with government resources. or if they're just being used to make the sheriff look good, as he runs for congress.
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she was in and out pretty quickly this morning. the officer charged in the deadly shooting of a man in tulsa released on bond about 20
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betly shelby charged with first degree manslaughter in the death of terrance crutcher. he was shot after his suv stopped in a road last week. video shows him walking towards the car with his hands raised before getting hit. shelby's attorney says she thought he ignored commands and was reaching for a weapon. a lot of people just wait for the video to come out and judge for themselves what's happening out there. that was no different surrounding the deadly police shooting in charlotte, and video did come out today. ha find this video graphic. it was released by the family of keith scott. a woman identified as scott's widow captured the encounter. police have said he was holding a gun when they shot him, but his family say he was not armed. the shooting has sparked a week of protests in charlotte. two arizona candidates for congress going at one another today in casa grande. candidates for the first district wouldn't stick to the
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paul babu and tom o' halloran went at it. >> reporter: the biggest issue at today's debate wasn't jobs, taxes, or even health care, it was integrity. heat yachtpaul babu says this was evidence he wasn't abusing kids at a his opponent says he's never been above board about this. >> i don't think it's appropriate in a position of authority to have inhumane treatment to at risk children with psychological and behavior problems and still think he can run for congress. >> nobody interviewed or deposed was ever found responsible for anything. nobody was charged for
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smear attack publicly, instead of talking about jobs, all of the issues that matter to us here. >> reporter: most of this morning's debate was sidetracked about his integrity and o' halloran's true political background. he once served as a republican. congressional open seat and is a swing area, so the next few weeks really matter. back to you. thank you. now to the race for the presidency. debate day right around the corner. new poll out today showing hillary clinton with a lead over donald trump. the poll revealing the democratic nominee with a six- point edge over the republican nominee. earlier this week the wall street journal poll finding clinton leading by a similar margin.
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with low favorable numbers overall. and ted cruz endorsing donald trump after a dramatic snub at the republican convention. cruz writing a facebook post that he'll now vote for trump on election day. meanwhile clinton off the trail, but her running mate talking about the recent police shootings in dallas. >> we see the communities around the co that exists between law enforcementforcement. >> trump and clinton will square off in the first presidential debate monday. some say it's the most highly anticipated campaign event of the season. the two will go toe to toe on a stage, and you can walk all the action here on abc 15 starting at 6:00. hope you've been enjoying
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sunny skies and we're keeping things dry as we head into the rest of the evening. behind the cold front we're sitting at 84 in phoenix, 86 in chandler, and we'll fall into the 60s and 50s as you wake up tomorrow morning. in fact we haven't seen temperatures, morning low temperatures this cool since may, so it's been awhile. 64 tonight in phoenix. wind speeds light out of the north, northeast direction at 10 miles per hour. the forecast tomorrow, today we topped out at 88, tomorrow 90, so tomorrow a nice afternoon, warmer, but below average highs and sunny skies and a few breezes between 10 and 15 miles per hour. so overall light winds, no rain chances, upper 80s for mesa, tempe, glendale, and goodyear topping out at 89 tomorrow. right now in the 50s in flagstaff, it's 56 at the grand canyon, 61 in window rock, 67 in prescott, and 70s and 80s for lake havasu and bullhead
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storm system that kicked the cold front through well off to the north. it's bringing snow showers through the rockies. we have showers and thunderstorms through new mexico and just a little bit of lingering moisture down in the southeast pocket of the state where you find a little bit of cloud cover moving to the east tonight and a little cloud cover left over down to the southeast, but for the valley we're clear, and tomorrow statewide we're clear, we're dry, as we begin to see a disturbance sunday, but no in the weekend forecast. so here's what we're expecting. coming up sunday our winds will begin to pick up. so they're light tomorrow, but in the valley sunday 10 to 20 miles per hour. gusts to 30 miles per hour. high country, if you have plans to travel north or northeast, we'll have gusts up to 35 miles per hour, so going to be a windy wrap up for the weekend across arizona. temperatures tonight, 20s window rock, 30 at the grand canyon, 40s along the rim.
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central arizona, so maybe a light jacket if you're getting out early. then we warm into the upper 80s. 77 in sedona, 74 in winslow, and afternoon highs a little warmer in flagstaff up to 63. take a look at the hourly planner, going to be a nice one tomorrow as you're making plans. low 80s by noon. upper 80s to near 90 tomorrow in phoenix. the breezes return sunday. 95 sunday, closer to the average highs, then take it back breezestake us into monday and tuesday before an isolated rain chance wednesday and thursday with lows in the 60s the next couple of days. 70s return next week. big game for the arizona cardinals coming up, and as if you needed a reason to get excited, come join us and talk about it. we'll talk about the red birds live on our facebook page tonight at 7:00. this is something we do every
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interviews with your favorite players and surprises as well, and we'll be sharing your thoughts as you interact with us live on facebook. making a difference. the people who go above and beyond to make the
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just into the live desk, this had to scare some of you. on a freeway overpass today what they believed was a man pointing gun down at drivers on the us 60 near price. this man, 43-year-old todd hanson, police believe that's who it was. he was just arrested in tempe, but everybody was on this. tempe police, dps, mesa air all responding. when they got to him he didn't
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they made the arrest on an unrelated warrant. and recycle your bicycle, you can create a miracle for a kid in foster care. >> kids in foster care have been disappointed in so many ways, and it's not fun in foster care, and this is a way to give back and just give them one special day. >> reporter: a day months in the making, toying with tires, chains, and spokes. transforming one person's donated bike into a foster child's treasure. >> it's really amazing. we have a lot of very talented people, but you don't have to really know a lot about bikes to come out and volunteer. >> reporter: sue has been volunteering for three years, one of many who keeps coming back for the kids. >> you can just see their eyes light up, and they're just so excited and happy. >> reporter: there are three
5:26 pm you can donate a gently used or new bike at any of these locations, donate money, or join the volunteers and start recycling the bikes. >> i've been working all my life and rarely do i look back and say i've done anything for the community, and i want to be able to give back, and this is a great way. >> reporter: danielle lerner, abc 15 news coming up, new at 6:00, it's just one move but it's big for arizona businesses who say for compliance. but it's creepy, and we had our fair share here. it's time to stop clowning around. why lives are now in danger if these charades keep up. >> i've been telling friends, be careful what you do. >> she's a form erotismer and stay at home -- former teacher and stay at home mom, but she
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without a law degree. joe ducey here, coming up new at 6:00, why this is being sold in arizona even though it could possibly cause cancer. and as we go through the rest of the evening here's what we're expecting. 85 right now. area high school football games by the end of the game in the low 70s, so beautiful night ahead, and we'll look at what to expect this weekend coming up at 6:00. >> >. also breaking now, i want to alert anyone at wickenburg, there's a stand off situation going on now, so dcs and swat are out there working
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a new page of controversy for sheriff paul babeu. sources tell us the fbi has subpoenaed records related to how babeu's office used seized criminal money also known as rico funds. critics have said pcso's use of the foundation and they've also accused babeu of using the funds to fuel his campaign. it may already be illegal campaigning with government resources. or if they're just being used to make the sheriff look good, as he runs for congress.
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tonight here, breaking news. the chilling video now revealed, the deadly police shooting in charlotte. you can hear the wife's plea right on it. >> don't shoot him! he didn't do anything. >> it is the family's video. tonight, why authorities are refusing to release their own. also tonight, the narrow escape in new york city. the pedestrians, kicking one of those bombs, placed right on t they had no idea. and tonight, how authorities now believe the suspect got those bombs into the city. the school bus crash late today, flipping over. pictures coming in now. three days to the debate. who was seen walking into trump tower? and, hillary clinton. the reality star and billionaire who now says he will be in the front row for her. and, the first lady's passport hacked, and 500 million personal e-mail accounts.


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