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tv   ABC15 News at 6PM  ABC  September 23, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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police say this all happened, and it's thanks to video cameras like that one right outside the parking garage that police were able to identify him as the man that picked up an unconscious woman outside the garage. now the victim told police she was out with friends that night, and had too much to drink. her friend went to grab her car, and that's when the man struck. now still images from the video, you can see ramirez, a former mma fighter limp body through the garage, and then went on to assault her several times. many people are about to start their night out tonight, and despite the news, the garage is busy all day. a lot of people use it for work, and especially after hour, but after hearing the story many are horrified that it happened here. >> i thought it was a safe place around here. never thought something like
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someone told me about it, and it's kind of unsettling. i'm not likely to go into the parking garage late at night anymore. especially after that are. >> reporter: now scottsdale police are only investigating the suspect for this case, but if anyone sees a picture of him, and belief he's linked to other cases they need you to come forward. guysaction back to you. >> all right, thank you. right now barricade situation unfolding in wickenburg. it started at a domestic violence call near wickenburg way. officers heard shots as they approached the home. the person inside barricaded himself inside. he is alone they say. we'll pass aupdates along to you as we get them. the phoenix arizona guardian angels making sure our
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i don't live -- serial shooter. he's had a few choice words for donald trump, ted cruz is now endorsing donald trump, and he says he's keeping i promise. a few months back he said he would support the party's nominee. are you looking for one of these? you're the trump/pence campaign is distributing yard signs across the state, and they're hoping to set a state record. you can get them at the trump headquarters in mesa. meanwhile hillary clinton is set to visit charlotte, north carolina, the day before donald trump. she's also urging the release of video in the death of keith scott. we have some of that video released by the family today. at last check clinton's campaign has not released
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charlotte. and we're learning more about a debate between john mccain and his challenger. it will most likely be the only debate between the two. live pictures from north carolina right now. it's the fourth night of protests there after the deadly shooting of keith scott. so far things are looking peaceful, but a lot of people out on the streets, one marcher with a sign saying just stop the killing. released today from his widow's perspective, and you can hear her telling the officer he's not armed. then the shots rang out. our abc 15 investigators taking, a judge just agreeing with the state's attorney general to conceal date the lawsuits -- consolidate the lawsuits against valley companies, the state also plans
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well, we made it into the upper 80s today. about 10 degrees below average, all thanks to the cold front that's well off to the east now. bringing showers and thunderstorms along. there's a little cloud cover in the southeast pocket of the state, and the system well to the northeast, but just a few passing clouds this morning. clear all day long, and sitting in the 80s for many of us. 84 in tempe, 82 in scottsdale, upper 70s in cave creek and in ahwatukee, so well below average temperatures. wind speeds, so breezy in deer valley out of westerly direction at 14 miles per hour. light winds in glendale, and at the airport at 8 miles per hour. they'll stay light tonight. it's going to be a cool start tomorrow. headed down into the 60s with some valley spots in the 50s. new information from the live desk about a shooting we told you about almost 24 hours ago right here.
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police don't have the suspects, but they know the type of cars they were driving. silver or gray dodge challengerring and blue metallic jeep cherokee. the person shot fighting for his life tonight. a remarkable bust, in fact it's a record, and you're looking at it. when you see in this new video from new york now linked to our state but here's the worst about operation dirty dope. people were used guinea pigs to make sure the cocktails weren't deadly. 25 medium from coast to coast -- people from coast to coast have been indicted. to houston where criminal evidence seems to have vanished. the audit in another case revealed the problem. auditors will be back at work monday to check the efforts. an emergency on the ground and a long way from home.
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fire sparked in a plane during a training mission in idaho today. the flames broke out as soon as the engine fired up, but no one was hurt. some airmen are in idaho for training until tomorrow. this one is tough to process, but the detectives are working to get everyone answers. you can see a truck hit a by cyclist this morn -- bicyclist near van buren. the bike just slid right under neither it, and the man -- underneath it, and the man died from his injuries. a valley man facing more problems after police say he led officers on a chase and barricaded himself inside a store armed with a rifle. the 20-year-old had warrants out for his arrest. swat teams finally got him to come out. a west valley man now facing reality after spending time at a state hospital. the man just pleading not
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to death in 2014. at the time he was ordered into mental care. he was recently released from the state hospital, and investigators say he killed his wife and son because he feared his he gave his hiv. officers in the line of fire telling their stories for the first time today. the bravest of the brave honored for their sacrifice and their service at the law enforcement award lunch today. steve irvin hosted the event, and at 5:0 chandler police officer shot in the line of duty, and tonight at 6:00 sonu 6:00 joins us -- sonu wasu joins us with more. >> reporter: these room is filled with those rushing in to face danger, the bravest of the
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>> it's humbling, and an honor to be in a profession like this. >> reporter: justin ricks, one of several who faced a man accused offed killing his wife -- of killing his wife. >> the officer had to defend themselves. >> reporter: he's not so keen to share his story, shy of going on camera, but we convinced him these are stories that need to be told. and then this seasoned phoenix detective, three medals of valor under his belt. the into a burning home and brought out the lifeless body of a 6- year-old. a tragedy after a man shot four people then set fire to the place. >> we had office fresh patrol grabbing the equipment -- from the patrol grabbing equipment. >> reporter: he says they were many heroes that day, not all on this stage. these are the lucky ones that lived to tell. >> it's tough, the you know
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you never know when it's your last. >> reporter: those that didn't make it also honored. officer david glasser strongly felt in this room. sonu wasu, abc 15 news. well here's one way to learn about your city's new police recruits. run with them. the chicago marrier laced up his -- mayor laced up his shoes today and encouraged others to fight for their city. it's been a violent year for them, and they plan to hire hundreds of new police officers. slap in the face or part of the plan? the company in north dakota just buying up the land where people are protesting. they say it's for better access to the construction site and to the pipeline. a tribe is upset by the pipeline saying it threatens the water supply and sacred land.
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though something happened to the helium system on this rocket before it blew up, but the audio and visual evidence is limited they have not quality-wise but time-wise. it's less than one tenth of a second leading up to the explosion. and construction is coming along at bell and grand, but with that comes restrictions, and they start overnight. watch out for the adot signs. the entire project should wrap up some time next could furniture you own really cause cancer? coming up joe lets you know why this warning label could be in your home right now. and the valley woman making an incredible life change, and turns out may not be as hard as you think. the cardinals on the road for the first time so far this season at the bills, but they're not paying any attention to the bills record.
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next that has the dog at the animal hospital and her under arrest.
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because every great accomplishment takes courage. because one person can't do it all. because dreams are worth chasing. midfirst bank will always be true to your money - with proven services that support all of your endeavors. midfirst bank. true to your money. o'halleran: i had some really tough cases as a police detective. but the problem in washington is as clear as day --
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to hold the politicians accountable -- no pay for congress if they don't pass a budget, reduce the influence of big money and special interests, and no more first-class travel paid for by taxpayers. i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message
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6 a sun -- a sun city woman accused of cutting her own dog's front legs with a knife causing deep wounds and gashes in the dog's legs. the dog is at the animal she confessed to hurting the dog saying she wanted to die with her dog. she already had a warrant out for different crimes. also breaking from the live desk right now, we're following that school bus crash you just heard about on world news, injuring several students outside of houston, texas. 13 kids the the driver taken to the hospital. everybody should survivor, but the bus was carrying actually 50 students when it totally flipped over. they were all trapped. there it is.
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avoid a stalled car, and you're were probably thinking it -- you're thinking it, the bus didn't have seat belts. days before the big debate, donald trump is releasing his new list of supreme court justices. his previous list of 10 is now up to 21 including utah senator mike lee and state supreme court justices from georgia, florida, and iowa. releasing lists like this is not exactly the norm. they usually name the type of justices they'd appoint. >> a federal judge is saying they have to release some of the hillary clinton e-mails. the department must process more than a thousand pages of e- mails between now and november 4th. it's unclear exactly how many pages the state department will release. meanwhile, clinton's top aid is getting a narrow
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investigation. the fbi requested the lap top of cheryl mills in the investigation of the private internet server. in exchange she'll not face prosecution for the information found on the computer. it could be the most highly anticipated campaign event of the season. the very first presidential debate. hillary clinton and donald trump finally sharing the stage at hofstra university. clinton is diving into briefing brooks, watching footage of trump in the trump is doing the same while meeting with a team of advisors. watch it all go down monday night at 6:00 right here on abc 15. have you seen one of these before? a warning that the furniture in your house could cause cancer? would you want that in your home? kathleen writes her new
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and found this sticker, saying it contains a chemical known by the state of california to cause cancer, reproductive or developmental harm. scary stuff, and even scarier kathleen say she's a cancer survivor. so if it's a problem in california, how can it be sold in arizona? the state of california has a list of over 9 uncle chemicals -- 900 chemicals known to cause harm and they must provide clear warnings if the ingredient is in the product. california is the only state requiring cancer warning labels, but some companies decide to label everything regardless of where it's being sold, and that's why you see it here in arizona. want to know the chemicals on the list? go to and click sections and let joe know. i have a link there. here's how to get ahold of me.
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know. abc 15 sports. the arizona cardinals in buffalo tonight getting ready for sunday's game against the winless bills. coming up, after a great win, they're unsure of what the bills will throw at them. plus the team is hungry for a win, so this could be a tough game. >> we have to focus on the small details to be able to get us out of the plays, because we don't know what to expect especially with coordinator. and we know the oregon ducks where a different uniform every week, but check this out they're going to look like mascot for the first time. even for oregon this is something new. be sure to tune into abc 15 tomorrow. we have a great line up of college football games starts at 9:00 a.m. with 13th ranked florida state trying to get back into the win column against south florida.
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stanford taking on ucla. it's going to be a very nice forecast tonight for area high school football games and getting into the weekend. we'll be expecting still more below average highs. today we topped out at 88. average high is 98, for from the record set in 2011. 80s right now. phoenix at 84. 87 in tempe, 84 goodyear. all of us falling into the and upper 60s. it's been since may that we've seen temperatures this cool. and tomorrow, still below averages, around 90. ozone levels a little on the high side, so we leave it in the moderate category. flagstaff, beautiful afternoon behind the cold front. a few breezes. temperatures, look at this, in the 50s.
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prescott. 82 bullhead city, and 50s at the grand canyon, and show low some clouds and rain moving through, and you're sitting in the 50s as well. wind speeds breezier behind the front that continues to move into new mexico. the cold front continues to move to the northeast, and we filter in the cooler dry air overnight tonight, and through tomorrow sunny skies, mostly sunny skies statewide, so if you're traveling things looking we'll see changes coming up on sunday. quick disturbance coming in from the northwest bringing breezes back to the state, but i'm not seeing any rain chances this weekend. going to be gorgeous out there. now temperatures will be staying below average. coming up tomorrow we're at 90. the average high 97. sunday warmer, close at 95, and monday into the low 90s. again below average highs into early next week. freezes tonight expected tonight as well.
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35 in show low. highs tomorrow back in the 60s, so statewide we warm up. phoenix hitting 90. 90 in gila bend and 87 in casa grande. a look at the most accurate forecast in the seven-day in a couple of minutes. >. the beautifying of south mountain park while keeping the culture and uniqueness. a big concern while you shop, and it's not a small one. the big problem with carts. and it seems someone is
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we are the tv doctors of america. and we're partnering with cigna to help save lives. by getting you to a real doctor for an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health.
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and take control today. what are these yahoo hackers really after? cbs news just confirming that russia is behind them, but it could be aimed at a long term strategy of gaining intelligence, not money. also the attack impacting 500 million of you addresses, pass beyond reasonable doubts and other of course -- pass words and other information. and a frightening situation forcing one georgia woman to take matters into her own hands when they armed intruders broke into her house. this surveillance video captured it all. you see them looking around, but then the woman starts charging them and firing her gun. one man was shot and killed.
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tonight. the homeowner owns a restaurant. backlash over targets kid- sized shopping carts. they were rolled out last year in several stores. the parents hated it calling them a vehicle of mass destruction, and starting the moms against stupid tiny shops. others joined in clanking about bruised ankles. -- complaining about bruised ankles. target is scrapping the idea. saying how he pulled it off. the story from a former detention officer. and a new climb alert into
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o'halleran: i had some really tough cases as a police detective. but the problem in washington is as clear as day -- we can't trust our politicians to work for us. tom o'halleran has a plan to hold the politicians accountable -- no pay for congress if they don't pass a budget, and no more first-class travel paid for by taxpayers. i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message because you deserve leaders you can trust. two of our stop stories will just leave you speechless tonight. no bond for this guy. the start of his crime was
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scottsdale. he carries a drunk woman out of a parking garage. police say he sexually assaulted the 22-year-old at least three times. a valley teacher now accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old student five years ago, but as a result paradise valley high putting allen johnson on leave. the alleged crime took place at cactus high school in 2011. and news from the live desk. mail thieves really working hard to get what them to have. we're getting new information about a major crime alert in chandler. we're told at least four mail collection boxes were recently busted into. we have a team working on this tonight, seeing what was taken. count on a big update coming up tonight at 10:00. fake doctors appointments is how a former detention officer pulled off having sexual contact with an inmate. he's out of jail tonight. this new information based on
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private visits and also admitted he went in the cell twice and acted inappropriately. everyone survives, but the one thing the first report can't explain, why the plane caught fire in the first place before slamming into this gilbert home. so here's what to expect. the second report will provide more details and should come out in about nine months. then the final report will be complete within the next year to year and a half. a stalker waiting for her at work, but her office is the courthouse. >> tonight a county attorney put back behind bars a man she's prosecuted before, and megan thompson is pouring through the court documents dating back a decade. >> reporter: she's known in the valley for her high profile prosecution, but now a deputy county attorney is a victim after documents reveal one man hasn't left her alone since 2006. this is the 67-year-old,
6:32 pm
courtroom, not once, but twice. according to court documents he's currently on probation, ordered to have no connect, and he can't enter any downtown court buildings without telling his probation officers first. he admitted to detectives he knew he wasn't supposed to be there, and he knew she was supposed to be in the courtroom. the stalking started long ago though. perhaps the most chilling, a letter delivered from the man entitled my pl that attorney. he's charged with three counts, two of which for stalking. he's held on a $15,000 cash bond and due back in court next thursday. in fiorina, megan thompson -- phoenix, megan thompson. arizona could help the us get a big pay check if voters legalize recreational pot in november. if it passes up to $7.8 billion could be injected into our country's economy. the us could stand to make more
6:33 pm
passes. so who exactly supports legalizing it? we looked at state elections data for prop 205 and found antiweed supporters have convicted almost four times -- contributed almost four times more cash than pro-weed supporters. we caught up with one that's donated $55,000 in the pro-weed effort. >> it wasn't until 2011ish where i positive impact in people's lives. >> steve white says certain cases have turned him pro- marijuana, like a 7-year-old who needed aal court ruling to continue to -- needed a federal court ruling to continue using it to tweet see sures.
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it's clear the vandals that did this don't stand or trump or this so-called piece of art. that's all that's left of naked statue in downtown vegas. just his feet. police believe the damage was done late last night. the statues popped up all over the country. head to head for the first time. two arizona congressional candidates morning. paul babu says he's the most responsible and fiscally conservative with your money. >> we increased the budget to invest in the economy of arizona, our universities, schools, made sure child
6:35 pm
in debt. we have to limit spending, set priorities. >> the winner will represent some rural areas of northern and eastern arizona. we have finally getting an idea of what south mountain park will look like in the coming months. it is a makeover four years in the making, including the areas most popular ramadas. they want to keep the stone columns and rebuild using steel. >> because i know this is a great park that a lot of people really love, including myself, i came here a lot growing up, so it's great to see it getting the attention and love it deserves. >> other improvements include updated parking lots and water fountains. >> it's a mess, we've seen it with our own eyes and tomorrow the city of tempe plans to take action to clean up a park once again, and they'll have
6:36 pm
homeless to figure out how they can help. so far the city has picked up 10 tons of trash. at the next city council meeting members will talk about long term plans. just a little bit of daylight left, and looking toward downtown phoenix there's a beautiful sun set tonight. clear skies out there, going to be a nice onement currently sitting at -- one. currently at 84 after topping out at 88 today. still a few gusts across the valley. through the keeping the dry conditions, clear skies all night long. fallsinto the 60, even expecting a few 50s. goodyear 57, 61 in glendale. phoenix tonight headed down to 64, then tomorrow couple of degrees warmer. up to 90 in phoenix. sunny skies, 89 in tempe. if you have plans to do biking, hiking, running, going to be a gorgeous saturday. more coming up.
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neighbors, but this one is no jake and the sheriff has -- joke, and the sheriff has a threat. and that's a wide shot of what's going on in north carolina. plenty of people out there
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>> more live pictures of the situation in -- more live pictures of the situation in charlotte. these are pictures coming in from the ground. shot, but you can see two different views of this. the street from above, and also people down on the ground. we're not hearing of any specific violence at this point, but you know the situation's been unsettled in the past three night, so we'll continue to track this for you. remember scott was shot byplays earlier this week. that's -- by police earlier this week. that's what sparked all of this. video of the moments leading up
6:41 pm
his family from the widow's perspective. when will this creepy clown craze stop in halloween still more than a month away by the way. >> but the trend is making waves across the nation. in mississippi residents don't think it's funny. someone seen wearing a multicolored wig and carrying a machete is rattling residents. >> i stopped for a minute. i had to look and see if it was really al i said uh, 911 and a lady picked up and i was like i need all the deputies out. >> the sheriff's deputy also spotted him, and what a sight he is. the sheriff by the way says someone like that is subject to get shot. his words, not ours. >> send all the deputies out. i'd say the same thing. >> chills looking at that. 50s in the valley tonight. you may wake up with a few chills in the morning too, we'll talk about.
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hot it's going to get. a savvy businessman backs clinton, and now he has a front row seat for the much anticipated debate. proof that if you really want something, just do it. it may not be as hard as you think. a new poll shows who are the most disliked pl o'halleran: i had some really tough cases as a police detective. but the problem in washington is as clear as day --
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to hold the politicians accountable -- no pay for congress if they don't pass a budget, reduce the influence of big money and special interests, and no more first-class travel paid for by taxpayers. i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message because you deserve leaders you can trust. marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...!
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also known as rico funds. critics have said pcso's use of the foundation is like money laundering. and they've also accused babeu of using the funds to fuel his campaign. it may already be illegal campaigning with government resources. or if they're just being used to make the sheriff look good, as he runs for congress. dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. new at 6:00. too teacher to stay at -- from teacher to stay at home mom, and now to judge. a mom is starting a six figure public position. >> and you're probably qualified to do the same thing. here's more on how she took the fast track to the bench. >> you can have something like an apple or peach. >> reporter: from running a household to soon running a courtroom. she says she got the idea to feign for justice of the peace
6:46 pm
several years ago. >> i was like justice of the peace, what do they do? >> reporter: they decided cases on speeding tickets, evictions, bad claims and small checks. >> that's just my personality, like i could do that. >> reporter: and because she was the only candidate to garner enough signatures in her district, she got on the ballot, and she's unopposed in november. >> we like to call ourselves the people's court. >> reporter: the presiding justice of the peace says it's designed for people like her. >> you don't need to go to law school to do the job effectively. >> reporter: she'll go through three months of training and mentoring before she hears case as loan. >> three out of six in maricopa county are women, and i feel it's a huge under representation of women. i'm showing my daughter and other women you can run for something, and it shouldn't be
6:47 pm
>> justices of peace in maricopa county earn just over $100,000 a year. you have to be 18 and live in the district that you're running. we're heading into the very first presidential debate, just three days away and a new poll showing hillary clinton with a nice lead over donald trump. the poll listings the democratic nominee with a solid six-point lead, 45 percent to 39 percent while both struggle with has the upper hand on african american and latino voters. and a clinton aid confirming mark cuban was invited to the debate. he's tried to publicly shame trump throughout the 2016 campaign, slamming him for not releasing his taxes. it's getting a lot of attention given his public persona as a
6:48 pm
wouldn't make the investment. i wouldn't, i just don't see him of being capable in the least bit. >> clinton and trump will meet at hofstra university in new york monday night. you can see it right here on abc 15 at 6:00 p.m. a couple of weeks ago he had the top selling jersey in the entire nfl. tonight he's been named the most disliked player in the nfl. kaepernick has gone penthouse to the outhouse. he pulled a whopping 29 percent of those polled. right behind him is buccaneers quarterback jameis winston, and su is third, followed by tom brady at 13 percent, and big ben coming in as the fifth most
6:49 pm
at 10 percent. >> isn't it terrible they have those polls? >> glad they don't do a news anchor one [ laughter ] >> somebody is though, right? >> shhh. >> >. anybody dislike the forecast? >> not at all [ laughter ] today we made it into the upper 80s, quick look across the valley. 85 today in deer valley, 85 scottsdale, the average high 84 in phoenix, 17 percent humidity, very dry and cooler air moving in behind the cold front that's well out to the east, and right now 81 in deer valley, 84 in chandler, so 80s across the valley, and the 70ings out there across the state already like in globe and safford. 50s in flagstaff.
6:50 pm
57. winds breezier behind the front that's to the east. lighter winds across the valley, but a few gusts over the last couple of hours. satellite and radar composite. here's the cold front, bringing snow showers to the rockies. it's dry statewide other than a few sprinkles in the safford area moving to the east, and a little cloud cover left over. not looking for anymore rain or thunderstorms to develop there. may have overnight. tomorrow looking for a nice forecast if you're traveling valley-wide or across the state. we warm a little tomorrow, and sunday not looking for shower and thunderstorm chances, but wind speeds pick up as a disturbance moving through. here in the valley breezy with sustained winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. gusts near 30, and across the high country gusts expected to be near 35 miles per hour so
6:51 pm
30 in flagstaff tonight, below freezing at the grand canyon, and even dipping into the upper 30s in window rock. 40s along the rim, 42 payson and 41 prescott tonight. then back up to 73 tomorrow. 90 in phoenix, and tucson also hitting the upper 80s. just a quick look at the valley forecast for tonight. all of us in the 60s and 50s. again it's been since may we've seen temperatures this cool. warming up again tomorrow, breezes in the forecast sunday, monday, and tuesday bringing back a little cloud cover and moisture. isolated rain chances wednesday and thursday. >> all right, don't get stuck in traffic this weekend. construction from the west valley to the east valley may be causing issues. mallory moore showing you how to avoid it. >> we have a couple of big projects going on this weekend. we'll start in the we will valley where i-10 westbound will be down just to one lane near loop 303.
6:52 pm
a.m., so expect a lot of congestion in this area. loop 101 northbound is closed down from i-10 until thunderbird. 4:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. on saturday, and sunday they switch it and do the southbound sound in the same area, so hop over and use i-17, and expect a lot of delays there. another closure in the east valley, loop 202 eastbound from green field to power. friday night until monday morning. maybe hop down and use us side streets in the area. also a big closure on grand avenue this weekend. head to for all the details. >> >. new tonight at 6:00, cycling with a cause, a valley veteran paralyzed while serving in the air force, but he's looking to raise money for the wounded military veterans with the challenge. cycle bar is raising money this weekend for the october ride.
6:53 pm
great organization that helps service members across all services and their families. you know, they don't just stop with the service member. they help the families as well. >> if you love to cycle and want to help, head to cycle bar in chandler on sunday from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. and let your old bike be a holiday miracle for a child in foster care. abc 15 teaming up with earnhardt auto centers for the annu campaign. you can drop off the old bike at one of 20 of the earnhardt locations, and volunteer to help fix up the bikes or donate. find out more on
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coming upright news on our abc 15 facebook page it's cardinals count down. we're joined by coach. join us live at 7:00 and shoot questions direct to the coach. it's coming up on the abc 15 facebook page. that's coming up next. thank you. back here at the live desk i want to take you back out to charlotte, and let you know
6:57 pm
situation very closely for you. so many of you love the city and are concerned about what's happening there. another night of protests in response to the shooting death of keith scott. we're going to keep our eye on the situation tonight and have an update tonight at 10:00. and we have a big abc 15 exclusive at 10:00 on a story we broke. three cops just lost their jobs over an encounter with this guy. we talked to him about what happened. is he happy about the action taken and how sick did he get after being forced to eat a gram of pot. and what we're calling a roof rat ride along. only on abc 15, why are the calls getting worse and how to keep the furry critters out. and here's the forecast this weekend.
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