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tv   ABC15 News  ABC  September 24, 2016 5:00am-7:00am MST

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and we say good morning, 5:00 on saturday. i'm nick ciletti. and i'm allison rodriguez. the trip to the mall turns deadly in washington. a gunman opens fire inside of a store leaving five people dead, he was able to slip away. after a traffic stop, the man who says officers made him do this is speaking out exclusively to abc 15. so is he happy with the way phoenix police handled this. deadly protests, now the wife of the man shot and killed by police is releasing her own video of the incident. >> and that video is chilling. meantime, let's talk about the most accurate forecast. i don't know if you stepped outside, probably opened up the
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>> okay, it was a little cool. it's cool out there but a nice break. >> do you like it. >> i like it a lot. >> actually the coolest temperatures we felt in about four months so it's been quite awhile since it's been this low. wow, look at this, low 60s across the valley. 62 in tempe, mesa and glendale. a few other valley cities also in the 50s right now, but let's show you the most accurate forecast and show you how we are goin i think we are going to spend a good chunk in the 60s, mid morning we get into the mid- 70s, go outside, have breakfast outside, go hiking, go for a run. we will reach a high of 90 degrees in phoenix, how long is this cool weather going to last? plus if you are headed out to the asu game we'll have a breakdown of the temperatures coming up in a few minutes.
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near a warehouse after a fire sparks there, abc 15 mary ellen resendez, when did this first kick out and what are are firefighters telling you. >> reporter: it was a very large response. let me step aside, allison so we can show you this building. this happens just after 2:00 this morning, let's take you to the video that we shot earlier this morning. we had over a dozen fire trucks respond to this warehouse building. now, inside the building right now is the fire captain, they doing a preliminary investigation. we are being told that the fire may have started from an oil rag that sort of self ignited in what they call the finishing room. this business is called seem tech, from what i have been told by the building's owner is that they do interior design type pieces for restaurants, they do a lot of wood working and a lot of metal work.
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finishing involved with that especially when you are looking atwood working. so it was inside the finishing room that that rag may have self ignited. we are being told the sprinkler system went off and did what it was supposed to do in this case which saved most of the building. so most of the damage inside that building is going to be water damage. in phoenix mary ellen resendez abc 15 news. an update to breaking news now that you saw on abc 15 at 10:00, a swat wickenburg ended up with the suspect taking his own life, authorities surrounding the home for six hours. police were first called out for a domestic violence call, they heard gunshots there. hours later a swat team was sent in with a robot. 53:03 update -- 5:03 update, a gunman walks into a crowded mall and opens fire, we know that four women were killed and we are just finding
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has also died. the shooter still on the loose right now, authorities releasing this surveillance photo of a possible suspect. they believe he is the lone gunman here. the shooting hatching inside a macy's department store, shocking everybody inside. >> you know, i wouldn't think this would even happen here. so i'm shocked. >> no details have been released about the suspect. no mention of terrorism has been given. police dogs have been this area all morning, we are told. we will be following up on this case throughout the day. phoenix police investigating on a shooting near central and south mountain avenue, a shooting at an apartment complex, they find a victim down the street. he was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the upper leg. right now investigators say he is not talking. and this shooting here, let's get to happening near
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searching for any clues in that area. no other info is being released right now. a family fight sending one person to the hospital with a stab wound, glendale police telling us a man visiting a married couple got into some kind of a fight with a third guy. and ended up getting stabbed with a large knife. we are told his injuries are not life threatening. police now investigating everyone involved. no word yet on any arrests. a valley teacher arrested and this man has been in the classroom for years ever since this alleged incident, too. 53-year-old allen scott johnson was arrested at paradise valley school, a teacher for the last four years, it was in 2011 where he is why caused of having sex with a 15-year-old female student. they say now that johnson had sex with her in a school bathroom and in his car.
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well either with the judge. >> absolutely makes me incensed that you get a bond, we need to keep your mouth shut. >> johnson has a $500,000 bond, his current employer, paradise valley high school says johnson is on paid leave pending the investigations. these images are horrifying and almost unbelievable, scott day police saying this is 28- year-old ramirez kidnapping a woman who is unconscious, see her there thrown over his shoulder. what's more, this happened near the busy old town area. ramirez went on to sexually assault his victim three times. detectives are are investigating this case and there could be more. >> there is a possibility in the future that this suspect could be tied to other cases. so we're leaving our options open, we are asking for anybody with knowledge of this suspect to call us and to, you know,
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other crimes as well. ramirez is being charged with multiple counts of kid tapping and sexual assault. if you think you heard his name before, ramirez is a former mma fighter. 5:09, the man forced by police to swallow weed breaking his silence only to us. edgar castro says he was pulled over for speeding and during that stop officers found marijuana in his car. castro was given a ticket, being told by these two officers he would have to eat go to jail. >> mcfadden he came up to me and he came up to me with a gram, he asked that do you want to go home tonight? i was like yeah, i want to go home, i have to work tomorrow. the officer is like this is your choice you either eat the marijuana or go to jail tonight. i asked him do i really have to do this, i said it a couple times. >> he says he is happy with the way phoenix police have handled this investigation and is glad
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charges against the two officers who made the deal. a neighborhood still on edge after a body is found in a buckeye cancel near miller and hayes roads. officers remain on scene as we wait to hear who found the body and how long it might have been there. here is video. we sent air15 as soon as we heard this call and saw police and deputies out there searching. it's too soon if this is a man, woman or childs, we are working to try to get more information from investigators what they found. the city under a curfew for a second night as protesters continued on to the streets calling for action against police brutality. who could forget those images. you see the police there just geared up. police allowing this past the curfew as long as it remained peaceful there. of course all this is coming on the heels of this new video right here which shows the
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unrest when keith scott was gunned down by officers. >> don't you do it. did you shoot him? did you shoot him? did you shoot him? he better not be dead. >> just chilling to watch and hear that video. his wife scared and hysterical as you can imagine but still keeping her distance and recording everything. that video was released by scott's family not police. so, was he armed? that is what police are saying but there are conflicting accounts. doesn't provide a clear answer, you can watch it and judge for yourself, it's on abc 15 mobile app and police are wavering. this trying to figure out whether or not to release more footage, footage or police footings spilling -- >> protesters taking over the field following a college
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a similar scenario on the streets of downtown atlanta where demonstrators marched to end police. unrest in charlotte it may not be a good time for our presidential nominees to make pit stops, statements from hillary clinton as she cancels her planned stops saying she is grateful for the invitation but she is postponing her visit since the city's resources are stretched so thin. that city's mayor asking both candidates to delay trips. forecast, facing off against the uc berkeley golden pers tonight, 7:00 p.m. kickoff. 82 degrees, mostly clear conditions of the after that it looks like we will be in the upper 70s, great facebook weather but warming up a little bit, i will let you know by how much in that seven day forecast. supposed to be a tight race in november, senator john mccain and ann kirk patrick dualing for seats, when they will have their first debate.
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the race is on and this morning we are learning a time and a place for u.s. senate debate in the valley, john mccain and kirk patrick, and we are goin to cover all of it for you. now that follows a first time mashup in congressional district 1. >> we sent a crew to cover this one. former state legislator ohalleron. he is the most responsible and fiscally conservative, he says as a state legislator he did vote to increase the budget but that money was well spent. >> we increased the budget so
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of arizona. in our universities funned our schools, made sure child protective services. >> we have debt and it is compromised our economic future, that has gotta stop, we need a bedder way, we have to limit our spending, set priorities. >> the winner will represent rural knot shall and eastern arizona. as we count down to that first presidential debate on monday, be ready to see a more signs, the trump/pence campaign putting up 30,000 signs across the state. and dualing political drones this morning, if you look closely in san diego there goes hillary clinton followed by donald trump. the record the guy who built these is a retired air force test engineer, registered independent, he done care for either candidate. clinton flies on a broom stick and trump drops fake dollar
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confirming a fire sparked in one of the f 35 a's. the flames breaking out as soon as that engine fired up, too. good news nobody was hurt but some air men from luke air force are in idaho training throughout the day. cycling with a cause, as you wake up we are hearing from one valley veteran paralyzed while serving in the air force, is he working to raise money for wounded military veteran, with in october in san diego, but this weekend cycle bar in chandler is raising money for the october ride. >> and the ride for 30 is just a great organization that helps service members across all services and their families, you know, they don't just stop at the service member, they help families as well. if you love to cycle and you want to help wounded veterans and families head over to cycle
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we have a couple of bill projects going on this weekend, west valley where i-10 westbound will be down to one lane near loop 303 friday at 10:00 p.m. to monday morning at 5:00 p.m. expect a lot of congestion. another spot which is closed down loop 101 northbound from i- 10 till you hit thunderbird, 4:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on saturday. and then on sunday switch it and do the southbound side in the aim area. would hop expect a lot of delays there. another closure in the east valley loop 202 eastbound greenfield to power, friday night to monday morning, hop down and use u.s. 60, use side streets in the area. we have a big closure on grand avenue this weekend, head to for all the details. all right. thanks so much mallory. let's talk about your most accurate forecast. nick ciletti is tracking that
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liking it. >> it feels great, this is the coolest morning we've had in mondays, since late may. >> i am going to -- i wore a sweater. >> the blood gets thin so we are not going to judge, we are not going to hold it against you. let's get right into it this morning, 64 degrees at phoenix sky harbor. humidity at 35% so it feels good. winds out of the southwest at 3 miles per hour as we check in with the rest of the this morning, most folks waking up in the low to mid-60s, we do see a few as out there. maricopa, 55 degrees right now, chilly weather, 54 in scottsdale, 63 up in anthem. 60 in surprise. a live look at abc 15 desert doppler, pretty boring, not a whole lot going on, nice and dry right now so not expecting any rain. we might see some rain later in
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is futurecast, this is what today is going to look like i think the only place that could pick up maybe a stray shower or two would be southeastern arizona, along the white mountains a system is inching its way into the state. we are going to stay nice and clear, seeing no clouds oven tire state. starting sun city and into monday we start to see a push of more cloud coverage and moisture as another system brings its way, breezy conditions monday and tuesday, maybe even starting as early as tomorrow, then after that behind that looks like maybe there will be rain chances midweek. let's talk about that air quality forecast. right now it's in the moderate range. we do have some dust in the atmosphere right now, sunrise might be hazy. we could see an increase in ozone levels. as far as the uv is concerned, by the hour not too bad, we are going to go make it up to level 7, burn times 20 minutes so you
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sunscreen especially taking advantage of those great temperatures outside, go for a hike or run. pollen not too bad. in the moderate range. keep in mind looks like ragweed, sage brush those are our biggest offenders out there. 90 degrees today's high. warm, sunny conditions, winds out of the north, 5-10 miles per hour, overnight low of 69 degrees. gorgeous night, a little bit cool, not as cool as this morning. winds shift direction out of the west here is that seven day forecast for you. tomorrow we bump it up to 96 degrees, about where we should be. breezy conditions, we'll hold on to breezy conditions for upon day. and tuesday's temperatures dip back down. wednesday we start to work in rain chances and also thursday. temperatures bump up to where they should be for this time of year. coming up we'll take a lock at highs in the east valley and the west valley. thanks, nick. it is time for small stars
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another season. craig is going to take us to the ice in chandler where the scottsdale eye happenedders are squaring off against the canadians. packing their gear as the sunsets on the ice in chandler. to night it's the championship game between the visiting scottsdale islanders and the canadians, all smiles as the team snaps on the gear. as far as brady is concerned it's all about which the best. >> in the canadian locker room, the guys are ready to go, getting in a little stick time. so lace up those skates because it's time to play and with that we're on the ice. but after a scoreless first period, the islanders turn up the heat. brady share i scan scores the first of three goals on the night and then his second and
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islanders. canadians get back in the game. number 15 connor mcdonald put the icing on the cake for scottsdale. second goal for chandler. but brady sheridan finishes with the hat trick. and the islanders win the first ever cross town rivalry. it's the thrill of victory. and the agony of
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5:24, you don't need to spend the whole paycheck to have a fun weekend. >> a lot of freebies to keep your wallet full. start your day off right with free coffee, thursday is national coffee day and the refuge is offering a cup of black coffee all day long. chance to try their workshops free, part of their open house to give i taste of what the new phoenix center for the arts. workshops on everything from painting to ceramics, even photographer. >> museum day live is happening today, can you get two free admission tickets, all have you to do is go online, find a participating museum and you just download your two free
5:25 am shopper. and we just can't stop watching an epic take down caught on video. many of you have probably seen it,. >> i'm glad this wasn't my patio, rattle snakes do battle. you better watch out, snake removals of skyrockets. >> two adult male rattle snakes packed with powerful venom duke it out on the back p east of scottsdale. this late night fight went on for three hours for quite a prize. >> those are two male rattle snakes fighting over for dominance over the area. and after one of my guys daniel got there he found a female rattle snake under the barbecue. this is the time of year when cooler weather puts snakes into winter prep mode eating, mating and sometimes fighting for lady
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and so for the first hour and a half i was trying to go like what do i do? i've got two rattle snakes battling or mating on my patio. >> look at the stripes at the back of their -- by the rattles. >> these snakes were safely moved back to the desert but experts say the out skirts of the valley are a hotbed for snakes right now. joe bar tell abc 15 news. 5:26 debate as big as the super bowl? that is what some about monday night's debate between hillary clinton and trump. we'll tell you how the candidates preparing. no, that is not rain you are hearing on your roof, it's rats and now they are traveling in even bigger numbers. one valley exterminator sharing tips how to keep them away. 18, a man bought the territory of louisiana for 42 cents an acre.
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now you can get my jumbo breakfast platter for just $2.99. take that history. scrambled eggs, eight mini pancakes, a hash brown, and your choice of bacon or sausage. it's the greatest deal since the louisiana purchase. sort of. the jumbo breakfast platter just $2.99 for a limited time. value, done my way.
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just before 5:30 right now on saturday, we are so happy to see you join us, i'm nick ciletti. and i'm allison rodriguez. let's get straight to the most accurate forecast. hey, you are saying it's chilly so do we need a sweater, do we not. i think it feels great personally, you go outside and
5:30 am
61 in tempe and glendale. in the 50s in litchfield park. right now if you want to do the hike or go maybe run a few miles or take the dog for a really long walk, it's a perfect morning to do that. here is the most accurate forecast, we'll warm up to the 70 by 9:00 this morning. and then stay in the 70s for a bulk of the morning. 80 this afternoon. today's high 90 degrees, 10 degrees lower than we should be. i'll let you know how the change as we work in storm systems into the seven day forecast, also, too, picking up rain. roof rats are out this morning in the valley and we are learning that they are roaming in much bigger numbers. >> year of the rat because a lot of homeowners, people never had problems with rodents are calling this year. >> yeah, that's a valley exterminator who says his roof
5:31 am
up to 200 to 250%, it's a good breeding year this year, gnawing on wires, burrowing into fences and taking a boyd out of the fruit trees. >> hallowed out area is a telltale sign of rodents. >> tips, clear your yard of low hanging trees and debris and don't keep pet food outside and pick fruit as soon as possible. prime real estate for the homeless, some neighbors are saying in northern has become more than just an eyesore, they say it's dangerous. they say drug deals are going down there in plain sight. people are having sex in public, terra brown says colin police says it's a daily chore, she thinks the closure of overflow shelters downtown are to blame. >> where are they supposed to go? they are doing a lot of
5:32 am
tired of being prayed upon. >> well maricopa county says homelessness is up 27% but insists it's doing better than ever spending more money getting people off of the streets. update now as somebody goes around breaking into mailboxes, we are hearing from so many of you overnight. the crooks are likely after your checks, credit cards and those government id informations and all of that stuff. as of this morning the postal service is sen anybody in these targeted area while they watch out for those thieves, we talked to a woman who says these boxes have been broken into two other times. >> you could it was busted, that is blood on there, what are they using to pry these open with? >> you will get a letter if your mailbox is targeted but we can tell you the 85224 and 85226 zip codes are the ones
5:33 am
card companies and banks may not be a bad idea to check for suspicious transaction. guardian angels patrolling the streets, another week with the serial street shooter case solved. you see them spreading the word at a marryville grocery store, be vigilant and know that killer's sketch. >> somebody out there knows this guy, somebody out there has seen this guy. they've got to do what you need to do to get this guy street. there is a $75,000 reward for this guy. >> serial shooter has been fly under the radar since july 11th so if you can provide any helpful information you could eligible for that $75,000 reward. vigilant drivers, the ones to thank for arrests happening, a caller spot todd hanson was waving a a gun around, that turned out not to be true, hanson was wanted on an
5:34 am
pictures clearly showing flames deputy was actually first on one scene getting everybody out safely. once the firefighters got there they went on the defensive mode meaning they had to fight this thing from the outside. part of the home collapsed. the cause still under investigation. first let you get a good look at the suspect, tell you whatthe sheriff says she did to her beloved dog. this is 53-year-old don corsin, she had an outstanding she slashed her pets legs saying she wanted to die with him. she was stay being her mom. well tragedy in the golding state after dozens of an a animal are killed on the road, a truck full of cows tipping over near palmdale, california north of los angeles, rescue crews pulled the animals out one by one. 50 were killed. the cause of the crash still under investigation. you might say it's just in
5:35 am
temple going up in salem, massachusetts. infamous for the salem witch trials, it's a funeral home turned temple with a group of 40,000 followers nationwide. this version of satanism does not worship any physical devil or anything super natural. they say they thought salem would be a good place since people embrace the town's history where 19 people convicted of witch craft were hanged. two days away from presidential debate. viewer count as high as the super bowl. hillary clinton spending the past few days intensely preparing for the showdown. donald trump scrapping a campaign event yesterday and hunker -- hunkered down in trump tower. >> let's have the american people for once actually see a person actually be themselves rather than coached and manipulated.
5:36 am
seven points. 12th and more man 40 for clinton who was holding mock debates. he has vetoed a bill that would have let families of 9/11 victims sue saudi arabia. both chambers of congress did pass this bill, congress could ride his veto. that bill allows the victims families 0 sue the saudi government for any role it had in the attacks, 15 out oth 19 terrorists they were saudi nationals. they raised some eyebrows when they raised their fists, two former olympians are going to the white house, tommy smith and john carlos were sent home in 196 after raising their fists during the national anthem. i just want to make a quick correction, we were talking
5:37 am
meant 1600s. but 1600s, i know my history, i know it. >> it's 5:37 in the morning. we know what meant. i'm still chilled from stepping outside. >> it's jarring when you step outside. i think it feels great. if you are headed out for a hike, camelback or tom thumb, by 8:00 still in the 60s this morning, 68 degrees. nice, cool sunny conditions, 74 by 10:00. still g you might need some extra time to look for a parking spot, when the weather is this good, the mountains tend to fill up. in just a few minutes stay with us because i am going to let you know when our temperatures are going to start to go back up and when we could see some rain chances. >> we are looking forward to it. hey, do you think you you you've got a crazy hoa, one
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o'halleran: i had some really tough cases as a police detective. but the problem in washington is as clear as day -- we can't trust our politicians to work for us. tom o'halleran has a plan to hold the politicians accountable --
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arizonians ages 25-64 have some sort of degree or certification. >> hoping to see that number soar to 60% by 2030. it is a lofty goal but college success arizona says it is attainable especially since more than 200 groups across the state are already working to make it happen. it's really going to put information in the hands of students. more quickly than ever before. >> college success arizona says it has a lot of benefits when education goes up, wages usually follow. plus a more educated work force can attract a wider array of companies to the state and make arizona more competitive. consumer alert to tell you at 5:41, muting a rush on deliver -- putting a rush on deliveries, ups is testing out drones, speeding up emergency medical dropoffs, trials are going pretty well. the delivery you are seeing
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child at camp. you are going to notice something new on the next uber ride and it should be a sigh of relief. that the right person is actually picking you up. drivers will be required to take pictures of themselves before every ride to confirm their identity and make sure their accounts have not been hacked, calling this move precautionary more than anything, fraud and theft have not been problems for them. you might need a thick skin, but, did you know this, can you post your on tinder and put them up for a vote, not sure about the facebook profile picture or outfit, throw it up on tindr stacks, swipe yes or nope and right for like. >> gosh, tough out there. if you think you can go happens free in tesla's self driving cars, software up date means drivers can keep their hands on the wheel or automatic steers turns off, the company
5:43 am
crashes. 5:42, the update helps prevent hot car deaths, the problem here in arizona. the air conditioner will now automatically turn on to keep the car at 105 degrees or lower, protecting kids and pets. and it will stay on for up to ours after the driver gets out. a later version will let you set the temperature. uproar this morning of a different kind likely popping up in your social media feed to get this sad polar bear a home. it's getting a lot of attention. 600,000 people have now signed and online petition to shut down listen closure and the entire aquarium in china. >> yeah, that per named pizza lives inside of a shopping center where people constantly take on the window to take selfies. wildlife park in england is going to take pizza only if
5:44 am
good intentions to fix something, they turn into a bad and bigger repair job. and that is even true for the great wall of china. a 700 year old section has been covered with a white cement trail making it look like an elevated bike path, the idea restore decaying parts, drawing outrage with some calling this the world's worse restoration. good morning, joe ducey here, a lot of them say like walking on egg shells living at the mesa terrace condominiums, they are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in violations. >> over the years they just piled up. >> arlene willis is talking about the violations, fees, empty pot on herbal connie. it's redick has. >> 100 bucks for carpet cleaner hoses up stare the.
5:45 am
told him no. the $70 administrative fee here, expensive parking violation there. >> you can see there is no line whatsoever. >> son chris says he has been towed. >> inch on the line or with's said to be a line you ghettoed $150 fine. >> those don't include the administrative fees, collection fees, she got behind on hoa payments, added fees alone more than $7000. >> hoa's are supposed order, some violations are expected but a communications violation? >> as i said i was going to come to channel 15 news. >> a $50 warning because we called the hoa about arlene's earn cans, third parties are not permitted to communicate with the hoa except during board meetings. >> do you feel like you have a right to talk to us. >> the media fee is pretty disturbing. >> attorney john says the list
5:46 am
on the website, scott gordon. >> mr. gordon, we couldn't find gordon around but he could see us. >> five cameras right here. >> and we found plenty of other res debs. we paided a thousand our first month. >> leaving my flip flops on the patio. >> this is a park back here so we got is $170 fine. >> it shows up in your mailbox. >> every homeowner has the opportunity to file an appeal, they spend years refining hoa policies, fees determined by the type of violation and number of violations that registered cars are are given the opportunity to move the vehicle before it's toed. arlene says enough is enough. >> it's like harassment. >> scott gordon is one of several employees hired to handle day to day operations, gordon owns several units. have a great day, you got a problem let me know.
5:47 am
>> don't do it, fine. >> my neighbors sleep on the patio. it is a great day to be outside and we have a wonderful event for everybody. >> this weekend is the last maricopa county home and garden show of the year, we stopped by a preview, more than 900 booths set up there, it's the largest home show in the southwest and really something for the whole family there. >> everything from home improvement to landscaping, to gardens. we have our celebrity guest this excited about. >> yeah, hillary farm, david of love it or list it are going to be there today. 88 bucks for adults at the arizona state fairgrounds. you can see all the latest. love it or list it. first weekend of fall, can you believe it, we are already here. only fitting that we find the newest pumpkin spice treat. these are pumpkin spice fries, orange drizzle is the pumpkin flavor, there is more because
5:48 am
on it, that is chocolate, mcdonald's plans to serve this up in japan starting next week through halloween night. surprised they are not doing it here. >> would you try pump pumpkin spice fries -- pumpkin spice fries. >> i did have a pumpkin scone from starbucks. >> i saw on twitter that you had it. >> i am not going to tell you how many calories are in them. >> no. >> it's wa it's starting to feel like fall, we have some of the last rainfalls, too, you are saying we could see more. >> yeah, so later on this week we are actually forecasting rain chances, it was nice to see, we had a few dates of that. hiking forecast of 60s and 90s, right now at phoenix sky harbor 64 degrees, wins out of the southwest at 3 miles per hour. it is just a nice morning. go outside and enjoy it if you can.
5:49 am
the coolest morning we have seen since the end of may. so it could be jarring as you step outside. let's take a look at the restaurant state, 30s in flagstaff. grand canyon below freezing 31 degrees, 64 at lake havisu. 50s and of 0s in southeastern assed. we see the state nice and clear, not seeing any activity. utah, wyoming, idaho has a little bit of rain. and am i seeing correctly? are we seeing some blue? we are. look at this, actually seeing some light snow here, can you believe it already the end of september and areas in higher terrains picking up some of the white stuff, it is going to be that time of year before you know it. let's take a look at futurecast, i want to show you the next 48 hours, nice and dry and for the most part cloud free across the entire state today. it looks like southeastern arizona might pick up cloud
5:50 am
southeastern corner pick up a shower or two. tomorrow though that is when we see more storms fire up to the south and to the east of us, the valley is going to stay dry. we could see some more clouds working as we see the winds pick up. and then later on in week that is when we start to see more moisture push into the picture. here is the most accurate forecast throughout the day. in the of 0s and 70s -- 60s and 70s throughout the morning. 1 by noon. we for your high. let's talk about weather and your hell, moderate rains for pollen, watch out for the sage brush and ragweed. air quality not so bad. it looks like the ozone is going to pick up today. uv index lower than we've seen, burn times will still be 20 minutes or less, so if you are outside you are going to need the sunscreen. highs today in the east valley, we go to l in fountain hills,
5:51 am
0s in paradise valley -- 80s in paradise valley. 89 in wick enamoring. 90 in a be day. headed out to asu game, here we go, asu fans in the studio, 7:00 at 82 degrees for the kickoff. then drop about 2 degrees every hour, 75 degrees the temperature as the game is wrapping up around 10:00. most forecast 96 degrees, breezy conditions for sunday. upon day we still keep it breezy, l degrees. 0 for -- 88 degrees. so make sure you download the abc 15 mobile app so you can track the storms. and it looks like we'll be clearing out nicely by next
5:52 am
score big at casino arizona and talking stick resort during the $500,000 guaranteed cash giveaway. the cash will be flying every weekday starting september 5th. join the half million club with $500,000 guaranteed...
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score big at casino arizona and talking stick resort during the $500,000 guaranteed cash giveaway.
5:54 am
only at casino arizona and talking stick resort! well it is going to take a microscopic look to figure out what happen here. who could forget this incredible video, that is space x explosion there. they know something happened to the rocket's helium system before the explosion in florida on september 1st. the audio and visual evidence they have is very limited at this time. not quality wise, time wise, that moment leading up to the problem less than .10 of a second.
5:55 am
back here in the valley, construction is coming along well at bell and graham. with that comes restrictions and they already started overnight, keep an eye out for a dot sign, the entire project wrapping up next spring. backlash over target's kid size shopping carts, parents have had enough. they were rolled out in several stores, parents hated them calling those kiddy carts a vehicle of mass destruction and starting the moms stupid tiny carts movement. other shoppers joined in there complaining about bruised ankles and chaotic children, oh, yeah, i can see that. target has tossed them completely out. so they are done. don't worry. here is a look at tonight's primetime lineup, stanford takes on -- right this minute castle. make sure you stick around for abc 15 news at 10:00 with kim tobin. it is the first full
5:56 am
you want to get out and enjoy this cooler weather. so let's help you find something to do, reviewing party at the phoenix mercury battle the new york liberty in the second round of the wnba playoffs. done miss the star party night viewing event. happening tonight at cat a loan a state park north of tucson. the first ever enduro racing event is coming to scottsdale. grab blankets, the city of mesa kicking off ride i didn't know movie series at monterey park showed tangled ever after. dancing, arts and crafts and so much latin food happening at the peoria sports complex. good time to do it weather wise. it's feeling like fall, 50s and 60s, still hot later on
5:57 am
warmer tomorrow up to 96 and then you see tuesday into wednesday, we work in some rain chances, too. and then warming out and clearing up after that. at 6:00 a breakdown of most accurate hour by hour forecast. still ahead at 6:00 tragedy at washington state there at a mall there outside of seattle as gunmen -- gunman opening fire on a crowd. and we are working to bring you answers
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
good morning to you, 6:00 on saturday, i'm nick ciletti. and i'm allison rodriguez. just ahead on abc 15 mornings, active search after a man walks into a macy's and starts shooting killing five people. this is the choice, you eat the marijuana or tonight. just like that a traffic stop turns into something far worse, more from the man who was bullied by phoenix police and forced to eat marijuana until he became sick, that story making national headlines overnight. yeah, we'll get to more of that in just a bit. we want to start you off with your most accurate forecast, we are kind of at that time where you need a sweater in the morning but beautiful in the afternoon. >> yeah i think it feels nice
6:01 am
crisp we'll call it. >> you know fall is here. >> you love the sunrise in back grown, take a look, camel back 62 in mesa. 60 in tempe. and also in glendale. just 58 degrees right now in litchfield park. so a few other places like maricopa in the 50s. this is the coolest weather we have seen in about four mondays. here is the most accurate forecast to show you how the temperatures are going up by the hour. by 10:00 we east. by noon 81 degrees. reaching the upper 8 east. phoenix will reach 90, warming up, i will talk about that in your seven day forecast, headed out to the asu game we've let you know how cool it will be tonight. this morning we continue to track several breaking stories, this one making national headlines, police they are actively searching right now for the man who walked into a makeup store at this mall right here and just started shooting.
6:02 am
people have died. a man who was flown to the hospital in really bad shape overnight, he did pass away. this scary scene unfolding just after 7:00 on a busy friday night at cascade mall. that's about 65 miles north of seattle. we want to show you the man police say did this, that is from surveillance video there. he ran away and was last seen walking toward interstate 5 in that area. so no telling right now where he could be or what the motive is right now behind this viscous atta. valley, a swat situation in wickenburg end being a suspect taking his own life. authorities surrounding the home for six hours near palo vary die, they arrived they could hear gunshots, hours later the swat team sent in a robot that is when they discovered the body. a family fight ends with one man in the hospital with serious injuries. glendale police arriving to
6:03 am
the man had been stabbed, police tell us the man was staying with a married couple at the time when they got into an argument. he ended up being stab weekend a large knife. a valley teacher arrested for having sex with a student and the shocking thing is he has been in the classroom for years since this alleged incident. 53-year-old allen scott johnson was arrested at paradise valley where he has been a teacher for the last four years. but it was at cactus high caused of having secretary with a then -- accused of having sex with a then 15-year-old student. she said johnson had sex with the girl in a school bath rom and also inside of his car. johnson's first court appearance did not go well. >> absolutely makes me incensed that you get a bond, we need to keep your mouth shut. >> johnson has a half a million
6:04 am
paradise valley high school says he is on paid leave pending this investigation. these images are horrifying, scottsdale police say this 28-year-old man ramirez kidnap add woman who was unconscious, this happened near the busy old town area. ram ear he went -- ramirez went on to sexually assault this woman three times, there could >> there is a possibility in the future that this suspect could be tied to other cases, so we are leaving our options open. we are asking for anybody with none of this suspect to call us and to, you know, that might help us to investigate other crimes as well. >> ramirez is charged with multiple accounts of kidnapping and sexual assault. ramirez is a former mma fighter. the man forced by police to swallow weed breaking his
6:05 am
to us on abc 15. he had did castro says he was pulled over for speeding last week and during that stop officers found a gram of pot in his car. he was given a ticket and told by these two officers that he would have to eat the weed if he continue want to go to jail. >> mcfadden, he came up to me and he came up to me with a gram and he asked that you want to go home tonight? i was like yeah, i want to go home, i work tomorrow. officer was like choice, either you eat the marijuana or go to jail tonight. i asked him do i really have to do this? do i have to do this? >> castro says he is happy with the way phoenix police are handling the investigation. and he says is he glad they are pushing for criminal charges against these two officers. this morning the buckeye neighborhood on edge after a body was found in a canal. this video here showing officers on the scene near miller and haze road.
6:06 am
out more about this investigation, how long that body might have been there? we want to show you video earlier when we sent air15. they were there searching that area, you see them, too, too soon to say right now if this person found is a man, a woman or a child. also in buckeye we are still asking questions about the search for little jessie wilson, the 10-year-old has been missing for two months now after disappearing in july. we continue to reach out to police to see if there are any leads, we've got the number on your screen, we need to know where little jessie wilson (923)349-6400. allison and the city of charlotte coming off a second night of curfews, protests continued late into the night over the dead low police shooting of keith lamont scott.
6:07 am
the tapes. hoping the video might show more clearly what happen. with going one version, scott family releasing cell phone video showing the tense moments before and immediately after tuesday's shooting. >> he doesn't have a gun. he has a tbi. he is not going to do anything to you guys,. >> drop the gun. >> chief. chief. chief. don't do you it. did you shoot him? did you shoot him? >> and chilling to listen all of that unfold. video recorded by scott's wife doesn't show if he had a gun or not. a loaded gun was recovered from the scene with scott's fingerprints much scott's family and the mayor of charlotte calling for the release of two other videos recorded by police one from a body camera and from a dash cam. protests taking place to show solidarity, showing justice and end to police
6:08 am
into the streets. the students passing up lunch break to protest and college football players and fans taking a neon the field. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton canceling her plans to visit charlotte, she released a statement saying she is grateful for the invitation but postponing her visit since the city's resources are stretched thin, she now has a new plan she says and we'll hear more about that in just a few minute. more local news at 6:08 police the men responsible for a shooting near 91stavenue and northern. here is the information they want you to hear that suspect was driving a silver or gray dodge challenger at a blue metallic cherokee. police say they found a gun and the man did have live threatening injuries, so if you know anything please go them a call. she is known as a tough on crime prosecutor, deputy county attorney is a victim after
6:09 am
before, won't leave here alone, 67-year-old albert served three years for threaten to go assassinate his attorney. he showed up not once but twice at the downtown courthouse where she is working. well it's a mess, we've seen it with our own eyes, city of tempe plans to take action. outreach teams will be there to talk to the homeless population and find out how they can help much this is one of many cleanup events the planned during the next month. so far they've picked up 10 tons of trash at the next city council meeting, members talked about long term plans, meghan thompson will be out at the clean up, look for her reports on the evening newscast. turning your attention back to the most accurate forecast, i'm hearing that some of our daytime highs in the week are going to be cool, too, which is really exciting. >> yeah, you know, it could be
6:10 am
90s. >> l l 0s? >> yeah -- 80s? >> hour by hour forecast 60s and 70s for most of the morning. if you are headed out to the asu game, 82 degrees for the kickoff. nice cooldown into the 9 east, -- 70s. taking a look at the seven day forecast i will let you know when we can see rain in the forecast. roof rats invading valley homes, how you can keep out of your place. and saturation, get ready to see a lot more of these, how many trump signs are going up
6:11 am
is that ice-t? nope, it's lemonade. is that ice-t? lemonade. ice-t? what's with these people, man? lemonade, read the sign. lemonade. read it. ok. delicious. ice-t at a lemonade stand? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money marin saved by switching to geico. yo, ice-t! it's lemonade, man!
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if you are looking for one of these? you are going to be in luck, it is distributing 30,000-yard signs all across the state, so you are going to be seeing a lot of them. hoping to set a new state record, you can pick yours up today at the arizona trump/pence campaign office. hillary clinton has that we told you about a few minutes ago, clinton along with donald trump is going with isreali prime minister netanyahu taking place is in new york city tomorrow. he is in the u.s. where he met president back obama and addressed the un general assembly. israel a close ally. however neither trump nor clinton have visited in the current election cycle coming one day before clinton and trump face off in their first
6:14 am
seat, right in your own living room you can watch that debate monday night right here on abc 15 we are carrying it, that is followed by dancing with the stars and our special 90 minute newscast. talk about must see tv, john mccain and ann kirk patrick are starting to prep for their first debate. the two vying to represent our state in the u.s. senate, going head to head on october 10th. on pbs and we will be there to cover it. update on all the electi news, all you have to do is download podium, free political app keeping you informed through the november elections historic moment more than a century in the making, opening up today in our nation's capital, the goal of this museum is to look back and learn from lessons to take
6:15 am
ground, built around a segregation era rail ray car and a prison guard tower. visitors begin in the basement and make way through exhibits from slave ships to the civil war, the civil rights movement, and the election of the first black president. thousands are expected to gather on the national mall this morning when president barack obama cuts the ribbon to open the museum and see the more than 3 -- 3000 art faxes that are on display. i have heard this is absolutely amazing. as much as we may not went to, it is time to say good-bye to summer and with it salt river tubing is closing up shop until next summer, last weekend to grab tubes a life vests and head down the salt river. as we say goodbye to summer fun, for people in colorado it is time to start dusting off those skis, and the snow boards. they are already getting snow
6:16 am
pass. >> i remember when ski season opened up here, actually covering that. hard to believe we are coming back around. >> where did 2016 go? >> i don't know, i'm ready for the fall temp. after the hot summer temps, give me a break. >> people want a reason to drink the psl's. >> i think they got it this morning 64 degrees right now. a nice comfortable morning as you step outside, nice sunrise there in have picked up, out of the east, southeast. let's check in with the rest of the valley. look at maricopa. 52 degrees right now. it is chilly down there, 64 in gilbert -- or glendale. 6 had 4 in peoria. 60s in scott scale. 50 in chandler. 63 in mesa. here is a lock at abc 15 doppler radar, nice and clear conditions, a sunny sky today
6:17 am
changing later on this week. let's show you futurecast and the only area that could seat some cloud coverage, south east earn arizona or higher elevations near show low, it is dry i can't loss the state. we are going to see a bit of a surge of moisture coming in from the southeast, we could see more shower activity. wants is monday, tuesday, wednesday, that is when we could see more rain, especially here in the valley, air quality not so bad today in the moderate range, expecting ozone levels to zip out just a little bit. uv not too bad. this is the low we've seen in quite sometime. level 7 today meaning burn times will be 20 minutes or under so keep that in mind as you are dealing with the sunscreen maybe, if you are outside going running, going hiking today. here is a look at the pollen count. we are going to be in the medium range, watch out for the ragweed. 90 degrees is going to be
6:18 am
this time of year. 69 degrees is going to be the overnight low. nice, cool conditions. not quite as cool as what we are seeing this morning, it is still going to feel good i think. most accurate seven day forecast. warm up tomorrow, 96 degrees, about where we should be for this time of year, storm system works in, not bringing us any rain but crank up the winds so breezy sunday, breezy monday as temperatures dip back down into the 80s and after that we trade the breezes away for the rain chances. 92 degrees, 10% chance of showers, same for thursday after we start to see clearing that is a great time to download the free abc 15 download. can you track it along with us, looking absolutely great. 96 degrees. low to mid-90s next weekend. a beautiful one of we'll take a look at highs in the east valley and west valley coming up in just a little bit.
6:19 am
projects going on this weekend, west valley where i-10 westbound will be down just to one lane right near loop 303 friday night 10:00 p.m. until monday morning at 5:00 a.m. expect a lot of congestion. another spot which is closed down, loop 101 northbound from i-10 till you hit thunder bird. 4:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on saturday. sunday southbound side. hop overuse i 17 and expect a lot of delays there. anothe valley, loop 202 eastbound from greenfield to power. friday night to monday morning. use u.s. 60 and some of the side streets. we have a big closure on grand avenue this weekend, head to for all the details. well it is halloween time, and abc 15 mornings, we are giving away two family four packs of tickets every day, two chances to win every sickle
6:20 am
>> weather word of the day every week day morning from 6:00-7:00 for your chance to win. it all starts this thursday. find out more at and of course good luck. well blooded streaked mailboxes, the makings of a nightmare as crooks go to great lakes to steel information. we are getting wild on abc 15 studios, wildlife zoo introducing this a pigmy goat, we are going
6:21 am
in 1803, a man bought the territory of louisiana for 42 cents an acre. that was the greatest deal ever. until i made this one. now you can get my jumbo breakfast platter for just $2.99. take that history. rambled eggs, eight mini pancakes, a hash brown, and your choice of bacon or sausage. it's the greatest deal since the louisiana purchase. sort of. the jumbo breakfast platter just $2.99 for a limited time.
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6:23 am
6:23, big weekend for college football, the action starts right here taking on south florida, some sunshine state rivals there, then at 12:30 penn state takes on michigan, that is going to be a good stanford taking on ucla at 5:00. miami taking on georgia tech later. one last boughtee shot. before -- beauty shot. >> man that is a lot of slob per. where is this going? -- sloppier. >> watch that neck. it's all taking place live on tv 2, that reporter in san diego has quite the encounter with an overly friendly baby
6:24 am
viral, as i'm sure news room is going to be -- actually in studio a and we are getting wild out here. with cuteness really. we have cuteness going on. yeah, what you are looking at, this is rosie she is having breakfast, she is getting bottled fed by christie who is our pal from world live world zoo. thank you for coming. >> yes, you are so welcome. >> she is a pig knee goat. >> besides the fact that she is super cute. >> she is one of the cutest animals ever, she is a old, she is a baby pigmy goat and they are called kids when they are born. >> and when she is full grown from 2-3 feet tall as well as 2- 3 feet wide. >> whoa. >> it looks like they swallow add tire as i can't dulls. >> they can start walking 30 minutes after being born.
6:25 am
studio a all around you. >> she is very friendly, too, like the abc 15 welcome wagon. >> she has been running up to greet him, having fun, she has been jumping around your studio and they are able to do that because they have clove in hooves which means they are split down the middle they have an excellent sense of traction and stability, also climb,. >> they like elevations. >> they like to eat from the ground also eat from the trees. they are always trying to grab leaves from branches and they also swim which makes them unusual. another fun fact. >> she makes, too. shake, rattle and roll. >> we love it. when she came up to mix, she chewing on his tow, that is typical goat behavior. >> typical goat behavior, if you know anything about goats
6:26 am
everything. >> yeah,. >> something you keep in mind going to the petting zoo, be aware what you bring in with you because they'll eat maps, money, shoe laces. >> money? >> yeah. so just keep track of your belongings. >> are you going to eat some money. >> petting zoo. >> she will be, right now she is actually the run, when she was born she was under 3 pounds. so when they are typically born it's about 5 pounds or more. so she is being bottled fed. there she goes, brought my own grass. >> she is all right. >> okay, we do have the information -- >> watering lawn for us. >> we have the information for the wild information zoo, head out there, check it out. in a couple mondays rosie will be out there at the petting zoo. >> we have baby goats out there right now, people can pet the baby goats. >> you have deer. >>al paca.
6:27 am
getting cooler, too. >> christie thank you so much. >> bye, ro. 6:27 right now, let's take about what is ahead at 6:30. talk about this from deciding about play dates and snacks and deciding cases, valley woman
6:28 am
6:29 am
6:30 am
we are having a great morning, certainly hope you are, too, 6:30 on a busy saturday, i'm nick ciletti. and i'm allison rodriguez. lots of knew toss get to. check, credit card, id's, crooks looking to steal your info. the post office is trying to stop it. i'm mary ellen resendez live in buckeye, police out here guarding the area. and those are raindrops on your roof, they are rats. why calls are suddenly getting worse. imagine that. >> oh, my goodness. >> i don't want to. really. first let's get to your most accurate forecast, nice this weekend is what nick is saying. it could be breezy. >> these are the cooler -- coolest temperatures we've
6:31 am
since late may. it feels awesome outside. of 2 in mesa. 61 in tempe and glendale. 57 right now in litchfield park, wondering how low is it going to go? so, yeah, you might need a jacket in a few spots outside. here is the most accurate forecast showing the temperatures by the hour. we are in the 60s and 90s for a good chunk -- 70s for a good chunk of the morning. 84 by 1:00. we'll reach a high today of 90 degrees in phoenix. outer lying cities in the upper but we are going to see another warm upcoming your way, will we reach your triple dental thes i have the answer for you. in the meantime right now police are working to identify a body found in a buckeye cancel lal. abc 15 mary ellen resendez joining us live right now with more information on this investigation. mary ellen what do we know? >> reporter: allison still a lot more questions than answers.
6:32 am
morning still investigating exactly what happen. this first came in as a water rescue call about 4:30 yesterday afternoon. we had air15 over the scene. that's when someone had called in and recorded a possible body. this is a very rural area. now right now police say they done know how long that body has been there, possibly been there for quite a long time. they've been unable to tell us still yet exactly what the sex or the race so, there could be possible, you know, deterioration of the body. vet gators are out here still investigating the scene. we have buckeye police still on scene guarding the area just to make sure that nobody like comes out and tampers with the scene itself. again, this came in at about 4:30 yesterday afternoon. we done know a whole lot yet about the victim, all we do
6:33 am
mary ellen resendez abc 15 news. let's get to a crime alert right now as somebody goes around breaking into mailboxes, we are hearing from so many of you who are rightfully concerned. the crooks are likely after your checks, credit cards, and government id information. the tulsa service is sending letters to anybody that has been targeted while they watch out for the thieves. we talked to a woman who says these boxes have been broken into two other times. >> you could tell it was busted, there is blood there, that is disgusting. so what are they using to pry these open with? >> again, will you get a letter in your mail collection box if it was hit. we can tell you the zip code 85224 and 85226 are the ones affected. check your credit card company maybe they can give you more information. it might not be a bad idea to check for any kind of suspicious transactions. well it is becoming prime real estate for the homeless in
6:34 am
saying an abandoned golf course near 19th avenue and north earn has become more than an eyesore they say it's dangerous. drug deals are going down in plain sight. people are having sex in public and continued break-ins, tara brown says calling police is a daily chore. she thinks the closure of overflow shelters downtown and extending the light rail are to blame. the homeless shelters are shut down, where are they supposed to go? they are doing a lot of >> these people need help and we are tried tired of -- tired of being prayed upon. >> it does insist they are doing better than ever to help people get off the street. year of rat because a lot of homeowners, people that never had problems with rodents are calling this year. >> that is a valley exterminator who says his roof rat calls are off the charts up
6:35 am
breeding year for these guys, gnawing through wires, burrowing into vents and taking boughts out of your fruit trees. >> with the hallowed out area is telltale sign of ro departments. >> some tips clear your yard of low hanging trees and debris. pick the fruit off as soon as possible. well with serial shooter on the loose, guardian angels are patrol willing. spreading the word at a grocery store remind vigilant and know this killer's sketch. >> somebody out there knows this guy. somebody out this seen this guy. they've just got to do what you need to do to get this guy off the street, there is a $75,000 reward for this guy. >> the serial shooter has been flying under the radar since july is 11th. if you can provide any helpful information you could eligible for the $75,000 reward. first we'll let you get a
6:36 am
you just what sheriff says she did to her beloved dog, that is 53-year-old dawn corsin we are told she slashed her pet's leg saying she wanted to die with him. she was arrested in sun city where she was staying with her mom. >> that is heart breaking. new information and new pictures showing flames ripping through this house and some lakes, we are healing about a deputy actually the first person to respond to this getting everybodou and once the firefighters got there they went on defensive mode meaning they had to fight from the out side. the cause still under investigation. well the man who admitted to slamming a coconut cream buy in the face of a former suns player is in jail this morning coming from the sacramento magazine. a judge charged kevin johnson with assault assault.
6:37 am
active peaceful process that is why he hit the mayor with a pie. he pumped the man in the face which his lawyer thinks is too high. >> pretty excessive, for whip cream to the face. >> torn son is still behind befores, the judge ordered him to stay away from kevin johnson. lawyers could help the u.s. get a legalize recreational bolt in november, nine states are vote willing on this, if it does pat up to 7 be $8 billion could be in joked into our country. making more than $20 billion by 2020 if mayor recreational marijuana does pass, so we'll see what happens. and who exactly does support legalizing recreational pot? we looked at state elections, we found antiweed supporters
6:38 am
times more cash than pro weed supporters. we caught up with the tempe attorney turned independent who donated $55,000 to the pro weed effort. >> it was not up until 20 is is 1 having a positive impact on people's lives. >> well steve white says certain cases have turned him pro marijuana like 7-year-old zander who needed a federal court rule ugh to contin using a marijuana extract to help treat his seizure. antipot side the top donor is ran dee ken strike. the wife of arizona diamond back owners, she spent a hundred thousand dollars opposing weed, we did reach out to her for comment, we haven't heard back from her on full analysis, head over to abc and can you make your own decision, we have all the information up there for you . we vote on that know l. i think it is going to be tight.
6:39 am
controversy himself, he has vetoed a bill that would have let families of 9/11 victims sigh the saudi arabian government. both chambers of government passed a bill. congress could override his veto allowing the victim's family to sue the saudi government in u.s. court. 15 of the 19 terrorists involved on that day were actually saudi nationals. well from a teacher to a stay at home judge, an arcadia woman is set to start a six figure public position. >> you are probably qualified to do the very same, it's interesting. abc 15 andy calee is going to tell us more now about how she is taking the fast track to the bench. >> you can have something else like apple or peach. >> from running a household to soon running a courtroom. >> loan or greg says she got the idea to campaign for
6:40 am
several years ago. >> like justice of the peace, what do they do? >> decide cases on speeding tickets, sections, small claims and bad checks. >> that is my personal 99. >> because she was the only candidate to garner enough valid signatures, the mother of five got on the balance lot. and she unopposed in november. we like to call ourselves the people's court . presiding maricopa county just is it of the peace says designed for these people. >> you done need to go to law school to do the job effectively. >> she'll go through three months of training and mentoring before she hears cases alone. there are three out of the 26 in maricopa county who are women, i feel like ha is a huge under representation of women. >> example i'm setting for my daughter and for other young women to know that you can run
6:41 am
be scary. > well justices of the peace in maricopa county earn over a hundred thousand dollars a year, do you have to be 18 and older and live in the district. >> that is a good salary. let's talk about the most accurate forecast if you are going for a hike on camel back or south mountain today. beautiful important to go do it, 68 degrees by 8:00. might need -- who knows a wind breaker, degrees. lots of sunshine. i think park fees are a little bit of a has he will. i will talk about how much those temperatures will climb in just a little bit. one air force veteran doing what he can do to give back, how he is using his experience fighting for our country to take action and you can, too. we are taking action to find homeless pets a forever home. learn more about our pet of the week and the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old.
6:42 am
charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look.
6:43 am
6:44 am
all right. this is a live look at the nation's capital. this is washington dc there. shaping up to be a great weekend throughout the northeast and a great weekend here, a lot of us waking up in the 60s. even the 50s. lots of sunshine but it is going to get warm. i will tell you how much on the seven day forecast. you may want to consider donating that old bike taking up space and letting it be a holiday miracle for a child in
6:45 am
teaming up once again with earnhardt auto centers with annual recycle your bike, drop off your old bike to one of 20 different locations, donate money or volunteer to help fix up the bikes. you can find a list on well cycle being a cause as you wake up, we are hearing from a valley veteran paralyzed while serving in the air force working to raise money for other wounded military veterans, it happens this oc but this weekend cycle before in chandler is raising money for the october ride. and the ride for 30 is a great organization that helps service members across all services and their families, you know, they don't stop at the service center they help with families as well. >> if you love to cycle a want to help wounded veterans and families head over to cycle bar in chandler from 12:30 to 1:30.
6:46 am
studio a. allison standing by with our pet of the week. pet smart charities and abc 15 is helping to find forever homes with little these little guys and gals. the valley's only no kill animal shelter, tell us about pandora. >> pandora is about a one, one and a half-year-old chihuahua mix. incredibly sweet as can you see from the shots here. she is relaxed and mellow. i had her in the home last night with me and my dogs. she continue do anything but sleep on the couch the whole time. >> she sounds like a girl after my own heart. she would be great in just about any family. if there are other dogs in the family i would recommend slowly introduce them to each other if they have bigger dogs, she is scared of the larger dog but she got over it quickly once she found out the dog was
6:47 am
idea to bring that dog, have them meet. and what i love about her specifically i said is she a baby still because she has that baby face, she is full group. >> she could probably put a pound or two on her just from being in a home and fed on a regular schedule as opposed to having been on the street for as long as she was. she is not going to get much bigger if at all. so she is just about flee grown. tell me about the need that you guys have going on there at halo, have you so many pets there right now. >> yeah. >> is it overcrowding. >> it's always crowded, the summer mondays are the largest in takes on the dogs and cats. the puppy and kitten season we are on the tail end of that. we don't have as many smaller babies but it's a year round thing. >> right, i know,.
6:48 am
pass out, girl, i feel you, it's okay. you need volunteers, too. >> we always need volunteers whether it's actually at one of our shelter locations or post are aring, taking the pets home and have them live with you, we can always use help for that. and the pets gasp appreciate the help, too. >> we have all the information on the screen, if you want to pick up pandora, is she at the main shelter. >> jason, thank you so much. pa home i am sure of it because you are a cutie. allison, thank you. 6:48 right now. 64 degrees at phoenix, this is -- it feels great outside. good morning to have -- coffee on the patio is where i was getting that. just kind of melded the two words together. winds out of the east,
6:49 am
59 in sedona. 31 in flagstaff so with below the freezing mark, below the freezing mark is the grand canyon. we have a live update court side, 54 right now in nogalis. clouds and radar quiet, utah to wyoming activity going on, rain and if question zoom in closer, starting to see some snow on the border, it looks like wyoming is picking light snow showers in the higher elevations, let's talk about futurecast, we are not saying super sunny for the entire seven day. southeastern arizona picks up a shower or two. system works in, we could see clouds here in phoenix, we are going to see the winds pick up a little bit. we could see gusts up to 30 miles per hour tomorrow. this could be a pretty big windy vent, we do see some rain
6:50 am
the east. so that is something we'll continue to watch for you, great time to download the abc 15 mobile app. here is your most accurate forecast, it looks like we'll be at 74 by 10:00. 97 by 2:00. after that we'll be in the mid to upper 90s. high today of phoenix. outline cities are in the 80s. pollen level in the moderate range. increase in minute burn time. east valley upper 80s for the most part. low 60s for overnight lows. 89 in surprise. 89 in litchfield park. asu game as they take on cal/berkeley. after that in the low 80s and upper 70s. most accurate seven day forecast 96 tomorrow. a lot of breezes, sun city, monday, tuesday in the forecast. wednesday is when we work in
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
it is saturday and it is a fall and that means college football. so you can catch all the action right here on abc 15 starting at 9:00 with florida state taking on south florida. at 12:30 penn state battles michigan. you can get up to date on news at 4:00. before watching stanford taking on ucla at 5:00.
6:54 am
again. can you actually bring new life to your old stuff and maybe save some money and have some fun in the process. >> we have amanda joining us, gary, too, they are telling us about diy projects thing we can do to give life back into that old furniture, if we have never done anything like this before what is step one? >> depends on which product you are using, we have two products that we carry in grease thumb junk by laura which is a sealer built into every product. this is what gary is using, first step for that is to prep it. the most important step. >> i hear a lot about this kind of things. >> this pain is awesome, it will stick to anything if you prep it properly. you don't have to sand, you done have to -- >> sometime the sanding -- >> you don't have to -- >> gary is like yes. >> it's crazy stuff.
6:55 am
refurbish. >> everything. >> tables, chairs. >> yeah, it's entirely up to you. we have a dresser there that we picked up from sunshine acres for a deal. that has seen a better life 40 i don't remembers ago. and we completely transformed it using -- >> amazing. >> and then also we have a product called unicorn spit which is not a paint but a gel stain i'm playing with here. >> unicorn spit. >> unicorn stain. >> what is vibrant gel stain. >> if you look at the top over there you can see the far right- hand side is what the original surface looked like, the far left side is after i spit the top using hand to hand side motion. it's a water based product so it has to be sealed which is what middle piece it. >> it gives a 3 dimensional feel, absolutely. >> we like it it looks cool.
6:56 am
get some diy ideas i should say at the home and garden show going on this weekend, we have the information up on your screen, more than 900 boths set up. are you guys going to be there. >> absolutely. all weekend. >> talk a little bit to you guys, if they have any questions. >> yes. >> wonderful. >> guys, this is cool stuff, make sure you check them out. they he got some cool swag going on there, too. let's -- if we can talk about weather one last time. today's high starting off very very cool this morning, some places still in the 50s as we speak. tomorrow warm it up to 996 degrees. breezy conditions, sunday, monday, tuesday, we trade winds for rain, shower chances wednesday and thursday. nice clearing out by friday and next weekend. >> okay. >> trying to get this going. >> i know you see me in there, this is about arrest it is particular as i get.
6:57 am
weekend is really great for you guys to get out there, it's the
6:58 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking overnight, mall massacre. five people shot and killed, the gunman caught on camera walking into a macy's in washington state and opening fire. >> cascade, all burlington units, male ran into the women's macy's with a long rifle. we're getting multiple calls night. the intense manhunt this morning. chilling video released by the wife of the man shot by police in charlotte pleading with officers not to open fire. >> don't shoot him. don't shoot him. he has no weapon. >> officers ordering him to drop a gun before shooting him. this morning what could be a critical new report on the weapon cops say was found at the scene. countdown to the showdown. the big debate. how the candidates are preparing


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