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tv   ABC15 News Sunday  ABC  September 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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a major traffic situation unfolding in the east valley. this is arizona avenue and warner. at least 10 patients involved in an awful wreck out there. chris, what's happening at this point? right now the crash is in the hands of chandler police. they're investigating the cause. i want to step away right now and show you what's going on because it's right there, three total involved. the black car and the green suv look to be the most damaged. they've transported and treated 10 people involved in this accident. one of them is a young girl that's in critical condition. she was ejected from one of the cars. she's being treated at phoenix children's hospital. we're still expecting more information. the other people involved in the accident are suffering from
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be out for a while. these roads warner ave and arizona ave, these are going to be closed for just a little while while chandler police are investigating. for now, we'll send it back to you in studio. >> a lot of patients there. thanks for the update. a guy who apparently assaulted a woman has holed himself up at thanks to our viewer who sent us these shots. the woman has escaped. the man is inside and armed. we'll have updates as we get them. phoenix police are searching for suspects who robbed somebody at gunpoint. the victim was shot but will be okay. it's all we've got at that point. any and all developments we get will be on and our mobile app. a sunday morning argument
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unfolding at this hour. a guy got upset when he tried to pay for his coffee and his card was declined. he gets into a fight with another customer, then shoots that person dead. after that, the suspect tells police he has a bomb. turns out that wasn't true. the suspect was arrested, but that starbucks about 15 minutes from the las vegas strip crawling with law enforcement tonight. in charlotte outside the minnesota-carolina game. protesters chanting and linking arms. the chief of police released body cam and dash cam video last night, but the public demanding it's not enough. they say there is more body cam video that should be released. a curfew is still in effect tonight. creepy, rude, obnoxious. these are the words being used
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has had many run ins with the law including assault charges for attacking his stepfather. he ran from law enforcement for about 24 hours after the attack before he was caught. he will face a judge for the first time in the morning. a good deed gone bad, very bad. we tell you about one woman's horrific ordeal along a valley freeway. >> reporter: she was driving the price access road when she saw what looked like four stranded people. the woman told detectives the four were waving her down, and when she stopped to help, that's when a girl jumped into her car and punched the good samaritan in the face. the four grabbed her purse and fled into the nearby neighborhoods. police caught up with all four at an apartment complex. officers arrested three of them for assault and robbery. that teenage girl turned out to
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phoenix. she won't be charged. that victim is going to be okay. in tempe for abc 15 news. a woman was found by a guy at 16th and mcdowell this morning. the man who allegedly attacked already in custody tonight. no word on any charges yet. rival gangs going at it in guadalupe sending bullets flying right near a church. they detained some people who were in that area late yesterday afternoon. they're not sure if the actual shooter is in their custody. deputies say there was a lot going on in the area. a lot of people around. so if you saw anything, please call the number at the bottom of your screen. there is so much on the line. so much hype. the first face off between hillary clinton and donald trump set for tomorrow night. it is the first time we will see clinton and trump toe to toe alone. mary bruce is picking up the last-minute prep for us
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and the expectation game in full swing on the campaign trail. >> we're concerned there might be a double standard here. >> i really don't appreciate campaigns thinking it is the job of the media to go and be these virtual fact checkers. >> reporter: the campaigns trying to set the bar on what will likely be the most watched political show down in american history. their first presidential debate being compared to the super bowl. 100million people expected to watch, and tighter. a new poll shows clinton holding at 46%. donald trump just two points behind. still within the margin of error. the clinton camp hammering that trump needs to be called out on lies. >> in a 90-minute format, there's a real opportunity to hear somebody say something and get into is that actually true or not? >> reporter: trump expects the moderators to be harder on him.
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congress hopes trump is doing his homework. >> hillary clinton has been doing this most of her life. this is new for donald. i think he should over prepare for it. >> reporter: the psychological warfare has already started. the republican nominee responded biotiting perhaps i will put jennifer flowers right alongside him. >> tweet? >> he wants to remind people he's a great counter puncher. >> reporter: while both are preparing behind closed doors, both had meetings with israeli prime minister. a brief pause before the epic face off. >> oh, yeah. we'll be watching the debate. more than two-thirds of the student body entered a lottery for only a few hundred tickets.
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for about 500 jobs as volunteer staff for this event. such a big night tomorrow night. it's what everybody will be talking about tomorrow. you can watch clinton and trump take each other on tomorrow night, coverage beginning at 6:00 p.m. right here on abc 15. flooding in the midwest, schools canceling classes for tomorrow and keeping it that way at least through mid-week. the cedar river is the biggest problem. it's expected to peak sometime on tuesday. a lot can happen between now and then. people are evacuating to stay ahead of things and who knows, it could be a week before they will be allowed back. keeping an eye on that weather situation. back here closer to home, slight changes out there today. one, we're warmer and now seeing some clouds beginning to move in across the queen creek cam as we bring in a little bit of moisture across the state. it's not bringing rain showers or thunderstorms here with
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developing and moving in from the southeast. spotty, light rain showers down around tuscon and green valley. our rain chances increasing. i'll let you know when that can happen coming up. the arizona cardinals were expecting to be celebrating a win on the plane ride home tonight. unfortunately, the buffalo bills are celebrating their first win of the season instead. the defense couldn't stop the bills running game. carson p four interceptions in the final 7 minutes of the game. it was his worst outing since the nfc championship game last january when he also threw four interceptions. add in a bad snap on a field goal attempt. 53 yards for a touchdown. it was an ugly outing for the cardinals. they fall to 1-2 on the season after a 33-18 loss in buffalo. very sad news to report tonight.
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died early this morning in a boating accident. the coast guard found the boat upside down on the north end of a rocky jette with two bodies trapped under the boat and a third person on the rocks. he was national league football rookie of the year in 2013. they canceled their game today and held a league-wide moment of silence before each of today's games. he just announced last week that his girlfriend is pregnant with >> he told one of his teammates at the last game that he played against the nationals was the best game he ever pitched, and now he's gone. >> such a tough loss in the sporting world. coming together in a way that you will want a new page of controversy for sheriff paul babeu. sources tell us the fbi has subpoenaed records
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critics have said pcso's use of the foundation is like money laundering. and they've also accused babeu of using the funds to fuel his campaign. it may already be illegal campaigning with government resources. or if they're just being used to make the sheriff look good, as he runs for congress.
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a convicted terrorist has prosecutors seeking the death penalty. now expected to be sentenced one month from now for providing guns for the attack in texas last year. he testified he had no knowledge beforehand about the attacks.
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te appropriate. we'll see what happens next month. he can't walk but one injured veteran finding a way to ride. dozens came together cycling to raise money for a local organization all aimed at helping veterans. we show you what pushes this hero to keep pedaling. >> reporter: it was a bike that took his ability to walk. but the wheels are spinning today, just in a different way. >> i love riding for a cause. that's my main thing. the cause is what got me on the cycle. >> reporter: he had just gotten back from a deployment when he went over the handlebars of his bike paralyzing him from the waist down. >> i'm working to get better on my own. now it's about giving back and trying to show others that even if you get hurt, injured, ill
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accomplish another goal. he was pushing right along with this group riding to raise cash for the free will ride for 30 foundation. it helps build adaptive homes and even just pay bills for our heros. >> every person in that room is bound by a common cause. everybody there believes that we should take care of those who take care of us. >> reporter: he hopes to pass along the support he's seen to community. >> the cheers and the hope that washes over them is amazing. >> and there are plenty more events to come. if you want to participate, we have information on our website the old scottsdale bank building not shelling out cash, coins, or checks anymore. weed is what people are going there for now. this is a medical marijuana dispensary now open for business.
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the own earns took $1 million to renovate this place. we have information linked up to and abc 15 mobile if you're looking for information. topped out at 95. we're still sitting at 95 at the airport. clouds and we are the tv doctors of america. and we're partnering with cigna to help save lives. by getting you to a real doctor for an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health. doctor poses. learn your key health numbers,
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a beautiful sunday across the valley. we haven't seen any rain here. it will be a couple of days before we see rain chances return. 95 at sky harbor also at chandler right now. wind speeds have been on the lighter side. these breezes are going to be picking up as we go through the next several hours. right now out of the northwesterly direction at 12 miles an hour. high country, beautiful afternoon in flagstaff. you can see how dry and clear it's been in flagstaff today. winds stronger there, sustained at 12 miles an hour. sustained winds at 22 miles an hour, gusts near 30. gusts near 24 in kingman. we have the gusts along the rim with temperatures in the 70s. 93 in casa grande.
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in sedona we are at 77 degrees. it's dry across the state. we'll be tracking that moisture off to the east. part of the disturbance is mexico is bringing in those showers. a little more cloud cover across the southwestern part of the state today. as this system continues to move off to the west, we'll see these clouds continue to increase and also our wind speeds picking up. look what happens tomorrow morning -- more chances for showers and thunderstorms back these will be moving off to the west and north west. a slight chance, a 10% of maybe a valley shower as the system works its way to the north. we'll see slightly better chances for maybe a little rain in the valley on tuesday and wednesday. those rain chances and clouds going to be increasing. wind speeds picking up overnight. by tomorrow, we'll have gusts in the valley up to 25 miles an hour. high country looking for gusts
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50s along the rim. 70s, a mild start to tomorrow morning. the clouds will be rolling in overnight. because of the cloud cover tomorrow, we stay in the upper 80s in phoenix. highs tomorrow in flagstaff and at the grand canyon stay in the 60s. here's a quick look at that valley forecast tonight. looking for low, 72 in mesa. apache junction, 83. 88 in mirage. we stay around average for tomorrow. gusty winds in our forecast. a 20% chance of showers and thunderstorms tuesday evening through wednesday. morning lows in the 70s. >> we were talking about this, not really what you were hoping for, not what any of us were hoping for in buffalo. >> i was hoping on a convincing
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today. we talked about how the bills had their backs against the wall. they played like it today beating up on the cardinals in nearly every facet of the game. >> continuing live coverage on so many big stories on this sunday night. here's a look at what's ahead. the super show down. donald trump and hillary clinton, inside their debate. the all-star tragedy, major
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the arizona cardinals practiced in the morning all week last week to get acclimated to east coast time, but the plan didn't work. they got beat up by a struggling bills team. the defense couldn't stop the bills running game giving up 208 yards rushing. mccoy finishing with 108 yards. carson palmer has outing since last january's nfc championship game throwing four interceptions in the final 7 minutes of the game. another bad snap on a field goal attempt. this time, aaron williams returns it 53 yards for a touchdown. an embarrassing outing for the cardinals. they fall 1-2 on the season after a loss in buffalo. >> for us to come together. a lot of people from outside
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haywire inside. guys come together and were able to find a way to get a win today. >> the san francisco 49ers take on the 1-1 seahawks. wilson throwing for 183 yards. wilson scrambling in the third quarter and is forced to leave the game with a knee injury. a touchdown pass to baldwin in the fourth. they beat up on the niners 37- 18. the arizona d-backs trying to salvage a win as they wrap up their three-game series in baltimore. a two-run homerun in the second that proves to be the difference in the ball game. the d-backs do manage a single run in the fifth with a shot to deep right, but the d-backs get swept in baltimore 2-1 your final. the nascar sprint cup teams at new hampshire for the bad boy off road 300.
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of 16. matt kenseth dominates but harvick speeds past and holds on to win. it's his first win at new hampshire in 10 years. >> that worked out really good. my car was pretty good on the restart. just really proud of they did a great job. >> and finally, join us tomorrow night at the big red brew house for our monday night cardinals countdown facebook live. tony jefferson will be our special guest. lots of food, plenty to drink, and the doors open at 5:00. >> you guys have too much fun to start your week out on a monday, right? can't wait. weather wise, looking pretty out there tonight. >> nice out there this evening.
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and a little bit rain after the overnight hours. mostly to partly cloudies, a slight chance of rain late tomorrow evening, and a chance for rain tuesday and wednesday. lows will be in the 70s with afternoon highs in the 90s. >> looks beautiful. thank you. disneyland resort. giving away two family four packs of tickets each day. >> can i submit. >> no. you get two chances to win every day. just watch for the weather word of the day from 6-7:00 a.m. for your chance to win. it all starts this thursday. find out more at halloween at disney is so much
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grand kids in a couple of weeks. can't i win? >> no. you have to pay full price. thanks so much for watching. we'll see you back here at
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welcome to "world news tonight." super showdown. the stage is set. donald trump and hillary clinton. >> donald trump is temperamentally unfit. >> she's a dangerous liar. >> their first head-to-head clash. 100 million people expected to watch. the race tightening. and a big name scratched from trump's guest list. breaking news. all-star tragedy. one of baseball's best, jose fernandez, killed in a horrific boat accident. fans and his team stunned, and just days ago announcing he was going to be a father. new police video. for the first time, the moment police used deadly force. but the man they shot, walking backwards, hands by his side. officers say he was armed. but protesters want to see all


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