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tv   ABC15 News at 11AM  ABC  September 26, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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this is abc15 news, taking action. and the clock is ticking. can you believe it? we are seven hours until the big showdown. donald trump and hillary clinton facing off in their first presidential debate. >> reporter: three people are behind bars after a protest right here in tempe. i'll break down what happened coming up. houston as dozens of law enforcement crews searched for an active shooter. i'm justin pazera. >> and i'm nick ciletti. thanks for joining us for the valley's only 11:00 newscast. >> there you go. our crews were right there rolling as officers cuffed him and put him in the back of a police van. he organized this event.
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arrested for blocking mill avenue. and dozens of protesters took to the streets over a recent police shooting, the latest in a string of police shootings sparking racial tension. >> this protest got pretty hated. >> reporter: within minutes, we know four people were arrested on mill avenue bridge. the goal was to shut this down and they did just that. >> don't shoot, hands up. >> more than 100 protesters marched up and down. walking in front >> dalvin hollins' mom who was shot in july. police thought he was armed and a gun was never found. his mom has one question for
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why is he on paid leave? i want to know. i need to know. i haven't seen nothing, no cameras, or whatever. you know what i'm sayin'? why have they not released that? >> and tempe police followed them, warning them to get out of the street. four were taken into custody. and we're waiting for an update on the we'll pass it on to you. katie conner, abc15. a cloudy start to our monday. >> let's send it over to meteorologist iris hermosillo who is standing by with the most accurate forecast. good morning, iris. >> i'm tracking changes and moisture and clouds have been moving across the state. especially central and southern arizona since the overnight hours. not seeing a whole lot of rain in the phoenix metro.
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showers across southeast arizona. notice around tucson and also on the i-10, seeing the light showers. we have seen a couple of the showers work into spots like casa grande. and closer to the valley. much quieter. maybe some virga, the rain that evaporates before it hits the ground. we're not seeing any widespread rain. the rain chances do go up in the evening. and you'll notice that in your most accurate forecast. a 10% chance as temperatures stay in the 80s for most of the day. we'll talk about the winds this afternoon next. the countdown is on and we are just hours away from the first presidential debate of the season. donald trump and hillary clinton will face off tonight.
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weekends preparing. clinton has been studying daily. trump hasn't focused on policy or he would mock debates. the debate will be a total of 90 minutes with no breaks. and the audience is not allowed to cheer or boo. and clinton will get the first question. >> we are just finding out the watch party is sold out. and also there'll be seating. and i heard from a trump campaign official. there'll be a watch party at the republican headquarters at 24th and indian school. a new poll reveals the gender gap is the largest in an entire generation. hillary clinton is up 19 points among women. and donald trump leads 19 points among men. another indication that the race is tightening up as we
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you can watch the debate right here on abc15. we know the name of the man who opened fire at a strip mall. one victim is at the hospital, still in critical condition. and another is in serious condition. houston's mayor says that he was a lawyer, upset with his law firm because the firm was breaking up or he was asked to leave. he was shot by police and taken to the fbi is stepping in to investigate. the man accused of gunning down five people inside a washington state mall is being arraigned. that's the suspect. you can see it there. according to court documents, the gunman, the alleged gunman, has confessed. authorities arrested him saturday after 24 hours on the run. five people died after gunfire
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store. officers are looking into his ex-girlfriend and whether she worked at that macy's. the victims range from a teenage cancer survivor to a senior citizen inside the makeup department at the time. salt river police are investigating after a 35-year- old man is shot and killed at a chevron parking lot. two women might be connected to this. police caught up with them after a brief pursuit. and they are looking for tw witnesses who may have seen something going on in the parking lot. they went in to tell the clerk and left before police could talk to them. a report of shots fired bringing several police officers to the neighborhood. police say 911 callers reported someone firing off several rounds near an overpass. officers found shell casings on the bridge but no shooter. a developing story in
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a local high school. someone posted a picture of guns, warning people to stay home today. we want to let you know we have reached out to phoenix police and the phoenix union high school district. and you can bet they are taking this seriously. we'll let you know as soon as we find out information. a possible hazmat situation near buckeye valley near mc 85. you can see the fire right there and crews hosing down what's left of a tractor. we're working to get more details on exactly what happened here. looks like west side could be the cause. adot is holding a public forum tomorrow night in awaiter coo. protesters from the gila river indian community plan to be there.
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are calling a peaceful restance camp. they don't want adot to blast through a portion of south mountain. here's lurking in the dark. and a crime alert happening right here in the valley. and a restaurant marking a milestone and they want you to celebrate. the deal that is bound to get your mouth watering. and clinton and trump facing off in the first presidential debate. are you going to watch? hop on and click
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let's get to a bold crime alert. this guy either didn't see the cameras or frankly, didn't
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decorations. phoenix police are investigating the theft. and they are just mad that someone would try to ruin halloween. >> what kind of person would do this? >> a scummy person, someone that doesn't have -- all they're thinking about the themselves. >> we'd all have to agree with that. >> the family already replaced the decorations. looking for answers in the guadalupe shooting. rival gang members met park. and deputies detained several people but they are not sure if they have the shooter in custody. suspects robbed someone at 7th avenue and indian school. the victim was shot and is expected to be okay. the royal family is spending time in canada. but it's not prince william or kate making headlines. everybody is keeping a close eye on the little prince. and i'm watching the winds
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can you believe it? it's halloween time at disneyland resort. we're giving away two four packs of tickets each day. watch for the word of the day for your chance to win. it all starts thursday.
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out more on an iconic restaurant chain is celebrating a huge birthday today, 70 years. >> time to get hungry and have a fiesta full of chips and margaritas and salsa. they now have 13 locations. and because of the anniversary, you can enjoy tacos and enchiladas for only each. >> the crispy beef tacos are the best. he has the best flavor and the beef is slow simmered and has the perfect spices and it's a traditional old style item. >> they do expect a crowd today so you might have to wait. they are not accepting any reservations. the chips were great.
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and the margaritas, too. >> now that we're nice and hungry, big changes are headed our way. >> a gorgeous weekend and we're seeing the changes in the form of clouds and feel them as winds kick up across the valley and the state. we're tracking a disturbance south of the valley. south of the state. and this is the result of that disturbance. you see the clouds that have moved in and not a lot of rain in the valley. it's been dry so far. the temperature has been gradually warming under the clouds, sitt after falling into the upper 70s. so it's a mild start and now we're gradually warming. notice the dew points. they are back up compared to the last 24 hours. in the upper 40s right now. the moisture is slowly creeping back in. not expecting the dew points to climb into the 50s or 60-degree range. so it shouldn't be too humid but you may notice a little bit of the moisture. the winds are coming from the
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valley ranging between eight and 17 miles per hour. the strongest in chandler. gusts at times have been upwards of 20 miles per hour. and that includes phoenix. and we've got breezes across central arizona. going into the afternoon, especially early afternoon. we'll get stronger winds, and at times, the wind gusts could peak to 30 miles per hour in the phoenix metro as winds 20 miles per hour. across southeast arizona we'll get the strongest winds, gusts near 40 miles per hour there. and that's why the area is under a wind advisory there. the wind advisory is east of tucson, all the way through southeast arizona. it does not include the phoenix metro but that area there as you're traveling down south. know that the stronger winds could kick up pockets of blowing dust. stay on alert as you're
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increasing over the next few hours. it may not be so comfortable to be on the patio with the stronger winds. gusts between 25 and 30 miles per hour through the afternoon. the windle start to lightening up. and much of the valley will see the winds dropping to near or blow 10 miles per hour before the breezes kick in tomorrow. the storm system is sitting out to the southwest and bringing the gusty winds and also pushing in the moiste. so that's why we're seeing a lot of the cloud cover. it's also the reason we're seeing the showers across southeast arizona. spotty and light. not seeing any thunder. and you'll notice the showers near sancy moan. and showers in casa grande and eloy. dry across the valley. as we go into the evening. we'll watch for the showers in southeast arizona to move north and into the valley. that's a possibility.
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this evening. that area of low pressure off to the southwest. and it does move a little further north. we'll see instability and we could get scattered showers and thunderstorms during the day. tomorrow more of an active day. and our rain chances linger into wednesday and also thursday before we start to cry things out. a chance for rain. and changes for showers and storms tomorrow. we'll talk when things dry out. and what the temperatures look like in the 7- the royal family is taking canada by storm. prince william and the duchess of cambridge arrived at a military base at vancouver. the family will be in canada all week long. and they're set to visit the great bear rain forest. all eyes are on that little prince of cambridge. we've seen several of his
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after making public appearances. his recent arrival in canada is causing people -- you guessed it -- to flock to the stores looking for a blue knit sweater, navy blue shorts and knee high socks. i'm getting a nephew in december, so, yeah, maybe some stuff to add to the christmas list. viola davis is taking on a new title, advocate for the rape foundation. she shared her story of sexual assault. the foundation provides free medical treatment and counseling to victims as well as providing educational programs to first responders and students. >> president obama will discuss the issue of climate change in detail with leonardo dicaprio. they'll be joined by a canadian
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presented at the white house lawn. you may have heard about the clowns popping up across
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so the maricopa county sheriff's office taking action to help families and support fallen officers' families. and they do a lot to raise municipal for this. >> and they raise through fund raise herbs throughout the
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the latest project. let's bring in our friend from the advisory posse. thanks for being with us. your guys are actually doing a raffle. and people can buy tickets starting now. i know you have cool things. >> 100% of the donations go to the surviving families and families of officers very seriously injured in the line of duty. and in march we have a number of prizes and the prizes are changing the main event has helped us out. and it's providing a helicopter with a minigun the main prize is shooting a minigun from a helicopter. >> it's very safe. and there's a vip shoot from the ground. and a variety of other prizes to support the effort.
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the families. fallen officers, injured officers. >> initially, the memorial fund provided funding for families of fallen officers. and we've expanded to help officers seriously injured and there's a longtime process of mental and physical and challenges that meet the families over a long period of time. we actually want to do a long period college funding for of these individuals as well. >> i want to point out real quick. the memorial fund -- you can start buying tickets now. >> online. >> 30 segs left. what kind of reaction do you get from the family members when they get this kind of help? >> it's emotional and very deep. it strikes them when it hurts the most.
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and say you have no idea what that meant to us. it's a real critical time period. >> we can hear the scanners in the background. the things that law enforcement faces these days is astounding. still to come on abc15 at 11:00. all eyes are on donald trump and hillary clinton. what experts are saying we can expect to see. she was acquitted on
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a new page of controversy for sheriff paul babeu. sources tell us the fbi has subpoenaed records related to how babeu's office used seized criminal money also known as rico funds. critics have said pcso's use of the foundation is like money laundering. and they've also accused babeu of using the funds to fuel his campaign. it may already be illegal campaigning with government resources. or if they're just being used to make the sheriff look good, as he runs for congress.
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tonight's the night. the first presidential debate. the donald trump and hillary clinton neck and neck. there'll be six 15 minute we are joined by cokey roberts. and let's talk preparation. there's been a lot of word that donald trump may not be as prepared as hillary clinton walking into this. what are you hearing? >> i don't believe anything i hear. that's the real point. what we're hear something what the campaigns want us to know. the trump campaign is trying to portray him as someone who is not -- doesn't need to sit down
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he just knows how to connect with voters, and he's been doing it successfully and will continue to do so. the clinton campaign wants us to think that she's immersed in policy, doing her homework. and preparing to take on donald trump in whatever guise he shows up. both are true to some degree. but i suspect there's a little bit more trump camp than we're hearing about. >> the big question -- will he have the viral moments? >> i think that's what voters are hoping. why are people likely to watch. there might be a train wreck. i suspect that's not case. he'll be under wraps and show people he can be
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to jump it. >> what about the format that we'll have with the little segments. do you think that could help or hurt? >> there's no -- there's never a good answer to the question of how to organize these debates. and no matter how it's done whether it's more than one moderator, one moderators, town meetings, there's always someone who thinks it's a mistake. and it's usually because their candidate doesn't do as well. and i think that this format is probably as good as in. >> we're going to be watching. it's going to be interesting. and our coverage starts at 6:00 right here on abc15. and just a reminder, just a programming note. watch the full debate on abc15 and that's going to start at 6:00.
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there. we've got a sneak peek. a valley yoga teacher finally talking. she says the boy who is almost put her behind bars viewed her breasts as family property. and she doesn't remember anything. >> one accusation is that you performed oral sex on one of the boys. you don't remember any of this. >> it's the most really sick thing you can possibly hear. >> she claims the family who hosted the party paid for her breast augmentation. she's claiming the boys drugged her and then did what they want. arizona avenue and warner road is back open.
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car crash. a young girl is in critical condition after being thrown from one of the cars. five other people are listed in serious condition. weeks before voters take up the issue of recreational pot, scottsdale opens up its newest marijuana dispensary. it's one of the largest in the state. they opened the doors last night to just -- t medical marijuana patients. >> there are a lot of stereotypes and we think most of those are unfair. this is an opportunity to show people what things are really like. >> the dispensary will be used to host support groups for patients suffering from chronic pain and diseases. a deadly shooting at a starbucks. the suspect is in custody.
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this all started after a suspect's card was declined. he got in a fight with a customer and then fired. >> police later tracked him down and took him to jail. jury selection begins for the man accused of killing nine people at a church last year. dylann roof is dozens of offenses, including hate crime charges. he is facing the death penalty and his trial is expected to begin after thanksgiving. a mexican judge will decide if el chapo will be extradited back to the u.s. his lawyers have failed many appeals,
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border. what really happened to college students who vanished, two years ago. a special prosecutor has been brought in. many of the missing students' cell phones were used after they disappeared. giving investigators dozens of new leads. calling for changes for the emergency alert system for smartphones. chuck schumer says the public suspect -- or the person police are after. it only includes a brief description. >> when you come out dressed like that. it could be your life in danger. and that's not worth a joke. >> so a new warning ahead of halloween following the creepy
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of people dressing up like clowns, trying to scare people. if you video something, say something. and the people who plan to dress up, be careful as people will be on edge. drivers in the valley, a change on the way to town. working to drive is -- every monday we bring you news to make you smile. this guy taking a risk to rescue a skunk whose head was trapped in a soda can, poor guy. the man gently talked to the
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cardinal safety tyrann mathieu going to twitter with a michael jordan quote saying losses made him better. he's finding the only bright spot in the loss to the bills. the defense missing tackles right and left. carson palmer missing throws. the team had 7 yards of offense in the 1st quarter. they play the rams on are you crazy about the arizona cardinals. we'll talk about the red birds on our facebook page every monday and friday night at 7:00. you'll see one-on-one interviews with some of your favorite players. and some surprises. and we'll be sharing your thoughts as you interact with us live on facebook. that's every friday and monday night. arnold palmer the latest
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not only did he win tournaments, jack nicklaus said he was the king of our sport and always will be. arnold palmer was 87 years old. and jose fernandez -- the two others are eduardo rivera and -- macias. none of the th life vests when the boat hit a jetty. it's not believed that drugs or alcohol were contributing factors. we'll let you know why a warning label could be in your home. not rain.
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o'halleran: i had some really tough cases but the problem in washington is as clear as day -- we can't trust our politicians to work for us. tom o'halleran has a plan to hold the politicians accountable -- no pay for congress if they don't pass a budget, reduce the influence of big money and special interests, and no more first-class travel paid for by taxpayers. i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message
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[bell] >> and watching wall street for you. the dow is down 163 points at 18,098. when it comes to the prevention of influenza there's no better medicine than a flu shot. the cleveland clinic says there are several new features in this type of vaccine available this year. >> there is a new vaccine that's available for people 65 years and older.
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added chemical to help it work better. >> the doctor says there's also another vaccine that's available to people who have a history of egg allergies. it's manufactured without the use of any egg products. and no nasal spray vaccine. it's basically ineffective. new barriers are approaching the -- there's a trouble spot for years due to crashes. adot hopes the new barriers will make drivers choose their lane a little earlier. now you see it and now you don't. this is new video of the bridge being taken down. adot used explosives because it did not meet federal or state
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bridge that allows better truck flow for the oversides trucks. gas prices are not changing much. the national average is holding steady at $2.20 a gallon. and arizona expecting to pay less for regular unleaded. for below two bucks at several locations. head to where it's at. it's the annual recycle your bicycle campaign. drop off your old bikes, donate money or volunteer to fix up an old bike. find all the information right on our website, ? [ music ] ?? good morning. joe ducey here.
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a warning that the furniture in your house could cause cancer. do you want that in your home. her new headboard had a chemical warning. the product contains a product known to cause cancer in reproductive or scarier stuff. she's a cancer survivor and doesn't want to go through that again. if it's a problem in ca in arizona. the law known as prop 65 says businesses that sell to californians must provide clear warnings if chemicals on the list are in their products. california is the only state that requires cancer warning labels. want to know which chemicals
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go to joe know. have a great day. if you have a problem let me know. head to the hyatt if you want a job today. it's the diversity and inclusion career event. the time is 2:00 to 4:00 and you do have to register. go to diversity az or starting in less than taking action to help you get in for free at the fair. there are 11 ways to save money on general admission and rides. bring four nonperishable food items to benefit the food bank. for more tips, head to >> fair time already. where did september go? >> we're almost done with the
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month. still chances to add to the rainfall. this morning we start today with more cloud cover. not a lot of rain. the clouds will break up just a bit into the afternoon. and we'll keep the rain chances in the forecast through the day or rather as we go into the evening with the clouds sticking around. we have an area of low pressure off to the southwest. and that area of low pressure is bringing the clouds across southern arizona and bringing the rain too as it sits southwest. that rain has mainly been confined to southwest arizona through the morning. as we go into the evening. we'll see the showers from the southeast pocket of the state slowly start to drift north. we've already seen spots like casa grande and eloy. and we'll continue to watch the showers to the southeast.
11:49 am
widespread lane. at most, light light showers moving in from the south and not everyone will see rainfall. and the chances look a little bit better after about 6:00 through the evening in the phoenix metro. tomorrow, we'll keep the moisture around. we could see a few scattered showers and thunderstorms in the phoenix metro. the chances bump up and will continue through the days. we the day. and the rain chances will stick around into wednesday, also thursday before drier air moves in. and again, the storm system will sit to the southwest and then lift north by wednesday and thursday keeping the storm chances in play before drier air starts to move in friday and as we head into the weekend. so today plan on the chance for rain later on. and also the stronger winds and the strongest winds so far have
11:50 am
across southeast arizona. that area is where we're under a wind advisory until 8:00. it's mainly south of tucson to the border and off across southeast arizona. valley not includes in the wind advisory and we'll get the strong winds, you're already feeling them out there. if you're heading to lunch, you'll feel the strong breezes. and the winds will be between 10 and 20 miles per hour with gusts near 30 miles per hour. and as i mentioned. southeast arizona is where we get th gusts as high as 40 miles per hour. and if you're traveling to the southeast pocket of arizona, you'll get strong cross winds possibly and also watch for pockets of blowing dust. the winds could kick up some dust. notice the strongest winds across southern and once we get
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tomorrow we'll get more breezes. they won't be as strong as what we'll feel today. occasional gusts with stained winds five to 15 miles per hour. and the winds lighten up further into wednesday. sitting at 89 degrees. and we'll climb to 90 this afternoon. and that will be the high for today. a lower temperature, certainly below the 30 year average. the 30 year average is 96 so you can see the high not reaching that 30 year average today. our temperature then drops to 84 by 8:00. we'll keep the clouds around and the wind gusts sticking around through sunset today. highs around the valley. many spots will only make it to the upper 80s this afternoon. gilbert hitting 89. 88 in deer valley. the 30 year average is 96 so we'll be well below that.
11:52 am
96 in bull head city. and 70s from payson to winslow to sedona. and temperatures drop to the 40s and 50s. we'll see 60s and 70s through central arizona. tonight will be a little bit of a cooler night in comparison to what we had earlier. temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s. your most accurate 7-day forecast a high of 90 and gusty winds and a 10% chance of stray shower by this evening. tomorrow a chance for showers, and also thunderstorms. that's what we'll be watching through the day. breezes too and a high of 90. and as we head to wednesday and thursday, slight chances for rain with temperatures warming into the mid-90s wednesday, thursday, a little warmer friday and into the weekend. and near average temperatures by the weekend with mostly sunny skies. >> we're just grateful tubeful
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now to the poll of the day and the results are in. millions are expected to tune in to the debate between hillary clinton and donald trump. and we asked -- will you be watching? 75% said yes and 25% of you said no. as we come up we want to recap. dozens of protesters swarming the mill avenue bridge calling for action against police killings. at least four people were taken into custody. and nobody was injured. and we're waiting for big presidential debate tonight. donald trump and hillary clinton facing off for the first time in the 2016 collection.
11:56 am
here on abc15. a 35-year-old man is shot and killed outside a chevron. police are questioning two women and also looking for two witnesses. let's send it to -- the now. you have that university green on. >> and debate neutral. more questions after charlotte poli in the shooting death of keith scott. hear why activists are alleging a police coverup. and why they say the police chief should resign. and the arizona city is getting love from a big name in travel. why flagstaff is being called a hidden gem. and count on abc15 to keep you informed about the debate. we're talking about the role
11:57 am
elections. we are preparing for big presidential debate. and we have a deal for the you. fired pie doesn't want you to miss a minute. >> between 4:00 and closing if you buy two pizzas, you get the third for free. watch the entire debate without running out for food. and it starts at 6:00 right here on abc15. just like the super bowl. the 7-day forecast, chances for and only a 10% chance. not everybody will see showers. by this evening we could see showers. the winds will be kicking up today. you're feeling them and they'll get stronger this afternoon continuing into tuesday before they lighten up. and mid-90s and drier by the
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? >> announcer: today, it's an hour of fall to table favorites. michael's got a meal that'll leave you stuffed, and mario's hanging with the magnificent michelle williams, the fall fun starts right now on "the chew." ? [ cheers and applause ] >> good afternoon and welcome to "the chew." you know, the summer months always seem to get all the glory, but i, clinton kelly, i feel differently. because i am all about a cool, crisp breeze. i'm all about leaves cracking underfoot. and chic layered flannel. so bring on the foliage, pumpkins and the harvest


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