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tv   ABC15 News at 430AM  ABC  September 27, 2016 4:30am-4:59am MST

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this is abc15, taking action. a man is in bad shape following an overnight shooting and we're hearing it was an accident. >> the claiming and the between the candidates in the first presidential debate. and it's 4:30 and this is abc15 mornings. >> danielle lerner will be back tomorrow. and my goodness, on the way in, could it have been any nicer? >> we're off to a cooler start. we're starting with high clouds and much thinner than what we had in place yesterday.
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clouds and that's allowing the temperatures to cool off. 11degrees cooler at phoenix sky harbor. we were still in the 80s yesterday. sitting in the 60s to 70s. that's what you'll feel when you step outside. temperatures clear and comfortable. and a repeat of yesterday's highs with temperatures in the upper 80s to low phoenix set to top out at 81 degrees. i'll detail the hour-by-hour planner in just a few minutes. the time is 4:31 and i want to start with breaking news south of the valley. a man is dead after exchanging gunfire with police officers in the city of maricopa. all of this in an eldorado lakes neighborhood. it just ended recently. police officers were called to a domestic violence situation.
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several shots with officers then stormed back inside his home. officers and then the dps s.w.a.t. team surrounded the home before going inside. >> they used their robots to take a look around where they discovered the individual deceased in an upstairs closet. >> this is the brand new video. you can see the crime scene tape up. and investigators are not sure how the man died was a shot from a responding officer or if the man took his own life. katie conner is there on the scene. and we'll have much more on a live report coming up shortly. breaking news as we bring it back to the valley. a deadly crash involving a driver who was changing a tire on the i-17 when he and three passengers were hit by a pickup
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>> reporter: good morning. we've moved to the dps substation. a suspect is now in custody and could be facing dui charges. the 17 southbound is closed at 7th street. and i just heard from adot and dps and they are expecting this to possibly reopen by rush hour. the crash happened just before midnight last night. we're told four people were riding in an was hit by a pickup truck. the audi got a flat tire. the 22-year-old got out and was trying to change the tire. and the suspected drunk driver slammed into all four of them. they are expected to be okay. and sadly, the 22-year-old driver was taken to the hospital and did not make it. we are trying to work to see when exactly the freeway is
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charges the suspect could be facing. we'll be back live with you. also happening while you were sleeping. phoenix firefighters were called to a suspicious house fire. nobody lives there. and firefighters were able to keep the flames from spreading to neighboring homes. and check out this video. look at this ball of fire here. this is near the i-17 and buckeye. still unclea what sparked the fire. crews worked for hours putting it out. nobody was injured in this one. but i wanted to provide the update of no injuries. donald supported the invasion of iraq. >> wrong, wrong. >> that's proved over and over. >> wrong. >> he advocated for the actions we took in libya and urged that gaddafi be taken out.
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hillary clinton and donald trump going head to head on a range of topics. we have the highlights and what happened right after. we have a report from hofstra. >> the set the coming down and we watched a 90-minute slug fest here. let's boil it down to 90 seconds. >> donald was one of the people who rooted for the housing crisis. he said in 2006 i hope it collapses because make some money. >> that's called business by the way. she doesn't have the stamina. >> well, as soon as he travels to 112 countries and negotiates a peace deal, a cease fire, a release of dissidents and opening of new opportunities in nations around the world or even spends 11 hours testifying in front of a congressional
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about stamina. >> so she's got experience i agree but it's bad. >> i have a plan to fight isis. >> you're telling the enemy everything you want to do. >> no we're not. >> no wonder you've been fighting isis your entire adult life. >> i have a feeling by the end of the evening, i'll be blamed for everything that's ever happened. >> why not? >> why not. just join the debate by more crazy things. >> i was going to say something extremely rough and i said to myself i can't do it. >> okay? [ laughter ] >> and after that they all came here to the spin room where the clinton people are saying clinton won and the trump people are saying trump won.
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had major missteps in the debate. i would say that hillary clinton came out a little bit stronger. >> i think donald trump lost the debate. any time you're spending a lot of time explaining your record, you lose. >> sounds like momentum for hillary but two more debates to go. >> catch your breath, folks. the back and forth between the candidates is important but what you saw n what did trump and clinton's body language reveal. >> he was a little nervous about it and his body language reflected that. you would hear his breathing and see him getting sweaty. he wiped his upper lip. >> her smile was a mask. and it showed i'm busted but i'm going to smile through it
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>> kind of an interesting take. she says we saw a different side of the republicans. >> one thing i will say that we've never seen trump do -- he was a little cotton mouth and nervous. hillary can't take any water. and trump was a little off about it. >> our pane >> saying she flip-flopped on the trans-pacific partnership. >> you called it the gold standard of trade deals. you said it's the finest deal you've ever seen. >> a clinton speech in australia where she said it sets the gold standard. once it was finalized she
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mostly true. cnn polling hundreds of debate watchers, and according to cnn, clinton was the clear winner. looking ahead, three more debates to go. and the next one is with the vice presidential candidates in va rain chance on the 4th of october. and then clinton and trump square off in missouri on october 9th. and then the final las vegas on october 19th. a man fighting to survive what appears to be an accident shooting in phoenix. phoenix pd saying the man suffered a gunshot wound to his upper torso. police were not sure if he was shot by someone else or if -- 74 degrees right in and out at phoenix sky harbor.
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ready to head out soon. no rain to speak of in the phoenix metro. desert doppler all in the clear. there's a 10% chance of a stray shower. and not seeing anything in the valley. a few spotty light showers on the mogollon rim. and this will be the area we'll be watching through today as we've got storms that could move into the phoenix metro. i'll show you the timing of our storm chances minutes. a major phoenix intersection closed most of the night. viewers sending us these images from the scene of the crash near 35th avenue. a driver died at the scene. and we're told they tried to turn left and their car was hit by a car heading north. the second driver is cooperating with investigators. you can send your images to share at
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on the loop 101 and frank lloyd wright. this was two separate collisions involving several cars. no clear answers on how everybody is doing. and mallory, how are the roads looking now? >> we saw that closure i-17 southbound. and it's really slowing things down. i pulled up the adot camera and you can see how slow and go it is. you'll have to use a sm route. if you're taking the 17 southbound. once you hit the stack, take the i-10 eastbound to get around the closure. and that's really your best option. the rest of the valley looks nice and light. and we'll give you a look at the east valley in just a few minutes. the hits keep coming for the fires in california. the communities in the paths of these two fires. and a word to the wise.
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running after you. we'll show you what happens when this guy tries to scare off a large animal.
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stay or should i go? ? when it's time to go for business, book on and get a free night when you stay with us two times. book direct at it's a quarter to 5:00 as we take a look outside at a beautiful morning. 74 cool degrees and cooler in some spots. this is a look at tempe. wi breezes? maybe a little bit of rain? stick around for the most accurate forecast. and chris is at the live desk. >> a wildfire is growing in the san francisco area. the loma fire -- 200 firefighters are battling the flames. and crews have it 5% contained.
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seen from miles away. it started as a structure fire and obviously spread to the nearby landscape. and another brush fire near los angeles. here's the video coming in to the newsroom. it's grown to 3 acres overnight. the los angeles fire department says the flames currently are continuing to move uphill towards some buildings. no evacuations just yet. but firefighters say they are in some homes could be in the path of the flames if it continues to grow. >> rough fire season for our neighbors to the west. >> detectives have searched the suspect's home and his car and so far no motive for the mall massacre in houston. all police can say is that the suspect was a disgruntled lawyer and he was wearing military style clothes with old nazi emblems. the gunman had two weapons and more than 2500 rounds of live
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police. meantime, no motive in the washington state mall massacre. the gunman's parents say he was mentally ill and they tried to get him help. he confessed to the murders in court yesterday telling a judge he took five lives. those who knew him say he was socially awkward and there are reports that a neighbor kept a stun gun by her door because she felt so uncomfortable a community in washington state gathering to remember the lives lost in that shooting spree. candles lit for each of those shot. >> and another community left in shot and heartbroken. two kids hit by stray bullets as they were playing soccer
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fight broke out among a dozen teenagers. the two boys are recovering. a third was grazed in the back and a 15-year-old was shot in the foot. that teen one of several who left the scene and later returned. did you hear that? i would have a hungry bear -- the squeaking sound was his air horn malfunctioning. he hoped to scare off the animal. thankfully, nobody was injured. next time, just getaway. drop the phone. protect yourself. >> and you can't outrun a bear either. they are fast. creepy clowns are showing their faces in the valley.
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because of alarming social media posts. a few accounts have scary clowns as profile pictures. they say things like surprises with guns are in store. several schools reported threats yesterday. a robocall went out to parents. some people opted to stay home. phoenix police are working dire they believe all of this is a massive hoax. would you have the guts to try this snack? get a load of the carolina reaper madness chip. it contains the hottest chili pepper on the planet. the ghost pepper. the maker puts it in a coffin
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>> i don't know if i'd take that dare. maybe you're getting ready to run out the door. the time is 4:49 and the temperature in the low 70s, at least across the valley. and upper 60s in a few spots this morning. so cooler as we kick off today. the dew points are still a little elevated in the upper 40s but it's not overly humid or muggy. but that moisture has gone up in just and that's an indication of our rain chances continuing as we get the moisture increasing. 6:20 will be our sunrise in case you're making plans to get out. a few spots are in the 60s. mesa and surprise. 69 in surprise with low to mid- 70s across much of the valley to start our day. a cool start as you're heading out the door.
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a cooler start under partly cloudy skies. and we'll drop to 72 degrees with a 10% chance of a stray shower. there's the potential we could see a passing shower this morning. 73degrees will be the temperature by 8:00. and the breezes sticking around through the day. the stronger winds brought to us by an area of low pressure to the southwest pumping in the moisture. the richest moisture is across southern arizona and th where the best potential for rain is going to be. and that's where i'm tracking thunderstorms right now. i think the showers and storms off to the southwest will clip by to the southwest as they move to the west, northwest. and as we go into the afternoon, we'll watch the same area for more development. and those storms that develop have the potential to move in to the valley zone.
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thunderstorms. and best potential tomorrow will be across northern arizona and we could see a few scattered showers in the valley tomorrow morning. and going into thursday we'll keep the rain chances in play, especially across eastern arizona. today, best potential for thunderstorms. slight chance of a stray shower this morning but i think it will be this afternoon into the evening that we'll watch for the storms that move in with the 20% chance 2:00. today's high 91 degrees. and before we start to warm into the low to mid-90s the rest of the week. we'll talk about how strong the winds will be in just a few minutes. abc15 mornings wants you to join in all the fun. you'll have two chances to win every weekday just by watching for weather word of the day on
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7:00 a.m. for your chance to win. to find out more, go to for drivers in the east valley. the desert drive times look pretty good on i-10. just seven minutes, westbound from the loop 202 san tan to u.s. 60. i-70 northbound near dunlap south of dunlap an blocking the right lane. and i'll give you a look at the closure at i-17 and 7th street and how to get around it in a couple of minutes. taking a cue from the presidentialial debate. the celebrities rallying for your votes on dancing with the stars. the first debate between donald trump and hillary
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>> what moments got them going the most? >> the candidates' plans to stop isis, the stop and frisk comments, and trump said he has a good temperament. roku's new media players are for sale. >> the top of the line model includes a usb port. >> and don't try this at home. a hidden headphone jack in the iphone 7. and all you have to do is drill a hole. >> it's a prank. and i miss that. those are your techbytes.
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when it comes to dancing the stars, voting matt a political election. >> in honor of the first presidentialial debate, a special tango with unlikely partners. the dancing stars are campaigning to the voting viewers. >> i need your vote. >> vote for me because i am you. >> i'm thrilled to be here so please keep me. >> there's no debating this one. once the votes are factored in,
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happening right now. a valley freeway is shut down after a deadly crash. we're taking action to get you around it. >> you thought the questions were fair? >> i thought it was great.
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fills up 90 minutes like we haven't seen before. we're looking at the top moments on social media, how lawmakers are reacting, and how can we measure their trustworthiness. and one suspect's money making plan ends up bleached. welcome to abc15 mornings on this tuesday. danielle lerner is off. let's talk about the weather. we're not seeing rain here but it's somewhere in >> and i'm watching closely. the storms are off to our south. i do think they'll stay south of the valley as they slowly track to the northwest. the area i'm watching is south of tucson where there's a few lightning strikes and a batch of showers. i think they'll stay south of the valley. and i'll let you know if that changes as the morning goes on. i think it won't be until this afternoon that we see a better chance of showers and


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