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tv   ABC15 News at 11AM  ABC  September 28, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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we are following breaking news right now in avondale, a young boy clinging to life at the hospital. >> the investigation is just starting after the 5-year-old was apparently shot. air 15 overhead just moments ago near county route 85 and dysart. chris, what do we point? >> reporter: well, guys, we're in an apartment complex off east harrison drive, and i want to show what you we're seeing right now. police and the fire department will telling us that a 5-year- old boy has been shot. he's in critical condition right now. he should be at the hospital at this time. they are telling me that the thing to note is they are not looking for suspects at this time. we just got on scene here about
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situation and we're expecting an update from avondale police at any moment. but, again, a 5-year-old boy is in critical condition after being shot. he should be at the hospital right now and we are waiting for an update on his condition. they are not look for asome. a suspect. we are waiting for avondale to give us an update. back to you. thank you, chris. new developments surrounding a police investigation in glendale. this man, just arrested, jeffery charles wilson, accused of sexually assaulting a woman under a bridge. policesay that the tips came in after they put out this sketch. it's believed that wilson raped the woman, threatened her with a gun and grabbed hereby the
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bridge. a pot-growing operation pulled down in south phoenix. sheriff arpaio was right there. hash oil was manufactured at that building, and police have not ided the suspects but you can count on abc15 to bring you updates throughout the day. police say that a guy pointed a gun at officers after slamming into their patrol car. >> this happened in deer valley. the suspect reversed his car into a patrol vehicle. an undercover cop shot the suspect who was rushed to a nearby hospital and he is in stable but critical condition. >> this is the second time this month that a guy has run into police officers. a few weeks ago, marc payne
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he is behind bars but on the same day, a person pointed a gun at an officer on 202. that man is still out there. a civil rights activist is unveiling billboards going up around the valley. right now, there are two, one at i-10 and 20th, and the over at i-17 and bell. dozens more battle. protesters in san diego, hundreds gathering in response to a deadly police shooting of a man. we are waiting to find out his name, and officers released this image, showing the seconds before the shooting yesterday. the police chief said it shows the man with something in his hands and assuming a shooting stance. he reportedly refused to comply and that's when officers fired.
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killed by police in tulsa and charlotte north carolina. check out this video from the abc15 live drive and our crews on the ground. light rain near 27th and camelback. those raindrops are falling on a lot of folks' windshields during the morning commute. . a lot of rain, iris. we. we have the showers across the valley and i'm tracking rain north of the phoenix metro as we look live located near camp verde. you can see the thick clouds and the raindrops and roads are wet. that's i-17. if you are heading out to the high country, know that the showers from the valley have pushed north, and we are going to see more widespread rain showers and thunderstorms across the high country. that could slow you down. in the valley, our skies have been clearing with partly cloudy skies across the phoenix
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phoenix children's hospital valley cam. things are fairly quiet across the abc desert doppler. as we go through the day, there is a chance for more showers and storms especially this afternoon and evening when the 10% chance kicks back in. i'll show you what the chances look like on futurecast, a high of 94 this afternoon and we'll talk about the storm chances continuing into thursday next. we are learning a shooting in glendale. the victim walks himself to a gurney. you can now know what happened. the shooter caught the man with his girlfriend and he was shot jumping out of bed with that woman. the shooter is identified as stanley mahoney, accused of attempted murder and assaulting his girlfriend. a. a traffic alert in glep dale. camelback is back open after
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after a woman was killed. she was hit by a car at 16th avenue. no word if charges will be filed. police are working to find out who is behind an attempted robbery at a motel 6 in phoenix. ironically, they were busted at a motel 6 in tempe. a security guard fought back and shot and suspects. school is a place to learn, not be in fear. after threats against several schools, three students are charged with felonys and more could be charged. two dozen schools were mentioned in the threats. >> it really exploded overnight and affected a lot of people. we were told from a lot of
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absent. >> the threats all had the creepy clown picture along the posts. neighbors in north phoenix, they are demanding action from the city over a re-entry facility for ex-cons. it opened up in july near i-17 and pinnacle peak, originally intended for juvenile but now serves 600 adult parolees. >> concerned that more crime will come in the area and people are going to have houses get broken into. >> neighbors plan to talk with the mayor about a solution. ultimately, they want the center to be moved. a heart-breaking update
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sadly, we have learned that the 5-year-old boy has died. he was in the hospital where he passed away. we are on scene at the apartment complex in avondale bringing us updates. it didn't appear that police were looking for suspects, but, again, this is something that we will continue to follow during this newscast and throughout the day. coming up next on abc15, growing political support, hillary clin endorsement, the high-profile republican standing behind the democrat. a deadly combination. investigators revealing what killed an arizona athlete. new information on his untimely passing. now to our question of the day. gosh, you've seen them but do you think the political attack
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i aspire in this election to have a quiet, soft-spoken participation, and i will when i go into the booth and cast a vote for the clinton-kaine ticket. no question about it. first it was the arizona republic. now, this morning, hillary clinton getting the endorsement of a high-profile republican, virginia senator john warner, joining a growing list of republicans supporting the democrat. meantime, clinton is teaming up with a former enemy, bernie sanders, joining her for a college voter event. clinton has support from her daughter, chelsea, who will be in north carolina, and first lady, michelle obama will speak at two events in pennsylvania. clinton has a few backers at her side but donald trump does not with rallys in iowa and
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mike pence is campaigning in ohio. a family heartbroken by a deadly crash and what they were doing just hours before the accident.
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we all know the dangers of texting while driving but what are using your phone to follow directions? douglas martin and jennifer
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car that sideswiped them making a quick turn because of gps. this happened on grand eve saturday and it sent them head on into a power pole killing martin's father, frank. the trio was heading home from frank's surprise 70th birthday party. >> he glowed the whole time we were there, laughing and smiling. >> we looked forward to having the last few good years with him, and then it was gone. >> terrible for the family. the family wants to try and pursue a criminal case but paying for a funeral is first and we have linked the fundraising efforts on our
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s prescription drugs. he was an offensive lineman for u of a. the 22-year-old died in his sleep. the decision before the south mountain freeway meeting has a lot of people upset. [chanting] >> police refused to allow them to bring their prayer sticks into the meeting. freedom was violated. >> when they say they'll blast through here, we won't let them. that's the point of it. we can't let them. our cultural or religious beliefs, however you see it are on the line. >> if you missed the meeting you can see the presentation on with another meeting at 6:00. adot confirming plans are
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the valley. yeah. nothing was finalized to build state route 30 but it would run south and parallel to i-10 to just give you another option, something that was considered for a while but funding has been the issue. adot plans to study options over the next six months. speaking of the roads, i was on the 101 and there was a lot of rain. >> there was especially in the northwest valley with a thunderstorm near fountain hills and now just keeping an eye on the clouds out there, and some of them possibly producing a sprinkle or two. and mostly dry as you are getting ready to head out to lunch. let me show you abc15 desert doppler, a few sprinkles, very brief over camelback mountain. you can see as soon as they hit the mountain, they fizzled out. as we go throughout the day, there is a chance for more showers and thunderstorms. i expect much of the valley to
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different picture up north. and i show you this picture of the valley cam -- not the valley cam but our casino cam, and it's showing you i-17. dark clouds and heavy rain and the road is wet. northern arizona, the high country is the best potential for more showers and thunderstorms. as i zoom on out, central arizona, fairly quiet, and we have been watching the scattered showers moving north sedona and flagstaff, too. and i've been watching a few light showers in eastern arizona, eastern arizona, northern arizona, the higher terrain is where we will see the best potential for rain today and by tomorrow, more active weather, and we could see more storms in the valley, too. here's what's happening. remember the storm system we have been tracking that was sitting to the southwest? it brought moisture into the
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that's slowly tracking to the north. today, the best storm chances across northern and eastern arizona. so as we go into tomorrow, we'll tap more moisture into the tropics and ming more widespread coverage of showers and storms and we could see a better chance of rain in the valley tomorrow before we dry out. some of the tropical moisture will come, a boost in moisture from roslyn, a tropical storm well california, and it will stay over open water, not expecting it to move inland. again, we'll tap into moisture and boost our rain chances over the next couple days. today, again, the best chances for more widespread coverage across northern and eastern arizona but we could see a shower or thunderstorm move across the valley as we go into the afternoon and evening. we'll be watching that are if,
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gusty winds and possibly gust. quieter as we go into tonight. but tomorrow, watch how the storm coverage expands across futurecast, not just in northern and eastern arizona but scattered thunderstorms around the phoenix metro tomorrow during the day. the rain chances throughout the day tomorrow, something that we'll be watching, a slight chance at the valley at 20%, not a washout and not everyone may get the rain but we'll be more active, so worth watching. friday, a slig early on morning shower before we clear out the rain chances. today, the 10% chance this afternoon into the evening, and tomorrow, a 20% chance for showers and thunderstorms. we'll talk about what temperatures will do over the next few days and have a look ahead to the weekend. >> thank you, iris. don't believe everything you read online.
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such an awesome event. so coming up, power of the people and one group's
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the power of the latino buyer. new data is showing the
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>> impressive numbers here. the report shows that latino- owned businesses have doubled in eight years, and we are sifting through this massive report, monica villalobos from the hispanic chamber of commerce and that's a labor of love for you? >> very much so, 328 pages and it's the most comprehensive compilation of secondary research on hispanic growth in arizona. >> amazing. >> are there any differences from last year to this year? >> we see most of the difference, not so much in the demographic area. we have seen quite a bit of growth but year after year, we are looking at consumer behavior. this provides our corporate partners and small businesses alike a road map to target hispanic consumers. >> what is the grand take away
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our state? >> we know that about 40% -- actually, 30% of arizona is hispanic and 40% of phoenix metro and more than 40% of k through 12 is hispanic. the population continues to grow and we will be a majority soon as well. and more importantly, the consumers spend $42 billion in the economy here. in addition to that and from the spending, in every spending category, auto motive to clothing. but in addition to that as business owners, that's what we have seen, significant growth, about a 70% increase in the number of hispanic businesses. in 2015, we were looking at 123,000 businesses. >> wow. >> the greatest growth is among latinas, 116% since 2007.
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increase and those businesses contribute $10 billion into the economy. so a lot of significant contributions. >> where can people find info? >> i know we barely scratched the service. >> sure. you can go to our website, and we will have the link to the book. coming up, a beloved baseball star and how thousands plan to pay their respect. and a disturbing crime that
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we want to get back to the breaking news out of avondale. a 5-year-old boy has died after a shooting. >> this investigation has just gotten started but police say this appears to be accidental. hey, there, chris. >> reporter: yeah, justin and danielle, we just heard an emotional outburst from the family after they got news from the detectives. it was later confirmed, like you said, the 5-year-old boy has passed, died after a gunshot wound that they are still investigating but early supports are that it appears to be accidental, self inflicted. but there is a lot to be determined. detectives have just arrived on
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plainclothes officers get into the apartment complex right now. and there is still family inside the scene and outside the scene. so the investigation behind this is just getting started. we expect it to go on for a couple of hours. but we can tell you that the latest up at the is the 5-year- old boy has died from what police are calling an accidental self-inflicted gunshot wound. we are expecting more updates story and will continue to update you as they come in, and for now, back to you in the studio. >> all right. just a devastates update for the family. thank you, chris. the body of jose fernandez is about to be laid to rest. we have new video of the hearse arriving at a miami funeral home today. the marlins' pitcher died in a boat crash. a public viewing is set for 2:00 p.m.
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mass tomorrow, and fans are mourning on the west side of marlins a park. we are on wildfire watch as hundreds of people have been evacuated in california as the loma fire is threatening 200 structures and containment is 10% and check out this video from petaluma. a briewsh fire grew out of control taking out homes. the quick growth blamed on a broken gas line. president obama is getting ready to send more troops to iraq. the troops will train and advise iraqi forces. as many as 600 servicemen and women could be sent over in addition to the 4600 troops already there. congress is facing a big deadline. they have until friday night to
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the two major sticking points are funding to fight the zika virus and the flint water crisis. it's really only a band-aid to keep the government running through december 9. one hot topic this election year, marijuana. this year, 9 states very a chance to vote on expanding legal access. according to national polls, the majority of ameran support it. 13% of u.s. adults report using marijuana currently. former house speaker and presidential candidate newt gingrich made a cameo alongside the governor in chandler and weighed in on proposition 206 which would raise our state's minimum wage. >> question whether or not it's accordable. what we are seeing in seattle they raised it too fast and
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incentivize a place like wendy's to replace people with withins, people won't be able to earn a living. >> the minimum would be $10 an hour next year and between to $12 by 2020. messal be -- accepting section 8 housing, great news for many. >> it's nerve-racking and it's very stressful, not knowing whether you will get kicked out or have to live with someone or be on the streets or go back to a shelter. >> this year, applications are accepted only online. we have what you need to know on several arizona agencies are getting a nice lump of cash to fight crime and help improve
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they will split more than $9 million in federal grants. maricopa county, more than $1 million. part of go to prevention programs so officers will stay safe and to the department of corrections to help inmates who are being released. an asu student could face deportation after an arrest on campus. paperwork said that xiaoyuan zhang bathroom, taking pictures and the women caught him and held him for police. the suspect admitted to doing it and told police he had a dirty mind. the chinese citizen is held in jail and will see an immigration judge. students we talked with are unhappy to hear about the allegations. >> it's sad that we can't feel 100% safe. >> according to police, this is not the first time he got
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pictures of women's skirts. you can barely see a car speed of frame here and see this guy on the cell phone? he is letting officers know that his mercedes was stolen from a circle k. the driver tried to run down officers causing them to open fire. once timothy childress was arrested, guns were found in the car, including an rifle. the victim learned a valuable lesson. when you take the car, take the keys. time to get moving. man's best friend is joining us for the workout wednesday section.
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all right. it's our workout wednesday but we have a special guest in the studio to help us out, a 4- legged friend.
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get. we have rosy rose -- rosie from the animal protection league and working out, you can do it with your pets. >> yeah, absolutely, and dogs, they love to kind of bond with you when you go out for jogs or hikes or swim or kayaking as well. but you can also take them out for a bike ride so a lot of options depending on what your excited to work out as well. >> grizzly is looking like he is ready to have activity. and you can even do lunges and different exercises with them? >> absolutely, and we always like to fit it into what your lifestyle and your dog's lifestyle is. you can make your own work out plan and fit that into what your dog is excited about. if he is excited about toys or tennis balls, running around
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like that or doing lunges or going for a nice swim or a bike ride. >> i'm with him. it's time for a nap. >> been working out too much. >> and even just a simple walk. i think people underestimate that. >> yeah, absolutely. >> just getting out and getting the blood pumping. >> i like to say you can get a group of friends together and go for a group walk and make it a social activity. >> i think grizzly likes you. >> i know. did he need a good home? >> he does. really issue really active and loves to do all these things we're talked about, going for a run with other dogs and humans, too. >> he is like, no, i'm busy, and you guys are always looking for volunteers and that's another way to get out and get exercising. >> absolutely. all the information is on our website. just click on the volunteer tab. and we ask for eight hours a
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exercise waiting for their forever home and great to get you exercise as well. >> i walked the dogs in the past as a volunteer and it's amazing what they get out of it. >> absolutely and you, too. >> get ready. all right. thank you so much, and grizzly, we hope you find your forever home. thank you for working out with us, bud. we have much more coming up on abc15 news at 11:00. it'smidweek, and your smart shoppe you money on grocery shopping. and unsettled weather continues. more chances for rain today and
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o'halleran: i had some really tough cases as a police detective.
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tom o'halleran has a plan to hold the politicians accountable -- no pay for congress if they don't pass a budget, reduce the influence of big money and special interests, and no more first-class travel paid for by taxpayers. i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message because you deserve leaders you can trust. she saw the boots and fell for fall all over again. was she expecting to find the perfect designer boots at's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find,
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we are keeping a close eye on wall street for you. right now, the dow sun .43% or 78 points at 18306. you expect them to clean your clothes, not burst into flames. more problems for samsung and this time, it's not about their phones. the feds are issuing a new warning over samsung washing machines over a massive recall. the company is urging owners to come forward after a number of fires have been sparked in those machines. and we have a food recall,
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nuggets, bad ones. if you bought a 5-pound bag of full cooked panko chicken nuggets with a use by of july 18, 2017, throw it away or return it. a customer reported finding plastic pieces in the nuggets. before you head to the grocery store, you will want to know what is on sale and we got a sneak peek if you are planning to do shopping. >> reporter: the best price on grapes 77 cents a pound. the next best price, 88 at fry's and back to basha's, a dozen large eggs for 99 cents and safeway, also large eggs on sale for 99 accepts and while you're there, grab breakfast, kellogg's cereals, pop starts, on sale. and hone crisp apples for 97 cents a pound.
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that at fry's so this is a good deal. fry's, yoplait yogurt, 3 for $1. food city has iceberg lettuce and limes on sale, two for 98 cents. gala apples on sale, 3 pounds for 99 cents. that's a great deal. the next best price we found at basha's. 88 accepts a pound and while you're there, pick up ground beef, and cereal on sale for $1.79. i'm dan spindle. a chinese tea shop will be opening a store in the mill plaza shopping center. they offer fruit teas and smoothies. dozens of jobs aimed at
11:47 am
to be filled right away. the children's association is holding a job location after camelback and you will need to go with a resume in your hand and be interview ready. they will fill a range. positions. maybe your background is in the kitchen. chipotle wants you, holding the second annual national career day hoping to fire 5000 for an interview at the location you want. only 100 people will get them and only at specific times. is the cdc using a bad test to diagnose the zika virus? the agency is conducting an interm investigation into a claim they're using the wrong test. according to documents from the washington post, a whistleblower was demoted in may after raising concerns
11:48 am
misses nearly 40% of those infections. the cdc said it has a new test. and florida economy experts predict that the state could see a 15% drop in visitors because people are worried about the virus. chit chat between strangers leads to a man meeting his great granddaughter for the first time. take a look at this picture. tell prove it. meet penny, rose, a penny, her mom, and don were at the airport to pick up people. and don noticed penny's feeding tube and asked saying his great granddaughter uses one as well 72 they kept talking and they discovered kelsey's boyfriend, baby penny, her mom's boyfriend, was his grandson. he was able to meet his great granddaughter for the very first time. love it. >> you can imagine piecing that together? >> yeah, sounds like a movie.
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patio lunch or indoor? may not be bad for the patio. right now, we're sitting at 82, and i will point out that the change from yesterday is we have a higher humidity because the dew points. they have bumped up. yesterday, we spend the day with dew points in the 40s. they are now in the upper 50s. a little higher. remember as they get higher, the humidity tends to go up. thte humidity of 43% and it might feel sticky as we step outside. and we are pretty dry across the phoenix metro with just partly cloudy skies. i have been tracking showers off to the north and central arizona state is quiet, and we're looking at scattered showers and a few isolated thunderstorms, i should say, a lot of these not producing
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getting lightning, southwest of sedona, a few flashes there, and again, scattered showers east and west of i-17, a lot of these tracking from south to north so through areas like sedona, flagstaff and showers out in northwest arizona with an isolated storm this morning. as we go to this afternoon, we'll see more scattered showers and thunderstorms across the northern pictures of the state and eastern arizona with a slight more showers and thunderstorms in the valley, just a 10% chance. and you can see the hour by hour break down. storms will fire to the east and southeast understand that clip by the valley cities. and all in all, as low pressure lifts to the north, we'll see the best potential for showers and thunderstorms in northern and eastern arizona. going to tomorrow, a boost in moisture and the coverage is
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few storms in the valley but the best potential is still in the higher terrain to the north and east. futurecast, more scattered showers and thunderstorms in the eastern half of our state and a few storms drifting in late this afternoon and evening and quieter early tonight and tomorrow, a chance of scattered thunderstorm through the day especially in the north and eastern half of our state. with the valley, a 20% of a few storms tomorrow through the day. we'll get drier air in here with a lingering chance of rain on friday before we dry out through the second. today, a 10% chance in the isolated change but tomorrow, a better chance, so something we'll be watching closely. tomorrow, a more active day and friday, starting to dry out and the valleys staying dry this weekend into next week. temperature wise, warmer and
11:52 am
mid-90s this afternoon under partly cloudy skies. phoenix, 94 today and 90s out to the west and a few 80s sprinkled in there. winslow, you'll be in the 80s. overnight tonight, 40s and 50s across northern arizona and 60s and 70s across the central half of our state including in the valleys, kickoff tomorrow in the low to mid-70s. drier by the weekend and next week, cooler only in the 80s. all right. it's halloween time at disneyland resort, not here just yet in the valley but abc15 abc15 mornings, giving away two family 4 packs so watch for the word of the day from 6:00 to 7:00 a.m.
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more on more details on a lawsuit headed sheriff joe arpaio's way. his democratic opponent, paul penzone, is going to file a lawsuit against him. penzone's spokesperson is confirming that the defamation lawsuit is over an attack ad that alleges penzone assaulted his wife. we have reached out to arpaio's office and we have not heard
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11:55 am
okay. so we wanted to know, do you think the political attack ads are effective? 88%say no and 12% say yes. it's just about 12:00, and let's recap our top stories. a 5-year-old boy has died
11:56 am
avondale. police are not searching for a suspect and that this appears to be accidental. the boy apparently pulled the trigger. the investigation is just getting underway. stick with abc15 for updates. and we are learning more about a shooting in glendale. court documents reveal that a man who pulled the trigger caught the victim with his girlfriend. the victim was shot as he was jumping out of bed with the woman and is accused of attempted murder. here is a look at what's coming up on the now arizona at 4:00, unrest in california after an officer-involved shooting. we are live on the scene as more protests erupt, and in maricopa county, marijuana voters took advantage of a legal loophole, and when you vote, you want it to count but what if it's hacked? and you may have seen this online.
11:57 am
andrew fox dropping the ring while proposing to his girlfriend at yankee stadium. several people looking for the ring, and his girlfriend found the ring in the cuff of her pant leg. in case you are wondering, she does say yes. >> maybe it gave her extra time to figure it out. >> hopefully, that's not the case. let's check the most accurate 7-day forecast, a 10% chance of a stray shower or thunderstorm. and we'll watch for storms to develop to the south. they could clip the east valley at the very least later on. sunny and dry on friday and just look at the weekend forecast, dry and low to mid- 90s but next week, a push of cooler air.
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? >> announcer: today, grab your favorite ball gown, because we're getting elegant in an instant. clinton's whipping up the perfect plate with the fabulous kristin chenoweth. mario's livin' la dolce vita with a simple-yet-delicious dish. and michael's got a 5 in 5 you won't wanna miss. the party starts right now on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] ? >> hey, everybody. welcome to "the chew." are you lookin' to add a little class and sass to your dull, drab dinner table? >> yeah. >> audience: yes.


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