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tv   ABC15 News at 430AM  ABC  September 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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phoenix police make a horrible discovery, a man's body beaten. we are talking with family. what they have to say coming up. a barricade situation comes to an unlikely ending with two people rushed to the hospital. dan? a whole lot chris, on abc15 mornings. you might notice a few spoty showers. iris hermosillo is tracking them. iris, good morning. yeah, the clouds have rolled in, and we'll show you a few brief showers moving through, very light across the phoenix metro. we're not talking a wash out but scattered showers. you may get caught under some
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commute through the southeast valley with the bulk moving in right now. apache junction is getting in on the rain, too. the rain changes will stick around this morning with a slight chance of storms later. i'll break down the hour by hour planner in a few minutes. >> all right, iris. we'll start with a shooting situation in phoenix. overnight, police officers were calling for the shooting suspect to come out with his hands . the apartment they had surrounded. we brought to to you as breaking news last night at 10:00. many of you called the newsroom asking. shots were fired at 48th and broadway. two people were shot, one seriously injured and the other is expected to survive. officerssay that no witnesses are cooperating. more breaking news. a family in shock as their
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phoenix home and the circumstances are suspicious. we'll pinpoint it on the map for you. justin pazera is live in phoenix and you just spoke with the family members is my ing. what are they saying? >> reporter: hey, chris. i just spoke with the victim's daughter and his son on scene, identifying him as 53-year-old timmy bryce senior. wrapping up. phoenix police did a welfare check. not sure who called in the welfare check but they found the 53-year-old victim dead. the daughter told me that the body was beaten up pretty bad. at this point, we haven't been able to talk with phoenix police about a suspect. but family members say they
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crime. we are working to confirm that with phoenix police. the family is also expected to give us an update in just a few minutes as detectives are wrapping up. but at this point, chris, they are wrapping up. >> justin, thank you. a lot of people are asking why do you keep showing the violent video? it's to show you what the officers dealt with, tossed into the air by a car that slammed into them. >> the case against the man behind the wheel continues. >> marc payne was taken to the hospital a day after his arrest. he has been there since. we are not sure why. he is facing 11 felony counts, the most serious among them including attempted murder of
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two gay bars were targeted with burglaries. here is what one of the bar owners had to say. >> i don't know if it's a hate crime or not. it's probably too soon to tell. >> in both cases, the suspects demanded cell phones and wallets. officerssay that the suspect descriptions are similar. in mesa, officers are police are surrounding the neighborhood after someone called 911 saying they heard gunshots. no one was hurt. let's talk politics with paul babeu eying the congressional district 1 seat and things got heated when boarding school was brought up. you will remember the abc15 investigation that exposed some things about the sheriff.
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citizens the truth about the fact that you knew everything going on at that school. >> investigation that proves what you just said is not the case. >> bay due deny anything wrongdoing. you can catch our investigators on republican candidate donald trump announcing plans to return to our state at the prescott valley event center next tu doors open at 11:00. ticket information available on the abc15 mobile app. the government will have enough money for now to stay open as long as the president signs the approved bill that funds the battle against zika and helping flint, michigan with the water crisis. chris? danielle, brand new video in the third round of protests in el cajon, california.
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and carrying signs and tried to take over interstate 8. at 1 point, the officers said that the man, the device he took towards the officers, see him there? what appeared to be a gun was a 4" long smoking device. friends and family will gather for a private funeral of jose fernandez. this was the vigil in miami last night for the marlins' pitcher, paying their last respects. fernandez and his two friends were killed when their boat crashed off miami beach. the cause is still under
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it is the ad at the center of a new potential lawsuit. in just hours from now, police learn more about what could be filed between the two candidates. katie cancer live off gilbert and baseline roads with more, and katie, sheriff arpaio and paul penzone do not like each other, and paul penzone does note like this ad. >> reporter: he is fired up saying the allegations are comp happened a few years ago, and look at what pepzone is saying on youtube. >> he apologized saying he knew he never wanted to run the attack commercial because it was the wrong thing to do but his staff told him if he didn't run it, he would lose the election. >> reporter: arpaio said he only rap the ad because he was
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penzone said he has had enough and plans to sue for defamation and will hold a press conference at 2:00 this afternoon. but arpaio is not backing down. coming up at 5:30, we'll tell you what he is saying about this lawsuit. back to you guys. let's talk about the most accurate forecast. we track light rain moving into the phoenix metro in time for the early morning commute especially if you commute through the east valley where we're seeing some of the light showers. and i didn't see any lightning but rain from fountain hills to apache junction to loop 202, san tan, gilbert, chandler getting in the on rain. you may have to hit the windshield wipers. in the west valley, spotty showers but it's quieter out there. here's the deal, we'll keep the rain through the morning commute through 8:00. so the scattered light showers
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the valley through the morning. giving you a heads up, not a wash out but creating wet road this is morning. 6:00 a.m., in the 70s and back to 80 at 8:00. we'll talk about the storm chances for the rest of the day in just minutes. mallory? oh, and i want to remind you guys that today is a big day. we are giving away family packs to disneyland starting today. we have two chances to win today. to find out more, a check of the roads, the speeds are looking great valley wide but in the east valley, something to look out for, maybe wet roads in the area. here is the desert drive time, the 202, san tan, 12 minutes here, gilbert road to hit the 10, and i want to give you a look at the mini stack.
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the ramp from 202 to state route 51. serving back open and folks are using the ramp with no problem, and i'm not really seeing any other issues here. a closer look at the i-10 in a couple minutes. smoke fills a mesa restaurant and fire crews have to make their way in. we'll show you what started it just ahead. and the time is 4:40. a kidnapping in hollywood and look at that, dragging her why it didn't take authorities long to find her. so many are outraged over the extraordinary price of epipen. but now, some are saying something illegal is happening here. hey, remember tebowing?
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i'm allison rodriguez live in mesa where a restaurant goes up in smoke. want to know why? it's because that pot over there. when we got here, there was smoke pillowing pill -- billowing out of it. let me tell you what firefighters say. they got here at about 3:30 this morning. the restaurant filled with smoke, and they busted through and got in and they see that pot that i just showed you guys. it was left on overnight on top the good news is they say that the damage was confined to just the one stove area and nobody was inside and hurt. and the good news, again, they were able to minimize the damage here. so fire crews just wrapped this up, and that huge pot, just pillowing with smoke, causing the damage. no word if they will be able to re-open today. live in mesa, allison rodriguez, abc15.
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the abc15 newsroom of a drug arrest. this is the scene from buffalo, new york. the raids began late last night and the suspect got into a fight with officers. that's when the shots were fired. the suspect in critical condition and no officers were injured. they recovered an assault rifle according to those on the scene and other drugs were found inside the home. this is an oncoming investigation, dan. this is ongoing, the epipen drug maker, mylan, officials are trying to determine if if acted legally when it clarified the drug as generic. some are suggesting that the company is gaining on the system to divert millions from
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is in trouble. a person of interest was named of an illegal joyride on the fragile death valley national park. 10miles of swerving tire tracks. drivers are banned from driving in this part of the park. could not believe this video out of north hollywood. look at this man dragging the clerk out, and the customer is just uh, business. police responded to a silent alarm. the clerk was found after being driven to a cemetery. i cannot believe this. policesay that the guy was stalking the clerk for
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and the person walking by and not saying anything. and this person is known as foxy knoxy in italy, but now, a mannedda knox will be on good morning, america today talking about the new documentary surrounding her time overseas. that will be available on netflix, dan. don't call it a comeback unless you consider tim tebow's career his true baseball. magic; right? he's in the mets instructional minor league and the very first at bat, he blasted a homerun at the first pitch he saw. >> yeah, i was going to be aggressive, something i was talking about every day. >> tim tebow fans, thrilled. tebow haters might want to call it a day but it was a big run, the lone highlight of what was
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league career ever. the circle of life is now capturing the lion king. disney announced that it will remake the classic movie and jon farveau will direct the live action film. it will include music from the original. >> nope, nope, nope, it, disney. winter is just around the corner. get your skis ready. snow bowl is ready. the new high-speed chairlift will be called grand canyon express because as you ride it, you can see the grand canyon. >> that's incredible. let's talk about today. we're not talking snow but rather rain across the state that we're expecting, and this morning, we're already tracking
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that's a chance for scattered showers through the morning. know that you could get caught under rain. and there is a slight chance of a few scattered showers and storms later today but the best potential is this morning. it will be a warm and humid day. if you are picking out the outfits, plan on that. the humidity is higher, and we're tapping into extra moisture thanks to a tropical system that will continue to fall apart in the east pacific but the moisture is the rain chancings, and you can see the band of rain lifting across our state including through central arizona in the valley in the northeast pockets and south central pockets of our state, rather, at least getting some of the light showers. they look impressive on the radar but not as impressive closer to the ground. abc15 desert doppler, fairly light, and that's where we're
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of rain. queen creek getting in on the rain and chandler, gilbert, mesa, eastern tempe getting in on the rain and the rainfalling in fountain hills. most of it light and the green is indicating the lighter green but the pockets of yellow are indicating the bursts of slightly heavier rainfall, enough to get the roads wet heading into work. spotty showers tracking through spots like paradise valley light rain and will work up to 51. if you take that route, know you can get the showers and they are tracking from south to north. cave creek, you'll get rain, too. spotty across the west value and a few sprinkles a possibility. and we'll keep an eye up to the south. if anything fires south, it will move to the north and clip
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and we have smr showers in northeast arizona, fairly scattered, but this area will see more widespread coverage as the day goes on. here's what to expect through the morning at 9:00, a 30% chance of a storm for the valley, an isolated storm not out of the question but mostly fairly light. and look at how the coverage is more widespread across northern arizona by mid morning and eastern arizona gets in on the action as the valley, the morning showers lift north and we get a lull and we could see a slight shower or storm later this afternoon and evening. all in all, the best potential will be this morning for rain and a slight chance of storms later. today's high, 93 and then we dry out by tomorrow with a 10% chance for rain, drier for the weekend and next week. we'll talk about the storm
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few minutes. but that's the live view as we look right now of the rain coming down in mesa where i've been tracking it all morning. the hour-by-hour forecast is still ahead. the desert drive time this is morning are pretty picture perfect especially in the west valley. a look at the 10, a 10-minute desert drive time, eastbound from the 101 to the 17. i want to give you a look at the east valley with the roads and a crash. let's give you a look from the adot camera blocking the ramp at mcclintock. stay to the left to get by and all along u.s. 60, the 202, take it easy because you could see wet roads. 8 minutes before the top of the hour. a shopping trip is dangerous for one valley family with a
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one mom is fighting to make a change. and why there may be a new change for diabetes. and the smart phone blackberry was once a must have device. >> but now, the company will focus on software development. and we are getting new details emerging about next week's google phone event in francisco. >> the company is expecting a new device and virtual reality platform called daydream. >> for all of you who can't live without a headphone jack on the iphone 7, your prayers have been answered. a hardware developer has made the fuse. >> it takes the hardware from the iphone and builds it into the case.
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the food and drug administration approving the first artificial pancreas, a cell phone-sized device that will deliver life-saving insulin as needed. the approval wasn't expected until next year but came early
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people with type 1 diabetes. the cost the 2020 games in tokyo are adding up. i know you are still thinking rio but we are looking ahead to japan and the costs are at $30 billion. right now, tokyo has plans to build seven new venues. every year, a sign of fall, the pumpkin queen creek. this year marks the 75th anniversary of the farm, and you can catch a zip line or go on a zombie hunt. the rain is falling in the valley. this is in mesa where the roads are getting wet. i'll show what you to expect in your neighborhood next. and happening right now, breaking news as a body is discovered in phoenix. justin pazera is on the scene
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phoenix police make a horrible discovery after a welfare check. i just spoke with the family of this victim. what they have to say coming up. the protests for justice continue in el cajon.
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a valley mother taking action after rushing her children to the hospital with a scare at a walgreens store. the common item that you may have at home that has her worried sick. good morning. this is abc15 morning. breaking news with mallory tracking the traffic but iris, rain? yeah. we are tracking showers before the monsoon ends, and it's going out with a bang. that's for sure. rain in the east you will see the most wet roads, apache junction, mess a gilbert, scottsdale, fountain hills and along state route 51. even though the west valley is pretty quiet right now we have more showers to the south and they'll be moving north across the phoenix metro through the morning. our chances for rain will stick around for the morning commute. we're sitting right at 80


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