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tv   ABC15 News at 600AM  ABC  September 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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battle. and you'll feel it as you wake up, folks, showers rolling through. are we expecting more through the commute? iris will pin it down for us. probably 4 or 5 drops on the windshield. >> just that. >> yeah, just that, and i have to ask, will it continue? we will continue to see showers through it is morning, and that's what much of this has been, light showers pushing through the valley, and aside from an isolate the storm, most will contin light rainfall across the valley with showers tracking through the east valley and now, the west valley getting in on the rain, and the rain is falling over the cardinal's stadium pushing to the north through glendale and sun city and peoria. as the showers push north issue there is more rain that could clip the valley. the rain chances sticking around through the morning
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then the chance trends down. 81 as you step outside and a high in the mid-90s. i'll break down the hour by hour storm chances and take you through futurecast in a few minutes. mallory? iris, i-10 between 83rd and 75th, we were seeing delays, and now, you could see wet and slick roads in the area. taking a look at the big picture, on and off slow the 10 from 91 to the tunnel. our desert drive times, the 25- minute desert drive time, i-17 southbound to the 101 stack, slow from camelback. we'll head to the north valley next. i'm allison rodriguez in the live drive right now. we are currently on the 10, i believe, heading west now. we were in the east valley
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there, and that's what we're tracking, the rain, and that's why we're here in the live drive. you see all the dark clouds in the distance? that's why we're heading right now, to where the shower -- showers are that iris reported earlier. we'll bring you back to the live drip so you will see it as we're seeing it, chris, and we'll continue to track the shower this is morning. allison, thank you, and we want to pass on brand new information about a disturbing discovery made in a home. a man found dead near seventh avenue and buckeye. justin pazera was just updated at the scene. >> reporter: chris, police say it was a neighbor who contacted police. they hadn't seen the guy who
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is odd. phoenix police is telling us that the 53-year-old was shot. the family is telling us he was beaten, so conflicting reports. there is no sign of forced entry, and the victim's car is gone and so are his car keys and his wallet, so just a really interesting case that phoenix police are trying to figure out. you why the family said that they believe the victim knows that suspect. danielle? >> a lot of questions still this morning. thank you being justin, for that. the race for maricopa county sheriff is heating up and we are learning how much the candidates are bringing into the campaign. a report shows sheriff joe arpaio raised $750,000 last month and paul penzone,
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for arpaio. >> yeah. his challenger is take legal action over the so-called toughest sheriff in america. perhaps you have new ad all right. katie conner has more. >> reporter: paul penzone said he wanted to run a clean race, but now, arpaio's ad, penzone plans to file a lawsuit for defamation. our legal expert said usually these are uphill battles but this might be different because penzone has an affidavit from his ex-wife saying it's not true. coming up at 6:30, we'll have more. it's interesting. the race for the white house is making another stop in
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on tuesday. tickets are available. we went to donald trump's website here. just click on the schedule and scroll down a bit and you can see prescott valley, arizona and you can click on tickets and get more information and this box will take you to the form where you can fill it out. only two tickets per phone, and it's first come, first serve. we are told that the doors will be opening at 11:00. meantime, we have confirmed that gary johnson will be making a stop in phoenix this saturday at the phoenix airport marriott in the arizona ballroom. you don't have to rsvp if you want like to attend. hillary clinton is vowing to take on hackers. the former secretary of state
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recent cyberattacks. the campaign said she will retaliate. clinton will attend an early vote rally in iowa. this is breaking news out of new jersey. i got this just seconds ago, the train that crashed in the hoboken area. that's the train right here that crashed right into the terminal area. there are injuries reported. this is our very annual coming out of the area. i'm getting word from our producers of video about to come in. that's the newest information i had. more in a moment. new trouble for drug maker mylan. the company is facing investigation from the justice department. some senators suggest that the company has diverted millions from taxpayers to the company.
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company classified epipen as a generic drug to qualify for lower rebate payments. we are waking up to mostly cloudy skies. i'm tracking rain, too. i'll show you where, next. and a new crash, u.s. 60 near priest. you could see slowing. we'll take a look at that. and terrifying moments, look at this woman getting kidnapped on camera. she managed to escape even after she was awaiting car. a first for president obama, congress overriding a controversial bill. his new message for the families of 9/11 victims.
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coming to the lunch meeting, ned? forgot the reports in the car. oh! kevin's lunch, that's the fifth time this week!
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i forgot my lunch again. jimmy john's good morning, everybody. a live look outside from both the adot camera and a shot of sky harbor airport. the sun is coming up. iris hermosillo with th accurate forecast talking about rain and she'll let you know what to expect throughout the day. the international air transportation association revealing incidents involving upruly passengers on planes going up. yes. there were nearly 11,000 last year, in fact. 9000 the year before. the group wants more done to avoid air raids including
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and the east valley started with rain this morning, and now, the showers pushing into fountain hills and the higher terrain. the west valley is getting in on the action. we are showing you a pocket of more moderate rainfall along loop 101 and crossing over grand avenue. the showers are tracking from south to north. the radar shows they are moving from tolleson an peoria and will continue to impact the loop 101. if that's your route into work, you will get caught in the showers. this is impacting 75th and glendale this morning, and we have more west of the valley from whitman over to buckeye and these showers are also tracking north. so goodyear, you could get in on the showers just west of you. as we go through the morning, plan on scattered showers
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after 9:00, those rain chances will trend down. if you travel between now and then you have the potential of getting caught under the showers and encountering wet roads. 81 now and 79 at 7:00 and mostly cloudy through 8:00 with the temperature at 80 degrees by then. again, mostly cloudy with a 30% chance of scattered showers. this afternoon, we will warm to 90 and still a chance of rain later. i'll show what you that like on futurecast next. iris, no longer seeing the slowing on i-17 southbound but very heavy i-10 in the west valley, and the east valley, even though i am not seeing slowing, there will be a crash u.s. 60 at the i-10 interchange to priest. and the north valley, no delays here. we'll head back out to the west valley and take a look at the
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mallory, following breaking news about the growing wildfire in california. following this one and now, structures are being lost. a heated moment at the congressional district. congressional district. one debate, all about an o'halleran: i had some really tough cases as a police detective. but the problem in washington is as clear as day -- we can't trust our politicians to work for us. tom o'halleran has a plan no pay for congress if they don't pass a budget, reduce the influence of big money and special interests, and no more first-class travel paid for by taxpayers. i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message
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the west valley, that's where we're headed. as soon as we get to the showers, north on the 17, and we'll check back in with you here. as soon as we get the showers, we'll show you exactly where they are and what things are looking like. but meantime, danielle, things are pretty dry on the 10 right now. >> all right, allison, thank you, and we'll check in with iris in a moment. sickening video out of los angeles, a terrifying abduction. you see the man there? he was armed with a dragging the convenience store clerk outside and forces her into his car, police say he drove the victim to a nearby cemetery where she was able to escape. apparently, he was stalking her for sometime, refusing to take no for an answer when he tried to pursue a relationship. he is behind bars. >> not to mention a customer just walking by.
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from the california wildfire, and you can see the loma fire burning near gilroy, california, near san francisco. it's day 4 and this exploded, thousands of acres burning. crews on the scene, and dozens of crews battling this, cooler weather and more humidity keeping the flames calmer as helicopters are working this around the clock. some residents voluntarily evacuating and others heading back home this morning, da unbelievable story of survival. the tides turning on a boater days after he was rescued at sea. nathan carman is being investigated in his mother's death. she apparently drowned, and carman was found days later on a life raft. carman is also suspected in the murder of his grandfather.
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friends and family will gather later today for the private funeral of jose fernandez. this is video of a vigil in miami last night. the teammate and fans and family paying last respects. fernandez was killed with two friends when their boat crashed into a jetty. the cause is under investigation. 911 families can now sue saudi arabia for claims that overnight, the president called this a mistake adding that any such lawsuit could lead to financial implications with long-time ally saudi arabia. a heated debate for congressional district 1, paul babeu squaring off against tom halloran. babeu is accused of lying about
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school he used to run, and you can bet that came up. >> your inability to tell the citizens the truth about the fact that you knew everything that was going on at the school and deny it even though the video comes out showing you knew about it. >> the investigation that proves what you just said is not the case. >> babeu denying wrongdoing. you can catch the investigation on winter is just around the corner. we told you this would happen and now, check out the get your skis ready. snow bowl is bringing in helicopters to install a high- speed chairlift. this is going to be called the grand canyon express. guess what? you can see the grand canyon while riding the lift up the mountain. let's talk about the most accurate forecast as we look live to one of the valley cam s, awaiting the sunrise. this is the only spot you can really see it because the rest
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clouds, east to phoenix. you can see the scattered clouds across the the eastern horizon. overcast skies and watching showers, too especially through parts of the west valley, showers from glendale into peoria and west of deer valley and continuing to track towards anthem. heads up, anthem. we already had rain in the morning. and another band of more widespread coverage out west of goodyear and litchfield park, moving northeast, and it looks like it will move in across the west valley. the west valley is where we are seeing more scattered showers now. here is the deal. rain chances in the forecast throughout morning and through the day today as we get a boost in moisture in part thanks to the tropics. tell keep the storm chances around through the day today. let me walk you through futurecast. the best potential for more scattered showers with an
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morning for the phoenix metro area. you can see the showers will push through with the west valley showers pushing through spots like deer valley and anthem. after 9:00, the bulk lifts to the north with a lull in the valley, and then once we get in the afternoon, showers and storms fill in out west or rather out to the east and northeast, we could see a shower or a storm clip by the valley. but the chances for rain will be lowe slight changes going into tomorrow before we dry out. the 30% rain chance through 9:00 and tomorrow, a 10% chance of showers. drier conditions as we period through the weekend. cooler going into next week. i'll break down the hour by hour temperature forecast next. mallory? well, the good news is we don't have crashes on the
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is all clear. for the most part, you're not seeing a lot of delays except for the 10 in the west valley. pretty solid, up to a 32-minute desert drive time. this will start at the 101 with the brake lights and the drive time takes you to i-17 but doesn't ease up until closer to 7th avenue and the forth part of the valley, a couple of minutes ago, i wasn't seeing delays and now i see a slow down, loop 101 eastbound at 19th, congestion behind you approaching i-17. so between 27th and 7th, you will see the brake lights, and this is one of the areas where we could sees showers so that could be contributing to the slowing as well. a closer look at i-17 next. mallory, breaking news right now, a train crash in a hoboken terminal. that's the train right there crashing through. there are injuries at this
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into the newsroom. and another zika warning for you, the new an so, can i see you again...
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the food and drug administration approves the first artificial pancreas, a cell phone-sized device that checks a person's blood sugar
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extra pizzazz. so hakuna matata? dan spindle says you better not- a. disney announced that they will remake the classic movie, and the new movie will include music from the original. i'm watching dark clouds. i'll show you where the rain is moving in now. and the drive in on i- the 10 in the west valley. a look at the desert drive times. mallory, late last night, a neighborhood on lockdown. we were on the scene as guns were drawn. why police were there and what
6:28 am
a new page of controversy for sheriff paul babeu. sources tell us the fbi has subpoenaed records related to how babeu's office used seized criminal money also known as rico funds. critics have said pcso's use of the foundation is like money laundering. and they've also accused babeu of using the funds to fuel his campaign. it may already be illegal campaigning with government resources. or if they're just being used to make the sheriff look good, as he runs for congress.
6:29 am
i'm justin pazera live in phoenix where a welfare check
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investigation. the very latest information we're getting from phoenix police. a hate crime or something more? the search for the armed suspect targeting two gay bars. valley metro working to put up barriers so you won't fall down on the tracks. mallory will get to you work on time this morning. but if you look at the bottom of your screen, you will see the radar. iris is tracking showers. the showers are moving into the west valley. valley, look for widespread rain. and you can see the dark clouds looking out to the west with the phoenix valley cam. much moving over the i-10 and along the loop 303. but this batch of rain will continue to move east northeast and goodyear, litchfield park, and glendale, too. so, the east valley, you had
6:31 am
few spotty shower this is morning and more widespread out to the west. before you head out the door, going to the bus stop or sending the kids to the bus stop, you may need an umbrella especially in the west valley. a slight chance of storms later, too, as we stay warm and humid. we'll talk about the hour by hour chance of storms later. mallory? we have days on the 10, iris, a look at 75th and heavy and nothing out the -- out of the ordinary. a closer look now at the rest of the valley where the major delays are. in just the past couple minutes, i-10 in the east valley has sloan down in the 202 westbound to ray road or so, and we'll give you a look at the west of the east valley drive in a few minutes. mallory, updating you all
6:32 am
a family in shock. they haven't heard from their loved 1 at all and then heard from police that their loved one was found dead at a home in phoenix, major cross streets, 7th avenue and buckeye. justin pazera is there and smoke -- spoke with the man's family. >> reporter: the family is just in shock. imagine having to deal with the loss of a loved one and then having to clean up after. the garbage can was just moved there, and they came out and showed us a picture of the victim. it was a neighbor that notified phoenix police because they didn't see kimi bryce for a few days and thought that was weird so they called police and found the 53-year-old victim shot. the family was here, still here and they told me that the victim's car is gone, the car keys and his wallet.
6:33 am
the shooter. at this point, we have not heard confirmation from police on a suspect but as soon as we get that, we will pass that along. justin pazera, abc15. justin, thank you, and back to the breaking news, some of the images we are getting a closer look at. let me use the pencil. that is a commuter train that crashed into the terminal area, as a matter of fact, just getting details that it was awaiting area where the train crashed through some barriers. let's go to another image. let me pull it up here. here it is. engine --engine --hoboken is where this happened. this is just miles away from new york, a very busy train station, dan and danielle. >> chris, thank you.
6:34 am
you tense up every time you see it, three phoenix police officers tossed up in the air after a car deliberately crashes into them. >> police say this is no accident and the case against the man behind the wheel is set to move forward but mark payne was taken to the hospital a day after the arrest and he has been there ever since. we are still not sure why. danielle, a breaking news situation. this is a police watch. this you'll see them with the guns drawn overnight. and look at that. you want to talk about intense. they are calling for a suspect involved in a shooting to come out of this apartment complex. they are saying come out with your hands up. turns out that the guy gave them the slip. what we know is that shots were fired at 48th and broadway. two men were shot, one in
6:35 am
officers tell us that the witnesses are not cooperate rating. r ate -- cooperating. he likes to call himself america's toughest sheriff but today, sheriff arpaio could face more election challenge. katie conner, boy, this vase -- race is really heating up. >> reporter: it's because of this tv ad. take a listen. >> this is the ad paul penzone doesn't want to you see. >> reporter: arpaio is running this ad accusing paul penzone of abusing his wife years ago. penzone said that the
6:36 am
false and he plans to sue for defamation of character. in the 2008 race, arpaio and the republican party put out a video accusing his opponent of rape, a crime he was never convicted of. so far, paul penzone's law firm hasn't identified a single inag recess it will be interesting to see what happens once this is filed today. >> all right. katie, thank you. a crime report of videos only on abc15 news this morning, an armed robber targeting two gay bars. we asked one of the bar owners if he thinks there is a reason
6:37 am
locations. >> i don't know if it's a hate crime or not. it's probably too soon to tell. >> no one was hurt. phoenix police on the case might recognize the people in the photos. meantime, phoenix police on the look out for a driver accused of causing a crash and taking off at 49th and encanto. the driver collided with an suv and then left. if you know anything, please contact police. back at the live desk, video on the third round of protests in el cajon, california. people carrying signs, and at 1 point they tried to take over interstate 8. you want you to see the image. officerssay that the device in question, see that on the left
6:38 am
aggressive stance, arms straight out and holding? in his hands? officerssay that the item pointed at officers was a 4" long electronic smoking device. a bill to avoid a government shut down for now is headed to the president's desk, asking to fund federal agencies through december 9 and that includes federal money for a fight against the zika virus and the water crisis in flint, michigan. an usual story in utah. a man contracted zika and doctors think he got it by touching the tears of his dying father, very bizarre. his father was thought to have 100,000 times the amount of the normal virus in his body. when he was infected, his father was getting radiation therapy for cancer, and it's believed that the virus was replicated. i'm allison rodriguez
6:39 am
the 101 west. we are getting sprinkles here after we got on the 101 from the 17. and you are going to see some of the sprinkles here. we are expecting it to be heavier. but right now, if you are traveling anywhere through here, don't be surprised to see the sprinkles on the windshield. let's go ahead and check in with meterologist iris hermosillo. it working through the loop 101. that area iris is caught under is moving through the northern portions of the loop 101. so we get a shower and still tracking across the loop 101 moving north, west of deer valley and all the showers are tracking from south to northeast. what you are seeing down south and west of the valley, that will track east northeast
6:40 am
metro. we have rainfalling from waddlel to the i-10 and more rain along in goodyear, and this batch will move over the estrellas and track over the i 10 and move up the 101. allison is likely to intercept that. if you are taking the i-10 in the west valley, you will get caught with those this morning. the best potential of rain will be through 8:00, 9:00 morning. you can see that on futurecast. at 9:00, they start lifting north of the phoenix metro as we get a bit of a lull. wet roads possible for some especially in the west value through the morning commute and a 10% chance for storms later. i'll talk about the afternoon chances next. we have a couple of spots in the east valley starting to pick up. loop 101 northbound from
6:41 am
loop 202 red mountain, an 11- minute desert drive time from the 101 to the mini stack. but the slow spot is near scottsdale road or so, and the north valley, allison and i are showing us where the showers are working through, traffic is slowing down. loop 101 eastbound 75th to 51st, slower there are and through the i-17 interchange almost to cave creek you'll see some congestion, and the 10 out in the super slow. we'll take a look at that in a few minutes. mallory, while you were talking, brand new video. this is live, and look at the damage. that is a train crash, and what collapsed there is the roof of the terminal. download the abc15 mobile app. our digital team is streaming this live. and one mom's mission to protect kids inside retail stores and why she said that a split second at a walgreen's
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life. harsh accusations of animal
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welcome back to abc15 mornings. the time is 6:44, and it's 81 degrees under mostly cloudy skies and tracking light showers moving into the west valley. you can see the abc15 desert doppler on the bottom of your screen. we'll keep it there all morning
6:45 am
the storm chances as we go through the day. we could see storms later on. today's weather word of the day is "storms." for your chance to win tickets to disneyland resorts, and enter "storms" for your chance to win. thank you, iris, and something really interesting unfolding in our backyard as the attorney general is joining other states in a brand new lawsuit against the obama administration and it centers around the internet. the u.s. has control over the internet corporation for assigned names and numbers. i know. it sounds like a lot but that's the dot co-nm names and ip addresses, and so forth and that authority expires on saturday, and it's set to be handed over to an international group. the attorneys general in several states here want to keep it within the u.s. theysay it's to protect freedom of
6:46 am
dan. a shocking story and unbelievable video. a jersey driver hits the deer and pulls over and the unthinkable happens. the deer comes back and attacks the driver inside the car. the woman driving said she kicked the deer and pushed it out. the woman will be okay. sadly, the deer didn't make it. a disturbing new report from peta is making strong accusations about the treatment of circus animals specifically tigers claiming that they experience environmental neglect and abuse and suffer from chronic stress, obesity, cracked foot pads and scarring. a valley mom feared that her kids could have swallowed batteries at walgreens. >> it is little ones that you worry about. her 2-year-old daughter managed to grab hearing aid batteries,
6:47 am
and knowing they could turn deadly if caught in the esophagus, she rushed her kids to the er but they were unharmed, and then the mom got angry about where they were hung. >> not only literally next to the school supplies but the way it's hanging it goes almost down to floor level, perfect height for curious dismoorn -- children. >> the symptom on a mission to push walgreens to move them to a higher level. walgreens said we are just glad that the child is okay. you will walk out the door to mostly cloudy skies and you will feel the moisture in the air and we are seeing showers across the valley, too. temperature wise, sitting in the 70s to low 80s across the phoenix metro. so a mild start to the day. the rain is moving back in across the west valley.
6:48 am
widespread showers in the east valley and now, thicker clouds with spotty sprinkle. the west valley, seeing more widespread rain moving in. it's moving into buckeye and goodyear as it pushes west to north northeast. goodyear, we're getting in on the rain now. and eventually, spots like sun city and the loop 101 and areas along grand avenue and the west valley have a good chance of seeing the showers push throug valley, maybe give yourself extra time and think about heading out soon so you don't get slowed down on your way into work. we'll watch the showers continue to move through the west valley and more showers to the south and keep the rain chances to 30%. more rain off to the north of and east, scattered now but
6:49 am
in. that's the potential for more widespread showers and storms across arizona and the eastern half of our state. a 30% chance of rain this morning and then this afternoon, we could see a few storms click by spots like the east valley. in the hour by hour break down, you'll notice it bumps down the chance a bit for the evening commute but the best chance of rain this morning and then a 20% chance this temperature wise, 81 now to 95 for the high today. i'll breakdown the 7-day forecast and talk about when we dry out next. mallory? a look at the roads, the 10 in the west valley, the slowest spot, a 30-minute desert drive time, eastbound to 35th, and probably around the tunnel or so but before that, slow and go for drivers in the west valley. east valley drivers, a new crash. and not a huge traffic impact
6:50 am
on loop 202 san tan. as you continue westbound, things are slowing down. let's give you a look from the adot camera, i-10 at chandler. a lot of congestion, and it's easing up a bit and then the north valley in a couple of minutes. if you can't get to mallory on air or online, you can check your own route to afternoon. adot is adding more web cam s on i-10 at 33rd and bullard and i-17 17 between anthem and 101. they are up on az horizontal belts will be added as a new safety feature to help the blinds between
6:51 am
on the tracks. this hasn't happened before but it will start up next month. family members have identified this man's body found in his house. justin pazera is there with new information. and then back to breaking news as a train has crashed
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we have multiple angles coming in of breaking news out of hoboken, new jersey where a commuter train has slammed right into a terminal. and we're now getting reports of more than two dozen injuries, some outlets reporting upwards of 100 injuries. the train came to a halt in a covered area between the indoor waiting area and a platform. a metal structure covering that area has now collapsed. by the way, this is stay tuned on this one. i'm allison rodriguez currently in phoenix in the live drive where we are on the 17 here just about to pass cactus, and we have been tracking the showers all morning long for you. very early in the morning we were in the east valley, mesa, chandler, gilbert where the rain was heavier and then up to the 101 in north phoenix, sprinkles on the windshield,
6:55 am
some, right now on the dry side and clearer than it was earlier when we saw the sprinkles. live from the live drive, allison rodriguez, abc15. i'm justin pazera. a welfare check has turned into a homicide investigation. the family identified the victim as 53-year-old kimi bryce. the neighbor hadn't seen him for a few days and notified police. police got on the scene and found the the police tell me there was no sign of forced entry and they believe the victim does know the shooter. in phoenix, justin pazera, abc15. justin, thank you, and minutes from now, the ceo of well fargo will be testifying before the committee about fake
6:56 am
sheriff arpaio's latest ads? he could be in trouble. in the ad, arpaio accuses paul penzone of abusing his wife years ago and something he was never convicted of. reporting from gilbert, katie conner, abc15 news. before you run out the door, check out your screen. here is the abc15 desert doppler. if you are heading out soon for glendale, litchfield park, or goodyear, know there of showers that will move up into glendale and impact the 10 and 101 and parts of i-17. the west valley is getting the rain right now and mostly cloudy skies across the phoenix metro. a 30% chance of rain through 9:00 a.m. and then a 10 to 20% chance of showers and storms as we go through the day. tomorrow, starting to gradualry dry out and drier this weekend and check out next week, highs in the 80s. you will see pockets of slowing on the 101 up in the
6:57 am
and then it's very heavy near the 17 as well as going south on the 17 near cactus. let's give you a look from the adot camera right now, parts of the 10 looking better. this 1, not so much, at 75th still a 30-minute drive in. keep your phones handy, folks with the streaming contents.
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good morning, america. breaking news for our viewers in the west. a train crashes into a new jersey station during rush hour. more than hundred injured, reports of people trapped, the station's roof collapsing. we're live on the scene with the latest. terrifying school s elementary school playground. one student in critical condition. two others injured. >> move that patient towards the helicopter. >> a hero firefighter tackling the shooter. police are searching for a motive this morning. new trouble in the trump camp. a top aide says donald trump lost his nerve during the debate and now trump hits hillary clinton on her health. >> you see all the days off that hillary takes? day off. day off. day off. >> come out and vote. >> as clinton calls on her secret weapon, michelle obama. >> we need an adult in the white


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