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tv   ABC15 News at 11AM  ABC  September 29, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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it sounded like a bomb went off. it was really loud. >> one person is dead more than 100 people hurt after a train plowed into this rail station. some of those hurt are in critical condition this morning. >> coming to a screeching halt. that wreck bringing down section of the roof on to the first car. one man who was on that car describing it as an adisrupt stop and a big jolt that drew people out of their seat. they are opening investigation into this crash and sending a team of investigators to the scene right now. you can see the governor there, andrew cuomo speaking to reporters there. this is a live look living them
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we will listen in. >> there has only been one fatality thus far. it is obviously devastating in its impact. the 100 injured and the fatality and the critically injured. we remember them in our prayers and we hope that there is only one fatality and it the ntsb will do a full investigation as to what happened exactly. and we will let the facts speak for themselves. if there is something to learn from those facts after the investigation, then we will be sure to learn it and incorporate that lesson. >> the governor of new york speaking. you can see the governor right
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hurt. don't know how fast that train was going. we do know officials have been in contact with the white house and the white house promising everything that it can do to help this investigation along. so of course, we will be monitoring this. we will bring you another update. deadly police shooting cajon. his native country uganda refused to retake him. police in kel ka john -- el cajon shot and killed him. a wet morning for drives out there. rain providing some slick roads and back ups along loop 101.
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for rain done and over with? >> we are not completely done with our rain chances. we are not seeing those widespread showers anymore. we are seeing a few break in the clouds as we look off to our south. we will watch for a few spotty showers still working their way in. so over the -- still watching a few of those showers into spots like goodyear and levine. we have chandler. this is much spotty from what we had earlier. anything that does develop will be much more spotty versus the widespread showers. not the case up north. a lot of the showers and thunderstorms moving up north. here are the rain chances. a 10% to 20% chance for showers. a few thunderstorms here this
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temperatures this evening. businesses in the chandler suspicious mall just evacuated. employees at thegood found the guy inside. they thought that he had a gun and fired one shot. that guy right now is still on the loose. this is just video that snever get -- never gets easier to watch. those police officers toss into the air into them. >> this was no accident. today the case against the man behind that wheel is set forward. it may happen without mark payne. he was taken to the hospital just a day after his arrest and never been there since. we are still not sure why. police make a welfare check
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they identify that man as 53-year-old kimmy brice senior. they didn't see him for a few days. we don't have any suspect information. the family believes kimmy new the -- knew the shooter because there was no sign of forced entry and the car was gone. police were called -- they were calling for a shooting suspect to come out of that house with his hands up. turns out no one was inside that shots were fired. two men were shot. one in serious condition. the other is expected to recover. officers telling us it is tough for them because to witnesses are corporating. we are still waiting to hear back from mesa pd. this is video from last night near alma school and broadway. at this point no one was hurt.
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maricopa county. >> this is the ad that pall penzone doesn't want you to see. >> penzone says the allegations are completely false. arpaio has a long history of going after arpaio and republican party accused sabin of rape a combriem -- a crime he has never been convicted of. our state is big draw for the candidates. libertarian candidate gary johnson will be coming to the valley. it will be his first campaign stop in arizona.
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you should show up an hour early. we will make sure to have our crews there on saturday's event. donald trump is getting familiar with the valley, or at least our state. tickets to the rally are still available. you can get them on his web site. doors are scheduled to open at 11:00 exclusive photos the police need you to see. thousands of dollars for day care. new information on the soaring cost and why they are surpassing school tuition. we want to know if you have children on day care or
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the food and drug admission admission -- an automatic device that checks the sugars. the approval wasn't expected until next year but it came early. the divorce will be available for diabetics. smokers who have quit over the past five years. some of those health are heart disease and stroke. the insurance provider will
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the cost would be subsidized and the rest of the price would be taken monthly payroll deductions. do you know what will cost you more child care or college? >> my husband and i are crunching the numbers. full-time day care cost on average more than col $200 a year. it is more expensive than college. they come pretty close to hitting that $10,000 a year mark. the household income that is almost 20% of your income. both presidential candidates are having their low child care cost plans on the campaign trail. why one man says he is not
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the situation. the situation. where is the o'halleran: i had some really tough cases as a police detective. but the problem in washington is as clear as day -- we can't trust our politicians to work for us. tom o'halleran has a plan to hold the politicians accountable -- no pay for congress if they don't pass a budget, reduce the influence of big money and special interests, and no more first-class travel paid for by taxpayers. i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message
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two words we don't take lightly around here. another driver got caught up in a scare. his window shattered. take a look at these pictures showing the damage. glass all over the car.
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911 they told him to take it back. >> if something like this happens, there was passed occurrenced this wasn't a new thing. >> they should have come over and taken a report to us instead of passing it to someone else. >> they say they do take these cases seriously. busting a bunch of people wanting to run a marijuana business. a drug task force busting two big wear warehouse. they were cooking it down into hash oil and explosive process.
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here was bigger than that one. >> if that thing blew up you have to take another building. that is how big that is. >> the growers were pretending to be marijuana caregivers for people who live in rural areas. all of the patients addresses were fake. we have brand new video for you. take a look at some of the damage left behind by these two tornadoes, thu this happening in australia. power was shut off. it could be like this for day after 22 transmission tours were ripped out of the ground. it came with estimated 80,000 lightning strikes. here in the valley we are dealing with a little bit of rain. >> rain, showers pushing in time
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we have had last six hours, cloudy skies, passing showers. we are starting to notice a bit more of that clearing as we look off to the south of the phoenix metro. now we are still tracking a few showers. mainly in the southwest valley. not seeing that widespread rain. we are tracking to see those light showers. moving to it will continue to move north right to loop 101 in the west valley. as we look to the south. we have some areas of light rainfall in maricopa. some more showers down tobuckeye . the widespread rain has pushed to the north.
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spots like pine top, lake side. this line of rain producing pockets of rainfall. a lot of lightning too. these are cloud-to-ground lightning strikes. up north heading into the -- we have more storms. they are tracking from southwest to northeast. moving up into top, lake side. you will get that line of thunderstorms your way. it is moving north into your neighborhoods. if it holds together holbrook that line going your way. some scattered showers north central arizona. the most widespread storms will start to fill in across northern arizona and start to quiet down
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slight chance of stray showers in the valley. once we get to this late afternoon and evening we will have to watch those storms firing up to our east to clip by some of our eastern valley cities. there is a chance we could get a late storm or two. as i mentioned the more widespread rain and activity will be across the north and eastern pockets of our state. we will start to see quieter tomorrow just a slight chance of thunderstorms. some daytime heating, we could get some pop-ups. we could get drier air moving into the weekend. the hour by hour goes like this. a 10% chance. a little bump in those chances. they could go by the valley. keep that mobile app handy.
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we will talk more about troochs in just a few minutes. i'll have more on your seven-day forecast. we also have a very fun contest happening on abc 15 mornings. your chance to win a family four pack tickets. you will have two chances to win every weekday morning by watching abc 15 morning for your chance to win. contest at speaking of disney after the success of the jungle book the "lion king" will get a remake. >> it will include the music from the original. it is biggest animated films of
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how much are your belongs worth? are small busy getting a fair deal from a big shipper.
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we have breaking news coming out of kingman. a kingman officer and a suspect have been shot. bullhead city police is gaiting this. so far no real details. the kingman police officer was shot and the suspect was shot. we are told no additional information will be released until later afternoon. we will stay on it, keep you posted on-air and online. you think you are protected
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country. just ask a small valley country who trusted these guys with an expensive load. nearly put them out of business. was it the right outcome? when you business is small, big unexpected cost could be -- >> a nightmare for us. >> reporter: they nearly went under because of this one. $60,000 the web site showed the shipment arrived but his parts did not. >> they found nothing. >> reporter: when he called r&l. >> no sense of urgency. he lets me know. they tried repeatedly to get r&l to acknowledge. he gets a letter for $60,000 load.
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are sorry. >> reporter: limited liability agreed to in something he signed or clicked. he gets a call from another shop. two guys trying to sell an expensive transmission. police make two arrests and seven months later he gets his parts back. >> thousands i gave it to attorneys. thousands i spent and loan. >> reporter: r&l did -- does $85 cover a bills thousands of dollars in out of pocket expenses. before you decide one more thing. one of them worked for r&l at the time. >> called his buddy and said bring your truck down here i got something for you. >> reporter: they admitted
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pallet. i called and e-mailed repeatedly. no response from r&l. tell me about it right there. i'm investigator. if you have a problem, let me know. we continue follow new breaking news developments. we will have the latest information coming up after this break. take a a kidnapping caught on camera.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]?
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abc 15 breaking news. breaking news right now out of hoboken, new jersey. a train crashed. one person is dead, mor 100 people were hurt. >> reporter: a major train accident in hoboken, new jersey has more than 100 people injured. it crashed into the platform and causing structural damage to the station. it happened just before 9:00 eastern. the passenger train failed to stop at the hoboken terminal continuing to crash into the
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block, basically through the air. came to another 40 feet and came to a rest. >> i looked to the left and i see all these metal on the ground and pipes and water flowing everywhere. >> reporter: most are being treate most seriously injured have been transported to the hospital. >> i believe those people at the front were badly injured. they started yelling as they saw the blood. >> reporter: commuters are being evacuated. >> it is closed to the public. >> reporter: the hoboken station has been diverted. the train pulled into the station at a high rate of speed. the normal speed is supposed to be 5 miles per hour.
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here. abc news, hoboken, new jersey. more local news for you now, stuffed animals, balloons all signs of childhood happiness. a 5-year-old boy is dead after police say he found his dad's gun and accidentally shot himself. investigators calling this a terrible accident. no arrests are an exclusive photo of two armed robbers. they hit near 7th avenue and indian school. an hour later another just miles away. >> i don't know if it is a hate crime or not. >> no one was hurt. police are on the case.
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give them a call. this robbery happened at peoria. they were armed with a gun. they took money, documents and records. both are between 20 and 30 years old. as tall as 5'9". first it was itt tech now beauty schools all 79 of their campuses. the statement apologizes for their announce. they are just a couple of the reasons the organization doesn't have the cash to continue running the business. there are four campuses in arizona. arizona suing other
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assigned named and numbers. these are the.comes and numbers. attorney generals from arizona, texas, and oklahoma want to keep it in the united states to protect from freedom of speech. we are learning how much the candidates are bringing into their campaigns. a new report raised money last month. a debate from congress. squaring off against tom. you will remember sheriff paul lying about the abusive and inhumane boarding school he used to run. that came up. >> your inability to tell the truth about the fact you knew
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[ overlapping speakers ] >> -- investigation that proves what you just said is not the case. >> he was denying any wrongdoing. democratic vice presidential -- trying to pick up some pointers. he told reporters this is different than he ever he will focuses on clinton's record than his own. kaine will have the vice presidential debate. the private funeral of jose fernandez. this is vigil for the miami marlins pitcher. fernandez and his two friends
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crashed. the cause is still under investigation. the ceo back in the hot seat. he told lawmakers he was sorry but his apology fell on deaf ears. that is a man armed with a police say the suspect drove the victim to a nearby cemetery. this guy has been stocking that store clerk sometime refusing to take know for an answer. when he tried to pursue a relationship. he is now behind bars.
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do you have an old bike taking up space? donate it. the annual recycle your bicycle campaign. you can drop off your bike or donate money or volunteer. just log on to for more informati body image is a huge topic. we are so lucky to be joined by her. a lot of buzz about it. before we get to the documentary terry, can you tell us your back story and how this came about? >> i thought it was broken. i was going to have cosmetic
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teach her to love her body. so i was stuck in this body that i hated. i didn't go head with the surgery. i came up with this crazy idea i put myself in a body building competition. i worked for 16 weeks and got that body. for my body to have the bikini body it is too hard. it took too much time and sacrifice. it is not an ornament, it is a vehicle. i have before and after photographs. she loses weight and she becomes happy. i swapped mine. it had over 1 hundred million
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support it. it set me on this journey why so many people hate their bodies and what we can do about it. >> it is such a loaded question. it resonated with people. so this documentary goes into that. where can people go to see this. tonight it is showing. it is sold out tonight? >> it is. arizona has embraced. can i say that? if embrace arizona there is a full listing where you can see embrace here in arizona and across the country. >> body image is something that affects a lot of people. what do you want this to say to them? >> you have a choice. you can spend your entire life being at war with your body and being anchored down or you can
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with life and being abundant and feel comfortable and confident. so your body is not an ornament, it is the vehicle to your dreams. >> it sounds so empowering. someone who struggle with body image. these are things you think about. that sounds empowering to take that message and believe it yourself. >> i'm seeing around the world. no one wants to have this battle. no one wants to live like this. we don't want it for our children. so baby steps and we'll get it. >> thank you so much for coming in. make sure you head online. >> thanks. vegas, gambling and drinks. the crack down on booze.
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it was doggie destiny was mr. bonejangles expecting the perfect toy at an amazing price? of course not. he's a dog. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find,
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keeping an eye on wall street for you. the dow down at 18,327. since the first time crisis the opec has reached an agreement to cut oil production. output levels must still be
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opec nations 32.5 and 33 million barrels per day. the number of americans looking for jobs is up. some new data from the labor department shows 254,000 people in the country are unployed right now. it is slightly lower than the four-week average. speaking of says taking on side gigs. 24% have side jobs. 39% of those ages 18-24 have one. the results are based from a report from career builder. a close call from a valley mom after she feared her kids swallowed batteries.
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aide batter ris. thankfully they were not harmed. she got really angry where those batteries were at. >> not only next to the school supplies. the way it is hanging it goes down to floor level which is the perfect height for curious children. >> now the mom is on the mission pushing stores to hang those in a safer spot. your next trip to vegas is going to cost your more. casinos are cutting the free districts. >> if you are sitting at those poker machines they will determine whether you are drinking for free or not. >> you put $20 in the machine. the blue light turns on.
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the color that bring you drinks. so you are still paying for it just in a different way. >> this is rolling out at a bunch hotels. halloween is just over a month away. trepding right didn't trending right now one is drawing criticism. >> this is called the creeper peeper. one woman in canada complained home depot pulled it from its stores but only in canada. it is still being sold in the united states. it is national coffee day. go get another cup. you can enjoy your boost of caffeine.
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children's charities. several offering free -- if you would like to see more deals log to our web site. >>. >> we have been up since 2:00 in the morning. we need a few. >> we have been tracking all those showers. a lot of folks on facebook and t-shirt telling me they were loving the rain. seeing more breaks in e especially as you go across the south valley. as we go in the afternoon, as expected we will see partly cloudy skies. that doesn't mean we are done with the rain chances. there is a slight chance of showers. right now i'm seeing a few spotty light showers. just south of grand avenue between the loop 101 and loop 303. very spotty, very light right
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clear. watch for a few pop-ups. buckeye you are getting light rain as well. a 10% chance over the next few hours before our rain chances bump up here as we go into the evening. i'll show you that on futurecast. let me show you where i am seeing stronger storms. to pine top, lake side and show low. a lot of clound to ground lightning. some just southwest. these storms are moving from southwest to northeast. they are moving into spots like show low and will move into areas like snowflake. if they hold together it looks like holbrook. an area of storms that i'm watching. we have showers around the
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afternoon. the most widespread rainfall and storms will be across northern -- northeastern arizona. the 10% chance with a 20% chance of showers and storms as we go into the evening. as temperatures warm into the upper 80s then eventually make it to low to mid-90s before we see that temperature trend down. futurecast will show you the best show potential across north and northeast arizona. always across the eastern half of our state. the reason i bumped up that 20% chance of rain is because storms that developed down to tucson will be in our eastern zones. that goes a little bit higher. those storms could move on. going into tonight, a little bit quieter across the valley.
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down or ended, tapering off across the high country. now tomorrow, as we get daytime heating we could see pop ups with 10% chance of rain in the valley. then we start to dry things out. early next week for the valley. just a 10% chance for the high country as we go through the weekend. we are talking highs in the low 90s. there this afternoon. 95 for a high here in the phoenix metro. low 90s out to our west. overall a warm humid day. dropping into the 60s and 70s across central arizona tonight into tomorrow morning. another day in the 90s tomorrow before we keep the 90s around and start to dry out. this weekend we will be drier. cooler air next week.
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then. coming up next, people show up to work only to find a man
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abc 15 breaking news. >> we want to get to that news out of kingman where an officer and a suspect have been shot. they are calling officers from bullhead city to investigate this. that is courtesy of the kingman daily minor. no word of the conditions. you can see quite the scene. lots of cars and trucks. our abc 15 mobile app we will be bringing you updates as they come into the news room all throughout the day. abc 15 all of the day is brought you by sanderson
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care? 20% say yes. 80% no. right now a chandler mall was evacuated. a man fired shot at the workers. >> the man accused of running down these police officers pleaded not guilty. mark payne appeared before a judge for the first time. he was in the that incident happened earlier this month. what is coming up in the now arizona. >> a massive fire. crews say where the building is located kept it from spreading. shot in the line of duty. we have brand new information on an officer-involved shooting that just happened here in arizona.
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presidential candidate with a big gas on the campaign trail. that coming up. >> all right. we will see you at 4:00. do you take pictures of your food? >> i do not. i see them on instagram. >> what about using instagram and pintrest. >> we will love. consider download downloading trender. >> that is clever. take that perfect picture with foodie. it has 26 filters. the best part of these apps they are free. >> i wonder if those apps would be good for us.
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yeah. you have to try it. >> i'm sensing judgment. it will be nice out there. those clouds are clearing. the stray shower possible. those storm chances down for the rest of the afternoon. it looks like the bulk of the action shifting to the north and east of the valley. we will keep you posted. tomorrow again mid-90s then drier as we h weekend. look at next week. this is what we maybe looking forward to. highs in the mid upper 80s monday, tuesday, wednesday of next week. >> we have been talking about the presidential campaign. vice president tim kaine will be in the valley on october 8th.
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