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tv   ABC15 News at 6PM  ABC  September 29, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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wilson was looking for prostitutes at a valley circkle k in february. the list goes on and in every case, wilson claimed he was the victim of a crime. expect this crime tape to be up for a while now that an officer shooting has turned deadly in kingman. the officer was shot and is just out of surgery. things are looking okay so far for him. the man who was killed was wanted for robbery in a case. he has been identified as jeffrey cave. a traffic alert and things are still tried up -- tied up a.-- adot tells us they are diverting traffic around the scene. >> anyone who knows debbie gutierrez is asked to read -- gabby gutierrez is asked to retrace their steps. her body was found in a buckeye canal. please call police from buckeye if you have any information. the situation is already terrifying but at halloween masks to this robbery and this
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>> the most frightening part tonight is these teenagers have done more damage and we may not know the final tally. >> jason valentine is live at one of the crime scenes near 98th and lower buckeye. what do we need to know about this? >> reporter: first of all, 217- year-olds arrested and police say they could be responsible for even more robberies but in this case, one of the teenagers they say state in the car. he was the getaway driver in the parking lot. the other 17-year-old ran into that we have a look at the surveillance video. that thing on his head is a mexican wrestling mask. the suspect shoots at the counter. now watch the bullet slam into the phone and then coins go flying as he rips the cash from the employee leaving everybody, customers included, traumatized. >> we heard the gunshots. it affected me a lot. i lost it.
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>> reporter: now nine minutes later, phoenix police say the same suspect, now wearing a clown mask runs into a domino's pizza store, still has begun and does the exact same thing. like i said, police have arrested 217-year-olds. right now, they save -- two 17- year-olds. right now, they say they are responsible first -- for these two robberies but they may also be connected to several others. a gunman on the run for 11 hours. chandler police are turning to the puic this suspect forced his way into a store on on the road. here is sonu wasu . >> reporter: police shut down this entire strip mom. many business owners shut up shop for the day. others were delayed opening after hearing about this scary encounter. and set of owners and managers, chandler police opened many of these shot they shops asking if they had seen this man. hispanic, 6 feet tall, dressed in gray. >> i got a call it home to stay
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>> reporter: the blurry photo inside goodwill. the manager had just opened up shop. not the customer he hoped to see. >> this individual had a weapon and fired a round. >> our store managers and vendors immediately exited the building and called local law enforcement. >> reporter: crime scene technicians took over looking for anything the burglary suspect may have left behind. they dusted for fingerprints as loyal customers tried to get inside the store on this thrifty thursday. usually, a pretty busy day. these surveillance cameras inside the store show better photos of the suspect. police have better video and we hope to get that by monday. even more breaking news to tell you about at the live desk. this is about the deadly train crash in new jersey. we just learned the engineer has just and identified as thomas gallagher. he is out of the hospital and cooperating with investigators. more interviews are about to
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worked for the travel agency for 29 years. he started as an engineer 18 years ago. the developing story about a man killed by el cajon police and his time in the valley. family -- the family attorney is now saying alfred olango wasn't mentally ill but saying he was going through a mental breakdown because he recently lost someone. as we learned last night, lived in glendale as recently as 2015. the teenager accused of killing his dad and shooting at a teacher and students in south carolina may be able to go home. that's going to be up to a judge tomorrow. we don't know his name yet or if he will be charged as an adult. the teacher and students who were shot are expected to live. it was a wet and cloudy morning in the valley. take a look at the time lapse as showers came in phoenix. sky harbor picking up to one hundredths of an inch adding to
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just shy of 2.5 inches for the season. the valley is in the clear but we have a lot to track to the southeast asked severe weather hits places like tucson at this hour. we're talking hill, damaging winds, pouring rain leading to flooding. that is all happening to the southeast and in the higher terrain. for the valley itself, just a slight chance of a stray shower. that is this evening and even tomorrow but the chance is amenable -- is amenable -- 6 am, our wake up temperature in the 90s. going into weekend, your forecast is dry with near average temperatures and a big cooldown to track in your seven- day forecast. that is still ahead. sheriff arpaio being sued again accused of defaming a political rival. these cases are often the away according to a legal expert. >> they are going to cut a lot of slack to people and allow
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on the borderline of false but unless you actually cross that line, the court is usually going to give you leeway because our democracy hinges on discourse and debate. >> paul penzone is trying to unseat sheriff arpaio in the november election. he is upset about this political attack ad accusing him of assaulting his ex-wife. days after tim kaine takes the stage for the vice presidential debate, he will make a stop here in the valley. he is october 8. we asked about specifics but we're told the schedule is being sorted out. arizona voters may be uninformed at least for now about what is going to be on the november ballot. that's because some of the election pamphlets weren't put together correctly and pages are missing. this affects roughly 68,000 voters in southern arizona. the california-based company that is printing the ballots will be paying for the new copies
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a valley man's car, they may be able to find out who shot and killed him in his home. that is the one thing missing from kimi brice's home. they say he was badly beaten. his family believes he knows the gunman. savior jones, avondale police confirm he is the one who accidentally shot himself with his father's gun yesterday. he died in the tragedy. no jack -- no charges are expected. no get done but there will always be a story behind this project on a paradise valley home. four workers are recovering after the scaffolding they were on collapsed near tate amanda doubletree ranch road. crews believe the workers fell 5 to 10 feet. work was being done on this building when it collapsed in kentucky will students and chaperones were on the roof. no word yet if that is what caused the problem.
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looking at that. one adult was buried in the brakes but survived. no students were hurt. detectives have a vague description of the two guys who shot a couple men at an apartment complex late last night. the crime tape point out that 48th and broadway. the guys who were shot will be okay so they could help crack the case. a new report says donald trump broke the law and that has his opponent talking about the kind of president trump would be. >> he put his personal and business interests ahead of the laws and the values and the policies of the united states of america. >> newsweek reports trump violated the u.s. embargo on cuba when he looked for business opportunities in the late 1990s. if you think hillary clinton were an earpiece during the presidential debate, politifact truth checked the allegation servicing on the web looking at multiple close-up photos of clinton at the debate and found she was not. it was just her ear's reflection and a lot of skin.
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to see full research, visit is donald trump taking the high road? you be the judge. trump says he did not bring up bill clinton's past during the first debate keeps talking about the former president's infidelities on the campaign trail. clinton was also asked about it but the people who were there say she didn't seem fazed by it. political experts believe it's risky for trump to bring up bi trump critics even go as far as to say it is backfiring because it makes hillary clinton look better to female voters. new information about a valley mom accused of killing her own child. do you have a habit of cutting it too close at airport security? the new way to make sure you can always make your flight on time. looking for a place to rent or buy? joe lets you know the best ways to protect yourself before you move into your next home. 10 the cardinals right the
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he was on the fast hot -- grass track to becoming a teacher but chad ducharme was caught downloading porn. authorities say he may have even had video chats with minors doing it all from his home near 29th and thunderbird. he told police he has been involved in student teaching but never touched a child sexually. they won't be doing this police broke into two mesa businesses stealing credit cards and documents. the same day, police say they tried to use one of the cards at a walmart. they didn't get away for long. police nab them with the items in tell. authorities say they are tied to another burglary that happened earlier this month. a lyft driver has been arrested for praying on a customer. the woman who called lyft had been drinking with friends and
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house, not the house she asked to go to. he forced her inside and sexually assaulted her. a renewed effort to combat human trafficking. a total of $49 million will be pumped into local and state law enforcement agencies. they say they will provide service to several victims and use the money for practices to stop the crimes. sky harbor is helping you get on your way. you can now view security wait times before your next trip. new technology is calculating the time it takes for passengers to complete the entire security screening process. the service is available just for terminals 2 and 4. security checkpoints there. it will be available at terminal 3 later this year. check your weight on the airport website anytime you're headed out of sky harbor. we have all heard it before but when will travelers learn that people are still bringing
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officers found three guns at sky harbor belonging to separate passengers. unless the guns are cleared, anybody who brings a weapon to the airport can face criminal charges. just what you wanted to hear, two photo enforcement cameras in chandler are being reactivated. they go live saturday. between saturday and october 30, you will get a warning in the mail. after that, you are on the hook and will be fined. more protesters showed up in north dakota to protest the pipeline. morgan county sheriff's department says they arrested 21 people on charges including trespassing on private property and resisting arrest. authorities also impounded five cars. protesters complain they were being sprayed by chemicals but the sheriff's department says a crop duster happened to be working nearby. there have been now nearly 100 arrests in connection to these
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>> i can't think of a game the cardinals needed to win more than the one this week. division help and are at home after a very disappointing start. bruce arians had a strong message to his players this week. he said from his perspective it looks like the team still thinks it's the 2015 team. he sort of expects a certain amount of success. patrick peterson elaborated on the point this afternoon. >> i guess we're not playing with that same passion that we had last year. it's a lot of new faces on this ballclub. these things, just going out there i believe that's the biggest thing. if we could do that, that would overcome a lot of our mistakes. >> let's hope a lot fewer mistakes this sunday afternoon. >> looks like they were proving themselves last season. >> don't believe us. just kidding. let's look at sunday's forecast in the valley.
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temperatures through the afternoon. kickoff at 1:25 pm, 92 degrees out there. great weather for tailgaters. find out big time to make sure you are hydrated. a live look right now in the valley cam toward camelback mountain. clear skies from that vantage point in the valley as we sit at 91 degrees in chandler and glendale. mesa is a little cooler at 89 degrees and deer valley at 90 degrees with calm winds across the valley. temperatures tonight in the 80s. 86 degrees by 8 slight chance of a shower tonight or tomorrow as the monsoon comes to a close. most of the action will stay in the higher terrain to our east and southeast. a slight chance of a stray something over the next couple hours. tonight, 75 degrees in the valley, 96 degrees for our high tomorrow. here is futurecast going into tomorrow morning. chances of showers to the north and action in the afternoon. anything maceo's likely to be light and spotty -- anything
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spotty. let's take a look at tomorrow. 70 of degrees in mesa, 79 degrees and glendale. lunchtime, upper 80s to low 90s across the valley and by 5 pm, mid-90s. our shower chance at 10%. in the north, 30% for prescott in sedona. a 40% chance for flagstaff as they top out at 68 degrees tomorrow. those temperatures will decrease into the weekend. we will keep a 10% shot in the our state. even in the mountains, the chance is really improbable for any rain through the weekend across our state. again, definitely looking sunny and dry in the valley. here is the next four days. 95 degrees on saturday, 94 degrees on sunday, monday big changes. stiff breezes in the valley with windy conditions up north has a cold front moves in.
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it gets even cooler than that in your seven-day forecast. we take a look in the coming half-hour. these two guys hiding their faces, robbing a valley store. police hope you can bring them to justice. a mysterious rash popping up on schoolkids. z24qjz zvpz y24qjy yvpy o'halleran: i had some really tough cases as a police detective. but the problem in washington is as clear as day -- we can't trust our politicians to work for us. tom o'halleran has a plan
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reduce the influence of big money and special interests, and no more first-class travel paid for by taxpayers. i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message because you deserve leaders you can trust. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob.
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does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect?
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a gun pointed in hands up. a terrifying night on the job
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scene? police are hoping to find these guys who are hiding their faces. the robbery happened at a business in peoria. another walked around the county to grab the cash and they got away with some documents. the government is beefing up emergency cell phone alerts. new changes will allow messages to be included -- include pictures. these kinds of alerts were recently used to kick off the search for the new york city adot added webcams on two phoenix area freeways. the new cameras on on i-10 between 83 dan -- 83rd and bollard. adot uses them to track crashes. a two-month-old found that. tonight, we find out why. were there missed clues? new evidence showing a brutal rape and attack in scottsdale
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this is abc15 news taking action. >> a phoenix mother facing child abuse charges after her two-month-old was found dead inside her home. >> wait until you hear what happened. >> reporter: this report, so hard to read. this two-month-old found with no pulse firefighters were called out to this apartment complex near 35th avenue and thunderbird. they did their best to revive him but it was too late. the incident happened last year but the dps report just coming out. the medical examiner says the two-month-old died of a methamphetamine overdose. the mother admitted to smoking meth the day before her daughter was found dead. police found syringes in the bed of the master bedroom next to the infant's pacifier and link it's.
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this mom is not only using but may have also been selling drugs. she had a rap sheet of drug arrests. for the most recent case, her two-month-old and six-month-old were living inside the home at the time. this dps report also shows one allegation of abuse dating back to 2011 but those allegations were not substantiated. her trial is set to begin in two weeks and we will keep you updated. it's a shocking image and we have new information tonight abou is accused of rape in scottsdale. it turns out at least two people asked him if both of them are okay the night of the alleged attack. that includes a police officer in an uber driver. that's always come after running through dozens of documents. the driver rodolfo ramirez told police the victim was his girlfriend. an arrest following a phoenix mobile home fire we
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argument with a man and an hour later, the man's mobile home was engulfed in flames near 35th and broadway. police say he was responsible and is now facing arson charges . a stolen gun and a bullet hole through a car windshield. just part of the storyline in mesa last night. this man took a gun from somebody he knew and started randomly firing at a person in their car. that person was not hit but a bullet came dangerously close. cops say he wrote away on his bicycle and was later tracked down and arrested. you may not remember his name but you will likely remember his story. patrick thompson will spend six months in jail for sacrificing his family's dog in a west valley home back in may. thompson told detectives he was upset because of a t-shirt his daughter was wearing. he thought it had something to do with the devil. thompson is never allowed to own an animal again. a look at the armed robber
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massage spa and aunt them on august 31. we are watching it together for the first time here. you can see he walks up to the counter. there is a gun. the big message here, he had not been caught. on september 1, somebody robbed a second massage parlor in anthem. deputies believe these cases are linked. four months after a deadly police shooting in flagstaff, the news comes down that in the case. this is the big story in may. police shooting and killing the man after a chase. officers say he refused to drop a stolen gun and then pointed it at them. he didn't do this. 44-year- old marc payne telling a judge that today. he says he is not guilty of running over three phoenix police officers outside it quiktrip earlier this month. the officer survived that some
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injuries. a beauty school is no more. students given just a day to find a new home and teachers left to find new jobs. not the prettiest way to end a things. chris sgro is helping them sort through this ugly mess. >> reporter: happening right now, former students of this beauty institute are going through the campus trying to set aside their emotions and collect their things. for them, this was a complete surprise when a phone call and for some, a text message told them their time here was over. >> we were doing our >> we made confirmation calls about clients tomorrow. >> reporter: imagine their shock when they found out regency beauty institute was norm -- was no more. the for-profit technical school closing its campuses nationwide leaving students and staff in limbo. >> they gave up on us. shauna is almost done. >> i have a month left. >> reporter: many students had
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tuition. now, they can apply for loan discharge or try to find a school that will allow them to transfer. >> they were calling me all weekend last week for money and today they closed. >> reporter: the irony is the school says it can no longer afford to continue operations. we tried calling the president of regency but never heard back. >> i wish they gave us more notice. they are not instructors. they're not with the students day today. >> reporter: there a -- there are a lot of duty schools willing to take in these beauty teachers and staff, they don't know what their future holds. chris sgro, abc15. one of the first signs of trouble for for-profit colleges started with corinthian. tonight, there are claims the education department is trying to collect debt from the nearly 80,000 students shut out of their own school. elizabeth warren sent a letter citing an investigation by her staff, the secretary responding by saying they will make sure corinthian borrowers were no --
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forgiveness. department officials say ryman nelson has been appointed as the va director. she was previously the medical director for the st. louis va healthcare system. the sun is setting but fire crews say they just got two guys off -- off mcdowell mountain and they say just in time. the hikers were low on water. they got stuck in an area they they are being walked off the trail and will be evaluated once they get down. your most accurate forecast. 93 degrees for today, the sun shining in the afternoon and a soggy morning across the valley. phoenix sky harbor picking up to 117 inch today. that put us a little closer to average but we are still more than an inch and a half below where we should be this time of year. the monsoon is below average as well. only about 24 hours left until
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2.49 inches, about 2/10 below average. the only month we were above average was in august. let's take a look at what we are tracking for the next 24 hours or so with these chances in play. overnight and tomorrow, a 10% chance of a stray shower and then we dry out into the weekend and sunshine will prevail. it's sunny right now as the sun sets across the valley. clear skies into tonight. to our east and southeast, the sky is lit up. numerous thunderstorms out there. some of which have been severe. we have over 1500 lightning strikes all on the lightning strike calendar. a dangerous weather situation out there. we will continue tracking attend have updates on what to expect in the valley over the next seven days. splashing in the desert. a dolphin and a controversial attraction. burning, redness and bludgeon is. and mysterious rash spreading across an entire
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are fuming. hard to imagine you could
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how much does a full tank of gas cost you? $40? it's nothing compared to $10,000. a florida woman says she actually paid that much for the tank that usually costs $20. the gas station 27,000 gallons because of a glitch in the pump. she got the runaround for two weeks but she finally got the money in her account. the valley's newest residents are in town. dolphins from hawaii. the exhibit opens up on october 15. the website says it will offer four dolphin experiences including letting you be a trainer for a day. it's exciting for some but also bringing controversy. groups have been trying to stop
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of the facility. hillary clinton stop in the battleground state as she prepares to unleash a new attack ad on her arrival. kim dacey of protesters and a police shooting rushing a man in the crowd because of political support. a heckler called out puts his putter where the mouth is. wait until you see what happens next. massages and facials for just $50. get ready to book that deal with the help of our smart shopper team. the next couple hours, pretty nice.
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just into the abc15 live desk, peoria police are upping patrols after a moment was almost sexually assaulted in a
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being built. police have not released a sketch but say it happened near 99th avenue. anyone who can give them a lead, they're looking for any witnesses. out of debate mode and whipping through swing states, hillary clinton in iowa today as the state takes off early voting. her top dollar super pac is putting down some pretty big bucks to take down trump. priorities usa is spending $10 million -- $10 million to air an anti-trump add year-old nevada boy diagnosed with a rare form of cancer of the spinal cord and shows an incident from last year when trump mocked a new york time -- times reporter's ability. trump has not yet escaped questions about his debate performance. a member of his campaign says trump to blame because he lost
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were due to a lack of nerve rather than a lack of preparation. protesters chased off a man who made his way through a black lives matter protest for wearing a donald trump hat. the hat is in his hand but he finds himself running for safety. no word on whether he was injured or not but we know he made it to police officers nearby and avoided confrontation. with your ballot and posted on social media. this goes for voters in new hampshire. lawmakers have long argued the pictures could help by votes. but the state of appeals court said there wasn't enough evidence and gave it the okay. we're watching flooding across detroit. heavy rains have swamped the city shutting down roads. some people are even seeing 12 feet
6:46 pm
that expressway in some overpasses are swimming pools with all those cars. state police reporting at least three rescues from the high water and it flood watch in effect until friday evening. an eye for an eye. a new york lawmaker pushing a bill for stiffer punishments with drug bust -- drug dealers connected to overdose deaths. heroin laced with fentanyl has become a nationwide epidemic. i have never been a big fan of people who like to heckle. if you are so good, why don't you go do it? that's exactly what happened at the rider cup. this guy was giving rory mcelroy and a few european teammates a hard time as they struggled with a tricky downhill putt. they said why don't you try it? we will give you $100 if you make it. in front of a full gallery, the heckler steps up and this happens. >> [ applause ] >> is that not amazing?
6:47 pm
>> this is the best thing i've seen. >> i couldn't be happier for him. >> he is the only heckler i have ever like. >> the european team gets a lot of credit. as soon as he made the putt, they were all high-fiving him. >> he will be telling that story forever. >> he didn't even want to take the $100 apparently. >> they made him take it. west to track on the radar. a nice quiet night in the valley. look at the action across southeast arizona and flood advisories still in effect. severe thunderstorm warnings have ended but there is a ton of rain. look at all the lightning. those are cloud-to-ground lightning strikes and over 2000 of them. that's as of the last update. we could still see some pretty
6:48 pm
several hours. very gusty winds and brief, heavy downpours. now that the sun is setting, we will lose some of the instability. we will keep tracking them for you as they moved to the northeast over the next several hours. just a few more showers and thunderstorms across western portions of the state near the grand canyon but that's it. here's what we expect tonight. temperatures in the 90s. as of the top of the next hour, down in the 80s and humidity at 29%. north winds are coming in at 6 miles per hour. spots to the north are already seeing the drop off to the 80s in cave creek, mesa at 88 degrees. good here at 89 degrees. across the state, up to the north, 60s in prescott, sedona and payson. load 75 degrees casa grande 85 degrees. lake tapps to low in the mid- 70s. temperatures in the 50s in prescott and payson. flagstaff at 42 degrees
6:49 pm
these temperatures across the state near average on the last day of our monsoon season and there is a chance for more storms in the mix. better chances in the higher terrain and out to the southeast but a slight chance we could see a stray shower in the valley. about 10% chance tomorrow and then we dry out into the weekend. hour by hour, 75 degrees at 6 am, 80 degrees at 8:00, 90s by lunchtime and then mid-90s across the valley in the mid to late afternoon. ahwatukee, gilbert and chandler at 95 degrees and 95 degrees in avondale and glendale with peoria at 96 degrees and deer valley about 94 degrees. mid-90s and sunshine to the weekend. temperatures in the 70s in the overnight forecast database ujjcal patel on monday statewide. a cold front coming in with strong breezes and nearly 10 degrees cooler for the start of next week. snowbowl is already prepping. they had an epic year last year.
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chairlift. helicopters installed this thing called the grand canyon express. you can actually see the grand canyon while you're on it. mysterious cases of a rash at several california schools. parents say they are popping up in clusters, making the skin swollen and itchy. the cases keep growing. fans are now considering keeping their children at home while others seeing -- think they should close until the problem is figured out get pampered without emptying your wallet. our smart shopper team found ways for you to get spot treatments for a ridiculous price. bye week is october 17-23. start booking your reservations now. during that time, hundreds of spas are slashing their prices to $50. that's like a third of the cost for some of these services. a 50 minute swedish massage and
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that's more than half off. great deals thanks to our smart shopper. we watch plenty of football but every once in a while, we have to see how it get started. we're checking some four, five and six-year-olds as they get their first taste of flag football. as the kids are getting their flags on and getting a few last- minute tips from coach, it's nice to have a six-year-old to fill us in on the details. >> this is our favorite the cardinals. if you play football, you have to wear a mouth guard. you don't want your mouth to hurt. >> the most important thing is to always have fun. >> i'm going to do my best today. >> great job, nash. with those words of advice, it's time for the coaches to
6:52 pm
>> just two more steps. perfect. >> and get this game started. it's the scorpion sample program is in blue. the best play in the playbook is a handoff and run. even if you run the runway, just run. the key is to just have fun. nash, what's going on? >> right now, we are on start. >> it doesn't really matter at this age but what is the objective on offense? >> to pass to the quarterback. >> after some hard-hitting, fast-paced action, the kids are letting coach know how they are feeling. >> my legs are tired. >> and just like that, the kids are ready to go at it again. congratulations scorpions and roadrunners. you are this week's small stars.
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visit our website to see our small stars. if you have a small store you would like us to future, email us or send us a message on twitter or facebook. here is what's coming up in prime time
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o'halleran: i had some really tough cases as a police detective. but the problem in washington is as clear as day -- tom o'halleran has a plan to hold the politicians accountable -- no pay for congress if they don't pass a budget, reduce the influence of big money and special interests, and no more first-class travel paid for by taxpayers. i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message
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a look at top stories. doctors at children's phoenix hospital are trying to save a six-year-old boy's life who was hit by a car near cactus. you can see the boy's bike underneath the van. we don't know how it all played out yet or if anyone is facing charges. chama police need to find the gunman who targeted a goodwill store off alma school. they only have a blurred surveillance video. they have been interviewing nearby businesses to see if they know anything. police hope to have new video by monday. you would expect crime tape to be up after a will after a deadly police involved shooting in kingman. the suspect died. the officer did have surgery but is doing okay. the gunman was wanted in a robbery case. taking action against nuisance properties. do you have any vacant homes in
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prevent this from happening to you. plus a secret armed militia protecting you from terrorists will you gamble. the exclusive interview with one of the whilst -- best known casino moguls. tomorrow, the monsoon season comes to an end and/or rain chances are over right on schedule. poudre it -- we dry out over the weekend with a chance of a few stray showers tomorrow. >> it's over. >> i feel like the pool season is over. this might be the last weekend where you can get away with that.
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meredith: as surgeons, we are our brothers' keepers. ride or die. womb to tomb. [ exhales sharply ] we see each other's fears. we see the white-knuckled panic of failure. we see ourselves. and who the hell likes looking at that? alex, we should... get going. that's the wrong tie. well, it's not gonna really matter what tie i'm wearing when, uh... did i tell you i have a thymectomy today? patient has myasthenia without a thymoma,


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