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tv   ABC15 News at 430AM  ABC  September 30, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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this is abc15 news, taking action. >> i'm justin pazera live in phoenix with an active situation going on. looks like we have the s.w.a.t. team. this could be connected to a shooting overnight. more on that coming up. and air in el cajon, california, as protesters take over the streets once again. and this time they are met with a line of defense. >> reporter: a steady flow of traffic but a few months ago it was flowing with water. we have a wrapup of the monsoon 2016. thanks for starting you day with us. >> glad to have you with us.
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lot of this breaking news. what's going on, chris? >> reporter: in phoenix there's a standoff at a very large apartment complex. the scene is right near 43rd avenue. here's union hills, just east of that intersection. justin pazera is there for us. i was watching the raw video and officers were telling you to move back. what's the latest? >> reporter: you're looking at team members coming out from this apartment complex. we were actually in the apartment complex and we were escorted out and told to take cover. we believe one person is in one of the apartments. not sure if they are trying to negotiate. here are more s.w.a.t. members. we're hoping to get an update from police on exactly what is
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qt which is literally a few steps from here. we're waiting to get an update from police. some people have been evacuated from the apartment complex. still an active situation and we can see one of the s.w.a.t. team cars, one of the big dank looking -- tank looking vehicles along the road. we'll get an update from police and hopefully in the next few minutes we'll have an update for the you. >> if we can show the video from last night. a deadly shooting at a convenience store less than half a block from his location at the quick trip. officers telling us a man was shot and later died. not a lot of witnesses saw it unfold though. officers did find a bag in the victim's car. it may have contained drugs. let's get you out the door with
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forecast. time is 4:32 and dry conditions across the phoenix metro. know there's a 10% chance of a stray shower here early this morning. we have mostly clear skies, the sun is not up just yet. it doesn't come up until after 6:00. mostly clear skies initially as we kick off the day. we'll end up with partly cloudy skies through the afternoon. a 10% chance of a stray shower and temperatures in the 70s through the early morning. i'll show you the rest of day in a few minutes. we have new developments coming out of el mirage after a six -year-old was hit by a van as he was riding his bike. he's in stable condition after surgery for broken bones and burns. the boy was chasing a dog and the dog apparently ran out in the road. the dog was not hit but the driver looked in the rear view
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when she hit the boy. impairment is not a factor. things again got pretty exciting where protesters rallied again. officers using pepper spray and tear gas. 75 people were in the streets blocking traffic. and two people were arrested. a police officer in kingman is in serious but stable condition after getting shot while serving a search warrant. >> this morning i heard three gunshots and i thought it was a rifle. no, that was not a rifle. and then i thought i'm just going to lock all the doors and shut the garage door anyway. >> the 53-year-old suspect fired his gun towards officer and they returned fire. back in the valley an investigation uncovering human
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this is near 24th avenue and broadway. police believe there's a likely connection but they are still trying to sort out exactly what happened. they don't know at this time. and they want to know how long the bones were out there. now to the dangers in democracy. the arizona republic is not backing down from death threats over its presidential endorsement. we told you backing hillary clinton. just a few minutes -- a national newspaper takes a presidential side and it's an editorial you won't want to miss. and phoenix, the city of phoenix sending a stern letter demanding trump stop airing an ad that they claim uses
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whether copyright infringement applies in this case. this weekend gary johnson will be in town holding a rally at phoenix airport marriott. and donald trump will make his 6th stop in arizona. and tim kaine will be here a week from tomorrow but the details of his schedule are not quite final yet, chris. a 34-year-old mother is de a begins as to why. the ntsb is investigating the hoboken, new jersey, crash. we brought it to you as breaking news yesterday. the mother who died had debris crash that fell on her. investigators now have to figure out how fast the train was going.
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him out of practice but not out of legal woes. the morris brothers face aggravated assault charges, accused of attacking a man who was texting their mother. smile for the camera but don't run a red light in chandler. more of these cameras are going up. and they'll be reactivated in this there's a cluster in the chandler area. you have through october 30th, kind of a grace period here, because violators, you'll only get a warning and you'll get it in the mail. these dolphins are making a big splash in scottsdale. some are happy about it and others are not. some are upset that there are dolphins in the desert. and they were shipped from
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an animal activist tried to confront those shipping the animals. >> the trainers were consoling the animal who seemed to be in obvious stress likely from the confinement of the box that it was in. of course, all of the noises, the fear of the unknown. >> i've been with these animals since they were born. they are second generation dolphins and nobody cares more about them than we do. >> the exhibit opens in two weeks. take the tour at >> reporter: live on i-17 and indian school. and who could forget it was turned into a river during the monsoon. the monsoon officially ends today and we're seeing how it stacks up. it was pretty quiet but july gets here and we were slammed.
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the images we caught. a huge wall of dust in late july. the valley hit with wind, rain, and low visibility. and in august, the floods, a river at the indian school underpass. we wanted to give you an early look at the hardest hit areas. take a look at your screen right now. is your home in the pink ar if it is, you got hit with 4 to 5 inches of rain. the tan area, 2 to 3 inches. we are on target with monsoon rain. but the damage has been done. we'll take a look at what it did all around the valley. we're pretty close to the average for rainfall. of course, the official numbers are not in just yet and we have today to get through.
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inches of rain. we're a quarter of an inch below the average rainfall. and today is the last day we could add a little bit of rain into the mix. right now all dry across the phoenix metro. a slight chance of a stray shower through the morning commute and a 10% chance for rain as we go into the afternoon. i'll break down the hour-by- hour rain chances in just a minute. mid-90 about rain chances today and what to expect this weekend. the freeways are nice and light. and you're not going to see any slowing. we have a crash in the west valley off the freeways. and they are in the process of clearing this. a tow truck just left the scene. you can see the lights from the officers there. this is eastbound bethany home. just look out for restrictions. we'll give you a look at weekend closures. he may be neck and neck in
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organizations not backing donald trump is getting longer. it's not the wages or the benefits that have american airlines employees up in arms.
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getting soaked in a phoenix canal. there she goes, right in the drink. officers ended up going straight into the water. this happening at 4th and baseline. a boyfriend taken away on suspicion of dui. nobody injured. just hurt feelings. and this car ending up in the wrong spot. the camaro crashing into the wall. the air bags deployed but driver. the driver took off running from the scene. officers are looking for them. tensions could be strong in tulsa, oklahoma, as a police officer accused of shooting an unarmed black man will be arraigned on manslaughter
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today. that's a substance known as craytom. you used to be able to buy it in smoke shops across the country. a lot of people use it as a pain reliever. and others to kick an opioid habit. >> for the monthly cycle, this is one of my biggest things i take it for -- for migraines. it replaced all the prescriptions i was on. >> now it's in the category as heroin and marijuana. there's an itchy situation on american airlines flights. the flight attendants say the new wool uniforms are causing hives and headaches. the chicago business journal saying 400 workers have complained about the new uniforms. they were unveiled 10 days ago. they are the results of three years of research. all new this morning, usa
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presidential race. and this is for the first time in history what you'll see here. this is from the editorial board. this is the headline, trump is unfit for the presidency. the editorial board listing its reasons they are not voting for trump. in the end, in the video and in the write-up that they talked about. they are asking people to stay true to their convictions. monkeying around in nogales. they have to find a missing 49- year-old coo pew chin monkey. officers say if you see benjy, don't approach her, she'll bite. this is no illusion. lady gaga taking over the super bowl stage.
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with a tweet. she'll likely perform music from her new album. did you pull an all nighter standing in line for star wars. >> i would have had to miss out on all sleep. tempting though, rogue one comes out in december and the toys are out now. about 50 people waited in line for the exclusive release. the rebel fighter drone and a death star electronic lab. very cool. we know at least one toy sold out. let's talk now about your most accurate forecast. maybe you're heading out early, starting errands or getting a workout. know that the sun doesn't come up until 6:22. closer to 6:00 we see the daylight out there.
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temperature with the dew point around 60 degrees. i expect the dew point to fall into the 60s. the humidity will start higher. and get more comfortable later this afternoon and this evening. so as you plan your morning, if you're heading out early. it's going to be nice and mild. we'll stay in the 70s all the way through 8:00. i think we'll drop a little further than our current temperature before we see the temperatures warm up. and if you're out and about by 10:00. 85degrees. the 90s hold off a little bit longer. unlike yesterday, not tracking much rain. we're looking at dry conditions. there's still a 10% chance of a stray shower this morning. we could see something pop up to the southwest that could move into the phoenix metro. it's something i'm watching,
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nothing to the south or southwest. and southeast arizona, aside from a few storms, we're quiet there as well. we have a few storms tracking to the grand canyon but that's it. up near the grand canyon and down near douglas. and waking up to mostly clear skies right now in the valley. i think we'll see a little bit more cloud cover through the day. and watch future cast. we'll end with partly cloudy skies and wi moisture, there's a 10% chance that we could get a shower or thunderstorms through the day today. and anything that does develop is going to be very spotty around the valley. we'll be watching for into the afternoon. once we get to 6:00 and especially after sunset. things start to clear out. and i expect it will be a cry night tonight with drier conditions over the weekend. through 5:00 this afternoon into the evening we start to
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we head into the weekend. check out the weekend forecast. the skies staying mostly sunny and the temperatures in the mid- 90s. but we got to talk about the big cooldown. i'll show you more details on that in just a few minutes. and no problems on the freeways early this morning. but we have weekend closures that you'll want to look out for in the east valley. 202 is going to shut between mcdowell and greenfield. u.s. 60 is a good option or just the side streets can wrap you around the closure. the 10 is pretty quiet but either a stall or a crash involving some sort of truck. i-10 at 27th avenue. not slowing things down. we'll give you a look at your desert drive times. breaking overnight from the live desk.
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the paintings, fairly good condition. but there's some damage to the missing frames. you see this is one of the paintings that's been recovered. it was all part of a raid by italian anti-mafia police. this dog is back on solid ground after a tall tale. he was nicknamed rufus after he was stuck on a roof. the homeowner gave him food and water until he was lifted to safety. >> the dog will never remember me but maybe he'll lick my face if he sees me. >> animal control will wait a few days for the owner to come
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adoption. a mystery unfolding right now. one of the things happening this weekend. and where you'll find an arizona cardinal. it's not out on the field. in techbytes, big changes for the amber alert system. >> smartphone users can expect to use more detailed descriptions, including photos. and newly created public safety messages will send out warnings about issues the vivo fit junior can monitor activities like making beds or doing homework. price tag -- 80 bucks. and most of us get a new computer every few years, but this one has been going strong for three decades. >> it was introduced in 1982 and it still works and is being used to run an auto repair shop
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it's technically still sent but it's halloween at disney resort. we're giving away two family four packs of tickets each day. watch for the weather word of
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to find out more go to we have a list of things to keep you and your family business. 7:30. patrick peterson of the arizona cardinals serves as guest conductor to kick off the season. and if you're feeling musical, head to scottsdale for the music festival at the w hotel. if you're looking family member, there's a wagon walk adoption event. if you're heading out the door soon, 77 degrees now. and lingering rain chances today. >> >> and we're heading back to 43rd avenue and union hills as a s.w.a.t. situation is unfolding. and taking action over deplorable conditions in a phoenix neighborhood. how homeowners are taking back
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very scary moments on the valley freeway. a wrongway driver causing a crash. we have new details coming in to studio. >> reporter: and a qt gas station packed with customers when gunfire erupts.
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coming up. >> reporter: body parts found for the second time just blocks away. good morning, everybody. 5:00, this is abc15 mornings. glad you're starting you day with us. >> the good news is we're looking at mostly clear skies this morning. but that doesn't mean we're completely in the clear for rain chances. you're not seeing any rainfall or cloud cover. but as we go through the morning, there's a 10% chance of a stray shower valley. not a washout but a few pop-ups a possibility. i'll let you know as soon as i see anything develop. partly cloudy skies and lingering rain chances in the forecast. temperatures up to 91 by noon and 96 for a high. we'll talk more about when we start to dry out in minutes. from 75th avenue to the


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