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tv   ABC15 News at 500AM  ABC  September 30, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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coming up. >> reporter: body parts found for the second time just blocks away. good morning, everybody. 5:00, this is abc15 mornings. glad you're starting you day with us. >> the good news is we're looking at mostly clear skies this morning. but that doesn't mean we're completely in the clear for rain chances. you're not seeing any rainfall or cloud cover. but as we go through the morning, there's a 10% chance of a stray shower valley. not a washout but a few pop-ups a possibility. i'll let you know as soon as i see anything develop. partly cloudy skies and lingering rain chances in the forecast. temperatures up to 91 by noon and 96 for a high. we'll talk more about when we start to dry out in minutes. from 75th avenue to the
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we have a crash on i-10 if we can give you a closer look. i think adot may have moved that. you can't see the crash here but it's at 27th avenue, the westbound side of traffic, you'll see the flashing lights on the right-hand side. and a closer look at the east valley commute next. i want to talk about the shooting at the convenience store with a new twist. one of the p be responsible is the subject of a standoff. justin pazera has been at the scene for us. we saw the s.w.a.t. team there, what is it like now? >> reporter: very active. it's calmed down right now. chris, let me set the scene for you. we have two very active scenes. this all started at the qt last night. that's where the gunfire erupted. phoenix police telling us one
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just a few minutes ago we saw s.w.a.t. teams go into this apartment complex. we are not far at all from the qt. phoenix police believed that the suspect involved in the qt shooting was in this apartment complex and they even evacuated somebody. but it all started last night when there was a confrontation between two people. there was a shooting actually inside that car parked at the qt gas that qt was packed full of customers. and a few hours later we talked with the apartment complex. >> i want them to hurry up 'cause i got to go to work in like three hours. i'm tired. >> reporter: so that investigation is still going on. the suite team did just leave the apartment complex. and they did not take anybody into custody. i asked one of the sergeants if
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suspect. he said they are still looking for that person. >> justin pazera with the newest information from that community, bringing it back here. listen to this. a wrongway driver responsible for a crash on the i-10 right at 67th avenue. adot cameras capturing the aftermath. we can report that there are no serious injuries in this crash. the driver who caused it was taken into custody. we are following disturbing story. body parts found in south phoenix for the second time in less than two weeks. katie conner is live off 24th avenue and broadway with more. and what are investigators telling you this morning. >> reporter: just yesterday witnesses called 911 after finding human remains right here in this commercial lot behind me. detectives think this could be connected to the hands and femur found last week at an auto parts lot just a block
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lodged between cars. they are trying to sort out what happened and how long the parts have been there. this is 6 miles away from where a body was found lodged in an 8- inch sewer pipe. the victim is an adult but the identity is a mystery. i just put out an e-mail to phoenix police asking if the case could be connected to the sewer case. they are back. neighbors in a west phoenix neighborhood taking action to finally shut down a problem with property plaguing the area. they suspect drugs and prostitution. it was on the radar for months before they finally busted up the operation. they found it was a hub for burglars, car thieves, and drug deals. police praising neighbors for alerting them.
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can't call us. and hopefully, nobody feels they're wasting our time or being annoying. >> people are a lot happier now. >> you want that, right? happy neighbors. if you're dealing with a similar issue. head to the phoenix pd website to identify which precinct you're in and who your community action officer is. a dangerous gunman is on the run after breaking into a chandler police are trying to track this person down. and an entire strip mall had to be evacuated as s.w.a.t. teams went in to find this guy. apparently, the gunman came face to face with an employee who was opening up shop for the day. now to 16th and broadway. we're told two guys who know each other got in a fight. one had a gun and it went off,
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a name to go along with a heartbreak of a 5-year-old who accidentally shot and killed himself. the gun belonged to his dad. no charges will be filed. construction will continue and a scary story to go with it. four workers are recovering after a scaffolding collapsed at a paradise valley home near tatum and double tree ranch road. it's believed the workers fell 5 to 10 feet, nothing to lightly. >> glad they are recovering. as if these images were not disturbing enough -- >> recorded the alleged sexual assault. an uber driver asked how the two knew each other to which
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girlfriend. ramon nelson worked as director of the v.a. in man nil la, philippines. >> two shootings involving law enforcement in less than 24 hours. we told you about the one in kingman. and now to southern arizona. it involves a traffic stop in wilcox where an officer was shot in the chest. my gosh. fortunately-- the ballistic vest and it saved his life. the 69-year-old suspect was shot and his wounds are not life-threatening. thank you to the men and women who wear that police uniform if you're watching. >> and to the folks in my hometown of wilcox too. police are working to get a bad guy off the streets. and it was a heated debate between donald trump and
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piece? and take a look. there's a crash just off of the freeway. and the last day of the monsoon. monsoon. and desert doppler z24qiz zvpz
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welcome back as we talk about your most accurate forecast. we're looking at mostly clear skies across the phoenix metro and as you look across the state. only spotty thunderstorms near douglas and also the grand canyon. we're not done with our storm chances. valley rain chances continue today and we could see scattered storms across the higher terrain and in southeastern arizona. a 10% chance for the phoenix area and you can see that as we look at a few pop-ups, nothing major, scattered really. and through the afternoon we
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forecast before we start to clear things out. and then we start to dry out as we head into the weekend. a sneak peek of the forecast. a 10% chance for storms as we go through day. the 10% chance in the forecast through 5:00. after that we start to dry things out. the weekend is not looking bad with mostly clear skies and 90s. i'll show you the cooldown for next week in just a few minutes. if you're 101 in the west valley. the desert drive time is just about 10 minutes. this is southbound from grand avenue to the 10. and there's a crash just off of the freeway. the eastbound side of bethany home at loop 101. it was blocking the eastbound lanes. mostly off to the side. but this is completely off the freeway. use camelback to avoid issues. a closer look at u.s. 60 coming
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are claims of conspiracy. we'll dig deep next. >> reporter: and the 17 flooding, the 10 flooding. is there something wrong with the pumps? we'll show you if you're area will get an updated one. i got to tell you about a typhoon that has hit asia. we're learning of several confirmed deaths. in this look, two sisters' dream vacation turned into a nightmare for the family. robin corky and her sister, annie, found dead in their room. mysteriously passing away during the trip of a lifetime. they were staying at a $2000 a night resort in the seychelles a chain of islands in the indian ocean known for
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resorts. it was part of a month long vacation in africa. days after these pictures, a terrible end. the pair was discovered when an employee tried to wake them in their villa. and we'll have the latest
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the 2016 monsoon coming to an end. did it meet your expectations? too much rain? too little rain? we'll crunch the final numbers throughout the day today. and allison rodriguez is live in phoenix with more on the damage. what did you find out? >> reporter: adot tells me they're going to upgrade 10 different pumps around the valley. adot says despite the 500-year
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they consider it average with previous monsoons. the upgraded pumps will be along the 60 east of the 101 on i-10 in downtown phoenix and they'll upgrade one site north of cactus. they got a third of the calls that they got last year. 56 downed or damaged power poles. compare that to 118 from last year. overall, this was milder last year's. i did reach out to aps and i'm waiting to hear back. the work on the upgraded pumps will start next year. allison rodriguez. abc15. this is a story that had us talking in the studio. shocking statements from the president of the philippines. he compared his bloody antidrug campaign to how hitler massacred millions of jews.
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he said he would be happy to slaughter 3 million addicts. he was quoted during a meeting with vietnamese leaders. >> shocking words there, chris. this image just tells the story, doesn't it? that bicycle twisted right underneath this van. amazing, a 6-year-old boy is recovering after crashing on the way home mirage. doctors are treating him for a dislocated jaw and a broken nose. his family created a go fund me page. the crash is still under investigation. 16 minutes after the hour. and he could be creeping around your neighborhood. and that's why the police need you to hear this story. >> a guy tried to rape a woman on wednesday, detectives are
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description. when they pass it along to us we'll pass it along to you. a donald trump supporter is taking matters into his own hands after people are stealing his signs. he booby trapped it. the guy who took this video says the sign stealer is facing criminal charges and regretting that move. you saw him donald trump playing the blame game, apparently not happy with the moderator. >> then i had to put up with the anchor on everything i said. what a rigged deal. >> yes, donald trump claiming the debate was rigged. speculation picking up steam. we'll see -- clinton responding to that.
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how he runs his campaign. you'll be able to see. we have two more debates. what he says and what i say. >> as for the next debate, it's october 9th. the running mates scare off on tuesday for the vice presidential debate. >> if you were one of those who thought hillary clinton wore an ear piece, we have some for you. split fax she was not wearing an ear piece or a hearing aide. it was a reflection. the reflection -- shiny ears. and a typhoon ripping through southeast china and taiwan, destroying houses and cutting transportation routes. six people have been left dead because of the landslides. more than 20 people are still
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rounds, looking for survivors. and this could affect travel at the airports. a powerful storm sending rain and strong winds right through the islands. the islands rarely get hit. a 16-year-old boy was crushed by a boulder. hurricane matthew is expected to make landfall and hit jamaica on monday. let's bring it back home. we have our own weather expert to help your plan your >> there's a slight chance for rain and not seeing any rain to impact your drive to work. that's state route 51 where it meets loop 202. a nice and mild start with mostly clear skies. and again, there's a 10% chance of a shower this morning. i'm not seeing anything on desert doppler radar. as soon as i do, i'll let you
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for rain through 5:00 before we clear the skies out. we could see scattered showers, even some thunderstorms in the valley through midday. 85degrees by sock and then we warm into the 90s. but not until lunchtime with 96 for a high today. so very close to average when it comes to the temperatures. when i mentioned there's a 10% chance. future cast will show you how scattered the activity will be. we could se foothills and pop-ups through the central valley. just a 10% chance of that happening today. we start to clear out and then the weekend looking drier. as we go through the weekend we clear out the storm chances and eventually, we'll be tracking a storm system coming from the northwest. that is going to bring us cooler air as we go into next week. as we go through the weekend.
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we're talking highs only in the mid- to upper 80s. we'll show your temperatures in just minutes. let's give you a look at the crash i told you about a few minutes ago. i-10 westbound at 27th avenue. everything is off on the right- hand side and it's slowing things down just a tad. this is the westbound side. and a tow truck just showed up. hopefully, they can get that cleared up soon. let's give you a look at the pig picture. on the east side slowing. and east valley drivers very light. just a 14-minute desert drive time. i want to remind you that abc 15 is teaming up with earnhardt auto centers for the annual recycle your bicycle campaign. drop off your old bikes at any of the 20 different earnhardt locations, donate money, or
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are you looking for a place to rent or buy? and coming up at 5:30.
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joe ducey and the topic is protecting yourself when you
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harbor. air traffic controllers are changing the way they communicate with pilots. instead of radioing clearance, controllers are sending texts. the agency says it cuts down on miscommunications and saves time in the long run. only a few dozen airports are using the technology. temperatures this morning in the low 70s. i'll have the hour-by-hour forecast after the break. and brake lights on i-10. the hot spots. and how the race for maricopa county sheriff is taking a new twist. chilling moments as armed
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a packed qt when gunfire erupts right over here. now the search for the suspect, situation. and new information we are just getting from phoenix police. that's coming up. two gruesome discoveries blocks apart. what police found lodged between cars. and outrage, death threats, shock. an arizona publication endorses hillary clinton. that's one of many stories
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and it's friday and we still have a day of work ahead. >> i have the hour-by-hour breakdown. we have mostly clear skies now. notice there's a 10% chance of a shower this morning. and the 10% chance of showers and thunderstorms through the day. we're not completely in the clear although storm chances look lower for the valley. watch for a few pop-ups as we go through the day. 67 is the current condition. we'll warm into the high of 90. the weekend forecast is next. between 83rd and 51st avenue, the beginning of rush hour by. the rest of the valley. we're looking really good, especially north valley. just a six-minute desert drive time from 75th to the 17. there's a weekend closure on a different portion of the 101. i'll map that out for you next. >> parking lots of an apartment
5:31 am
this was intense as the s.w.a.t. team was on the manhunt for the murder suspect. 43rd avenue and union hills, a shooting at a convenience store. and justin pazera is learning more about what unfolded. justin. >> reporter: i just got an e- mail from phoenix police a few minutes ago explaining what happened here. let's set the stage for the you. this all started at that's where the shooting happened. if you can see the street lights, that's the apartment complex they were searching just a little bit ago. i can tell you that scene -- the suite team has cleared and detectives are still there. they thought the person responsible for the shooting, that suspect was in that apartment complex but the suspect is still on the loose. the qt -- it happened at this
5:32 am
the parking lot and gunfire erupted. they rushed a victim to the hospital. and that's where he died. but still this morning, they are looking for that suspect. they thought they had that guy cornered. but at this point they are still trying to find whoever pulled this off. as you wake up. a mystery is unfolding in phoenix after gruesome discovers found less than a block katie conner is live with more. what did they find? >> reporter: police tell me they found body parts in this commercial yard behind me on the other side of the barbed wire fence. this is the third time that human remains have been found since july all within 6 miles of each other. we watched these first responders suit up in hazmat suits and climb down a manhole
5:33 am
inch sewer pipe. and thesevultures led police to this area. i put out an e-mail seeing if the cases could be connected. as soon as i hear back i'll let everyone know. come to the screen -- this video is disturbing. this guy is himself to two young girls. this happened near 11th and dunlap on tuesday. this guy tried to assure the girls that he was nice. every parents' worst nightmares, right? he hugged one of the girls and exposed himself. >> take a moment and imagine if it was yours. he obviously was very bold and i'm afraid for other
5:34 am
there. get a good look. a neighbor saw the man come back to the neighborhood thursday. call police if you know him. this mother found her 2- month-old dead inside of a home. the child died of a meth overdose. this happened in the -- the mom before. some stories leave your speechless. >> your heart just breaks for that baby. look who is suing sheriff joe arpaio now. we're talking about paul pen zone. >> it doesn't come with a set of rules, it's how we make it, how we behave. >> this contains lies about a
5:35 am
the lawyers say they are protected by the first amendment. >> it guarantees that citizens can find out information and share it with others, regardless of how tawdry that might be. >> arpaio's campaign promises a vigorous defense. phenix city officials sending a stern letter to donald trump commanding he stop airing an suggests an endorsement of donald trump by the city. no comment yet from the trump campaign. there are questions as to whether copyright infringement applies in this case. a century old trend --
5:36 am
democrat that the republic has backed. we have new video showing a new side of this crime alert. this is one of two armed robberies happening at phoenix gay bars. an hour later, customers less than 2 miles away were robbed. no one was hurt and no one has been arrested. this is no halloween prank. we have video of a guy robbing stores and sh wearing scary masks. this is at a domino's in west phoenix. the same guy hit up a taco bell near 98th and lower buckeye. two 17-year-olds have been arrested and they are linked to three robberies this month. we have an update to a
5:37 am
it's over a drug known as craytom. we'll stay on top of that one. a dog is bag on solid ground. rescuers nicknamed him rufus. she was stuck on a roof. using ladders and a net. they didn't want him to the homeowner gave him food and water until he was lifted to safety. >> the dog will never remember me but maybe if i saw him he'd lick my face. this next guy was on the fast track to becoming a teacher. and that's not going to happen after police say 36-year-old chad -- was caught downloading
5:38 am
with minors, doing all of this from his home near 9th and thunderbird road. he has been working at a high school and says he never touched a child sexually. a judge will decide if he can go home. we don't know the teen's name or if adult. at 5:38 i have the newest developments in the hoboken train crash. federal investigators sifting through wreckage and have been unable to access the front three passenger cars due to the collapsed canopy. that train barreled through the station obviously going way too fast and a 34-year-old mom was killed by the falling debris.
5:39 am
out the exact speed of this questioning whether a system designed to prevent accidents by overriding the engineer and automatically slowing down trains could have helped if installed on the lines. so many of us are waking up early to get up for a walk or a bike ride. it's going to be nice and mild but a little humid. if you're out running, feel the moisture lingering. and that's going to keep a 10% chance of a shower or a thunderstorm in our valley forecast through the afternoon today. so until about sunset -- after sunset the rain chances clear out. know that we could get a few pop-ups. right now i'm not seeing anything as you're heading out the door. we're starting with mostly clear skies. after 9:00 we see the partly cloudy conditions. 76 is the current temperature. and we'll warm into the 90s.
5:40 am
degrees. that's pretty close to average for this time of year. if you have dinner plans, temperatures cooler from the 90s to the upper 90s from 9:00. we'll be cooling into the 70s saturday and sunday morning. mostly clear skies and drier this weekend with highs around average. and we've got a cooldown to talk in the 7-day forecast. crews are getting a head start on you'll see the onramp closed. it's loop 101 northbound. it's going to close at 10 a.m. and will be closed until 5 a.m. on monday. use 90th instead. you're not going to see full closures but restrictions near chaparral until 2 p.m. saturday. valley wide the only slow spot will be on the 10. the delays extend from 83rd avenue. i-10 and 83rd avenue.
5:41 am
17 in a couple of minutes. >> more of these shocking images in just a few minutes. >> reporter: and one of busiest freeways was a river during the monsoon. how did your area stack up? there's been an earthquake advisory issued. what experts are warning
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the monsoon until next year of course. we have some pretty good storms this year but how do they compare to previous years? >> reporter: good morning, iris. who can forget really seeing those images of the 17 flooded. traffic was backed up for the rain. and now we'll see how it stacked up it officially started mid-june and it was pretty quiet. july gets here and we get slammed. a huge wall of dust making its way through the valley. the valley was hit with wind, rain, and low visibility. and in early august, the i-17 floods. people always remember where they were. it was a river flowing through the indian school overpass. it brought downpour poles.
5:46 am
here's a look at the hardest hit areas. is your home in the pink area? if it is. you got hit with four to 5 inches of rain. a good shade -- so far we are on target with monsoon average rain maybe slightly below but the damage already down. we'll take a look at how it impacted you and the rest of the vall the guy should have stopped and asked for directions. oops, here we goes right in the water. the couple had some hurt feelings after they got soaked in a phoenix canal. officers telling us they thought they were turning on a road and instead they went straight into a canal. the boyfriend was taken by police on suspicion of dui.
5:47 am
wall near 35th avenue and northern. the air bags deployed. you see him there. but there's no driver around. he took off running. officers are looking for him and the car was not reported stolen. >> wow. violence there and the tension high near san diego as protesters hit the streets for a third straight night. they're calling for police to release the full video of the moment alfred alongo was shot. his mother speaking out. >> my family, how painful it is to lose the loved one that you have raised. >> it is possible that the department of justice could get involved. federal officials tried two times to deport him back to uganda and the country refused
5:48 am
our wildfire watch continues in the santa cruz mountains. the loma fire has destroyed eight homes. check this out. harrowing moments. the flames so intense that authorities confirmed one firefighter was sent to the hospital. the fire is about 34% contained right now. still threatening more than 300 homes and businesses, most of which are in santa clara county in southern california. it the fire crews have to endure. a dog in las vegas is looking for a forever home. he was abandoned after the owners were evicted from their apartment. neighbors said he's been barking from the balcony for days. you will likely remember his story. patrick thompson will spend six
5:49 am
valley in may. he told detectives he was upset because of a t-shirt his teen daughter was wearing. he thoughted the to do with the devil. he's never allowed to own a dog again. firefighters and neighbors rescued 200 cows from a barn fire in upstate new york. people saw smoke filling the air. and thankfully, none of the animals were hurt. arizona home. it's how they were brought here that's upsetting animal activists. the dolphins were shipped from honolulu to phoenix by fedex. workers were seen putting them in a cargo container. the dolphins will live at the aquarium in scottsdale. this is really interesting stuff coming out. an earthquake advisory has been
5:50 am
governor's office issuing the alert for southern california. there's been a swarm of activity on the san andreas fault. i pinpointed the tremors. and the big one could be coming. the san andreas fault stretches 700 miles through the california. it's estimated -- listen to this -- to be up to 100 years overdue for a seismologists are watching this one. we have a meteorologist here watching the forecast. >> i've felt the california earthquakes. not something that's enjoyable. i know you'll keep us posted on anything that develops. we have a 10% chance for rain this morning. and we're waking up to mostly clear skies. and right now all is dry. through the day, we'll have a 10% chance this morning. and the chance of spotty storms as we go through the afternoon.
5:51 am
and humid day. maybe as you're picking the clothes for the day, plan on that. you can see the mostly clear skies and dry roads out there. as we look out to the east with the phoenix valley cam. desert doppler all clear in the valley. i'll be watching, especially areas to the southwest. there's a slight chance you could see a pop-up or two. that's where the 10% chance comes into play. aside from douglas. and storm action near the grand canyon. i do want to give you a heads up. if you're traveling to the high country, we have foggy conditions developing, especially through northeast arizona. you may need to take it slow if you're driving up there. back in the valley. just clear skies. and as you watch future cast with me, anything that does develop will be fairly spotty. we'll be watching for a few pop-
5:52 am
here's 4:00 and still a chance of it. once the sun sets we start to lose the energy. and our rain chances will start to clear out. and as we go into the weekend, the forecast looking nice and dry. today's high warm, up to 96 degrees. we'll then warm into the 90s each afternoon as we head through the afternoons. highs only in the mid- to upper 80s. your hour-by-hour temperature forecast coming up. and delays on the 10 are from 83rd avenue to 7th avenue. and i-17 is starting to sloe down just a little bit traveling southbound. the drive time is nine minutes from dunlap to mcdowell. and around the durango curve it's heavy. this is i-17 at 19th avenue. definitely seeing the volume build in the southbound direction now.
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>> smile, you're on chandler camera. the city is preparing to
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we'll show you exactly where they are going to be. one at alma school and queen creek and the other at ray and rural. violators will only get a warning delivered through the mail until october 30th. but once halloween hits, the haunted tickets are back for good. >> happy to say you made it to work. fans of star wars are lining up getting a look at rogue toys. >> here's us in north scottsdale. dozens waited in line for the exclusive release. the death star, all the good stuff. at least one item sold out. we're off to a great start and temperatures in the 70s. and rain chances are sticking around. i'll show you how high they go and we'll look at the weekend next.
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>> reporter: a shooting at a busy qt gas station and a s.w.a.t. situation. now the hunt for whoever killed a man. and breaking overnight. the newest information. this is a wrongway crash on the i-10. what we've just found out. two arizona police officers shot in the line of duty.
6:00 am
both investigations. let's get you out the door. this morning we're waking up to mostly clear skies and a beautiful start to the day. the temperature down to 75 degrees now. there's a 10% chance for rain this morning but for most of us we have dry conditions. rain chances stick around through the day before we clear out with a high of 96. we'll show you the weekend outlook next. >> we have a crash on just past the i-10 split but it's completely off on the side. you might see minor slowing there. in the southbound direction around the durango curve, that's a little slow and the delays are from 83rd to 7th. and hearing of a crash in downtown phoenix. we were there recording overnight. my goodness. that's a manhunt for a murder


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