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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 30, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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good morning, america. deadly train crash right at rush hour. frightening new images from inside that new jersey station. >> we just heard, like, a ka-boom. the whole place shook. >> panicked passengers flee the mangled metal. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> one mother killed. after dropping off her toddler at day care. more than 100 injured. determine why the train didn't slow down. and this morning, an exclusive interview with the real-life superman. >> i was trying to help whoever i could. >> he rushed into the building when so many were racing out. "unfit for the presidency." the stunning headline from one of the biggest newspapers in the country, slamming donald trump. as the gop nominee sounds off, now saying the debate was fixed. >> i had to put up with the anchor and fight the anchor all the time on everything i said. what a rigged deal.
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rigged system. it is terrible. >> and this morning, his new twitter storm attacking that beauty queen again. now calling her, quote, disgusting. mystery in paradise. two sisters on the exotic trip of a lifetime found dead in their luxury resort room. just days after posting these photos. the family's search for answers this morning. and from heckler to hero. the golfer fan who challenged some of the best players in the world at their own game. the $100 bet and the perfect putt. what he's saying this morning about the shot of a lifetime. that makes me laugh every single time i see it. good morning, america. if you're going to heckle a pro golfer -- >> you better make the putt, george. >> you better putt like one. exactly. >> that's david johnson.
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heckling the guys. one thing that could be better than the putt is his celebr celebration. afterwards. >> a tiger move. a shot of a lifetime. a lot of news to get to. hurricane matthew on the move right now. take a look at the massive storm spinning in the caribbean. winds up to 100 miles an hour. ginger is tracking that hurricane right now. >> that is a big one. but we begin with the latest on the deadly train crash in new jersey. investigators on the scene trying to find out why the train barreled right through the station. with one man that saw the crash and jumped right in to help. >> it had to be a horrific scene for that man. 29-year-old rahman perkins. he ran in to help the woman who died on the platform. his account and so many others will be of great interest to the ntsb. who is piecing together all the moments that led up to that deadly crash. >> are you okay? >> reporter: images of chaos and panic inside a new jersey train
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carrying 250 people during the height of rush hour crashed into the station. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> you heard a ka-boom. the whole place shook. >> everybody is thinking the train is going to slow down, and just collided. >> reporter: it struck with such violent force, part of the ceiling collapsed. debris raining down on the hundreds of people waiting for trains. >> we have a train that has gone through the station. >> reporter: passengers poured out of the escape the carnage on the train. >> before i knew it, i was flying forward into car one. into the wall of car one, and bounced back and hit the wall. >> reporter: as hundreds of firefighters and police raced to the scene, they found the most severely injured passengers located in that first car. many trapped. investigators trying to find out why the train didn't slow down. this surveillance video showing the train heading south at 8:05 a.m. thursday. 40 minutes later, it's
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the speed limit here, 10 miles per hour. but according to accounts, the train may have been traveling 30 miles per hour, barrelling straight into the waiting area. the train engineer, now identified as 48-year-old thomas gallagher was treated for minor injuries and is cooperating with investigators. here you can see what the historic station used to look like. now the century-old building is in pieces. everyday heros like this man pitching in to help. >> when everyb running out, i ran in. i saw the train crashed into everything. i just -- i just started trying to help whoever i could. >> reporter: you ran into a building that people were running out of with a superman hoodie. you helped so many people when they were scared and didn't know what to do. >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: what made you run in? >> i don't know. my mom and my dad, you know, they just -- they raised brave kids. >> reporter: perkins found 34-year-old fabiola bittar de kroon in the rubble.
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waiting for a train when she was hit by falling debris on the platform. perkins, trying to comfort her as they waited for help. were you able to give her peace? you actually held her when he was taking her final breaths. >> yes, i'm just going to say, i tried to comfort her as much as i could. i knew she was in pain. i said, i'm not going to leave you. if you're going to die, you're not going to die by yourself right now. i'm going to be here with you. >> boy, that young man was raised right. >> reporter: he was incredible. and rahman said he was in the right place at the right time because he deviated from his normal routine. he saw a group of women selling breast cancer awareness t-shirts, stopped to talk with them for several minutes, and then saw people starting to run. as he ran to where he normally would have been standing, and had he not done that, he would have been next to that woman when the train crashed.
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dinh-zarr. the vice chairman of the ntsb. i began by asking her about the investigation and what they have learned so far. >> this is our first full day on scene. we arrived as soon as possible yesterday afternoon. and, we have found that this is a -- push/pull car configuration that has crashed into this hoboken station. we're in the process of securing -- making sure that the site is safe so our investigators can acce a the information that's available on these three cars, as well as the engine. >> so, right now you have had limited access to the accident site? >> that's right. we did have access, however, to the locomotive. we are able -- we were able last night to take out the recorder. we will be getting information from that event recorder. >> you want to talk to the engineer and others, right? >> that's right. we will be interviewing the
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and we will be checking records, maintenance records, employee records and be doing all of our usual standard operation review of the records. >> what are the main questions you will be asking the engineer? >> we'll be asking the engineer what -- exactly what he was doing. we always look at the 72 hours before the accident to make sure that, you know, to follow his -- his activities during those periods. we'll be asking what he remembers of the actual crash itself. >> the new jersey transit rail was ordered to install a safety system known as positive train control. ptc. this was back in 2008. can you describe what this does and could it have prevented this accident? >> well, the ntsb, robin, has been recommending positive train control for more than 40 years now.
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prevents train-to-train crashes and also prevents overspeed crashes by preventing derailments. >> that type of system, could it have prevented this accident? >> that's what we'll be looking into. i know everyone is really anxious for information. and as are we. we want to look very carefully and be very careful before we present anything other than what we find in our investigation. >> that's fully understood. everyone is anxious for the answers. thank you very much for your time this morning. i know it's a busy day ahead. >> thank you. >> bella dinh-zarr. hopefully, the engineer and other crew members can provide some answers to that. >> 40 years for that system. hopefully this helps push that system forward. a lot to investigate. now to that massive hurricane matthew gaining strength overnight. with winds hitting 100 miles an hour. right now, and ginger has been tracking its path.
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hurricane matthew, it's a category 2 hurricane. gusts are at 120 miles per hour. fortunately, for the next 36 hours, it stays over the open ocean. only affecting some shipping lanes. but then watch what it does here. it turns to the north. strengthens even more, and that path takes it over cuba into the bahamas by tuesday into wednesday. the next natural question, does it affect the united states? right now, the national hurricane center has it pushing off to the east. that would be great news, but a couple of outlying computer models show it goi t florida. it is one to watch, and not one to be too concerned with yet. that's my line on that one. the flash flooding is more of an imminent threat. north carolina, already more than ten inches of rain. we're on alert from maryland to michigan. a state of emergency in cumberland, north carolina. flash flooding tearing through streets, leaving gaping holes. >> people are still trying to drive through this mess. >> reporter: the road buckling beneath this pickup truck. 10 inches of rain falling in 24
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>> please don't put first responders' lives and your own lives at risk. >> reporter: nearly two dozen people rescued. >> i couldn't see the water. my car stopped. i can't swim. the water is almost up to my door. >> reporter: in detroit. >> people are taking a gamble. >> reporter: drivers barely able to navigate. many ending up submerged. this is unrelated to matthew. get that out there, and just know that it could see coastal flooding and flood watches that include places like philadelphia. robin, george, michael? we move to overseas. to jerusalem where president obama and former president clinton joined dozens of world leaders for the funeral of israeli president, shimon peres. abc's chief foreign correspondent, terry moran is on the scene. >> reporter: it was the end of an era here in israel. you could sense it. so many world leaders joining presidents obama and clinton,
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yarmulke em blazened with his royal crest, to a rare handshake with benjamin netanyahu, all to pay tribute to shimon peres. really the last of the founding generation of the state of israel and a long-time champion for peace right up until the end as president obama said in his eulogy. >> the region -- is going through a chaotic time. threats are ever-present. and yet, he did not stop dreaming, and he did not stop working. >> reporter: as they buried shimon peres on these slopes here in jerusalem, many israelis feeling as if they had lost a kind of father figure. perhaps we're also burying the vision, the hope for peace that he worked so long to achieve. george? >> president obama hit it right there. president peres was the most
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>> so impressive to see the world leaders. now to the race to the white house. 39 days until the election. until the next -- and nine until the next debate. and donald trump is lashing out about this week's showdown, calling it rigged, and going after the moderator, as trump makes headlines with a non-endorsement from a major paper. abc's tom llamas is here with all those details. good morning, tom. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. donald trump has described his campaign as historic. this morning, he is making history with this headline. "usa today" has never taken sides in the history of the presidential race. now they're advising their readers not to vote for donald trump. one of the nation's most read newspapers, "usa today," telling voters to stay away from donald trump. the paper's editorial board breaking their no-endorsement policy, calling trump a serial liar who traffics in prejudice.
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clinton, saying they didn't have consensus for a clinton endorsement. the warning on trump coming as he is putting a new spin on the debate he claims he won. >> i had to put up with the anchor and fight the anchor all the time on everything i said. what a rigged deal. >> reporter: but that's not what he told me after he walked off that debate stage. mr. trump, how do you think you did tonight? >> i thought it was great. i got everything i wanted to say, i got it out. >> reporter: now, after a senior campgn failed to execute at the first debate -- >> i will work hard. i will tell you that. >> reporter: on "the view" his campaign manager, kellyanne conway, on the defensive. after mocking a miss universe on her weight. >> did you reprimand him and say, listen, why are you calling women fat pigs? did you say that to him? >> yes. i think it's beside the point, but hold on. >> what did he say? >> he gave that particular woman a second chance. >> reporter: and now, "the daily
7:14 am
from 2004 where trump fawns over a 23-year-old female high school teacher arrested for having sex with a 14-year-old boy. >> by the way, did you see what she looked like? >> not bad. >> not bad. i'd say so. do you think the 14-year-old kid is scarred forever? he might have put the move on her. it might have given him confidence actually. >> reporter: back to that exchange on "the view." overnight, donald trump sending out this tweet. did crooked hillary help disgusting check out a sex tape past alicia m., talking about alicia machado, become a u.s. citizen so she could use her in the debate? you have a presidential candidate talking about a sex tape. we have entered new ground. >> one of several new tweets this morning. he was up at 3:20 a.m. doing another tweet complaining about the sources of his campaign. criticizing his debate performance. >> he was up late last night. >> tom, thank you very much. let's go to jon karl. jon, we have to begin with this twitter blast from mr. trump. kind of inexplicable that he is
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>> i'm concerned about the time here, george. you mentioned 3:20 a.m. the others were 5:14, 5:19, 5:30. i don't know if this is a presidential candidate that's getting any sleep, but he does seem to be trying to prove an argument that hillary clinton has made against him in that convention speech of hers when she said, a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man you can trust with nuclear weapons. it's really quite inexplicable. the debate went, saying it's rigged. this is coming as we are starting to see a series of polls starting to come in showing a bounce for hillary clinton. >> yes, and it's extraordinary. because if you look in the minutes after the debate, he actually said to cnn that he thought lester holt did a great job, and now we're seeing virtually every poll that comes in showing a big bounce for hillary clinton, and hillary clinton leads in states like florida, new hampshire, michigan
7:16 am
it's a reflection they don't think the debate went well at all. >> maybe later we'll see tweets about "usa today." kind of remarkable. in their 34-year history, they have never endorsed or not endorsed a candidate like that. this was a scathing editorial. and a part of a pattern developing. >> it sure is. you had that. just days before that, you had "the arizona republic," which has not a democratic presidential candidate in 128 years endorsing hillary clinton. look at this from "the wall street journal" editorial board. dorothy rabinowitz says her endorsement goes to hillary clinton, saying, her election alone is what stands between the american nation and the reign of the most unstable, profoundly unperformed, psychologically unfit president to enter the white house. that's "the wall street journal." >> powerful words there. thank you very much. the next debate, nine days away. it will air live right here on abc. our own martha raddatz is one of the moderators.
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i will be anchoring live at 9:00 eastern here on abc. >> another long night. now to violent protests in california overnight over the deadly police shooting of an unarmed man. police firing tear gas at the crowd as demonstrators threw bottles. abc's matt gutman has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, dozens of protesters facing off against police. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: el cajon police firing pepperballs into the crowd the disperse it, declaring it an unlawful assembly. police say for the third straight night, dozens of protesters seized intersections, stopping cars after the fatal shooting tuesday of alfred olango. it was his sister who called police, asking for help with her brother, telling them he was unarmed. she was right there when he was shot. this is the instant when police fired. when protesters began breaking motorist car windows and hurling
7:18 am
the previous protests had been tense, but relatively peaceful. demonstrators demanding the police release cell phone video which showed the entirety of the incident with olango. now i spoke to the city's mayor last night. he said he's seen the video. and it vindicates the police version, but hes also understands that until he releases that video, that city could see more unrest. guys? >> all right, matt. thank you very much. now to major super bowl news. you remember this performance ? and the home of the brave ? >> that's lady gaga singing the national anthem at last year's super bowl 50. now, guys, it's official. lady gaga will take the main stage. she tweeted, this year, the super bowl goes gaga. she's doing the half time show. >> she nailed it last year. >> i loved it when she did this. >> yes.
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iends. , good morning. it is 7:23 a.m. i'm danielle lerner. the top stories around the valley. a manhunt for a murder suspect underway right now. police searching for the gunman responsible for shooting the man in the trenton is a parking lot. overnight. police had him cornered at an hills. after a standoff, the gunman is nowhere to be found. we are told the shooting victim has died. we are learning to those working to learn the identity of the person. a disturbing mystery surrounding human remains at broadway per police think this may be connected to another case. this time, employees made the gruesome discovery between two cars. investigators tell us the victim is an adult. these were found only six miles away from where a hand and a
7:26 am
it is time for your most accurate forecast. a beautiful looking start to the day. mostly clear skies across the valley. temperature, 74. we do have high humidity. with a lingering moisture, comes the rain chances. the rain chances this afternoon, 10%. with pary across the valley, sitting in the 70s. looking at the seven day forecast, temperatures in the 90s throughout the weekend. a check of the roads. the ten is super slow. the slowest it has been all morning long. a 29 minute desert drivetime eastbound from the loop 101, to the 17. the biggest crash is this one here from the a.d.o.t. camera. it has really slowed things down. i can get an eastbound at 35th
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more local news. now back to more good morning
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we welcome you back to "gma." investigators are on the scene of the devastating train crash in new jersey. a train plowing into a station during rush hour. one woman killed. more than 100 injured. investigators trying to determine what went wrong. amy robach is on the scene. >> just a horrific also right now, one of the country's most popular papers, "usa today," taking a side in the race for the white house. they're declaring donald trump as unfit for the presidency. and millions on alert for the path of hurricane matthew. as it barrels through the caribbean, moving west with winds of 100 miles an hour. ginger tracking the latest all morning long. it's our biggest "deals & steals" event ever. tory here with 30 on 30.
7:31 am
with us for more than five years. five years already. done more than 2,000 deals. she's only getting better. she's here with 30 today for us. amazing day. >> we can't wait. it will be all throughout the morning. but first in this half hour. that vacation mystery. two american sisters enjoying a trip at a luxury resort on a tropical island before they were found dead in their room. investigators and their family now searching for mara schiavocampo is here with that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, robin. a mystery indeed. the mother and brother of those sisters have now traveled to seychelles to find out what happened and to bring them home. this morning, two sisters' dream vacation turned into one family's nightmare. 42-year-old robin korkki from chicago, and her sister, 37-year-old annie korkki from denver, found dead in their room.
7:32 am
trip of a lifetime. >> when you are really talking about a pulmonary edema, that's really a big deal. i would look primarily for drug use, either directly or indirectly by someone else. >> reporter: the pair both worked in banking. robin's linkedin account showing she was a trader. e they shared their love of travel on social media. and they were staying at a luxury $2,000 a night resort in se cheseychelles, a chain of islands known for beautiful beaches and high-end resorts. the trip was part of a nearly month-long vacation in africa. days after posting these pictures, a terrible end. the hotel saying the pair was
7:33 am
the hotel tried to wake them in their villa. organize to local news reports, the day before, the pair had been seen drinking at the resort until about 6:45 p.m. later helped to their rooms by staff at 8:15. police say when discovered the next morning, no visible signs of injuries were found on the bodies. an autopsy determining the cause of death for both sisters as acute pulmonary edema. annie also suffering a cerebral edema. >> if this is a murder, then it's somebody that gave them something. based on their apparent health and age, then it's something that they ingested, and or inhaled that caused their death. >> reporter: a pulmonary edema is a buildup of fluid in the
7:34 am
there will be a toxicology analysis. tonight's "20/20" takes a deep dive at a small town murder case. it's been raising issues of race and justice for years. after a black man in upstate new york was found not guilty of killing his ex's son who was white. >> reporter: this is a story about race, small town romance, and a shocking murder. within hours of the death of 12-year-old garrett phillips, police focused suspicions on his mother's ex- boyfriend, nick hi hillary says it's because he is black. police say it's because only he could be the killer. >> nicholas hillary is found not guilty. >> reporter: this morning, this rural, predominantly white town divided after the acquittal of nick hillary. a local soccer coach charged with murdering his ex-girlfriend's 12-year-old son, garrett phillips. >> there was one person who had an issue with garrett. >> reporter: who was it? >> nick. >> reporter: nick hillary? >> yes.
7:35 am
>> reporter: tandy cyrus says hillary had a motive to murder her son. there are people who say now that the reason you and tandy aren't together was because garrett wanted you out of the house. >> not true. >> reporter: there wasn't tension between you and garrett? >> no. >> reporter: look at the text messages tandy sent nick. i've been waiting for almost a year for the situation between you and my kids to get better and it's not. this is not easy for me. but i have to put my kids first. that's nick's car following garrett on his skateboard. riding out of his school parking lot minutes before his murder. but nick says he didn't see garrett, and was simply there to scout out a soccer game and left at halftime because it was raining. >> i don't believe that nick hillary was in the parking lot by coincidence. he was hunting garrett. >> reporter: the district attorney argues nick strangled garrett in his mother's bedroom and then jumped out this back window to escape.
7:36 am
hairs, fibers, really nothing. >> right. >> reporter: police found no dna, nothing to prove hillary was there. and his defense says he has an alibi and no motive. >> you killed the poor kid with the hope that the mother will come running back into your arms? it makes absolutely no sense. >> reporter: during his closing argument, defense attorney earl ward repeats reasonable doubt 25 times. >> he's not the type of person that would walk into a room, put his hands around a child's neck, and kill a child. >> reporter: after the verdict, one family distraught. one family relieved. it's been a long five years. >> it has. not just for myself. but for my entire family. and this also is a great day for them. >> reporter: justice in court. and the end of a case.
7:37 am
the judge had cited in his ruling that it was only circumstantial evidence that brought nick hillary to murder trial in the first place. the complete lack of any forensic evidence really weighed heavily on him. i got to tell you. nick hillary and his lawyer told me a couple of days ago, walking through the small town, somebody rolled down the car window as they drove by and yelled, murderer. >> he's still in town? >> reporter: yes. but i don't know if he'll stay. it might be difficult. >> you can see more on "20/20" tonight at 10:00 eastern. >> always great to see you. >> great to see you guys. what's on the big board? coming up, the big-time businessman saying some women in the workplace should hide their gender to get ahead. >> say what? >> that's what i said, too. >> say what? e their jender to get ahead.
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our team of insiders standing by. live for more. you know it's a big board when t.j. is right here. a huge "walking dead" lawsuit. co-creator frank darabont was fired during season two of the hit zombie show. now he has filed a suit against cable channel, amc, chaiming he is entitled to profits from the show, seeking whopping damages. give us a number. >> the man helped create one of the biggest shows on tv. he just wants a small pittance for his trouble. >> what is a pittance? >> $280 million. we are talking about a quarter billion dollars this man is asking for for this show. he says he's owed it. frank darabont is the name. you might not know it. he is the one who pitched the show for amc. wrote it, produced it, directed it. season two, they let him go. >> did they give a reason? >> not much. it has been kind of shady out there, but
7:41 am
season, there were certain profits he was owed over the years. they got rid of him early. >> sounds like he might have a case. >> how big of a ratings hit is this show? if he is asking for 200 something million dollars, how much does this show make? >> no matter how much it's making, he argues it's not making as much as it could. something called vertical integration. a network produces a show, sells it, licenses it to itself at a lower rate to keep the profits down and to keep the margins down for people they might have to owe like frank. he says funny business is going on here. whatever texas instruments calculator he's using to figure out the profits are higher than the network actually says. so $280 million is what he is settling on. this is going on for five years. probably won't go to trial for 2018. >> my calculator doesn't have that many numbers on it. all right. we'll keep our eye on that one. >> a lot of zeros. >> heck of a case. now to a snapchat sexting
7:42 am
raising an issue about privacy. an iowa teen and her family filing a lawsuit. to try to block child exploitation charges after the teen sent suggestive photos to a classmate. via the app. we have becky here? >> no, sunny. >> sunny, there you are. >> becky got nervous. >> sunny, you're here. okay, the family attorney says that the prosecutor basically is trying to shame their about her noncriminal behavior. is that true, and tell us about the case? >> you have a 14-year-old girl who is the high school freshman. she sends two photos to a boy who encouraged her to send the photos. one photo, michael, is of her in a sports bra and some boy shorts. the other photo, she is topless with the same boy shorts. but her hair is covering her breasts. prosecutors got hold of these in an investigation of sexting at
7:43 am
are threatening to charge her with child pornography, which would make her register as a sex offender. so it's a very, very serious case. >> t.j. is shaking his head. >> oh, lord. >> i think you have talked about this before, sunny. does this type -- does it cast too wide of a net? legal experts feel that way. >> i think so. i mean, robin, we have talk about this in the sense that it takes law a long time to catch up with technology. the bottom line is, a lot of children are sending these sexting messages. and they are committing suicide because they are being bullied at school, and other kids are sending them between themselves, and that's just teenage behavior. i'll show you mine if you show me yours. prosecutors are trying to balance this. the better course, education. talk to these kids. maybe, you know, have them conduct community service. but child pornography charges? i don't think so. >> every time you said that, t.j., you're wiping your brow. i'm with you. it's scary when you have young
7:44 am
things -- >> it's what they do. >> it's what they do. now. it's scary. >> it's scary out there. all right, sunny, thank you. now to the backlash over gender bias in the workplace. a male venture capitalist writing in "the wall street journal" that women in tech should hide their gender when launching startups to get ahead. we'll talk to becky. she is our tech guru. you did get a raise to lawyer just for a how do you weigh in on this, becky? >> refer to me as b.w., and no picture to let you know i'm a woman. it could affect the audience's ability to value what i'm saying. come on. >> that's a good point you just made. >> i'm quoting what this guy wrote. in your linkedin profile, use your initials or unisex name and eliminate photos. this guy is an investor in startups.
7:45 am
against women in technology is so strong, they should hide their identities if they want equal treatment. what? the backlash is fierce. john greathouse has posted one of the fastest apologies on twitter history, saying, saying i told them to endure it, rather than fix it. >> to endure it. is that the word? it does exist. >> this keeps getting worse. it's not only about tech. author, j.k. rowing, you know, "harry potter," used a gender-neutral name because she didn't want the alienate male readers. >> i didn't know that's why she did it. i thought she was channeling j.r.r. tolkien. this practice was a thing, and the "wall street journal" article points to orchestras. traditionally 95% male. started blind auditions, boom, women came in when conductors
7:46 am
should be about. the subject is our work product. all people of all diversities should be included. >> what you to think, sunny? >> i just can't believe it. the bottom line is, women, men, it's who is the best for the position, right? >> exactly. >> quality of work. >> that's it. is that why you go by t.j.? >> you know my first name. you know why i go by t.j. >> he's got an interesting first name. >> come on, say it. >> tell people, t.j. >> stop, robin. >> what is it? >> it's loutelious. we'll leave it there. "gma" will be right back. >> all right. thank you, becky. thank you, sunny. thank you, t.j. you, sunny. thank you, t.j. gilman: go get i. go get it. gilman used his cash rewards credit card from bank of america to earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. at places like the batting cages. ? [ crowd cheers ] 2% back at grocery stores and now at wholesale clubs.
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7:48 am
welcome back to one of our favorite stories of the morning. the heckler on the golf course who had a lot of guts. >> the ryder cup is the biennial tournament. a lot of competition between the u.s. and europe. that's where it happened.
7:49 am
one man not acting like a gentleman at the ryder cup. he was heckling the european team during their practice round. it happened right here. the team, including rory mcilroy, continued to miss this putt. a short one. roughly ten feet. the heckler wouldn't let up. they invited him on to the green. look at this. they even placed a $100 bill if the guy made the putt. they're like, put your mouth where the money is, right? he lines it up. and you to believe what happens next. he said he was sick to his stomach right here. everyone goes crazy, including the player. i love that the players even got into it. >> sure. >> and this moment was reminiscent of "tin cup," don't you think? >> good thing he hit the cup. >> looked like he won the ryder cup. >> i compared the roar to the movie "tin cup." if you remember at the end
7:50 am
13 on the final hole, and everybody just goes nuts. it remind me of that. i just soaked it in. i enjoyed every minute of it. >> his name is david johnson. from north dakota, of course, we have an american heckling the europeans. i love that the europeans got in there, giving him high-fives and hugs as well. but the play actually starts today. the u.s. has lost 5 of the last 6, so -- >> not a good run for us. >> he said he's going to frame the $100 bill. >> if we don't win this year we have david johnson. i'll tell you that. that was good. >> we could recruit him for two years. think that's a good idea. line it up. line it up, michael. >> if i could, i would. >> thank you, paula. in the next hour, the royal road trip across canada. there's princess charlotte. taking those little steps right there. we'll have a lot more coming up. plus, our biggest "deals & steals" event. tory is here with 30 deals in just one day. here with 30 deal
7:51 am
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from top to bottom... there's nothing "or something" about it. panera. food as it should be. back here on "gma." checking in on the loma fire. now more than 4,000 acres, but they have it to 34% contained. i think we have video, too. otherwise, the fire alerts are still on. a new trough digging in. we'll have gusty winds ahead of
7:55 am
>> announcer: "good morning america" is brought to you by carmax. drive what's possible. america"
7:56 am
and officer hit well serving a search warrant for stolen property. the suspect, a 53-year-old at the scene. investigators that he fired first. to southern arizona. and officer shot in the chest during a traffic stop in willcox last night. fortunately, he was wearing a ballistic vest and is expected to be okay. the 69-year-old suspect was also shot. his wounds are not life- threatening. and two phoenix suns going before a judge. talking about the morris brothers. both facing aggravated assault charges. accused of attacking a man who they say was texting their mother.
7:57 am
minutes. time for the most accurate forecast. a gorgeous start to the day. temperatures warming into the 70s under mostly clear skies. we will see cloud cover as the day goes on. and there is a 10% chance of a stray shower or thunderstorm as we go through the afternoon. after sunset, we clear out the chances and try out for the weekend. temperatures warming into the 80s. back into the 90s by noon. today's high, 96. the high temperatures stay in the 90s throughout the weekend. traffic changing the way they communicate with pilots. the faa is encouraging them to use a system that allows them to send text messages. so this is messaging between them and the pilot, giving the all clear for airplanes to land. they say this will cut down on miscommunication. at sky harbor, one of only a few dozen airports in the country using that technology. drivers on i like a 17
7:58 am
part of it is because of a crash at peoria. let's give you a look from the a.d.o.t. camera. everything moved over to the right-hand side. still sluggish. facing delays on the ten and
7:59 am
what do doctors from leading cancer centers in the country have in common? many of them now call cancer treatment centers of america home. expert medicine works here. find out why at cancer
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. rush hour train crash. alarming new pictures from inside that new jersey station. what sent the passenger train barreling into the terminal? >> you okay? >> one person killed. more than 100 injured. investigators racing to figure out what caused the accident. we are live at the scene. ? on to princess charlotte takes her first steps in public. her first words to dad, prince william. the 16-month-old stealing the show from her big brother, george. britney spears opening up about her 20s. why she says her 30s are happier and healthier. right now. ? welcome to my house ? all that and alfonso ribeiro here in our house. it's friday. and look who is saying -- >> good morning, america. >> only you could say it like that.
8:01 am
always a great time when alfonso is here. we'll have fun with him ahead. >> also a lot of fun with tory johnson this morning. she's brought us 2,000 deals over the last five years. but today, the biggest deals, and more deals than she has ever done in one show. >> she's got 30 deals coming up in the next hour alone on this show and on our facebook page on twitter. on our deals are all over the place. you cannot escape our deals. tory, kick it off with deal number one. what is it? >> all right. so we are so fired up here to do this, that we had to put our audience to work to help us with deal number one. they're rocking rbx active wear we've got a huge assortment of tops and bottoms for any guy or girl on the go. a fabulous assortment at an unbeatable price. normally, depending on the piece
8:02 am
$22 to $45. today, everything is slashed in half. starting at 11 bucks. rbx is throwing in free shipping. on yahoo! for the details. we have more, you know it. 29. [ cheers and applause ] >> we're counting. we're counting. >> it's a good start. >> that's a great start. so many more great deals ahead. 29 more coming. first, let's get the morning rundown from paula faris. >> tory's got a busy morning. good morning, everyone. new details about the devastating train crash in new jersey. one woman was killed. 11 this morning, investigators are trying to determine whether mechanical failure or operator error is to blame for the speeding train into the station. amy robach is at the scene. good morning to you. >> reporter: that's right, paula. and we learned this morning hat that the engineer who was at the control of the train at the time of the crash has just tested negative for drugs and alcohol. he's fully cooperating with the investigation and is a veteran railroad worker. his account of what happened will be key, as will the data recorder and the two cameras on
8:03 am
failed to slow down. while entering the station. investigators have not been able to access those cameras because the train cars are under that collapsed roof. it's not safe yet. the woman who lost her life was killed by debris on the platform. she was waiting for the train and had just dropped her daughter off at day care. but amid the tragedy of the crash, there were many uplifting stories of strangers trying to help each other. i spoke to one man who ran into the station as the crash was happen running out, i started running in. i just saw the train crash into everything, and i just -- i just started trying to help whoever i could. >> reporter: what made you run in? >> i don't know. my mom and my dad, they just raised brave kids. >> reporter: rahman perkins was a real-life superhero. he was wearing his superman hoodie as he ran in. he also was there with that woman as she died there on the platform. a true hero for all of us. this crash, however is raising
8:04 am
technology. why is it not yet in place? that technology could intervene and stop a crash before it happens. governor christie says, pending the results of this investigation, that system could be in place sooner than expected. paula, back to you. >> the big question this morning. amy, thank you. other news, violence erupted near san diego overnight as a crowd protested this week's police shooting of an unarmed black man. one group started throwing bottles and smashing windows. prompting police to fire tear gas. and arrest two people. the mother of the man shot by police denies that her son was mentally ill, and is demanding police release video of that shooting. donald trump launched a new firestorm on twitter around 3:00 this morning. in a string of predawn tweets, he called alicia machado disgusting and then alluded to a sex tape. meantime, trump is denying a report that he did business in cuba in the '90s, which is a
8:05 am
claiming it was rigged against him. he raised a new attack against hillary clinton saying she got immunity from the fbi during her e-mail scandal. finally on this friday, you know, last i checked, we're still in september, but it's beginning to sound a lot like christmas. it's true. according to a new poll, about 34 million americans have already begun christmas shopping. about 1 million already done. perhaps the poll's best revelation, 74% of people say, they're quote annoyed by overachievers who get everything done early. do you fall in the 74% category or are you one of the 1 million? that are already finished? >> you think we're going to admit to the 74%? >> i will gladly. admit to the 74%. i want to hire one of the 1 million to do my christmas shopping because they're done. >> always thinking there, paula. >> trying. >> i wait until halloween to start. i've got standards, people. okay. time for a little "pop news."
8:06 am
oh, baby, baby. you've heard of the terrible 2s. britney spears is saying that her 20s were the toughest time of her life. the pop princess goes on to explain why her 30s are her best years yet. saying i'm in a good place. i'm loving and learning who i am every day. she say she's comfortable being single and is finally settling in her own skin. i didn't like my 20s. >> yeah? >> i liked them. >> there's so much growing. you feel lost. you don'kn with your life. 30s settles in a little more. >> 40s are pretty good. >> 50s are fabulous. >> i was going to say 50s are pretty good, too. >> i love it. >> i would agree. but 20 is rough. >> george and i loved it. >> nice try, robin. next up, good-bye, girls. after six seasons of ups and downs, "girls" is coming to an end. the hit comedy shot its series finale last night. the cast got sentimental.
8:07 am
snaps of their last moments onset. creator and star lena dunham expressed her gratitude for the fans on instagram, ending with #cryingselfie. #crelfie. #good night i love you all. the sixth and final season premieres in 2017. i can't believe it's already over. >> six seasons. >> you think they started much younger, alison williams was saying, i don't know my adult life without "girls." and you forget, for them, that's a lot of their life. >> they showed the ups and downs of the 20s in that series. >> they really hit the ups and the downs, george. bravo. and finally, funny flotus is back. michelle obama teaming up with college humor to show students just how easy it is to get financial aid from fafsa. the first lady appearing as a lifeline in a mock game show hosted by our pal, chris harrison. take a look. [ phone ringing ] >> hello? >> hi, mrs. obama? what's my name? >> who is this?
8:08 am
>> so, your name is adrienne? >> that's it, thanks. >> oh, just a few months left. okay, gotta change my address. >> now it's tough to see this, but flotus is working on her own resume. it reads as the first lady of the united states, i've been straight up nailing it for eight years. and it's hard to disagree. she is really funny. did you see her on "ellen" recently? >> with the shopping? >> it was great. >> she has got to be a hoot. recently, she was laughing about how president obama talks at dinner and how boring it is. i thought, good point. not all of us can say that. >> and get away with it. thank you, sara. coming up on "gma," the royal road trip. charlotte says her first words and takes her first steps in public. and it's our big "deals & steals" 30 on 30 event. i'm heading over to tory to see what she has. where are you?
8:09 am
>> voila. okay, i've got two fab ones specifically for you. first up from a really great company called freaker. so freaker makes socks. >> odell beckham jr. >> you can get socks in their nfl collection or a variety of spunky prints. or you can get the bottle insul insulator. the bottle sweater. so drinking games with tom brady. right? for drinking games. >> sometimes you watch the games, they drive you to drink. >> a huge assortment. the company all made in america. it's a "shark tank" company. depending on the peaieces that u choose, they range normally from $10 to $20. everything today slashed in half. so five to ten bucks from freaker. while we're sticking with the nfl, i love these from lulu dk tatt tattoos. you can wear your team pride. we have every nfl team. i pulled the giants out for you. normally, two pack, 20 bucks. today, slashed in half. two packs, ten bucks. >> you keep on doing it. 30 on 30 today.
8:10 am
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(phone ringing) answering machine: hi, leave a message after the beep. (beep) hey mom, this is larry. i just want to let you know that uh, i fulfilled the promise that you held me to. love you.
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8:14 am
dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. all right, you guys. here we go. deal number four and five. so super hot hayley atwell is wearing this superhot celestial collection from serefina. big assortment of pieces to choose from. normally, from $40 to $92. everything slashed by 55%. give that a big thumbs up. starting at 18 bucks. >> amazing. >> can't beat that. of course, who knew alfonso had so many talents? coloring. these are paige and tates most sophisticated adult coloring book. my favorite is the one to teach you calligraphy. the pages are thick, perforated. you can frame them. amazing deal. normally $13. slashed in half, $6.50. all right, you guys. more coming up. >> everybody is getting involved. five down, 25 to go. now to the royal road trip. will, kate, charlotte, and george, closing out their time
8:15 am
lama hasan has been there with them every step of the way. >> reporter: arriving hand in hand with mum and dad, prince george and princess charlotte hit the ground running. 16-month-old charlotte in a blue dre dress, one of her favorite shops, she took the lead, taking her first steps for the straight to the balloons. she giggled. and awed. saying pop. and later, calling william dada, her first words in public. >> we can see how much she's grown. >> reporter: the pint-sized prince liked the petting zoo and rode a pony. >> whoa. how is that? >> reporter: while his little sis preferred to bounce on moose, a therapy dog. >> you can see the bond between george and charlotte developing. >> reporter: they're like partners in crime. 3-year-old george all boy, more interested in a bubble gun.
8:16 am
popped in midair. ? mum and daughter had a ball dancing to "la bamba" and making animal balloons. george quick to not have little sis have all the fun, ran over, saying, but i want one. can i have one? the hands-on parents william and kate spending some quality family time. but really, the garden party belonged to these two. and images that will melt everyone's heart. and it is so rare to see the cambridges as a family of four. so savor every moment, folks. as for the royal road trip they pick up again today with william and kate heading to islands that are famous for bear-watching and fishing. george? >> all right, thank you, lama. >> she's having a good time. >> she is. the kids are so cute. >> they're growing up so fast. more 30 on 30 deals coming
8:17 am
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8:21 am
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8:22 am
[ cheers and applause ] it is time for more amazing deals with tory. our 30 on 30 event. our audience has their signs. they're ready. they're gearing up for big savings. >> they're ready, right? >> you're getting quite a workout. >> we are. we are. sprinting all around this building. we have partnered with a variety of vendors. to be able to bring you these phenomenal deals. are you ready, you guys, and pull the number on this one? all right. that's your cue. there you go. you did well. michael todd beauty. you will clean your face faster and better by using one of these devices. six different speeds. anti-microbial. so there's all kinds of germ protection but just really, really good cleansing. which is the key from michael todd beauty. it's a beauty store favorite,
8:23 am
deal. depending on the product you choose. there's a big assortment. depending on the power of the tool. they start at $149. for today, our special, everything is slashed by at least 68%. >> what? >> our prices starting at $47. love that. >> that is terrific. by the way, you have done a great job there. you might have a career. all three of you. the reveal was good. >> ready? good job. >> good mom. >> exactly. this company is optics makes the eye glasses. the reading glasses that you're never far away from. you forget the readers. you pop them on. right there. you choose your strength. pop 'em on. you choose your strength. i don't know that that's your strength. >> yes, yes. >> there's pods. key chains. their brand-new key chain version. >> i like it. >> there's a pod you can attach to your cell phone. they weigh less than a nickel. >> they're very light. >> as thin as two credit cards. >> and they don't shake off.
8:24 am
normally, starting at $20. depending on what you choose. everything slashed in half. $10 to $15, from thin optics. ready? perfect. oh, look at you. in tandem. i love it. this company, butterscotch blankee. gorgeous, gorgeous stroller blankets. they're personalized. you choose from a variety of different patterns and then put the name on. so comfy soft as well. it looks good and feels good. normally $65. these are slashed in half. $32.50. >> thank you all. thank you. >> moving right along, oh, look, we've -- some familiar faces here. so -- we're starting out with these totes from lulu dharma. as you can see, terrific for men or women. this is their linen weekender bag.
8:25 am
wouldn't you say? >> perfect for me. holds two shoes. >> for the rest of us, you can put a weekend getaway into the bag. five different course colors to choose from as you colors to che from as from as you see. there's one missing. we have a duplicate. there's five colors to choose from. normally, $145. we have a big discount on these. we're slashing them by 74%. $38. >> that's gorgeous. >> a really good deal. >> great deal. >> fabulous. we have the all that. we swing on over here. >> hello, alfonso. >> another familiar face. so these are supersoft. right, don't mind me feeling this over here. give a little feel to this. >> oh, okay. cashmere -- >> oh, to this. >> or both. or both. actually, he said to me this morning, am i going to get to meet robin roberts? i said, up close and personal. i love these scarfs. this is just a small assortment. you all look fabulous in them. it's called a blanket scarf.
8:26 am
of different ways. it's not just these four patterns. i think we have a few dozen patterns to choose from. and an incredible, incredible deal. >> work it, alfonso. >> normally, these are 30 bucks. >> he's working it. he's really showing off. >> $15. $15. 15 bucks. 15 bucks. >> 15? >> alfonso's styling is included. how good does he look? >> he looks great. they all look fabulous. on yahoo!. >> and we're not through. we have so many more deals coming your way. go to our website. go to "gma's" facebook page. we are live right now. and we have more coming up.
8:27 am
good morning. the time is 8:27. donald trump noise responding to the arizona republic's endorsement of hillary clinton and doing it on twitter. look at this. minutes ago, he sent out this tweet to his followers saying that the people are really subscription. hillary clinton is the first testimony carat to receive the nomination saying that donald trump is no qualified and not a conservative. the libertarian candidate, gary johnson will be in town holding a rally at the marriott. on tuesday, gary johnson will be in prescott valley. we know that democratic vice- presidential candidate tim
8:28 am
details on his schedule not yesterday final. i know you'll keep us apprised. we'll see partly cloudy companies through mid day into the afternoon. with mostly clear skies, after sunset. there is a 10% chance of a stray shower or thunderstorm in the valley although rain chances look lower. certainly than what we saw yesterday across the statement but chances are there for a pop or two. keep an eye on the sky. it's we'll warm up to 10:00. today's high, 96 degrees. that puts us pretty close to average for this time of the year. drivers up in the north part of the valley right now, you will see about a 17 minute drive time, eastbound from the 17 to 51. busy until about 7th street. let's give you a look from i-10 because it is improving, still a little heavy but this is i-10 at 59th avenue.
8:29 am
we are back in 25 minutes with more local news.
8:30 am
welcome back to "gma," live from times square. wow. whoo! happy friday, everybody. happy friday to you at home. we're having a lot of fun this friday. great to have sara here with us. >> thank you. >> and it's about to get even better. i know that'ha you, sara. >> not that hard. >> come on out, alfonso! >> mwah. how are you? hey, buddy. how you been? good, good. hello, darling. mwah. big man. >> brother. >> brother, brother, man. >> how you doing, man? >> i get the center seat. look at this.
8:31 am
>> how do you like it? >> i love it. great energy. >> great energy. and great, you have a claim to fame. you were a model just a minute ago. you did a fabulous job. >> thank you. i was working really hard to make sure that we saw that it was a scarf and a blanket. >> you have a whole new claim to fame. somebody sent me an apple sticker of you. look at that, everybody. >> yes, yes. it's a -- >> so what is that all about? >> i'm still trying to figure it t it's on all the new -- when you download the new software for the apple products. >> every apple iphone right now? >> yes. >> wow. >> and it's crazy. because what i'm trying to figure out is, why they're not paying me. people say, hey, man. that's pretty cool on the iphone 7. i was like, no, no i got the 6s. they say, no, no, no, you're on here. and they showed me. i was like, wow, that's very cool.
8:32 am
come asking. >> a millionth of a penny for each one. you'll do fine. >> give me a half a cent. i don't take too much. >> we have a lot to catch up with you on. we're happy you're at the table. we already discussed these topics that require some opinions. you always have a great opinion. george, what do you have? >> i love this one. the ultimate kids menu. the deli at mansion park. you can kids, right? >> how old? >> i have a 13, almost 3, and 17 months. >> wow. >> you're almost getting there with the 3-year-old. what do you want for dinner? i don't know. >> yeah, there's a whole lot of i don't knows. there's a whole lot of that. >> here's what they have. the i don't know. hot dog and fries. >> that's the name of it? >> yeah. >> the i don't care. chicken tenders and fries. >> makes sense. totally makes sense. >> i'm not hungry. grilled cheese and fries. and i don't want that, fish sticks with fries. that is so true. you ask your kids what they want
8:33 am
know every time. >> and it still goes even when they're 13. because my 13-year-old is like this. what do you want? >> i don't know. chicken tenders? >> he made it easier. oh, you want the i don't know. okay. >> you mess with them. >> oh, yeah. >> big time. >> and speaking of meals, how many times do you say, what do you want? they go, well, what are you going to have? what is what i'm going to eat determining what you're going to eat? >> you can't have what i'm going to have, because i'm not grilling you a fillet mignon. i'm not wasting the good meats on you. >> they go from i don't know and i don't care to the most expensive thing on the menu. >> absolutely. they don't look at what's on the menu. they just look at numbers. it's the only thing they still understand. >> it's what they ordered they don't want. they want what you have. >> my wife does that, too. he's like, what are you going to have? cool, i'll order that. >> it's called marriage, my
8:34 am
>> what do you do? >> i'm like, hey, i think i'm ing to have this. really, cool. she orders it, i order something different. what i really wanted. i got her figured out. she's over there giving me the evil eye, right. >> where is she? where is she? >> just wave, babe. wave. >> aw. >> this is actually our first trip, the first time she's away from the babies. yeah, so l.a. with her mom and auntie and so she came. and was like, i'mgoing to come on this visit and break the bond with the babies. so -- >> with that being said, your first trip, i'm not going to call it a vacation away from your kids. kind of like a vacation. that leads into the next story i have. if you're -- one of the hardest things employers found is that people don't want to take vacations. if you take a vacation, you get behind.
8:35 am
so they pay their employees to take a vacation. >> i love that. i love that idea. that is fantastic. >> it's a tech company. steel house. the guy's worked in silicon valley for 15 years. one of the biggest thing, they couldn't take vacations. they couldn't get refreshed. they give the employees $2,000 to take a trip to go wherever you want. do whatever you want. >> i am going to call abc. i'm going the call abc listen, you know, i know i'm down for a lot of the year. i think you should pay me for my vacation. $2,000 a week. >> you want me to give you the answer? no. >> no. >> they don't let you save it. that might be your instinct. they make you submit receipts to prove you got away. >> and they have very little turnover. only 5 people out of 250 have left them over the last years. >> that's a good company. >> it makes sense.
8:36 am
this. you can't use it for a spa day. don't come back with a receipt for the spa day. they said, but, we won't judge if you come back from vegas if you gamble it away. that's what i'm saying. what about you? if abc, if abc said, here's money, go on vacation every year, where are you going? >> i'm going to bora bora. >> that's a good one. >> that's a good one. >> i'm going to one of those overwater bungalows. my wife and i sitting there without the kids like, yeah, a toast to abc. >> i bet -- in pictures. let talk about what you have going on. you're a busy man. >> i've got two series, my, you know, "america's funniest home videos" our season premiere. we love it. we love it. we premier this sunday on abc at 7:00, 6:00 central. i feel like this season is a complete upgrade from last year. especially for me, as a host. i felt like --
8:37 am
>> i looked at the season last year and i went, wow. i'm kind of like, my energy is all over the place. i felt like, because we do the voiceovers separately than we do the actual on-camera stuff. i decided i need to make this one tone and make it feel like i'm talking to somebody at home and less about talking to the studio audience. >> let's take a look. >> okay. >> this is a bit. >> ooh. yeah. you're pregnant! oh [ bleep ]. i thought it was a lip gloss. >> i had no idea. >> i think the only way to elevate that clip is if she would have actually used it like lip gloss. that would have been just real nasty. >> oh, my god. >> oh, my god, thank you. oh. yes. and then i also have -- my other
8:38 am
cooking channel. premieres october 9th. sundays at 9:00 eastern. that show is about treats. we show how treats are made all the way from ingredients to sending them off. a tootsie roll. a cake. or chips. or -- all the way through. you learn a lot about how it's all made. all the different stuff. what i really love is the machines they have to make to get the stuff to go through. so, they'll make this new contraption so they can take the ingredients from, like, a big log, to like this. i love that stuff. >> we remember you from "fresh prince." it all began with carlton. [ cheers and applause ] is it true you almost didn't get that gig? >> yeah. i originally got it.
8:39 am
incoming president, warren littlefield didn't want me to do it after the pilot. they tried to recast and went through the entire recasting process and the executive producers and will were like, no, we think he's the guy. but they had to let him go through his process. they ended up not finding anybody. and then, like, six weeks into the series, he came over and was like, you know what, i gotta say, i'm sorry i put you through that. >> and the rest is history. >> we're all better for it. >> we are. we are. could you help us with another job here? can you help us with tory? >> we got more stuff? >> we got more deals. we got more stuff. >> such a good job. how about one of these, baby. i'll let you pick the color. these are from jimmy crystal.
8:40 am
look at those, baby. >> you know what i mean? you know what i mean? i'm like, yo, what? what? what? >> you get the small birthstone set or the big splurge. the small sets, fabulous. they're $30, slashed to $15. these big babies, $330, slashed to $165. it's a big savings and pretty fabulous. next, we have sock art. pretty fabulous. robin, i pulled these for you. look at the fabulous slogans on all of these. i love them. i like this one. not today, duh, because it's "gma," right? >> yolo. >> self-made. >> yolo. >> that's yours. big discount on these. normally 15 bucks. big assortment, slashed in half. $6 to $7.50. and from sock art, free shipping, >> all right, tory.
8:41 am
and deal hunters we're live on periscope. go to @"gma" on twitter for the next deal. coming up, the biggest bargain of the morning. come on back. ?? grandkids! noooooo! freaky fast thank you, sweetie who wants a cookie?
8:42 am
o'halleran: i had some really tough cases as a police detective.
8:43 am
tom o'halleran has a plan to hold the politicians accountable -- no pay for congress if they don't pass a budget, reduce the influence of big money and special interests, and no more first-class travel paid for by taxpayers. i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message because you deserve leaders you can trust. welcome back. we made to it number 19 of 30, tory. let's see the deal. >> i love these. they're from kevia. macrame bracelets. all of them are adjustable.
8:44 am
surrounded by these pave crystals. unbelievable deal. normally $56. they're slashed by a whopping 68%. $18 and free shipping. on yahoo!. and all that brought to you by walgreens. oh, i like them. they're good. more coming up. >> yeah. more coming up. >> number 20 soon. michael? >> thank you, ginger. i'm here now with haley atwell. fans love you as agent carter. >> yes. >> and now you're taking on a big role in the abc series "conviction," as a former first daughter who is blackmailed into taking a job. >> she is. and i play an american, which is different for audiences to hear
8:45 am
the american accent. there's a word i have trouble with. i can never say in an american accent. it's murderer. being in a legal procedural is guaranteed to feature at least once in every episode. i keep on going murderer. try to do it in an english accent. >> i can barely do the american accent. i can't say words with the letter "s." it's very tough for me, too. but i'm excited for you. you're great on this show. you're doing it justice. murderer. i understand what yosa you can get away with that with me. your co-star, eddie cahill, you two spar a lot. >> yes, we do. >> sit like that when you're -- >> when we're on-set and waiting for cameras, we play banana grams. we keep the level of competition up because, in the scenes with eddie, it's like psychological warfare. we're playing mental chess all the time. we have to keep the energy up backstage. we play pranks. we tease each other. you have to have fun with it,
8:46 am
>> on "captain america, civil war," chris evans, your co-star, he sent you stuff from the set. something about your funeral? >> he texted me going, we're -- we're filming your funeral today. there's a picture of me they made to look older. he's like, i totally still would. you're really hot. and then he was like, and you've got a great turnout. i felt they gave peggy a good sendoff. he kept the -- the obituary for me, the mp it was all very sweet. >> that's a sweet friend to keep your obituary to give to you. what a great guy chris evans is. your character is compared to olivia pope from "scandal." but you say -- you don't have a tv. you don't watch tv? >> i don't have a telly, as we call it in england. a telly. so i watch things years later. i'm only just finishing "six
8:47 am
it takes me awhile to catch up. i'm a bit slow. >> well, let me tell you this. you're great at your job. >> thank you. >> you really are. watch yourself some time. in "conviction." it premieres monday night at 10:00, 9:00 central here on abc. check it out. and coming up, a deal right now on "gma's" instagram acc ou scalpel. i have no idea what i'm doing. i'm just a tv doctor. i never went to college. (scream)
8:48 am
i can do more than just look the part. is that a foot? we are the tv doctors of america. and we're partnering with cigna to help save lives. by getting you to a real doctor for an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health. doctor poses.
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we don't want to waste any time. ten more to go. >> ten more. we partnered with all of these vendors to bring you these amazing deals. starting with kelvin. this is deal 21. this is the all-in-one tool. this is for the person who, you know, doesn't think that they need tools around the house but does. screwdriver, bottle opener, corkscrew. utility knife. normally $50. slashed in half, 25 bucks. every home needs one. >> boom.
8:50 am
a big assortment of cutlery, flatwear. flatware. normally, the sets start at $38. slashing all of them by at least 61%. $15 to 20 bucks. one of my favorite companies, moon and lowell. robin's ride. you pick the color. like the old-fashioned hotel key. the color of the acrylic. a name, a phrase, a date. whatever is important to you. you're going to get to create your own. such a fun gift. these are slashed in half, 17 to 19 bucks. really fun. roma boots. we love roma boots because for every pair sold, they give away a pair to a child living in poverty. >> i know, i know. >> we have the short style. the tall style. more on the website. in all women's sizes. starting at $87. slashed by 53%. $41 to $42. >> keep going. keep going.
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work again. these are from kings of cole. we have leather elbow patches here. superhot sequins here. i love the skull in sequins. sequins are so hot. there's a variety of styles to choose from. normally $68. these are slashed by a whopping 62%. $24 to $26. thank you, guys. all right. keeping in the personalized. we love that around here. from lisa stewart. these are leather bracelets. you can put any word, date, whatever matters to you. big assortment of leather to choose from. >> grateful. oh. >> so many options on these. normally $65. these are slashed by 63%. so $24. >> my new little niece. >> i know, i know. sabatino. i have to keep talking while you like that. this is the deluxe truffle set. three different bottles that you're getting. salt, zest, honey. karen made this to show us what you can use.
8:52 am
popcorn, pasta, cheese. you name it. so fabulous. normally $59. for the trio. they're slashed by 51%. a "gma" favorite. snack bags. wet bags. these are great for car seats or the dirty shopping carts in the grocery store. $10 to $50. slashed in half. 5 to 25 bucks. lara wears these all the time. these gorgeous hand-beadeder rings, necklaces. these pieces start at $32. everything is slashed by 57%. $13 to $21. we're ending number 30 with a feast, a feast from southern comfort. so southern comfort. who doesn't love some southern culture. oh, my gosh, i said southern comfort. it's southern culture. fried chicken. waffle mixes. pancake mixes.
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[ cheers and applause ] but wait. there's more. we have a surprise for our audience here in times square. drum roll please. [ drum roll ] everyone here is going home with some of these goodies. [ cheers and applause ] ? [ cheers and applause ] good morning. i'm christopher sign. smile for camera but don't red a red light in chandler.
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a selfie. photo enforcement cameras will be activated. the locations include alma school and ray. violators will only get a warning until the 31st. a couple ended up in the canal and nobody injured but the boyfriend was taken into custody. the diamondbacks are taking the field for the last time. sunday is fan appreciation day. and the team is giving away prizes and offering discounts on souvenir and food. know that we're keeping an eye on desert doppler. all is clear this morning. we have mostly clear skies and there's a 10% chance of a shower or a a thunderstorm through the afternoon. drying out this evening and cry
8:58 am
chances lingering through the weekend. check out the temperatures. we'll warm into the 90s this afternoon with more partly cloudy skies through the afternoon. average high is 95. so we're right around there today. phoenix up to 96. 70s and 80s up to the north. check out the weekend forecast. highs in the mid-90s through the weekend. and by next week a cooldown on the way. highs in the 80s by then. >> i call that station forecast. 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. have a wonderful weekend. coming up at 9:00 on sonoran living. we have the master of
8:59 am
9:00 am
coming up today on sonoran living, you know with fall here that also means so is the busy holiday season. how you can make the season happen yourself without having to run all er >> and we've all heard of oktoberfest. what about bark to beer fest -- bark tober fest. >> only on live tv. [barking] >> and doesn't this look like an oil painting? it's not. it's right here in beautiful arizona. most of us will never


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