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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  October 2, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm MST

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following breaking news in peoria. an infant is dead after possibly being left in a car for hours. this happened near an apartment complex in peori a and 80. we're learning that neighbors tried to step in to help. >> reporter: that's right, a neighbor tells me she tried to perform cpr on the infant but
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the infant not breathing died at the hospital. now police are investigating how this happened. peoria police are having this car towed away, the -- >> my kids came down and said this baby needs help. i ran and attempted to do cpr but no success. >> reporter: it's unknown how long the baby was inside the car alone or what the two care giver were doing. >> the baby was already inside
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i attempted to do cpr but it didn't work. >> the baby was only 5 months old, too young to die. >> reporter: the care givers are being questioned by police. the exact relationship of the caretakers to the infant is unclear. reporting in peoria, cervantes. tonight police telling us a driver who crashed into a truck admitted to using drugs and alcohol. abc15's chris grove joining us live in this one. what else can you tell us in this. >> we're learning even more information. new information that just came across our e-mail account just moments ago. we know the name of the 6-year- old boy who passed after the
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interception. they're saying the 6-year-old is a boy tyreke jenkins. and that he was the victim after being thrown from the bed of a truck after two trucks collided. he was in the bed of that truck with two other siblings. but the driver of the other truck, he is because he admittedded to police that he was drunk and high. there were three children traveling in the bed of that truck at time of the collision. police are telling us that that's not against the law. that those three children being in the bed of a truck even though that they were unrestrained that that is not against the law. what is against the law is for godinez to admit to and be high and drunk at the time of this accident. all of this new information
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year-old driver of that truck godinez has again been charged with a dui and manslaughter and that he's been booked in those charges and that he's currently in jail at this time. >> chris, thanks so much. right now phoenix police on the hunt for someone who shot a person. this just comes into the newsroom an hour ago. police say the victim had bullet wound. and a memorial for a woman who's body was found in a swamp.
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investigators several days to identify the body. highs topping out at 86. that happening shortly after midnight. we were in the 70s and low 80s all afternoon. had those gloomy skies this morning. but you can see what happens as we went through the sunset and into the evening. those skies began to clear and we did have a very nice sunset out there. not after the rain fell across much of the valley. .28 of an inch falling in cape creek. near a half an inch in mesa. .43 there. and .8 of an inch lighter amounts there in the west valley and glen dale. as you look outside with me. desert doppler pretty quiet. a cold front is on the way. i'll let you know what that means. a search tonight for a
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accident. that victim suffering broken bones but alone tonight. the driver may have been in a small white hatch back style vehicle. if you know anything. call the maricopa sheriff's office. adot tells us the southbound road shut down because of a wrong way crash in that area. no word on whether anyone was hurt in this one. have you seen this video. the driver of a hummer pulled over for allegedly got busted with a bunch of weapons. phoenix police took that driver away in handcuffs. we're steut waiting for details to be released. -- we're still waiting for details to be released.
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surveillance video. two people climb through a locked window and get away with $2,000 in items. there's a sketch of the guy in the surveillance video. we're told he could be behind a string of robberies all in this area. take a good look at your screen. the search continues for the two people who held up a that are store with a gun. a viewer sending us photos of the scene in tempe. police say the suspects an african american man and woman no injuries reported. developing news out of hoboken new jersey. turns out a data recorder inside the train that crashed was not working. officials are still trying to find a second recorder to find out what happened in the crash. a car almost folded around a tree. amazingly the pregnant woman behind the wheel walked away
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check out the scene there, you can see the car wrapped around the tree trunk. the woman telling police she hydroplaned, and falling down an enbankment. the presidential candidates spent the weekend trying to reach voters more than ever. it's a crucial time. hillary clinton sat in charlotte at a church there. at one point clinton hugging the 9-year-old who tearfully addressed city council last week. meanwhile it's all about donald trump's taxes for him. the new york times obtaining tax documents that revealed trump claimed a loss of $900 million in 1995 potentially setting up years without paying federal income tax.
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trump himself tweeting, i know our complex tax laws better than anyone who has ever run for president. and am the only one who can fix them. maybe not the answer you would expect when talking about infidelity. rudy giuliani was asked if it was appropriate for him to criticize bill and hillary clinton. and giuliani speaking out. >> infidelities. >> everybody does. i'm a roman catholic and i have confessed those infidelities to my priest. i have put people in jail for sexual abuse. i don't participate in that.
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my personal life. the vps take the stage for the national debate. tomorrow is the first of a handful of free and open q & a sessions all because of an issue you'll be voting on. the secretary of state office putting on some town hauls. -- town ha information on our website. the cards not only lose to the rams they lose their quarterback. >> this one, this one is going to sting for a while. it can't sting for too long. they have another division game in four days. we're getting ahead of ourselves. hr?erts talk about the big take aways from today's games. turn overs, carson palmer and another sluggish start in offense. they still have yet to score a single point this season in the
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to tie the game. they also turn the ball over 10 times today. one interception by carter. the big story of the day, carson palmer sacked, he's in the nfl concussion protocall. minnesota falls to the rams 17- 14 they drop season. we don't have time to dwell on this one. we only have time to watch the film. so, we'll be at work at 8:00 in the morning trying to get better and get a win. the sky is not falling for us. i'm sure it is for a bunch of the fans. and i'm disappointed to say but we have a game thursday night. >> it feels like the sky is
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>> i hear a lot of fans in the valley hitting that panic button. >> we thought this was a must win. was this a message to trump. his newest hotel gets graffiti but it's the words that catch everybody's attention.
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police keeping their eyes wide open. they want to know who spray painted graffiti at donald trump's newly opened hotel. the pallets coverrering you have the graffiti which read, black lives matter and no justice no peace. white lives matter gathered
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they had a message for an organization inside the office building behind them. they say the antidefamation group has failed to name the black lives matter a hate group. the exchange of words and signs lasted for several hours. residents saw this protest over two weeks. one riots. on some nights a curfew and state of emergency declared. those in the area say they saw an 80% loss in business. store owners say they're happy to get going again and they're working to rebuild the city's
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was the last time all three starting quarterbacks in the state of arizona went down on the same weekend? you can't make this stuff up. the injury bug alive and well. manny's leg gets tangled up on the take down. he leaves the game and does not retu. my humble nondoctoral opinion, this doesn't look like much. today's big news, carson palmer knock ed of the game in the fourth quarter with a concussion. it looks like it'll be the drew stanton show come thursday night against the niners. >> i think the preparation and everything will take care of itself. you get ready to play mentally and do all those things.
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especially somebody in my role. you have to be able to go in there and have success and that didn't happen today. >> yeah, those were a couple of drive throughs they want back. >> one weekend, four quarterbacks. >> we're going to send them positive vibes because they need them right now. just like we need cooler temps. >> you got it. how about tomorrow. outside today it was gorgeous out there. we had the gloomy skies this morning. we had heavy rainfall in some areas. take a look at this picture that peter sent in. you can see at sunset, just beautiful skies out there. finally seeing some peaks of blue sky right before the sunset. if you have photos, videos you want to share. share them with us. quiet in the valley. still have a couple of those spotty showers to the north along i17 to the south of camp ver de.
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still have some moderate showers. a few of those spotty showers in hebert. over all rain chances even out east are going to be making a change. 73 in deer valley and chandler you're currently comeing in at 73. 9miles per hour at the airport. and just at 2 miles per out of that southeasterly direction at luke air force base. that changes tomorrow. cold front is going to swing through and a storm system to our north kicks winds up again statewide. so we start out tomorrow morning. pretty light with those winds around five to 24 hours. wind speeds sustained winds kicking up.
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kicking up. with gusts near 40 to 45 miles per hour across the high country tomorrow. all part of the storm system that will be moving to the east. the cold front moves through. showers and thunderstorms will move in tomorrow. sunny skies in the forecast. breezes here in the valley. we could see a few gusts near 20 miles per hour as well. overnight lows tonight will be pretty nice. in the 60s valley wide. in the 80s tomorrow. well below average temperatures about 10 degrees below average. 84 in mesa. here's a look across the state. 51 in flagstaff. 62 in kingman. you hit the 90s tonight you'll be in the 60s lake havisu. the cold front is going to be keeping all of us cooler as we
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morning low temperatures and sun valley spots in the mid- 60s. a few breezes as we warm back up heading into the end of the workweek. olivia pope based off smith is consulting crisis expert. turning purple in the valley, we're not talking about the sunset. a lighting to raise awareness for a very important cause. that time of year again.
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the arizona state capital dome is about to go purple to mark domestic violence awareness month. in 2016, arizona h cases of domestic violence deaths. you can catch the dome lighting tomorrow. also home depot selling purple lightbulbs at all locations. you're encouraged to light up your house in purple. the arizona state fair kicking off on friday. arizona 15 is helping you save
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website and if you bring four nonperishable news items for st. mary's food bank the, we can guarantee you will keep
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listen to this, almost half the state's teaching physicians are now vacant. the mesa school district the hardest district in the state right now. >> reporter: school administrators tell you it's only going to get worse.
10:27 pm
just aren't there. >> i did not see this problem getting better. the problem is lagging for us for four years. we need high school students right now to decide this is a wonderful professions. >> teachers without the teaching ser certificate but working toward them. many of them have certificates in other careers. it's definitely one of the most rewarding careers. in mesa, mary ellen resendes. finding life in the middle of tragedy. we're learning more about
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we're following a tragic story. a 6 -month-old baby has died
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it's not likely known how long the baby was left in the car. when first responders arrived the baby was not breathing and died at the hospital. police say the caretakers are in custody tonight. tonight a phoenix family is mourning after a 6-year-old boy is killed after an accident right here on 40th street and broadway. that boy's name just released by phoenix police. he is 6- jeins. he's the victim in the accident. there is one in jail. the driver of the other truck german godinez has been charged with dui and manslaughter after admitting to police that he was both high and drunk but also showing signs of impairment. driving behind the wheel early around 10:30 this morning. this story is still developing. as new information comes owl we'll -- comes out, we'll be
10:32 pm
claimed the life of a mason man, neighbors coming together to help the family after this tragedy. abc15's raquel cervantes has the story. people are dropping off anything a family may need a loved one was lost. people stop by the car where the fire claimed the life of 53- year-old neighbor kerry jordan put up a sign so people would know how to help. >> as soon as we put them up. we had people stopping like this and getting out of the car in the rain. >> reporter: car after car stopped to get a flier with information on a donation site online. when the flames went up in flames three people rushed to make it out. >> how do you get out of the
10:33 pm
that? you just run. >> reporter: she says the family is in shock, they need support as well as emotional support. take a look at this. a monster storm about to tear through the caribbean. people of jamaica bracing for hurricane matthew. a category four righ sustained winds at 175 miles per hour. the u.s. weather service saying it's the strongest hurricane in the atlantic since 2007. heavy rains already hitting the island of haiti and cuba and preparing for the powerful storm. a lot going on with this system that we continue to watch here. it's the latest on matthew right now. still sitting south of cuba. sustained winds 144. gusts 23. continues to move north
10:34 pm
not going to lose a lot of this strength. it remains a category four storm. makes a little bit of a turn. still going to be a very strong system. you can see this track gets a little broader as we get into thursday and friday and continues up the east coast as a category two hurricane even as we wrap up the week we'll be talking about this storm more as we go through the week. more on our forecast in >> we'll watch for it laura, thank you. this weekend a precious 6- year-old shot at an elementary school in south carolina has passed away. always so hard to hear for the parents to lose their little children. this is jacob's mother rene. she said we can all learn from jacob. he was a big fan of school, and super heros. >> he said i have a secret. i said what is that baby. he said i have super powers.
10:35 pm
and at night when you and dad are sleeping, i go out and save the town. and that's what i believe he's doing right now. >> a teacher and another student are recovering. the gunman responsible for this is 14 years old. they are among our most vulnerable. children dealing with crippling illnesses. finding mental health care does ross jones shows us how kids around the nation are in a mental health crisis and a lot of hospitals are running out of room. >> i'll never forget it we were there. it was like eight days. and finally they found a bed. >> reporter: the hospital bed erica saura needed was her son who she rushed to the hospital
10:36 pm
wrists. what happened was called boarding. when patients are forced to wait because there's no emergency rooms instead they languish in emergency departments for hour, days, maybe weeks. if they leave, their forested -- forced to start again. >> it is day eight. if i take him out i will lose his place in line. places are so limited for a 5- year-old. >> he was hurting her brothers. one day she ran for the scissors as she was saying she was going to cut her wrists. >> reporter: the goodbaines took her daughter to two
10:37 pm
-- room. >> every day dr. bryce is in the front lines of a loses battle. >> that's just not right. it's inhumane and unsafe. they're not getting the help they need and it makes me angry. >> reporter: children are falling victim to an overtaxed system. we surveyed hundreds of hospitals and mental health facilities. of those that responded 88% reported referring children to other facilities in 2015 because they couldn't treat them. but the numbers of the story. >> honey, i just want the doctors to see how sick you are. >> reporter: this cell phone video captured bid a mother in the midwest was shot when her 12-year-old son was boarding at home after a hospital told her it would be days maybe even weeks before they would get room. >> okay, okay i love you. >> reporter: nationwide the number of state mental health
10:38 pm
by 2010 fewer than 50,000 remain. according to a most recent survey. 43 states saw more reduction in hospital beds. angela kimball is the director of mental alliance in children. >> we don't have the health services that would help avoid >> reporter: leaving some to wait months just for an appointment. >> if we didn't have that kind of treatment that's needed for cancer. we would be astonished and we would be appalled. not so for mental health. >> reporter: here in washington, there's one piece of legislation that could lead to some help. congressman tim murphy's bill aims to add more psychiatric beds. it passed the house in july but today it's stuck in the senate. for script news, i'm ron jones.
10:39 pm
of this. a hospital in rhode island has found a way to reduce the wait time in half. that story and more on this investigation. go to our website search for incrisis, out of room. turning to sports four weeks ago many of us thought the cardinals would be 3-1 or 4- 0 this time of the season. but boy have things changed. the cardinals sitt place. nothing more important than the health of carson palmer. he got up and was feeling loopy. we won't know until tomorrow but it's a concern with a game on thursday night. nearly two quarters without a touchdown. they turn the ball over two
10:40 pm
one by johnson. the cards fall 22-14. >> something would go wrong. losing some of our leaders, great players and leaders on our team. >> i'm hungry. the quicker we can get to that game the better. i'm happy for the short turn around nobody cares other than our room. who's in sometimes that's a galvanizing force and it will be with our guys. >> we hope they get back to the winning track. >> we hope carson is well too. >> we won't know until tomorrow. hoping the cardinals are going to be there but little going to be there but little monsters overjoycing because
10:41 pm
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and probably not as important as for the cardinals. carson palmer he's in the concussion protocall. clearly this is video from our sideline photographer. you can see carson get up here and he's woozy. i mean he's just slap happy coming out. he can't walk straight. look at that. >> it's not good. when arian goes into the press room and says the sky is not falling. there's no reason to panic. although some cardinal fans he and rightfully so. they lost three out their last five games, two of which at home. you lose two of your eight home games already? your first division opponent you lose to. carson palmer the fun touchdown. one interception one fumble. we don't know when he'll be back. >> even healthy he doesn't look
10:44 pm
going to back him up is drew stanton. stanton came out and threw two interceptions and almost had a third. >> and they said they have confidence. if we cold only see this guy back with the victory. wait a minute he it was pitiful. >> 37 yards. how do you have confidence in him he's going to be your starter. >> it's one those that i really wish we could see palmer. we did see what their back up quarterback could do and it wasn't great. >> that leads us to this. that's it is the short week now. they play sunday and now they play thursday night in san francisco. short week. you have three days.
10:45 pm
francisco on wednesday. >> you can say the 49ers are bad. they always play the cardinals in santa clara. it's always a tough game. the fact that it's a nationally televised game without their starter most likely. looks highly unlikely. it's going to be tough. i don't even want to say it. but can you imagine? >> no. >> we've been down this road before. two 1-3 teams we went to buffalo and got obliterated by the bills. the san francisco 49ers aren't world beaters but you never know because like you said they always play the cardinals tough up there. >> it's one of those we hate to say that cliche must win game. you have to win and it's not going to be easy. we're going gaga for this year's super bowl performer. that's all set for february
10:46 pm
row the super bowl has featured an appearance for lady gaga. she sang the national anthem as super bowl l. you actually got to see her sing that time. i feel like hearing her voice is amazing. and all the other songs, i want to see what she wears. >> definitely going to be a great show. had a couple of runs at thunder. hard to get out of bed a little bit. >> yeah stayed in bed >> and this was earlier this morning as that rain started to move in. we started out in the west valley and moved into the east valley. quiet here at this hour. you see spotty showers continue out by 17 toward flag staff down toward right around the sedona area. we get to the east and we still have right showers moving toward the mountains. tucson had some rain but all of those showers off to the east
10:47 pm
air to take over. that moving in from the last cold front getting ready to push into the state. that brings keeler temperatures for tomorrow for most of the state. today we'll keep those 80s in the forecast for tomorrow. storm system continues to move to the east. backside oaf that keeps the winds and forecast not only for the valley but statewide. you notice we wo?pblt see -- we won't see much from the thunderstorms. it's more about the winds and temperatures drop tomorrow. gusting to near 20 miles per hour. add that westerly direction here in the valley. southwest at 15 to 25 miles per hour. gusts will be stronger there between 25 and 40 miles per hour. still have some of those gusts at this hour. it'll be breezy all day long.
10:48 pm
72 right now in kingman. 71 in page. 60s in flagstaff. 42 in flagstaff. highs tomorrow in the 60s for the high country where we have 90s today those mid-80s for afternoon highs under sunny skies this evening. back up to 80 tomorrow. scottsdale will hit 85. guadalupe 85 as well. 85 tomorrow in glen dale and tollison will go into the 80s. a little bit warmer thursday. a little bit warmer thursday and saturday. back with morning lows in the 50s.
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the arizona diamondbacks wrapping up the season against the san diego padres. it was the kind of finish you might expect to an other wise
10:52 pm
for the cellar. the d backs sweep the padres to start the season with three straight wins. the phoenix mercury needing a window to expand their. gerosi holding it to one point. mia moore leads arizona with 20 points. the lin sue a 17-11 win over the europeans. bryan moore the final player picked for the taepb picks the
10:53 pm
gin of victory since 1989. >> i'm so proud to be a part of the team. i'm so proud to know these guys to experience it together.
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10:56 pm
and that video went viral. so jordan sift was granted with a $10,000 scholarship from the university of north texas and an early admittance to school. obviously she has plenty of time to figure out what she's going to study. also a little old lady from st. louis missouri got taken away in a police car. look at her. oh my gosh. so no she's not actually in she wanted to check something off her bucket list. eddie sims is 101 years old. has never set foot in a police car until today. as we saw there she had the handcuffs and all. she wanted to make it look as real as possible for checking that item off her list. so cute. how about tacos and
10:57 pm
cup partnering with the station tacos. if you're really brave and you love tacos, the new person to get a taco design cut into the hair will get a free vip ticket that's worth $100. the so whoever is brave enough. >> wow. >> taco design. >> i'm all over that. taco and haircuts count me in. >> if you're going to cut your hair you might as >> can i get a churro design. >> go ahead. in the valley you're at 22 miles per hour. in the 80s tuesday, wednesday. we could see some upper 50s across the valley tuesday and
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welcome to "the race". i am mike sacks. let's get you caught up on what has been happening this week. the fallout from monday night's debate dominated this week and it wasn't good for donald trump. he all but admitted he pays no federal income tax when clinton asked him why he didn't release some. >> they showed that he didn't pay any income tax. he said back in 2006, i hope it does collapse because then i can go in and buy some and make some money.


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