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tv   ABC15 News at 430AM  ABC  October 6, 2016 4:30am-5:01am MST

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breaking news. the hunt is on to find three armed robbery suspects. if they are caught with -- was there loot worth the trouble? bracing for hurricane matthew. millions of people evacuate. next. a three digit phone call that could save your home if it is on fire. who is paying these firefighters to protect the lives under your roof? we found some bad apples in one town leaving thousands of dollars unpaid. good morning. >> we have to talk about hurricane matthew. >> very concerning with millions of people being evacuated.
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forecast. as your heading out we are talking temperatures a little milder than they were the last few mornings. upper 60s right now. we have high clouds but dry conditions. by this afternoon more passing clouds with temperatures back up to 90 this afternoon. we will keep getting warmer from here forward and we have to talk about rain chances by the weekend. i will have those details in the latest on the track a few minutes. a walk down the street turns into a run in order for a man to save his own life. this happened this morning at 51st avenue. and osborne. the guy was walking down this corner win three men approached , demanded his cell phone. one of those suspects had a gun. the victim handed over his phone and took off running.
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that suspect did. the good thing is the victim was not struck by the bullets. the suspects continued running away in the opposite direction. they brought in k-9 units and could not find him. no suspect description. we have some video of phoenix police making their final arrest in a murder from more than a month ago. officers swarmed to the area near 61st avenue. and thomas road. we are not sure why she was cuffed but that concept want -- september 1 25-year-old man was playing a card game and suspects forced their way in with semi automatic guns. officers say he was shot while the suspects took guns and drugs. three other people were arrested last friday. they are still in jail. in indian school a man was hit by a semi-. the cute
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we don't know why the man was walking along the road. dps telling us the semi was headed northbound when it struck the 24-year-old. as soon as we get an update we will let you know the latest. a new director faced with an old problem. there is a crisis at the va and the issues at the phoenix veterans affairs hospital is not improving. rima and nesson started this week and officials say phoenix is way understaffed. there's a new watchdog report out saying waits for appointments may have contributed to a another phoenix veterans death. >> if i was her i would look at the number one issue that plagues the phoenix va, the wait time and figure out the cause of that. if people are ken tribbett into the problem or are misinformed about how the process works they need to go. >> several years ago scheduling was tied to other deadly delays in care in
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conversation. four days left to register to vote for the upcoming election. if you're in tempe there is a slight change in voting locations after the wrong information went out on some cards last week. the mayor is now calling out county officials. >> no one notified as they were eliminating a polling site. more importantly, it's our neighborhood polling site. it covers two precincts. >> earlier this month county recorder helen purcell moved long-standing polling place. the change was made so late the address was already printed and sent to voters. now county officials say they will staff that old ballot place on november 8. students taking action with a strong message for the governor. they are demanding better funding for public schools. they will hold a walk in a travis high school to make sure the message is heard. it starts at 7:00 until school
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scheduled at more than 2000 public schools in 200 cities. a mandatory feature protect your houma. for some people in paradise valley they say the firefighting fee is getting ignored. >> you owe $1600 in fire fees that you haven't paid. . >> that is the reaction we got when we asked one homeowner why he wasn't paying a $40 per month fee. the top three so- called deadbeats have a pay their fees in more than three years and more than 100 homeowners are behind on the bill, causing the town thousands of dollars. the town can take property orders to court to get the bills paid. today show last chance to give feedback on the south mountain freeway construction project that has been the center of controversy for months. amid claims of the gila river indian community at the land is sacred. adot hosting his final public meeting tonight at 6:00 at
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>> valley or the northeast valley here's your chance to learn more about potential flooding problems tonight's public meeting centers around the drainage plan. it starts at 6:00 at sunrise middle school in scottsdale. the last time a study was done for this area was back in 1978. >> to the weather alert everybody is talking about. it is impacting millions of people. we have team coverage on hurricane matthew. christopher is at the . iris is tracking this storms destructive path. >> your friends, family, they may be stuck on the road trying to evacuate. >> many have been through a hurricane and know what they're dealing with. this storm just slammed right into these towns, topping 115 miles an hour. this damage in haiti. it is said to be catastrophic. >> we're just seeing some of
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this is the strongest atlantic storm in more than a decade. >> yesterday told you it was downgraded to a category three. now it is expected to strengthen back up to a category four storm before it comes very close to florida's east coast. nearly 1600 flights are already canceled through friday. these are the departures out of miami. it matters because is going to have a nationwide ripple effect. these planes are on specific routes therefore if they're not going to route a to get to route to be going to skip over to route see. these planes, is going to be a complete mess. we have live coverage right now from melbourne florida. let's talk about what the weather situation is there right now. >> reporter: we have seen very strong wind now that the sun is
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of rain and very strong wind just came through. we will probably see -- more frequently as the day goes on. people are taking hurricane matthew very seriously here in florida. right now matthew is forecast to move very close to the east coast of the florida peninsula tonight. any slight movement further west could land a direct hit right here. with that folks here are gearing up for hurricane force wind all along the area tonight and into tomorrow and the tropical storm force wind arriving later today. power outages along the florida coast are almost a guarantee as the storm is at its strongest. another major concern along the coast are the storm surges expected to be anywhere from 1- 8 beach. many people are not taking chances and evacuating inland. we have already seen several gas stations running out of fuel
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things like bottled water were told this could be the largest evacuation in florida state history. we are live in melbourne florida . back to you. all eyes on hurricane matthew. right now a category three hurricane as it moves through the bahamas. still producing wind gusts as high as 155 miles an hour. the sustained wind up near 130 miles an hour. this will continue to track to the north an looks like it is going to re- strengthen into a category four hurricane in a few hours, by about 11:00. as it remains a category four it will skirt right by the coast of florida and, close enough so folks along the east coast are going to feel -- category four strength winds. sustained wind upwards of 113 miles an hour, gusts even stronger. the storm remains a category
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to a category two hurricane. still strong and coming along the coast of georgia and the carolinas. after that a little uncertainty on the track but it could work its way back around. we will keep a close eye on that. florida today is looking to get very heavy rainfall and strong wind moving in. while we watch the system we are also watching changes at home. today to start the day degrees. we have warmer weather and rain chances to talk about in the valley forecast. as far as the roads, nothing to worry about on the freeways. in seven minutes desert drive time for i-17 drivers heading southbound from the stack to you hit the i-10 split. on the i-10 at 67th avenue. a little bit busier but no problems. we had crashed earlier at
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we will have a closer look at the e. valley dr. in a few minutes. bad news for workers in scottsdale. their waking up to learn their facility is shutting down and they are out of a job. speaking of jobs, working the night shift could mean more medical issues. now -- of you burning the midnight oil can mark one
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welcome back. 69 degrees. look at this. this is a live look from the caribbean. you can see the strong wind in that area and the east coast and florida, so many people bracing for the impact of hurricane matthew. we will have much more coverage of that in a few minutes. first, valley red cross volunteers are taking action and pitching in. matthew is about to make
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two emergency response vehicles full of water, food and supplies. they say one of these units can actually feed a few hundred people. there will be a big need. it was supposed to be the next big thing in blood tests. now the health company their noses closing facilities nationwide and cutting their workforce by 40%. the company's ceo announcing it in an open letter. this includes the facility in scottsdale. 340 workers are impacted by this. you may recall last year an investigation found the company was not using its innovative methods of testing blood because that system turned out to not be reliable. walgreens then cut ties in june. accusations of corruption, misuse of funds and an fbi investigation and an apparent suicide of a top official.
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television show, this is an investigation. i just reposted this on my facebook page. the pima county sheriff's office coming under fire. the fbi currently investigating . check this out. this investigation you will want to buckle up for because it is big and has implication in our state. speaking of investigations, at the live desk we are expecting an update on that ball attack minnesota. i brought this to us breaking news last month. the fb now saying it is officially investigating this as a possible act of terror. 10 people were wounded. . that that is the suspect right here. he was shot and killed by an off-duty police officer. you have kids. no parent can ever imagine the pain and heartache of losing a child. it's a group no one ever wants to be a part of. the family of jacob hall, who
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playing at recess in south carolina, are getting comfort and support from someone who knows their pain all too well. the mother of one of the sandy hook elementary victims just penned an open letter to jacob's mom. it came out the same day as jacobs superhero themed funeral. she says jacob did not die alone. dylan died in this -- in the eyes -- arms of the special education assistant who also died trying to protect him. both of the boys were exactly where they were meant to when they were shot. >> tough to hear. there is a battle in washington. our nation's capital over the grand canyon. arizona senators have written a letter to the department of agriculture for reports on a possible monument being built. it is likely president obama could designate 1.7 million acres for that monument, which the senators oppose. they claim it would ban uranium mining and hurt for setting efforts within park boundaries. working the right -- the
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for host of medical problems. apparently breast cancer isn't one of them. a new study says women who work the night shift were not more likely to get breast cancer. previous research had shown higher breast cancer risk in animals so researchers did more digging to find that translated to humans. apparently, they are now saying that's not the case. new developments in a groundbreaking medical procedure. doctors and texas have now conducted four uterus transplants using live donors. unfortunately, three of those poor blood flow. doctors are waiting to see if the fourth patient will be able to have a baby. if she does she will become the first american woman to do so with a transplanted uterus. time for the most accurate forecast. we are sitting at a mild 69 degrees. i say mild because the last few mornings we have been in the 50s and low 60s to start the day. a little more mild to start the
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sunrise at 6:26. i want you to notice that we don't have this many 50s across the valley. we have plenty of low 60s. deer valley will walk out the door to temperatures around 63. 62 in peoria. mesa 63. ahwatukee 64. another warm one today. yesterday degrees. i think today we will see a repeat of that with temperatures warming through the morning, into the upper 70s by 10 am. we should be in the 80s before lunchtime. right around 11:00 with mid-80s by noon. today's high up to 90. we saw high clouds yesterday evening and you will see some high clouds through the day
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the bulk of the clouds will be off to the south. mostly sunny skies today. looking at a dry forecast. the forecast looking to stay dry over the next few days. we are tracking some changes. a disturbance developing to the southwest will bring in more moisture and higher humidity by the end of the week and eventually we have rain chances going out for the valley forecast and rain chances across today looking at a dry day with high clouds. tomorrow another dry day and it won't be until saturday we start to see clouds thicken up and rain chances increasing. a 30% chance of rain for the valley and the high country. lingering rain chances into sunday and then drying out heading into late sunday and
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today upper 80s to low 90s across the valley under mostly clear skies. the year -- the 30 year average is 92. 90 today in phoenix. upper 80s and casagrande. 60s and 70s across northern arizona. 90 today. tomorrow warmer. we will stay in the low 90s for the weekend by early next week we will warm into the mid-to upper 90s. some warmer days heading our way today. still below average. afternoon planner in minutes. the good news is we don't have any crashes on the freeways. i want to focus on the east valley. 60s looking great with no problems. maybe you're having on loop 202 santana, about a 12 minute desert drive time starting out -- near kiro worked until you hit i-10. even 10 in east
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maybe some slowing near the stack. we will take a look at that in the next traffic check. i'm watching several live feeds coming in as matthew eyes the east coast. this is concerning for millions of americans. just in is at sky harbor working on another story. no delays out of sky harbor right now. his name was synonymous with football. johnny manziel, known as johnny football. trying to get back in the league. what team might be willing to take that guy. facebook messenger has finished rolling out its new encryption feature that will keep chats private. there is a catch. >> it turns out and two and encryption is not a default feature which means users will have to activate it manually for every conversation. the militaries getting
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h2, more than 6.5 feet tall and 7 feet wide. with hydrogen fuel cell is so quite the suv can run in stealth mode. you're looking at one more big step towards sending paying passengers to space. private company blue origin has successfully tested an emergency escape capsule. >> the rocket reached the edge of space, plunged back to earth, reignited its engine and carefully landed 2 miles from the launchpad. .
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the race to see who will put people on mars first, boeing in space x battling it out to call -- to colonize red planet. boeing is working with nasa to build a rocket which they hope to have a by 2030. meantime, space x has plans for a rocket and a self-sustaining city on mars. we are down one quarterback for the cardinals. what about johnny manziel? i don't think so. johnny manziel actually has a four-game suspension that is
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does any team really want him? the one time heisman trophy winner is up for grabs. he has a lot of legal trouble though. it would be surprising to see johnny football get another chance. he has had domestic violence charges as well as courtroom troubles. once they were over the nfl would have to punish him for that. a lot of baggage with johnny manziel. >> it was an artery where i got hit. it damaged the artery and caused the bleed. >> angels pitcher matt shoemaker back on his feet afte line drive. he is now speaking only to the morning america about that frightening injury in the recovery process and his possible return to the mound. we have a few more 90s in the forecast today. i will show you how quickly we get there with the hour by hour forecast next. we are on the scene of two different robberies that happened this morning. one involving shots fired. we will take you to the scene. do clown lives matter? this is no joke.
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this guy needs to be caught. take a good look. this suspected rapist is on the street and could strike again. get out now. officials in florida not taking any chances as hurricane matthew heads towards the east coast after battle -- battering islands in the caribbean.
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right now but that could change starting today. -- are on time right now but that could change starting today. i will tell you why scar -- sky harbor is shutting down one of its runways. the beautiful weather is so nice. >> today almost a repeat. we will see a few more high clouds. -- high clouds passing through throughout the day today. still a gorgeous day. just as warm as yesterday. temperatures right now starting out at 68. mid-80s by noon. today's high up to 90. that is a repeat of yesterday's high. that still puts us below average . warm but dry with high clouds . we have rain chances in the seven-day forecast. let's have a look of the freeways. they look nice and light from


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