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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  October 6, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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...i'm free on black forest ham day. there's a subway? $3.50 sub of the day to help you remember life's important days. ...we got married in june... ...on tuna day. every day a different $3.50 six-inch sub every day of the week. every sub contains no artificial flavors. at just $3.50, it's a great sub at a great price. her name is teri... ...she was born on sweet onion chicken teriyaki day. the $3.50 sub of the day every day of the week... at subway?. c1 evacuate, evacuate, evacuate. >> bracing for impact the deadly force of hurricane matthew expected to reach southern florida within the next hour. the storms had to be the size of arizona. 1-1/2 million people asked to evacuate florida. althoughlorida is first,
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for what's next. president obama just declaring an emergency in georgia to free up federal aid there and electricity has been knock out to tens of thousands of people up and down florida's coastline. >> here's the hour by hour projections. this is going to be a major hurricane for at least the next 24 hours. we're going to be breaking in throughout this newscast and we have live reports from florida that's coming up in just minutes. a thief steals more than just jewelry and credit cards from a house. he kills the this is the guy police believe did it. caught on surveillance video after using one of those stolen cards. >> reporter: they are hoping
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will help catch him. >> reporter: she was on the defense three days ago. >> she definitely confronted this person. and she died fighting the good fight. >> reporter: on september 19th, perry muller says he came home to find his house ransacked. >> we started calling for our dog and the house was eeriely quiet. we walked outside and found that she had been shot and killed. >> reporter: pol man who did it is seen in this surveillance video. pulling up on the parking lot of this wal-mart using the credit card he stole from the house even acknowledging the greeter on his way out. muller says he hopes that people are watching tonight. >> he's definitely dangerous. anything that can be done to take him off the streets before he can do it again would be helpful. >> reporter: now a silent witness reward is being offered in this case.
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in. it looks to be case close in this case. we now have the mug shot. phoenix pd working hard to get these guys off the street. they're accused in the robbery and murder of a hooka bar. our cameras the only ones there rolling as that fourth person was arrested last night. a story that will make you look up tonight. maybe even do some of your inspections. a chandler family finding a hidden camera and recording system right in their home. >> reporter: the guest bathroom in an air-conditioning vent. the family actually found it when they're trying to get more
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and the family had been renting the home for four years. >> i have two girls that use this bathroom and seeing the camera really shocked me. >> it wasn't running or anything like that. so it was definitely disconnected but you could tell that someone left it there. >> reporter: he also found a camera mount in the master bathroom. so who left it there? police checked the footage on the dvr and found more than thousand videos from 2011 and 2012. they saw several victims using the toilet, showering, grooming, but they also caught the man adjusting the camera. >> he never came back. >> reporter: he left the camera and recording system when he moved out leaving this renter shaking but offering up advice.
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inspect everywhere. check attics before you move in especially if you have family. mecklenburg is out of jail but a judge ordered him to stay away from his family's current home and that rental home. he's a father, a neighbor and now add accused arsonist to the list. the bomb shell arrest of thomas leper jr. it stunned a neighborhood where he lives. leper allegedly told police he has uncontrollable urges to set fires. he admitted to setting an abandoned home on fire and his own fence on fire. >> you would hope that was not true, but real life is stranger than fiction. what could possibly be so wrong about a bottle of hair spray? well a lot if you use it to set your exboyfriend's clothes on fire. that's exactly what phoenix police say julian wooster did.
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ex's coach. texted that he would never see his kids again. thankfully those kids were found safe. things are picking up along florida's coast as h -- hurricane matthew gets closer. >> we have completely lost power in this area. 123,000 just in this immediate area. we want to show you the winds above us. we're in a sheltered these palm trees are already leaning toward us. we're beginning to see the height of hurricane matthew. and what kind of punch it's really going to pack. here in vero beach this was expected to be ground zero. if there was going to be a direct hit it was going to be here. the eye of the storm has shifted back to the east.
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people living in this area may not see the 130-mile an hour gusts that category four storm could bring. that's the good news but we are still seeing hurricane force winds here in vero beach. it's only going to continue throughout much of the night. live in vero beach florida, i'm todd walker. 16 arizona volunteers are helping those affected by the hurricane in florida and the southeast coast. tomorrow morning two more volunteers will drive an emergency response vehicle from phoenix all the the red cross also stressing the importance of blood donations. since they've had to cancel blood drives in the path of the storm. >> hurricane matthew clocked at 140-miles-per-hour. what do winds that strong actually feel like? >> we're just seeing right now the brunt of the storm territory. 75-miles-an-hour. >> reporter: the gma doing that demonstration a few years back. as you saw there that was only
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hurricane is producing and he's barely able to keep standing. new video meantime from jacksonville where the rains coming down and causing problems for drivers. as you look at that we're learning of an unfortunate problem emerging in florida. businesses price gouging, gas stations, hotels you name it charging double, triple sometimes even more. many times this is illegal. so florida launched a hot line so anyone can report this kind of behavior. >> despite the warnings not everybody is leaving. vanilla ice ee to ride out this storm in his palm beach home. he's pretty much been tweeting his experience. the trick was to try to leave before the weather started to turn. the valley people we talked with were able to do just that. >> it was scary because we didn't know where it was going to hit. we didn't want to get stuck there and be without electricity for a week plus
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did. it was important for us to get home and out of that and back to the heat. >> reporter: vacationers in arizona from florida said they're happy to miss the storm but worry about what might happen to their home. sky harbor closed the north runway today for construction work on terminal three. it's going to stay that way through november sixth. flights in the early morning and evening could run as much as 30 minutes late. laura thomas with a closer look now at matthew's path. the danger of this going away any time soon. >> it's not. we still have a couple more days of this. but right now still tracking the storm as it moves off to the northwest. here's the latest radar imagine, very heavy rain now moving in right around the melbourne area. as we put this into motion you'll be able to see just to
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they are beginning to see those hurricane force winds there along the coast. we continue to track this as a category four storm. by tomorrow late morning, hopefully beginning to some what come down in category here at 3:00. but watch what happens as we continue to track this storm. up into the carolinas as a two then it becomes a tropical storm as it trys to circle back around. it could potentially move back into florida so we're going to be watching that as >> laura, more new video coming in from south palm beach. traffic lights down in that area. university of florida postponing its college football game against lsu on saturday. and the miami dolphins game is also in limbo. a must win tonight for our cards on thursday night football. they were in search of a san francisco treat. jason they won't leave disappointed. >> this was a delicious san francisco treat. they needed it. first road win of the season for the cardinals.
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step up tonight and they did just that. the biggest question mark moving in drew stanton in three years. stanton hooks up with larry fitzgerald for not one but two touchdowns on the night. as fitz continues his ridiculous dominance against the 49ers. no player in nfl history has scored more touchdowns against the niners than larry fitzgerald. 33-21 the final but this was far from a one or two man show. we give you the three main take aways and hear from fitz after the break. two high school seniors suspended for clowning around on campus. one brought a scary clown mask to school, the other put it on and ran into a hall way and scared a girl. friends tell us the boys were suspended for nine days which many call too harsh.
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ridiculous. a nine day suspension over a mask. everyone break it is whole dress code. that was ridiculous. >> in light of all the clown threats, they are taking incidents like these very seriously. they're asking parents to chat with their kids and explain the consequences. get your act together. >> only on abc15 at 10:00. a new mail mess in the valley. what's missing in a mesa neighborhood. >> plus why the fbi is now investigateing the sheriff's department in
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more breaking news in the valley. this is a three car accident. at last check police told us trains might be delayed because of this. the person hurt in that crash is said to be in serious
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excitement. tonight the disney world theme park are anything but the happiest place in the world right now. they're pretty much ghost towns because of hurricane matthew. all of the parks closed through tomorrow. possibly longer to wait out the storm. in many cases, disney asking familys to wait until monday to call for a refund. donald trump and hillary clinton moving their stops in florida. >> we wanted to send our all of the people and prayers to the millions in the path of what's now known as hurricane matthew. >> clinton not making appearances today but she did send her well wishes on twitter. clinton also pulling ads on the weather channel because sources are saying that the campaign didn't want to seem as being trying to capitalize on the storm. red and blue seem like are
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for the presidential campaign. donald trump is at 42%, hillary clinton at46%. analysts are calling this a toss up. the exact number not even close to the 81% touted by the department using a different method. the fbi launching an investigation. rico money comes from criminal busts and it's only supposed to be used to fight crime. the fbi is looking at the claims that pcsd bankrolled
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rico money or appropriations of funds. were there mistakes made in the procurement process? yes, there were. and i've corrected those. >> our sister station in tucson obtained ledgers dating back to 2009 and 2010. showing tens of thousands of dollars of rico funds moved from the general fund to the sheriff's sav accounts. things bought include tuxedo, flowers, entertainment equipment. chief of staff brad gangpen being investigated. she was found dead outside her home. her death being called
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focusing in on this problem spot. bundles of mail sitting on top of boxes never delivered. >> reporter: nobody would leave their credit cards or personal information just sitting around. so why is the mail delivery service doing just that. >> they don't seem to get the idea that mail is be in the box. >> reporter: tom sidner says this has happened 10 times in the last year. >> this happens on thursday only. when the relief woman is working. she gets the mail from that side, goes to that side then she forgets about this side. >> reporter: the the neighbors have had to pick up where the usps is leaving out. passing out parcels to each other. >> well they left the mail on top of the mailbox again. >> did they really.
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a complaint in person. >> i went to the postoffice to try to talk to the postmaster. the supervisor wouldn't let me talk to her. he said he would handle it. >> so we also asked the u.s. stal service they told us this. the mesa postoffice has been in contact with this customer this afternoon regarding the issue to apologize for the inconvenience. the postoffice is also taking steps to ensure this will not happen again. tom's response. >> get your act together. >> have a mail complaint. we're taking to help you fix it. you can fill out the form or look up the postoffice and deliver the complaint in person. we have a link on complain about the weather. >> you can complain about that. just go out and get the mail and say, it's really nice. >> gorgeous out there today. we did hit the 90 mark again so it's pretty warm. that's about right for this
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take a look. fair kicking off tomorrow going to be a nice one. we do have some rain chances coming up in the forecast. we'll be talking about that. 83 right now. 43% humidity. dewpoints are in the 30s and wind speeds are pretty lighted. and in chandler you're sitting at 82. as well we look at the broader perspective. right now sedona you have we have 40s in flagstaff. 55 in window rock. 70s bull head city. yuma sitting at 83. dewpoint temperatures still pretty dry across the state tonight as you're sitting in the teens and 20s north. we have had a little bit of moisture. upper level moisture return down across south central arizona that's where we find that still streaming in. we will be watching a disturbance that will be moving in from the south as well. here is where these clouds have
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thunderstorms. those chances go up slightly tomorrow as we get ready for our next disturbance to move in. 10% chance with a lingering chance for sunday. mostly that time frame is looking best in the morning. here's your fair weather weekend forecast. slight chance in the morning. i'm going to say right now best time frame is going to be about 5:00 a.m. to noon but we'l watch that hour by hour as we go through the next couple of days. we'll also see a few breezes saturday. a nice forecast coming up sunday if you want to get out to the fair. fair winds, about a 10% chance of a lingering shower early sunday morning. 30s tonight across the high country. the coldest spot on the map will be window rock. 86 in globe. overnight lows tonight in the valley will be back in the 60s.
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afternoon. gilbert you're be at 94. glendale a 96. light rain chances then monday we're headed back into the upper 90s. hopefully we'll stay out of those triple digits. morning lows in the 70s. so much more fun and jason you're so much more pleasant to be around when the win. >> you know, the sports office seems to be a little grouchy when the cardinals lose. fortunately the short losing skid has james p. walsh: to keep our community safe - we need a sheriff who will put fighting violent crime ahead of his own political agenda. paul penzone has been a decorated crime-fighter for over 20 years. a police officer, undercover investigator, and dea task force agent of the year.
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ug kingpins behind bars, and created award-winning programs that protect our community. paul penzone...
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well they did what they needed to do. it wasn't perfect. our main take away is johnson runs all over the nineers
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d.j. has over 100 yards from scrimmage but how about that defense. they came to play tonight in santa clara. forced three turn overs and sacked the quarterback seven times. love it. and last but certain. >> brian: not least in his first start in two years, drew stanton throws for two touchdowns. but more importantly no interceptions. did not turn the ball over. that earned him some praise from one larry fitzgerald. >> dude did a good job stepping in. i don't think anybody pressed. being able to get the 1-3 is encouraging. >> the guys believe on themselves, you see guys on special teams making plays. it wasn't just one group making plays. everybody put their name in the pile.
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taking place today. three homers all in the third inning. boston is able to make it a 1- run game in the eighth but the indians pull it off in the final frame. after the afternoon game this one was not close. blue jays and rangers and the home crowd did not feel comfortable after game one in this series. the visiting jays in the first-inning. 10-1 the full-time. of course the nlds starts up
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. com has been arrested. this after it was found that trafficking victims had been forced into prostitution on the site. according to new research out of spain they found owls scored higher on intelligence tests than early risers. especially when it came to conductive reasoning where people tend to earn higher incomes. you can say i will sleep when i die. bon jovi has announced they're performing in the valley. mark your calendars for march 4th.
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>> one last look at our weather forcast. tomorrow we're getting a little warmer out there. we're heading back into the 90s back into the average. we'll see a little more cloud cover. very isolated rainfall late tomorrow night. 30% chance of rain saturday. we'll have a few breezes. keep those 90s and upper 90s hopefully we'll stay out of the 100s next monday. >> we're going to leave you
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dicky: >> guillermo:. >> jimmy: >> jimmy:. it's ?jimmy kimmel l? tonight, martin lawrence from ?westworld?, luke hemsworth this week in unnecessary censorship and music from gary clark jr. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: thank you. >> jimmy: thank you. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming.


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