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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  October 9, 2016 7:00am-8:00am MST

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good morning, america. this morning under attack. donald trump facing a firestorm of criticism. >> and it is a terrible situation. i'm serious. it is. >> from top republicans, his vice president presidential running mate. even his own wife the nominee lose ing endorsemen, and facing calls to step aside, also lampooned on tv. >> i'm deeply -- >> are you trying to say apologized. >> no, i would never do that. >> this morning trump saying he's still in the race. >> are you staying in the race? >> 100%. >> with fans gathering to support him can he overcome this scandal comes hours before his second face-off with hillary clinton? we have team coverage ahead of
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debate. also right now, matthew's wrath. record-breaking flooding in north carolina. evidence of nature's fury. >> i raised my kids here. took my heart out. done. >> the death toll climbing. >> you guys okay? >> sections of south carolina and georgia still under water. >> we're responding as a whole community, and unified in the effort. >> and surveying the damage of part this storm where the big cleanup begins. now this morning, we have complete coverage as we take to the hardest hit areas. and as we say good morning on this sunday we are in the midst of what might be the wildest weekend and what has been the most unpredictable presidential race in memory.
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deba debate. it's a town hall style debate. there's the stage in st. louis and donald trump is dealing with the gravest crisis in his brief by fiery political career. >> trump greeted supporters outside of trump tower in new york city saying he's never dropping out of the race but he is facing on outright revolt within his own party. they're rebuking their nominee, withdrawing endorsements and some calling on him to get out of the race. >> all of this of course, after the release of that 11-year-old video tape in which trump can be heard making lewd comments about our powerhouse political team is covering all the angles. george is standing by. we're going to kick things off with abc's tom llamas who is outside trump tower in new york city. good morning to you tom. >> reporter: good morning to you dan. this should have been a week of debate prep. instead trump tower turned into a war room with trump campaign trying to figure out how to deal with this political disaster and trump himself deciding to go after bill clinton. this morning with his campaign
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to the debate as his best chance for survival. >> are you staying in the race? >> 100%. >> in damage control for most of the weekend, the republican nominee emerged from trump tower saturday with his fist raised, mobbed by supporters, defiant of the scandal that's rocked his campaign. that 2005 recording surfacing on friday showing trump bragging about sexually assaulting women. >> grab them by the [ bleep ]. i would do anything. >> trump tweeting saturday i will never drop out of the race and telling "the new york times," i am in this until the end. friend and advisory rudy giuliani echoing that. >> there is nothing going to cause his dropping out. >> those comments 11 years ago. >> i moved on her like a [ bleep ]. >> his apology friday. >> i was wrong and i apologize. >> as well as a statement from melania trump calling the crude conversation unacceptable and offensive.
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nancy o'dell as the married woman trump was talking about hitting on in the gibeginning o the recording. >> she was married. >> entertainment tonight releasing a statement reading in part no female, no person should be the subject of such crass comments whether or not cameras are rolling and a series of interviews with howard stern also resurfacing on saturday. the conversation including stern calling trump's daughter, ivanka -- >> by the way, your daughter >> she is beautiful. >> can i say this? a piece of [ bleep ]. >> and comments on the size of her breasts. >> she looks more voluptuous than ever. >> trump's counter offense turning to focus on hillary clinton's husband. >> bill clinton has abused women and hillary has bullied, attacked, shamed and intimidated his victims. >> trump retweeting, a clinton
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speak louder than words, donald trump said bad things, hillary clinton threatened me after bill clinton raped me. clinton denied those allegations and no criminal charges were pursued against the former president. right now, things are very ugly in this race, and they may get worse at the debate tonight. donald trump leaves this afternoon for st. louis. his team had a strategy in place for this town hall style debate. it's unclear how much practice they got in. paula. >> the playbook might look different tonight. tom, thank you. trump's comments eliciting a myriad of reactions from his parties. good morning cecilia. she joins us from st. louis just outside the debate hall. >> reporter: good morning to you just as hillary clinton and donald trump are set to face off here. the republican nominee is now facing the political test of a lifetime. all six female republican senators are now denouncing his comments, and that is just the beginning. this morning so many republicans have so much to say about their
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is very nice. a who's who, the biggest most powerful names in the gop, now blasting donald trump. >> step aside. step down. >> from senators and representatives to current and former governors, former presidential candidates. former vice presidential candidates. conservative pundits. >> nobody's going to defend this. >> reporter: rivals, even allies unified in denouncing trump's comments, using words like locker room garbage, reprehensible, unacceptable. a new low, disgusting, demeaning, vile, disqualifying, inexcusable. the list goes on and on. >> there is a bit of an elephant in the room. and it is a troubling situation, i'm serious, it is. >> speaker paul ryan saying he is sickened. >> reporter: others rescinding their support altogether, like
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vote for donald trump. some going even further, calling for trump to drop out. former secretary of state condoleezza rice writing enough, donald trump should not be president, he should withdraw. his own running mate ignoring questions. >> governor, should mr. trump withdraw? >> reporter: mike pence, instead, releasing a statement saying he was offended by trump, and saying, quote, i do not condone his remarks and cannot defend them. while pouncing vice president joe biden. the words are demeaning. such behavior is an abuse of power, it's not lewd, it's sexual assault. as "snl" gave its own take of what clinton's reaction might have been to trump's words. ? >> no official comment yet from hillary clinton. her campaign however is reacting on twitter, calling those comments horrific, saying that,
7:08 am
to become president. we are told by aides she will be bli bringing this up here tonight. >> i imagine that will be so. thank you very much. for more let's get it out to abc's chief white house correspondent. jon we have republicans calling for trump to get out. two-part question here. any chance you think he'll do that and what happens if he does? is there a plan in place to deal with this kind of scenario? >> reporter: well, trump has been adamant and the people around him have been adamant there is no way he is going to drop out of this race. that said, dan, i mean, anybody's guess. the fact that it's even discussed as a possibility in october that the republican nominee could be dropping out is absolutely incredible. but no indication from the campaign itself that is even under consideration with trump's inner circle. as for what would happen, dan, it would be a complete disaster because, you know, the republican party could in theory come together.
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republican national committee. they can come together and choose another nominee. but here's the problem. in a dozen states, people have already started voting, and in many other states, absentee ballots have started going out. those ballots have donald trump's name on it. there's no mechanism for going back and dealing with how you would count those vote votes, here's the other very interesting thing is the clinton campaign would be the first to switcheroo at this point. the voting has already happened, the republicans have waited too long. there's no option for changing. >> you're inside the debate hall. trump is signaling his strategy tonight is going to be to attack bill clinton. do you think that's likely to be successful? >> reporter: i think it's highly risky strategy and a lot of the people who are still supporting donald trump think it would be a mistake. if you look at the -- how intimate this setting is by the way, dan. there are 40 chairs there
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they are right next to the -- this is a town hall debate. this is a very different dynamic. i think it would be very difficult for donald trump to suddenly go intensely personal, intensely negative in such an intimate setting. of course, once again, it's anybody's guess what he does. >> jon carl we appreciate your analysis on a huge sunday morning. paula. >> ana navarro is a vocal opponent of donald trump and worked on the campaign of jeb bush and i spoke with her moments ago about this nes controversy and why the access hollywood tapes are just being uncovered now. >> ana, good morning. thanks for joining us. you have been calling on trump to step down. we have been talking all morning. there's no mechanism in place to get somebody on the ballad this
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trump, refuses to step down. what is the solution? >> we have to figure it out as we go along. the turn of events over the last 24 hours have been down right amazing and surreal. there are ballads already out there, states already voting, military ballads are out there. in florida, ballots are being mailed out as well. it is very difficult. if donald trump insists on staying on this ballot, there are going to be people that vote for him. and folks are going to have to do a write-in campaign or at other alternatives. >> let's talk about the debate tonight. the moment many are anticipating. will trump go after bill clinton's indiscretions and the claim that he raped a woman four years ago and hillary clinton threatened her. do you think this is the right strategy for trump to go after that? >> of course not. a man is under attack right now because he's been revealed as a misogynist because his lewd remarks have been made public for the entire country and entire world to hear should not
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it is going down the gutter. at this point, you know, respect the office you're running for. respect the people of america. stick to the issues. that being said, i'm not sure donald trump can restrain himself. when he's got very few other options, the man counterpunches. and attacks wildly, thrashes about like a shark who smells water -- blood in the water. i would not be surprised if he goes there because at this point, what does he have to lose? what is he going to talk about? and we've seen he has used that bill clint statements and his response and video statement trying to respond to this situation that developed in the last 36 hours. >> well the debate is just hours away. ana, enjoy the debate tonight. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> one more very important voice on this, abc news news george stephanopoulos who will be hosting the coverage, and leading our coverage on the
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discussed. do you think there's a chance donald trump will drop out? and if he does, how does that go? >> how many different ways can you say we've never seen anything like this before? that's what's happening again in this campaign right now. completely unchartered waters. everything we're hearing from donald trump is defiance. he's never going to get out 1,000%. here's what to watch for though in the coming days that will determine that. number one is debate performance. if he doest stop that bleeding the people that you're going to want to watch the response are reince priebus, paul ryan, mitch mcconnell. republican leader in the senate. so far, they have not said they would not vote for trump and they have not taken away their endorsements. if tonight is a disaster watch for them to say we're not behind trump anymore and the flood gates will open. at that point that also is going to put pressure on mike pence. there are a group of republicans right now trying to convince mike pence to temporarily resign
7:14 am
force donald trump to step aside. there's some hope even though all the difficulties are real. some hope among republicans if they can get somebody else at the top of the ticket, they can stand against their losses in the senate and house. are there more tapes out there? very likely he spent a lot of time on television from the apprentice or somewhere else. and finally, no polls coming out over the course of the next week as we get within 25, 30 days of if they show trump down by digits that can create that kind of pressure. this is donald trump who knows what he will do? >> it might be a series of october surprises. we have seen the speaker of the house, paul ryan, stand by him, but distancing himself. do you anticipate him to dump trump? >> i think they're giving him one more chance. he's gone as far as he can by saying he's not going to vote for him. but he clearly in his own words is sickened by this. i think he will move in lockstep with the chair of the gop reince
7:15 am
>> george. thank you. you have a big show on "this week". >> and george will be leading the coverage from our entire political team starting at 9:00 eastern. thanks again. we're going to switch gears and move onto the other story. hurricane matthew, which has been downgraded to a post-tropical storm, been disrupted. >> while the carolina coast is feeling the impacts and has killed 15 people, rob marciano joins us with the latest from charleston. hi, rob. >> reporter: hi. the virginia and carolina coastline all feeling the impacts right now. this storm making landfall just about 40 miles northeast of here and doing damage here in charleston. still a ghost town here.
7:16 am
little bit later on today. there is still a cross, and 14 bridges closed, and is tomorrow, schools are likely to be closed. this engulfed this entire part of the city, and we talk about the fatalities. 3 of 4 fatalities come from freshwater flooding inland and that's what we saw in the last 20 hours upstate. overnight, rescue crews in north carolina working around the clock, responding to more than 500 emergency calls and executing 141 swift water rescues. words underwater. hurricane matthew dumping over 15 inches of rain over the state. triggering widespread flooding and a state of emergency. >> stay off the roads. stay in your house. bunker up. >> reporter: in fayetteville,
7:17 am
rescuers pulling this woman and her baby to safety. >> oh, come on, sweety. >> reporter: while others evacuated by boats. over 2 million people along the coast still without power. in south carolina, these strong waves ripping apart the pier in myrtle beach. the most dangerous part of the storm, the surge. even 12 hours after the storm hit, parts of this city are still swamped. downtown turned into rivers. it gets deeper as you get closer to the rivers. if you are not in the highest part of the city, you're underwater. national guard moving in. the effects of this monstrous storm, moving in. and the carolinas down through georgia. the hurricane bringing a record
7:18 am
water breaching the city. forcing a close on interstate 95. and intense rainfall falling across north carolina and virginia. let's get right to how much rainfall we think has fallen, and in many cases across multiple states. over a foot, and you see the estimates of florence up to fayetteville where flash flooding has occurred, and is on the rise. now out of the zone, and we thought matthew wouldn't impractimpact, and that's north carolina. it is stretching up into new england. winds are cretin creating a sto surge, and big deal. look at virginia beach, gusting 79 miles per hour, and matthew, still creating problems across the east coast. that's a check on what's going on nationally.
7:19 am
good sunday morning. nice and clear and sunny conditions not a cloud in the sky. humidity at 36%. the winds are picking up a little bit here. here's the most forecast. we'll spend a lot of the morning in the 70s and by noon 90 degrees. that's coming off the high today of 96. ning. >> reporter: i want to give you a ens sense of what's going on. the win has been booming here for the past probably seven hours, and as you have noted,
7:20 am
matthew, but it's still poundsipounding this part of north carolina. power is out for 600 people here in north carolina and in the outer barngs. about two or three hours ago. now, this is my third hurricane in this spot in five years and have never seen the water pile up this high this fast. i want you to take a look down this street. it is a river as far as the eye can see and that is what is so dangerous here. the only vehicles we have seen out here this morning are rescue vehicles flying up and here. it's still a very dangerous situation. one of the things that's made it so problematic is that north carolina has gotten saturated with rain over the past couple of weeks and in 20 inches on top of that plus the storm surge over the past 24 hours makes for a very fatal situation, that's why we have had five fatalities and flash floods here. rob.
7:21 am
the california desert, three officers shot, two fatally. we have breaking details. >> plus the second presidential debate. what can donald trump do to right the ship with the scan dan rocking his campaign? we have pros coming up with their analysis. keep it here on "gma" on a busy, busy sunday morning. we'll be right back. i'll call you back. is this my car? state farm knows that for every one of those moments... there's one of these... sam, i gotta go... is this my car? what? this is ridiculous! this can't be happening! this can't be happening! oh, it's happening sweetheart. oh, it's happening sweetheart. shut up! shut up! that's why state farm is there, what a day... with car insurance, for when things go wrong. but also here with car loans, to help life go right. state farm. what a day!! man: i accept i'm not the deep sea fisherman i was.
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this. is. everything.. 7:27 today. we're looking good here with fair weathered clouds hanging around. the temperatures aren't bad here, 76 in mesa here.
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glendale. let's look at the doppler. we saw rain and lightning in some places yesterday. we could see rain in to the mountains here. 96 for the high and monday.
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welcome back to "good morning america" on an unusual welcome back to "good morning america" on an unusually busy sunday morning. >> yeah, we have got much more ahead this morning. the latest controversy involving donald trump and his comments to "access hollywood" 11 years impact tonight's presidential debate. we want to go back to hurricane matthew. the powerful storm downgraded and leaving behind extensive damage in the south. >> it's going to be days, if not, weeks before areas will have power. the hardest hit regions is northeast florida where matthew hit a category 3 while it marched up the coastline. abc's eva pilgrim rode out the storm in st. augustine. good morning, eva. >> reporter: the destruction here is just heartbreaking.
7:31 am
family's living room to their fireplace. everything inside gone. mangled water damaged homes and businesses now littered the northeast florida coastline. >> took my heart out. i raised my kids here. took my heart out. it's done. >> reporter: once beach front homes along the water now resting on stilts. the storm scooping the land beneath them and propping this boat up on a destroyed dock. further inland downed trees splitting homes in half, taking out the roo this popular local restaurant, a complete loss. >> i've had kids working for me 10, 12, 14 years, and they are all out of jobs. >> reporter: those anxious for a chance to see their homes. traffic backed up as far as the eye can see for the bridges. to get to the hardest hit of areas. the first look inside bringing relief for some. >> it's not bad, right? >> not bad at all. >> reporter: but for others, complete devastation. homes like this one destroyed.
7:32 am
matthew's powerful winds. the roof of this apartment peeled off, exposing beams and water-logged insulation. all this debris you see behind me, this was the road, the only road to these houses. dan and paula. >> thank you. we want to go back to rob who is in charleston. rob, if this storm landed just a few miles to the west, would we be talking about entire cities wiped out? >> reporter: no question. i mean, you know, we talked abou when it goes parallel to the coastline how par his it could be. a left turn would have hit florida so hard. words can't even describe. for those who say this storm was over, i say, look at haiti, look at florida and all of the millions of people without power. now what's going on in north carolina you think that was overhyped. i question your passion for your fellow man. let's get off the soapbox and
7:33 am
from africa, and we have been watching for two weeks. over ten days ago it got into the caribbean and exploded in a category 5 and made a right turn into haiti. 25 miles off the coastline. it was 25 miles farther to the left, we would be talking about a whole other mess. okay, we're so glad that you and the rest of the team are safe. 78 now >> reporter: this weather report is brought to you by mazda. that's the latest from charleston, south carolina where the sun is coming up as the city picks up the pieces. back to you guys in new york. >> rob, thank you very much. we appreciate it. a lot of other news. ron claiborne. >> good morning, dan and paula.
7:34 am
of california after a standoff with police. the man suspected of killing two palm springs police officers and injuring another overnight surrendered and is in police custody. 26-year-old john felix. officer jose vega, 35 year- veteran was set to retire in december, and officer leslie zerebny, were gunned down by responding disturbance call at the suspect's father's home. a third officer was injured in that -- wounded in that incident. a commuter train with 600 passengers derailed on long island in new york injuring 29 people and shutting down the rail line. long island railroad officials the 12-car train hit a work train and derailed. 11 people were treated in local hospitals. none were life-threatening. the white house is
7:35 am
strike that killed more than 140 people in yemen. an official with the u.s. national security council say the air strike could jeopardize american aid that is backing yemen's oust. during that country's civil war. a boat rescue pulling 30 people out of the water at the vessel capsized off the pier. in the city's fisherman area. rescuers throwing life vests into the water. 8 people taken to the hospital, 2 in critical condition including a 5-year-old child found unconscious and given cpr. and he's back. he being patriots' new england quarterback, tom brady, who was returning from his four-game suspension for his role in the deflate-gate dustup. brady takes the field later today as the pats play the cleveland browns in cleveland. he calls this his revenge tour. he will be a man on a mission. >> don't want to be the browns today. >> finally 44 couples took part in this year's north american
7:36 am
a fun event. husbands carried, and in some cases, staggered and dropped their wives as they ran through an obstacle course. first prize, get this. 11 cases of beer and $365. that was the winning wife's weight in beer. plus five times her weight in cash. >> were they allowed to drink the beer before their carried their wives? >> they were not supposed to but how are you going to stop them. >> i think they were drinking beer when whole idea. >> good point. >> my wife is constantly carrying me. >> she really is. >> yes. literally and metaphorically. >> and figuratively. thank you, ron. coming up, we have a deeper look at the political earthquake shaking the campaign of donald trump. >> how can it affect tonight's town hall debate with hillary clinton?
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as we've been saying all morning just hours away from the second presidential debate. that's the hall in st. louis. hillary clinton and donald trump facing off and hanging over all of this.
7:41 am
the new comments unearthed that trump made about women. >> joining us now the abc's political analyst matt dowd and political consultant stephanie cutter. you have advised republicans. and you have advised democrats. what is your advice for both candidates? >> steph. >> very different advice for both. for hillary clinton, i think that the case against donald trump couldn't be clearer. she needs to make a case for rs town hall settings are where he excels. for donald trump he has to be contrite. he has to show that he understands the gravity of what he's done. but also, he has to do what he hasn't done in any debate and show a little substance and an understanding of global affairs. what's happening in the world and be able to articulate what he wants to do with real substance. he's been devoid of that and in this setting it's critical. >> matt. >> for donald trump, advice i would give donald trump is not
7:42 am
which is going in there humbly, in a way of some humility that says euric i messed up and i'm not going to automatically blame somebody else for my messups. that's not what he is going to do. he's probably not. i think hillary clinton has to begin because the american public will see her as the probably president as we start moving forward, so i think she has to start acting like that in the course of this debate and start getting out of the tit for tat. and mitch more into, i'm going to be -- not say it, in a modest way, but begin to act like she is now the president. >> what does she do if trump does what he's promising to do which is to come in guns blazing on bill clinton's infidelities? >> i think she needs to act very disappointed, that this is the manner with which he's going. don't talk down to his voters order american public, but be a
7:43 am
>> the line michelle obama used, when they go low, we go high, there's never a better time for her to do that than tonight. >> don't take the bait. >> it's the stakes. the stakes could not be higher in this. they're usually high but with what happened in the last 48 hours, it couldn't be higher. >> for trump, his last support. wlast -- his last gasp. >> thank you both. we'll be watching tonight. george stephanopoulos is going to have much more on this explosive trump tape later this morning on "this week." his guests include dnc chair donna brazile. >> and george is going to lead our live coverage of the presidential debate which is co-moderated by our own martha raddatz. you can watch it starting at 9:00 eastern here. coming up on "gma," a young woman using a technology to make sure every kid feels not left out in school but left in.
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welcome back this welcome back this sunday morning. many have experienced the pains of bullying, lunch being the prime time for the torment to strike. one 16-year-old girl in california is empowering the bullied with an app to make the experience of school lunch far more welcoming. >> you're wearinsw >> the school cafeteria can be a tough place. >> you can't sit with us! >> reporter: just ask natalie hampton. >> i was bullied at my old school. >> reporter: so when she got the chance to change schools, she took it upon herself to find way to battle the bullies by creating a free lunch app
7:48 am
>> anyone who doesn't know who they can sit with or if they feel a little lost, they can open their phone and look at all the lunches and choose one to join. >> reporter: october is anti-bullying month, and disney is choosing kindness to raise awareness. hampton chatted with our partners at radio disney about plans to make lunch sweeter. >> if you spread kindness, it will come back to you. because this was my dream to bring it out in the world and so much good has come from that. i'm sitting here right now. that's all i could have asked for. >> adorable. if you search for "sit with us," you'll find it in the app's we love section of the app store where it's been featured for a second week in a row which is something that natalie and her team call a dream. that's really cool, so for more information on the abc disney choose kindness campaign which is running over the course of october anti-bullying month go to natalie, you are an inspiring young lady. >> that's amazing. i would vote for her for president. >> even an existing lunchroom. >> i remember when you were the
7:49 am
>> it can be intimidating. >> new kid on the block. you still don't let me sit with you. >> that's terrible. >> prefer that you not. >> guys. they were nice actually coming up on "pop news" the rolling stones rocking the desert in southern california. wait until you hear the nickname given to this music festival. rachel will have it. we'll be right back. ? (becky) i've seen such a change in einstein since he started eating the new beneful recipe. the number one ingredient in it is beef. tic! (becky) he's a very active dog. he never stops moving. he has enough energy to believe that he can jump high enough to catch a bird. it has real beef, grains, vegetables, and he loves it. well, we were coming for an interview... so he wanted to wear his tie. (einstein) it's my power tie. it gives me power. (vo) try new beneful originals with beef. now with real beef as the number one ingredient, healthful. flavorful. beneful. i'm claudine and i quit smoking with chantix. smoking's a monkey on my back.
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is "good morning america" is "good morning america" is brought to you by ihop. for the limited time the fall menu is back. >> time for "pop news." what you got? >> first up, bringing down the house last night on "saturday night live." the creator and former star of "hamilton" using his rapping skills taking
7:54 am
? i am not throwing away my shot ? ? i'll do it all tonight, take a swing, give me the ball tonight ? ? i got an emmy and a grammy ? ? what i really want is a personal cameo ? >> mad skills. reworking the boards to his musical song "my shot," also getting praise for his skits with the netflix show "stranger things." way to go. also get praise. >> incredible. he's a genius. >> i almost didn't recognize him though. he got a haircut. >> haircut, beard's gone. looking good. awesome job. a hot concert in the southern california desert. the first annual desert trip music festival, kicking off with bob dillon and the rolling
7:55 am
leading some with the old- old-chella. what a lineup. paul mccartney, neil young, roger waters, and the who tonight. >> i think it was the who who said i hope i die before i get old. >> that's right. >> how did that go for you? >> i mean -- >> old-chella is the new chella. >> it's a great chella to be a part new chella, what-evs. always nice to have a friend or two you can call on. >> i always call on dan. >> john found that out when he hosted good will hunting in new york city. ben affleck and matt damon showed up and won an oscar for writing the screen play back in the day, and they said, the characters they brought back to the big screen, and his wife came to be a part as well. >> i like them apples.
7:56 am
appreciate it. >> all right. biggs debate -- big debate right here tonight on abc. we'll see you soon. debate righ tonight on abc. we'll see you soon. good sunday morning to you, i'm allison rodriguez. here's a check of the morning headlines. what you need to know. one man is in the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries after a stabbing near 5th avenue and glendale -- 45th avenue and glendale. this was the scene there earlier. two friends got into an argument when one stabbed the other. the suspect is in custody. two people taken to the hospital this morning near 24th street and thomas after this bad crash.
7:57 am
total of five people. no word yet on what may have caused that. but we're continuing to and the questions this morning. dozens of firefighters called out to battle this blaze here in glendale near 43rd avenue and bethany home road. this is at a house. you see some of the thick smoke there coming from the back of that home. at least one person was there when it did start. we're still waiting to hear from glendale fire in anybody was hurt. -- if anybody was hurt. hey tomorrow is the last day to register to vote for the general election and there was a huge push in the valley yesterday. with one group registering 13,000 new people for november's election. early voting starts on wednesday. but again tomorrow is that registration deadline. the second presidential debate between hillary clinton and donald trump is tonight in st. louis. it will be a town hall style debate at washington university. that school spending about $5 million to host the event. and you won't want to miss a second of the -- miss a second of the action either. you can watch the debate right here on abc15 at 6:00 p.m.
7:58 am
that's right. 80 degrees right now. like outside, this is pretty nice, seeing fair weather clouds but for the most part it's looking good. we're nearing 80 degrees for the most part across the valley. winds out of the east northeast 12 miles per hour. and here's your most accurate forecast by the hour, we'll be in the 90s by noon. 95 is going to be the high today for most people across the valley. 96 tomorrow and 49 on tuesday and then look at this. spend it in the low to mid-90s for the rest of the week. for the rest of the week. >> that fork looking great
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> right now on "this week" with in george stephanopoulos. over the edge. >> anyone who knows me knows these words don't reflect who i am. >> hours away from the blockbuster debate rematch and donald trump not backing down after this explosive video. >> i did try and [ bleep ] her. she was married. when you're a star you can do anything. >> top republicans calling on trump to quit the race. will the gop abandon its own nominee? and has he finally gone too far? we talk to key trump adviser rudy giuliani and playing the blame game. >> bill clinton has abused women and hillary has bullied attacked shamed and ?intimidated his victims.


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