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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 11, 2016 4:00am-4:30am MST

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your life. making news in america this morning, a civil war in the republican party. why paul ryan says he's no longer defending donald trump and the poll that shows hillary clinton with a double-digit lead as she speaks to her biggest crowd yet. we're live with the latest. flooding emergency in the southeast. new videos showing neighborhoods under wa crest. plus, new hurricane watches posted this morning. and a columbus day protest turns violent overnight when the driver of a truck plows through a group of people. police are now investigating. and stealing the show. a mini trump gets on stage with the donald. and a good tuesday morning
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we begin with the battle for the white house getting nastier by the day, it seems as hillary clinton opens up a double-digit lead. >> that's saying a lot. that it's getting nastier. this poll shows clinton ahead by 11 points,-35 as donald trump slips in the poll warning his supporters that the election may be rigged. >> the poll was taken after the release of the 2005 recording in which trump is heard making lewd comments and bragging about groping women without their consent. as the unleashing a new threat and angelica spanos has more. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump looking to recover after a rough weekend. his 11-year-old comment made in that tape is creating controversy within the public party. some leaders unendorsing the candidate. donald trump on the campaign trail, warning that more attacks will come if more tapes emerge. >> if they want to release more
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things, we'll continue to talk about bill and hillary clinton doing inappropriate things. there are so many of them. >> reporter: trump is trying to tie hillary clinton to former president bill clinton's indiscretion. >> bill clinton sexually assaulted innocent women and hillary clinton attacked those women viciously. one of them said more viciously than he attacked them. >> reporter: clinton slammed trump for his crude comments in the tapes. >> he just doubled down on excuse that it's just locker room wanter. that is just a really weak excuse for behaving badly. and mistreating people. >> reporter: among a record crowd at ohio state university, she told voters they deserve better. >> your generation, the young people of america are the most tolerant, open and generous generation in american history. you know what's at stake but you
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>> reporter: the tape further divided republicans. speaker of the house paul ryan says he will no longer defend trump but instead defend the party's majority in congress. trump reacted in a tweet saying paul ryan should spend more time balancing the budget, rather than fighting him. and both candidates will be heading to the battleground state of florida today. trump is in panama city and clinton will head to miami where she's holding a rally with al gore. kendis, die. be on the road for her as well in north carolina. anjelica, thank you. the married woman mentioned by trump in that tape is addressing the vulgar comments for the first time talking about nancy o'dell and she denounced trump's disparaging words on her show last night. >> there is no room for objectification of women or for anyone that matter, not even in the locker room and as a mom, i have to add that our kids especially our young girls need
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their achieve many, their intelligence and heart are most important. >> former insiders, that is, from celebrity apprentice claim trump has been caught on camera saying far worse. mgm which now owns the footage says it cannot legally release it but didn't say why. another batch posted by wikileaks appears to show intense strategizing by hillary clinton's inner circle well before she announced her bid for the white house. 24er campaign chairman john podesta, and the aides were worried bill clinton's business dealings could hurt her hopes. in one an aide lashes out at chelsea calling her a spoiled brat kid and a weather alert for you, the island of bermuda is now under a hurricane watch. the storm named nicole is intensifying in the atlantic and is expected to become a hurricane yet again later on this week.
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bring 1-mile-an-hour winds to bermuda on thursday. the severe flooding left behind by hurricane matthew is throwing recovery efforts in particularly north carolina. this video captures what residents there are dealing with. houses surrounded with water, nearly up to the roof. the floodings have closed hundreds of roads including parts of interstate 95 and some rivers in the area aren't expected to crest until friday. abc's matt gutman is in the floo for this storm are in the billions of dollars and in this commercial district you can tell why. all of these businesses swamped but perhaps what's most astounding, the scope of this flooding, that water goes all the way back a mile and a half. >> more than a million people are still without power after that storm. at least 28 deaths from florida to virginia are now being blamed on matthew. the u.s. navy is in haiti trying to help residents there recover and rebuild after the
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efforts are being concentrated on haiti's southwest peninsula. the u.n. says 750,000 people in that region will need life-saving help throughout the end of the year. the death toll in haiti has already risen above a thousand and take a look at these new images just coming in. these are before and after shots of communities in haiti and you can see in them entire neighborhoods wiped out. >> quite dramatic and quite dramatic overseas. there is a plea from a humanitarian group to end the violence in syria. doctors who russia and the syrian government to stop the bombing in aleppo so it can reach the wounded and says there are only 35 doctors serving a population of nearly 300,000. meantime, there's this image. another young face of the conflict. this 4-year-old girl crying and calling for her dad after she was injured in a mortar strike. they were eventually reunited. then we're getting this haunting look of devastation there in aleppo. the images coming from a drone
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buildings reduced to rubble by air strikes and bombings more than 200 people have been killed since the latest offensive began nearly three weeks ago. and supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg released a new writings entitled "my own words" and katie couric sat down with her. one topic they discussed, the national anthem controversy. couric asked about the growing number of athletes following the lead of san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. >> would i arrest them for it, no. it's dumb and disrespectful. the same -- i would have the same answer if you asked me about flag burning. i said i think it's a terrible thing to do, but i wouldn't lock a person up for doing it. >> on the topic of donald trump, couric asked whether it would be constitutional to ban an entire religious group from entering the country. ginsburg said she couldn't
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possibility of coming before the court. a study shows what triples your chances of a heart attack. the government is telling people to power down their samsung note 7s. new offers from the company. a truck driving through a
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it started as a peaceful demonstration and ended in violence. they were blocking traffic during a columbus day parade and in this you can see a white pickup truck start moving
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and then the driver hits the gas. at least five were hurt in the incident. police haven't made any arrests. a kidnapped girl from florida expected to be reunited with her family after being rescued in tennessee. 4-year-old rebecca lewis was taken on saturday. hospital workers in memphis spotted her and her alleged abductor in a parking lot monday and called the cops. now, the former family friend identified as west hogs is expected to be charged with kidnapping rebecca. new this morning, a teacher strike has bn country's third largest school district. the chicago teachers union announced late last night it has reached a tentative contract agreement. the union and school district were negotiating through the long weekend. two ice cream recalls to tell you about. turkey hill pulling containers of dutch chocolate ice cream that actually contained rocky road made with eggs and nuts which could trigger certain food allergies. the 48-ounce packages have the correct rocky road lid but the actual container is mislabeled.
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states. and blue bell is recalling products made with cookie dough over fears of listeria contamination. it was produced by a company in iowa called aspen hills. that company was also involved in the recall last month of two blue bell flavors. when we come back, matthew 2k57b8ged coastlines in several states but unearthed a piece of history also. an emotional scene at fenway park as big papi walks off the field for the last time.
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and across the northern plains and midwest. federal regulators joined in the call for galaxy owner owner to shut off their phones. >> some caught fire and it seemed some of the new phones didn't solve the old problems either. here's abc's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: this morning, the replacement galaxy note 7, the phone that allegedly did this. >> i saw small red burst and then started to smoke. sizzle and burn. >> reporter: and t >> i saw smoke and i threw it on the floor. >> reporter: now the subject of a new government warning. regulators telling every galaxy note 7 owner even those carrying the new replacements to power down and stop using it immediately after reports of five fires in the new replacement devices and samsung echoing the warning telling this emto stop sales and exchanges while the company investigates.
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through my head. what if my son or daughter were playing with it. what if it was in my pocket. >> reporter: rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. the carriers say if you own it, you can exchange for a different model and some carriers are offering refunds altogether. a california hiker recovering this morning after an encounter with not just one but two bears. the man was in the angeles national forest when he encountered a bear on the track. as he began backing away from that bear another one attacked him. >> at that time he did not see a second bear off to his left who came up and started attacking him. he was able to fight the bear off and eventually the bear went in the other direction. >> so the victim who suffered a head injury and multiple cuts to his head upper body, legs and feet made his way down the trail and back to his home where he was able to call for help. and there's a warning about
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you're angry or upset. a new study finds exercised while stressed or mad can triple the risk of having a heart attack within an hour. researchers say emotional stress and exertion can raise blood pressure and heart rate, change the flow of blood in vessels and reduce the heart's blood supply. there were people working out late into the wee morning hour, professional baseball players in san francisco where the giants were trying to stave off elimination against the cubs. >> bottom of second, san francisco's joe pennic drives in the winning run and sends fans crazy. their team still trails chicago 2-1. game four is tonight. >> game wrapping up 2:48 eastern time, just about closing time in chicago, 1:48 there. we get last night's action now from espn. good morning, america.
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the final game for big pap pay, david ortiz, down 2-0 in the series, sixth inning, coco crisp. given name covelli if that's something i wouldn't bring to "gma." >> name dropper. >> red sox down, 4-3. that was schaub, two outs and he flies out indians win 4-3 and sweep the sox. david ortiz, big pa >> who's your father? bucs/panthers. derek anderson from oregon state. brent grimes, pro bowler. that was on a first and goal at the 2 in a tie game. midway through the fourth. panthers had four turnovers, buccaneers had none roberto
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jameis winston, that's my guy. not mine, aguyo's. tampa bay wins. >> well, this was fun. >> it was. >> okay, thanks, fellas. up next debate star ken bone and his 15 minutes of fame talking to jimmy kimmel about that famous red sweater. another crowd favorite, mini trump on stage with the real donald trump. kids. my kids. my job. taking care of everybody. everyday. my mom. my kids. my job. yes. when i'm at work. when i'm at home. i could just really use some help sometimes. hey we hear you. that's why aarp helps family caregivers... with resources and connections to experts to help make your life easier to manage. because we get it. if you don't think "this is right for me" when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp".
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his entrance into political campaign history. he asked about the now legendary outfit he wore for his life-changing debate appearance. >> explain what happened with the red sweater. you originally weren't supposed to wear that, right? >> no, it was going to be an olive colored suit that i like invest. my grandfather helped me pick it out a few years ago but apparently i have gotten somewhat more fat since then and when i got into my car i split the seat out of my pants. and destroyed my olive suit and change. >> somewhat more fat. awesome. >> kimmel asked how he developed his style and he said, quote, i would love to say that i was born with way but my wife dresses me just like all great americans. >> true, true. as he went on the air as we went on the air bone had 78,000 twitter followers. that number still rising and
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out. >> izod happy about it. >> mini trump. >> he was passed to the republican nominee on stage last night at a campaign event in pennsylvania. the outfit he had on looked just like trump's. all the way down to his hairstyle. and trump clearly enjoyed their time together. >> now, he's supposed to look like donald trump but he's actually much too good looking. you are really handsome. where's your daddy? and your mommy? right. do you want to go -- do you want to go back to them or stay with donald trump. >> trump. [ cheers and applause ] >> and the button he was wearing said vote. i think he might be too young for that. good advice. someone on the internet thought there was too much bickering so made this video. >> thank you. ? waiting for so long now now i finally found someone to stand by me ?
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and we felt this magical fantasy ? ? now dancing in our eyes there is owe no way we could disguise ? >> so good. ? so we take each other's hand because we -- >> yes, a little serenade to "time of my life." >> you win at the internet whoever made that video. >> absolutely. thank you. enjoy this, it's the best thing you'll see all day.
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checking our top stories, hillary clinton and donald trump are both campaigning in florida today. trump is threatening to go after bill clinton harder if more damaging tapes are released. wikileaks published another 2,000 e-mails reportedly from hillary clinton's campaign chairman. they show clinton's inner circle strategizing over presidential bid long before she actually declared her candidacy. and flooding in nth carolina left behind by hurricane matthew is showing no signs of easing. some rivers aren't expected to crest until friday. meanwhile, more than a million people still don't have power following the storm. as for the rest of the country today sunny along the west coast, rain and snow from the rockies all the way to the upper midwest. warm and sunny for most of the rest of the country. and finally this morning, there wasn't much laughter on the debate stage sunday night. >> no, not at all. between all the mudslinging and
4:28 am
late night comedians managed to squeeze out humor. >> what a great time to be in washington. the nationals won yesterday. [ cheers and applause ] the redskins won yesterday and the orange skin lost. >> 67 million people watched donald versus hillary and very rarely is a sequel bitter than the original but this was. >> you might remember during the first debat trump was sniffing a lot. but trump blamed it on a faulty microphone is what he said. last night was a new debate. brand-new microphone so i'm sure that took care of the problem. >> here with us tonight. four years later. talking about you, hillary. ? >> okay, donald. >> hey.
4:29 am
in the united states. how will you help people like me deal with the consequences of being label as a threat to the country after the election is over. >> how can a muslim be undecided between hillary and trump? that's like a stoner having trouble between deciding ordering pizza and calling the cops. you see another man asked hillary clinton and donald trump to say one positive thing that they respect about each other. claimed their microphone was broken. >> trump campaign manager kellyanne conway said last night's debate was a good night for democracy. but i think what she really meant was good night, democracy. no, but i want to stay up and watch the debate. no, democracy, go to bed. it will just give you nightmares. >> they're having fun with that and ken bone. >> i still think "the time of my life" is the favorite outcome of
4:30 am
>> this morning, the fight for a seat in the senate ahead of november's general election. >> if you requested an early ballot, they will start heading your way how well do you know what's on it? how the state is making sure you make an educated decision. >> and a tough stance on immigration, could that land sheriff arpaio behind bars? still cool out there this morning. definitely nice. what can we expect for the day? >> temperatures running cooler than yesterday, so you notice


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