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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 12, 2016 4:00am-4:30am MST

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making news in america this morning, donald trump makes his first appearance since a day long twitter tirade taking aim at paul ryan as hillary clinton takes the stage with al gore. we're live with the latest. breaking overnight an explosion rocks a town house complex. new details on what may have caused it as investigators look through the smoldering pile of debris. a tractor trailer gets stuck with a freight train barreling toward it. see the dramatic collision. tim kaine to ttebow to the . helping a fan in the stands. what he's saying about that moment this morning. good wednesday morning. donald trump shaking up the establishment with a direct
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>> after firing off a barrage of tweets trump continued that specifically targeting house speaker paul ryan, john mccain and other republicans who have abandoned him over his lewd remarks. >> now, so far at least 40 congressional republicans have revoked their support for trump. but he says that he's going to win without them. abc's angelica spanos joining us now. angelica, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. powerful republicans like house speaker paul ryan and john mccain are abandoning the trump twitter to say he doesn't care and he doesn't need them. donald trump bringing the heat. >> i wouldn't want to be in a foxhole with a lot of these people. by the way, including ryan, especially ryan. >> reporter: trump taking aim at the house speaker paul ryan. he tweeted the shackles have been taken off me and now i can fight for the american people the way i want to this after ryan said he wouldn't campaign for trump after the release of
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ryan's office says he is focusing the next month on defeating democrats. >> today we learned amazingly that the department of justice fed information to the clinton campaign about the e-mail investigation so that the campaign could be prepared to cover up her crimes. >> reporter: trump on the trail in florida reacting to the latest leaked clinton e-mails from wikileaks. clinton campaign chairman john podesta calling the leak ang the election. >> the russian interference in this election should be of utmost concern to all americans. >> reporter: hillary clinton on stage with al gore in florida. >> i'm running against a guy who denies science, denies climate change, says it's a hoax created by the chinese. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: and the importance of voting. >> your vote really, really, really counts. [ cheers and applause ]
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exhibit a of that truth. >> reporter: and there's new reporting overnight from "the new york times." the clinton campaign believes that two historically red states, georgia and arizona, can be won by clinton and polling by the gop shows trump could lose georgia. trump continues to campaign in the battleground state of florida today while clinton heads to colorado and neva. diane, kendis. >> those two states being places where president obama won in speaking of mr. obama he is responding to the comments that trump made in that recording calling them repugnant. >> while campaigning for clinton he slammed those who condemned trump saying they're trying to have it both ways. >> you don't have to be a husband or a father to hear what we heard just a few days ago and say that's not right.
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human being to say that's not right. >> the president added he believes in forgiveness and redemption but said that doesn't mean he's going to elect that person president. more allegations this morning that the clinton foundation and the state department were too closely aligned. e-mails indicate that bill clinton's friends got special attention after the massive 2010 earthquake in haiti. certain people offering assistance for applying for government contracts were flagged as fob, which stood for friends of bill. repeatedly that the state department never gave favorable treatment to foundation donors. now to north carolina where all the water left behind by hurricane matthew is starting to threaten communities downstream from already flooded areas. in the flood ravaged town of lumberton alone more than 2,000 people have been rescued. there are reports of sporadic looting in some areas and eight dams in north carolina have been breached. others also remain under threat. at least 35 deaths are now blamed on the storm and the
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cholera vaccine are on their way to haiti that were all but completely destroyed by matthew. haiti's president calls apocalyptic. it is estimated between 80% and 100% of crops were lost on the southern peninsula. the official death toll is less than 500 people but others estimate -- other estimates put it much higher. to another storm we're tracking, hurricane nicole as it spins and closing in on bermuda. maximum sustaine about 75 miles an hour. nicole is expected to gain strength. west chicago and two buildings completely destroyed in an explosion. a gas leak was being repaired in the village of romeoville where it caused a fire. two utility workers were injured. one of them critically. no one was inside the destroyed buildings when the explosion took place. several nearby residents were evacuated. the fbi investigating
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connecticut was intentional. one person was killed and when the small plane went down on main street in east hartford it narrowly missed a minivan before erupting in flames and "the new york times" reports the lone survivor, the pilot told investigators it was not an accident. the plane just missed frank crandall's car. >> i slammed on the brakes. he hit a pole just behind me. then he came in and landed and i actually thought it was part of a plane falli evidently the pilot jumped out of the plane. >> the pilot that apparently suffered a burned arm. the passenger who died was also certified to fly. the ntsb arrives on the scene late they are morning. and some demolition experts have some explaining to do after this. this was the attempt to implode
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usually it would be falling into the water. the thousands of people watching would be cheering. post it on instagram but the broadway bridge didn't want to give up so that scene thaw saw was five hours after the blast when crews finally attached a table and pulled the span into the arkansas river. the whole incident spawned the #broadwaybridgestrong. >> twitter and internet was loving it all throughout the day. still ahead, ronald mcdonald laying low. why mcdonald's is role. a major development in the mystery of whether a disturbing youtube video is connected to a teenager missing for years. plus, tim tebow jumps into action after a fan suffers a
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that dramatic and frightening scene in central california, the tractor trailer is stuck on a median with a train fast approaching. the train couldn't stop in time slamming right into it, as you can see. the driver, we should tell you, was already safe. there were no injuries, but debris was scattered half a mile down the track. police shooting in tulsa. the unarmed black man shot dead had pcp in his system when he died. but terence crutcher's family says even if he was on drugs, he still didn't deserve to die. officer betty shelby says she shot crutcher thinking he was reaching for a gun. prosecutors have charged her with manslaughter saying she overreacted. in arizona criminal contempt charges are expected to be filed today against sheriff joe arpaio. he is accused of defying a judge's order to end his signature immigration patrols. the charges come less than a
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the 84-year-old arpaio should get a seventh term. the sheriff says he's confident he'll be exonerated and accuses the obama administration of trying to influence the race. samsung deciding to stop making the galaxy note 7 following incidents of the phones catching fire. customers who bought the phones on are getting this specially insulated box to return their phones. they can get either a refund or a different phone. samsung shares have plunged in recent days, and analysts say up to $20 billion. and you might say it's the wells fargo case of the cable industry. comcast has been ordered to pay a $2.3 million fine. regulators discovered the company billed customers for services and equipment they never ordered. you'll recall wells fargo was fined $185 million last month for creating unauthorized checking, savings and credit card accounts. amazon is reportedly expanding its grocery business. according to "the wall street
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to open brick and mortar convenience stores. the report says the plan is to sell produce, milk and other perishables. shoppers would be able to order nonperishables for delivery. when we come back an emotional reunion. a little girl is back with her family after being kidnapped and taken thousands of miles from home. and could this be the year? the cubs are celebrating this morning after another dramatic win.
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checking morning road conditions, it'll be clear all along the entire east coast and across most of the south as well. but roads from the great lakes to the southern plains also wet in the pacific northwest. if you're flying, airport delays are likely in chicago and kansas city. a youtube video thought to be linked to a missing teenager in wisconsin has turned out to be a hoax. >> in the video a man opens a door showing a young woman on the floor tied up and screaming. police started investigating after recently becoming aware of this video, which was posted in 2009 around the same time 15-year-old kayla berg vanished. >> overnight police say they've identified the actors in that video, and they have no connection to kayla's disappearance. today a little girl from florida is home and safe after being the subject of a frantic search. the emotional reunion came in tennessee. days after police say a man described as a family friend took her from her home. abc's steve osunsami with their story.
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authorities reunited rebecca lewis with her family in florida. >> say thank you for bringing me home. >> thank you for bringing me home. >> reporter: she'd been missing since saturday until police found her more than 800 miles away at baptist memorial hospital in memphis. a young woman at the hospital saw the girl walking hand in hand with her alleged abductor and recognized her from amber alerts on facebook. >> my dad looked at me and i showed my phone and said she's wearing the same outfit and immediately they took that ride and we went straight to security. >> i want to say thank you to you because without you i don't know how this would end. >> reporter: tennessee authorities are under fire for waiting till monday to issue an amber alert. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. proof the creepy clown craze has gone way too far. mcdonald's is giving its own mascot a break. ronald mcdonald is currently
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the rash of creepy clown sightings including this one hitching a ride on the back of a detroit city bus. >> mcdonald's says it's just being mindful of the, quote, current climate around clown sightings in communities. no word yet on when ronald will be allowed to resume his normal responsibilities. >> he's in the witness protection program right now. another nhl season gets going tonight. the pittsburgh penguins begin defense of their stanley cup title tomorrow against arch rival washington. as for baseball cue the postseason drama. there is a lot of it. here's espn. games on tuesday. good morning, america. larry beil, neil everett. to bring them to you. short form. >> very short. condensed, especially for giants fans who don't want to sees. the cubs, game four of the nlds. top of the ninth, hunter strickland. that's trouble. javier baez, base hit up the middle and jason heyward. they had five relievers give up for runs in the ninth. cubs take a 6-5 lead then have
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throwing gas, for hernandez, 102 miles an hour, one out. denard span, gas, 103 miles an hour. two outs. i think you know what's coming next. brandon beltz, he strikes out the side. for the gm, i hope you're as good at your job as he is at his. cubs win, 6-5. dodgers need to win or it'll be the nationals. bottom eight, chase utley, two out, two on and goes after that pitch like it's made out of ham. hit. andrew toles comes around to score. the dodgers take a 6-5 lead. top nine, two outs, bryce harper, last chance. oh, that won't leave a mark. utley and janson, and dutch and the dodgers celebrate 6-5. forcing game five. kershaw, 11 ks in the game. >> made out of ham? >> yeah. my friend kip gave me that line so we got to get it in. it's kind of funny. >> that's any one. >> there you go.
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>> what's important is lives matter. people matter and this young man, he mattered, and so for me just the first instinct was to be with him to pray for him to put my hands on him and just be able to pray for him but pray for his loved ones, pray for everybody that was involved and being able to put things into perspective when at a time when maybe so much was focused on you and the game but it's not what really matters at the end of the day. we get caught up in so m different things and things that we are re pursuing, we forget about what matters most is the people around us and what we can do for them and the impact we can have in their lives and that was just a moment that honestly was convicting for me. >> clearly it was. the man is out of the hospital and doing okay. the new york tabloids calling him the miracle met. they're saying as soon as he placed his man on top of it, the man snapped out of his seizure. >> apparently that man roots for tebow's old rival,
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what to say after he found that out. all right. next up the power of one. one driver, that is, who has the power to prevent traffic jams. >> so apparently it can happen at least according to an engineer whose work was featured in "the wall street journal." one technique he promotes is leaving a large gap between your car and the one in front of you. >> now, despite feeling counterintuitive he says doing so lets drivers enter and exit without having to there's just less braking. >> we enjoy tailgating. it's fun. finally a huge hit from last halloween is making a comeback. emphasis on huge. >> a little more than two weeks away from trick-or-treating and already seeing some trumpkins. people on social media are sharing pictures of their carved pumpkins that they have craftily made to look like the one and only donald trump. >> they kind of look cute, don't you think? >> i like the ones with hair on them. >> yes. okay, some pointers from the people who already carved their
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take a look at our top stories on this wednesday, donald trump has launched another attack on house speaker paul ryan and vietnam vet john mccain. saying he wouldn't want to be a foxhole with them. meanwhile, the clinton camp according to "the new york times" now believes she has a realistic shot at winning the red states of georgia and arizona. hurricane nicole is closing in on bermuda. forecasters say its maximum sustained winds are about 75 miles an hour. nicole is expected to strengthen before reaching bermuda tomorrow. there are some concerns that more dams in north carolina could be breached because of the pressure from floodwaters left behind by hurricane matthew. the u.s. death toll from matthew and it's aftermath is up to at least 35. looking at today's weather some showers in the northwest and down the coast. thunderstorms are expected from the plains to the great lakes. should be dry in the southwest but warming up along the east
4:28 am
and we do have one more note in the aftermath of hurricane matthew, a loving grandson was a little bit worried about his grandma in the hurricane zone because she wasn't picking up the phone. >> so he came up with a clever way to make sure she was okay. here's field sutton of our station in orlando. >> reporter: this is the only papa john's in flagler county so when the restless people of palm coast realized the worst of matthew was over, the phone rang off the hook. lance tyler told me tips on his deliveries have been good. >> make sure to order a pia after the hurricane. >> reporter: but as he grabbed a pizza he had no idea the payoff he was about to receive. >> it was quite a surprise. >> reporter: the surprise started with a man named eric who called in that order from nebraska. when he got to the neighborhood he pulled out the box and look at the receipt. as it turned out there were some special instructions. a phone number to call and figured at the time it was just because the owner had some big dogs they needed to put away. >> the way that he answered the phone is she there, is she okay?
4:29 am
>> he knocked on the door and he said, delivery. i didn't order anything. your grandson did. >> reporter: at 87 sh, claire olsen has weathered her share of hurricanes but she's never had a pizza delivery guy put his phone to her ear and heard her grandson. >> grandma, i haven't talked to you in two days. i got worried about you. you must be hungry by now. >> the pizza was plain pepperoni. >> it was fantastic. >> reporter: and much appreciated. tyler told me it topped every tip he's ever gotten. >> her expression was just priceless. the way she was just like, whoa. >> reporter: even with every topping on the menu nothing in the box could ever been as good as the grandson who cared enough to call for pizza. >> brilliant. >> smart grandson, and that's what's making news in america this morning.
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happening now, crime scene tape is up inside a buckeye neighborhood after a 1-year-old is found in the tub unresponsive. the newest updates we are getting right now. >> it could be just hours until sheriff joe arpaio is criminally charged. coming up, what's next in this case. happening now, some breaking news. in scottsdale shaman was being followed by police officers, decided he didn't want to stop, then crashed. first a check of the most


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