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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  October 18, 2016 1:35am-2:05am MST

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we're always watching out for breaking news. we've got live pictures of a serious crash near 73rd avenue and indian school. our abc15 crew just getting to the scene. >> we know two people on a motorcycle are the ones hurt. a 63-year-old man and a woman in her 40s. both have been rushed to the hospital. the scope of their injuries
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all new tonight at 10:00, a judge ordering a phoenix grandmother locked up. she's accused of flying across the country with a half million dollars worth of cocaine. >> abc15's john erickson is live. her lawyer says she does a lot of babysitting in phoenix. >> her lawyer says she baby sits her three grandchildren but the work she's accused of doing now is carrying individual bags of cocaine to detroit. she could go to prison now for 10 years. >> reporter: that jail is in detroit. that cheryl chedham is accused of flying with almost $600,000 worth of cocaine. federal court paperwork says she flew from las vegas to detroit, landed friday. authorities ended up pulling her over. that's when police allegedly found the drugs. they got more suspicious when she made her phone call. here's the prosecutor. >> she said she wanted to call her daughter. when she was given the phone she had in her possession and she wanted to call her daughter, she
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listed as lover boy. that in and of itself also raised suspicion for the officers when they saw a daughter's contact of lover boy. >> reporter: we never learned who lover boy really is. her lawyer says she's sick and should be let go to come home to phoenix. the prosecutor says she wasn't sick enough to stay home in the first place. >> got on a plane in las vegas, flew to the city of detroit with 17 kilograms of cocaine in her luggage. >> reporter: the judge decided no, she stays in the prosecutor says as this grandmother grew older her rap sheet grew with her. >> most of her convictions are clustered when she's in her late 40s and at the age of 50. so this isn't an instance or individual standing before you where you can say perhaps we can chuck this up to use and imaturity. >> reporter: the prosecutor says she's wanted here in the
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here in west phoenix. we never heard back. back to you. breaking right now, two words we hate to hear. campus shooting. this is at the university of cincinnati and we can report that nobody is hurt. but that shooter is still out there. witnesses saying he appeared to be high on something and just lost it. >> my guess, something was stolen from him and then they were trying to get it back and the guy just wasn't acting rit. anything to make him mad. the guy just started freaking out. >> reporter: police are keeping students away from campus while they continue their search. tense moments right now in el cajon, california, the site of the deadly police shooting last month. protesters now returning to the scene. some of them reportedly with guns. police forming a human chain trying to make sure things don't get out of control. we're already hearing about several protesters handcuffed and taken in to custody. more answers should be coming in a matter of hours in
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bridge. four people died over the weekend including a chandler couple. we're expecting a family spokesperson to speak out about that tomorrow. crews in anna marie contrares were visiting for a motorcycle festival when the driver who police say was drunk plunged off the bridge. we're told that driver is an active duty navy sailor and still had his phone in his hands when he was pulled out of his truck. an update to breaking news we first reported on the abc15 live desk at 6:00. the computer problems appear to be fixed at southwest. the airline tweeting out this message within the past couple of hours. at one point you couldn't book domestic flights online. jetblue which uses the same computer system also dealing with the issue. all new at 10:00, a murder suspect telling abc15 he regrets killing a man but says defending his turf was apart of life as a homeless man. owen coho said all he wanted to do was go to sleep friday night near 18th avenue in peoria but
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his sleeping spot and tried to get violent. he said he warned pruitt and felt threatened so he used his knife. >> stabbed him right in the heart. >> he apologizes to the victim's family and says he truly regrets what he did. two little girls with so much to live for and so many more memories to make. as soon as tomorrow police say they may release their names. investigators say their own father killed them in their tolleson home before taking his own life. before the tragedy the girls' mother called police, worried about her ex-husband's well-being. a valley construction worker may have to miss some time on the job after getting burned during a gas leak. this is at an apartment complex near 27th and indian school. at one point 30 people had to be evacuated but they've all been allowed back home. it's more clear than ever, arizona is stacking up to be a battleground state. >> tomorrow kicks off a number of big campaign stops right here in the valley.
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>> on the heels of two security stays, extra precautions are now being taken. >> yes, things are getting back to normal, but you can bet the doors here will be locked uptight, and come tomorrow, there will be extra security here at the gop state office. that comes after a bomb threat was phoned in. that forced an hours long evacuation around 3:00 this afternoon. abc15 the first to bring these details to you. a worker telling us a voicemail revealing a bomb planted in the building and the voice warning everyone police searched for two hours before giving the all clear. the arizona republican party chairman says this is flat out voter intimidation and politically motivated. >> when they bomb an office where people are working then they put bomb threats in offices like ours, it's nothing but trying to constrain people's first amendment rights. >> and the gop state chairman there referencing that fire bombing of a republican office in north carolina over the weekend. now this threat taken extremely
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that threat still a mystery tonight. back to you. threats also piling up at the arizona republic ever since the paper endorsed hillary clinton. >> the paper's president says it's been difficult on employees but they have a duty to uphold. >> without a free press there's no democracy. so the idea that people would find us to be offensive or to demonize us i find very sad. >> hillary clinton's team meanwhile rallying after a arizona pole shows she's neck and neck in our state. pollsters at high ground found donald trump had a 22-point lead in rural areas but clinton won every statewide age group except people over the age of 65. arizona's 11 electoral votes now a toss-out. >> it's going to probably be a little nastier. we're going to see questions about the immigration stuff come up again, questions about integrity. i'd expect more e-mail discussions.
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for the trump campaign because of the demographic situation we're looking at. >> clinton meantime sending her a list team to arizona this week. bernie sanders tomorrow. chelsea clinton on wednesday. and first lady michelle obama on thursday. abc15 will be at each of those events. we're also sending a team to vegas for wednesday's presidential debate. much more on the campaign trail coming up in just moments. sheriff joe arpaio one signature away tonight from officially being criminally chge orders stemming from a racial profiling case involving his deputies. the department of justice announcing its proposed charge against the sheriff. a federal judge still needs to sign off on the proposal before it can become official. when it does, a legal analyst tells abc15 there's a chance arpaio's only looking at a misdemeanor, meaning he could stay in office if re-elected and convicted. meantime the man working to unseat the sheriff just got endorsed by four former phoenix
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pinzone wouldn't comment on the sheriff's legal battle, they did. >> while you have police officers being ambushed and murdered and when you have a large segment of the community that's lost trust in their law enforcement agency like the sheriff's department, then it's time for a change. >> former chief jack harris, dennis garrett, ruben ortega giving the same reason for their endorsement. they say mcso needs to be restored. the news. more than a week ago. tonight mcso making it official in response to police officers being shot all over the country. volunteer armed posse members will now ride in the patrol vehicles of many deputies, serving as a protective second set of eyes. a bite for a bite? at least that's the way it sounds. cops say 23-year-old dominic gracia was driving in a stolen truck when they stopped him. a police k-9 tracking him down
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then cops say gracia bit an officer trying to restrain him. they eventually got him after shooting him with a taser. breaking news out of queens, new york. a storage unit auction leading to an awful surprise. it might not look like much but inside this freezer and one other like it, the man who bought the unit found 40 dead cats, all of them frozen. police are now trying to track down the original owner. they also plan to do autopsies on the animals. new video tonight showing halloween decoration but the real scare was inside this tucson home. a mom shot by her 2-year-old son. somehow the toddler got ahold of the weapon and when mom tried to take it away, the gun went off, hitting her in the arm. she'll be okay but charges are still a possibility. just in tonight, the connection we were certainly hoping to hear about. after a purple heart medal turned up at a good will, likely by mistake. our sister station in tucson now letting us know contact has been made with that deserving world
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state. the name of the back of the medal, frederick j de la hunt. >> even if you've never met this purpose before, to have a hero in your family that served his country and died for his country is kind of amazing. >> de la hunt was declared missing in action and later killed in action during a mission in north africa. goodwill reached out to the v.a. organizations about his medal right away. time to talk cardinals now. big night match-up. started well >> much needed win over the jets. craig fouhy live at university of phoenix stadium tonight. craig, the coach got to be happy about this one. >> oh, my gosh. you talk about needing a win and you said it there, stephanie. a must-win situation for the cardinals. they were 2-3 on the season after being ballyhooed as one of the super bowl favorites. they got the resounding win, convincing win, 28-3 over the new york jets.
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to get calling after a while. we finally scored in the 1st quarter. it was a nice run. we've won two in a row. we're still just a .500 ball club but i like the way we look right now. >> much more from the university of phoenix stadium and our cardinals win tonight a little bit later on in the newscast. we've got three of tonight's biggest stories moments away. including an update just in on the motorcycle decision. >> a gun shop at hillary clinton in a controversial new ad. >> a new kind of counterfeit cat ripping people off before the holidays. >> and cooler overnight lows on the way. how cold does it get tonight? high pressure, it's sticking around. that means more warm sunny dry conditions ahead. we have some valley breezes that are headed back up.
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want to take you back to the crash at indian school. two people on motorcycles. the ones hurt here we know they were not wearing helmets but are expected to survive. indian school now closed between 71st and seventy-fourth avenue. a woman driving out near tulsa gets in to car trouble. she pulls over then two people dr and get out. instead of helping her, they assault her by putting a cigarette out on her forehead and then writing clown posse on her face with a marker before stealing her car. people who live in that area understandably very upset by this news. >> i've lived out here long enough to know that people do go off the road, do have accidents and do need help and then for something like this to happen, that's really dangerous for people. >> police still looking for
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campaign trail. donald trump saying if he wins the white house, he might meet with russian president vladimir putin before his inauguration. critics accuse trump of having a relationship with russia that's a little too cozy but he says the tension between the two countries needs to be fixed. the republican nominee heads to colorado tomorrow, a place many believe is a swing state. meantime melania trump responding one-on-one to the tape she said it's not all his fault. >> he was lead on, like egg on from the host to say dirty and bad stuff. >> the other man in the tape, billy bush, fired by nbc tonight. meantime, melania trump saying she does not believe the woman accusing her husband of sexual assault. new accusations surrounding
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clinton. appears to show a top state official offered a bribe to the fbi to declassify an e-mail from clinton's private server. both she and the fbi are denying those claims. fbi director james comey refusing to answer any questions about it tonight. >> i'm not going to comment on that. >> as for clinton, she'll start making her way to las vegas tomorrow for wednesday night's debate which you can see right here on abc15. a vegas gun shop taking some heat for an ad they just placed in a local newspaper mentioning hillary clinton. here it is. prices will skyrocket after crooked hillary wins. the words appear alongside a semiautomatic rifle. here's what the owner of the shop has to say. >> the catastrophe would be if crooked hillary gets in she's going to take away all our guns. i'm calling to action people come get them now before the prices spike. >> he says he's already seen an uptick in business over the past 24 hours and hopes it continues. sleep tight. don't let the bedbugs bite.
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marks all over her daughter's legs did not come from under the covers. instead from a trip to the grocery store. sarah gindro telling us her 6-year-old daughter grabbed a body pillow at the walmart near loop 101 in chandler. before she made it out the door, she noticed marks all over her daughter. >> none of the things in the aisle were covered. who knows what else it could have been on. >> walmart releasing a statement to abc15 saying they'll have a team come inspect the store. it's a new kind of counterfeit and with the holidays approaching, police only expect to see more of this. special type of cash. it's call teller training note. banks use them to train employees but they're showing up at businesses, and police say crooks are trying to use them during the busiest parts of the day, hoping stores won't take the time to notice. >> slow down. look at it. if it don't look right, contact the police department. don't take it.
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have three distinct features. chinese lettering on one side, a dash in the corner, and apparently the paper feels very different. meantime, just steady as she goes, isn't it? same stuff every day, which i'm not complaining. >> 60s in the mornings. a little warm in the afternoon. not bad though. 90s. high pressure. that's what you get. not a lot happening here, making again for a beautiful evening sitting in the upper 70s. we did top out today at 91. 30% humidity out across the valley tonight at p harbor. 79 in tempe, 72 in mesa. fountain hills in the low 70s. upper 60s right now coming in in the west valley, peoria, and surprise right now at 69 degrees as you look at the valley winds, they are light here. they were much stronger across the high country. take a look at some of these top gusts just really clocked these a few hours ago. 42-mile-per-hour gusts in show low. flagstaff, 36-mile-per-hour gusts today.
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those stronger winds and still has breezes out there tonight in the show low area. sustained winds right now, 5 to 15 miles per hour. but tomorrow these winds are going to be returning to the high country. something a little bit different. they won't be quite as strong tomorrow. around 25 to 30 miles per hour with those gusts. valley looking for light winds. once again very similar to today, out of the southwest 5 to 10 miles per hour. maybe a couple breezes up to 15 miles per hour. satellite radar composite, very quiet cross the entire state. sunny skies here. couple passing clouds to the north. have to go well to the north to find the chance for showers and even snow showers due to a ridge of high pressure that's going to continue to build in over the state. that keeps those storm tracks well to the north, moves them off to the east over the next couple of days so not a lot is going to be changing for us. we'll stay warm, above average with those highs. no records. average high temperature in the
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91. 93 wednesday. a little bit warmer as we climb up to 96 thursday. that's when our breezes return. those breezes help warm us up a little bit. right now in the 40s in flagstaff. 41 at the grand canyon. 60 in kingman. and prescott, you're also sitting in the 60s. headed down in to the 40s tonight. 65 in phoenix. 59, casa grande. 50s, tucson tonight. then highs tomorrow, upper 80s casa grande. 77 in payson. 67 in flagstaff. take a look at your most accurate forecast with me. you're going to see temperatures staying in the 90s as we go through the next several days. 96, thursday. breezes in the forecast through friday. this weekend we'll also be looking for those 90s with morning lows in the 60s. and listen up, dancing with the stars fans. here's your chance to win a getaway to the grand finale, hotel, airfare and more. tonight's weather word of the
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enter it on for your chance to win. good luck. the cardinals celebrating a blow-out win at university of phoenix stadium. that's where we find craig fouhy. i have a hunch. i know who the game ball went to. >> how about david johnson tonight? he was phenomenal again. 157 yards rushing a week ago against san francisco. 111 yards rushing tonight against the jets. we'll hear from david coming up
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welcome back to university of phoenix stadium. i'm craig fouhy. a nice win over the jets. the jets are not the best football team in town but they're 1-5. right now it's still a win. that's all that matters because the cardinals are now 3-3, .500 on the season. let's talk about the player of the game, david johnson, number 31. three tonight. 111 yards rushing. the longest of his career at 58 yards, early in the game. the cards finally score in the 1st quarter, something they haven't done all season long. david johnson again coming off 157 yards rushing last week, 111 tonight and those three touchdowns, now has eight rushing touchdowns on the season, the most of any player in the nfl. afterwards david johnson saying it's the running game that gets this team fired up. >> we knew they were second in
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the guys up front, it makes my life a lot easier. the way they're blocking, not just the o line but everyone. we knew that if we get it going early, we continue to sustain the momentum and continue to run the ball. >> that's the key, running the football. tonight they finish with 171 yards rushing against the jets. a great night for them. tonight a 28-3 win here at university of phoenix stadium. we've got to talk some baseball too. i big announcement. >> the arizona diamondbacks just snagged themselves one of the top up and coming gms. the team introduced mike hazen as their new general manager. hazen spent the last 11 years with the boston red sox, last season being his first as general manager. is he the man that can help turn this thing around. >> hopefully we can as a group come together and try to figure out a way to map out a path to
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better pitching staff going in to next season. that's our goal. but there's a lot of conversation that's going to surround that. i don't have any exact answers yet because you have to really dig in to that before you're going to. >> he went on to say his first order of business, finding a new skipper. so expect maybe another announcement coming up in the near future. >> there's some room for improvement i think. >> i'd say so. nowhere to go but up. >> full support from all of us. we're excited about it. still ahead, fast food hacks. we're taking action with five ways to get some of the od like for we blindfolded dale and told him to find the chicken with no antibiotics. the thing is, by federal law, all chickens must be clear of antibiotics before they leave the farm. how's it going, dale? workin' on it! some chicken companies try to get you to spend more money
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at sanderson farms, we don't believe in gimmicks like that. well, how'd i do? no antibiotics to worry about here. hmmm...that was easy.
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big reason that fast food can be so appealing. it's cheap. taking action tonight with five ways you can get even more bang for your buck. >> it's true. according to the website simple


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