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tv   ABC15 News at 500AM  ABC  October 19, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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to look out for. senior debt lying on the ground. his face is blue. >> a 911 call takes a sudden turn for one valley firefighter when he realizes it's his dad that needs rescued. now he will get a hero's honor. temperatures have dropped a couple of degrees in the last couple of minutes. 66 now with clear skies. is going to be warm. in the low 90s even warmer weather in the full forecast. we have a new 17 northbound just north of indian school blocking the left lanes. hov lane is blocked right now. stay right to get by on i-17 northbound or take state route 51 instead. on the i-40 we have a crash that has closed a portion of the freeway. i will map that out next. good morning.
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chris's following a shooting that happened overnight. >> at a very popular restaurant in phoenix. this is a shooting investigation underway at bobby queues. it's located off the 17 into a map. katie conner is on the scene with the newest information. >> reporter: we just learned the victim is expected to survive. he was shot at this bobby queues restaurant. you can see the restaurant is surrounded and crime year-old male was shot in the lower back. the suspect took off and instead of helping police search for him secured at the bar moved our crews does our crews back and tried to block us from recording on a public sidewalk they shined flashlights in our cameras. all we know about the suspect
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a red pontiac. as soon as we learn more we will pass that along. in gilbert a huge condo fire investigation taking a turn. >> the video is unreal. allison rodriguez is live near gilbert and guadalupe. the feds are now involved. >> reporter: the atf is going to be here investigating this fire which their calling suspicious. look at how it has been (the left-hand side this is part of the wooden frame blackened from all of the smoke. to the right you can see some scaffolding completely melted from the heat. the atf is looking for clues as to how this got started. their calling this fire suspicious. they want to find out anything they can about how it got started. they may have a break in the case. a person of interest who was seen just before the fire erupted.
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the event. right now we're not calling anybody a suspect, this is just a person of interest we would like to speak to. there is nothing specific about what he was doing or saying, no specific actions. >> reporter: he is a white man between 16 and 22 about 5'7". shaggy brown hair and long bangs. he was last seen wearing and asu sweatshirt. he had darker fan looking shoes. if you know anything about this give police a call. i was outside and i heard a pop. pop. pop. and i looked around and i didn't see anything. i kept my head down just in case.
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possible drug deal ending with one man shot. that investigation your 29th st. and indian school. the victim is currently at a trauma center. someone is in custody. we will let you know when we get more information. the widow of a man cold does killed by a former mesa police officer pushing to see the entirety of the body cam video. video shows the moment daniel shaver lost his life. the attorney is filing an appeal with the arizona supreme court to get video release. she has returned to it is -- 26-year-old charles hock vanished when high winds toppled his boat.'s uncle swim to shore. there is now a go fund me page set up to help fund a surge. about $7000 has been raised. who needs a camera? the cell phones route to record the moment bernie sanders
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is a first power player in arizona as part of the final push for presidential votes. he didn't hold anything back. >> not only are you going to lose the election on november 8, you and your billionaire friends and large multinational corporations are going to start paying their fair share of taxes. >> bernie sanders stopped in flagstaff and will head to reno this afternoon. coming up give us eight's -- give us a look at the neck support her in town today. candidates are busy prepping for the final presidential debate. that is tonight in las vegas at 6:00. fay fredricks is in sin city bus or some other big names. hillary clinton is inviting mark cuban as her guest. as well as the ceo of hewlett- packard and --
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of sean smith, smith's father is waiting on answers from hillary clinton. her son died in the benghazi attack. >> i want her to talk to me and tell me what happened. wise my son daddy? >> in august the smith family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against hillary clinton. ahead of tonight's debate there is a new poll by arizona state university to find -- finds hillary clinton has a five-point lead over donald trump. there are still 20% of voters undecided as of right now. the navy sailor accused of crashing his truck off a bridge in san diego will be arraigned today. don't expect to see the suspect in the courtroom. this crash is still slowing things down for drivers on i-17. also a traffic alert on i-40. how warm does it get
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another big hillary clinton supporter coming to the valley. we allegations against pinal county sheriff paul babeu. paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. accusations of widespread abuse at a massachusetts private school. allegations of abuse of power. another headache, the fbi has subpoenaed records. lawsuits regarding abuse and neglect. questions of babeu's integrity. new page of controversy. a question of judgment. ultimately voters are going to have to decide if he's the type of candidate they want in congress.
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screen crazy moments caught on video for a police officer in wisconsin. look at this. the officer is walking back to the squad car. the squad car flies straight at the officer in slams into a wall. a pickup truck rear-ended the squad car and ended up all lanes of traffic. amazingly, the officer was okay. the other driver has non-life- threatening injuries. the squad car did have emergency flashers on so it's always a good reminder to move over when you see flashing lights. a little cool this morning. very pleasant. 66 degrees to get in your morning run.
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that will stay throughout the next couple of hours. still in the mid-70s at 9:00. plenty of sunshine through the afternoon. high >> above average. high pressure building and warmer weather on the way tomorrow. we will be shy of 100 degrees but close, 97. no rain chances. staying warm and sunny with a few breezes coming up tomorrow and friday. more on the couple of minutes. we have traffic alert on i- 40. i-40 is closed in both directions your parks because of a crash. another closure in the eastbound direction of i-40 just east of kingman. this is in the eastbound direction. it could take -- you could take 66 to get around this. your best option is to delay travel until they reopen. in the valley we are seeing slowing on i-17.
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indian school road. we will have more on how to get around that in a couple of minutes. there is a large amount of power outages happening right now in the glendale area, 67th in the glendale area, 67th avenue. in bethany home. 129 customers without power i will explain why next. about the worst call i could get to that address. >> a firefighters nightmare. recognizing that address during a 911 call. one valley man is about to be honored for saving his father. whether you're a landlord or tenant you have rights. joe lets you know where you can get help and find out how to
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the navy sailor accused of driving a truck that plunged off a bridge in san diego will be arraigned today. richard the polio will not be in court you will be arraigned from his hospital bed. the chandler couple was killed from the scene.
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funeral plans which could include bikes and classic cars. a story that has impacted many people here at home. that investigation is still unfolding in san diego. we are keeping a close watch on this story. i'm live at asu. in a few hours chelsea clinton will be here on campus for an early voting rally. that rally is expected to get kicked off at she will be campaigning for her mom. she will specifically talk about her mom's plan to help students with mounting college debt. we talk with some students and asu campus and they said that is really a big concern of theirs. president. bill clinton spoke here at asu back in 1996. the fall of 1996 . now chelsea clinton will be
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we have to stress if you want to come to asu today to see chelsea clinton speak you have to rsvp. you won't just be able to show up and get in. we have link on our website, abc live at asu with abc 15. this should come as no shock. the dnc did not think highly of donald trump. they showed how much they don't like him in the eye -- in the annual dnc survey. among the questions aside from a trunk presidency what outcome to be the most dangerous f our nation? the third and final debate is tonight at 6 pm on abc 15. election day is 20 days away. some voters are already having issues. yavapai county is rushing to fix an error on its ballot envelopes 2500 were mailed out with the wrong return by date. all of the voters affected will get a letter. to make sure your ballot arrives in time get it in the mail by november 2. at the live desk right now a woman is dead after getting
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york city. woman confronted them with scissors and a baseball bat. neighbors say she had a history of erratic behavior. >> the lady be hollering and screaming. you would think she is in their wrestling with somebody. she is talking very violently. -- violently. >> they found the 66-year-old in a bedroom and asked her to drop the scissors. the officer then fired two shots striking her in the chest. did the langston university -- -- -- stone magazine defame a university? an article was published two years ago. nicole, seeking nearly $8 million single-story betrayed her as callous and insensitive to the alleged rape victim. this is ars title 33 chapter 10. arizona landlord-tenant act. they are your rights whether you
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>> you want want to move in this. >> neither was his valley woman. >> i want them to come fix it. and not paying rent. i'm going to move somewhere else. >> the landlord-tenant act offer certain remedies that can help you. you have to know what they are in order to use them. we were able to help that woman out and we have some experts that could help you. join us thursday, october 20 from 5 pm to 8 pm as we take let you know on the road. attorneys and exports in and more. thursday october, cars, scams and more. thursday, october 20 at the tempe marketplace district stage. see you there. a phoenix firefighter, his crew and neighbor and a 911 dispatcher are being honored for saving a man's life. >> this was the call of a lifetime for this firefighter. a patient of a cardiac arrest dead with no polls. the patient turned out to be
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was on the fire truck. >> i knew that one of my parents was technically clinically dead. it definitely, kind of your heart drops into your stomach. it is kind of like being punched in the gut. i said i want to go do something. i want to help. >> once he got there he found his mom on the phone with 911. his neighbor was doing chest compressions on his dad. he then took over th partner, shocked his dad back to life and was able to get him to the hospital in into surgery. dad said there was something bigger than all of them at play. >> my bride and my next-door neighbor and my son, all three of them, that is not a coincidence. >> the smiles. the ceremony happens at 10 amit station 20 on seventh avenue and glendale.
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rather have their. >> he had his wife, his neighbor and his son all coming together. we are glad he's okay. outside something else is pretty incredible. 66 outside with clear skies. we are sitting in the mid-60s at the airport. 64 scottsdale. mesa gateway at 63. the wind speed is lights. staying light today. breezes returning below the freezing point right now in flagstaff. in the 20s. 30s in window rock. 56 and global. 30 in show low. 73 out the door in bullhead city. stronger winds to the west and northwest. sustained at 20 miles an hour in bullhead city. that is where we will find a red flag warning that is now in effect at 8:00 until midnight tonight.
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the north at 20-30 miles an hour and gusting to 40 miles an hour with low humidity. there will be a high fire danger in the red flag warned area. forecast highs today, bullhead city 86. 64 like staff. 78 sedona. highs across the valley in the 90s. back above average for all of us 91 today in mesa. tempe 92. linndale low 90s. breezes in the vall up to around 20-25 miles an hour. sunny skies with no rain chances this week or into the weekend. we will see high cloud cover returning sunday and watching a disturbance monday and tuesday bringing more cloud cover bringing a very slight chance of rain. hopefully we can keep an eye on that and see the rain chances increasing.
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still blocking the entire left side of the freeway. this is northbound. between indian school and camelback. stay to the right to get by. the fire department has left but you still see that portion blocked. about 1 mile of delay starting before indian school. to avoid that take state route 51 instead. east valley is quite with a 14 minute desert drive time. this is for westbound drivers from bella vista to the 101. the rest of the valley good. slowing down on the 10. we will give you a closer look at i-10 around 75th avenue. in a couple of minutes. will it ever go away? as florida fights to get rid of zika a new pool of mosquitoes has just tested positive. he is known as a pirate.
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still no cure but major strides are being made in the battle against valley fever. the new accomplishments include a trial just approved to test the safety of antifungal treatments. one of the test site is in tucson. the next apple pushed get a valley fever vaccine on the
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zika virus. officials in florida just discovered a new pool of mosquitoes testing positive for this new pool is in a previously designated zika transmission zone. last month a prominent neighborhood in that area was cleared of the virus. as of yesterday more than 1000 people in florida have reported having the virus. most of them travel related. there is the musical lineup for the state fair pierk turley booth make it due to illness. this is an issue if you purchased tickets online. it takes will reach out to you on how to get a refund if you bought your ticket with cash on- site. head down to the south box office drink box office hours for -- refunds. today is we care wednesday at the state fair. bring four canned food items for one free admission. you can do that with all kinds of ways for your family. noon
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all of the food donated to the food bank alliance as part of operation santa claus. a nice day to head out to the fair. we will talk about that. fire weather alert back in my forecast. delays stacking up right now and i-10 at 83rd avenue. plus a new crash on the 17 that could slow you down. we have a brand-new update involving one of several shootings across the valley. one turning deadly. we will ex to know. 150 firefighters needed to get control of this place. i will tell you which government agency is getting involved in this investigation. pretzel bites, pretzel
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spray shooting at this popular phoenix restaurant overnight. coming up police are looking for. a joyride ends in someone's house. the damage doesn't stop there. find out what the driver took out before fleeing. chelsea clinton comes to asu. tomorrow the first lady in phoenix. the new information we're getting about her visit. we have just learned a shooting outside of a phoenix supermarket has turned deadly.
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and glendale . an active investigation happening right now. a man in his 20s shot multiple times in the parking lot of the ranch market. this is a very large crime scene. we have a crew there. when i get more information you will hear it. this is a live look from the scene of that investigation . the phoenix mobile command bay is out there. that means this will be a lengthy investigation. you will see a large police presence. a barbecue joint turning into a crime scene at this hour. this after one person was shot outside bobby q's. katie conner is on the scene. any suspect information? >> reporter: all we know is a suspect is a black male last seen getting away from the ferry in a red pontiac. one
5:31 am
this was the scene when we drove up. we know the victim was outside a bar when he was shot in the lower back. he is expected to survive we don't know if there is a fight before or if the victim and the suspect new each other. those are all questions we are asking police. as soon as we get a suspect description we will pass that along so everybody knows what to look out for. international news. a big day in politics. >> we have to talk about the forecast. >> are you loving these mornings in the 60s? u of o out there with dew points in the 40s. clear skies. the busstop forecast, staying in the 60s through 7:00. we will warm up today into the upper 80s. low 90s as well.
5:32 am
day. no major problems in the weather forecast. air-quality forecast still has a little dust. moderate for today. we will have more in the seven day. let's check the roads. two crash is on i-17. the i-17 northbound crash near camelback looks like they just reopened. you will see a lot of delays, back to about thomas. the new crash will be i-70 -- i- 17 southbound at bethany home. decides that the valley sees some minor delays on the 10. on i-40, one portion has reopened, still a closure closer to flagstaff. i will map that out in a few minutes. i told about two shootings being investigated. this is the third active in shooting investigation near 15th avenue. and glendale. a large police presence after two people shot. a man and a woman.
5:33 am
complex yesterday but were not sure if it's related. the investigation for missing 10-year-old, jessie wilson, is moving ahead. police have new evidence. they submitted it for testing. officers they won't -- officers won't say what the evidences but they stress this is an open case and a continue to investigate. the flames could be seen for miles across the east valley. this morning investigators want to know if somebody this fire at this condo construction site on purpose. allison rodriguez is live near go but road and guadalupe. where is the investigation going? >> reporter: the atf will be here today and this is why, you can see the frame is all that is left. some of the scaffolding belted. it is mangled because of the intensity of the flames. you can see some of those wooden planks that were part of the frame completely charred from this fire.
5:34 am
be out here to figure out how the fire was started it tore through this condo complex and when shooting into the air. we even had pictures and calls from planes flying overhead that could see the smoke and flames. it took 150 firefighters more than an hour to control it. investigators are looking for a man seen passing through this area just before the fire started. a white male between 16 and 22. 5'7", last seen wearing a maroon asu sweatshirt with dark jim schwartz. long socks with bands shoes. long shaggy brown hair and a clean shaven race. their calling the fire suspicious. they want to know if you have any information about it. give them a call. i just tweeted the number. you can look on our twitter account for the number. investigators are trying to piece this together and calling it suspicious. the third major event in
5:35 am
the second massive fire within six months. this fire tore through a newly constructed fire complex. last month a plane crashed through a home. this weekend rescue crews had to rethink planning and training while on scene saturday night. >> we had much quicker control of the streets to allow units to come in. the commanders knew the layout of the apartment and exactly where the greatest r they knew where the occupants were to protect them first and get them out of the area and then focus in protected areas that were involved in the fire. >> they're getting good. kilbeth fire sing big emergency events like us typically come every few years, not every few months. the car slamming into a home. you can see it. into that home and taking out several things. it took out the transformer when a power pole collapse.
5:36 am
fence and stopped a foot inside a home after crashing into the newly remodeled bathroom. the car caught on fire which the homeowner and neighbor put out. nobody was hurt. we talked to the homeowner. >> flames on the walls. you could feel the impact and it was kind of like in slow- motion. you are watching it all happen in slow motion. >> here's the deal. the driver took off. the car is not reported stolen. this is the aps outage map. there was 100 there was 130 customers. now 18. more people getting power restored. >> hopefully they will all have power soon. the beginning of the end for the presidential candidates. less than three weeks until election day. >> tonight is the final debate of the election season. donald trump and hillary clinton will take the stage at the university of nevada las vegas. the unlv campus beginning at
5:37 am
615 minute segments. >> immigration, entitlement, debt, the supreme court, foreign-policy and his candidates fitness to serve as president will be the topics. it will only get busier as the day goes on. >> i'm sure they will stay on topic the entire night. >> we can hope. >> get out and vote. >> one person asking you to vote is michelle obama who is coming to the valley. just in has more details on her visit. >> reporter: we knew she was coming to the valley but now we have some new information on michelle obama. she will be here tomorrow at the phoenix convention center. she will be here with the vice presidential candidate tim kaine. she will be encouraging people to get out and vote. she will be speaking at an early voting rally. she will outline what she believes is at stake in this november election. you do have to rsvp to this
5:38 am
to show up and get in. we have a link on our website to rsvp. it is just abc we are at asu, chelsea clinton is expected to kick off another campaign in a couple of hours. here is a question. should congress have term limits? right now john mccain is fighting for his sixth term. according to donald trump that is too man he is proposing term limits saying it would, terrain washington corruption. they can -- they can currently serve unlimited terms. good wednesday morning. you might need a light jacket as we sit in the mid-60s with light wind. hour by hour pleasant. 75 at noon. sunny skies through the
5:39 am
above average, above -- looking at 90s in the valley. close to triple digits tomorrow. we will look at the full forecast in a few minutes. we have i-40 back open near kingman. you still see this closure on i- 40 in both directions near park . the best option is to delay travel. not a lot of good around that. we will keep you updated on that situation. in the valley we see almost a 20 minute desert drive time eastbound from loop 101 to the 17. we are seeing extra slowing on the 17. good news, both crashes have cleared. no longer blocking any lanes. this is at glendale, the southbound side is pretty heavy. we will have a closer look at
5:40 am
saturday. the opposing coach is anything but happy about it. is calling out the devils. wait until you hear this. after the break, how that little boy turned a scary situation into a life lesson. one step closer to taking back their city anorak. they are being met with a lot of force. the newest information
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i want to update you on breaking news. a shooting outside a stripmall in phoenix. it has turned deadly. this is a live look at the scene. we have learned a man in his 20s was shot in a parking lot at this area. he has died. a large crime scene with no
5:44 am
description. the future of the death penalty in arizona could be decided in a matter of hours. at issue are the specific drugs used during lethal injection. the process is supposed to last minutes. it took two hours to execute in arizona inmate in 2014. eventually putting all executions on hold. the state filed paperwork saying it will remove modesto lamb as an option. school has parents upset. the football team at notre dame prep band from postseason play this year. the aia voting to put the school on probation as a punishment for holding an off- season football class over the summer. that is not allowed. the school has until next week to file an appeal. asu saffir homecoming saturday against the washington state cougars. last year it was controversy after the cougars were accused of stealing play signals from the sideline. the coach of the cougars still pretty fired up.
5:45 am
reputation. i think they have a certain amount of technology and expertise on the subject and they are pretty clever about it. it is like breaking the enigma code. we will have to do a full on investigation to see how they are doing it and making sure it's within the rules. >> asu coach says there's nothing illegal about what his team does the fun begins saturday night at 7:00. into some. police just releasing this surveillance video. you can see the guy peering through the glass and then he uses a rock to break through the door. once inside you broke into a safe and grabbed multiple items including jewelry and cash. the total loss was $11,000. officers say a woman helps in this heist and they believe both got away in a red dodge durango. we are watching the
5:46 am
to lay down weapons. there's about 6000 isis fighters in the city and they are fighting back with suicide car bombs. u.s. troops are there. iraqi and kurdish forces are setting up a refugee camp outside the city bracing for people to flee the massive offensive to retake the city. joe biden continues his efforts in the fight against cancer. earlier this year the vice president. obama to personally oversee what is known as a cancer moonshot initiative. the national undertaking helps to end cancer today he will speak about his endeavor at the edward m kennedy institute for the united states and it -- united states senate. one boy in new jersey immediately knew something was wrong. >> look at this surveillance video. it shows a burglar in the home. 11-year-old got out before the
5:47 am
he went to the neighbors where they called police. the boy said someone was trying to steal from his home. >> there is really no reason to do it unless you take drugs and you want to get high or something. yeah. that's probably what he wanted to do. >> poor kid. he must have been so scared. police arrested the suspect. it turned out it was the families landscaper. fiat chryslere 86,000 vehicles. the list includes trucks and police cars because of an alternator that can cause engine stalling or fires. we have all of that on your screen right now. the charge police -- the charger police cars also on the recall list. the car company says
5:48 am
frequent hot temperature use. certainly we see a lot of that in the valley. chris, you just got word of another fiat chrysler recall? >> 200,000 jeep wrangler suvs now being involved in this one. the airbags may not inflate in a crash. this recall covers certain 2016, 2017 wranglers. have we had enough airbag problems or what? no crashes or injuries reported. -- repairs to fix the problems are not i don't know why they issue a recall if they're not ready to fix them. the fire burning in southern colorado is not slowing down. destroying some five homes and hundreds of people remain under evacuation orders. it started when high wind blew a metal building into a power line that sparked the fire. this fire consuming a three
5:49 am
the wind gusts are not helping firefighters as the flames pushed closer to other homes. hotdogs never have had and as far as we know ever will have dog meat in them. they are hotdogs in name only. authorities and malaysia have ordered auntie anne's pretzels to rename the pretzel dogs pretzel sausage as a suggestion of dogmeat is confusing to the mobile -- to the muslim population. they don't use dogmeat. maybe you're avoiding hotdogs after that story. we have a great substitute. new york is celebrating its 40th anniversary, offering pizza slices for prices from 40 years ago. grab a slice at any location for just $.76. it only goes from 12:00 until 5:00. it out this afternoon.
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sitting in the 60s. a little cool. we will warm up quickly. 64 now in scottsdale. deer valley 66. mesa gateway 63. wind speed pretty much,. deer valley in phoenix with light breezes. here is a look at current temperature's. 40s in prescott. 59 sedona. 29 flagstaff. 70s in bullhead city. some breezes there. there this afternoon, gusting to near 40 miles an hour with no showers or thunderstorms this morning. hard to find any cloud cover across arizona. all of the storm systems to the north. future cast will show a high pressure building on top of us. that will be keeping things warm. today above average, 92. warmer weather in the forecast tomorrow as we expect breezes and above average, 97.
5:51 am
no rain in the valley forecast through the weekend and into monday. we will start to see some slight changes in the seven-day forecast. 89 cave creek for the high today. 92 glenn dale. 93 peoria. upper 80s wickenburg in buckeye at 92 today. across the state, 67 window rock. 78 sedona. 60 show low. 84 globe. the seven-day forecast could see if you gusts thursd friday. 90s and drive to the weekend. 10% chance of rain monday and tuesday. we now have a third crash on i-17. just clear this but you will still see a backup. i-17 northbound at cactus. it was blocking the hov lane. it has been cleared. you will see some slow and go. i-17 trying to recover from the crashes that camelback. another bethany home.
5:52 am
are about 10 minutes from dunlap to mcdowell southbound. the slowing between glenn dale and camelback. east valley has been very quiet. still seeing that along the 60 and 10 right now. i will give you an update to the crashes on i-40 near kingman. we will have a closer look to the crash in flagstaff in a couple of minutes. if you're looking for work there is a career fair on the phoenix college campus starting in about three hours. more than 30 employers will be there verizon and the national guard. it is from 9 am until 1 pm. free and open to the public. make sure you bring plenty of resumes. up up and away. rocket launches. this is the newest mission into space. voter fraud a big concern ahead of the election. with so many deceased
5:53 am
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three blastoff. rocket took off from a russian launch facility this morning. the launch was posted happen in september but was delayed due to a technical issue. the rocket will dock at the iss on friday. the three astronauts will spend about four months at the station before coming back to earth in late february. nice of the russians to give us
5:56 am
it is the trip of a lifetime for so many veterans, honor flight just hours ago a flight from arizona to washington dc landed. >> this flight, on board a vet celebrating his 100th birthday. >> [ singing ] happy birthday to you. >> this flight is unique because it's a final all world war ii veteran flight. in a few weeks korean warve flight as well. out there right now 66 degrees. coming up, 100th could be returning to the valley and when we will see slight rain chances in the forecast. a new crash in tempe, loop 101 at the 202 interchange. plus, a look at some of the other hotspots. my gosh. is a story these jerks didn't
5:57 am
outside the well-known valley restaurant.
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now a deadly shooting outside a stripmall near phoenix ranch market. it has been an active at the scene all morning. our crews have been there. we have just gathered new information. one of the key pieces of
6:00 am
investigators, they do not believe this is tied to the serial shooter targeting the valley. something else noteworthy, it doesn't sound like there are any witnesses to this shooting. katie conner is there right now and will join us momentarily with an update. it is an active scene with a large police presence. you will see a large police presence they are in that area off of 35th avenue. and glendale. let's look at the it is a nice morning. 67 with clear skies across the valley. here is what the humidity values look like, 44%. a dry airmass overhead with east wind up three miles an hour. light when the today and warming up quickly, above average into the afternoon hours. 87 at noon. 90 at 2:00. 92 by 4:00. a new crash on the roads


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