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tv   ABC15 News at 500AM  ABC  October 20, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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debate. our teams are working hard to fact check what came out of their mouths and what is next before the big day. bernie sanders, chelsea clinton, now the first lady. she may not be the last big- name an arizona before the election. good morning. this as abc 15 mornings. >> we have to go back to the live desk. breaking news that could affect people heading out. >> this will be in the i-17 portions shut down right now due to a wrong-way crash. katie conner is live carefree highway and the i-17. we confirmed about 20 minutes ago this was a wrong wake village and what have you learned? >> reporter: we got an update on the victims involved. i am told one is in the hospital right now in serious but stable condition. let's look at the scene. you can see the red car, the side of it smashed in. dps telling us the wrong way driver
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the southbound waned -- southbound lane. crash into another car. the driver of the other car is okay. just has minor injuries. right now i-17 is shut down. they're working and towing the second car involved. back out here live, you can see the second car is already on the tow truck. dps appears to be moving quickly to get this all cleared to open up the freeway. right now everyone is being rerouted around the freeway. behind us trying to catch on i- 17. for more on ways to get around that i will send it over to mallory. >> starting to see delays stacking up all lanes blocked off on i-17 southbound near state route 74. you will see this closure, i would wait to get and 17 until your past 74 or use the on and
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trying to head out early. the rest of the valley is quiet. a little slowing on i-17 in the west valley. i will map that out in a couple of minutes. let's look at the most accurate forecast as i move things around. let's look at abc 15 desert doppler. what we are seeing is not a lot going on scanning the skies. it will be a mild start to the day. 66 right now. by 9 am 76. 97. we have to talk about the breezes. coming up we will break that down and give you a breakdown of the temperatures. a motorcycle rider taken to the hospital after a crash. we crash may be related to gunfire. >> right now there are restrictions in place. 51st avenue. and thomas is the location. the motorcyclist injuries do not appear to be life- threatening. the car believed to be involved in the that more than a mile away. it was involved in a separate
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and mcdowell. we are sorting all of this out. phoenix police are investigating when they are able to talk with us we will update you as well. will the third time be the charm for presidential candidate donald trump? he is behind in the polls and just wrapped his final debate before election day. >> it didn't take long for the gloves to come off. they handshake did not happen once again. the candidates talking immigration, taxes and hillary clinton facing tough questions on wikileaks. >> engaged in espionage against americans. and they have the given that information to wikileaks. finally, will donald trump admit and condemn that the russians are doing this? >> donald trump did have to address the sexual misconduct accusations. here's what he said. >> i didn't even apologize to my wife, who is sitting right here, because i didn't do anything. i didn't know any of these
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>> clinton taking a moment before leaving las vegas to address the american people. in one last effort to pull in both before the big election. >> i'm reaching out to all americans. democrats, republicans and independents. i want to have every american use his or her talents and energy and ambition to use our country. >> if you are registered lenten supporter you probably got a text last night with a link to her donor page asking for your vote and donation. >> donald trump tweeting out a bunch of polls declaring him the winner going on to say he is honored to win the debate. he is headed to ohio today. are you ready to vote? don't get intimidated. a firebombing of a political office, a bomb threat of a local gop office is scary but nobody should be frightened. that coming from helen purcell, the head of the maricopa county elections. with talk of election rigging, voter fraud, threats to
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election day. >> education is the answer. we want to make sure that all of the polls, all of the voting, all of the ballot counting happens in a transparent way. >> republicans and democrats will have poll observers on election day to watch and report any problems to the state party leaders. if you're skipping the long election lines and turning in the early ballots alone. maricopa county election officials tell us about 100,000 mail-in ballots have already been turned in. they expect a big wave of ballots to come in now that the final debate is over. we will have much more political coverage all morning and abc 15 mornings including a look at the first lady's visit to our state today as well as, can you believe, what you heard last night. fact checking some of those comments plus what is trending from debate night. >> when it comes to scary clowns authorities are not messing around. in about three and half hours a former westview high school
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address charges associated with it was clown threats. a former avondale student was arrested earlier this month. still store clerk held up by a man in a mask. this guy is on the run right now. the robber was armed with a hatchet and demanded money from the clerk. this happened at a super pumper store near thompson.. take action your opinion on a possible new arizona superior court judge. public hearing is being held this morning for input and 16 candidates. the meeting will be at the arizona state court building. the maricopa county commission will select the top three and send does to the governor for his appointment. crews from f core water will have their hands full selling an underground pipeline in sunwest. the pipes measure the length of
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the bell road lit station to the northwest valley treatment plant. the project starts in an hour near bell and el mirage. we were watching a movie and had our headsets and. i looked out the window and said we are going back to seattle. >> that's not something you want to see on a plane. for some seahawks fans their trip to phoenix was anything but ordinary. michelle obama expected in downtown phoenix today. open to get some votes for hillary clinton. the clinton coming? we will have the answers coming up. i-10 is getting busier right now. we will have a look at desert drive time's next. we have to talk about the
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she saw the boots and fell for fall all over again. was she expecting to find the perfect designer boots at such an amazing price? no. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it. welcome back. have to show you what's trending on the internet. if you pull up the google trends the map is entirely red
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trump is dominating the social media discussion. if you click on some of those trends there are interactive maps via google. you can fact check was some of the candidates said. it will pull up google searches. also, if you look at some of these interactive data it will show the heads of both donald trump and hillary clinton trending across your screen. depending on what was said at what time and what got the most attention. donald trump is getting the most attention. last night's debate. check out some of the google trends today right here on abc 15. a lot of people will be talking about how warm we will be getting today. this is a live look outside. it is pointing at tempe so you can see some of the bridge there. there currently at 73.
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in the west valley currently waking up with temperatures in the 70s in glendale. 65 levine. 72 good year. very warm today. 97 degrees. that's about 10 degrees above average. the uv index will be at a six, they high category. air qualities looking good. no other with -- no other weather alerts or storm chances. the wind will start to kick up in the afternoon around lunchtime. we could see gusts up to miles an hour in the valley. bringing down the temperatures, by 1:00 94. 96 by 3:00. still in the 80s by 9 pm. a very mild evening as well. not bad if you want to go for a nighttime stroll. the forecast, 77 payson. 95 casagrande. 98 gila bend. a look at the east valley shows we will be in the mid-90s for us today, well above average.
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give you a look at the west valley. looking at the roads we had a crash on the 10 in the east valley. that is cleared. we were seeing a little slowing a few minutes ago near 43rd avenue. nothing right now but an 11 minute desert drive time from 75th but an 11 minute desert drive time from 75th avenue. to the mini stack. this is the closest live adot camera. you can see some of the flashing lights in the distance. closed at state exit 74 right now. we will have a look at alternate routes in a few minutes. some firefighters have been injured in a very large for alarm fire. we will take you to the scene. more email problems for hillary clinton. why saying i don't recall may not work this time around. in this mornings gma first look nba star derrick rose cleared claims he in two
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>> what was the first thing you thought when you heard that? >> relief. >> found not liable on all counts by a los angeles jury wednesday in a $21.5 million lawsuit filed by a 30-year-old college student he dated on and off for two years. the woman claiming during a night of drinking rows and friends place an unknown drug in a drink given to her. later coming to her home and sexually assaulting her she was incapacitated. roses lawyer sing the victory proves his clients innocence. we will have more on what is next for rose coming up at 7 am with your gma first look i'm
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breaking news. three firefighters injured in san francisco battling a four
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it's happening in the castro district. i pulled up some video. this being tweeted out from the fire department. the smoke and flames going right through the roof of a two- story home. one of the three firefighters was taken to the hospital. this is a non-life-threatening injury. that individual may have broken their wrist. thankfully the injuries are non life threatening. on live at the phoenix convention center where michelle obama is the next few hours. she will speak in this building . you can even see some of the barricades already set up. there is one person in line. they have been here since 6:30 last night. we saw tim kaine who was going to be here, that ended up not being the case. he has another event scheduled across the country. this week bernie sanders and chelsea clinton and now the first lady are making stops in
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she hasn't been in the state since march. trump has made several visits to arizona. there is talk to his camp could be planning a visit here. at this point it's not clear if she will make it. they are trying to figure out if that is worth it. we know michelle obama is expected to speak here at 2:00. we will get them out. we will secure the border. once the border is secured we will make a determination as to the rest. we have some and we're going to get them out. >> that could be the quote of the debate. that going across both this side and south of the u.s. mexico border. it began trending on twitter. a lot of people offering a spanish lesson on how to pronounce it. >> a lot of people have been questioning hillary clinton's trustworthiness in light of the
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a new email that was just discovered may undermine another thing she said. the testimony clinton claimed she did not recall communicating with her it specialist. there's an email from 2012 between the two were clinton is asking for help with her blackberry. it specialist invoked his fifth amendment right. 130 times when it came to testifying about that email account. >> happening today in new orleans, in a federal courtroom with the codefendant in a drug in a rape case that brought down during sharper will be sentenced. eric nu?ez and brandon mccarty, a former suburban sheriff's deputy, pleaded guilty to state and federal charges earlier this year. they face up to 17 years in prison. sharper was sentenced to 18 years in a federal prison after pleading guilty. they also had a tempe connection. for the first time ever new jersey governor. chris christie will appear in court to discuss the bridgegate scandal from 2013.
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wrongdoing. a citizen complaint said christie failed to stop the closure of those lanes and created a major backup and then the controversy continued. christie's appearances set for november 23. his final meal, steak and a big potato. georgia executing a man last night who killed a police officer and injured another. gregory paul moller convicted in 1997 execution the state this year. the most since the death penalty was reinstated nationwide in 1976. happy to finally be in phoenix. we are hearing from some southwest passengers who had their patients tested. there phoenix bound flight from seattle was forced to turn back after something cracked the planes wind chill. finally landed at sky harbor. >> we were actually watching will be and have the headsets on . i looked out the window and say we're going back to
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was shattered. >> if you don't want to hear that does you don't will hear that on a plane. a lot of this people where flying in for the sundays cardinals games against the seahawk nobody was hurt and there were no other issues with the plane. some of us pushed back against the holiday season coming to quickly. here's a sign holiday season is here. this 80 foot christmas tree will arrive at the outlets at anthem. santa and the reindeer, christmas carolers there to greet the tree. the tree is beer for now. it will soon get 80 strands of led lights, 5000 ornaments ornaments -- ornaments as well. it doesn't feel like christmas. my goodness, it is still so warm. it will be warm for today. we will be dealing with breezes. the current wind speed is a terrible. we are up to 10 miles an hour. other spots are really calm. that will change getting into
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kicking a. the current wind speed is much stronger in spots like sedona. we are seeing sustained wind at about 22 miles an hour there. even stronger in bullhead city. we will see a red flag warnings throughout the day today. high the grand canyon about 15 miles an hour. in yuma about 13 miles an hour. still strong in some spots. for us in the valley we could see sustained wind up to 15 miles an hour and gusts up to 25 miles an hour. stronger up north. miles an hour and gusts up to 30. strong and breezy at times. keep a lookout for blowing dust. by 10 am 81. warming by lunchtime. breezy conditions will dominate the weather topic thoughout the day. 96 by 3:00. 95 at 5:00. 97 is where we will top out today.
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very warm today. about 10 degrees above average for peoria. averages 87. very warm and clear and breezy. coming up we will have a look at the seven-day forecast and tell you when the 80s are coming back. we have some good news for drivers. i-17 southbound has reopened as state route 74. all lanes have been blocked. now the right lane is blocked. you will still see some congestion as traffic tr recover. the closure in place is this ramp from state route 74 westbound to i-17 southbound. that ramp is still close so dove valley could be a good option to get around that. a little slowing on i-10 around 91st 2 83rd avenue. also 91st avenue. is doing some repairs because of an earlier crash. you will see some restrictions. we are live and gila bend.
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creep who tried to take a little girl out of the backseat of her family car. how her family is reacting. that is coming up. we are confident that my client was not under the influence at the time of this tragedy. >> the crash in california killing four people including a couple from chandler. the new developments and the reason the defense claims this deadly crash happened. loans, grants,
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at the sun -- the sunshine is bright and the opportunity is wide open. the sky's the limit. when it comes to education and funding -- options can them pretty quickly. >> the depressing numbers, it takes close to $38,000 to get a back -- bachelors degree in this country and student most of that strapped to their backs in the form of student loan debt to. enter to learn. >> the students are investing in themselves. >> reporter: kate thompson created on to learn three and half years ago to clear up some of the financial ruin these students are facing. the nonprofit that offer students the chance to save money. up to $500 can turn to $4000 each year just by learning to be financially self-sufficient. it sounds great. people are noticing. >> universities, community colleges from all over the
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arizona's big three offer and to learn. family of four can make more than -- can't make more than twice the poverty level to take advantage. >> this is really changing the trajectory of the students lives in terms of their confidence level with their financial help. >> to learn more about earn to learn and make the most of your money into the financial fitness a cold morning as the walk to the bus stop. as their coming home look at hot it's going to be. 98 degrees. very sunny conditions. coming up we will look at how strong the wind will be. the delays are sitting in right now. here's a look at i-10 at 83 -- 83rd avenue. to north phoenix we go where this will be a hit-and- run crash investigation. what we have learned about the motorcyclist and the person who
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also ahead, we -- will
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the i-17 at carefree highway has just reopened after a wrong-way crash. this is something else. katie conner is on the scene. i understand you just spoke with investigators? >> reporter: look at this.
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this driver got on i-17 going the wrong way on dove valley. he crashed into another car. zooming past me, that is the other car involved in this. slammed into this driver. i'm told this driver has minor injuries. the wrong way driver is in the hospital. police think impairment is a factor. typically drivers are usually in the carpool lane. in this case the driver was actually in the slow lane. the driver was able to see the wrong way driver coming at him, slow down and the two just sideswiped each other. right now what we know about the wrong way driver is it is an adult female who is being treated at the hospital for minor injuries. impairment is a factor. i-17 is open.
5:31 am
highway is still shut down. they're working and clearing that and we will let you know when it reopens. amazing that no one was killed in this. >> when we hear it in the newsroom in the mornings you prepare for the worst mentally and seeing it is a different thing. >> i know she said that area is back open but it is the -- is it affecting the commute? >> it's already recovering. you will want to take of valley to get on 17 because the ramp is still shut off at carefree highway. are seeing delays on the 10. around this time it always starts to slow down. we are up to a in 18 minute desert drive time. this is i-10 eastbound from the 101 to the 17. the delays are just a little bit past the 17. i will give you some restriction on indian school and 91st avenue. in a couple of minutes.
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doppler. were not expecting much and it's not picking up much. it's a calm and quiet day. looking at the temperatures, a breakdown across the valley looks like this. by lunchtime most of us pretty warm, upper 80s to mid 90s. we are going about 10 degrees above average today. i will show you how hot it will get plus a red flag warning across the state. i will show you where breaking overnight, phoenix police are investigating after a teenager was shot inside an apartment complex near seventh street and bella. the 19-year-old is in critical condition. no word on a suspect description. we will keep an eye on that. meanwhile, officers investing a hit and run crash involving a motorcycle at 27th avenue. in the northern in phoenix. the motorcyclist is in serious condition . the driver did not
5:33 am
an alert witness got a license plate number so they are furthering that investigation. the scene did clear up moments ago. and live in gila bend. the search is on in this desolate area. this guy try to take a four-year-old girl out of the backseat of a family car. this is near stout and watermelon roads. 70 miles southwest this happened late last night when a man tried to take that little girl while the family was getting ready to leave the house. she was buckled in. her mother started screaming. the guy backed off. the little girls father chased the guy into the desert. >> i confronted him and told him why did you do this? kept saying i'm sorry.
5:34 am
>> mcso describes the sky as he -- as a hispanic or native american male between 27 and 30 wearing a brown shirts, sweatpants and a half. this family is really scared that to the guy knows where they live. if you have any information call mcso. nine shootings, nine injured and seven killed. the search for the phoenix serial street shooter over. police are hoping hearing the voices of those affected by this killer spark new life in this case.
5:35 am
feeling. that was the sister of a 21- year-old man killed by the street shooter. he was standing outside his home. police say all of these murders took place between march and july of this year. reward to catch this guy is now up to $75,000 if you know anything called silent witness at 480 witness. . we are taking action with their own team in las vegas. ri fay fredricks. >> reporter: in las vegas it is quieter this morning. quieter than last night after a debate that felt at times like a heavyweight rematch. moments after it ended donald trump supporters and staffers pouring out of the debate hall. not as windy but if you clinton surrogates as well telling us why they thought their candidate one. >> he did not letter get the best of him. he would give it to her. he used humor sometimes.
5:36 am
bernie said -- bernie sanders has -- says you have badge him it -- bad judgment. >> he went into snake politics. she went eagle politics. >> we also heard from trump's campaign coo, jeff dewitt of arizona. he told me. >> to see donald trump in arizona one more time before this campaign wraps up, election day hit. the hillary clinton campaign also hinting there may be a high profile visit. they say probably we will see one more, they're not saying if that is hillary clinton herself. we will have to wait and see. fay fredricks with abc 15. we continue to partner with politicized and in fact checks from the last presidential debate. when it comes to immigration donald trump still says hillary
5:37 am
>> we have no country if we have no borders. hillary wants to give amnesty. she wants to have open borders. >> or immigration plan would make it easier from undocumented immigrants to say in -- to stay in the u.s. clinton says she was talking about green energy in a wiki leak so they rated trump' claim mostly false. >> who won the debate? both candidates tweeting out they one. here is a poll from cnn orc says hillary clinton won with 52% of support compared to 39% for donald trump. >> one of the big races we're watching locally is for maricopa county sheriff. paul thissen zone is challenging sheriff joe arpaio. a new poll shows pension may get the wind. arizona state university releasing this poll overnight. paul thissen zone leading in
5:38 am
still undecided the poll was taken after the justice department announced it would pursue criminal charges against arpaio. at the live desk of want to talk about our nation's heroes. the feds are investigating a claim of secret of the a waiting lists in colorado. the va internal watchdog announcing this audit. investigating allegations of forgery come off the books record-keeping. this broadens the national scandal over the use of unofficial or secret waiting list to hide link the waiting for care of the phoenix the va hospital. disgusting how these veterans are being treated. in navy aviation electrician facing 24 years in prison after police say he crashed his car off the coronado bridge. four people were killed in california on saturday. >> two from right here in chandler. richard's a polio was the driver . he was arraigned in hospital in san diego yesterday.
5:39 am
the crash. 's attorney claims he was not under the influence but instead a car cut him off, forcing him into the side rail. >> this tragedy could have been avoided if responsible people had put responsible retainers and there. >> facing half a dozen charges including four counts of vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. we have red flag warning today for parts of the state. not a lot but still this gives you an indication of what the big story is today. that is the wind and breeze in this red flag warning. in the valley we could see gusts up to 25 miles an hour. when we get to lunchtime and into the afternoon and early evening as well. northern arizona even stronger. we could see gusts up to 30 miles an hour.
5:40 am
that and down the hatches and hold onto your hats because it will get breezy today. 97 degrees, well above average for this time of year. the uv index is at a 6 so burn time is about 30 minutes. air quality is looking good. no other weather alerts. no storm chances. that will change we look at the seven-day. in the meantime, here's a breakdown of temperatures hour by hour. by 10 am 81. nice in the morning. we start to get very warm into the afternoon and staying in the 90s by 6:00. how is the road looking? >> so far so good, especially for east valley drivers on the 60. a problem spots on the 101 or 10. only delays we are seeing right now on the freeways will be on i-10 and west valley between 83rd avenue. to roughly seventh avenue. not far from there we have some
5:41 am
they are making repairs as of an earlier crash and 91st avenue. and indian school. try to avoid that area. take 83rdtry to avoid that area. take 83rd avenue. and thomas instead. this is just off the 101 . once you are on the 101 things are looking pretty good. we are on the scene of breaking news. a house fire in phoenix. that video is just now coming into the newsroom. we will have that next. if i knew they would have laid a hand on her [ indiscernible ] >> a
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she saw the boots and fell for fall all over again. was she expecting to find the perfect designer boots at such an amazing price? no. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, i'm live in downtown phoenix where shall obama is expected to speak at the convention center at 2:00 this afternoon. if you thought you were going to be the first person in line you are a little late. check out jarvis and his little boy. they have been here since 6:30
5:45 am
president obama was here. is little girl was kissed by the president. this time he's hoping his son is going to get a kiss from the first lady. >> i looked at the baby, i looked at the president, i looked at my baby and the next thing i know is he had my daughter. that was huge for me. i was trying to take a picture in my hand was shaking. specs of the second person line over here is peggy sue. she has her magazine and is hoping to get this signed by the first lady. a heads up if you want to come out to the convention center, you do have to rsvp for this michelle obama is expected to speak here at 2:00. live in downtown phoenix with abc 15. i have some breaking news. this is a house fire. the main cross streets are 35th avenue. and peoria in peoria. write up 32nd cir. write up 32nd cir. this is the scene. the reports we're getting is it started in the back patio. it spread to
5:46 am
thankfully no injuries reported. arizona saying it will not use the sedative modesto lamb in future executions even if it finds a new supply. that promise was made in court as the case for testing how our state carries out the death penalty continues. the lawsuit claims that sedative cannot ensure condemned inmates will feel pain right now executions are on hold until the lawsuit is resolved. diplomas out of iraq. people are fleeing mosul ahead of what could be a huge battle with isis especially forces has also joined in the offensive in advancing to a nearby town held by isis. usa still assisting with coalition airstrikes. the fourth day of this massive operational overtake. the second largest city in iraq. it could take weeks or months. a major health alert issued by the cdc as they are recommending zika testing for all pregnant women who spent
5:47 am
county. this dates back to at least august 1 whether you have symptoms are not. you are urged to get a zika test done by your doctor. it bounced off the windshield. to not be broken is amazing. >> unbelievable. an american bald eagle in florida hits the windshield of a jeep and survives. you can see this dash cam video. the trooper is rescuing the eagle from the side of the freeway. he just fix it up he's having some trouble at first. eventually the trooper was able to bear hug the bird and put him in the back of the patrol cars. he was then taken to the birds of prey center where they say the eagle will be released back into the wild.
5:48 am
car, handed over deposit and then the finance company will not finance me the vehicle and a have to return the vehicle. >> the dealer gets the car and your money. it's called yo-yo financing. car repairs and car buying or two of the top let joe no complaints. join us thursday, october 20 from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. as we take let joe no on the road. talk one-on-one with attorneys and experts in landlord, tenant , child support, cars, scams and more. questions maybe don't have a problem right now but you just one advice on how to avoid one. tomorrow night at tempe marketplace district stage. will see you there. >> joe is doing such great work. bad guys pretending to be tree trimmer's. police say they are targeting elderly people. a young boy stopped at least one possible robbery attempt. >> this is unbelievable. these two guys showed up at
5:49 am
power lines in the backyard. richard and linda norman say the men pushed their way in. scoped out the house for things to take. the normans were trying to get them to leave and their 10-year- old great-grandson took action. he grabbed the phone and called 911. >> they got 1 foot inside after my grandma asked for identification. i heard screams. it was my grandpa's screen. i knew something was really wrong. >> i love it. he was right to be worried. police did not get there in time to make an arrest but they are now warning others to be on the lookout for these fake tree trimmer's. here is a look, a live look outside at our pch camera in downtown phoenix. i thought this was a beautiful shot. let's look at our temperatures right now. 73 in to be. 71 mesa.
5:50 am
79. 73 at litchfield park. today clear skies with breezy conditions. we will stay dry thoughout the day today. 85 degrees by 11 am. morning temperatures looking really nice. getting into the afternoon the heat is on. 94 degrees by 1:00. getting warmer from there. 96 before we, back down on the other side. we are still at 85 degrees by 7 pm. still warm. you can see, just to give you perspe . we are about 10 degrees above that for today. 95 in apache junction. 96 gilbert. 95 scottsdale. 95 deer valley. 95 anthem. we are all still in the 90s. across the state 80 and global. 95 casagrande. 98 gila bend. very warm, 97 course i. 91
5:51 am
forecast. we will still be warm tomorrow. reasons are sticking with us. finally they let up a little bit into the weekend. still very warm. it's not until we start next week we will start to see cooler air pushing in with rain chances. 80s back by tuesday. coming up we will take a look at abc 15 desert doppler to see what that's picking up this morning. if you're starting in the north part of the valley it's now. and eight minute desert drive time eastbound from the 17 to the 51. ramp on state route 74 westbound to i-17 south, that is still shut down. dove valley could be an option for folks who usually take that ramp. i-17 is slowing down a little bit between northern and indian school. no crashes there or anything to avoid. just a little slow and go. we are also seeing that on the 10.51st avenue. a steady stream with delays
5:52 am
pretty typical for this time of morning. we will get closer look at the desert drive time's next. do you think your cell phone bill is high? t-mobile has an even bigger bills to pay. the find from sec that you have to know about. pajama tierra and forget about pulling out the family
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>> ken bone with red sweater on jimmy kimmel live to cover last night's presidential debate. his point is get out and vote. mad mailman caught on camera committing a crime in georgia. what he is accused of doing might leave you scratching your head. take a look at this video. watch as the postal worker dumbs tubs of mail into a ditch. the whole incident was captured by a woman living in the neighborhood. >> at one point he actually stopped and took a break like he was tired. he eventually just drove off like it was normal. >> okay. it took five postal workers two hours to clean up that huge mass. authorities say this is a federal offense and they condemn any action that
5:56 am
mail. >> the third-largest wireless carrier getting hit with a hefty fine. t-mobile will pay $48 million for not telling customers the unlimited data plans were not so unlimited. the company had a toe -- had a policy that would slow down service for customers that used the most data. since 2015 t-mobile has done a better job with disclosures on that practice. as you had to work look at the temperatures, a little bit chilly. 66. going home warm, sunny and dry. i will tell you how strong the wind will be,, -- coming up. things are slowing down just a little bit. plus some look at some other hotspots around the valley. a wrong-way crash on the i- 17. katie conner has the newest information. police at the scene of a deadly crash in san diego.
5:57 am
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look - i supported joe arpaio for a lot of years... but lately, he spends so much time on tv or in court defending himself that he's not doing his job. he failed to serve warrants for violent crimes. he didn't even investigate when children were molested. and lawsuits against him have cost taxpayers over one hundred forty two million dollars. we need a new sheriff whose top priority is keeping our community safe. that's why this year, happening at 6:00, breaking news. if you're just waking up, the i-17, carefree highway, is now reopened after a wrong-way crash overnight. katie conner has been on the scene. while you explain what happened these images are something
6:00 am
that no one was seriously injured. this driver pretty much walked away unharmed. this driver had just gone on the free when it and saw two headlights heading straight at him. it was that old minivan going the wrong way on i-17. the two cars sideswiped each other and spun out. the wrong way driver was taken to a nearby hospital and is currently being treated for minor injuries. right now dps impairment was a factor. they said they have to do further testing. right now the freeway is pretty much back open. the hov lane and the next lane over are still closed. for more on ways to get around this crash we will send it over to mallory. still some restrictions on i-17 southbound. you can see the delays have pretty much gone away. still a ramp closure, state route 74 westbound to i-17 southbound.


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