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tv   ABC15 News at 600AM  ABC  October 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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that no one was seriously injured. this driver pretty much walked away unharmed. this driver had just gone on the free when it and saw two headlights heading straight at him. it was that old minivan going the wrong way on i-17. the two cars sideswiped each other and spun out. the wrong way driver was taken to a nearby hospital and is currently being treated for minor injuries. right now dps impairment was a factor. they said they have to do further testing. right now the freeway is pretty much back open. the hov lane and the next lane over are still closed. for more on ways to get around this crash we will send it over to mallory. still some restrictions on i-17 southbound. you can see the delays have pretty much gone away. still a ramp closure, state route 74 westbound to i-17 southbound.
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do looking at the big picture, some delays on the 10 and the mini stack with some slowing. we have a new crash on the 202. we will look at that in a few moments. clouds and radar, you can see not a lot happening. a few clouds but those will breakup and go away. we will keep things clear today. the meantime, here's a look at some current temperatures across the valley. 70 mesa. 68 glenn dale. 68 deer valley. i don't into the 50s maybe low 60s. i will double check that. the pollen forecast is in the medium category. coming up, i will break down the temperatures hour by hour for today. a major scare for a family as a little girl is nearly snatched outside of her home. >> that creep trying to take her while her mother was screaming at him to get away. megan thompson is joining us
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out there. >> reporter: after the father decided to take action, chasing this guy into the desert for it was this black escalade, this one that the guy approached, opening the car door and trying to yank that girl from the black -- from the back seat. as happened last night when the family was waiting to leave. the dad got up to go lock up the house and the suspect swooped in, opening the door and trying to grab her. luckily never physically removed from the car. mcso is looking for a hispanic or native american man with a thin build wearing a brown shirt, blue sweatpants and a blue hat. they don't know this guy at all but they are fearful he could come back now that he knows where they live and what car they drive. they are looking for your help to get this guy caught. motorcycle rider taken to
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were on the scene.right now there are some restrictions in place near 51st avenue. and thomas. motorcyclist injuries do not appear to be life-threatening. a car involved ended up more than a mile away. we're waiting on an update from police to sort this out. in democracy 2016 your voice, your vote we are in the home stretch in the race for the white house. >> both candidates are third and final debate in las vegas. while you were sleeping both of those candidates took to twitter. hillary clinton was the first candidate to tweet moments before boarding a plane. her campaign tweeted, that feeling when you win three straight debates. a few hours later donald trump tweeted this, he thanked americans them adding he is honored to win the final debate. the candidates did not hold anything back. they did not shake hands for the second
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they faced off on everything from the economy to emigration to the email scandal to russia. at one point trump calling clinton, quote, a nasty woman. the big headline this morning is donald trump refusing to stay the debate -- say in the of debate if you will accept election results. >> this is what hillary clinton said moments after leaving las vegas. >> our country has been around for 240 years. one of our hallmarks has always been that we accept the outcome of our election. >> the trump campaign is being clear, saying the reason he said that is because they plan to win in november. closer to home we were at watch parties for republicans and democrats. here are the big takeaways from some valley voters. >> he talked about immigration. it was nice to finally hear some of the quotes that hillary clinton had on immigration.
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own mouth to speeches that she has given it was nice to finally hear that in a debate. she has tried really hard to keep that off the record and pretend like she never said -- things. i think arizona voters realized she is not good for our state. >> donald trump is inept. >> we looked at we were not able to find any voters who were still undecided. some people have already made up their minds and have made count and have voted. about 100,000 mail-in ballots have already been turned in. they expect a big wave of ballots to make their way and now that the final debate is over. a heavy hitter in the democratic party is hours away from landing in the valley. first lady michelle obama will speak at a rally at the phoenix convention center. doors open at 11:30 with the event starting at 2:00. we will lifestream it on abc 15 mobile and abc donald trump is in ohio for a
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both he and hillary clinton will be speaking tonight at the alfred smith memorial foundation dinner in new york. in keeping with tradition, both candidates will give keynote speeches and have the opportunity to come together. president obama also campaigning for hillary clinton. he will be in florida today attending a private roundtable for the democratic governors association. he will talk about the affordable care act in miami before flying back to dc tonight. overnight u.s. military confirming a failed missile launch for north korea. the failed attempt comes shortly after the u.s. and rustic -- north korean agreed to counter the north korean threats. this is her second attempt to launch a missile since saturday. a store clerk held up by a guy wearing a creepy mask that person is on the run. police say the robber was armed with a hatchet and demanded money from the clerk your thomas.
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road. call discuss opd if you know anything. a big site of relief as police arrest this man. man will torres accused of recording women in a dressing room at a party city store. one woman reported she saw -- what she saw, rather, to the store manager. torres says he didn't do anything wrong. to phoenix where a man was rushed to serious injuries after being stabbed. this is the scene. we can learn his name later today. we know this happened in an alleyway near 40th avenue. in buckeye police telling us two guys got into an gument and a fight. one ended up getting stabbed. the phoenix city council cracking down on animal hoarding. we see that problem too often. not everybody is on board. >> i apologize. the amendment is not acceptable. it's -- the ordinance could
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amendment is adopted as drafted. >> the city did pass a plan, making it illegal to have 10 or more animals in conditions that are not suitable. that is not include caring for outdoor or feral cats. the council pushed back its vote on body cameras for the phoenix police department they won't vote until november 2. that multimillion dollar proposal would add up to 1000 body cameras for police officers. >> we have new details on that scare involving a southwest flight headed to the valley as passengers from seattle finally made it here after being returned to the airport in the emerald city because of a cracked windshield. >> we were watching a movie and had our headsets and. i looked out the window and said we are going back to seattle. i saw the water. and then i found out the shield was cracked. >> at this point officials telling us the crack was not from a bird strike. crews from f core water
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stalling and underground wastewater pipeline in sun city west. the pipes measure the length of five football fields they will connect the bell road lift station to the northwest valley treatment plant that project is now underway near bell and el mirage. if you're outside today we need to know the uv index will be six. that means high category so the burn time is about 30 minutes. looking at a breakdown of temperatures, by 10 am 81. beautiful in the morning. getting warm into very warm. 94 by 1:00. way past average for this time of year. 96 by 3:00. 80 at 9 pm. looking at the forecast and highs across the valley we talked about above average. average is 87. we are about 10 degrees above that in maricopa today. 96 glenn dale. 96 tempe.
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looking across the state, 77 in payson. 79 sedona. 75 window rock. coming up we still have to look at the seven-day forecast. we will let you know when rain chances are coming back plus 180s to finally make a return. we have a couple of new crash is on the valley freeways. one is on loop 202. it was blocking the left-wing, westbound at the mini stack. it was blocking the left-wing. we you are seeing slowing back to about 32nd st. or so. looking at i-17 this is a shot at bethany home road. heavy in the southbound direction. it is blocking the right lane. make sure you stay to the left and see some delays. we have a closer look at the east valley dr. next. second suspected drunk driving crash on the coronado bridge. you'll hear from the man who jumped into action to save the
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afraid to go to the polls on election day? ellen purcell says you will be safe. do not be intimidated by recent threats and scarce going on across the country. do you need and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered.
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you have to love modern technology. i have been looking at google trends. check it out. hours. donald trump dominating the web as far as searches are concerned. you can look at the most questions asked, where did hillary clinton go to college or when is the next debate? folks are going to know there is no more debate. check out these two maps. the google search election map. everybody searching in the country donald trump. for the most part you can see the spots of blue. when it comes to videos and what people are watching on
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new hampshire, wisconsin focused on trump. a lot of the other parts of the country are focusing on hillary clinton videos. google trends gives us a broader perspective of what people are watching and saying about last night's debate. >> you can't find anything on google these days -- you can really find anything on google these days. a firebomb at a political office, a bomb threat a gop office locally. some are calling it voter intimidation. we are told nobody should be that is coming from helen purcell. with talk of election rigging and now threats to political offices some people might feel spooked on election day. >> education is the answer. we want to make sure that all of the polls, all of the voting, all of the ballot counting happens in a transparent way. >> we are told both the gop and democrats will have poll observers on election day just to watch and report any problems.
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and that hoboken train crash. subpoenas could be issued this morning. this comes ahead of a hearing set for this afternoon. it is unclear who will be called to testify. one hearing is set for tomorrow as well. keep in mind one person was killed. that was a mother. 100 mothers -- 100 -- 100 others injured last month. the teacher strike in pennsylvania has the entire pennsylvania state university system walking off the job. factor -- faculty members demanding a better contract, better pay, health insurance. 100,000 students at the universities are being told you better show up to class today. students being told that. wells fargo scandal is growing. the bank now at the center of a criminal investigation in california. the state department of justice reviewing whether or not employees committed false impersonation and identity theft. both could be charged as felonies. a wells fargo spokesperson says
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people in north carolina are finally feeling some relief. the flood waters caused by hurricane matthew are finally starting to reseed. the governor. issuing a plan for recovery. he signed an executive order approving disaster food stamps, unemployment and allowing flexibility for school days. the governor. designated a task force to coordinate rebuilding efforts. a swimmer in massachusetts is happy to be on dry land after being lost at sea for several hours. the dark sky and it tough for a coast guard crew to find randall atkins park he and his son-in-law went for a swim with the riptide separated them. hackett never made it back to shore. after four hours of searching he was spotted just off the coast. call it divine intervention. in washington woman saved the life of her crew -- of her coworker one day after learning cpr. >> you cannot be too prepared.
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cardiac arrest exi says everything she learned from her cpr training kicked in immediately. she did chest compressions until first responders showed up. >> nobody's going to believe this if i tell them this. they're not going to believe me. >> unlikely hero was honored by city officials for her life- saving efforts. as for her coworker, he is recovering in the hospital. let's look outside. a beautiful shot hereby in tempe. a nice shot as it starts to eliminate the skyline. let's look at what we are seeing . temperatures in the 70s. we have hits are low for the day. we will start to warm up. the good news is temperatures will warm up as we wake up because of a trend we will be seeing, a warming trend. i wanted to show you the wind a. we have started to register
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stronger in some spots. close to 15 miles an hour. those will kick up through the rest of the day. topping out today at 97. very warm with sunny skies. no relief from the clouds. we could see wind to speed up to 15 miles an hour. gusts even stronger at 25 miles an hour. uv index still in the six, the high category. burn time about 30 minutes. the air quality is good and the weather alerts are fine and no storm chances yet. that will change in the seven- day forecast. look at the temperatures across the valley. by lunchtime most of us very warm. already into the 90s for most of us. sticking in the 90s. pollen forecast the medium category today, tomorrow and saturday. quickly looking across the east valley you can see about 10
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will look at the west valley in a few minutes. i have an update to this i- 17 crash from our century link prism traffic center. everything is back open on i-17 southbound at state route 74. all lanes are back open. the ramp from the 74 is back open. no delays there. you are seeing some slowing on loop 101 eastbound near seventh street. the big picture showing things aren't doing bad in the east valley. still quite. i wa want to look at the 10. at 83rd avenue, east and you will see some stop and go and tell you hit the i-17 stack . i am live in phoenix. michelle obama is expected to speak here. if you thought you were going to be the first person in line, the line has already started. could hillary be making a visit to arizona? more on that coming up. a shooting investigation
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a teenager shot here. safety alert in the valley. >> the guys looking for work
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new clients? let's go meet them soon.
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a whole-grain diet maybe your way to lower your risk of cardiovascular -- cardiovascular disease. overweight and when eating a whole-grain diet for eight weeks their blood pressure fell by nearly 8 points. if you're calling in sick to -- sick today maybe you're just playing hooky. make sure you don't post anything online. it seems obvious. one new survey finds more than one third of an players have cots employees lying about
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actually fired in a play. another 55% have reprimanded a worker. juno spacecraft proving it has what it takes to stay out of danger. it clicked into safe mode all by itself close to jupiter after detecting editions it didn't like. the juno team is checking on an unrelated issue with the spacecraft propulsion system. today european space officials could get good news about their mars lander. the spacecraft was scheduled to land yesterday not get a signal back yesterday. even if the craft safely landed it will only operate for about 3-10 days for the batteries run out. you have a really bad stomachache. maybe go to the doctor if it's real serious. >> sounds like that's the right thing to do. this next woman from massachusetts was in for a shock when she arrived at the
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was in my stomach. you can't really -- >> liliana was surprised to find out she was 36-38 weeks pregnant. she was having a baby right then. the father was pretty surprised since martinez gets a birth- control shot every three months. back she's like you're having a kid. you need to be in the room. >> danielle was shaking her head. justin came into the world at 5 4 oz. he is doing great. happening right now we are on the scene of that wrong-way crash. it is amazing nobody was killed on the i-17. wait until you see the images. we had a crash at camelback and i-17. it has since cleared. i will highlight some of the hot spots for the morning drive. a father chasing a creep into the desert after he tried to take his daughter from the backseat of their car.
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. we know what he looks like. we do not know where he is. now we are hearing one of the deadly 911 calls from the serial street shooter case. the sun is coming up and with 40 megs of internet speed from centurylink, a family of four can all be online at the same time... streaming, gaming, or downloading movies. all you need is high-speed internet from centurylink. get up to 40 megs for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan. speed may not be available in your area. no, that's okay. i'm not hungry. don't worry about me. okay.
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allegations against pinal county sheriff paul babeu. paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. accusations of widespread abuse at a massachusetts private school. she is sick of hearing sheriff paul babeu lie. allegations of abuse of power. another headache, the fbi has subpoenaed records. lawsuits regarding abuse and neglect. questions of babeu's integrity. new page of controversy. a question of judgment. ultimately voters are going to have to decide if he's the type of candidate they want in congress. dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. a close call for a drive down the i-17. he went head-to-head with the
6:30 am
katie conner is there.>> reporter: troopers just cleared the scene. look at this video. dps tells me the driver of this gold minivan got on the freeway going the wrong way. near the carefree overpass this van sideswiped this red car which then spun out. dps says the wrong way driver was taken to a nearby hospital and is being treated for minor injuries but the other driver walked away unharmed. right now factor in this crash with the wrong way driver. we will continue to track this story. all lanes on i-17 are back open . all of those delays have cleared up on the i-17. really the only slow spots will be on the 10. about a 30 minute drive in starting near the 101. that will ease up around the park tunnel.
6:31 am
red mountain. it is eastbound near alma school. traffic is pretty light. something that is not like an going on today, the breezes will pickup and temperatures are also going up. we will see a return of the 80s later. first, today how warm are we going to be getting? 97. about 10 degrees above average. warm and breezy gusts up to 25 miles an hour. we have a red flag warning across the state. i will show you where coming up. right now a desperate search is underway after an attempted kidnapping. >> this involves a four-year- old girl at home in gila bend southwest of the valley. the locations on the map. megan thompson is in the area. what can you tell us? >> reporter: we know it happened right here. it was in
6:32 am
sitting in the back seat. the father had gone into the house to lock it up before they left. that is when the suspect struck, opening the back door and trying to pull the four- year-old from the seat. she was already buckled in and the straps saved her. her mother screaming for him to leave. he backed off but dad wasn't done. chasing the sky into the desert . that suspect is still out there right now. the family is really shaken up by this and worried this guy knows too much about them. >> i'm scared i don't know what to do. >> this guy described as hispanic or native american with a thin build, roughly 20- 30 years old. last seen wearing a brown shirt with blue sweatpants and a blue hat. if you have any information this family needs your help. please contact mcso. breaking news. phoenix police are investigating after
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apartment complex in a gated community near seventh street and bell. the 19-year-old is in critical condition with no word on a suspect description. let's go to a hit and run crash involving a motorcycle in phoenix. 27th avenue. and northern is the location. a motorcyclist in serious condition. the driver did not stop. an alert witness got a license plate number. they are tracking down that car. that scene has been cleared. let's we are doing some fact checking. the 2nd amendment proved to be a popular debate topic. hillary clinton defending proposition to a supreme court case involving a washington dc banning of the firearms. >> what the district of columbia was trying to do was to protect toddlers from guns. >> city leaders cited child
6:34 am
was eventually invalidated by federal court was a widespread ban on unregistered weapons. take the truth meter and it was more than just gun safety for kids. clinton's claim rated half true. on live in downtown phoenix where michelle obama is expected to speak later today. we have the barricades up right now. the big question is where is the line going to start? people don't know this we have barricades over here, across the street and monroe. folks are sitting in the waiting on some direction. we also got tim kaine was going to be here. that is up in the air right now. we don't know if he's going to be here or not. we keep hearing conflicting reports basically that will be a surprise. just this week we had bernie sanders and chelsea clinton and now the first lady making stops in arizona. the big question is will hillary fly in? she hasn't been in the state since march. we have to figure out if she
6:35 am
michelle obama is expected to speak at 2:00. the doors will open a little bit after 11:00. heads up if you plan on coming down, you do have to rsvp for this event. live in downtown phoenix with abc 15. tonight your chance to get educated about the big issues facing arizona. the secretary of state's office is hosting a ballot measure town hall for voters there are only a few left. we have a details on your screen. this one starts at 6 pm on the santana campus of arizona campus. both measures are looking like they will pass based on a new poll by the arizona republic morrison and cronkite news. it is not a clear run away we're talking about prop 205 and 206. from september through october the number of people against prop 205 went up by 2% while the number of people in favor of prop 206 went down by 3%. another possible dui crash
6:36 am
an suv rolled over on a freeway transition ramp. the impact throwing the driver into the backseat. his life may have been saved thanks way fedora wearing macgyver. >> i opened the doors and stabilized him. >> did you hear that? that guy made a neck brace out of atoll. imagine what he would have done with gum and a paperclip. that driver taken to the hospital. this is the same bridge where the suspected drunken sailor rolled his truck killing a chandler couple. five of former child welfare workers will have their wrongful termination case played out before high school students. a three-judge panel is hosting a special session today at shadow mountain in phoenix. the x cps employees argued they were fired in 2014 as part of a cover-up to protect jan brewer. at the time the agency was under fire for not investigating thousands of hotline calls. as you wake up the hunt
6:37 am
police hope that by hearing the voices of those affected it will spark to the case. >> that was a sister of year-old man killed by the serial street shooter. he was one of several people killed just standing outside of their home. all of the murders took place between march and july of this year. reward to catch this guy is up to $75,000. the fight continues to retake mosul. the iraqi military deployed a group of elite u.s. trained forces to retake the city. sky news is reporting unit believes it can push through
6:38 am
days. later today arizona troopers will be showing off their new digs. these are pictures of dps first- ever public service center building. it will be unveiled this afternoon at 19th avenue. in phoenix. that building underwent a facelift to house concealed weapons, criminal departments in public records and other public service units. wanted to show you, a peppering of earthquakes in our nation's midsection. here is texas. this will oklahoma and here is kansas. these earthquakes are circled. i will change the colors here, you can see several highlighted . this is from called off kansas to fairview oklahoma. ranging from a 2.928 3.6. i understand is not significant, especially if you're from california, but this morning alone we have seen about five peppering this exact area. i thought it was noteworthy an
6:39 am
let's talk about the current when the speed across the valley. this is a good indicator of what you will experience throughout the day today. you can see more spots registering. about an hour ago we only had about three spots with stronger winds. now you can see even stronger at mesa falcon. we will keep our eye on the wind . looking quickly across the state you can see they are very strong in spots like sedona, the grand canyon and bullhead city. we will have a red flag warning . in the meantime, look at how the wind will be today in the valley. we could see sustained wind up to 15 miles an hour. the gust could be even stronger. up to 25 miles an hour. a stronger wind in northern parts of the state. it's about taking over -- is not taking over a good chunk of the state but we will see it across the northern part of the state. look out for that. coming up we have to talk about the seven-day forecast.
6:40 am
tuned for that. drivers in the west valley will see delays on the 10. you will also see a road closure because of an earlier crash. now they have to do repairs to a fire hydrant. 91st avenue. at indian school is blocked off. 83rd and thomas are good smart routes to get around. especially if you're trying to get on or off the 101. east valley is seeing some minor delays. loop 202 westbound around arizona avenue. the desert drive time on the 101 just jumped up to about 14 that drive time from the 202 santana to the red belt freeway. we will take a look at i-17 drive coming up. three tremors? i don't think so. safety alert after a quick thinking 10-year-old stopped these guys in their tracks. you won't believe it. another scandal. how this is now impacting our nation's heroes. we have some new testing recommendations in the fight against the zika virus.
6:41 am
6:42 am
i learned as a police officer and a businessman you should never abuse people's trust. unfortunately, today too many politicians either serve their party or themselves, and arizona families suffer. the arizona republic called paul babeu a disgrace. babeu spent $28,000 of taxpayer money at a five-star resort fbi for using public money to promote himself. o'halleran: i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message,
6:44 am
we have a safety alert and a warning for everyone. bad guys pretending to be tree tremors. police say they are targeting elderly people. a young boy stopped at least one possible robbery attempt. two men showed up at home your 19th avenue. and glendale claiming they needed to trim trees away from power lines in the backyard. they then pushed their way in, scoped out the house for things to take one couple tried to get them to leave and their 10-year- old great-grandson took action. he grabbed the phone and called 911. >> they got one but inside after my grandma asked for identification. i heard a scream. it was my grandpa scream. i knew something was really wrong. >> the suspect got away the police still want to warn you to be on the lookout for fake tree tremors.
6:45 am
claim of secret waiting lists in colorado. the va internal watchdog announcing the audit, the investigation has allegations of perjury, off the books record keeping and unofficial secret link -- lists to hide lengthy delays. 40 veterans died while waiting for care at the phoenix va hospital. serious new surrounding the zika virus. the health of - department is urging all pregnant women who spent time in florida's miami-dade county to get tested for the virus. the county is the only area in the country where mosquitoes have been continuously spreading the virus since the summertime. the test is recommended whether or not the women see any symptoms. could pass stop zika from spreading? a miami lawmaker says that you up to 3000 mosquitoes a day.
6:46 am
because they say bats feed on whatever they want, not just and mosquitoes. >> reporter: comes to scary clowns authorities are not messing around. later this morning a former high school student be in court to address some major charges associated with the clown threat the from avondale student was arrested earlier this month. you can take action by voicing your opinion on a possible new arizona superior court judge at 8:30 this morning a public hearing will be held for input and 16 candidates t at the arizona state court building. the maricopa county commission will select the top three and send them to the governor. for appointment. i have your daily automotive recall. no surprise here. another recall. this one involving hyundai. nearly 63,000 midsize cars and he was. the panoramic gas subgroups can come loose and fly off and go into traffic. some aren't even closing at all. when you force it that is when
6:47 am
hyundai sonatas are impacted. 2015, 2016 models including gas electric hybrids. a giant pile of mail dumped into the woods in georgia. the person responsible is the mill man himself. caught in the act. the postal inspectors have picked up the huge pile of discarded envelopes and packages and checking to see which mail carrier was supposed to deliver them. now people in the neighborhood are worried they might be at risk of identity this will give you hope in humanity. a quick thinking police officer being called a hero for saving a little boy's life. chasewas and 30 -- was on duty in texas when a 911 call came in. he jumped into action and performed cpr after the boy suffered a seizure and stopped breathing. he was able to revive him a pillar was prevented with a lifesaving award last night the little boy is doing great and his recovery
6:48 am
to be exact, want to save the day according to the national retail federation. superheroes are now the top- selling halloween costumes for kids. knocking off princesses for the first time in a decade. very popular this year, animal inspired costumes and star wars characters. experts say over the years children's costumes have become more and more diverse and empowered. trending today, this is not your pure imagination. variety is reporting warner bros. has a new will he want to move in the works from the producer about to release the film fantastic beasts and where to find them. the movie is a prequel story so it will focus on walker and his early adventures before he meets charlie. how that a live look from anthem? the holidays are coming. 80 for christmas tree being delivered right now to the outlets at anthem. >> ready or not. santa and his reindeer, a group of carolers are all out there for the tree is looking they
6:49 am
80 strands of led lights surrounding 5000 ornaments. we try to push the holidays off as long as we can but retailers say it's time. specter two kinds of people in this world. ones who are really excited and those who aren't. i am in the category that is all for it. here's a look at your thursday forecast. 97 doesn't feel like the holidays. uv index at a six. the burn time is about 30 minutes. these are not looking bad. these boxes, air quality good. weather alerts are none. no storm chances. the wind will be the big story today and how hot we're getting. upper 90s today. 81 hot we're getting. upper 90s today. 81 x 10 a.m. 91 by lunchtime. warming with breezy conditions will start to set in into the afternoon. here's a look at the highs across the valley. averages 87. where did the 80s go? nowhere here. 95 apache junction. 96 gilbert.
6:50 am
breezy conditions stick around today and tomorrow. so do the -- the above average temperatures. good time to have the mobile app. we are getting some rain chances in the forecast monday and tuesday. that is when 80s comeback. finally and tuesday and wednesday we are warming back up. the other thing is the overnight lows will start to warm up as well. looking at the roads north valley drivers are see a couple of more slow spots eastbound on the 101. between 19th avenue. and seventh street or so. if you're hopping on i-17 no problem spots. the tennis looking at a 30 minute desert drive time. this is from the 101 to the 17. also a look at the i-10 in the east valley, we are seeing delays stacking up.
6:51 am
some slow and go for a couple of miles. we will have a look at the rest of the east valley dr. next. i'm live in downtown phoenix. in a few hours shall obama will be speaking here. you might be surprised when this line actually started to form. we will go over that coming up. on live in gila bend. a family not getting any sleep
6:52 am
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call on the i-17? a woman driving the wrong way cause a crash near the carefree highway. dps telling us the driver was going northbound and southbound lanes for about a mile before side swiping another driver. woman who caused the crash went to the hospital. investigators believe she was impaired. i'm megan thompson live in gila bend after a little girl was nearly pulled from the backseat of the family car by a brazen bad guy. luckily kept her safe. the guy taking off after the father chased him into the desert. mcso is looking for this guy just tried as hispanic or native american male with a thin build. the have any information contact mcso. this is brand-new. two high-speed pursuits involving drugs. these images coming in from customs and border protection. a driver fleeing on the i-10 and crashing. inside the vehicle almost 150 pounds of
6:55 am
and justin pazera. michelle obama is expected to speak at the phoenix convention center later this afternoon. a line has already started. folks lining up since 630 last night to make sure they can get close to the first lady. were not sure if tim kaine will be here. we have heard conflicting reports if he's going to show up. that will be a surprise for everyone. the doors open at 11:00. the first lady speak around 2:00. live in downtown phoenix with abc 15. good morning america is just minutes away. >> let's check in to see what the team is working on for gma. good morning. coming up on gma, the third and final debate last night. you can see donald trump and hillary clinton head-to-head. 19 days until the final vote. it was a tough campaign last night. a tough debate. donald trump saying he wouldn't commit in advance to accepting the results of the election, saying the election could be rigged. hillary clinton calling that
6:56 am
that horrifying. that is all coming up on gma. we have a live look from anthem. 30 rockefeller we are? this is where it's at. 80 for christmas tree now being delivered to the outlets at anthem. >> it's not just the tree. santa, reindeer and a group of carolers are also out there right now. the tree looks a little beer right now but it will have 80 strands of led lights, five the tree looks a little beer right now but it will have 80 strands of led lights, 5000 i think you did a rant about the holidays starting so early. it's tough when it doesn't feel like the holiday time. >> that was a month ago. they're ready now. >> we are definitely warm today. >> 97 today with breezy conditions. we could see gusts up to 25 miles an hour in the valley. take note of that. that down, next week the 80s coming back.
6:57 am
the east valley. a new crash at country club with delays on the 101 westbound. let's have a look from the adot camera i-10 on the west valley. it is slow and go at 67th avenue. if you missed some top stories the abc 15 digital team is updating right now. we will have the latest on the commute and the headlines in 25 minutes. you love all-day breakfast. i love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites all day. i don't love that. but now you're gonna love that you can get more all day. like mcgriddles. i love mcgriddles... so you'll have to find something else to not love. hey buddy! like exploding fist bumps. pggggggghew! or forgetting what you're about to do. wait...what was i about to do? or when people who say you look like... james lipton. oh's uncanny.
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7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking overnight debate night stunner. donald trump refused to say he'll accept the election results claiming the system is rigged. >> i'm not looking at anything now. i'll look at it at the time. i'll keep you in suspense. >> that's horrifying. you know, every time donald thinks things are not going in his direction, he claims whatever it is is rigged against him. >> trump hitting clinton on her >> she's been doing this for 30 years. why the hell didn't you do it over the last 15, 20 years? >> battling over putin and russia. >> well, that's because he would rather have a puppet as president of the united states. >> no puppet. no puppet. tur puppet. >> it's pretty clear. >> tangling over immigration. >> we have some bad hombres here and we're going to get them out. >> that plan to build a wall. >> he had a meeting with the mexican president, and didn't it raise it. he choked. >> and allegations from women about sexual misconduct in it


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