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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 21, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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good morning, america. a charity dinner turns bitter overnight. >> here she is tonight, pretending not to hate catholics. >> donald trump gets booed. [ boos ] hillary clinton follows with her own act. >> it's amazing i'm up here after donald. i didn't think he'd be okay with a peaceful transition of power. >> just hours after trump doubles down on his election stance. >> and i will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election if i win. >> and the clinton campaign looks to expand its map with michelle obama. also breaking right now, isis suicide bombers and gunmen launching a deadly dawn attack
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american service member is killed in the fight in iraq. the first u.s. casualty as the war to stop the terrorist group escalates. the nfl under fire after new revelations about one of their star players accused of a terrible pattern of domestic abuse. the newly released files, journals and e-mails detail what happened in his marriage. the nfl now re-opens its investigation. caught on camera, newly released surveillance video showing the alleged criminals who bound and gagged kim kardashian. arriving on bike and foot. then fleeing with millions in jewels. the reality star still recovering out of the public eye. as the hotel security guard reveals what really happened inside that room. good morning, america. happy friday. welcome to paula faris right here.
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be light-hearted and everybody is supposed to loosen up. but last night, a little bit different. you see cardinal dolan there. he was between donald trump and hillary clinton. he called it the iciest place on the planet. >> can you imagine the level of discomfort, and just for the record, sitting between the two of you i don't feel uncomfortable at all. >> we both have very warm hearts. >> hand shakes will happen later. both candidates getting laughs. it was a tough crowd. i don't think either got the memo they were s friends. that was the explicit big deal. >> the crowd was tough and were expressive. take a look at this moment that a lot are talking about. watch how the crowd reacts when donald trump calls hillary clinton corrupt. i have a feeling this guy will be on memes for quite a while. >> we have a lot coming up. just 18 days till the final votes. abc's cecilia vega starts us off from the battleground state of ohio. hillary clinton is going to be there in cleveland today. good morning, cecilia.
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that said they were supposed to be friends? they didn't get it. these two candidates 25 hours after that heated debate, this time in the same room not just that seated at the same table. can we say awkward? nope. right out of the gate, no handshake here. donald trump and hillary clinton in the same room once again. this time a new york charity dinner, the only thing separating them, a man of god. >> hillary accidentally bumped into me, and she very civilly said, "pardon me." >> reporter: an election year tradition, time for the candidates to poke fun at themselves and each other. no one was off-limits. >> michelle obama gives a speech and everyone loves it. it's fantastic. they think she's absolutely
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my wife, melania, gives the exact same peach, and people get on her case. and i don't get it. >> reporter: but some of trump's jokes didn't go over so well. >> hillary is so corrupt she got kicked off the watergate commission. [ boos ] how corrupt do you have to be? >> reporter: the typically charitable crowd turning on trump, booing and cheering after he seemingly broke the long-standing tradition of lobbing jokes more lighthearted than these jabs. >> we've learned so much from wikileaks. for example, hillary believes that it's vital to deceive the people by having one public policy and a totally different
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that's okay. i don't know who they're angry at, hillary, you or i. for example, here she is tonight in public pretending not to hate catholics. [ boos ] >> reporter: clinton sitting right there not looking too happy until it was her turn. >> donald, if at any time, you free to stand up and shout "wrong!" while i'm talking. you know, come to think of it, it's amazing i'm up here after donald. i didn't think he would be okay with a peaceful transition of power. >> reporter: what could possibly go wrong? bitter political rivals asked to poke fun at each other for charity. >> people look at the statue of liberty and they see a proud
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donald looks at the statue of liberty and sees a 4. maybe a 5 if she loses the torch and tablet and changes her hair. >> reporter: some of her jokes falling flat too. >> and if donald does win it'll be awkward at the annual presidents' day photo when all the former presidents gather at the white house and not just with bill. ho passed the muslim ban? >> reporter: others, well, as she says, judge for yourself. >> i hope you enjoyed my remarks tonight. i said no to some jokes that i thought were over the line, but i suppose you can judge for yourself on wikileaks in the next few days. >> reporter: inside that hall, they eventually did shake hands, but outside, trump refusing to change his tune about accepting
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while on the campaign trail earlier in the day -- >> and i will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election if i win. >> reporter: president obama calling it dangerous. >> that is not a joking matter. >> reporter: okay. but let's go back to that dinner. awkward doesn't even begin to describe it. it was downright times. it was hilarious at others. it gets at what i've heard from so many voters over the course of this election all around this country, if you're not laughing right now you might be crying so better to laugh with 18 days to go, paula. >> you know, cecilia, that was a tough crowd but i think it's safe to say neither is prepared to be comedian in chief. commander, but not comedian. >> reporter: true. the democrats showing new confidence as clinton looks to expand into typically republican states. sending michelle obama to arizona and abc's jon karl joins us from washington. good morning, jon. thanks for joining us. 18 days left. we've got the big countdown this morning.
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>> reporter: well, hillary clinton has solidified her lead in the national polls but as you know, paula, this race will be won or lost in the states, the battle for 270 electoral votes. with that in mind, we unveil our brand-new abc news race ratings. the states in red are those that lean donald trump. the states in blue hillary clinton. and if you look at it, if you look at just the states that are already leaning hillary clinton, that's 307 electoral votes. more than enough to win the presidency. in fact, we are down to just two purely toss-up states. north carolina and ohio. even if donald trump wins both of those, he falls short. he needs to find a way in the next 18 days to turn some of those blue states red. >> pretty incredible. we just mentioned that the first lady is campaigning in arizona. hillary clinton looking to make inroads in some traditional red states. arizona, georgia, texas. how vulnerable are those states right now, jon?
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you mentioned the first lady in arizona. the clinton campaign is actually spending a little bit of money in texas right now. that's a state that hasn't gone democrat since 1976. it would be almost a miracle if they won any of them. the fact that we're even talking about it shows how lopsided this race has become. >> wow, pretty incredible right there, jon. thank you. george. >> more with matt dowd. you look at that map that you see this big clinton lead right now. part of the reason they're going to try to buck up their senate candidates. >> yeah, i think this is a combination of a down ballot and the top of the ballot, and i think what we're seeing changing is fundamental beginning shift of the map where democrats are pursuing states in the west they never were able to and republicans are now being able to gain ground in places like ohio which they have often contested and often been very close and donald trump could win ohio and lose the presidency. >> he's holding on in ohio and iowa right now. even though these states in the southwest are going towards the democrats.
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democrats' strength with college voters and latinos. >> what we'll see is a huge split in the geography, a huge split in the demography. and as i said yesterday, one of the huge problems that we have is, i said, we needed a pastor more than a president in the aftermath, but after that dinner last night, even a cardinal couldn't bring these two together in this. >> what does donald trump do in these final 18 days to keep it close. % >> what does donald trump do in these final 18 days to keep it close. >> he's fundamentally doing, he did it at the dinner and debate, pursuing a base strategy, a complete base strategy, not purring independence, not pursuing soft democrats who anyway not like hillary clinton but what he's doing is push the base as heavy as he can and hope for a low turnout in a low turnout election if his base shows up he has a possibility of winning. >> meantime, you've got a lot of those republican senate candidates having to establish distance from donald trump. >> yeah, we're seeing polls reflect the problem that donald trump is beginning to be a drag on the ticket for senate
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house candidates. i think the republicans need to figure out, do they stick with donald trump, for the final 18 days? or do they finally take a break and try to save themselves? >> matt dowd, thanks very much. a full look at this week sunday morning on "this week." >> overseas to the critical battle against isis. a u.s. service member was killed in iraq. this is the first american combat death since they began the operation to take back mosul. and abc's alex marquardt is right there on the ground where a new round of fighting is under way. alex, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, paula. that's right this morning we're learning more about that american service member. we have seen these u.s. troops in action. they are vital to taking back mosul from isis and as this fight ramps up, the u.s. general commanding the anti-isis coalition is calling the terror group a challenging and cunning enemy. the battle for mosul seeing some of the fiercest fighting yet. as advancing forces get closer to the isis-held city. the fight stepped up with the
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forces who have fought to within six miles of the city limits. american and iraqi officials saying the advance is going faster than planned, but isis has stepped up their resistance as well, sending out waves of suicide bombers. here an isis vehicle speeding toward the u.s.-backed forces who blew it up. the biggest obstacle, ieds littering the roads and open plains. including one that killed that u.s. service member northeast of mosul on thursday, traveling with local counterterrorism forces when the roadside bomb hit an american armored vehicle and rolled. this morning, isis showing what they do when squeezed. sleeper cells attacking in the nearby city of kirkuk long considered safe it erupted in heavy gunfire. multiple suicide bombers attacking police stations and a power plant. you can see the streets of this city are now very quiet. not long after the attack officials imposed a curfew telling everyone to stay home to
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authorities say most of the attackers were killed as we saw this long convoy of kurdish soldiers speeding towards the center of kirkuk. the fear of what isis will do if they lose mosul and other territory goes well beyond iraq and syria. we've already seen those awful terror attacks in europe, and they are expected to seek revenge and lash out internationally. george? >> fires poured out of there. alex, thanks very much. we'll move on to new trouble for wells fargo. the company paying millions to scam customers and learning more about who may have been targeted as a new criminal investigation has begun. abc's listensy -- linsey davis is tracking the story. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning. one by one former bank employees are now coming forward and telling their stories. one woman told "the new york times" she was so stressed about selling clients unnecessary products that she became addicted to drinking hand sanitizer as a way to cope. this morning, wells fargo is under investigation for
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to sign up nearly 2 million customers for programs without their knowledge. the claims were filed in california. former employees tell "the new york times" they were encouraged to prey on people who spoke little english, college students and the elderly. kevin from left in 2010 and says the direction was like lions hunting zebras. >> you had to open ten accounts every single day. >> reporter: former ceo john stumpf was chastised on capitol hill last month. senator elizabeth warren called his actions gutless leadership. >> you should resign. this just isn't right. >> reporter: since then, the bank has hired a new ceo, paid back $2.6 million to customers,
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in fines, and claims to have ended all product sales goals. in a statement to abc news, wells fargo says their number one priority is making things right with our customers and restoring public trust. now the bank is rated a c minus and has lost its better business bureau accreditation. not only were the bank's practices unethical. california's attorney general says that they may have just committed identity theft. if found guilty it's still unclear who would be held accountable, if that would be the executives or employees who actually opened up the accounac, paula. >> pretty incredible accusations. a lot will look at your apple products. there is a big warning fro giant says that a company is selling fake apple products on amazon and gio benitez is here. gio, they say these products could be dangerous? >> reporter: very dangerous, paula. we're talking serious fire dangers here. here's the problem. unless you knew what to look for you'd think they're all real. the counterfeit cables put safety at risk, apple says. news that apple conducted its own undercover online sting to figure out where counterfeit cables were coming from.
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new lawsuit that it bought apple chargers and cables labeled as genuine on amazon, the startling number of fakes, 90%. according to that lawsuit, apple sharing its findings with amazon and the online retailer pun pointing the source as a new jersey company named mobilestar, which they claim imprinted apple logo on products that pose a significant risk of overheating, fire and electrical shock. what one customer said, and the review says after just a few hours of the use on the very first day, the charger literally caught on fire. amazon which is not named in the lawsuit tells abc news overnight, the retailer has zero tolerance for the sale of counterfeits on our site and work closely with manufacturers and brands and pursue wrongdoers aggressively. and abc news reached out to that new jersey company mentioned in the lawsuit. mobilestar, but we have not heard back. by the way, we wanted to give
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identifying some fakes. here's a real charger right here. you will notice they have some language here. if you see misstpellings, typos it's probably a fake. this is a real charger here. if you do this also and you're plugging it in, if it doesn't go all the way in like this does, it's probably fake. >> if it's not flush, it's fake. >> i need to go home and check. man. >> here's one. >> that's yours. but thank you, gio. such a kind man. paa. >> yes. >> great news for you today. you should be happy. happy friday because your cubs, they won. they won last night. >> i know. i didn't stay up to watch it but i'm very excited. >> only one game away from the world series. yes. they beat the dodgers 8-4 last night to take the lead in their nlcs series and the cubs haven't won a world series since 1908. which you are aware of. >> yes. not because i actually existed in 1908 but because we've been talking about it.
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and we're pulling for you as well. tomorrow night's game is at wrigley field at home and hopefully they can clinch the series and go to the world series. >> game six, i think they'll clinch at wrigley. i got to say i would love to see and this might cause a rift between us. >> cleveland. >> the cubs, but collectively, 176 years, neither of them have won the world series. >> big year. >> a little math, 1908, 1948. cardinal dolan. i need an intervention. let's go to ginger. we have a lot of rain coming. >> a lot of rain but fortunately not for the cubs. just north of state college, flash flood warnings along the cold front that will bring a whole lot cooler air. remember, we were in the 80s breaking records and now you may see a flake of snow in parts of >> we were in the 80s breaking records. new england this weekend right there -- i know. a lot more coming up including the winter look from noaa but now let's get to the weekend
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nfl under fire over domestic violence after a star player's private confessions were made public. we have the new investigation this morning. and a model dying just days after visiting the chi ro practicer. a neck adjustment caused her death and now the family is speaking out. ? ? and off you go, ? for every step, every stride, every start, begin strong with the lasting energy of 100% whole grain quaker oats...
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good morning. i'm danielle lerner. a convenience store turning into a crime scene while you were sleeping. phoenix police tell us the men involved got into a road rage fight. they brought to the circle k. the altercation escalated into both men were wrestling on the ground. then police say a woman passenger in one of the vehicles decided to stop the fight by running the guys over. both men went to the hospital where one later died. we're waiting to want the name of the man killed walking across the street. air15 above the scene near 35th avenue and bethany home road. police said the man was hit by two vehicles. the first one a fled the scene and the second state no word on what caused the crash. we are back with a check of
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it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands. and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered.
7:26 am
we have crash in the east valley from centurylink prism traffic center. you're seeing a lot of delays on u.s. 60. a 24 minute desert drive time to the 101. that is with a crash is. here's a look from the adot camera. westbound at loop 101 blocking the left lane's. maybe the two right lanes are slow to mesa drive. sidestreets are loop 202 to red mountain could be a good option. we have winds outside. we could see gusts up to 25 miles per hour. they will die down over the weekend. if you do have plans outside, know things could be breezy today. 97 is where we will top out. we are dealing with winds the we had changes coming up. we will show you that later. it is just about 7:30 am.
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more local news.
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? sho ? caught up in your show ? ? at least i know it won't be long ? ? it won't be long ? big new hit for lady gaga "perfect illusion" the video right there. she'll be right here this morning. got a brand-new album out today. we'll hear about that. and a little bit about the super bowl coming up. >> i can't belve talking about the super bowl. donald trump and hillary clinton, comedians in chief they are not, and they faced off, but this time, for charity. the presidential candidates were roasting one another overnight at an annual dinner getting laughs but a whole lot of boos as trumps faces fallout says he'll accept the election result, dot, dot, dot, ihe wins. also a powerful earthquake hit western japan this morning. some injuries and damage have
7:31 am
magnitude quake. thankfully no tsunami risk. we have been having a very stressful election season, but this morning, we'll hear from some refreshing voices. a group of fourth graders who i had a chance to sit down with and gave advice forthe country and candidates and i think everybody should listen up to and candidates and i think everybody should listen up to what they have to say. >> future presidents in that crowd? >> yes, yes, sonia. second row, right in the middle. she said my dad told me i could be the first female president. that may not happen but i will get there. she's very, very -- she's on top of it. >> good for her. the kids have a way of just keeping it real this election season, don't they? >> real and simple. we begin this friday morning with new trouble for josh brown. the league is now reviewing the new york giants kicker again after he admitted to abusing his wife and newly revealed documents and abc's ryan smith is here and this is not the first time he's faced questions about domestic abuse. >> reporter: no, it is not, paula. good morning. a 2015 domestic abuse charge earned him a
7:32 am
more extensive investigation and prosecutors declining to press charges reveal a shocking picture. his ex-wife delltelling police over 20 instances of abuse over many years. the nfl re-opening an investigation into josh brown. the pro bowl kicker suspended just one dame into 2015 after being arrested for domestic violence, following an incident with his then wife, molly. at the time, brown indicating it was a >> was that an isolated incident? >> it was just a moment. >> reporter: but now newly released police reports show brown allegedly admitting several times that he physically, verbally and emotionally abused had is wife. 165-page document containing photos taken after alleged arguments. e-mails he allegedly sent to their friends like this one saying, i became an abuser and
7:33 am
i viewed myself as god basically and she was my slave. and pages of handwritten journal entries from the couple's count counseling like this one where he allegedly simply wrote, i have abused my wife.counseling he allegedly simply wrote, i have abused my wife. the nfl says when it suspended brown it was unaware of these repeated attempts both orally and in writing to obtain any and all evidence but that their requests were denied. the police report says the league was aware of the couple's discourse. molly telling police before the 2015 pro bowl the league relocated her and her children to a room where josh would not know where they were after he lost his temper. >> for the nfl to be in this kind of situation again, it's mind-boggling. this is a failure of the nfl's domestic violence policy. >> brown was at team practice thursday but many standing by their kicker. >> i want him to get himself right. >> reporter: the giants will review the documents, adding it does not condone or excuse any
7:34 am
but what happens to brown will now lay in the hands of nfl. and the nfl says they're reviewing brown's case while john mara who they signed to a deal this off-season says he doesn't feel duped by brown and he won't speculate on his future. >> you expect the league to move swiftly on this. >> i think they would want to. this pr is the kind they don't want. >> no question about that. thank you. won't have -- we have a scary story now. health alert after a model died days after visiting the chiropractor. it showed social media sensation katie may's death was caused by a neck adjustment. mara schiavocampo has the story. >> reporter: may's career was taking off. in fact she was on a photoshoot when she hurt her neck and now we're learning treatment for
7:35 am
this morning, new information about the sudden shocking death of playboy model and so-called queen of snapchat katie may. the los angeles county coroner's office telling our affiliate, kabc, the 34-year-old's mother's cause of death, neck manipulation by chiropractor. her family speaking out for the first time about the tragic loss. >> your heart sinks because you feel like it was preventible. >> my followers are why i'm here so keep them coming. >> reporter: may had more than 2 million instagram followers before her death and was very active on social media. a short time before her death tweeting, pinched a nerve in my neck on a photoshoot and got adjusted this morning. it really hurts. days later tweeting, it still hurts. going back to the chiropractor tomorrow. but officials say when may went back, the chiropractor tore one of her arteries during a neck manipulation, cutting off blood flow to her brain. she died a few days later at the hospital leaving behind her 7-year-old daughter.
7:36 am
my parents got out to l.a. the next day, she was on life support. >> we don't want katie's death to be in vain. >> reporter: in a statement the california board of chiropractic examiners, says it is aware of the incident, and it is conducting an investigation. adding the doctor has an active license and has no disciplinary actions against him. >> it should make us all step back and ask questions to our doctors, what are the risks to all the procedures? >> reporter: now we did try to reach the doctor who treated may but did not get a response. doctors tell us these kinds of accidents are very rare. but when they do happen, they can be very serious. as for may's daughter who we saw her family has set up a go fund me page to help support her. she was a single mother and now that child lost her mom. >> thanks, mara. coming up on our big board, good grief, charlie brown. why did snoopy get fired? the big gig he'll no longer be a part of and we have brand-new guidelines for your kids in
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time for the big board. our team of insiders are here to weigh in including dr. richard besser right here at the table. we'll get to you in just a minute. we begin with more on the race for president with donald trump saying he'll accept the election results, quote, if i win. a letter from one president to another is going viral. jon karl, this is the letter that george h.w. bush left in the oval office for bill clinton and he just said i wish you well. yowi you read this note. i wish you well. i wish your family well. it's from another lifetime. >> it's just such a remarkable letter, george. it also goes on to say, don't let your critics discourage you or push you off course. you are now -- your success is now our success. imagine that. and, remember, that was a tough campaign. i remember at one point when
7:40 am
knew more about foreign policy than those two bozos. once the campaigning was done and insults were over it was time to move on and that letter symbolized it. >> they became very close in the years afterward, as well. >> absolutely. >> another tough campaign, 2000, al gore and george w. bush and al gore made a gracious concession speech. let's take a listen. >> i say to president-elect bush that what remains of part an rancor must be put aside and may god bless his stewardship of this country. >> now, jon, how important is a speech like that or this speech in bringing the country back together again? >> reporter: i'll never forget that one. that was in december after the long recount after the supreme court put an end to the recount, everybody wondered how gore would handle it. that was the best speech of that entire campaign for al gore. incredibly gracious and the country really needed it. i remember vividly out in front of the vice presidential
7:41 am
day, get out of dick cheney's house. after gore gave that speech, they were chanting, thank you, al gore. it was absolutely critical to bringing the country back together after that very bitter campaign and even bitter -- more bitter recount. >> wow. that was really something. and a real act of patriotism by al gore at that time. >> thank you, jon. now to breaking news over new guidelines on kids and screens. the american academy of pediatrics office has updated recommendations on children's screen time, and dr. besser is here joining us to talk about this. what are these new guidelines. >> ace pediatrician i probably get more questions about this get more questions about this s get more questions ab pediatric get more questions aba pediatri
7:42 am
such a rapidly changing world. more devices and more options and not a lot of research. for kids under the age of 18 months video chatting only. you can use it to talk to a relative but all the other stuff, no good. for kids 2 to age -- 2 to 5 one hour a day and you need to pick an app where a child and a parent can do it together. they need to have the parent there to engage -- >> not just watching a show. >> not just watching a show. a lot of things marked as educational they really aren't. they like the ones from pbs and sesame workshop. it can be really hard to choose. they set up a website that allows you to develop a family media plan that walks you through all this. >> interaction. >> all of us know this is what we're supposed to do. >> parents are struck by guilt. but like exercise where there's this goal. any movement towards it is a plus. so, you know, here's a couple things that you can do. how many times do you see a parent walking with their smart phone pushing a stroller? or walking with a smart phone with their child next to them? put it down during those moments. be in the moment with your child. one thing that would definitely help with this. how many times as a parent are you using the device as a way to calm your child down? you know, you can do that
7:43 am
occasionally but not all the time. they have to learn how to do that on their own, too. >> those little things -- >> a crutch. >> all those things help. have free play, enough sleep and the interaction as a family. >> parents are scared on an airplane. i don't blame you on that. keep that up. >> pull it out. thank you, rich. we have some sad news for snoopy right now. being forced into retirement by the insurance, giant metlife. after more than 30 years, let's talk to lucy danziger. i guess the company is saying they brought snoopy in 30 years ago to make the whole brand more approachable but now they want to have the brand more directly related to the work and saying snoopy isn't getting that job done. >> okay, let's not put that off on snoopy. first of all, i'm a huge "peanuts" fan and wearing my charlie brown stripes. i love snoopy. everyone loves snoopy. don't cry for snoopy. he'll probably write his next novel. has his star on the walk of fame
7:44 am
$15 million. so snoopy did fine and had a great agent there. metlife is moving forward and i think there's some new focuses for them on the corporate side of things and snoopy doesn't really play in the boardroom. he could probably dance on the table so i think they're making the right decision for them who love snoopy, but that's an american iconic brand. those "peanuts" characters will live on. they will probably have their own next life in some version. >> with insurance companies and mascots. does this mean that gecko is the is next to go? >> geico created it so they own that. they don't have to pay extra. same with aflac. the duck never had it so good before it started quacking aflac. so, you know, brands really love these sort of animated characters because there's no, you know, bad headlines where they're caught driving drunk or doing something nasty.
7:45 am
you make your own icon and don't have to pay "peanuts" or somebody else, you own it so i think these brands are super smart to make it fun and memorable and, you know, bring a little humor to something as dry as insurance. >> lucy, they can say what they want to say, i think snoop got dog. >> you were saving that up. >> i agree with you and there's. >> you were saving that up. >> i agree with you anr. >> you were saving that up. >> i agree with you and ther >> you were saving that up. >> i agree with you an. >> you were saving that up. >> i agree with you ane. >> you were saving that up. >> i agree with you and. >> you were saving that up. >> i agree with you and there's a blimp for sale if anybody wants it and actually i heard pikachu just got an agent so, you know pokemon is next. >> pokemon is next. all right. you know what, thank you, lucy, thank you, dr. besser, and jon. we appreciate all of you. coming up in two minutes we'll take a look at the security footage, the new clues that could hold about kim kardashian's robbery. there are the guys on bikes and
7:46 am
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7:47 am
we're back with those new details about kim kardashian's robbery.
7:48 am
you can see them right there and this morning, we are hearing from the hotel security guard who says he was there that night, and abc's kayna whitworth is here with more. kayna, good morning to you. >> reporter: paula, good morning. his account of the incident is terrifying and now authorities are said to be analyzing this new security footage to see if they can find out who robbed kim kardashian west. take a look at this newly released video allegedly showing those five infamous robbers who snatched up to $10 million worth of jewelry and left kim kardashian west bound and gagged in her paris apartment. in the security footage obtained by m6 info you can see the timestamp, 2:19 a.m. october 3rd. watch as the first three pass on bikes. a few minutes later two others on foot. at 3:07 watch all five flee the scene. the last person holding what looks like a bag. sources telling abc news this morning the video has been passed on to police for further
7:49 am
the video surfacing as we learn new details from that night. the security guard who says he was forced to let the robbers in was also forced to interpret telling the "daily mail" kardashian said i have family and babies and she began to scream again. that's why he put tape on her mouth. a long piece of tape all the way round her head. >> kim kardashian west is someone who is on social media all the time constantly updating people, but since the robbery sh sources say she doesn't really have any desire to resume public life at this point. >> reporter: her sister kourtney now speaking out. >> she's not doing great. >> reporter: confirming in a recent interview with australia's "today extra" her sister is still rattled. >> i think she has a big supportive family, and i know that, like, all the traumatic
7:50 am
through them all together as a family, and that's what family is all about. >> reporter: the first new episode of their reality show, since the robbery airs this sunday. you have to keep in mind it was taped before the incident so e! telling ab news they're doing limited filming of "keeping up with the kardashians" although full production has yet to resume. full production has not started yet and, of course, you also have seen kim kardashian totally silent on ci theorists but now that they see this footage maybe they'll think twice. >> we'll see what authorities say about it analyzing it right now. >> scary situation. >> kayna, good to have you here in new york city. great to have you in studio. >> thank you, paula. it's great to be here. coming up in our next hour two of the biggest singers in the world are here live, lady gaga is here. michael buble is here. you don't want to miss it, stick around, everybody. coming up "gma's" fall concert series presented by carmax. drive what's possible. carmax.
7:51 am
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7:55 am
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good morning. 7:56. i'm danielle lerner. >> two people expecting to learn their fate in the daycare death case. records show ryan reed and allison clement were running the unlicensed day care center where savannah cross died in 2012. his records say read admitted to stomping on the toddler. the victims family is in town and are expected to speak at the sentencing hearing. judge today. you may remember the video showing the mma fighter on camera carrying an unconscious woman over his shoulder in scottsdale. authorities say ramirez kidnapped and sexually assaulted her. he will be in court for an arraignment. the manhunt is intensifying after investigators including the feds are looking into the gilbert condo fire which is now officially been ruled arson.
7:57 am
grabs for any information on this. the fire destroyed eight homes that were under construction. the damage totals more than $10 million. the person of interest is described as a man wearing an asu hoodie spotted nearby before the fire started. we are singh delays on u.s. 60 from our centurylink prism traffic center. the crash is claire at the 101 but slow back to gilbert road. i want to show your desert drive time on the 202. 20 minutes from the 101 to the mini stack because of a crash. this is westbound near priest the right lanes are blocked. state to the left to get by. delay start before the 101. we can see a ridge of high pressure. that is why we are so warm. look what happens as i press play and what comes after. a low is moving in and that will bring moisture. finally cooler temperatures as well. we do need to get through some of he wants today and tomorrow. rain chances -- we will stay
7:58 am
chances will be on monday. valley highs in the mid 90s today. it is just about 8:00. we're back in 25 minutes with more local news. now, back to good morning america.
7:59 am
allegatis paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. pinal county sheriff paul babeu. accusations of widespread abuse at a massachusetts private school. she is sick of hearing sheriff paul babeu lie. allegations of abuse of power. another headache, the fbi has subpoenaed records. lawsuits regarding abuse and neglect. questions of babeu's integrity. new page of controversy. a question of judgment. ultimately voters are going to have to decide if he's the type of candidate they want in congress.
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and trump and clinton trade jokes and jabs overnight. nothing off limits as trump doubles down on his election stance, just 18 days until the final votes. gretchen carlson's new rallying cry. her fight to take the secrecy out of fighting sexual harassment at work. the former fox star now planning to head to capitol hil campaigning to change the laws for all women in the workforce. ? on the verge of the rest of our lives ? it's the election kid edition. >> hello, hello. >> all: hi, michael. >> oh. >> michael face-to-face with fourth graders. so, what do they want in our future president? >> we're both american citizens and i think we should be nice to each other. >> and what are they saying about the big issues in this election? ? perfect illusion ?
8:01 am
one incredible friday and lady gaga is here before her brand-new album drops. and look who is waking up with "gma." michael buble starting the day in style. >> good morning, america. good morning, michael. >> he's got his coffee and he's coming to times square. >> big day. always excited. my first time on "gma." new record release, always nerve-racking, you know what i mean. >> no. >> and now he's performing live. >> and he's here to sa >> good morning, america. >> good morning, michael buble. he really sold that this morning. >> yes, he did. >> in times square. >> i sense a little michael on michael crush, a little man crush. control room, can we go back to that video. strahan, it looks like you've got a pretty big fan here. >> yes. you know, i have his picture by my bed.
8:02 am
>> who knew. >> michaels love michaels. how about that? >> a little m&m. >> he's a great guy, phenomenal guy. >> he really is. had the pleasure of spending some time with him upstairs. cannot wait for his performance and lady gaga is also with us. she has new music. oh, that super bowl thing, we got a lot to talk about her. >> she's coming up. a lot coming up. >> you have to give us the morning rundown. the story this morning, the war on isis. fighters launched an attac iraq and been targeting several locations with bombs and gunfire including a police compound and power plant killing more than a dozen people. the assault appears to be a diversion from the ongoing offensive in mosul. now, a u.s. soldier assisting iraqi forces was killed yesterday. the first american casualty of the mosul campaign. and federal prosecutors are accusing a former contractor of the nas of stealing an astonishing amount of classified data. harold martin is expected to
8:03 am
whether or not martin shared this material with a foreign government. the data reportedly included top secret details about an operational plan against a u.s. enemy. and now to politics. donald trump and hillary clinton mixing politics with punch lines last night. they wasted no time exchanging insults at what was supposed to be a light-hearted catholic charity dinner. abc's cecilia vega has more. cecilia, good morning to you. >> hey, paula. good morning to you. i got one word for you, my friend, awkward. donald trump and hillary clinton just 24 hours after that heated debate in the same room sitting at the same table. this was supposed to be for a charity event. a chance for the candidates to make jokes, self-deprecating joke, light-hearted jokes but perhaps no surprise in this race, this one got personal and it got ugly. >> i don't know who they're
8:04 am
in public pretending not to hate catholics. >> people look at the statue of liberty, and they see a proud symbol of our history. donald looks at the statue of liberty and sees a 4, maybe a 5 if she loses the torch and tablet and changes her hair. >> reporter: yeah, there were boos even jeers from some in that room. no one was off-limits. now, trump and clinton did shake hands, but there is one image that captures just how awkward this night got. this guy sitting right behind trump cringing at one of his jokes, paula. his reaction says it all. >> certainly does. thank you very much, cecilia. and we do have a frightening scene can at a mall near boston to show you. a so-called flash mob of thieves ran into this apple store and cut cords, made off with $13,000 worth of iphones as shoppers looked on in shock. police say that the men
8:05 am
heist that happened a few weeks ago. and finally on this friday sometimes you just got to have coffee come hell or high water. this man in hong kong didn't mind that his local starbucks was getting flooded during a storm. he refused to be disturbed while he sat there enjoying his coffee, his morning paper. the internet is having a field day with this creating memes. our favorite one right here. jaws in the water. still sipping that cup. that must have been some pretty good coffee to stay there through the flood for an hr. >> zen master. >> "pop news" time. >> pop, pop. >> happy friday, everybody. and attention, shoppers, target has a new partner in none other than victoria beckham. joining forces with target, the chain's latest collaborative line. the british designer took to twitter to announce the limited edition collection. over 200 pieces set to hit the racks for women and children, sorry, guys. victoria says on target's blog
8:06 am
a brand to broaden the customer base and the line should be available this spring and should last about one minute. >> snapped up. >> absolutely. i really had to think did i want to share this news because i really want to get something. and you never can. no, but we've seen missoni and lilly pulitzer, these collaborations just go instantly. >> they don't make it for men so we never get a chance. >> you do just fine. >> that is true. >> buy the ladies -- >> okay. got it. got it. >> we know you got pull at that thing. next up nothing like a little social media to take one unknown teen from a local merchant to a megamodel. 18-year-old arshad khan is a chai seller in islamabad. this photograph of him was posted by someone who saw him serving customers at the sunday bazaar earlier this month. obviously not long before his hashtag was trending on twitter and being called hot tea. users swooning over his dashing looks, his piercing eyes, that was it. a fashion executive tracked him
8:07 am
my guess is the clothing fits him to the tea. >> all right. >> oh, lara. >> ding, ding, ding. >> so good. >> remember the bell. >> i miss the bell. >> i know. i got a little -- >> you overused it? >> the bell was bent because i couldn't stop. >> a little aggressive. >> i was aggressive with the bell. >> it's understood. and finally, remember ken bone from the presidential debate? >> how could we forget? >> here he is. check him out. ken bone asking the questions a question. now social media star and putting his fifteenth minute of fame to good use persuading americans to vote in the election. how does he plan to achieve his goal? well, of course, with the famous red sweater. watch this. >> is this really happening? it's just a sweater. >> get out and vote. get out and make your voice heard. it's all about being part of the political process. i'm not a politician. i'm just a guy with a positive message.
8:08 am
through our votes. >> just a guy with a positive message and amazing red sweater. izod, the very brand that made him stand out in the first place for the online spot which is called "ken bone's fifteenth minute." by the way, that sweater is sold out and the costume is one of this halloween's most popular. >> maybe victoria beckham needs to start manufacturing the ken bone sweater as well at target. >> that might last more than one minute. >> how about that. >> that's "pop news," everybody. have a happy friday. >> great job, lara. coming up, everybody, what kids think about this election. i was fortunate enough to sit down with a bunch of very smart and wise fourth graders. let me tell you what, i learned a lot. >> you actually got to meet a future president, i believe. >> yes, i did. plus, former fox news anchor gretchen carlson gearing up for her next big fight. how she's trying to help all women in the workplace. we're right back.
8:09 am
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8:11 am
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8:13 am
morning opening up to "time" magazine about her fight to help women facing sexual harassment after her very public battle with former fox ceo roger ailes. "nightline's" juju chang is here with more on that. good morning, juju. >> reporter: good morning. you know what, gretchen carlson built her career in part by poking fun at political correctness. the former miss america was a jewel in the crown of the fox news empire but after taking on roger ailes, she now says she wants to fight the power, to change the system so that women everywhere can feel fe this morning, gretchen carlson speaking out to "time" magazine, an unlikely advocate with a feminist rallying cry. i am saddened by the prevalence of powerful men disrespecting and objectifying women. i think this is happening every single day in women in all walks of life. and in all different types of corporations. how does what happened to gretchen and her position on it play into this election?
8:14 am
trump that everybody heard on the bus sparked a sort of a national discussion about sexual assault. there's a lot of women who have been sexually harassed at work and can't speak up. do not have gretchen's power or position. >> hi, everyone. >> welcome to "the real story." i'm gretchen carlson. >> reporter: it's been three months since the ""fox & friends" anchor filed the sexual lastment laui chief roger ailes. >> it's time for us to come out of the shadows and let our voices be heard. >> reporter: carlson reportedly settling just last month with fox's parent company for $20 million. now carlson says she's planning to testify before congress against forced arbitration clauses, which she says are harmful because companies can force alleged victims of sexual harassment to settle employment disputes via arbitration saying, "it is a huge problem because it's secret, and it plays into why we think we've come so far in society and we probably really haven't because
8:15 am
>> this former miss america really was a regine toppler and she brought down a giant. >> reporter: for now the wife and mother of two continues her crusade for women's empowerment. this is not the last we've heard of gretchen carlson. >> too many people have underestimated gretchen carlson. i cannot believe this is the last we've heard of her. >> reporter: now, carlson declined to talk about her settlement with fox but what we do know is she too had to undergo secret arbitration, which is why she's now fighting against having these cases swept under the carpet and studies show women get smaller payouts in arbitration versus public sexual harassment cases. >> wow. >> huge difference. >> she did. >> wow. >> as that woman said taking down a giant. all right, juju, thank you very much. and "time" magazine's exclusive interview with gretchen carlson is in the latest issue. that's on newsstands today. and coming up, michael sitting down with kids to talk about the candidates. what they want in their future president. stay with us.
8:16 am
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welcome back to "good morning america." i'm standing by. aunty marion is how old? >> aunty marion is about 93 years old and she's watching you today and she's so
8:20 am
i'm also excited because we have michael buble. we have lady gaga. we have kids and their take on the election coming up with our own michael strahan but in just all right, everybody, the time has come to talk kids and politics, and i got a chance to sit down with some pretty impressive fourth graders who were honest, open and very wise sharing their take on the candidates, the issues and their
8:21 am
hello, hello, hello. >> all: hi, michael. >> oh! >> reporter: sure, they may look tiny but don't be fooled. have you ever been on tv before? >> all: no. >> reporter: when it comes to politics these fourth grade students at the ethical culture school in new york have some big voices and they deserve to be heard. tell me who that is, do you know? >> all: hillary clinton. >> okay. hillary clinton. you got it right. how would you describe hillary clinton? >> she's a very determined person. >> what kind of president do you think she would be? >> she would help the poor and fight terrorist attacks. >> okay. who is that? >> all: donald trump. >> how would you describe him? >> he's a businessman. >> he's rich. >> he likes the second amendment. >> okay, so what kind of president do you think he'd be? >> i don't think he would be the best president. >> why? >> because he's more of a businessman. just like i don't think hillary
8:22 am
election because it is the first time you have a female candidate. so, what does that mean to you? >> it means that there's actually somebody standing up for i guess you could say women's rights now and if she becomes president then, yeah, we made history. >> look at the smile on your face, yay, we made history. what about you? >> she's not waiting for someone else to do something. she's deciding she's going to make the change. >> i think it would be cool because we've never had a female president before so i want to see what happens. >> do you ever notice the differences between boys and girls? >> yeah. a boy is usually maybe more rough or a woman can be more quiet and sensitive. >> you guys agree with that? >> sensitive. well, i don't actually agree with that. i'm very sensitive sometimes. >> how do you think these two have been treating each other? >> i watched some of the debates and when i'm watching i see that they're not really explaining how they're going to run the country. they're kind of attacking each other saying he can't run the
8:23 am
>> she'll say like you can't do and he's like, no, not true. not true. >> you really shouldn't be yelling at each other but respect other people's opinions. >> they didn't even shake hands at the debate. >> what did that say to you? >> it said that they're treating each other very bad. >> kind of acting like kids. >> like kids if you don't shake hands? >> they're both american citizens and i think that we should be nice to each other. >> well said. you're going to make me cry, man. that was like awesome. shayna, don't you go, oh, god, because i might cry. see, i'm sensitive like he is sensitive. we are both sensitive guys. so if there's one person on the planet that you could be pick to be president, who would it be? >> a nice friendly -- somebody who would like listen and takes everybody's ideas into account. >> well, noa just explained she basically wanted you to be president. >> that's what you think about me?
8:24 am
>> you want me to be president? >> yeah. >> i'd vote for you. >> you better. you're running my campaign. i asked these bright young mights to write a letter to our next president sharing the issues they feel are important. >> dear future president. >> if we have higher border security, we will not have as many threats entering our country but all immigrants should have a chance to come to the united states. >> an issue important to me is having access to affordable health care. >> i would like for there to be stricter rules for owning a gun. >> better public education and affordable college education. >> i also think that the min wage should rise to $15. >> treat all sexes, races and religions equally. >> when the usa does this all, it would be a couple closer steps to achieving prosperity. >> i was expecting like shorter school, free lunch and candy all day. you guys are blowing me away. thank you, guys, for being a part of this. i appreciate it. >> no, thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you.
8:25 am
>> very, very informed. >> should we address you as president strahan now? >> no, those kids were trying to butter me up. they don't want me to be president. i don't want to be president. but it was great to see how engaged they were in the fourth grade. >> a lot filtering down to them. >> a lot of that of course in the piece you cut out so much, but all the issues they were talking about are real issues. >> absolutely. such a profound moment when they said here coming from children themselves that the politicians themselves were acting like children. >> right. >> it's a really powerful moment >> i think i have to invite shayna over to our house, the thing about quiet women. i don't know what house -- >> i looked straight at lara. like quiet women. we don't know about that but they were great. thank you, kids, for helping me with that piece. >> it was fantastic. and, everybody, don't go anywhere. when we come back the incredible michael buble is here and the also incredible lady gaga, they're both here live, and we've even got our own superheroes now. we're telling you why coming up. look at all those kids.
8:26 am
8:27 am
good friday morning. 8:27. i'm dan spindle. we're working to give more details of a house fire in al morales. air15 is of the seen near maine and cactus. you can see the garage is charred. the firefighters are working and have the fire knocked down. we have not heard of any injuries. country are expected in the valley to show how much they dislike sheriff joe arpaio. they're calling this his retirement party. things kickoff tonight with a dinner. tomorrow morning. going door-to-door to encourage people to vote and that night there is a block 30 outside the sheriff's office. this comes as the poll numbers released show joe arpaio tailing his challenger. phoenix police are hoping to catch the suspect who through a fire started through
8:28 am
if you know anything about what happened, contact police. warm and breezy for friday. we do see weekend rain chances. i will tell you which day coming up and other big changes coming with rain chances as well. your hourly plaintiff on friday. by 10:00, 83. warming by lunchtime. 90 degrees by then. by 3:00, 96. the rest of the vall out in the mid 90s today. we're about 8-9 degrees above average. we finally see a return to the 80s by tuesday. a slow spot on the road, the 10 in the west valley. we're looking at a 28 minute drive time from 75th avenue to the mini stack there is a crash in her seventh avenue. a quick lot from the adot camera. this crash onto to red mountain.
8:29 am
delay start before loop 101. coming up on 8:30 am. we're back in switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month. that's the speed you need to stream... ...connect on social media... learn, shop and more with fast in-home wifi. so call 844-565-link. get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan.
8:30 am
?? ? [ applause ] welcome back to "gma." we have a great audience here this friday morning. i don't know if you guys can see the audience, though. somehow they pushed out all the men. >> there's nothing wrong with that, george. nothing wrong with that. >> girl power on "gma." what do you got over there? >> i'm reading paper and on the front page there's this guy who is amazing. great article. and he's here right now. everybody, please welcome grammy award winning singer michael buble. [ cheers and applause ] >> no, don't get up. don't get up. how are you? mwah. mwah. okay. >> mwah. >> hey, buddy, how are you? >> man crush.
8:31 am
>> you know how many times i kissed it too? oh, my gosh. >> "gma." i'm so -- [ applause ] >> we're going to get to music in a minute. >> sure. >> but we're going to have some topics you can chime in on. >> we know you're shy. >> i feel so efficient right now. >> george, what you got? >> i'm going to start out with everybody remembers that time in life when maybe out of high school just getting into college, didn't know what you were going to do with your life and, well, two young women have figured out a great way to help people think about it. alison and megan are from ireland and they created a video called "dear future me." let's take a look. >> every now and then you're going to need to put yourself first and do your own thing and that's okay. >> i hope you don't take yourself too seriously and i hope you continue to laugh about the things that go wrong in your life. >> there's one i've always lived by and i hope you still do. an arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards. when life is driving you back, it means it's going to launch you to something great so just keep focusing and
8:32 am
>> you shined, shimmered splendidly. beyonce would be so proud of you. >> fantastic encouragement. right there. michael, this plays in perfectly to your new album. check this out. he's speaking to his younger self. >> isn't that fabulous? >> there he is. >> yep. >> i was wondering -- >> how old were you in that photo? >> i was 8 years old in the first one and 40 years old in the second one. >> you have two boys. >> i do. 3 and 10 months. >> oh, so they're little. >> future me. >> yes. >> they're just getting to that wrestling stage, right? >> yes. spider-man. i love that you just said ah instead of boo. no one boos children. yes. >> your kids are like your future self so what would you say to your kids? >> you know, i think one of the things that i always want to say to young people is that the only difference truly between being
8:33 am
life experience, and i want to say to kids out there that are watching this morning that it gets better. i know your life experience doesn't tell you that. you think that the life is like this forever, but it does get better. high school, you think it's forever. >> yes. >> it isn't real. the social scene will change for you. >> it's a flash. >> know that it gets better. it really does. i mean, there's so many kids being bullied and people dealing with heavy things at that age and they need people to be able to talk to or people to talk to them. say it does get better. >> the one thing they can't have is perspective. >> absolutely. >> it's hard. >> very true. i would say try not -- try to live in the moment. stop rushing to the next thing and appreciate the here and the now. >> that is a good point. >> i feel like we're always looking either back and questioning or regretting or looking forward for the next thing. how about just being right here and appreciating it. yeah. >> you know -- >> maybe get off your phone. >> exactly. >> get off your phone. >> you know, i think the biggest thing for me was just,
8:34 am
appreciating it. i'm with you. be in the moment. appreciate what you have and i would love to tell my kids just get a job in the future so daddy can stop -- [ laughter ] just saying. and i have a question for everybody here. how much would you pay for a pair of shoes? what's the most -- how much would you pay? >> are we talking heels? >> are we talking tennis shoes? >> $100. >> sneakers or for shoes? >> for any shoe. >> what's the most you would pay? >> you can't ask that. >> no. >> yeah, that's probably a bad thing. would you pay over $99,000 for a pair of shoes? >> we can all say we wouldn't. >> definitely no. >> definitely no. >> i think we actually have the $100,000 shoes in house. >> these are -- >> a special pair of shoes, real shoes. they exist right here. >> wow. >> virgin american airlines created these. this is the only pair, and we have them right now. don't touch them. you'll have to pay for them, okay. they're called the first class shoe. they want to give people the experience of being in first class from virgin airlines but
8:35 am
there's a usb phone charger. can you try to charge my phone, michael? >> yeah, let's see. >> see if it actually works. all for a good cause raising money for charity. >> oh, wow. >> soles4souls, and you can bid on it on ebay right now, and all the money will go towards this charity that provides shoes and clothing for underprivileged kids. >> but if you wear them on the plane and they say, fasten your seat belt, do you have to fasten your shoes too? >> fasten your ankles. >> fasten your ankles. it has a screen on it. it has everything. >> they don't think anybody will really wear them. >> it has mood lighting on the side. >> people have bid it up to -- >> over $99,000. >> that 's unbelievable. that's a great cause and for a very unattractive shoe. >> exactly. >> are you kidding? >> it's the only one in the world. you will be the only person with these shoes. >> yes, yes. and it's a great, great cause so bid away, ladies. >> somebody is bidding on this right now. >> my grandpa has a pair just like that.
8:36 am
they look a lot like them and look very comfy. >> oh, boy. >> on a silver tray. >> well, you know what, we'll get to something that is the most important thing here at the table right now, you, mr. michael buble. >> oh, no, no, please. let's stop talking about me or my album that drops today. i'm not here for that. >> yes, you are. >> honestly i want to just talk about other things than my album that drops today, "nobody but me." >> which is called "nobody but me." and you're going to sing for us. >> yes, i am. >> so excited about that. you got original music on it but you also reinvent some classics. love that combination. >> thank you. >> what's your favorite on the album? >> there's so many favorites. i mean, they're all -- >> what's it called again "nobody but me" dropping today? >> "nobody but me" dropping today. you can go on amazon, itunes or best buy -- you know, for me i really think that i love the fact that i get
8:37 am
idols through the great american songbook which is the greatest gift america ever gave to the arts, and my job is to make it more authentic than it's ever been before so a song like "god only knows," which i know doesn't sound like a standard, it's a reimagined cover of one of the greatest songs ever written by brian wilson. i dug deep. you know, and for me that was the process was doing -- for that song, for instance, i into the studio, shut off all the lights, put my piano next to my mike and shut the lights completely off and put a picture of my two kids and sang this song to them. when you hear the record, you get a sense of that intimacy and that sense that i was like as you said in the moment. >> how does it work? how do you decide? >> with great difficulty. i must love what i do because i've got to sing this stuff for the rest of my life. so this is also the first record i ever produced and that's very much like an actor who decides he's going to, you know, make his own movie or direct his own
8:38 am
thought i was crazy that i was throwing it away, that i was making the decision that is the worst decision you can make and it was so fulfilling to be with my best friends and create something that meant a lot to me and you leave your comfort zone, you grow. >> good advice for your future self. >> what do your boys think about the album? what is it called again? >> it's called "nobody but me." my boys love it. [ laughter ] >> and so glad that your voice is okay. >> thank you. >> you sound like me. >> yes. >> but, no, voice is great. we're going to hear it later. congrats on your two little see pictures of earlier and the album, again, what was it called? he's going to perform just ahead. michael buble, everybody. do not go anywhere and lady gaga is also with us, so don't go
8:41 am
i'm here now with the one and only lady gaga. her new album "joanne" is out this its first single, "perfect illusion" debuted at number one on itunes in 60 countries and she's just getting started. good morning. >> good morning, michael. nice to see you. >> great to see you. >> good morning, america. >> i like that. good morning, america. and you know your title track "joanne" is a very personal song to you. tell us about that. >> well, actually my father is here today and my family.
8:42 am
this album was named after her as well as my middle name. she died in 1974, and the tragedy really stayed with our family our whole lives, and i wanted to make a record about family and friendship and togetherness and learning from the past, and so that's why we're here today. >> and a lot of people have described this as raw and very personal and you just released your third single. "a-y." tell us about that. >> well, "a-yo" is a great song. i love this record so much. i did it with mark ronson and blood pop and hillary lindsay, a country writer from nashville and this song, you know, i really want people to hear it and be reminded that, you know, we might sometimes not feel so great, but we are still, and i want them to remember how awesome america is and how awesome we are as a country and the record just says a-yo, we're smoking them all, we're still number one. >> and you did a lot of -- you named some people you collaborated with but you did quite a few collaborations on this record.
8:43 am
you're actually very -- the stuff with tony bennett has always been fantastic. >> thank you so much. i loved working with tony. >> one thing i love about this album, it is on amazon, it's $3.99 on amazon, which is something special i think for your fans. >> oh, it's so wonderful and so generous of them and wonderful music experience of the fans. it was a wonderful surprise this morning. >> and also i read where you said johnny cash and garth brooks was influential, so did country music play any influence on this album? >> it did. you know, my mother is f virginia, and i grew up listening to country music with her, and i've dated my fair share of cowboys, as well. so that had an influence, but the album isn't just country, it's folk,t's dance, it's pop, it's funk. you know, some of my vocal jazz influence also flies in there too. there's some rock 'n' roll influence from growing up listening to rock 'n' roll with my father, but essentially it is a pop record. it's just, you know, my brand of pop and what i like to make and push the envelope. i love my fans so much. i hope they love it.
8:44 am
>> your brand is working. i'll tell you that. you're an incredible musician, and also you performed the national anthem at the super bowl last year. this year you're doing the halftime show. i know i talked to you before. you can't tell me exactly what you're going to do but tell me how excited you are. >> i am absolutely elated beyond and honored to be doing the halftime show. we've been already planning it and thinking of all the different ways that we can make this a special experiee the football fans and, you know, i was thinking yesterday about how wonderful it's going to be to be also playing maybe a few new songs from the new record at the super bowl with my grandmother, who is joanne's mother. she's blind, but she'll be able to hear i think from the stands and i think it will be a proud moment for our family and that means more to me than anything. >> two things that come across every time i talk to you is family because your family is always with you and you talk about your grandmother, father,
8:45 am
fans, you're doing this dive bar tour. very intimate dive bar tour. >> yes, well, we had two shows already, one in nashville and one last night at the bitter end in new york city, which was actually the first place i ever performed at in new york when i was 15 years old. so to be there last night was so amazing and such a throwback experience and yet i didn't even realize it until the show was over because i was just so focused on doing a great show for the fans. >> i'm sure you did a great show for the fans, and you're on the cover of "the new york times" style edition. a lot of style. you and michelle obama, you're doing it all. you got it all down. >> thank you. it was really an honor to be recognized in "teen" magazine as one of the greats with michelle obama. truly she is i think the greatest woman in our country right now. her rhetoric, the way she speaks to the world, it's just been amazing to watch her candor and her love shine through on the tv every day. it makes us all feel safe, i think.
8:46 am
always feel safe with lady gaga. and the album "joanne" is out now and let's go outside to ginger. >> all right, here outside where it is a rainy times square. but that's not going to dampen our excitement because there's halloween excitement in the air, it is just over a week away and i've invited some of my little superhero friends to join me for a very special surprise this morning. kids, are you ready? all right, we have three marvel superheroes here, captain america, thor and spider-man, come on out. >> how are y you guys look good. you look good. >> it's so exciting. >> you look really good. >> should we hit our pose? >> heroes, let's get ready. pose like this, okay. yeah. >> ooh. that looks good. this is just the beginning of all the fun you'll have on one of the seven new voyages
8:47 am
you can do this too. get ready. unleash your inner superhero and supervillains during the first day marvel day at sea. there will be marvel-themed games, movies and you can learn to be a real superhero in training at the marvel avengers academy. doesn't that sound awesome? yes. all right. but before we get there, we've got to get a >> thank you so much too our superheroes and the kids and of course disney cruise lines, one more pose. should we do it? >> yes. >> all right.
8:49 am
i learned as a police officer and a businessman you should never abuse people's trust. unfortunately, today too many politicians either serve their party or themselves, and arizona families suffer. the arizona republic called paul babeu a disgrace. and was questioned by the fbi for using public money to promote himself. o'halleran: i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message, because you deserve leaders you can trust. back back now with that guy, michael buble. his brand-new album "nobody but me" is out today. right now he's performing for
8:50 am
"nobody but me." >> let's go. ? ? baby i get a little bit jealous but how the hell can i help it ? ? when i'm thinking on you and maybe i might get a little reckless ? ? but you gotta expect that what else can a boy do ? ? my momma taught me how to share i'll be selfish i don't care ? ? i want you i need you all for me ? ? and i don't want anybody loving my baby nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody but me hey ? ? and i don't want anybody thinking just maybe nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody but
8:51 am
? and i know when you got a lovely lady it might drive the boys crazy ? ? when she's looking so fine looking so fine ? ? whoa i know know know that no one would ever blame me ? ? the only thing that could save me is just knowing you're mine ? ? my papa told me once or twice don't be cruel but don't be too nice ? ? 'cause i want you baby i need you all for me ? ? 'cause i don't want anybody loving my baby nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody but me hey ? ? and i don't want anybody thinking just maybe nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody but me ? ?
8:52 am
? hey ? ? nobody nobody ? ? i know i can be a bit jealous but how the hell can i help it ? ? i'm so in love with you i don't want anybody loving my baby ? ? nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody but me hey ? ? i don't want anybody loving my baby nobody nobody nobody nobody nobody but me ? ? oh my papa told me once or twice don't be cruel don't be too nice ? ? my baby needs the lines from me oh and i know how to share ? ? i'll be selfish
8:53 am
? my baby don't need no one but me ? [ cheers and applause ] "gma's" fall concert series is presented by carmax. drive what's possible. ? if you've been diagnosed with lung cancer, explore your treatment options with a team of specialists at cancer treatment centers of america in phoenix. one of only six hospitals in the country to be recognized by the joint commission for lung cancer care. we have a well-orchestrated team to help patients be treated well.
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to treat patients in a very accurate fashion. the evolution of cancer care is here
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look - i supported joe arpaio for a lot of years... but lately, he spends so much time on tv or in court defending himself that he's not doing his job. he failed to serve warrants for violent crimes. he didn't even investigate when children were molested. and lawsuits against him have cost taxpayers over one hundred forty two million dollars. a new sheriff whose top priority is keeping our community safe. that's why this year, i'm voting for paul penzone. why is tim tebow coming live to "gma" monday to speak with robin roberts? after taking hits here and now getting his first hit here and after making headlines
8:56 am
will surprise and inspire you monday on "gma." >> michael buble, how was your first time on "gma"? >> you know what, it was gentle. and it felt really good. i'm really happy. >> you're still smiling. >> now we got time to hug each other. >> yes. it's been a very special morning. thank you. thank you, guys. thank you so much. have a great day, hey, nobody. see you. have a great friday. couple of minutes because of 10- year-old amy deal will be in court for a status conference. samantha allen charged with
8:57 am
counts of child abuse. her trial was supposed to start in june. amy was found dead in a footlocker five years ago. in court today in appeal expected to be filed to release the entire police body cameras video showing a deadly officer involved shooting. the victim's widow is headed back to arizona today ahead of the trial of former millie -- mesa police officer philip brace for chip -- philip for. by lunchtime already into the 90s. you can see we will stay clear all day today. we also staying dry throughout friday. average is 87. we will be about 10 degrees above that you can see rain chances bringing in cooler air. and drive -- the drive on i-17 the smooth until the durango curve. about eight about 812 minute desert drive time from the i-10 stack to the i-10 split.
8:58 am
the crash is completely clear. the westbound delays start around mcclintock. look for heavy delays there. asu mayo clinic teaming up for a new four-year medical school in the valley. partnership is part of a new model for healthcare education and research. classes begin next summer. the campus will eventually be built near mayo clinic. coming up, we are coming up with a full hour of news. we hope you have a great one. join us next on sonoran living. delicious fall dishes from this guy at the brought house. you guy at the brought house. you want to hear about
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