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tv   ABC15 News  ABC  October 23, 2016 5:00am-7:00am MST

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good morning. it is 5:00 right now on sunday. just ahead, a pedestrian struck while crossing the street. pd has investigated all night. we will learn what happened moments before the pedestrian dps is locking off this portion because a woman barrel through the guard well and into the ravine. -- guardrail and into the ravine. why dozens are celebrating a sheriff's retirement. first, let's get a check of the
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we have been forecasting for the last few days. it is warm out there and you can see the 60s for many of us. i'm not sure we have dropped to the 50s, but some need up dating. you can see 60s to low 70s right now. 94 is where we top out. warm for us here. wind will be at 5-10 miles per hour from the southwest. looking at the forecast, if you are planning to head out today, you will see clouds in place. 90 by -- by 9:00 a.m., 78 degrees. we do have rain chances in the forecast and we will look at that. plus we will look at the arizona state fair forecast. allison, we have breaking news at the scene of a serious rollover crash. a woman lost control of her vehicle and you can see the flashing lights. let's get to megan thompson who is live at the scene.
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okay?>> reporter: nick, we do note that the woman is 23 years old. she actually came over the guardrail and cross this way and then went into the guardrail. the impact was at a high rate of speed because she crashed into the guardrail and then rolled multiple times and landed on the hood of her car. she was tracked inside. for all the people that they have been doing this for years and years, she is actually okay. they have worked around the car as they -- as it rolled multiple times. she was trapped inside and they had trouble communicating with her. they did not know if she was
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they could not communicate with her right away. then the phoenix police were able to make contact with her and they pulled her from the car and took her to the hospital. >> we are fortunate that somebody witnessed the vehicle leave the roadway. this time of day, if nobody was behind the victim, she may have been there for quite a while until a trooper or somebody traversing the on ramp would've seen the debris and the damage and we would've gotten the 9-1- 1 call.>> reporter: good news for drivers in the area will open relatively soon because the car is not in the roadway and it is in the ravine. they are working to get to an access road to investigate the scene and pull the car out. we will let you know when the on ramp reopens. seeing that and hearing that, it's amazing to hear the person will be okay , that 23-year-old woman. we are expecting to hear from phoenix police about a bad crash that happened last night on seventh street near 101. at shut down this section of seventh street four hours as
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it is unclear how the crash happened or if the driver will face charges. we will update you as soon as we get more information on this one. at least one person was russ to the hospital in this crash. a motorcyclist somehow lost control and crashed into a tree. this one near scottsdale road and osborne. we are working to learn that writer's condition this morning. by deed hobby air munoz as the suspect shot and killed during a high-speed chase. police say that munoz stole the car that ended in a high-speed pursuit. he tried to steal another car, this time from an elderly couple. that's when troopers shot and killed him. >> it was scary because he pulled in front of me. a few seconds before, he would
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officer who shot him was a 17 year veteran of the highway patrol. a man in a michigan hoodie wanted for taking off with a ring from a phoenix jcpenney store. this was at -- on september 27 at the spectrum mall. the man asked to see the $7300 bring and -- ring. it was handed to him and then he ran from the store and walked out of the parking lot. a man threatening the officer. two men walked into the store at 30th street and thomas this past june and walked out without paying for their items. when an officer approached the two, one man pulled a box cutter and the two ran away. 10 years later, a family crying for justice after their sun was murdered. on october 20,. on october 20, 2006, jermaine
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and macdowell. johnson had gotten into a conflict with two men a week earlier and shots were fired. now the family is hoping for answers and closure.>> i just pray that god touches the person's heart so they will come forth and tell us what happened. we need closure in our family. >> reporter: police say the suspects are black men between 18 and 25. xavier and the other possibly with the nickname maniac. you can call 480-witness if you have information. he is still holding onto his job as maricopa county sheriff. those who want to see him go are already building -- bidding him farewell. they through the share for retirement party right outside of headquarters downtown. thousand showed up, many from
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many from out of state. the group hope that the share's days in office are numbered.>> it is time for him to go. it has been a long time coming and we are throwing you a party. >> reporter: the group encourages people to take frustrations to the polls on november 8. republicans are pushing for people to vote early. many republicans are holding off on mailing in ballots fe not be counted. he says he is confident in the system and hopes everybody gets a move on it. so far 100,000 mail in ballots have been turned in in maricopa county. i am not looking for monetary compensation and i do not need additional fame or the attention this is sure to bring. i understand i may be called a
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will risk that in order to stand in solidarity with women who share similar accounts that span many, many years.>> reporter: another woman coming forward accusing donald trump of sexual misconduct. this makes 11 women now, in case you are counting. jessica drake claims that trump invited her to his room during a golf tournament at lake tahoe 10 years ago. drak in town trump wearing pajamas. trump tightly hugged and kissed each of them without permission. she was offered $10,000 and the use of trump's private jet if she came to trump's suite. trump did talk policy, but claimed that the election will pursue all 11 women who have
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happened. all of these lies will be sued after the election is over. during a much-hyped and speech in gettysburg, trump planned for his first hundred 11 days and office. heat -- 111 days in office. he says the election will not be trusted. when your children and grandchildren asked what you did in 2016 when everything was on the line, i hope that you will say that you voted for a better america.[ cheering an applause ] . hillary clinton in pennsylvania. recent polls show that she is solidifying her lead and critical swing states with 16 days or less. gabby gifford has been hard on the campaign -- gabby giffords has been hard on the campaign trail for hillary clinton. she will be in tucson with her husband, mark kelly , and they will talk about how to get involved.
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at the location at third avenue and lincoln. it was quick and easy. you get a sticker and there is plenty of free parking. they have been campaigning for so long. the end is in sight and we will see what happens. let's turn to the most accurate forecast on this sunday morning. it is nice over all. let's get a look at what to expect for the arizona state fair. by 10 a clock a.m., partly cloudy skies. by 4:00 we start to see the rain chances come in. 94 degrees by then and it will be warm. the rain chances will increase as we move through the day. tomorrow looks to be the best day for some rain and we will check -- track those rain chances hour-by-hour in the full forecast. we know what he looks like, but we don't know where he is. we would hear a deadly 9-1-1
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street shooter case. the cubbies are headed to the world series. chicago erupted in celebration ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
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a horrifying call from the sister of a man who was shot and killed. police are releasing the 9-1-1 call. nine people were shot and seven were killed. the reward is now up to $75,000. if you know anything, call
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people who are mentally ill begin a rallying cry in the u.s. more than 43 1/2 million american adults have mental health conditions right now. that is 20% of the population. according to the report, mental health america, more than half do not receive treatment. the report also found the number of young people who are depressed is going up. 80% get no treatment or insufficient treatment. the maine, massachusetts have the best. alabama and mississippi have the least. in arizona we came in 40th. the holidays are approaching and you may head to the stores where they try to get you to sign up for store credit cards.
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you may want to reconsider. interest rates at all time high with an interest rate at 24%. it is way above the average for other types of cards. store cards typically have lower credit limits and high- risk applicants. so, here is the card that you really want to avoid. big lots has the highest interest rate followed by sales and staples. there are high interest rates on dillards and nordstrom's. don't expect incentives. only half of the cars from the big sign-on bonus. we love arizona. the sun shines bright and the opportunities are wide open and the sky is the limit for kids. when it comes to education and funding, it condemned pretty quickly. it takes close to $38,000 to get a bachelors degree in this country and
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backs in -- in the form of student loan debt. now earned to learn.>> reporter: it was created years ago to help the financial ruin that students are facing. the nonprofit offered's -- offers students the opportunity to save money. they can learn to be financially self-sufficient. it sounds great and people are listening. >> university systems and community college and community college east -- community college systems all over the country. >> -- >> reporter: the funds are need space. a family of four cannot make more than twice the poverty level or just under $50,000. >> this is changing the trajectory of the student lives. >> reporter: to learn more about earned to learn and make the most of your money, go to
5:17 am in phoenix arizona, the fine boys want to give a police escort and here they are. all right. the boys in blue getting a big thank you from country music store, keith urban. here performed last night. backstage he thanked the phoenix police who were waiting to >> he is a good guy and i like him.>> it is nice to see them recognized, they should be much more than currently. now let's talk about the most accurate forecast on this sunday. did you enjoy yesterday or do you have plans? i know yesterday you help your sister move. >> i did help my sister move and my brother-in-law had to do
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think october would be cooler and a nice time to move. we will not be as warm as we got yesterday and that is good news. we will see some changes move in. 71 degrees currently at phoenix sky harbor. it is in the 30s right now and will drop to the day. we will keep the humidity and the clouds will roll in and even more so than we see morning. abc 15 doppler scanning the skies now. there is nothing there now, but that will change. let's look at the wind speeds. you can see some spots are calm and not registering at all like deer valley and scottsdale. other places at 5-10 miles per hour. the current temperatures. most in the upper to lower 60s and some in the 70s. 70 at queen creek and 68 at tempe. 68 in glendale. good morning and it is 72 right now in goodyear.
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here's a look at future cast and as we press play, this is what is happening. through most of the day we will stay clear. as we go through the afternoon, we will start to see some pushes in spots that will likely get a few showers. isolated down to the south of us and to the northwest, we will see that push on even more. a band of rain will hit the northwestern part of the state, specifically the grand canyon. models is around 8:00-9:00 tonight we could see a stray shower or two in the phoenix area. looking across to tomorrow, the morning commute will be dry. we will be under cloudy skies in the morning. looking at the northern half, we will definitely see showers. in the valley we will bump things up to a 40% chance to
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tuesday. here is a look at the rain chances breaking down hour-by- hour for you. today we stay dry for most of the day and then we bump to a 10% chance through the evening and 20% overnight. 30% by tomorrow morning. it may not be a bad idea to throw that umbrella in the backseat of your car. here is what we will look at as we get to the valley. the average is 86. we will not be that far away from the mark. 8 degrees today across the valley it will be 93 in apache junction. 93 in levine and 92 in goodyear. partly cloudy skies. 60s in flagstaff and 70s in the grand canyon. warm out west in the 90s for lake have is suing courtside. as we look at the next seven days, we are dropping temperatures.
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as it moves on out, the temperatures are back into the 90s and the breeze comes back thursday and friday as well. coming up, let's go to the cardinals forecast. we will break it down hour-by- hour. abc 15 sports brought to you by sanderson ford . game 6 of the national championship with the cubs leading the dodgers three games to two. clayton kershaw in the biggest game of his career. the dodgers are scoreless through 7 1/3 innings while striking out six. kershaw in the first and one in the second and then to solo home runs -- home runs. anthony rizzo in the fifth and the cubs are headed to the world series for the first time since 1945. they when the nlcs 14 games to
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trying to do this for everybody here. it was a spectacular evening. thank you for your sport. the boys have been talking. more and more, we could really have a party.>> turning to the coach and the arizona state sentinels, they are looking for a win. great start for the sun dels after 10 white returns for the opening kickoff. the devils with a 59 yard drive. then up 7-0. then wilson is sacked and is out for the game. then a rumbling 52 yards and its 14 three -- 14-3. the devils finally get to the end zone on the final play of the third quarter. the sun devils for the quarter
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i learned as a police officer and a businessman you should never abuse people's trust. unfortunately, today too many politicians either serve their party or themselves, and arizona families suffer. the arizona republic called paul babeu a disgrace. babeu spent $28,000 of taxpayer money at a five-star resort and was questioned by the fbi for using public money to promote himself.
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evything. it's all of this, this, this, and this. in all of history.alrifficllls. cereal.. yeah, it's that good.s, this, and this. this. is. everything..fficllls. cereal.. >> this is a look at tonight's prime time line up. then stick around for abc 15 news at 10:00 with kim tobin . you may never have heard of this stunning place.
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shines through it at different times a day at different times of year creating a colorful show as you pass through. >> every time you go, there's a different face to it and i enjoy going there. the lighting is great and the atmosphere is great. from late march to early october, there are even beams of light. if you saw the picture of the little guy, that's me. the only way to reach the canyon is through a licensed tour guide. there are several groups that offer tours. prices start at $40 for a basic tour and it is well worth it. >> it is. you have a good time there for sure. keep in mind of the hollow ween -- halloween decorations.
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valuable. as soon as one person saw the culprit, it was game on. >> he had pulled the monster off our house and was about to take off and i yelled at him. the chase was on.>> reporter: his message to this thief is to get a job and stop ruining holiday fun for everybody else. be aware of different -- of two different types of animals that could be im with rabies.>> breaking news. dps working to open and on ramp after a woman goes not flying
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it is 5:30 on a busy sunday. thank you for joining us. i am allison rodriguez and i'm a little tired after watching it was amazing to see. i am so excited.>> how do you bring it up after going to sleep like that?>> i am tired. today the good news is a will not be as warm as we got yesterday. clouds and radar picking up with out of -- without as many
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it is 71 degrees right now with mild conditions. by 9:00 we will be at 79. it will be great if you have plans to be outdoors for a jog or walk in the doors or even for a bike ride. here is a look at the cardinals game day forecast that i promised you. the game at 5:30 and 92 for kickoff. rain chances increase across the valley and as we get out of the game, temperatures will in the low 80s and it will be mild overnight. we do have to break down the temperatures in talk about the hourly day by day forecast coming up. more on breaking news after woman slams into a guardrail near 32nd street. beyond wet -- the on ramp is still closed. megan thompson was the first one on scene, are there any updates on how this woman is doing?>> she is okay which is
5:32 am
after all of this. she was driving westbound when she went through the zone and slammed into the on ramp which is blocked by the dps troopers which are cleaning it up. she rolled into them ravine -- into the briefing several times and ended up with her wheels up. troopers are investigating and they had trouble communicating with the woman right away. i'm not's -- they were not sure if she was unconscious later she was able to communicate with them and she was pulled from the car and taken to the hospital and she is expected to survive. trooper say that this is one of the craving -- the craziest things they have seen.>> for this impact to occur against the guardrail and allow the vehicle to continue its momentum, speed was a factor. >> reporter: also a factor was impairment according to dps. the woman was alone when this
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night. you can see dps backing up and they are reopening this. you can see that adot has put up cones in the area to make sure that drivers coming through the area see at an are aware this is happening. speed was a factor and impairment was a factor. the good news is that this woman is okay. we will let you know for sure when the highway reopens. accused of killing eight -- killed a woman. this phoenix fan facing several charges. -- man facing several charges for aggravated homicide an assault. police are trying to figure out if he was drunk when he slammed into another car on 28th drive near 17. his car pushed another car into an intersection where two women
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and the other is in serious condition this morning. the driver of the semi truck was able to walk away. a sad story out of georgia. police are investigating the murder of two children that happened during a home invasion. a 15-year-old boy and his 11- year-old sister were shot to death. several other children were in the home at the time, some as young as six. the parents were out of the house when the invader showed up. investigators are checking to see if anything was stolen to see if they attacker's motive. the water supply is looking okay. a freak storm ruptured a pipeline sending 55,000 gallons of gasoline into the waterways. the storm drum -- dumb 7 inches of rain turning areas into mudslides and rivers. it was a scary situation as if a flight is not scary enough. now there is gasoline in the
5:35 am
behind bars, yes 80, for protesting a pipeline. they gathered for demonstration at the construction site. the protest lasted five hours. at one point, protesters tried to break through a police line and they were pepper sprayed. more than 200 were arrested since the demonstration started in august. people are talking this morning about a billboard. take a look. immigrants, before you get deported, get a sugar daddy. this one was spotted in austin, texas by tons of drivers along a freeway. the potential client is arrangement >> maybe the young ladies have not been america that long and they don't know how it goes. seeing that on the billboard, they may look at trying to do that. the next thing you know, they
5:36 am
out of. >> the human trafficking department says this only makes their jobs harder. this next story is so heartbreaking, it's hard to imagine what the family is going through this morning. a three-year-old boy was killed when a fire was sparked in his home in spokane, washington. two adults and three kids made it out safely and the little boy did not. authorities say that his body was found clutching a teddy bear with the family dog next to him. was trying to protect the little boy when they died. are you ready to vote? don't be intimidated. a bomb threat at the gop office locally is scary. nobody should be frightened. that comes from helen purcell, the head of maricopa county elections. there are threats from political offices that may spook voters, especially on
5:37 am
the answer. we want to make sure that all of the polls and the voting and ballot counting happens in a transparent way.>> reporter: to reassure you, both the democrats and the gop will have observers at the scene two alert authorities. hillary clinton also wanted to build a wall along the mexican border and use undocumented - said that trump used undocumented voters to build trump tower.>> reporter: he has repeatedly said that we will build a wall and mexico will pay for it. what about hillary?>> it was not the wall that donald trump proposed, but it was a wall more like a fence.>> reporter:
5:38 am
comparison to trump's wall which would be 35 feet high and spanned more than 1000 miles and be made of concrete. they said that comment was have true. >> she used undock -- he used undocumented labor to build the trump tower. he hired a contractor that in turn employed 200 or so polish workers who were not documented citizens.>> reporter: a settlement followed and trump they rated clinton's claim troop. we will have more from clinton and trump and for more you can go to this is something you may want to pass along to friends or family. to animals have tested positive for rabies, a fox and at that were both infected. remember you can only get infected if you have physical
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infected. remember you can only be infected if you have physical contact. sky harbor airport will expand train service to the car rental center and terminal 4. this will not mean extra money out of your pocket. they will be funded with existing passenger fees, airport revenue and bonds. the work is expected to be finished by 2021. a look at bus service which is increase by several hours each week. right now it runs until 10 a clock p.m. monday through friday. service ends at midnight. weekends will have extended hours. this is part of the transportation plan known as proposition 100 for the people voted on. there are some of the results of it.
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voted on. there are some of the results of it. you can see clouds will follow this afternoon. a bike ride in the morning is a good time to do it and maybe even late morning. by the afternoon, things will get more humid as we have increased moisture and rain chances. we will break that down coming up in the full forecast. it is 5:40 and behind the scenes we are digging into his background. the person funding edith flavor, one hero was oa ssiotosa sck.
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this morning we revealed the behind the scenes moneyman. the group filing lawsuits across the valley. >> digging into his background for weeks. his name is greg crane and he is an entrepreneur. his history is investigations into consumer fraud. his tragedy. he advocates for individuals and groups with disabilities. we took a question to the group's lawyer.>> reporter: do you know who mr. crane is?>> he has contributed a lot of money to ada. >> reporter: we're talking $600,000 at least. he has ada lawsuits. are you aware of his history?>>
5:44 am
troubles. this is a man whose wife died in a plane crash and his child died in a plane crash and he was left disabled.>> reporter: the plane went down after takeoff. gregory crane and -- is said to be in critical condition.>> reporter: he wanted to make a positive impact. bus -- businesses for thousands and thousands of dollars, many for having a parking sign that is inches to low. >> it's about the money.>> reporter: his history is not helping his cause. in 2000 there was a lawsuit brought against his
5:45 am
buried in the old court records we found that in the 90s that he consented to violating the arizona consumer fraud laws and paid greece -- and paid restitution. it was in the news. >> reporter: i want ask about your homestead business. it was the focus of an investigation. there were thousands of official looking documents. people were told they could lose their homes. >> most people never need this.>> reporter: we checked with that's because john's father is in the story. a real estate attorney says that anybody trying to sell the service is fooling you. in 1997, dennis wille check -- willicheck call them fraud.
5:46 am
that he called them fraud. >> well, i don't want to get into any kind of an argument with you. >> reporter: in an email, cream -- crane thanked us and said he is -- we are more about getting the word out about ada compliance. dps is taking action with you. three people were killed on i-10 in a big pileup.>> you would carrying 80,000 pounds and some of the semi's and the buses are the same way at 65,000 pounds. they don't stop and you cannot
5:47 am
flipped over. >> reporter: troopers will look for violations like speeding and driving to close. we know it is hard. more of you are reaching peak energy use 4 to 5 minutes earlier in the day. it is around 4:30 and then 5:15. the number of solar rooftops has doubled across the state. in the meantime, metlife is jut -- is dumping snoopy, charlie brown and others from ads. they will replace and have in m in their logo -- and m -- a m in their logo. a 43 year low. applications rose by 30,000 this week. the highest level in five
5:48 am
positive note, the checks are up. a recall for hyundai. sonatas told to get off the road. panoramic black sunroofs can come off the roads and flight into traffic. some do not close all the way and when you try to force it, it becomes loose. the second recall for hyundai in one week the wells fargo scandal continues to grow. there is now a criminal investigation in california. the department of justice looking at falls in personnel soon -- impersonation and identity theft. the bank is cooperating. news surrounding the zika virus. pregnant women who have been in florida's miami-dade county should be tested. that is the only area where mosquitoes are spreading the
5:49 am
the test is to figure out whether or not women have the symptoms. that can eat up to 3000 mosquitoes per day which could seriously cut down on the mid- -- on the bugs carrying the virus. health experts are not sold on the idea saying that that's what being on whatever they want and not just mosquitoes. boosting the price of a drug. senator bernie -- bernie sanders and other lawmakers wanting to know why an $80,000 hike in a drug to treat leukemia patients. there are other programs to cut patient costs. there is an app for cpr. it saved a man's life in seattle. it was in front of the hospital and a medical student used a pulse point out.
5:50 am
is out of the hospital and thankful for those who saved his life. let's check the most accurate forecast. you can see a break looking across the state, it is 38 at window rock where it is cool. the coolest spot is the northwest at the grand canyon. they are 31 right now. here is how the day will look. the seven-day forecast will be a warm 94 degrees. uv index will be dropping and the air quality will be
5:51 am
plus -- press play on this. going through a good chunk of the day, we will not see a ton as far as activity is concerned. that changes through the day and you can see moisture building in. most of the day will be quiet and then we will see rain chances building as we get through the evening. overnight and into tomorrow as well. you will see continua building in the clouds. there will be isolated chances for showers up to the north of us by tomorrow morning. i think the ne commute be trite as well. -- monday morning commute will be trite as well. -- dry as well. better chances up north with a 50%-60% chance. we will keep the chances through the evening and overnight as well. here is how it breaks down. 20% today and a better shot tomorrow. we will dry out as the system
5:52 am
dry completely by wednesday and through the rest of the week. but we will deal with tomorrow at is wind at 5-10 miles per hour and gusts up to 15 miles per hour. a little stronger up north where the gusts could be up to 25 miles per hour tomorrow because of this system. at times we could see heavy rainfall too from thunderstorms that could develop. for today, we will be under mostly clear skies and a bit on the breezy side at times. they will not be as strong tomorrow. 94 by 3:00. here is a look at the forecast with highs across the street -- the state. it is 79 in prescott. cooler in flagstaff and then we please sitting in the 70s. 93
5:53 am
the highs will be in the low to mid 90s and not as warm as yesterday when we topped out at 96. 93 and mesa today. 91 in scottsdale and paradise valley. 94 at litchfield park and 93 in surprise. over the next seven days you will see that the temperatures will drop with the rain chances coming our way. we are down to the 80s for monday and tuesday before we
5:54 am
5:55 am
i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone.
5:56 am
5:56. registration starts in about one hour at 7:00 and a run kicks off at 9:00. the goal is to raise $400,000. keep your sneakers on, the walk is happening at park. it starts at 9:00 and the goal is to raise money and educate about autism and help people to deal with the disorder. there are a lot of ways to get out and take action. the weather should be good. 70s to low 80s today and then 90s later. it is well above average. we have p.m.
5:57 am
temperatures drop to the 80s on monday and tuesday. the warmth and the 90s are coming back. summer does not want to end. recent conditions also coming your way. we will break down the temperatures hour-by-hour later so that you can plan your day. a woman crashes through a guardrail and lands in everything. dps says the woman will be investigated for drunk driving. there is a miraculous angle to
5:58 am
i learned as a police officer and a businessman you should never abuse people's trust. unfortunately, today too many politicians either serve their party or themselves, and arizona families suffer. the arizona republic called paul babeu a disgrace. babeu spent $28,000 of taxpayer money at a five-star resort and was questioned by the fbi for using public money to promote himself. o'halleran: i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message,
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waaat?p,dd this and you've got strawesoawberrie "oohh!" bunches of oats with real straw
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i am megan thompson live on the scene. a woman went flying through a guardrail and we have new video to show you in minutes. a shooting authority say started with a stolen car. what happened that force police to shoot. we have details from a woman who said that donald trump cross the line. what the presidential nominee has to say about it. we have a allison rodriguez who has a look at the forecast for us. mild morning temperatures and it doesn't feel like fall.
6:01 am
upper 70s and deer valley. we will get to 94 today. the wind at 5-10 miles per hour. looking at the arizona state forecast, it looks like a lot of fun. when the sun comes up, we will give you a look at that. rain chances will increase in the afternoon and so will the clouds. we will look at tomorrow coming up. we are stang breaking news. dps at the scene of a serious rollover crash after a woman loses control of her car.>> let's go to megan thompson live at the scene. megan, what happened? it is a crazy scene. we got here moments ago and this was the scene. let me step out of the way so you can see the cones in the area.
6:02 am
rolling around 3:00 this morning. i want to show you this video. this is the woman's car. we have not been able to see because of the car. the damage is so severe that dps is telling us that this is one of the craziest scenes they have seen. amazingly this woman is going to be okay. we know she know that impairment may have been a factor. that's what dps troopers are saying right now. speed may have been a factor. right now they are working to reopen the road after this happened this morning. the woman was extricated. they were unable to communicate with her right away and they were unsure if she was unconscious or did. they were able to pull her from the car and get her to the
6:03 am
if nobody was traveling behind the victim, she may have been there for quite a while until a trooper or somebody traversing the on ramp would've seen the debris and the damage.>> reporter: the good news that we just mentioned is that they are hoping to reopen the roadway in just a few moments. they were clearing the debris and getting the car out of that. the video is incredible and it really shows how lucky the let's get an update on a serious crash that we told you about last night at 10:00. this is near loop 101 and you may be familiar with the area. a man was hit by a vehicle. detective shut down the area for several hours. we are still working to see how the crash happened in the first place and the condition of the victim. we will bring you an update as
6:04 am
troopers saying they have identified the suspect as havier munoz it was shot and killed during a high-speed chase. he took -- he stole a car and then took off and tried to get another car from it -- from an elderly couple at a car dealership. that's when they shot him. >> a few seconds before, he could have hit me. >> reporter: the officer who shot him is a 17 year veteran of the nevada a woman shot a man near third avenue and buckeye last night. officers say that the two knew each other and the woman took off. there is no word on the van's condition. a man accused in a deadly crash that killed a woman.
6:05 am
identity of the man. randall nelson is facing homicide and aggravated assault charges. police are trying to figure out if he was drunk when he slammed into another car when he slammed into another car 28th driving cactus. he push the other car into a semi truck. two women were in the other car and one died at the scene. the other is in the hospital in serious condition. a change at sky harbor airport. the airport is planning extend -- it to expand train service to the rental car area. the expansion costs almost $1 billion and it is funding through existing passenger fees. other airport revenue and bonds and the whole thing is likely to be finished by 2021 and no extra cost to passengers. there is an urgent search
6:06 am
into a storm drain after heavy rain slot -- flooded the streets of nashville this weekend. video shows the teen post -- the teen's personal belongings near the train. police are scouring to rivers through the city. they are looking for the teen. in north dakota, three people were arrested for riot -- 83 people were arrested for protests. it was for the dakota pipeline. people did not listen to instructions which forced officers to use pepper spray. the protesters are expected to face trespassing and resisting arrest charges. more than 100 back lives matter protesters in ohio. they called for suspension of a police officer who shot and killed a person in 2015.
6:07 am
will begin on october 31. 6:06 and we are 16 days from election day. in election 2016 this morning, hillary clinton is not -- is done responding to donald trump's attacks.>> for donald's attack of gold star families. we have heard donald called mexican immigrants rapists. he heard him say she heard them say terrible things about women.>> reporter: refocusing her campaign. assign a clinton hope supporters will help other democrats recapture the senate. today clinton will get help on the campaign trail from congresswoman gabby giffords and her husband, mark kelly .
6:08 am
rally in tucson. they urge people to check registration >> i want to encourage you to not just get out and vote, but to vote early. the election is 17 days away and there could be a 100 things that happen between now and the election. if you vote early, it doesn't matter what happens at election day. you know that your voice will be counted. >> reporter: the bus tour focuses on early voting states
6:09 am
west valley and also oro valley north of tucson. republicans pushing for people to get out and vote. a lot of republicans are holding off on mailing in their ballots there in their boat -- that their votes will not be counted. they hope everybody will get a move on this. so far 100,000 ballots have been turned in to the maricopa county's office. -- boater's office. i don't need fame or the type of attention this is sure to bring. i understand i may be called a liar or an opportunist. but, i will risk that it is in order to stand in solidarity with women who have shared similar accounts that span many, many years.>> reporter:
6:10 am
drake, says the trump invited her to his motel room. she went there were two other women and found trump wearing pajamas. she also said the trump tightly held -- hugged and kissed each of them without this -- permission. she was offered $10,000 and use of trump's jet if she came to his sweet.>> reporter: donald trump denied the accusations while making an appearance in gettysburg, pennsylvania. he said the woman's stories were fabricated. he also said that hillary clinton or the dnc put the women up to it. in gettysburg, trump put up his plan for voters with what he would do during his first days in office. he said he would renegotiate
6:11 am
agreement or nafta. he also said that he will implement a two-year mandatory minimum sentence for immigrants who reenter the u.s. illegally after being deported the first time. he is holding onto his job for maricopa county sheriff. the group is bidding him good will -- goodwill -- farewell. they held a retirement party for hundreds gathered. the group wants people to vote against the sheriff. the group hopes that the share's days in office are number. >> it is time for you to go. it has been a long time coming and we are happy to see you leave. we are throwing you a party. they are encouraging people to take frustrations to the polls
6:12 am
for comment and are still waiting for response. a lot of responses on the ballot. the sheriff of maricopa county set it to a five and 206 -- we are couple of weeks away and it doesn't feel like it is election time. it has been unseasonably warm and it will be another day of that. we will see big changes today that will really impact us. by 10 a clock a.m., 83 degrees with mild conditions. by lunchtime we will be at 90 degrees and 93 by 2:00. we will see a return of the 80s and i will show you when that will be coming up in the full forecast. chicago on fire. spanning seven decades in the
6:13 am
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we invited women to a spa to test a new body wash. you may not feel it, but some body washes can contain clnss found dish soap.ash.
6:15 am
good morning. game 6 of the national league championship. the cubs leading the dodgers. scoreless through seven through 7 2/3 innings while striking out six. there were two solo home runs. contractors for the fourth and then rizzo in the fifth and the cubs are headed to the world series for the third time since 1945. there is a 5 nothing when and
6:16 am
-- >> in the circumstances, it was a spectacular evening. thank you for your support. we can really have a party. turning to football. todd graham looking for the third conference win of the season as they host the washington state cougars in tempe. tim white returns the opening kickoff. welcomes leads on a 59 yard wilkins leads on a 59 yard drive. wilkins is sacked and out for the game. the washington state field goal and he rambles 53 yards. that makes a 14-3 sun devils. there were four unanswered touchdowns for the final play of the third quarter. it is 37-32 for the final. the cardinals host the seahawks
6:17 am
tonight at 5:30 in a nationally televised game at the stadium. they posted the video backstage and i think the phoenix police department. they're waiting to keith urban thanks the
6:18 am
the forecast looks great right now and different later. tread lightly for sure. it will be again today. we were just sitting under high pressure which is on its way out. here is a live look outside of the mayo clinic valley camera this morning. looking at the temperatures in the upper 60s in the phoenix area and sky harbor specifically. the dew 40s and we will see -- be a little more moist than we have been. feeling very dry. when not too bad. you can see up to 10 miles per hour in some spots. between five and 10 like scottsdale and deer valley. temperatures in the 60s. 64 in fountain hill and 66 in
6:19 am
it looks like maricopa has dropped to the 50s this morning. air-quality today. we were good for the last couple of days. we have been in the moderate category. 94 is where we top out today and will be another warm day. unseasonably warm. the main allergens at the bottom of the screen. we drop to the low category. in the uv index, we dropped. we were at a 6 yesterday and today at a 5. moderate category. it is 45 minutes if you are going to be outdoors. cloud coverage and as we look at this in motion today. in the valley we will be dry
6:20 am
up to the north and west and even to the southeast where we could see isolated the area. you can see a lot of the cloud coverage moving in and there are chances of showers, especially we will keep chances here in the valley and the better chances in the evening time. it could be heavy at times across the grand canyon as we from california to the northern part of the state. let's break down those chances hour by hour. you can see it is dry in the morning and as we get to the evening that the temperatures jump to 20% by 8:00. we will keep that where we drop -- then we jump to 30% chances in the morning. for today, here is a look at what we will get to. another warm day and 86 is the
6:21 am
if you are thinking, what should we be at? 94 in tempe today. 93 in levine and glenn dale at 94. 94 in peoria and 93 in surprise today. upper 70s for prescott. out to the west we will be warm in the mid to low 90s. m bullhead city and like the city passion like have a soup. -- lake have temperatures will drop a little bit as well. we jump 45 degrees and then as that temperatures drop, you can see they will warm back up and we will be dealing with trees as well. in the next half-hour we have the cardinals and the seahawks and i haven't forgotten. we will break down the game day
6:22 am
mental illness. a new report ranking each state. find out where arizona falls on the list. getting complicated and we are here to
6:23 am
allegations against pinal county sheriff paul babeu. paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. accusations of widespread abuse at a massachusetts private school. she is sick of hearing sheriff paul babeu lie. allegations of abuse of power. another headache, the fbi has subpoenaed records. lawsuits regarding abuse and neglect. questions of babeu's integrity. new page of controversy. a question of judgment. ultimately voters are going to have to decide
6:24 am
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6:25 am
when the most creative costume at halloween. this is two men and a truck, thank you for being here. tell us how to create the perfect costume without breaking the bank. >> that's a big part of it. you need to find something your kid loves and build around that. in this case, it is thomas the train.>> i did was we took a medium-size box and paint and all the materials. we actually have these cake holders. so everything else is pretty much tape and artistic ability.>> there was game over here with the kids. >> there is maybe a party or something and kids do things in
6:26 am
>> kids can play games they are too. how do they think of doing things like this? how does it start? >> we have all the materials at our office. so when we thought about this, we thought why not make our own. it would be fun to do and then fun to see if they work out.>> i want to know what kind of reaction see those custom one-of-a-kind costumes. >> there are things that you find in the basement. >> it is the reaction that we see.>> i feel like it inspires a lot of people. tell me about what you are seeing in the change over the years.
6:27 am
year. it is halloween. >> thank you so much. >> two men and a truck. custom costumes too. there is a lot of news coming your way. next is a thief caught taking a $7000 ring. i am
6:28 am
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lower your blood sugar with invokana?. there's only one invokana?. imagine loving your numbers.
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6:32 am
a woman's cargoes flying into the ravine off the overpass. we know how she is doing?>> amazingly she is going to be okay and that's crazy considering the scope of the scene and what we are being told. the 23-year-old driver was coming this way and went through this and then slammed into the guardrail and that's where she rolled and rolled off their landing into a tree wheels up. we have new video we want to show you that shows the car, a red mazda thing towed away and the damage showing how incredible it is that she will be okay. investigators" ramp three hours or so well investigated the scene and searching the area to make sure no one else was hurt
6:33 am
to be extricated from the car and rushed to the hospital with serious but nonlife threatening injuries and troopers on scene saying this is one of the craziest thing they've ever seen. this impact to occur against the guardrail and allow the vehicle to continue the momentum speeds are a factor. >>reporter: also a factor they believe impairment which they will continue with the investigation into the speed and how fa s how drunk she may have been that she is okay and they are stressing how important it is that someone saw it happened early in the morning not a lot of people travel despite the system called 911 because she could is that more time in operating a could have taken her life. >> first on scene that can't say enough so glad she will be okay. got some meant recovering after
6:34 am
your hundred and 10th st. firefighters telling us there were severe burns on his hands so that he was taken to a special bird facility for treatment. this is a photo of first responders taken care of the victim and the work on any other damage we are told the fire was out before chris got there. and another fire in glendale at home knockdown power lines 59th avenue. northern crews putting out the flames and aps workers fixing making sure no other fire sparks because of it. thankfully no one was hurt and the fire like they started greece on a stealth. demand in a michigan sweater wanted for stealing a ring from a jcpenny store on september 27 at the spectrum model. police say the guy asked to see the ring that was worth $7300 after the clerk handed it to him he quickly walked out of the store and ran off and when he got to the parking lot. a man and woman accused of stealing from a phoenix store and the plan
6:35 am
police say they walked into the store this past june and they walked out without paying for the items. when officer approached them demand pulled out a box cutter and the two ran away. and women strives for justice years after her son was brutally murdered october 20, 2006 27-year-old jermaine johnson, a father of two shot and killed here in phoenix. and while walking with two friends and alleyway history and mcdowell. please say he had a confrontation with the same suspect a work earlier when shots were also fire. today the family still waiting for answers. >> i just pray that god touches the person's heart that has seen this so that they can come forward and tell us what happened. we need some closure in our family. >> your heart breaks for his mother.
6:36 am
as black and between 18 and 25 and one possibly with the nickname xavier another one possibly nicknamed maniac. please call silent witness 40 408 witnessed if you have any information you can help the family out. cupping people who are mentally ill became a rallying cry after the shootings that the effort to do that is apparently falling short. more than 43 and half million american adults have a mental heal that's 20% of the adult population. according to the report released monday half of them did not receive treatment and report finds young people who are depressed is going on but 80% either get no treatment or insufficient treatment. mental health america right to stay for treatment options made, massachusetts and vermont
6:37 am
have the least access paper here in arizona we came in 40th. late-night look we take a look at some big changes service about increase by several hours every day. the buses run to 10 am monday through friday starting tomorrow service will end at midnight. weekends also six hours as part of the phoenix voter approved transportation 2050 plant also note as prop 104. are yo don't be intimidated. talk of election rigging voter fraud and threats to offices letters may feel on easy especially on election day. >> education is the answer. we want to make sure that all of the polls and valid happens in a transparent way. but the gop and the democrats are going
6:38 am
election day to watch and report problems to state party leaders. hopefully that believe some people's fears. like billions one woman might hit the polls to vote early except this book was 100 years in the making. >> i've always voted, the folks made it very important that we always do that and so i always have. >> that is gertrude she lives in carson city nevada and she just celebrated her 100 birthday and as you just heard she wrote every year, every time she can submit -- what makes this a special? it's about who is on the ballot that she was born between the four women have the right to vote at her choice for president for her she says is hillary clinton. checking workplace in the final presidential debate, donald trump said clinton also
6:39 am
said these documents workers to build trump tower. clinton wanted the ball, clinton fought for the wall in 2006% trump has said we will build a wall in mexico will pay for it the way that hillary can expect it wasn't a huge concrete call log wall that donald trump has promoted, it was sizable when it was proposed but it's more like a friend. there would be a expect with facts found clinton supported offense but that wall which will be 35 feet high and spend more than 1000 miles and be made of concrete so they raided his claim as and to protect he used a document to labor expect convinces her plan would bring undocumented workers are the shadows. >> we found he hired a contractor that in turn employed 200 or so polish workers who were not documented citizens. >> put the fact found some of
6:40 am
with the hiring process so they raided clinton's claim true. more claims as we approach election day and for more back fact -- fax go to their website. thousands of asu fans lining up along the streets for the big homecoming parade. actor was out there for this grand celebration students, alumni and the community and sparky all showing the sun devils pride and spirit >> this is actually my first time coming back for homecoming because i wanted to bring my son and daughter to experience it see how exciting asu is. >> parade a block party a week full of festivities leading up to that big homecoming game here is a story that may put a damper on your school spirit, a look at the rising amount of student debt plus it is a
6:41 am
it's rising faster than inflation. here are the new numbers from student loan hero the class of 2016 the average amount of debt is now $37,000 per that's up 6% from last year the average monthly student loan payments for people 30 the 20 for people 30 the $2351. 43 million americans owe more than $1 trillion altogether and student loans. we were bemoaning about our student loans but we were not alone. 43 million people perspective don' we spoke to a lot of people talking about the same thing and we are in it together. >>& your most accurate forecast live a lot going on in this is a look at the seahawks cardinals forecast but that's a little later in the evening here is that the rest of the day goes by 8 am 75 degrees of planning to get out on the bike i think it will be a good time, 83 at 10 am 90 by lunchtime we still start to get lower as the moisture builds and getting
6:42 am
chances in place will tell you how good coming up will also take a look at the 70 and 20 in the 80s will be back. parents get your goals and goblins ready halloween events that are perfect for the whole family it's all of this, this, this, and this. in all of history.alrifficllls. cereal.. yeah, it's that good.s, this, and this.
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6:44 am
edith flavor, one hero was oa ssiotosa sck. watch babybel in the great snack rescue. yowant pce of me? 100% natural cheese. eamy mini babybel. watch babybel in snack a little bigger.. today we're celebrating to celebration bringing families together to celebrate the rich culture of mexico and latin america.
6:45 am
3000 years and joining us to tell us all about a huge celebration today with the phoenix cultural coalition we have tony here with us. so with people watching us at home who don't know what it is explained with tradition is the >> is a celebration of getting people together and remembering those that have passed basically bringing in whatever they like before they died. tequila. it's a mexican -- >> that will wake you up. >> tequila and a favorite foods and music. for last few days they celebrate the steering november which is why we're celebrating it here in phoenix respect you do a really big. you having a big festival going on. tell us a little bit about that and what people can expect if
6:46 am
last year it was 15,000 people. >> it's a big deal. >> there's no charge to get in and it's totally free people can enjoy and learn heritage and culture. >> the diversity we have which is very important. at sunset there is a big ceremony that plays out the culmination of the whole festival. to chance and dancing dragons and mariotti is a political ballet. do. in these goals and party events . it's so popular right now for a lot of people. >> it's all over the world. this is just part of what will be on site that day. >> it's going to be fun for the whole family and is totally free . its central and indian schools
6:47 am
what i like about it is you get to learn so much about mexican and latin american culture. there is so much of it. >> exactly. we are so abundant in the valley is >> it's an important part. >> diversity of the culture that everyone can learn and to keep that with their kids because there are some generations coming in the future and that way we can teach them to keep the culture expect the real quick for us. >> it starts at 12. >> take a nap go to brunch and go to this. >> that's what i'm going to do them >> you have a long day. >> it will be nice today. >> thank you. >> let's go send it over to alice to see the forecasters tracked >> looks like it will be a lot
6:48 am
we are missing the fall but we will get there. a live look outside, just a beautiful shot. as we look at abc15 we have it's getting skies this morning not really picking up anything right now so that some good news that your morning is quite but we will see changes as we get into the day later on and into tomorrow. current temperatures across the valley the matter where you are waking up most of us are in the 60s. we are seeing the 50s and 77 most of the valley in the 60s right now. yesterday we talked out that bottomed out at 73 in phoenix so really we spent really mild this time of year the normal overnight lows in the low 60s. currently 64, 61 sedona let's go to the east, 48 winslow and 46 in show low peterson the forecast will be more much we mentioned 44 degrees and with back-to-back. your uv index
6:49 am
is 45 minutes and air quality we have been good for the last few days but that has dropped into the moderate category. weather alerts are non-and the storm chances at 20% for today. a look at futurecast as we go ahead and track best you can see throughout the day today expecting to stay dry but increased moisture as we get into the evening and overnight hours as well we see some rain chances pop-up especially in northern part of the state tomorrow. look at all these isolated showers that will be happening here, expected to happen below the models forecasting that in the upper half of the state. rain chances for us as well as the moisture continues to increase but the best time will most likely be tomorrow evening when we can see some of that. that sets us up for 40% to the showers and a statement a 20% and after tomorrow we drive off
6:50 am
chances by wednesday to the end of the upcoming week. for tomorrow i want you to look at because we have the increased rain chances your wind forecast will be stronger to the state went 10 miles per hour but the gusts could take up to 50 miles per hour even stronger gusts up to the north where we could see the sustained winds up to 20 miles per hour there. for today as a break in the temperatures partly cloudy skies and light wind 86 degrees by 11:00 92 92 x 1 p.m. 92 x 1 p.m. dropping into the 80s until 7:00 pm we see increased rain chances for the evening. 79 today and pacing 85 globe and 96 and he will ban. highs today will be in the mid to low 90s for us the average is 86. still above that but not where we were yesterday. that is the good news. starting the downward trend in the west valley in the mid-to low 90s. we talked about the downward trend and that goes along with the rain chances we're getting
6:51 am
and tuesday but then those go away and the breezes come back and we will be seeing 90s. a good time to have the mobile app handy. things are getting a little spooky and we are the following because the arizona science center is in studio a in we are taking action to let you know ho o house, imagination runs wild. but at my table, i keep the food real. li country crock'sion ingredients.ith real simple d no artificial flavors the or preservatives. real country fresh taste ingredients.ith real simple from real ingredients.s the or preservatives. welcome to crock country. ingredients.ith real simple hey guys. i called you all in because i just had an idea. brunch. allday, every day. brunch? that's great! where'd you get that idea? well... sweetie? you know what we're craving right now?
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taste the many sides ofrookside. smth dk chocolate outside. exotic fruit flavor inside. brookside. for all your sides.
6:54 am
getting a little weird this week in honor of halloween but don't worry there is a method behind the madness. >> it's part of the weird science halloween that kicks off next saturday we have johnny joining us it is this saturday, this saturday going on . thank you for being with us. you have the coolest stuff. if you like you really make it fun to learn. >> we do have some of the coolest stuff. all this awesome fog is coming from dry ice said is a -70 degrees and we have all this happening this weekend annual halloween events, weird science halloween and we will have explored contents and crews and swans. will have all kinds of really neat spooky halloween activities and you also can move over to create and make your own spooky lantern that we can see right here. >> you can put the sky together and light it up. and we can move on the way down to our friends down here.
6:55 am
the section that will have some awesome worked with the scarecrow dissections the get hands-on with the organs and intestines respect kind of like operation the little more scary trend that this is supposed to be the small intestine. it looks like he's having some trouble there. >> the femur is popping out. that's not a good one. >> that even if this saturday all day will also have a costume contest at 1:00 pm. please costume we will be in costume it will be a lot of fun. >> what will you be? >> i'm not sure. >> what i like to is the exploding pumpkins that people love. >> we will use of liquid nitrogen which will be colder than anti-ice and we are going to blow a bunch of pumpkins. they want to see one of the pocket expose and she can come over. we have another activity, that
6:56 am
it's fun stuff called indicator paper. you look at your hand and it's got some baking soda and it and not is a based. you give a nice big high-five to your paper that >> that's how you make it creepy . >> you smack it >> you got me wet. >> sorry. >> everyone will have a chance to make their own bloody handprints that the arizona science center. >> that is cool. >> so much fun. thank you really quarter the above information right up there on your screen. if you want to check it out please do it much fun as friends at abc15 appreciate. but the last look at the forecast 94 today and some p.m. rain chances but keep in mind and better chances for tomorrow with the temperatures drop a little bit into the 80s but look at the 90s they are coming back for 93 wednesday with some breezes as well tomorrow but also in the upcoming week. doesn't quite feel like fog at the we have the rain chances coming in. >> you news is always on abc15
6:57 am
great time to download the free it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands. mpletely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered.
6:58 am
6:59 am
i learned as a police officer and a businessman you should never abuse people's trust. unfortunately, today too many politicians either serve their party or themselves, and arizona families suffer. the arizona republic called paul babeu a disgrace. babeu spent $28,000 of taxpayer money at a five-star resort and was questioned by the fbi for using public money to promote himself. o'halleran: i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message,
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking overnight, chicago celebration. the cubs clinch their spot in the world series, dealing a defeat to the dodgers to win their first pennant in over 70 years. >> i'm sleeping with this thing tonight. >> fans like bill murray in tears. the team now ready to reverse their first world championship since 1908. battleground focus. donald trump pledging to heal divisions while also promising to take legal action against his female accusers. >> all of these liars will be sued after the election is over. >> even as new claims are made by another woman while hillary clinton makes her final push. >> it's important to give you something to vote for, not just


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