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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  October 23, 2016 7:00am-8:00am MST

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, chicago celebration. the cubs clinch their spot in the world series, dealing a defeat to the dodgers to win their first pennant in over 70 years. >> i'm sleeping with this thing tonight. >> fans like bill murray in tears. the team now ready to reverse their first world championship since 1908. battleground focus. donald trump pledging to heal divisions while also promising to take legal action against his female accusers. >> all of these liars will be sued after the election is over. >> even as new claims are made by another woman while hillary clinton makes her final push. >> it's important to give you something to vote for, not just
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>> it's so important. the star power working in her corner. mosul offensive. the bloody battle, iraqi forces launching a new advance hoping to retake the second largest city from isis. our martha raddatz reporting from the region this morning. and desperate search. a hiker gone missing, the daughter of a popular musician, hoping for the best. >> she could still be alive. >> the team scouring the treacherous terrain and praying they'll find her. are you biassed? good morning, america. dan's off. it is great to have tom llamas beside me, and he just asked where is his cubs hat? that's because this is the time when sports trumps politics. >> that's right. >> it might be my favorite day ever doing the show. >> and one day you can kind of be biased. so many were rooting for the cubs. that's your team, right? >> yes.
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two of my kids were born in chicago, so go cubbies. >> fans were celebrating the cubs' big win. the team world series bound outside wrigley field, the sign that says it all, it says national league champions. >> and look at this, champagne showers in the locker room as players celebrated in the clubhouse as well. i got to say, i stayed up for this game and got three hours of sleep but i'm pretty sure people in chicago still aren't sleeping. >> i'm sure. this says it all. the headline from the "chicago tribune." the cubs curse. it's been 71 years since they went to the world series, and more than a century since they last won one. abc's alex perez is outside wrigley field with more on this historic win. and, alex, this is your hometown. >> reporter: that's right, good morning, tom, good morning, paula. you know, i grew in up city and we've been waiting much longer than i've been alive for this moment. you can still feel the energy here from the kroutds, and across the city everywhere, fans
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it's been a long time coming. on the field, and in theproudly" it's been a long time coming. on the field, and in the streets. >> the city knows how to have fun. >> reporter: chicago is celebrating a historic night. after 71 years of painful disappointment, wrigley field is flying the "w" as the cubs head to the world series. cubs snatching their first national league pennant since farrell was just 19 years old. today she's 90, and she plans to celebrate just as hard. how are you going to celebrate tonight? >> i'll probably have a jagrmeister. >> joe maddon, high fly into right. >> reporter: last night the cubs shutting out the los angeles dodgers and walking off with a five-run lead. chicago wearing down the dodgers' star pitcher, clayton kershaw. and grabbing an early lead with two runs in the first inning.
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>> reporter: while the cubs' kyle hendricks struck out six batters before their closer vanquished the curse of the goat with this double play. >> left side. out. out! the cubs have won the pennant. >> that might have been the best game i pitched all year. >> i'm sleeping with this thing tonight. are you kidding me? we're going to the world series. >> reporter: fans in the stands hugging it out and breaking down in tears. and as much as we want to celebrate, the truth is the next challenge is right around the corner, game one of the world series. the cubs will take on the cleveland independindians. the indians haven't been at the series since 1997, so, paula and tom, i'll take a moment to do something i probably wanted to do a long time ago, so -- and who knows when it's going to happen again so i want to do it now. >> don't hold your breath. don't hold your breath. it's a long time coming. >> my lucky hat. >> all right, alex, thank you so much. and joining us now is espn's tony reali.
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the last time they were in the world series, a lot of people weren't even alive. i love this tweet from john cusack. he said, it feels -- it's very hard to describe what it feels like. cubs fans, help me out. they don't want know how to process it. >> so you're asking me to describe the indescribable. thank you very much. let me put it this way. the last time they were there, 1945, there was no moving video of the game. the game was not televised. what we showed, "the chicago tribune" headline, that black and white photo, is all we have got. so it's an incredible thing, that was before baseball was integr integrated. before there was a los angeles dodgers or new york mets or a number of teams in the league. that was how far back this goes. and the ticket prices in 1956, about $6 or so. >> 6 bucks. >> now you can't get into wrigley next week for anything less than 2,000. >> wow. >> okay, so there's a little bit of a bias this morning with alex and paula for the cubs, but this is a big year for the indians, as well. >> sure. if it wasn't for chicago we'd be talking about cleveland.
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won the world series since 1948, and to make things even more interesting for this city, cleveland now thinks they are believeland after what happened with lebron james in the nba final this is year, and game one of the world series is tuesday. right across the street one hour earlier ring night for the cleveland cavaliers. they're going to be donned as champions in the nba season so that's going to be a big night in cleveland. >> no doubt there's a lot of good things happening in cleveland. we're talking about the two longest franchises for droughts rather for these particular franchises. who's favored to win? >> chicago is favored to win, they've won 103 gas they are the best team in baseball, but it's almost like a movie. but even in the movies, "back to the future" and "major league," it took the sequel for both to get their world series appearance. it's amazing. >> i love what you said earlier, the first time the cubs will be in the world series on a live broadcast, live tv broadcast. been a long time. >> we'll be able to watch history. >> tony reali, thank you so much. so good for baseball too. all right, let's turn to politics now. 16 days left in the presidential
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historic gettysburg calling on the country to follow president lincoln's example and heal divisions, but also threatening to sue the women accusing him of sexual misconduct as one more woman comes forward with a new allegation. abc's david wright is here with the latest. david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tom. donald trump is already looking past the civil war that is this election in gettysburg talking about bringing the nation together, one nation under trump setting the agenda for his first 100 days. call it his gettysburg address. >> it's a contract between donald j. trump and the american voter, and it begins with bringing honesty, accountability and change to washington, d.c. >> reporter: donald trump outlined his first five score days in office committing to overturn trade deals and obamacare, but making slight changes to his promises on immigration. trump is still vowing to deport millions of undocumented
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who exactly will pay for that wall, and how -- >> who's going to pay for the wall? [ chanting "mexico" ] who? [ chanting "mexico" ] >> reporter: the republican nominee is now offering something of a payment plan. >> mexico will be reimbursing the united states for the full cost of such a wall. >> reporter: trump also added a new item to his priorities list, taking revenge on the women who have accused him of sexual misconduct. >> all of these liars will be sued after the election is over. >> reporter: but even as trump accuses his accusers of lying, a new woman has come forward represented by attorney gloria allred. >> if mr. trump thought that such bullying tactics would silence his accusers and prevent other women from coming forward, he will be sorely disappointed. >> reporter: adult film star, jessica drake, says trump kissed her and two other women without their consent ten years ago. the trump campaign insists this latest allegation like all the
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>> every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign. total fabrication. >> reporter: abc news is unable to confirm any of the accusers' allegations but worth noting, the trump university lawsuit comes up in late november, so between that and the revenge lawsuits against the accusers, a lot of court dates for donald trump coming up in the first 100 days. >> certainly so. david, thank you. we want to move on to hillary clinton who was busy campaigning with her running mate, tim kaine, in pittsburgh and philadelphia, calling the election critically important and reaching out to trump supporters. abc's mary bruce is in our washington bureau with that part of the story. mary, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. well, the gang is back together this morning stumping side by side for the first time in six wiex weeks. clinton and kaine are feeling confident and looking ahead as their momentum grows in those key battleground states.
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presidential. >> reporter: up in the polls and together again, hillary clinton and running mate, tim kaine, are making their closing argument against donald trump. >> anger is not a plan. >> reporter: hoping for a swing state sweep, the clinton campaign is playing offense. >> it's important to give you something to vote for, not just against. >> reporter: and taking shots at trump. >> if he's president, he'll spend his time suing women who have made charges against him based on his tim and i are going to keep talking about what we want to do. >> reporter: looking ahead, clinton's reaching out to trump supporters as she faces the possibility of uniting a fiercely divided country. >> i understand that they need a president who cares about them, will listen to them, and i want to be their president too. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: she's getting some extra help.
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trump supporter in florida. >> what is it, trump or clinton? what are we going to say? >> excited for november 8th? >> reporter: with just 16 days to go, the stars are aligning to get out the vote. miley cyrus registering college kids in virginia as katy perry rallies first time voters in nevada. >> and i can use my power to vote. who is going to use their power to vote? >> reporter: now the clinton campaign this morning is not just focus on winning their race, but also on winning those critical down ballot over these next two weeks, clinton will be speaking out even more, boosting democratic candidates and going after their republican opponents. tom and paula. >> mary bruce for us this morning, mary, thank you. let's bring in george stephanopoulos who will be hosting "this week" later this morning. george, donald trump delivered wh was supposed to be a major address in gettysburg, and yet the headlines coming out of it were still settling scores 16 days out. >> it was really a tale of two speeches yesterday in gettysburg. he did lay out a 100-day agenda
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list of grievances against the media, talking about voter fraud, talking about the election being rigged and, of course, that threat to sue his accusers, which stepped on the message. >> good morning to you, george. nice to see you. mary just mentioned it, the republicans are really concerned about the trump effect down ballot. the democrats can take over control on the senate with what? four or five -- >> they need to pick up four seats. right now there are nine or ten that are competitive right now and with every point that hillary clinton picks up right now, it has the prospect of bringing in more democrats in the senate and the house. the house is a much tougher battle for the democrats. they have to pick up 30 seats. you would need to see, like, a 10 or 12-point win to make that even possible. >> but the senate is a strong possibility. >> no question, it's very possible. >> and this morning you've also got the results of our latest abc news/"washington post" poll and what voters are saying about the rigged election. right? >> absolutely. you know, this is coming out at 9:00 a.m. so we can't give the exact results but i think what you'll see is what a decisive month october was and those debates were for hillary clinton. one of the things we've seen in other public polls, her
7:13 am
week, and these arguments that donald trump is making right now about a rigged election, about these women accusers, not working. >> yeah. all right, george has a big show this morning coming up. one-on-one also with eric trump and clinton campaign chief strategist, joel benenson, plus independent presidential candidate, eric mcmullin. thoost later on "this week." >> great to have you, thank you. a reminder, download the abc news app and get live streaming breaking news reports from the campaign trail. tom. all right. iraqi foes facing fierce opposition from isis. a senior u.s. official called it a complex endeavor expected to last for months. abc's martha raddatz near mosul with the very latest. >> reporter: good morning, paula and tom. from northern iraq, this attack on mosul is expected to be the largest attack since the u.s. invaded iraq in 2003. there are about 30,000 iraqi troops taking part. about 5,000 u.s. troops are assisting the iraqis. you can see some u.s. soldiers behind me right now, and about
7:14 am
the wire, outside the bases, assisting the iraqis close up, but not on the very forward line. this battle is expected to take months, and will be more intense the closer they get to mosul. the aftermath is expected to be even more complex. tom and paula. >> all right, thanks so much, martha. let's send things over to dr. ron claiborne, a look at the other stories we're tracking. so big news in the media world. >> that's right, dr. paula faris. >> you're welcome. i'm actually a nurse. >> tom and rachel, robert, good morning to you. good morning, everyone. we're going to begin with a big deal, that's a megabusiness deal. telecom giant at&t agreeing to buy media conglomerate time warner for $85.4 billion. that's a lot of money. the move would transform at&t into a media giant able to produce and distribute content to millions. the companies are hoping to seal that deal by the end of this year, but the sale will require
7:15 am
in north dakota a protest over construction of an oil pipeline turned violent. police arresting more than 80 people and using pepper spray in a five-hour confrontation with demonstrators at a construction site after some of the demonstrators crossed police lines. people have been gathering at the site since august to try to stop construction of the 1100-mile dakota access pipeline which they say will cause environmental damage. and thousands of national guard troops in california are being ordered to pay back money and afghanistan a decade ago. the california national guard paid about 10,000 soldiers bonuses of $15,000 or more to re-enlist in the early 2000s. now, the pentagon says audits reveal that the money was mishandled, and they want it back. the "l.a. times" reporting that the soldiers could be hit with interest charges and tax liens if they they refuse to go along. and in florida, coast guard crews are rescuing four people, including a child whose boat capsized about 12 miles off the
7:16 am
there. the three men and 8-year-old girl are holding on to the boat for about an hour before being plucked out of the water. no one, fortunately, was hurt. big upset in college football. michigan lost. no, just kidding. >> thank you very much. >> unranked penn state knocking off number two and previously undefeated ohio state. good news for paula there. with less than five minutes in the game, grant haley scooping up the ball. blocked field goal going 80 yards into the end zone. >> all the way. >> touchdown, final score, penn state, 24, buckeyes, 21. >> oh. >> it was ohio state's first loss to an unranked team since 2012. >> oh, yeah. >> i wanted michigan to beat them. >> would have been a bigger game. finally, it is a time of year again when bears all over are getting ready to hibernate. it's almost winter, right? >> it is. >> says the hibernation expert. >> in washington state, one last thing he needed to do, there it is. scratching, cameras catching the animal as it goes up the tree
7:17 am
it will go up eventually. believe me. >> get 'er done. >> one more scratch. climb that tree for us. climb it. >> are you sure he's not hibernating? >> actually, no. it looks like fun, though, doesn't it? >> you don't need those back scratchers. just find a tree and scratch your back. so more about hibernation or should we talk about the snow? >> you know, typically when it starts to snow, people go into hibernation and i would be one of them except when it's here. here you go. lake placid, whiteface, they got it last night. i'm not sure what elevation this was but 3,000 and change vert on that puppy and get it up almost to 5,000 feet. looks like it was coming down sideways. windy conditions as well through all the way down through the smokeys, snowshoe got it as did north carolina. this near 6,000 feet so you get the idea, the spine of the appalachians really getting snow with this. it's starting to wind down. the snow advisories have been dropped and the rains are moving out but the winds and the cold air certainly is moving in. windchills in new york, 42. right now. 22 degrees is what it feels like
7:18 am
43 degrees in atlanta. in gainesville, florida, right now it feels like 42. wind advisories up and winds gust, 95-mile-an-hour gusts at the top of mt. washington around 6,000 feet and it'll be breezy in new york city and atlantic city. that's a quick check on what's thanks so much rob. take a look how temperatures will break down today. another warm day for us partly cloudy skies now, light wind we are going to see rain starting to increase as we get into the evening time. 86 by 11:00 a.m., hang into the 90s for a good chunk of the day. across the state 70s up north, 60s flagstaff, 70s grand can y 90s out to the west. highs will be in the mid-to low 90s and pretty similar >> don't do that. ilar >> don't do what? >> let paula sing if she wants to sing. >> it's beautiful. >> she'll be doing more of that
7:19 am
rachel's not high bernating because she has a great story to tell us. >> i do. it's a really good feel-good story with a wonderful outcome. a mother in atlanta is hoping her baby becomes a model for diversity. she says her son was rejected by a modeling agency, and that's when her mission started. asher nash is just 15 months old but already is making a name for himself. he has down syndrome, and parents that want to share his joy with others. >> any time we had a phone out or a camera, we loved to be in front of it. >> reporter: in july, asher's mother, megan, submitted his photos to a talent agency, which the family chose not to name looking for children for an oshkosh b'gosh ad campaign. >> he met the size criteria, the eye color, the hair color so i submitted. >> reporter: after not hearing from the agency, she reached out and says she was told they never submitted asher's photos to oshkosh, because the company wasn't looking for a baby with
7:20 am
the kids with down syndrome facebook page sharing asher's story, hoping to show the world what he's made of. the post going viral, and shortly after, oshkosh took notice, and now little asher has the opportunity to wow oshkosh face-to-face. in a statement to abc news, the company says, "we look forward to meeting with asher and his family, as well as taking steps to enhance the representation of diverse children in our marketing." >> my main goal is for them to meet him next week and fall in love with him. >> oh, that face. now, asher's mom says her mission of making advertising inclusive is to show special needs children that they are valued. she says that they're not just an advertisement trend, they are here to stay, so -- >> he's got so much personality. he's like bouncing off -- >> oh, my god, so happy. a little ham and that's his big sister addie with him and she's been so supportive and like his biggest fan which is beautiful to see, as well. >> the mom said it's hard not to fall in love with this kid because he's so happy.
7:21 am
is he meeting with the agency in oshkosh next week? >> they're meeting next week on tuesday, i believe, and, you know, just reading and everything, the mom said it's not about the casting outcome for little asher. it's really about the conversation, this greater conversation of inclusion. >> we'll keep an eye out for asher. >> yeah. >> see him on a screen near you. >> that smile will brighten up any day. and coming up on "gma" this morning, the desperate search for a missing hiker. the daughter of one of the key members of the group, the piano group guys. what her family is saying about her disappearance this morning. what her family is saying about her disappearance this morning. plus, the young woman taking her experience with battling bullies and using it to teach kids how to stand up to them. her advice to students, those stories and more coming up. "good morning america" is brought to you by edward jones, where attention and sound advice is a big deal. i got this my second month here. you should have quit while you were ahead.
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warm again, 94 degrees not as warm as yesterday but still unseasonably warm for this time of year. your uv index a 5, moderate category air quality moderate category as well.
7:28 am
today, better chances for us here tomorrow, and then look, fully start to dry off after that and then remove rain chances completely by the time we get to wednesday. something else you will have to contend with, winds we could see gusts up to 15 miles per hour right here in the valley, up north stronger 25 miles per hour. as we look ahead today, your forecasted highs, average 86 degrees, you can see we are above that mid-to low
7:29 am
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welcome back to "gma." happening right now, the cubs clinch it. the chicago team making history winning the national league championship and heading to the world series for the first time since 1945. fans celebrating on the streets, some anchors celebrating on the desk, and now the cubs a win it all against the cleveland indians. >> four of us are picking the cubs. one is not. i'm not going to throw ron claiborne under the bus and tell everybody who is not. also right now, some serious news. americans under attack. the u.s. state department issuing an unprecedented warning to americans living in or welcome back to "gma." happening right now, the cubs clinch it. the chicago team making history winning the national league championship and heading to the world series for the first time since 1945. fans celebrating on the streets, some anchors celebrating on the desk, and now the cubs are looking to reverse the curse and win it all against the cleveland indians. >> four of us are picking the cubs.
7:31 am
everybody who is not. also right now, some serious news. americans under attack. the u.s. state department issuing an unprecedented warning to americans living in or visiting istanbul, turkey, saying that extremist groups are targeting americans for attempted kidnappings, armed attacks or other violent acts. and this is a bizarre one, no more calls. the swedish academy that hands out nobel prizes says that they are done trying to contact bob dylan. the 75-year-old has said nothing, nada, about winning the nobel prize for literature since it was announced ten days ago. one academy member calling his silence, quote, impolite and arrogant, end quote. he has not even acknowledged that he won. >> yes. a strange way to accept that award. >> very strange. but consider who has been nominated. coming up, alessia cara, known for her powerful song "scars to your beautiful." teams up with a young author with an important message she's taking to school and how they
7:32 am
our choose kindness campaign. first the desperate search search for a hiker missing for a week. >> annie schmidt is a daughter of one of the key members of the group called the piano guys, and there's fear something happened to her in columbia's river gorge and adrienne bankert joins us with more. good morning, adrienne. >> reporter: tom and paula, good morning. friends and strangers have traveled from all over, some flying in from utah to help in the search. they're hoping for a miracle that annie is alive and just waiting to be found. with crucial hours and minutes ticking away, drones, dogs and teams of searchers are scouring the treacherous terrain of this popular portland park looking for any sign of 21-year-old hiker, annie schmidt. >> if she got injured and is by a water source, she could still be alive. >> reporter: a full week has now passed since annie, the daughter of musician, john schmidt, the leader of the group the piano guys disappeared near the columbia river gorge. her car was discovered near the trail head days later. her phone and belongings still inside. >> i think she got out of her car and was going to go for a short hike. she was just by herself. >> reporter: but according to her roommate, annie left her shoes, her backpack and regular hiking gear at home. >> i feel so horrible, and i
7:33 am
>> reporter: complicating the search, a storm. days of rain threatening to wipe out trails and leaving some fearing that annie fell deep into the gorge. >> she could literally have fallen off one of the 20, 30-footers that are all over, all over the trails. >> reporter: her parents refusing to give up. schmidt asking his millions of fans on facebook to help find his daughter and join the search. >> there's so many people lending have faith that we will find her. >> reporter: the schmidt family saying law enforcement and the outpouring of support has been amazing. search teams will be out on the trails again this morning at first light. tom, paula. >> no doubt they're facing tough terrain and tough weather. speaking of the weather out there, let's check back with in rob marciano. hi, rob. >> hi, paula. we're in the rainy season for portland and seattle. they typically ease into it in october. they've been slammed in that area.
7:34 am
in that area, and more rain and a couple more storms coming into that area where they're searching for that hiker and getting into northern california, as well. so the next two days, we'll see a couple more inches. locally could see wind gusts at 50 miles per hour especially at the higher elevations of the coast range, and some of that getting all the way down into san francisco and moisture getting into southern california, as well. you've been hot. now you're closer to normal 79 degrees in los angeles and a stronger system coming to you later in the week. meanwhile, across the central u.s., it is going to be gorgeous. football games and motorsports including the formula 1 race in austin, d and nascar in alabama, mostly 80 degrees, and most football games will be pretty good as well with the exception of the jets, meadowlands, i think it'll be a little breezy there. that's a quick check on what all right let's take a look 94 for us today, rain chances will start to increase overnight. best chances are tomorrow, showers here in the valley could be about a tenth to a
7:35 am
>> t this weather report is brought to you by lowe's. 40 minutes, and ron has yet to make a crack about my three-piece suit. kids, it's forimportant to layep during these chilly times. >> or if you go to court. >> bat masterson. >> what happened to the little tissue that you wear? >> there's no room for this. plus, i have the sniffles, so i used it. >> ah. >> functional fashion right there. >> i'm so sorry. >> thanks for asking. >> we're always concerned about your health and well-being. >> always. >> kind of. >> can we do this? we can tease what's coming up. coming up on "good morning america," promoting the message choose kindness, a young author targeting schools and helping kids to put bullies on notice. also coming up, "the walking dead" fans gearing up for tonight's season premiere. waiting for the answer to that cliffhanger. we're going to have the story ahead in "pop news" with rachel.
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? you should know you're beautiful just the way you are ? that's alessia cara's song "scars to your beautiful," and it is a powerful anthem that promotes acceptance. >> yeah and she took that message a step further by joining disney, abc television's group choose kindness campaign
7:40 am
aija mayrock to fight bullying in school and ron is here with more. >> that's right, tom, and the message behind that song by alessia really striking a chord with some of the students at a junior high school right here in new york city. some of them sharing their personal stories about being picked on and about standing up to bullies. >> they started making fun of my eyes, my hair. >> nobody noticed me. >> it would make me feel sad and embarrassed. >> reporter: bullying affects nearly 13 million kids across america, and each day 160,000 students stay home from school because they are afraid of being picked on. >> i was bullied for eight years of my life. >> reporter: but aija mayrock, a 21-year-old college sophomore and author, is trying to change all of that. mayrock's journey began last year after her book, "the survival guide to bullying" was picked up by scholastic and her article for "seventeen" magazine, "my bully dressed up as me for halloween," went viral. >> you can change someone's life
7:41 am
>> reporter: and for these fifth graders at new york's public school 135, her message is hitting home. >> all: we stand up to bullying. >> reporter: especially after this special surprise from alessia cara, the pop star behind "scars to your beautiful." ? the anthem for disney's choose kindness campaign, disney's abc news' parent company. >> and i just wanted to thank all of you guys at the bellaire school for helping to end bullying forever. remember that we needs need to love ourselves for more than how we look and how we dress, rather who we are, and thank you guys for being so amazing at doing that. i'm so proud of all of you. >> it makes me feel better that i believe in myself. >> if i see kids getting bullied i'll, like, stand up for tell them to stop and go get an adult. ? you're beautiful ? >> and we're inviting you to participate in the campaign on social media by sharing how you choose kindness by using the #choosekindness. i like that kid at the end that says he stands up to bullies. isn't that great?
7:42 am
the way, i got it for my daughter. and she loves it and has handed it out to her friends. just a reminder, stand up for yourself but it does get better. it always does. thank you, ron. >> you're welcome, paula. coming up on "good morning america," i'm heading into the kitchen to show you how you can whip up some tasty halloween treats. i'm not really a good froster or baker, but i tried. >> it looks like you're having fun there. and what do we have here? dan harris playing tv. ha somewhere. all the details ahead in "pop news." >> he is such a celebrity. >> action.
7:43 am
? ? ? ? ?
7:44 am
7:45 am
welcome back to "gma," ever welcome back to "gma," everyone. we know that halloween is just around the corner, and today we're going to help you jazz up your treats a little bit and who better to help us than melissa
7:46 am
>> we're so excited to have you, paula. >> i can't wait to eat some of the cupcakes. but first, can you give us a general way that we can trick out our treats? >> of course, you can trick out your treats this halloween any way you like. for baked by melissa, that means 100 cup cake spreads. we have them in the shape of a pumpkin and frankenstein and each cupcake is less than 50 calories so it's a guilt-free holiday. >> it's guilt-free unless you eat all 10of and then it's not so guilt-free. we won't get into that. okay, so, today you're going to teach us how to make the chocolate pretzel crunch cupcake right here. >> of course. it's part of our halloween collection. it's also the mini of the month. chocolate pretzel crunch is stuffed -- we call it oversuffered with dulce de leche. so you puncture the cake and you stuff it and then you overstuff it like that. you can use the ziploc bag. just snip the tip and start stuffing. >> i love that. if you don't have the fancy bag,
7:47 am
>> i'm going to try this. >> you got it. puncture the cupcake a little bit. squeeze it in and then pull it out. >> okay, so i just punctured it and now i'm going to -- is that too much? >> no, you did it. >> it's the first time i punctured a cupcake, so we're done filling. now we ice? >> now we ice. okay, so this is an icing ring. it just allows for the flavor of the stuffing to shine through and you just go around the blob of dulce de leche like that. we already made some brittle that's dry here. this is the fun part. and i want's a great way to get your kids involved. like this. just take a big piece and top it. like that. >> this, i can do. one for you and one for me. that's how i like to bake. >> this brittle is my favorite because it's salty, it's sweet, it's crunchy. it's the perfect balance of flavors. >> sweet and savory, okay, moment of truth. >> cheers. >> here's to a sweet halloween. >> happy halloween. >> so good. "pop news" is coming up next. oc.
7:48 am
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? "good morning america" is brought to you by breathe right. breathe better, sleep better tonight. paula told me i better not mess this one up. time now for "pop news." rachel is here. yeah. >> take over. >> rachel has food for us. >> i do. i always say "pop news" is great but today, oh, it's epic. first up -- epic. first up my sunday night plans, i don't know about you, maybe some of y'all out there, because the "walking dead" is set to return for its seventh season premiere tonight. action-packed answer to the burning question, which character will meet negan's wrath with his bat lucille? so, of course, there are always plenty of theories out there. the episode's director, who i believe is greg nicotero, who i interviewed for "gma" on a set. so cool. he encourages fans to watch with lots of kleenex handy. danai gurira, she did actually going to be joining us on "good
7:53 am
going to be joining us on "good morning america" t actually going to be joining us on "good morning america" t actually going to be joining us on "good morning america" tomorrow is ac going to be joining us on "good morning america" tomorrow morning. >> with a sword? >> she is one fierce lady. >> she is. >> i mean, it's just so good and it gets better and better. so awesome. >> i just realized i'm behind when you gave me all those notes. i must have a whole half of season to catch up on. >> i mean -- >> i'm a season behind too. >> negan is played by jeffery dean morgan, i mean, he is someone that fans just absolutely despise, but he is so good at the character, so we'll have to wait and see tonight. i love it. okay. so our colleague, dan harris, is the consummate newsman and meditator. right? he's 10% happier always. when he has a chance to go to hollywood, though, he took it. dan is playing himself on an episode of abc legal drama "conviction" and in the episode he grills character, hayes morrison, played by hayley atwell, he does a prime time interview hoping to save her job. check out his skills. >> how would you justify to me what appears to be an entirely different set of rules for hayes morrison? >> the leader of this unit, hayes morrison.
7:54 am
bravo, dan. >> golden globe. >> great, great stuff there, dan. of course, there is going to be a shocking ending, and you can find out what it is by tuning in to "conviction" tomorrow night at 10:00 eastern right here on abc. >> dan gets convicted. >> no, dan's actually away in hollywood right now trying to sign with some big agents. >> probably. >> very smart. >> that's why he's not here. >> signing autographs. all that kind of stuff. >> it's a big deal. >> he's like a method actor, right? >> dramatic pause in that scene. >> it's a big deal, isn't it? >> awesome. we all know that halloween is a little over a w so, but some proud pooches were very eager to show off their costumes a little early this year, strutting their stuff at tomkins square halloween dog parade right here in new york city. oh, my god. adorable. so the stylish pups were decked out in all sorts of clever creations, some classics, some cute, some just downright bizarre, but, of course, we love and adore them all. >> oh. >> it's called the world's largest halloween parade for dogs, animal companions. i was looking through some
7:55 am
saw some trumps out there. you even saw some hogwarts, you know, cast members from the "harry potter" series, really fun and creative stuff. okay, so if you get a late night sweet tooth, guys -- >> can we eat now? >> dive. dive in. there's a little breakfast for you. if you're a late night snacker with a sweet tooth, listen up, insomnia cookies, the company is celebrating 120 stores states, so to thank their customers tomorrow, it's offering up one free traditional cookie with any cookie purchase. the company started in 2003 in a dorm room at the university of pennsylvania. sounds like a pretty sweet treat right there. >> these are tough choices here. >> i know. >> amazing. >> just have one of each. >> but they're the perfect size. you can just double dip. >> yeah. they're miniature. >> these have less than 50 calories in each one. >> how many? >> zero. >> zero. >> basically i'm feeling like the chewy goodness of the cookie is a great companion for those baked by melissa cupcakes
7:56 am
everybody. thanks for joining us. >> snicker doodle. >> really good. >> really good. good sunday morning time 7:56 i am nick si -- cilette a man accused in a deadly crash killed a woman and we know the identity of the driver. his name 26-year-old rammeddal nelson and -- randall nelson and he nations charges this morning. police trying -- he he facials charges this morning. police are trying figure out if he was drunk when he slammed into another car yesterday. his red pickup pushing the other car into a semi.
7:57 am
one died at scene and the other is in serious condition. now to an update on another crash happening in phene, along 7th street near loop 101 a man was hit by a vehicle detectives shut down the area for several hours. but web we are working to fiend out how it happened and the condition of the victim this morning. check out the abc15 mobile app for the update as soon as it comes out. and a heads up for people who use valley buses start being tomorrow services will increaseending at midnight man coming to the weekend. this is part of the phoenix voter approved transportation 2050 plan aka prop 104. >> let's look at the most accurate forecast 94 is where we will top out. uv index at 5 category. air quality moderate as well. no other weather alerts on the storm chances we will break them downright now hour by hour. none in the morning you see. pretty dry but increased chances especially as we get into the evening. 20% and then overnight, the increase more to 30%.
7:58 am
seahawks tonight in glendale here. look at this forecast for you here. a 92 degrees by kick off. 5:30. so if you are outside watching doing something enjoying yourself look by the second half things will cool off but the rain chances do start to increase. hoe 80s by the -- low 80s by the time the cardinals get out hopefully with a win. the 7-day forecast, cooler temperatures tomorrow. best chances for rain are going to be tomorrow and then look we start to warm up and then the breezes coming back this
7:59 am
look - i supported joe arpaio for a lot of years... but lately, he spends so much time on tv or in court defending himself that he's not doing his job. he failed to serve warrants for violent crimes. he didn't even investigate when children were molested. and lawsuits against him have cost taxpayers orty two million dollars. we need a new sheriff whose top priority is keeping our community safe. that's why this year,
8:00 am
>> announcer: starting right now on "this week with george stephanopoulos" -- against the rope. >> i don't want to think back if only i did one more rally, i would have won. >> announcer: as his path to victory narrows, donald trump lashing out. >> all of these liars will be sued after the election. >> announcer: and not backing down. >> i will totally accept the results if i win. >> announcer: hillary clinton playing offense. >> every time donald trump says he wants to jail his opponent, meaning me, i think to myself, you know, we don't do that in america. >> announcer: clinton pulling ahead but can she break away? and can trump make a comeback, or has he slipped too far behind?


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