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tv   ABC15 News at 600AM  ABC  October 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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first of all, they said they have to expand this big crime scene because they found evidence in the street. they had to move us back. i just found out the victim is a 44-year-old man who lived in that home. taken to the hospital. we're not sure of his injuries. officers say they are going to be out here for hours. there looking, instead of four people , they are looking for three people. three men. this is a big description but we know they are three hispanic men. one is a tall man with a beard wearing a red hat. the two other men were both wearing black cats with some kind of jackets and picked the sergeant says he knows that is vague but that is all he can say right now. they believe that they got away in a silver vehicle. the man shot -- the mobile command unit showed up just a
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as to what led up to this shooting. when we get details we will bring them to you. a combination of triple digit temperatures yesterday. and high clouds. giving us a mild morning. only down to 78 right now. we are having a warmer starts in the last few days. another warm day with a high of 94. not quite to record but still warm. i will show you the clouds bring any rainfall coming up next. an exit is back open on i-10 eastbound at 75th avenue. an exit is back open on i-10 eastbound at 75th avenue. it was blocked off because of a car fire earlier. pretty much everything is clear . we are seeing about an 18 minute desert drive time from 75th avenue. to the mini stack . we have crash on i-17 north of the 101. a look at that in a couple of minutes.
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ov merritt jr. walking out of jail and into a waiting taxi. the one time freeway shooter suspect was arrested for violating a restraining order. a woman called police and mayors spent more than half a year in jail after the freeway shootings last year. us charges were later dropped. the official goodbye for phoenix police cheap joseph yahner. the chiefs retirement reception is today reception the new chief will be sworn into duty. all of this happening at the phoenix convention center. protesters say they will be carrying caskets to the retirement party. members of the people united justice say they will bring 17 caskets, one for each of those shot and killed by police under yanez watch. they claim hispanics make up
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the 202 extension? good news. the project will move forward. the federal judge denied a third motion to stop construction on the loop 202 saying opponents will likely win an appeal. the 22 mile long expansion started next month and a major part will be completed by late 2019. in scottsdale an appeal is in the works after the high school coach at notre dame prep is fired. team is banned from the playoffs after violations. we're told board members will take up the appeal later on this afternoon. we are 11 days out from election day. it's an all-out fight between the candidates hoping to get your votes for today hillary clinton will be in iowa. this after big rally with michelle obama. donald trump will also be there in iowa today. the nominee spending part of his they are rallies in maine and new hampshire. mike pence is back on the campaign trail today just hours
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his airplane skidded off the runway last night at laguardia airport. he just spoke with good morning america. >> we saw all of the broken concrete and i'm just really grateful for some quick action by the pilots and also by first responders who were literally, it seemed like they were on the scene at laguardia before the aircraft even came to a halt. >> we know the plane overshot thankfully, no one was hurt. we're told mike pence spoke to trump after the incident. clinton also sent well wishes. she tweeted she was glad everyone is safe. in arizona hillary clinton and donald trump neck and neck in the state polls, which is why donald trump once to shore up support. he will be in the valley tomorrow. katie conner is live with more. when was the last time arizona went to the democratic side?
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arizona voted for bill clinton. donald trump is taking no chances. he will be front and center at the phoenix convention center hoping to sway voters and snag arizona's 11 electoral votes. this we trump's seven -- seventh visit as he works to firm up his support in arizona. that is after the clinton campaign increased advertising but $2 million in arizona. i'm sure you've seen the tv ads. the candidate herself has only visited arizona once. last week she sent her daughter, first lady michelle obama and bernie sanders to campaign for her in arizona. coming up, we're going to break down what you need to know if you want to become -- if you want to come to the rally on saturday. another woman has come out , you know this face, she is now accusing donald trump of inappropriate behavior. former shark tank star barbara corgan has claimed trump made
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did not provide any further details about this encounter. no comment so far from donald trump. 11 days out from election day. our state has a unique concern, double voting. especially since we have so many snowbirds. arizona uses a database to detect cases of double voting. the program has 30 participating states and allows them to share boater -- share possible duplicate voters. newly released transcripts revealed a pilot with dealing with powerful wind and loss control before crashing. you can hear passengers screaming in a recording. the air traffic controllers morning the pilot to abort. one person was killed. three others hurt. a valley manicurist in a road rage shooting is sharing two telling words. >> stupid mistake. >> police tell us the daniel crawford got into it with
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guy showed a gun crawford says he shot at the guy's car twice. one bullet inches away from an 18-month-old baby in the backseat. >> i apologize. i truly am sorry. i just want to move past it. >> police say two officers were having lunch nearby and saw the shooting and took crawford in the custody. stop what you're doing and look at your screen. do you recognize these guys? chandler police are trying to track accused of breaking into nine cars and stealing credit cards, money, clothing, electronics and even a gun. if you know who they are pass the information along to silent witness. a warning next time you fill up your car, credit card scammers are still popping up. this year we have numbers, the department of agriculture found 78 in arizona. they have found 30 in the past six weeks. we are taking action to try to keep you safe. for a complete list of where
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abc a terrifying ordeal for a valley couple leads to the arrest of this man, tony jackson police say he stormed inside a home and demanded the couple get into his car. jackson demanded money, saying he was going to kill the man. agents found him near 51st and baseline. the man was tied up but thankfully not hurt. police the -- police think this was an isolated incident and not random. darren sharper has been nt in prison for attempted sexual assault. he is currently serving an 18 year prison sentence for drugging and raping as many as 16 women in several states including right here in arizona. iraqi fighters are now checking out a bomb making facility at a network of tunnels uncovered near mosul. u.s. forces are involved in this. the group made the discovery in a village they retook from
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of the challenges they face as they move into the city. iraqi forces are now 10 days into the mission to take mosul from isis. a happy reunion after a serious accident that left to my girls with severe injuries. the girls dog ran from the car after this crash happened but couldn't be found. this is the crash. an officer who was close to the accident near cactus and 28th avenue found the dog and was able to reunite with the girls family. in the last six hours look at this time lapse. does high clouds stuck around overnight. not producing any rainfall. the high clouds combined with yesterday's very warm, hot temper of 100 has made for a warm morning. it has been a struggle for temperatures to cool off overnight. we are running around 5 degrees warmer than the same time yesterday. you will feel the difference
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valley. no 60s. peoria is the closest at 70. 71 in gilbert. 75 deer valley and the scott stanford phoenix sky harbor in the upper 70s. staying in the 70s for a couple of hours before warming it can. >> -- the october heat wave continues. temperatures warming into the 90s again today. not as hot as yesterday. not expecting triple digits but we will see 94 at 4:00 puts us 10 degrees above the average. i will show you if we will see rain later in a few minutes. the desert drive time is calm as far as allays on the 10 and the 17. the freeways are still nice and light but we have road closure. it sounds like a sewer line has broken so you will see the eastbound side of queen creek side of queen creek road.
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arpaio did nothing. rapes, assaults, even child molestation, remain uninvestigated, while arpaio focuses on his personal agenda. arpaio talks tough,
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raging a new battle. >> the religious group is no stranger to controversy in arizona. now they are fighting to get a nearly 9 foot statue put in front of the arkansas state capital. the group says there symbol should be there because the 10 commandments are posted there. the satanic group has made headlines here before by trying to say the opening prayers as since the -- at city council meetings. a group of news organizations once you know how the state of arizona carries out executions. they are taking their fight to the group and the state will meet before a judge. the state argues there is transparency but the media should know everything. the whole fight started after the joseph would execution that lasted two hours before he died. a confrontation at a denver bar goes south bass for turning into a chase and a shooting. leaving six people in the hospital. officers say someone in the car ended up chasing a group of people in an suv. this is what we know.
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fired. a person in the suv was struck. the driver of the suv sped up to get to the victim to the hospital. the suv driver ran a red light and hit another car and it rolled over. five people in the suv including the shooting victim were all taken to the hospital. one person in the other car was also taken to the hospital. the car that was chasing the suv got away. what a mess. >> absolutely. also something new, tennessee family is now suing amazon for $30 million after they claim their home was destroyed this year because of a hover board. the family says their kids were trapped upstairs and had to jump to safety. the lawsuit says amazon was negligent in not warning consumers about fires caused by the hoverboards. more jobs and more money is what the new multibillion- dollar raters stadium could bring to las vegas. they are acting like you might be a done deal.
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announcing plans to fill 75% of all job openings with locals. it will also focus on hiring minorities, ex-offenders, members of the lgbt community and is with disabilities. move over. check out this new video of a cow on the loose on a california freeway. just outside of la is where this happened. the animal somehow gone out of its enclosure and started roaming the range. at least one car almost hit the it took 20 minutes for the people to corral the cow. >> way to take the situation by the horns. a big win on the war on drugs. the coast guard showing off 39,000 pounds of cocaine. the street value here is 5.6 is $5.6 billion. part of a year-long investigation. 600 people have been arrested and more arrests are expected as the coast guard
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it is now official. princes paisley park home is now a permanent museum. starting today fans can start touring it. the minneapolis city council just signed off on the status change. the tour includes the studio, private concert hall and personal items. the tour dates are booked through the end of the year. the flame burns brighter than ever. the statue of liberty celebrating a milestone today. 130 years sinc of lady liberty. grover cleveland presided over the ceremony. the server ocean started the tickertape parade tradition. the cleveland indians took him one. the chicago cubs took game two. who's going to end up on top tonight? game three of the world series at wrigley field in chicago. both teams are in world series routes. tickets for tonight's game range from around $1800
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the first pitch saffir 5:08 tonight. >> you have to be a big fan to spend that kind of cash. sitting at 78 right now. a warmer start today because we hit 100 yesterday. it has been a slow cool down overnight. plus high clouds out there. that is keeping our temperatures warmer. you will notice the difference. if you are going for a walk notice that once the sun is out the temperatures will only drop to around the mid-70s at 7 am before they climb again. morning and into this afternoon. a lot of green as we look at the satellite view of the water vapor imagery. that is basically moisture and the clouds. high clouds have been streaming and since yesterday. we are pumping in the moisture ahead of a storm system. some of that even tropical. it's not going to be enough to bring us rain chances in the valley. aside from a sprinkle that could develop under some of the thickest clouds and keeping
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not a major impact. plan on mostly sunny skies, partly cloudy skies with mostly filtered sunshine going through the day. tomorrow mostly sunny and staying dry in the valley with just a slight chance of showers in the high country. the most accurate forecast for today, 10% chance around midday. a few sprinkles could develop across parts of the valley in the west valley. that's where some better potential look temperature-wise, a warm day ahead. no triple digits. the highest 94 by ron 4:00. temperatures trending down even further. low 90s. next week we are talking highs in the 80s. i will break down the trick-or- treat forecast next. looking at the roads, north valley drivers, the 101 is starting to see delays. very minor. right around 19th avenue. or so. the desert drive time is up to
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from the 17 to the 51. we have some weekend travel alerts including grand avenue that will shut down between dysart and litchfield from 9 pm until 8 am friday and saturday night. a quick look outside, still seeing delays on the 10 67th avenue. a closer look at the desert drive time's next. still ahead, the breaking news update. this is going to be a crime scene neighborhood. one person shot. the search for three suspects right now. have you ever heard of vote swapping? the trend is growing nationwide. is it legal?
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i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this messsage. paul babeu oversaw a place of horrors as headmaster of a school for at-risk youth. students were denied basic human rights and were subject to sexual abuse. arizona deserves better. endorse tom o'halleran for congress. "the republic" says, "elect tom o'halleran. his words match his work." and "the daily star" said, "o'halleran puts the common good above party politics. tom o'halleran -- a leader we can trust.
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but it's not. it soon as vote swapping. >> participants use smart phones to trade votes with voters in other states. >> if it's a one-on-one transaction involving just two people with each other that in and of itself is ace -- is an expression of speech, not an illegal act. >> the idea is that people in swing states will go for major party candidates in trade for other people voting for third party candidates. officials say a as long as no money is exchanged this is usually of free speech. bryan collins is expected to spend 18 months behind bars in a federal prison for leaking nude photos of famous women like jennifer lawrence, ariana grundy. authorities say for two years collins sent phishing emails to his victims until he was able to hack into more than 100 apple and google email accounts. we have new developments coming out of the kim kardashian west robbery in
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gunpoint now revealing info about the armed men. he says they repeatedly asked kardashian west for money but she didn't understand french so she show them to their 20 ? -- her 20 ? diamond ring. this shutting down speculation that her social media presence is what prompted the heist. the christmas spirit lives on for one florida family after they won a lawsuit to save their extravagant holiday display. >> if this doesn't get you fe what will? more than 200,000 lights and ornaments. the city of plantation sue the couple claiming their display was a public nuisance. a judge disagreed. >> he vindicated our family. he vindicated our ability to bring the christmas spirit too many residents here in south florida. >> mark -- clark griswold couldn't do it better himself.
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unacceptable and he is considering a run for public office. we have shooting investigation under way. we will tell you the people you have to be on the lookout for. 11 days from the presidential election. coming up, which candidate is coming to downtown phoenix. the drive on i-17 is getting a little busier near peoria val -- peoria. we will
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breaking news. people in a chandler neighborhood are waking up to crime scene tape and a large police presence. this is your alma school and pecos. the neighborhood is right there. allison rodriguez is there for you are reporting the victim is shot several times. what else do you know? >> reporter: i just spoke with a sergeant who was telling me the victim has non-life- threatening injuries. they want to find the three people who did this that have caused this huge police scene in this chandler neighborhood. they're looking for three men instead of four. they got this shots fired call early this morning at about 4:00. they say the 44-year-old victim
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gunshot wound. the suspect got away in a silver vehicle. i've just been updated on the vehicle description. and nearly 2000 silver nissan maxima. -- and early 2000 silver nissan maxima. three hispanic men. two wearing black cats. the other man wearing a red hat with a beard. i want to show you they pushed us back a little bit but they have been looking at that house. we're not sure if somebody dumped something over there but they are looking for clues around the home. they say they will be here until they can a out what happened. live in chandler, abc 15. some clouds out there sticking around through the day. temperatures because of the clouds are mild this morning. a lot of 70s across the valley. not that cool of the bus stop. all dry by this afternoon.
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digits. highs in the low to mid 90s. we will talk about the weather. no rain anywhere in the state. a little slow on one a wound -- on 101 eastbound in the north valley. a major delays this morning will be the 10, just as you would. >>. a 30 minute desert drive time from 75th avenue. to the mini stack . the earlier car fire that was partially blocking the ramp, everything is completely cleared a 75th avenue. i will map that out in a couple of minutes. the countdown is on. 11 days out until we left our next president. this morning we have another clear sign arizona is a battleground state. donald trump will be in phoenix tomorrow. katie conner is live in downtown phoenix with more. this was quick planning. >> donald trump just announcing yesterday, pretty much giving police two days to prepare for this.
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phoenix convention center. doors open at 12:30. trump won't take the stage until 3:30. there is speculation over who will be his warm-up speakers. sheriff joe arpaio is a possibility. if you are in this area. >> possible road closures and a lot of protesters. you may remember when these demonstrators tried to shut down shea boulevard at his rally earlier this typically trump talks about immigration. we will have to wait and see what he says on saturday. back to you. here is what donald trump is zeroing in on, the republican nominee continues to close the gap with hillary clinton. at the beginning of the week abc 15 news washington post poll had clinton with a 12 point lead. this morning the leaders four points. 59% of those polled said they.
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>> donald trump trying to appeal to minority voters in the final days before the election. a recent speech in ohio may have struck the wrong note. >> we're going to work -- take a look at what is going on where you have pockets of areas of land where you have the inter-cities and you have so many things, so many problems. so many horrible, horrible problems. >> trump continues to talk about vote-rigging and is focusing o on the flipside, hillary clinton hasn't even one yet but there are already reports she has chosen her secretary of state for campaign insiders telling politico the former secretary of state once joe biden for the job if he will accept. clinton hit the campaign trail in ohio with michelle obama yesterday. let's watch this video. a split-second decision police officers have to make, shoot or not? this is the dash cam video
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two officers were working on a drug operation monday night when they noticed the suspect on the bike weaving across the street. officers tried to pull him over. he ran off and fired shots at the police officers. an officer was hit. he is expected to recover. the man is charged with attempted first-degree murder. thankfully, no officers were injured. lake havasu police officers in critical condition edition. charlie gonzalez transfer to a las vegas hospital for treatment. the officers were trying to serve a search warrant when gonzales confronted them with a handgun. police say he fired at them and they shot back. no officers were hurt. a suspected bank robber is behind bars. another on the loose after a
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county. witnesses say the man armed with a gun and wearing a wig and a surgical mask emitted cash. he fled in a stolen car driven by another guy. after a short car and foot chase one man was caught. police remind everybody not to wear wigs or masks when you go into the bank. in phoenix teenager locked up accused of a sophisticated cyber attack that could have taken down maricopa counties 911 system. investigators say kumar dessie created a took over smartphones, forcing them to call 911 and it would let them hang up. the dispatch center in surprise, peoria and the mcso call center downtown all flooded with calls. >> it's a big stress. somebody could be dying or needing actual emergency. >> the team claimed -- the teenager claimed he would be paid by apple to point out flaws in the software and hackers would recognize his skills.
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semitruck driver involved in a readily as in a deadly truck. does in a deadly accident. a motorcyclist spun out and stuck under the rear tile just tire of the semi. the person did not survive. police believe he might've been driving too fast and changing lanes without notice. the big rig had a red trailer. success for the salt river project. room for more to happen over the next 20 days. srp planning to add tree trimming debris and coal to its next test runs. workers are trying to figure out if burning biomass can reduce the risk of wildfires in the state and create renewable power. safety alerts ahead of halloween. first, be on the lookout for rattlesnakes. especially since we are seeing warmer temperatures this year. the phoenix herpetological society is letting you know now they are already getting a lot of calls so be careful and make
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decorations. a map of all of the registered sex offenders in the valley. it's on abc is interactive so you can click by neighborhood. we want you to know what your family is walking into on halloween night. peoria teens taking action to keep their neighborhoods safe from zombies. they're teaming up with the new recruits for the annual therefore. the free event happens tonight in the peoria man library. >> when you're hiding in stacks and behind cartes it's a great place for nerf toys to be played with. >> you have to be at least 12. only the first 50 teams to sign up get to play and you have to bring your own nerf year. the event starts at six:05 this evening. we could go a week without having an automotive recall. brand-new developments about a recent toyota recall that is pretty serious. automaker has apparently triggered a stop sale for some
6:38 am
twiddle recalled 2016, 2017 previous models because the parking brake could fail. they cannot be sold until they are repaired. toyota has received 67 reports of parking brake cable detachments. we have to tell you about another one. the all-new bmw recall. engines could stall in more than 136,000 cars. this one involves certain series x5 models, six series vehicles from 2007 through 2012. the recall is expected to start the summer fifth. dealers will replace the fuel pump module at no cost. let's have a check of the roads. a new crash on i-17 southbound at thomas. everything is so right-hand side. you are seeing some delays as you approach the i-10 stack. switching to the traffic map it
6:39 am
around the durango curve. heavy traffic. east valley freeways, no problem spots on the freeways. we have road closure in gilbert, queen creek road. , eastbound side is shut down because of a storyline break between lindsay and bella vista. even though it eastbound gilbert police saying to avoid the entire area. smart routes will be germane or cockatiel until they get is repaired. we will have a look at the delays on i-10 and the new cr valley next. send your photos of this beautiful sunrise. a great orange glow. it's going to be a great- looking start to the day because of the clouds. it's a bit of a warmer start because of the clouds and how hot it was yesterday. temperatures have been slow to cool. down to 78. you'll notice the difference when you step outside. today another warm day on tap. looking at the forecast,
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noon. highs back into the 90s today. up to 94. a toasty day with the clouds sticking around through the day. 94 is a forecast. the record is 97. that was from 2007. we will stable record today. worth keeping an eye on. we will talk about rain chances across the state next. the high-speed chase caught on snapchat. you will never guess who is behind prepared to pay up. two u.s. airlines raising prices just before the holiday season. find out how much they are charging now. do you have a uti? drink cranberry juice.
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here is something you probably have never seen before. a snapchat video being shot inside a car driven by a man in a high-speed police chase in louisiana. authorities say this started after the man try to entered does injury georgia southern uner he was banned from the building and took off when police tried to arrest him. he was later taken into custody. we have never heard from her before but the wife is speaking out. >> her husband was killed in oregon. jeanette says her family was elated when they heard the jury handed down a not guilty verdict for -- involved in the 41 day occupation.
6:45 am
justice for her late husband. >> we need to start standing for what is right. and not to be intimidated or bullied by the authorities in righteous causes. >> throughout the trial the defense of the group never illegally conspired, that was the charge, said they never did, to keep federal workers from doing their jobs. the third year the number of kids in foster care is up. right now more than 427,000 children are in the system major factor is working just worsening substance abuse by parents. the states with the largest increases include arizona, florida, indiana, georgia and minnesota. uber drivers in the uk can soon get new parks. a british employment tribunal has just ruled in favor of the drivers. the drivers sued the ride
6:46 am
would give them minimum wage and vacation pay. this impact 30 in a case that would give them minimum wage and vacation pay. this impact 30,000 uk uber drivers. who knows at this will spread? get ready to pay more the next time you fly. american and southwest airlines both announcing fares are going up five dollars each way. an attempt by the airlines to reserve a price slump. they say fares have been falling since growth in the travel demand. we have an update to the guns found at disney world. we told you about this one yesterday. we now know disney will be adding extra security starting this weekend. all guests at the florida theme park without bags will have to go through metal detectors. this week security guards stopped two tourists carrying guns trying to get into the parks. an old wives tale debunked. apparently cranberries don't prevent or cure urinary tract
6:47 am
home residents and found those who took high potency cranberry capsules did not have fewer episodes of uti then -- taking a placebo. utis are actually the most common infections in nursing homes. take the ghouls and goblins to the javelina monster bash and peoria tomorrow night. this is at the sports complex at n. 83rd avenue. the family event has costume contest, a rock wall, creepy crawlers, carnival style games. th teenagers for five dollars. entrance to the monster bash is free but you are encouraged to bring a canned good. did you know today is national chocolate a? why not see how it's made. serotta candy companies offering free tours in glendale . monday through friday from 10 am and again at 1:00 in the afternoon. they have halloween activities right now. kids are invited to decorate a
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been a record breaker. yesterday we hit a high of 100. the latest triple digit temperature ever recorded in phoenix. so far we are in the second- longest stretch of high temperatures greater than 90 degrees. through the month of october. yesterday marked a 23. the record is at day 25. today could be day 24 of 90+ degree temperatures. it has been a very warm october. to keep the he went going today we are starting out warm. 78. that is in part because we hit 100 yesterday. for the slow cool down we have had clouds around overnight. that's like a blanket keeping the temperatures milder. 78 now. warming to 88 by lunchtime. today's high as 94. no triple digits. below the record. still, a very warm day. about 10 degrees above average for the high clouds continue to move in thoughout the day. a slight chance of showers to
6:49 am
the valley looks to stay mostly dry. a 10% chance of a stray sprinkle moving into midday. i will show you the weekend outlook next. how does free coffee some? abc 15 mornings is teaming up with dutch brothers to give you a chance to win a $50 just by watching for the weather word of the day. starting on monday. when you see at enter there will be 10 chances to win the gift card for free coffee. let's have a lo . still seeing a 30 minute ride in on the 10. i want to focus on the i-17. a couple of minutes ago i gave you a look at the crash near thomas. this is southbound. there's another crash on the right of i-17 southbound at indian school. you will see some congestion as you approach the stack east valley drivers are starting to see slowing on us 60 westbound near country club. another spot will be loop 202
6:50 am
delayed. northbound 101, the ramp coming off, you will see delays with no crashes to speak of. right now breaking news in chandler. a shooting investigation is underway one man shot multiple
6:52 am
i am live in chandler for
6:53 am
suspects after a man is found shot in this neighborhood behind me. he is expected to pull through but the three men are on the run. taking off on a -- in a 2000 silver nissan maxima. police want to know if you have seen anything to give them a call. live in chandler, abc 15. officers are looking for a semi truck driver involved in a deadly crash. we were on the scene after a motorcyclist spun out near 43rd avenue. and grand. the motorcyclist came to a stop under the rear axle of the semi. he did not survive. the semi kept going. leslie merritt jr. is out of jail again. this time and has nothing to do with the freeway shootings. he was arrested for violating a restraining order. merit spent a happy year in jail after the freeway shootings last year. -- charges were dropped. today joseph yahner retirement party. after the
6:54 am
will be sworn in. numbers of the group call people for united justice say they will bring 17 -- 17 caskets. one for each shot by police during the honors shot. i'm katie conner. preparations are underway for another donald trump visit. he will be at the phoenix convention center tomo this is his seventh visit to the valley donald trump and hillary clinton right now our neck and neck in polls in arizona. let's check in with good morning america to see what they are working on today. >> reporter: good morning -- we have a lot coming up on gma including that air scare for mike pence. ran off the runway at laguardia airport last night. the ntsb is now investigating.governor. mike pence will join us live on gma and answer all the
6:55 am
i wanted to give you an early sneak peek at the howling trick-or-treat forecast. good news is by then temperatures will trend down into the 80s. temperatures will be down into the 70s to 80s. 88 for the hi-fi monday. we have to get through some one day -- warm days first. today 94 with clouds sticking around. a 10% of sprinkles around midday , especially through the western desert. we will watch for that closely. otherwise, most of us staying dry. 94 today and below the rerd warm and in the low 90s through the weekend. the 80s back by next week. even though that is still above average at least we will get a break from the 90 degree days. some relief heading our way. a couple of slow spots on the morning drive including the 101 in the north valley. this is a 16 minute desert drive time eastbound from i-17 the state route 51. i seventh avenue it looks better.
6:56 am
crashes. one at thomas and one at indian school. this one is southbound at pure a. it was blocking the left lane but now it's off to the right. we work crazy hours and there's nothing like cake and cookies at 3 am. happy birthday to you. >> thank you very much.
6:57 am
vo: 13 year-old sabrina told a school counselor she was raped by her uncle. her counselor called sheriff joe arpaio's office. but arpaio failed to protect her. for three more years, sabrina's uncle continued to rape her - and arpaio did nothing. rapes, assaults, even child molestation, remain uninvestigated, while arpaio focuses on his personal agenda.
6:59 am
good morning, america. breaking overnight, terrifying moments on the tarmac. vp nominee, mike pence's plane skidding off a new york runway after landing in a storm. the airport shutting down. emergency crews on the scene. >> it was pretty close to grave, grave danger, but i just spoke to mike pence, and he's fine. >> the safety measure that prevented disaster. governor pence joins us this morning. breaking right now, our brand-new poll shows a four-point race as hillary calls on her most powerful weapon joining michelle obama on the trail for the first time. >> she is absolutely ready to be commander in chief on day one and, yes, she happens to be a woman. the first lady dancing with the nominee with just 11 days to


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