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tv   ABC World News  ABC  October 30, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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welcome to "world news tonight." nine days until the election, and hillary clinton taking on the fbi. demanding to know details of the new line of investigation. polls across the country tightening. as donald trump is already convicting her. >> this is bigger than watergate. >> we have the latest from the fbi. disaster zone. italy, rocked again. ancient towns collapsing. rescues under way. tonight, we take you inside the country's worst earthquake in decades. fire on the runway. passengers escaping from the burning jet. plumes of black smoke overhead. new details on why parts of the engine ended up half a mile away. machete attack. an airport rampage. a man unleashing a toxic spray in a tsa line, then pulling out
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and, app danger? teens using snapchat to record their speed. allegedly hitting 115 miles an hour. did an app fuel this deadly stunt? and good evening. thanks for joining us on this sunday. i'm tom llamas. and we start with that breaking questioning into hillary clinton's e-mail server. abc news has learned that the fbi has obtained a warrant to look into the laptop of anthony weiner, the estranged husband of huma abedin. today at a florida church, clinton promising she'll stay the course. but our latest poll showing clinton just a point ahead of trump.
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but with nine days left in the race, is she running out of time to push past this? here's mary bruce with the clinton campaign tonight. >> reporter: tonight, hillary clinton fighting to shake off that october shocker. >> everyone is knocked down in life. what matters is whether you get back up. >> reporter: with nine days to go, clinton targeting a new opponent. fbi director james comey. about a letter that the fbi director sent out yesterday. >> reporter: she's questioning his motivation, and demanding answers about his review of new e-mails possibly linked to her private server. e-mails discovered on the laptop of former congressman anthony weiner. the estranged husband of huma abedin.
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comey, making the new review public on friday, even though there's no evidence of wrongdoing by clinton. >> it's pretty strange to put something like that out with no information right before an election. in fact, it's not just strange. it's unprecedented, and deeply troubling. >> reporter: her campaign launching a coordinated strike. >> it's just extremely puzzling. why would you release information when you haven't seen the material yourself? >> it was long on innuendo and short on facts. we're calling on mr. comey to come forward. >> let's get the information out there on the table. there's hypotheticals flying all over the place. >> reporter: our latest polling shows roughly a third of all likely voters say the new e-mail probe makes them less likely to support clinton. but about 20 million americans
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clinton in florida. now she wishes she had more information. does this change how you would have voted? >> if i knew what it was about. it possibly would have. >> reporter: on the trail today, clinton eager to change the narrative. tthlts there's a lot of noise and distraction, but it's really done to what kind of future we want. >> reporter: tonight, clinton is getting backup from top senate democrats demanding comey release more information about harry reid accusing comey of trying to influence the election. tom? >> mary, thank you. the fbi director igniting a firestorm on friday. and those calls for him to reveal more are growing louder. how likely is he to do that? here's pierre thomas. >> reporter: tonight, the pressure mounting on the fbi director to say more about the case after the explosive
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>> i think this was a terrible error in judgment by the director to release this kind of ambiguous letter. >> reporter: fbi director james comey this weekend began briefing lawmakers who were demanding more details about a new batch of recently disclosed e-mails, potentially connected to secretary clinton's private server. >> we both encouraged him to make sure that the american people have as much information as possible before they have to make a decision on november 8th. >> reporter: the case was reignited by an investigation of an alleged sexting scandal involving anthony weiner. the fbi confiscated weiner's devices, including a laptop, where sources say they discovered e-mails from abedin. those sources acknowledge the fbi doesn't know what's on those e-mails, or whether they will turn out to be important. the focus -- whether those e-mails contain classified information and are tied to clinton's private server. tonight, the fbi has obtained a court order allowing them to study abedin's e-mails. justice department officials had
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congress, citing department tradition of not talking about ongoing investigations and not doing anything that would be seen as influencing an election in its final days. comey has operated with extraordinary independence. and matters were complicated after the attorney general's ill-fated meeting this summer with bill clinton on that tarmac in arizona. it apparently took weeks for the revelation to be brought to the fbi director. and tonight, there are questions about why it took so long. a source tells abc news, figuring out what to do was complicated and there was back and forth over how to handle the situation. tom? >> so many twists and turns just nine days before the election. pierre, thank you. donald trump, fired up at a rally in las vegas. reciting details of clinton's alleged corruption. saying clinton has put the country at risk.
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win the state of nevada. nevada. >> reporter: calling this the biggest political scandal since watergate, donald trump is whipping up his crowds. >> we never thought we were going to say thank you to anthony weiner. >> reporter: at issue, not just the clinton e-mails, but the fact that the justice department discouraged fbi director comey from going public. trump calls that corruption, insisting clinton plans to reappoint attorney general loretta lynch in exchange for her loyalty. >> and effectively i guess you would call that a bribe. wouldn't you call that a bribe? they're going to make a decision on her, and they're going to reappoint? >> reporter: red meat for trump's supporters. today in las vegas, we met a woman in an orange jumpsuit. a halloween costume. hillary rodham clinton, inmate. >> there's no way i could ever support hillary clinton. she must be stopped. >> jew-s.a.! >> reporter: and in phoenix,
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>> reporter: at least one trump supporter aimed an anti-semitic chant at the media. today on cnn, trump's campaign manager disavowed him. >> would you call that man deplorable? >> wow, yes i would. his conduct is completely unacceptable and does not reflect our campaign or our candidate. >> an ugly moment on the campaign trail. david, just last week, donald trump told george stephanopoulos that his wife melania would be giving more speeches in the final days. that seemed to surprise even her. information about that? >> reporter: that's right. we've learned she'll be speaking in suburban philadelphia on thursday, her first big speech since the one that borrowed a few passages from michelle obama. the trump campaign pulling out all the stops. tom? >> david, thank you. overseas to italy, with the most powerful in decades, striking an area already reeling
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the earth falling away sharply. the cars nearly tossed over the cliff. the hilltop village behind it, almost completely destroyed. people running in panic yet again. jennifer eccleston is in rome tonight. >> reporter: the powerful quake causing buildings in central italy to collapse in seconds. the power of the 6.6 magnitude tremor, the strongest in nearly 40 years. the third major rumble in just one week, sending terrified residents running into the streets again. in norcia, near the epicenter, nuns carried to safety. tonight, the dust clearing to reveal the historic 14th-century basilica in ruins. reports of at least 20 injured. it's just five days after back-to-back quakes hit the same region. nearby amatrice, rocked again, two months since deadly tremors killed nearly 300. the view from above showing a
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tonight, reduced to ruins. the faces ripped off home after home. >> there's no reason to think it's now suddenly, magically going to stop. they are going to be continuing to have aftershocks. some of them are going to be bigger. >> reporter: miraculously, no one was killed in this latest quake. but tonight, aftershocks roll through the area. a population on edge, and on the move. thousands are now homeless and temporary camps are full. with temperatures dropping and fears of more quakes rising, it's going to be a long d tense winter. tom? >> incredible everyone survived. jennifer, thank you. back at home to chicago, and the investigation into the fire on the runway at o'hare airport. the right engine igniting. black smoke seen for miles. passengers sent running in panic. federal officials pointing to a rare and serious type of engine failure. parts of the engine flying a quarter of a mile through the
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>> reporter: a packed jet, erupting in flames, triggering panic onboard just seconds before takeoff. tonight, federal investigators revealing something inside the engine of this boeing 767 broke apart. >> examination of the engine has revealed that the stage 2 disc of the high pressure turbine failed. >> reporter: the miami-bound flight on the runway. when hot debris from the engine sparked that massive fire. >> as the engine disintegrated, hot metal penetrates the gas tank a fire. >> reporter: the right side of the plane going up in flames. >> everybody's coming toward the left side of the plane where i was. so everybody is pushing us, and screaming. >> reporter: the debris flying in every direction. one piece found roughly 1,600 feet north of the plane. another in a warehouse almost 3,000 feet south. somehow none of the debris sliced into the cabin packed with 161 people. >> i ran out into the grass area seeing the plane in flames and i
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>> reporter: 20 people taken to hospitals with minor injuries, all have been released. >> it's a very dangerous kind of mishap, and we're very lucky this happened while it was still on the ground. >> reporter: the plane has been moved, the runway back open again. tonight investigators are trying to figure out why that disc broke, looking at the plane's maintenance records, analyzing the pieces of debris they were able to find. tom? >> eva, thank you. next tonight, the internet prank hacking smartphones across america. phones flooding 911 with bogus calls. knocking emergency call centers offline. the hacked phones keep calling even when you hang up. here's neal karlinsky. >> 911, what are you reporting? >> reporter: it was an otherwise normal night in thurston county, washington, when 911 operators thought they had a catastrophe on their hands. >> and all of a sudden the phones just went off the hook. >> reporter: there was no emergency. it was a hoax, fueled by a
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people's cell phones when they clicked on this link being spread on twitter. andrea jara clicked and lost control of her own phone. >> it just started calling 911 like crazy and i couldn't stop. i just kept clicking the end button and nothing was happening. it just kept recalling, recalling, recalling. >> reporter: she's in florida, where 911 operators were also hit. the broward county sheriff among those warning of the major public safety issue. in washington state tonight, an 18-year-old man has been arrested for investigation of data ser police say he claims he spread the link after getting it elsewhere. law enforcement are warning tonight, the same link is being spread nationwide. and once you click, the only way to stop your phone from calling 911 is to fully power it off. tom? >> neal, thank you. next to the extreme weather, cities across the south could see the warmest halloween on record. in the northeast, a big chill is
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this storm cloud over manhattan ushering in cold weather. rob marciano, tracking it all. rob? >> at first across the east, it felt like late august as opposed to october 30th. summertime thunderstorms rocking the new york city area the past couple of hours. look at the radar stretching from boston to virginia, the front is dropping to the south and east. that's where the cooler, drier air will move in tomorrow. meanwhile, storms hitting the west, northern california, british columbia, and tomorrow, wind, rain, and mountain snow. that's going to be the problem spot for trick or treaters. and the southeast, record breaking heat tomorrow, it will feel more like the fourth of july than halloween. >> rob, thank you. and to the windy city, where it's do or die for the chicago cubs. they're hoping for a miracle in wrigley field tonight. last night's 7-2 loss has them
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indians, 3-1. cleveland has the champagne on ice tonight. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this sunday. soaring speeds behind the wheel. the dangerous final moments captured on social media. did a popular app encourage the need for speed? and, the toxicology report is in. what did jose fernandez have in his system at the time of his deadly boat crash? and the sweet surprise for this trick or treater, dressed up as his own dad, who is stay with us. when a moment turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain,
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>> reporter: tonight, this snapchat video showing some of the final moments of a young couple's lives renewing questions about the popular app's speed filter. >> what is the snapchat speed filter? >> reporter: the feature that clocks and allows users to post how fast they're going showed the volkswagen golf speeding at more than 115 miles an hour wednesday night in tampa. just minutes after the passenger recorded the video, police say the car crossed over a median and slammed head-on into a minivan. >> all i seen was a blue flash. it just burst into flames. >> reporter: the driver in the video, pablo cortes iii and his passenger jolie bartolome were killed, as well as three people in the van. >> it's just tragic, it's just really tragic. >> reporter: concerns about snapchat's speed filter were raised earlier this year following this crash in atlanta. while snapchat says there's no record of the driver, christal mcgee, using the app at the time of the accident, one of her passengers tells a different story. >> she was trying to hit 100 miles an hour and post it on
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>> reporter: tonight, a snapchat spokesperson saying in a statement, we actively discourage our community from using the speed filter while driving, including by displaying a "do not snap and drive" warning message in the app itself. and mcgee's case has not yet been heard by a grand injury. meanwhile, three people injured in this week's crash remain hospitalized. >> marci, thank you. up next, stunning new video of a machete rampage. ts scrambling for their lives. and did these cameras capture an abduction in progress, right outside of a walmart? stay with us. your car insurancey is 22 pages long. did you read every word? no, only lawyers do that. so when you got rear-ended and needed a tow, your insurance company told you to look at page five on your policy. did it say "great news. you're covered!" on page five? no. it said,
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body and a blood alcohol level nearly twice the legal limit. it's not clear who was driving the boat that night. and our first look at a dangerous rampage at an airport security checkpoint. new surveillance video shows the man approaching then spraying officers with wasp spray. and then whips out a machete. many passengers running for their lives. it happened in new orleans last year. that attacker shot by officers, later dying of his injuries. and a possible abduction caught on camera. surveillance video revealing two men pushing another man into the trunk of a car parked outside of a walmart. they get in, and drive away. police in virginia are now investigating this case. when we come back, the halloween trick turned into a treat. you won't believe what's in store for this little soldier. this is a story you won't want to miss. stay with us. rheumatoid arthri, and you're talking to your doctor about your medication... this is humira.
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little boy and why this may be his greatest halloween ever. here's john donvan. >> reporter: when kids dress up for halloween they often go for make-believe. mickey mouse for jaden hayes, age 4. who will be out there tomorrow on halloween. >> he really likes mickey mouse. as far as watching a television show. >> reporter: but a few days ago, this same jaden hayes at a halloween party in gainesville, florida, went out like this. a u.s. army soldier, a costume inspired for him by real life. and close to home. jaden's dad, jermaine. but he has not been close to home this year. he's been stationed in iraq. >> it was very hard for his dad not be around while he was deployed. >> reporter: that's why jaden wanted to go out like this, in a tribute to his father. but here's what's coming, his dad. you can't see him yet. and neither could jaden. he was in this crowd. >> it was a surprise my wife set up. i was supposed to meet him while he was out trick or treating. and i just showed up. it was a surprise for me and him. >> reporter: and here it comes.
5:58 pm
>> hey, buddy. >> daddy! >> reporter: and what it means. the fictional mouse and the real life soldier will be out trick or treating together tomorrow. because dad's home. and feeling like this? you can't dress that up. john donvan, abc news. >> what a great moment. we thank john for that story. we thank you for watching. "gma" first thing in the morning, david muir will be right back here tomorrow night. i'm tom llamas in new york. have a great evening.
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ribeiro: here's a sneak peek at tonight's "afv." we know you're gonna love it. [ man laughs ] [ roars ] [ cheers and applause ] welcome to "america's funniest home videos." and now here he is, the host of our show, alfonso ribeiro! [ cheers and applause ] hey. what's happening? welcome.


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