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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  November 2, 2016 1:35am-2:05am MST

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kids, cars, and crashes. for the second straight night children involved in a serious wreck. this time at 24th and baseline. one of the cars burst into flames. >> we're over the scene and you can see the debris scattered over the road. we bring in a live picture from the ground. we have confirmed that two
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and another adult were taken to the hospital in stable condition. no word orphan the cause of the crash -- on the cause of the crash. >> the scene all clear right now. abc 15 confirming an officer from grand canyon university was hit by a car while walking at this intersection in cam lback. e-- camelback. he will be okay. crews knocking wn fire immediately. it's west of cave creek in union hills. we heard some animals may have been stuck inside. new tonight the search for whoever ruined trick-or- treating in one part of phoenix. who goes after little kids in a costume and does so with a paintball gun. >> it happened near 31st avenue in cactus. >> you talked to the 5-year-old bruised in all of this in more ways than one.
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for police after he got hit in the face with this paintball. you can't blame him because this thing fires at 200 miles an hour. little logan dressed up as a soldier wanting to be like his dad for halloween. >> it was a normal night. we were enjoying it. >> the mission to get as much candy as possible. >> he got more than he bargained for. >> it ended when the family stopped at a haunted house. logan started he was hit. >> when the paintball punched me in the face. >> it could have ruined his life if it hit him in the eye. >> his dad took off. >> when you're targeted audience is 2 to 10 years old it's disappointing to me that anyone would think it was a good time to do that. >> now police are looking for someone driving a silver suv. that was the car seen leaving
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if you know anything go ahead and call phoenix pd. breaking news. one of the worst mining tragedies in recent years. a gas explosion trapping 33 coal miners in china. all of them were found dead. two underground at the time escaped. an absolute fireball in new york tonight. it shot through the roof and killed at least one person. crews still on scene and will be throughout the night. and a new look right now at sock of a car -- now at 10:00 of a car fire that several of you noticed on the drive home. we usually see these kind of fires in the front of the car. this time the flames are near the back of the door car. dps telling us within the past hour that driver will be okay.
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newsroom cubs fans going crazy and they haven't even won the world series yes but they pushed it to game seven in cleveland hoping to end the 108 year drought 679. a thief -- drought. a thief with a crowbar. did that camera trigger the crime. the footage captured by the video doorbell. how do they work exactly? >> they're motion activated en doorbell they start recording. this time the goal wasn't to ring the doorbell. >> it was to steal it. a bandanna over the face, a crowbar in the hands and the door jillion bell video freeze -- and the doorbell video freezes. >> police have been telling me that they've been stealing them around this neighborhood. >> the thief might come back if that's true because the neighbor across the road here
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too. >> what did you wife think of this? >> she was scared. >> the head shaker in chad's case is the home security tool is what led to the crime. >> no incidents at the house until this. until i put it up. >> it had recorded deliveries, the bug guy, teens. before it recorded the thief. chad said the company will give him a new one since he filed a police report. he's decide wlg he'll install it. -- deciding whether he'll up stall it. it records crooks, sure, but it was also the magnet. >> how did he get the video? those cameras link to the owner's cell phone. what the crook is doing with the camera chad says that your guess is as good as his. back to you. >> thanks so much. hurry up and wait. that criminal charge for
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a delay. now it will be pushed back four months the criminal charge coming from court orders he violated in a racial profiling case. he's pleaded not guilty. corruption, conspiracy, some of the words flowing from people in buckeye after a huge spike in their water bills. they confronted the city head on. joe bartels is looking into what is going on. >> steve, some people say their water bills are $900 or more a enough to fill this two gallon bucket more than 27,000 times. why are they being charged so much? >> his yard is brown. he stopped filling his pool, but chad taylor says he's being hosed. >> the equivalent of what they say we used would be like me dumping the pool three times in 30 days. >> his bill more than $750.
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paels in compare -- pales in comparison to some. >> the elderly can't pay for medication. there are people who can't give their kids christmas this year. >> chad says he's checked for leaks, looked at the meter, nothing seems out of place and he's in the same boat as a lot of other people. >> where does 55,000. i don't have a pool or fountain. >> tonight about 75 people took their sky high bills to the city council. trying to keep their head above water. >> we will do what's necessary to get to the source of these high water usage situations. >> some say the worries are getting worse. the city might cut off their water for unpaid bills. now the city has set up a hot line to take complaints and figure out what's going on. that's on our website right now. back to you. and the stuck homeowners
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moves. a class action lawsuit meeting. it's on saturday at 2:00. we're making a note in our calendar so we can follow up. democracy 2016 and four big visits over the next 48 hours. beginning with hillary clinton and mike pence tomorrow. much more on their rallies tomorrow. first tonight a big name in local politics thinking about the 2018 election. we caught up with phoenix mayor greg stanton tonight afr filed paperwork hinting at a run for arizona secretary of state. he says it's a formality allowing him to transfer donations before the deadline. >> i love public service. i love what i'm doing as mayor of this city. but i'm termed out. so this is part of my opportunities that i might be able to provide. >> his term as mayor doesn't end until 2019 but he might be
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decides to run for another office. federal agencies all over an upscale neighborhood in ahwatukee. but the question remains why. a source telling abc 15 this is a wire fraud case not a human trafficking investigation like sal diciccio told us early this morning. >> they were slave labor. individuals that come in, they can never work their way out of a problem. they're brought in from other parts of the country or there's well. >> diciccio saying his office was given bad info. neighbors say it's connected to a house allegedly used to run a basketball camp. one sketch but one big clue in a murder. since we showed you this sketch ncso saying they've gotten a number of tips. the accused killer could be driving this u-haul. one of the two victims survived.
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who got on the loop 101 going the wrong way and caused a crash overnight. both he and the driver in the other car were killed. . this has been an ongoing problem. they've gotten more than 800 calls about wrong way drivers so far this year. adot has been working on technology to detect drivers and alert dps and others on the road. >> we've been using this year to really develop the system we have to move on to design. >> adot says they hope to test this technology on the i-17 next year. more people coming forward tonight after our story about a woman getting a flat tire in a construction zone on the u.s. 60 in the east valley. adot confirming it has to do with a bridge expansion. a metal joint came loose on sunday. repairs were made right away. five people have reported damage. the final numbers are in.
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third warmest on record. our overall average temperature was 81 degrees. of course many many highs in the 90 and the latest triple digits we've ever seen. now we're into november and the change has started. 82 degrees. near normal today and this low pressure system brings rain chances this week. a little taigs of fall coming our way -- taste of fall coming our way. a new crime caught on camera. this two thieves break into this garage in ahwatukee. how did they get in? they broke into a car in the driveway and stole the garage door opener. thousands of dollars worth of items were gone in the blink of an eye. >> about six minutes. give or take. it was that fast. you can see them coming and going and next thing you know they're gone. >> all of my christmas decorations. all of my mother's stuff is in this guy's wherever.
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of it. he highly recommends not keeping the opener in your car. developing now at 10:00. a phoenix charter school fighting back against allegations of student discrimination. the aclu filing complaints against the academy of excellence claiming a teacher called a young refugee a terrorist also telling him muslims would donald trump is elected. the child is 11 years old. the school denies this happened. where's my sirens at? you hear my sirens? look. >> dumb dumb. one man's terrible trio of choices. a big clue revealed from the ma-370 thing flight that vanished without a trace.
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emails and a closer look i am totally blind i lost my sight in afghanist. if you're totally bli, i am totally blind you may also be stggling with no24 calling 844-844-2424 or visit paul babeu is abusive. physical and sexual abuse at a boarding school. woman: a school that used to be run by pinal county sheriff paul babeu. disturbing. man: babeu's school was unlicensed, abusive, and dangerous. woman: paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. man: congressional candidate not only ran a boarding school rife with abuse, he supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. paul babeu is unfit to represent us.
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it is my last video. for sure probably. i don't know. i don't even know where the bleep i'm going. >> it's the craziest video of the night. leading police idea. recording yourself live on facebook while doing it? pretty dumb. driving in a stolen police car. congratulations you're officially an idiot. tulsa police say this guy when on for 40 minutes before they caught him. >> upsetting. it's a midair mystery unsolved after two and a half years. what happened to ma lay sha airlines flight 370.
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no one was controlling the plane. crews are searching for more wreckage. arizona will be the epicenter of the election tomorrow. hillary clinton will be at asu we'll stream it live from 6:30 to 7:30. before that donald trump's running mate, mike pence, will speak at the nay sa convention -- mesa convention center. if you're filling it's suggested that you mail it in by tonight. but you can drop it off on election day. >> do these matter? do they sway votes? absolutely according to one gu ru. they -- guru. they know that news events gets people talking and suddenly every vote is important as we become a battleground state in a neck and neck race.
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into trump's column. and that's why he came. she's trying to pull them back into her column. >> to woo those last undecided voters expect candidates to tailor their speeches to arizona specific issues. frmthsz the washington post report -- the washington post reporting he isn't paying his bills. a new report showed trump's campaign is the post says his firm is ohhed. several past employees from his various businesses say trump refused to pay them for the services they provided. some cases wound up in court. another day another revelation from wikileaks on the hillary clinton email scandal. accomplishing an exchange from the -- publishing an exchange from the day it broke. it's an email to a top aide saying quote we're going to
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so better to do so sooner than later. clinton's campaign saying he meant release to the public. >> a high school graduate from kingman will be participating in the inauguration in january as a marine. according to the xhaing daily minor -- to the daily minor he'll be there. new tonight at ok. a big shake up -- at #120k. a big shake -- 10:00. a big shake up. american airlines will cut 500 pilots over the next year. it comes three years after the merger of u.s. airways and american. they will either move or commute to other hubs. a big vote on the horizon after delaying the decision. the phoenix city council expected to vote on a
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add up to 1,000 bad di cameras for police officers. -- body cameras for police officers. so adorable. afraid and in need of loving homes. three puppies stolen from the animal welfare league found near a canal. >> we showed you the surveillance video of these thieves stealing the dogs. vets giving the pups the care they need. >> we immediately recognized them. we scanned them for microchi and we're glad to have them home and safe and make sure they're medically okay. >> saturday's adoption event the walk to save animals at tempe town lake. i'm going to camp out. >> bring a sweater. it's chilly. >> in the morning. >> yeah it kind of is. >> it is. >> that's okay. the puppies are worth it. >> 82 the high this afternoon near average for the first time in weeks.
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getting cooler tonight. closer to that normal low of 58. most of the valley in the 50s. sky harbor at 60. humidity at 31% and winds at three miles per hour. glendale, tempe, la veen and ahwatukee around 70 degrees. the rest of the valley in the 60s. temperatures in the 30s near flagstaff. around 41 in show low. payson and prescott 47. isolated showers to the north. most evaporating before it hit the ground. this is coming in ahead of the next storm system. as we head into thursday moisture with it. it'll wrap around from the east. then it will push in to our state. a slight chance for the white mountains tomorrow. the rest of us see the increase into thursday. here's a closer look for you.
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thursday morning 7:00 a.m. a chance for showers along the rim. and then maybe some activity getting closer to the valley in the middle of the day. our chance at about 20%. better chances of course in the higher terrain to our north and to the east some spots could see a half an inch to an inch of rain. winds picking up as well. breezy in the higher terrain to the east. and then we're going to kick up the breezes across most of our state into moisture kicks in the rain chances too. the hour-by-hour forecast. 620s in the morning. -- 60s in the morning tomorrow. 80 by 4:00 p.m. upper 70s in carefree and cave creek. west valley same story. peoria and glendale 82. buckeye at 81. lows across the valley in the 50s. freezes in flagstaff window
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canyon. then tomorrow 56 in flagstaff and 79 in casa grande. here's the next seven days for you. 85 on thursday and friday. a slight chance for isolated showers and thunderstorms. the best on thursday at 20%. a slight chance friday. then drying out and warming up through the weekend and next week too. upper 80s to low 90s back in play. time to let your fingers do the shopping. beware of thieves. when they could be invading your computer. clawing back for a chance
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let the online holiday shopping begin. but beware. in tonight's consumer alert every click you make is a chance for crooks to get harmful programs on your computer. mall ware typically -- malware typically spikes in november and december. after cyber monday. new developments on the drug kra numb. it's a -- kra numb -- cranum. weeks ago they put the decision on hold. they will take public comments for a month so it will be at least december 1st before a decision is made.
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carries germs listen to this. interiors are more than 2000% dirier than keyboards. the worst spot is around the hand brakes. they found 200 living bacteria per square inch. on this night after halloween a new way to test what real re scares you. thanks to scientists who've built a nightm it's an artificial intelligence project using algorithms. everything from celebrities to landmarks. they hope you will vote orphanline to help -- online to help it learn and develop. . following sunday's game cam
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abc 15 sports brought to you by sanderson ford. >> cam newton is upset about the amount of no calls against him. mid way through the third quarter he was dropping back
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line and took him down. the refs didn't throw a flag and that left cam upset. >> i don't feel safe. and enough is enough. you know, i plan on talking to commissioner gadell asht this. it's not fun -- about this. it's not fun. >> so cam whined a little and now the commissioner has promised to call him about the lack of flags. the low hit was an illegal hit. that today. if you watch the end of the play you see him apologizing. but that bad call is just one of many bad calls during that game. especially the first one that gave the panthers a 7-0 lead. the excuse? the replay system was down. as unbelievable as that sounds it's one of many bad and poor excuses we've all witnessed this season. and they wonder why ratings are slipping.


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