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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  November 4, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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a man left to watch his uncle die in front of him. both of them shot in the street in the heart of the serial shooter zone. connection or not? police on the hunt for the gunman. >> no easy task. jon erickson is live and jon, cops are looking for more than one person i understand here?
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the investigation goes on into the night here and as many as four men drove away from this scene in a car after the shooting. there's no clear motive for what led up to this. police got the call before 6:00 tonight. the uncle died on the scene after being shot while the nephew who was also shot is expected to survive. police say a witness heard some sort of conversation going on before the shooting so that figures into it here. we talked with a neighbor who's left to worry for his >> it's not safe for my kids. i'll keep my kids many the house and don't go out because you might get shoot, you know? life is risky so we got to be on it, you know? >> i talked with police. within the last five minutes they expect to be on the scene here well overnight. back to you. >> thank you. that shooting in the area where the serial shooter has murdered seven people dating back to
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no indication this is connected but police want this guy caught. there's a $75,000 reward. breaking news tonight. an active 24 hours for wrong way drivers. this one fortunately stopping before damage was done. stopping on the shoulder. going against traffic on the loop 101. troopers helped to get the driver going again in the right direction. that person was arrested. four nights from now we'll likely know who our next could be a key factor. abc news naming arizona one of three toss-up states and whether voting lines will be manageable. >> tonight we're taking action after the final moments of early voting got tough. abc 15's onita talking with the latest batch of voters. >> it was not expecting a long line this year.
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-- more than they bargained for. these were the lines as people waited to get their vote in. >> it was a little past lynch thyme and now it's -- lunchtime and now it's past dinner thyme. the wait -- dinnerthyme. the wait time up to two hours. >> came here with my 4-year-old daughter. she made it three hours. he still had an hour and a half to go. >> clearly because they've staff staffed i think i counted four people at computers? and then two printers. >> the longest part is checking voter ids making sure everyone could vote. understandable but still a concern because it's not even election day. >> i'm terrified of what's going to happen on tuesday. it's scary. >> election officials say they don't expect these type of
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have more sites available. they had some problems in march so we'll see what happens on tuesday. back to you. >> we'll be watching closely. those long lines mean arizonans are voting early in mass numbers. 1.5 million have voted all. 26% independent and women make up 54% of the votes cast so far. could be the reason for more campaign visits this weekend. dr. ben carson coming to town to campaign for donald trump. he's speaking at the headquarters in phoenix as well as the field office for trump staffers tomorrow afternoon. we're also ready to cover bernie sanders on sunday. he'll rally behind hillary clinton's vision for our economy at central high school. the doors open at 10:45 and
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we're going to make history on tuesday. but it's already happening. there's an energy and excitement out there that i've never seen before in arizona. >> yeah. >> congresswoman an kirkpatrick holding a rally tonight in phoenix. we showed you the rally for john mccain. mitt romney stumping for him. most polls give mccain the edge but some within five points. as we reported at 5:00 for you felony charges filed ton against a man in our state admitting voter fraud. he has legal status but he is not a citizen. still he checked that box anyway and used his driver's license number successfully registering to vote. he pointed out the loophole which we broke down this week. not so fast. a ruling to delay sheriff arpaio's trial tonight. the reason? a paperwork error.
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rerequest that delay. he's facing a criminal charge in a racial profiling case. near strawberry the northbound lanes reopening after a crash. but could close again when crews bring in a tow truck. a lot of people take this route getting away for the weekend. the southbound lanes were split for a while. >> hearing from mcso tonight. a 86-year-old paul refever. we're told he got in from missouri and dpubt know the area -- doesn't know the area. he was trying to head to mesa. on abc 15, a lawsuit filed against the state to possibly cut the cost of medical marijuana cards.
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health department. >> that's right. they just got their hands on this lawsuit. they're looking it over tonightment family's -- tonight. family's pushing for the lower fees say they cannot afford hundreds every year to renew the cards. >> it's a pop of a glean pill for # -- green pill for this 13- year-old. >> this is her grandmother, guardian, and caregiver. >> she was having probably five seizures a day. >> they tried drugs for her epilepsy. >> she was on so many meds that she didn't have any quality of life. >> that's when they turned to medical marijuana. >> that first month she didn't have any seizures at all. >> the relief comes at a price. it's not covered by insurance and every year she has to pay $150 for the card and $200 for a caregiver card because she gives the drug to a minor. >> they don't realize how much
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cost. >> their lawyer is hoping to make this a class action lawsuit for all arizona card holders. >> it got to a point we said enough is enough. >> white says state lawmakers have been interfering since the start. >> it is unclear whether or not the department was permitted to set a fair price or if the department was influenced by other state officials in the process. >> for this family, they say the cost should be the least of their worries. >> nobody should are to make that choice of a car or their child's life. no one should have to. >> this lawsuit also asks the state to refund those patients who have been paying into the state fund for several years. again the governor's office looking over this lawsuit. it came down this afternoon. when they're ready to comment we'll let you know. back to you. >> thank you kim. supporters of legalizing recreational marijuana coming out with a new ad.
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vote waking up the morning after to find it was barely defeated. their message, don't forget and regret to vote on tuesday. pointing out that medical marijuana won by 4,000 votes. police in chandler thankful no one was hurt after a guy in his 20s rammed into a patrol car when the gang unit tried to make a traffic stop. you see our crew showing you the scene. we're waiting for the guy's mug shot. he has not been identified. in scottsdale police on the hunt for a man who tried to rob a wells fargo. he passed a note to a teller and demanded cash. he left without any in a dark colored sedan. the scariest errand of his life. police trying to piece together this one. a man in tolleson leaving his home a couple of minutes. when he comes back two teens inside trying to steal his stuff. he wasn't going to let that
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back before both of them ran away. carolyn cheatham lives down the street. shaken by what happened. >> oh lord. you don't even -- you're not even safe in your own house these days. >> it's possible all three could face charges depending on what evidence is gathered. a house of filth in glendale and dozens of dogs inside, some dead. if the details in a police report are accurate we were flattout lied to. we told u collins months ago. she says she's innocent of animal cruelty. but investigators say they have video of the dogs killing each other. gas siphoning. we reported on this happening in mesa two weeks ago and now reports of the thieves stealing gas near central and indian school. there is a relatively inexpensive fix here if you need it. for $15 you can buy a gas cap with a lock on it.
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update tonight on a little boy who deserves bert. a 23 -- better. a 23-month-old unable to be saved. his caretaker litzet moreno accused of throwing him to the floor several times. she was upset he wouldn't stop crying and wouldn't eat. a kidnapped woman chained by the neck and feet. her accused kidnapper convicted of a kidnapping as a teen here in arizona. she says she saw him shoot and kill her boyfriend. police finding one body today. but they say there could be up to three more there. a you'd think a storm came in but this is from a water main break. a huge effort to get this water out of a strip mall parking lot.
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boats. we've been waiting six months for this. a high of 79 degrees today. the last time we saw highs in the 70s was at the beginning of may. how long will the cooldown last. day by day through your most accurate forecast coming up. terror threats prompting big concerns ahead of the election. campaign plagiarism? again? and why one of the most heated
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paul babeu is abusive.
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by pinal county sheriff paul babeu. disturbing. man: babeu's school was unlicensed, abusive, and dangerous. woman: paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. man: congressional candidate not only ran a boarding school rife with abuse, he supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. paul babeu is unfit to represent us. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. good luck getting into the east valley from phoenix tonight. a traffic alert as weekend closures kicked in. closed until tomorrow morning for bridge work. overnight tomorrow westbound lanes closed from i-17. growing fears tonight about an al-qaeda terror plot in the works targeting new york, texas, and virginia.
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generic. >> right now we're asissing the credibility of it. -- assessing the credibility of it. >> they have attempted hacks on voter registration system. one of which is linked to russia. arizona not specifically named in the threats but the governor's office says arizona's emergency management team is prepared. phoenix police say no credible threat exists in the city and loca looking closely at threats daily. >> we look at the same things. the mere fact that another state has identified our analysts and agents will look through everything we have. >> the fbi says there is absolutely no reason for people to stay away from the polls on election day. it's going to be a busy weekend for hillary clinton and donald trump clinton visiting florida, ohio, and new hampshire.
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including ohio, nevada, and wisconsin. each trying to make a final push for votes. trump in pennsylvania and hillary clinton in ohio at a jay z and beyonce concert. >> let's make sure we send a loud unmistakable message that love trumps hate. >> if she were to win, it would constitutional crisis. this will go on for years folks. >> trump's wife taking heat tonight accused for a second time of plagiarizing a speech. the first time during the convention. the second time for this. >> america meant if you could dream it you could become it. >> those remarks made yesterday in pennsylvania several people online pointing out those are the exact words from a mar la
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interview, trump's second wife. . a lot of fbi agents feeling that the justice department had been corrupted particularly with loretta lynch's meeting with bill clinton before the interview. >> he says he knew nothing of what james comey was going to still working for the agency. campaign signs defaced, vandalized, and destroyed. the thieves are getting personal. even getting on to people's properties to commit the crimes. so far the parties had to replace 16,000 signs. >> it's beyond personal. it's truly what i would call political terror. they are making people feel uncomfortable. >> we checked in with the
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well but nothing to this extent. you could be charged. might seem like a fun thing to do but beware that snapping a selfie of your vote is illegal in several states. orange, illegal. arizona is gray because the law is a little unclear. you can't take photos inside or within 75 feet of a polling place but if you had a ballot mailed to you it's allowed. some people wonder if will be enforced. >> there's going to be that chill effect. freezing up of people's rights. >> a judge ruled that ballot selfies are allowed in colorado. judges in new york held up bans. >> we'll put out a nightly selfie tweet until the election. >> when justin timberlake was about to get in trouble it was
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of my ballot and i said to steve am i going to jail? i was scared. >> you went and cut the tag off the mattress after that. >> wild night in your house. >> if you're headed to the polls here's your election forecast. 63 at 7:00 a.m. 82 at noon. upper 80s around 4:00 in the afternoon and by 7:00 p.m. in the upper 70s. let's talk about temperatures now. it is feeling fantastic out we're at 69 in fee nuks. -- phoenix. a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. drier air works its way in over the weekend. both levels of moisture, humidity and dew point will drop dramatically. a few spots in the 70s across the valleys. la veen at 73. the rest of us in the 60s right now. and farther to the north tracking 50s? sedona and payson and flagstaff
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clouds and radar. lingering showers up north. you can see the core area we're tracking right now is to the east of flagstaff. most of it starting to sink down off of i-40. shifting farther to the south here. getting closer to happy jack in the next couple of hours. moving slow. it's been hovering over the same area throughout much of the night. here's what we can expect tomorrow. a slight chance of a few more showers in the same the rim, far northeast arizona. the valley will be dry. the storm system is pushing to the east. and future cast shows it's going to keep going too. we warm up. 83 for tomorrow. three degrees above average. 85 on sunday and 87 on monday. those temperatures will get warmer on election day with a hief 88 in phoenix -- high of 88 in phoenix. for tomorrow low 80s. a gorgeous morning in phoenix.
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some valley spots in the 50s tonight. queen creek, chandler, and up to the north upper 50s in the overnight forecast. here's tomorrow in the west valley. 82 for your high in lichfield park. glendale 82 degrees. and across the state our coldest spots in the 40s up to the north and along the rim no freezes in the overnight hours. temperatures tomorrow looking fantastic. 60 in show low. 68 in payson. and 85 in bullhead city. we warm things up. peak around 88. a few breezes tuesday and wednesday. some cooler air coming in. no dramatic changes over the next seven days. the skies mostly sunny and the highs in the 80s. >> they all have great deals but which saves you the most? amazon prime against costco and sam's club.
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vo: 13 year-old sabrina told a school counselor she was raped by her uncle. her counselor called sheriff joe arpaio's office.
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for three more years, sabrina's uncle continued to rape her - and arpaio did nothing. rapes, assaults, even child molestation, remain uninvestigated, while arpaio focuses on his personal agenda. arpaio talks tough, but doesn't keep us safe. there's a new player in the
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it's amazon prime. >> so many of you use it to get household products delivered to your doorstep. does it save you money? >> pitting amazon against costco and sam's club. >> sam's cost doe or amazon -- costco or amazon prime. this woman won't buy items anywhere else. >> costco to tal costco. >> -- total costco. >> and from amazon prime. her smart phone is basically replacing her car. >> take two minutes and know that it's going to be in the mailbox or at the door the next day. >> who's getting the best bang for her buck? the crazy coupon lady compared. amazon's buy and save program gives additional discounts.
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surprise that costco was 12% less in average price of those items compared to the subscribing on amazon. >> sam's club takes second place. with costco's membership fee you have to shop more. >> you need to be spending $600 or more per year just to break even. >> it turns out amazon was the most expensive in her test. even with the free shipping. >> $600 is like two or three visits and then you've got it taken care of. it's amazing. i came in for one thing. consider what's important to you. >> costco is blood test if you buy a -- is best if you buy a lot. sam's club best for services and amazon is best for
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abc 15 sports brought to you by sanderson ford. >> break out the tea it's become a boston party. are you sensing a theme? the former gm for the red soks. assistant manager scouting for the you guessed it the new manager also worked for the red sox. will they start serving dunkin' donuts at the field? i wouldn't complain. we can speculate all we want. are these his buddies or are these the best candidates? we can look at the hard evidence and that's the organization all three of them come from.
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boston. a lot of respect for the sox. and judging by their hires the last couple of months the diamondbacks have a lot of respect for them too. as for today's hire tory will be introduced on monday morning. permanent and prominent. a cub's fan in california getting a big tattoo of the world series win. danny campbell got months ago. despite reservations from his own tattoo artist. >> when he hilt that home run to tie it -- hit that home run to tie it i thought i would have to change it. >> he's not ruling out another tattoo predigging another -- predicting another title. new pictures tonight showing the 15th annual food town.
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the three thf day tournament free and open to the public. organizers expect 45,000 penal to be there. >> the -- people to be there. the weather is going to be great. >> this might be the first real nice weekend in six months. >> sunny and dry. temperatures in the 80s. we warm up next week. above average but we're going
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jimmy, hi, welcome to my dressing room. it's your dressing room! ha ha ha! oh, thank you so much for having me on the show. it's a real big deal for me. my book comes out tomorrow. my show on cbs. "the great indoors" premieres on thursday. my appearance on your show is literally the most important one of my life. >> jimmy: oh. wow. you know, i was going to talk to you about that because we have a little problem. >> oh, your infection flared up again? >> jimmy: no. >> what kind of problem are you talking about? >> jimmy: let's see. it's a -- we got a bigger guest and you're not going to be on the show tonight problem. >> bigger guest? bigger than joel mchale? >> jimmy: oh, quite a bit bigger. >> you got beyonce? >> jimmy: no, actually, bigger than -- >> there's nobody bigger than


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