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tv   ABC15 News at 5PM  ABC  November 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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of the team can be different. >> mike: yes, it can change your whole outlook, if someone is injured. >> allen: the offensive line has been a juggle for them all season long. daniels again, with a good first-down, second-down carry, rather. >> mike: and iowa, landing a lot of body punches early i game. and late in the game, the defense is worried more about taking on the block than defeating the block and trying to make the tackle. now, they have to somehow find some energy. nebraska needs a turnover, a takeaway. but right now, iowa, just content the push the ball down their throats. >> allen: now, daniels, over 1,000 yards rushing for the season. and wadley has 861 starting
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down to about the 17 yard line. sets up fourth down and five. >> mike: i would assume we're going to see the field goal team on the field now. but they are going to run the clock down, and think about it. >> allen: i think they're going to run it down, then call time-out. the way kirk ferentz is walking to the line judge on the near side. so, again, this they finish this one up, as it looks like they might, has a chance to get a bowl game, get to a nine-win season, a pretty decent year for a college football team, especially as competitive as the big ten has been this year. time-out. a diamond. now, kay jewelers brings you...the newest c: chocolate. levian chocolate diamonds. only levian, masters of jewelry design for centuries...
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>> allen: a little college football grudgery, going to happen tomorrow in columbus. and "college gameday" will be there. starts at 7:00 a.m. eastern on espn, also on the watch espn website, and on the espn app.
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including the one happening in columbus. fourth down and five, offense still on the field. quarterback kept it! stepped out of bounds at the 4 yard line. the naked bootleg. >> mike: he lulled them to sleep. a gr believe his eyes. he said, he can't be keeping that football. nice execution by beathard. >> allen: it was. so, the clock running, 3:30 to go. maybe the most important stat for nebraska, they've only had the ball for 1:08 in the fourth quarter. iowa's offense has stayed on the field. >> mike: wow. 1:08. holy cow.
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who says time of possession doesn't mean anything? >> allen: well, points per possession is the latest rage in coaching land analysis. and they've been far greater for iowa today than for nebraska. so, inside of 3:00 to go. ball at the 1 yard line. hawkeyes looking to add on to their lead. daniels is the tailback. beathard keeps it. gets hit. didn't get there. >> mike: at this point in the game, i would give it to one of the power backs. the quarterback will take too many hits. just give it to one of those guys, let them move the pile or get over the top. >> allen: beathard has meant to much to the team in his career.
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coach at texas during the mack brown years, says he's had a lot of good ones and beathard is with the best of them. >> mike: compared him to guys that have won a lot of football games. >> allen: into the end zone, untouched for the hawkeyes touchdown goes leshun daniels. >> mike: at this point in the game, nebraska did not look up to the task of stopping iowa. >> allen: daniels, one of the 14 seniors on the hawkeyes squad, into the end zone for the second time today. and now the point-after try from keith duncan. what was that? >> mike: kalu getting another
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two penalties today. >> referee: offsides, defense, unabated to the kicker. half the distance to the goal. redo the try. >> allen: at the very beginning of the game, when iowa scored their first touchdown, the point-after try was blocked. since then, they got a running into the kicker penalty, iowa did, in nebraska's aggression to get to him, that gave them a first down. now, this one that moves the point-after try a little bit closer. 13 plays, every single one of them a running play. 8:10, that drive took. into the end zone, daniels, for
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>> allen: as we wind inside 2:00 in this one, another quick reminder about espn's "college gameday" tomorrow, starting at 7:00 a.m. looking at all the riff rivalry games. and michigan and ohio state, on abc at 12 noon eastern time. >> mike: i think we've seen the last of armstrong. not sure if i want to put him in there if he's injured.
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make sure he's good for that. kick return by jordan nelson. and a lot of whistles, and a little bit of a scrum at the bottom of the pile. we mentioned tomorrow, some great college football watching. michigan/ohio state, the headliner. auburn/alabama, utah/colorado, and how about michigan >> mike: every one of them has college football playoff implications. >> allen: ryker fyfe is in. the backup, with the pin in the left hand. over the top of riley, and incomplete. >> mike: i wonder if he wanted to go in. they have darlington, they probably trust fyfe, but he's
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wrist. >> allen: he's a football player. of course, he wanted to go in. >> mike: it's cold, he has a pin, and had surgery this week. >> allen: did you ever go down and tap someone, and they said, no. >> mike: no, and if they had, i would have looked at them a little cross-eyed. >> allen: a far slant, to bryant. d down and long. almost no gain on that one for the freshman running back. fyfe is in there to throw the ball. >> mike: exactly right. the front from iowa is getting after it. they know, they can smell blood in the water right now.
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-- goes. and fourth down and forever. the thing about nebraska, their chance at the big ten evaporates here in the final minute of play, aside of the one real dud at ohio state, the overtime loss to wisconsin, this has been a massive turnaround for them in mike riley's second year. >> mike: well, he'll find a way. nebraska this year, worked more on the end of they've become better, won the close games they've encountered this year. they've learned from it, and earned the respect of the players and coaches. >> allen: lightbourn will kick, out of bounds, and a kneeldown coming up. now, a flag comes in late. and one more penalty call as well in this one before it's
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frustration and pride. when you have great pride, it's hard to take a loss and get beat on the field. >> allen: yeah. >> referee: after the play was over, unsportsmanlike conduct. kicking team, number 16. 15-yard penalty. iowa ball. first and ten. that's number 16's first unsportsmanlike penalty of the ball game. >> allen: so, a kneeldown coming up for the iowa so, nebraska and iowa will both look ahead to bowl games. but for kirk ferentz and his 14 seniors on this hawkeye team, it will be the happiest of senior days. a win at home over their adjacent rivals, nebraska, and a big win at that. >> mike: both teams will look at the bowl game as an opportunity. >> allen: hands it off one more
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and that will do it. big plays, the big key for this iowa team. and running out the clock late when they needed to with that eight-minute drive. and the final score, the iowa hawkeyes, 40, the nebraska cornhuskers, 14. tomorrow, michigan and ohio state, at noon eastern. for mike bellotti and kris budden and our espn college football crew, allen bestwick
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wrong way drivers on our roads reaching a critical point. 800 calls for wrong way drivers just this year. th and in so many stories innocent drivers are in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> a deputy used her vehicle to stop a wrong way driver a few hours ago. this is the truck after its driver was arrested. the deputy went after the driver for speeding. he didn't stop and blew through red lights. unless the deputy risk her safety to stop him.
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goodyear slammed into a greyhound bus. more than a dozen hurt. >> the driver of that car, 23- year-old sarah castillo-cornejo died. chris gros is in good yn year with more. >> -- goodyear with more. >> i talked to dps and greyhound. the family of the driver as well. westbound in eastbound lanes on i 10 they've got a message for all the people that were injured today. >> we want to apologize to anybody hurt in the accident out there. >> for the family of sarah castillo-cornejo the pain is still fresh. the 23-year-old has been idded as the driver that -- id'ed as the driver that crashed. >> our greatest sympathy goes out to you.
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role in the crash. >> didn't want to believe it. didn't know what to think. >> her family admits they don't know if she was drinking that night. they do have their regrets about her driving. >> we wish that -- but we don't know what happened. we don't know if alcohol was involved. >> they're trying to figure out how to move on while the investigation into the crash begins. now we've talked to some of the local hospitals trying to track of the 14 people transported the hospital. some have already been released. >> we told you how adot is looking at different ways to stop wrong way drivers and put out warnings. they're testing sensors which will warn troopers when someone gets on the road going the wrong way. some have suggested stop sticks. the problem is those are meant for slow speeds and could
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headed in the right direction. a gorgeous friday out across the valley. highs in the low 80s. upper 70s right now. beautiful as the sun setting. a couple of minutes of daylight out there. we will begin to see high cloud cover return as we get to the 10:00 hour. cooling into the low 60s by 10:00. we have some big changes coming up as you look at the satellite radar composite with me. here's that cloud cover in southern azo works its way into the valley. tracking a strong system back to the northwest and that is already prompting winter storm warnings across the high country. this going into effect on sunday. if you're traveling this weekend stick around for the forecast. big changes coming up not only for the high country but the valley as well. our thoughts and prayers to the phoenix fire department as we learn of the death of captain chris.
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accident. it happened near flagstaff. he's survived by a wife and four young daughters. you can imagine the shock and pain they're feeling. because he died he was off duty they need financial support. we have details on learning more about a couple struck by a vehicle. they've been identified as mcso deputy shez his wife elizabeth. friend and family have set up a go fund me page to help during this tough time. the lirng is on our -- link is on our website a crash did not involve a train. two drivers got into a serious accident. both taken to the hospital. one with serious injuries, the other with minor. we're told they will both be
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tashging his time -- taking his time making sure he was thorough. navideh forghani joining us live near 35th and thunderbird. they say this is the third time this has happened to them. >> yes, and they believe the guy in that video is the same guy that's been targeting him. we'll have that video on replay. if you recognize him help police id him. >> he acted as if >> marisela palomo watching the man who she believes has victimized her family is discussing the first time. >> they took very minimal. >> the second time they got a bit more bold taking $7,000 worth of tools out of a work van. >> it's sad that they don't have the respect anymore that they used to have. >> sick and tire of the break- ins she installed cameras. >> we decided it's not going to
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know who it is. >> they got a clear image as he went through the cars. >> i was so upset because it wasn't as if he was in a hurry. he wore black gloves. he was very nonwhat lant. walked from -- nonwhat lant walking from -- nonchalant walking from home to home to home. >> we want to warn everyone so it doesn't happen to them. >> breaking into cars is one members takes us to another level. at 6:00 why the guy crossed the line. a crime trend in the valley. mesa police investigating a rash of purse thefts. we told you about this earlier this week. take a look at the locations hit. mesa rif view -- riverview soccer complex and bible church. a black mini van was speeding away after it happened. some purses founldz in another
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-- found in another park. money, credit cards, stolen. call police if you know anything about this. democracy 2016. the future president in florida with family. he has not slowed down. president-elect trump added two new people to his staff. don mcgahn as his kouns sell. and mcfar -- council and mcfarland president-elect donald trump isn't expected to make cabinet picks today. there appears to be some internal debate about one person trump is considering for secretary of state. mitt romney was tweeted about by the chief of staff. some trump royalists were warning against him. others possibly up for the job include rudy giuliani. a house fire on
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he won?
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today those who lived in this gibb bert this black friday salvaging what they can. >> this near cooper and guadalupe. >> behind me you can see the fence of the fire and police have put it up. it's being used to organize everything leftover after the fire. one man telling us this happened the day before he was having a birthday party for his daughter. >> it's not the way gary


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