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tv   ABC15 News at 500AM  ABC  December 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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>> well chris, we have two total losses, four mobile homes damaged in all. this is a big fire. so i want to set the scene for you. this mobile home behind us is where it started. three people were in this home just before 4:00 in the morning. they heard a few banging noises. they ran outside to see who was going on. they noticed their entire home was going up in flames. look inside the window here it's completely gutted out. but then i want behind this trailer right here. you can't see the mobile home but you can see the smoke rising from it. crews have it mostly under control. they're just using their tools to knock out ceiling tiles. and then two other mobile homes. or at least slightly damaged. we know three people who were in
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we heard from a neighbor there are also some pets who made it out safe. so for now we'll send it back into you. all right. we are off and running this morning. 5:00 here on abc15 mornings. >> yeah, you saw jason out there. he's got the gloves on. iris what can people expect as they hit the road this morning? >> well temperatures are maybe as cold this morning. we're at 43 in now. phoenix will likely drop to 41 before that temperature starts to climb. our temperatures will still be cold this morning and cool this afternoon with some more high clouds later on. i'll break down that hour by hour planner show you whether we've got any rain chances in sight in minutes mallory. here's a look at the freeways. the east side of cactus road
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street you will not be able to use the east side of cactus road. and this is right off of the 51. so as you're trying to get on and off the freeway that's the option you'll want to use. let's get more to breaking news happening right now. it's a story you're seeing first on abc15 mornings with the sxuf video you won't see anywhere else. near talking stick resort. we now know shots were this. justin you just got an update from officers. what are they telling you? >> chris it was just a scary scene here at the talking stick resort. can you see they have some road blocks right here. we kind of go down here you can see where they have most of the investigation set up. that is where it started. this all started in the parking garage here. we have another scene just south
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we have those two sments thankfully they were taken into suspect. a security guard noticed something was up about these folks in a car. so they called salt river police. when they got here that's when the suspect rammed one of those squad cars they were able to get out of the parking garage. they also hit a few patrons here at talking stick. they got on the 101 but the car stalled at the mckelleps. they tried to make a run for it. at this point we don't know what that suspicious activity was. what tipped off that security guard here at talking stick. and at this point you saw a video of that suspect being loaded in the ambulance. not sure what happened there but the good news is both of these folks being taken into custody this morning. a murder mystery in phoenix now has two victims and police
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a second man was shot on a light rail. the guy in the hoody could be the suspect. so if you know who he is or have any info please give police a call. well we've now confirmed the suspect has been killed. two people rescued from the house. the man was barricaded inside a home that you'll see there for several hours. this has now ended. we'll get to the live images later. meanwhile update on an inmate in california. after a seven hour standoff and
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deputies were at his friend's house. somebody noticed that. he escaped to three others by sawing through a window. using the bed sheets to repel out of the building. dan, no shocker here you can't run from police very long. you cannot. 5 minutes after 5:00. officers say this driver 51-year-old seriemine krervatez doesn't remember the crash but admits to having a few beers after work. they are expected to recover. they have broken bones. family and friends will remember 20-year-old tonight. we are waiting on the autopsy results to find out how he died.
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6:00 at the fullton ranch road. this story just breaks your heart. a one-year-old baby killed in a tragic accident and his grandmother is explaining just how quickly their family's life changed. her daughter turned her head and that's when her grandson bolted out of the driveway. she thinks he thought someone would chase him. what she does have to say she thinks all parents should hear. always because something could happen. and you don't ever think that it could happen to you. >> this is devastating loss for this family. she said xavier had only recently learned to walk. are you dreaming of a camel back christmas?
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tree. the annual christmas tree is headed back up to the top of the mountain. there were some questions whether or not there would even be a tree this year. when a group took one up last week it was vandalized and removed. the decorations were litter and trees were not allowed. we talked to one hiker who is ready for that christmas spirit. >> i think it celebrates the season. you know, what we all like to enjoy and be with family and do that and if you're hiking with your family can go up there and take a photo and enjoy that as well and enjoy the view. >> here it's final word. rep says there will be a tree this year. no decorations though and the tree will go up by tomorrow. valley women targeted at busy grocery stores including this one behind me. what you need to know coming up. >> and here's a look at your west valley commute. still no crashes out there.
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early maybe for a hike this morning it is going to be another cold start. i'll show you the latest temperatures around the valley.
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i just love this next story. a happy ending just in time for 314. remember brian. after a huge adoption event there. he's partially blind but still gets around just fine. he now has a new home. he's going to have more than an acre of land to run and play. we want to say thank you to patty and her husband for opening their hearts and their home. >> way to step up. he's going to be a great addition to their family i am
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accurate forecast because when you step outside you're going to be as cold as 24 hours ago. right now we're down into the 30s across much of the valley. and deer valley you were actually in the 40s yesterday all morning long but you've dropped into the upper 30s too. chilly to cold across the valley. 35 in chandler. it's 36 in mesa and glendale you're check engine in the 30s too. phoenix sky harbor come at 43 now. another couple degrees just like yesterday by around 7:00. so right around sunrise our temperature will drop to 41 degrees. so jacket weather as you step outside certainly for the kids. bundle them up. temperatures are going to stay in the 40s. it's going to be another cool day. so by lunchtime 56. some high clouds drifting in through the day. but a dry forecast for our
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63 degrees. we'll start cooling pretty quickly by sunset. we'll talk about tomorrow's storm system and whether that's going to bring any rain in minutes for all you drivers heading on loop 101 in the next couple of minutes really light traffic here. southbound from grand avenue to the 10. once you're on the 10 we're looking good. and if you're headed the other direction let's give at our a-dot camera. i'm also going to give you a look at that crash on cactus road. you may have to find a different route to work out this morning. breaking news coming in right now. the chopper just getting overhead of a business explosion. >> so you want your tv and internet services bundled with a great price. coming up joe lets you know what happened to one valley man who
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in this morning's first gma look an olive oil trade. >> a shocking 80% of the extra virgin olive oil that you buy in your supermarket isn't the real deal. >> in a suit filed this week the north american the dr. oz shows tells them they will defend the story. adding that the statue the lawsuit is based on is discredited and constitutionally questionable. we'll have more on that legal fight coming up at 7:00 a.m.
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have a developing story coming out of texas right now. a business explosion. 20 miles southwest of houston. this is going to be in stafford, texas. these are live images coming in right now. let me see what my notes have. the explosion happened around 45 minutes ago at an electric utility company. neighbors said they heard the explosion and could see a tremendous amount of smoke. this is all happening in this area outside of houston. no injuries to report. we dan. we are staying on top what is a very dangerous trend out there especially for women who get targeted in parking lots. >> the victims were car-jacked within the last week. abc15's katie connor is live near 55th avenue and northern. that's where this most recent attack happened and katie this is especially concerning because these suspects are still out there. >> yeah, in both cases danielle just last night the victim tells
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came up to her, demanded her keys. first she thought it was a joke but that's when a third guy walked up. she handed over her car which should be other easy to spot. it is an orange copper dodge. now this mo is similar to what happened a few nights ago at a different walmart. this one off of 79th avenue in pioria. the victim tells us three men she says they didn't know they took her keys and wallet until she got to the front of the store to pay for everything and once she came outside that's when she realized her car was stolen. her car was fortunately found a few days later out in avendale. we are asking if these two cases could be connected. and we have a traffic alert
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this is southbound at pioria avenue. looks like dps is trying to clear out some debris in that lane. as the dps trooper halls it over to the right-hand side. i don't know if this is a crash and that's the debris left in the roadway and you can see them stopping traffic trying to get this all cleaned up. so it could take several minutes until traffic is flowing. i'm going to give you a look at those delays you can expect in minutes. now back to the live desk here and those wild fires are not slowing in tennessee. seven people are now dead. and officials say the fires are likely human cause possibly by arsonist. thousands of acres are on fire. high winds and the dry conditions not helping firefighters. have you seen these images? some of what's left and it's not really much. more than 700 structures have been destroyed. most of the resort town of
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of the same home. dozens of people injured. i want you to see this photo here. more than 200 firefighters battling the blaze and this is a look at their efforts here. taking a nap on a sidewalk. if anybody ever has a complaint i want to remind you to pull up this photo. this by the way was their first break in hours. if you don't think a first responder you really should because this is what they did. >> yeah i've been in those make shif firefighters. there is some hope thanks to dollywood. dolly parton's foundation will donate to the families. good morning. joe ducey here. you've seen these deals where if you bundle tv and internet you can get a good price.
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>> call now. >> and melvin normalacoff had high prices for this low cost. >> we were looking for internet and phone. >> workers installed a satellite dish. there's a hitch. century link is not available in his new valley subdivision. >> i said you've got to be kidding i said i have a satellite on my roof. >> and he'd have to pay to cancel. >> it will cost you about $150. >> no great deal. no >> i said you've got to be kidding. >> so melvin let me know. volunteer mj directed melvin where to call and e-mail the business. melvin liked direct tv service and didn't want to change. >> he solved my problem and i'm happy. >> melvin said he got quote a call from the office of the president of direct tv. true or not it sounded impressive and sos the direct tv
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is a gift card and i'll give you four months for free and i said okay. >> and he liked the monthly price. problem solved. >> glad it worked out. >> at&t which owns direct tv says we apologize for any ib convenience mr. novacoff experienced. thanks to direct tv for taking care of that. if you've got a problem let me know. i wanted to show you this time lapse from the arizona department of environmental quality as we've got some high clouds drifting in but they're going to be a little hard to see. you'll notice them throughout the day especially throughout the morning. those high clouds drifting in from southern california. out'd ahead of a storm system. those clouds not producing any rain. all dry on abc15 desert doppler in the valley and really across the state. and i expect today is going to stay that way.
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to build up through the north. that storm system tomorrow sinks south and moves into our state bringing back some snow chances into the high country. but the valley for now still looking pretty dry. so i'm not bringing rain chances back just yet. we'll see mostly clear skies. partly cloudy but not until tonight and then we'll see those partly cloudy condi in tomorrow. possibly a stray shower or two south of cassa grande. then we start to clear out that storm system on saturday. sunday looks dry. even that one looking too dry for valley rain chances. for now i think at most you'll see more clouds. but likely not going to see any rain here in the valley. so your most accurate forecast for today right now
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it's going to be another cool start. warming to 56 degrees by noon. temperatures do get a little bit warmer as we go into the weekend. we'll talk more about how strong the breezes will be in the next few days in minutes. abc15 desert drive times brought to you by century link prism. >> this is southbound right at pioria avenue. remember a couple of minutes ago i was showing you there was debris in the it is definitely heavy as you're approaching pioria. it really hasn't effected it too much. still looking at about a 16 minute drive time. you never know it could get worse before it gets better there. i'll give you a closer look at that coming up as well. basically between about 75th and 51st avenue.
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?it's operation santa claus ? ? you know that jingle and it's time to take action and help out operation santa claus. we are collecting money, toys, kids clothes and non parishable food items. >> dropping off your donation is so easy to do. come on by the abc15 studios or drop it off at an ups store.
5:26 am millions are taking part in world aids day. >> you can take part too if you'd like by visiting the parsons center for health and wellness. >> this fight is personal and it is elm bodied in each and every panel here today represented by each and every individual who is no longer with us. >> the panels brought to by aunt rita's foundation will be on display until december 8th. ahead of our next storm system we'll talk about how strong the winds will be in the valley next. >> right now on i-10 as well as i-17 so your desert drive times are straight ahead. >> this is going to be a situation in mesa where multiple homes have burned.
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>> today a presidential recount begins. where will we find president elect donald ?
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from grand canyon university. ? [vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event?
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month's lease payment on select models. sales event ends january 3rd. what a scene along the 101 as police investigate two different crime scenes right now. this is the first one. what happened after a suspect started ramming squad cars that
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>> and a tacoma, washington police officer has died. i'll explain what happened here while you were sleeping. >> plus a safety alert this morning. women targeted in parking lots just like this one. coming up what you need to know to stay safe. breaking news first. >> on abc15. >> okay. right before the holidays and we know three people are be without a home. a woman, her older daughter and a child. they live in this mobile home right here. it's been completely gutted by fire. a spokes person with rural metro said the woman heard some banging noises. she described them as banging noises. she ran out and discovered her mobile home on fire. there's another home right behind here. we don't know which one started
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tells us they had a little bit of a complication with that other trailer. there was a leak in the natural gas line. they say it's pretty common the fire will melt the meter. so they had to deal with that and even though they started almost a couple hours ago at this point they're just now starting to get some of the hot spots under control. four total trailer parks are damaged. that's not the only breaking news happening. there's an an officer-involved shooting. this is going to be right outside a scottsdale casino. let's talk weather now. iris people on my facebook talking about doing extreme measures. socks and sandals. >> it is cold. temperatures have dropped into the 30s and 40s. if you were cold yesterday you needed those warm socks. you're going to pretty much feel the same thing this morning. much of the valley has fallen into the 30s. we're going to cool through the
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that temperature climb and we're only going to warm to 63 degrees today. another cool day on tap. we'll talk about whether we're going to see any rain chances if with our next system next. >> and you are seeing a little bit of slowing right now. there was some debris in the freeway. they have it completely cleared off but it looks like a file of slowing there. besides that our other slow point is going to be out valley. you're slow from 83rd to 51st avenue or so. but then we also have a road closure on cactus. i'll give you a look at that next. mallory i want to update everybody on the breaking news you saw first on abc15 mornings here. a wild night for police officers in the east valley after two suspects, they go on a rampage ramming patrol cars right outside a scottsdale casino.
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justin what's the situation? >> chris, i've got to tell you, you know, it was really scary because this happened in the garage of talking stick resort. a lot of folks were in that casino at the time. a lot of folks in the garage. that suspect was hitting some of those folks. let's take a look. this is the first crime scene right here. right outside the talking stick resort. you can kind of see investigators down there. this all started when one of those security officers here, they noticed something was up about this car with two f inside. they called salt river police when they got here those suspects rammed that squad car. they were able to get out of that parking garage. once they got out of that parking garage they rammed another squad car. that officer opened fire on those suspects. that's when the suspects took off. they got on the 101. the car stalled at mckelleps. we do have that exclusive video of those folks being taken into
5:34 am
that suspicious activity was that tipped off that security officer. the newest information in scottsdale. meanwhile i have a breaking news update. i hate seeing these images. this is going to be the new video coming in out after washington. it's going to be the precession here of a law enforcement officer, a police officer who died in the line of duty. and you see his fellow men and women there lining the sidewalk saying good-bye. this after the officer was shot and killed in tacoma, whi late last night responding to a domestic violence call. >> did you hear those pops? that was gunfire. that 38-year-old he's dead and he was fighting with his wife at the time when he locked her out of the house. officers responded and when they arrived he then fired at the officers. two children are safe.
5:35 am
these domestic violence calls some of the most dangerous to respond to. happening today the final good-bye to a phoenix fire captain. the funeral for captain chris fitsmaurice. it will also be a tough days for those in michigan. friends and family will have to say good-bye to wayne state officer collin rose. he was shot and killed off campus giving. police have since arrested the accused killer. two car-jackings. very similar circumstances kind of has us wondering are these related? this is near 55th avenue in northern. a woman says two teenagers walked up and asked for her keys and then a third person showed up. turned serious there.
5:36 am
5 few days before that a woman's car was found in avendale. no suspect information though. the victim tells us three guys were working together and followed her around the store. keep an eye on your surroundings at all times. katie what do people need to know or remember? >> well police say your best protection is to be prepared. make sure you always park in a well lit area like this here in this parking lot. car make sure you look in your car and also use a flashlight to make sure no one is hiding under there. police say make sure you keep your car doors locked and your windows rolled up especially if you're an at a red light or stop sign. if you're inside the car get out and leave everything behind. parents if you have a child in the car with you, let the
5:37 am
time try to get your child out. police tell me at the end of the day thieves don't want your child they just want your car. we try to remind everybody too do not leave any valuables in your front seat like this one. your purse police say is best to hide on the floor or also in the very back of your car. reporting live katie connor abc15 news. >> thank you katie. it is judgment day news. >> thank you katie. it is judgment day for a state lawmaker. she'll be sentenceed today for the misdemeanor count. this is the most bizarre animal cases. about 70 animals dogs, snakes, spiders, birds, even hedge hogs all rescued from a home in east mesa.
5:38 am
>> so what they're doing is raising these animals to sell to pet stores. so this is a money type operation. >> no arrests made yet but we did talk to two people who lived in that home all they would tell us is those animals were never mistreated. i have a brand new warning going out for foreign indo nooegss. coming from australian officials warning to stay away from jahcarda tomorrow over the capital's christian governor. similar protests last month led to clashes with police and one person died. this is the newest warning coming out this morning. we've got some new video out of the south. at least 13 tornados toppling trees and destroying homes.
5:39 am
thousands of people are without power this morning. the hardest hit areas we're talking alabama, louisiana, mississippi, and tennessee. iris my family lives in northern alabama. they're okay but my goodness this comes so close every time. certainly. and now the good news is the storms are starting to clear off to the east. we're still seeing some of that wrap around snow up through michigan. something we'll keep a close eye on here. right now heavy. now back here at home we're tracking some changes to our weather conditions too. a storm system developing to our north and we've got clouds to the west. those clouds you'll notice them as you step outside but they're fairly high clouds. we'll call it mostly sunny to at times partly cloudy through the day today. despite those clouds temperatures are still cold. we're back here to the 30s and 40s across the valley.
5:40 am
talking temperatures in the teens. it's going to be another cool day today with highs in the 60s through central arizona. 40s and fiftsd across that -- 50s across that northern pocket of our state. highs in the low 60s below average temperatures. i'll break down your hour by hour planner next. >> and iris we have a crash right now on cactus road that is restricting traffic for your morning drive. this happened earlier this morning. it looks like a hydrant. so cactus road eastbound is closed from cape creek to east 24th street. make sure you hop up and use greenway. especially right off the 51. that's going to be your best option this morning. you are seeing your delays kind of extend out in the west valley on the 10 until you hit 35th avenue. this is going to be i-10 right at state route 43. you can see some flashing light.
5:41 am
with but it's not effecting your main line of traffic guys. just about 5:41 'tis the season for bright lights and giant floats. >> i will be there. and i'll watch it. the 85th electric light parade. the arizona twirling athletes are finally ready. they hope to dazzle the judges. 30 twirlers, lighted dresses as princesses. they work to make it happen 8 hours a day. >> and also this is the parade's 30th year. starts at zp.m. at central and montebello. you can catch a replay right here on abc15 at 4:00 p.m. on sunday. listen to this. brand new this morning a major nt y 'ev tth.
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teeth, nd u'rfes.
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this is a pile of rubble and these are live images coming out of phoenix. after a business exploded this morning. 20 miles southwest of houston there in stafford. this is an electric utility company is what we're being told. nobody was injured. people nearby saying that their houses were shaking, their beside were shaking and at this point police and fire crews on the scene do not believe it is suspicious. let's turn 2016. the first candidate driven statewide recount of a presidential election in 16 years will begin this morning. donald trump won by less than a percentage points. green party candidate jill stein asked for a recount in wisconsin, michigan, and pennsylvania. no word if she's going to ask for a recount in the states that hillary clinton won. >> a pure democracy hillary clinton would have won.
5:46 am
the associated press saying her popular vote total is now 64.8 million. donald trump as for jill stein who is leading the recount efforts she received 1.4 million votes. regardless of what happens with the recount president elect donald trump is ready to say thank you to the voters. he will begin his thank you tour today alongside vice president elect mike pence. the first stop corporation in indianapolis for donald trump secured a deal that will hopefully secure jobs here in the united states. we have some film just moments before that plane crashed. there are even interviews with the coach praising the airliner. so far 45 of the 71 bodies have been identified from that crash.
5:47 am
the team. they will play their final game of the season with some help from a youth team. colony collapse disorder. bees just disappear. that is not what happened in skwim, washington. the owners who had first thought that a bear was responsible now believe that the hies were poisoned and police are investigating. some good news to report mica the dog was we told you this pup had escaped yesterday. and mexico city's airport took off big social media campaign began to find the dog. great news. >> and some good news for major league baseball too. it has a new labor deal. happy to say the owners and player's union they reached a 5-year deal. part of that plan includes international gains.
5:48 am
developing stories. overnight the associated press revealed the league that wins the all star game. major league baseball will no longer get home field advantage. it will go to the penant winner with the better regular season record. the coach of the minnesota vikings is going to have emergency eye surgery to his right eye we've just learned and he may not even make tonight's game. he tore his retina weeks ago. had a procedure to repair it and it turns out this may be a complication to that danielle. well would you rather pay $2 a dose for a prescription or $750? that's a no-brainer. from $13.50 a tablet to $750. the drug treats a parasitic
5:49 am
immune systems. students were able to create that active ingredient. they created so much it would sell between $35,000 and $110,000. 17 years old and they were able to make that happen. well it is the season of giving. some local organizations are asking for socks. >> very interesting here. did you know needed but the least donated items to homeless shelters. families giving back. they say socks cans keep you warm and they can keep you healthy. >> foot care is one of the most important things that affects overall health. so knowing that our clients' feet are dry and protected in the cold winter months is very
5:50 am
starts today. we are off to a cold start across the state again like yesterday. we've got freeze alerts again too. they're mainly for spots south of casa grande. freeze warnings in effect. temperatures are back well below freezing in the 20s and low 30s down there. no freeze alerts for the phoenix metro but we're waking up to some cold temperatures. in fact temperatures right where they were at the yesterday. no changes really from 24 hours ago as we drop back into the low 40s in phoenix. i do think we're going to drop to around 41 by sunrise. so it will be cold again just like yesterday morning and keep in mind we've got a lot of 30s in the valley. so jacket weather as you get ready to step outside. staying in the 40s really through the 10:00 hour. but by lunchtime we're still going to be in the mid 50s.
5:51 am
towards noon. today's high up to 60 degrees. milder than what we topped out yesterday. difference in our skies. you're going to notice more high clouds through the day and those clouds sticking up a bit. that next storm system not going to bring any valley rain showers. we're also going to feel some stronger breezes with gusts at times. low 60s to wrap up the week but then a little milder as we go into the weekend. we'll talk more about when the tomorrow in minutes. and iris we do have a new crash right now for east valley drivers and it looks like it's partially blocking the onramp there coming from the u.s. 60. and partially blocking that right lane of traffic. you can see those hazard lights on there. so it's going to slow down both freeways. i-10 westbound just past the 60
5:52 am
this point. definitely could get worse there. and then i-10 even before baseline you're going to start to see those brake lights. besides the east valley crash you're looking all right, sir. this is going to be on the i-17 at about glendale and then the 10 your usual spots. but we'll give you a closer look at those desert drive times coming up. he only knew three >> a young boy's life cut short in a tragic accident. now his grandmother has a message for all parents.
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?it's operation santa claus muse as you know operation santa claus benefits for charities here in the valley. it helps >> marg. alex hawkez is just one of the veterans she helps out. he couldn't work. found himself struggling when the holidays showed up. >> last christmas you know i sold all my toys, tools everything i could do to make ends meet but we were short last christmas. when i'm used to taking care of
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out. >> that's where military assistance came through. you know it's time to take action and help out people like alex and others through operation santa claus. we're collecting clothes, money, and non parishable food items. >> and you'll get one entry for every thing you give to. high temperatures today will only make it into the low 60s for the valley. but i'll show you how cold it will be when you step outside next. >> we have a crash slowing things down for u.s. 60 drives. i'll show you how to get around it next. >> two homes completely gone. two others damaged. it's a mobile home fire in the east valley. >> just ahead of the anniversary of the san bernardino attacks. new information about the shooters that the fbi uncovered
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breaking news at 6:00 right now. flames and explosions this morning at a mobile home park in mesa. four homes scorched right now. of the scene along the apache trail just off the loop 202. we have it pinpointed right
6:00 am
this morning. last time we checked in with you they were still putting out hot spots. >> they finally got nose hot spots out on these two -- those two hot spots out on these two mobile trailers. on the other side of this block of mobile homes and ijust learned arson investigators from the maricopa county sheriff's office will be coming out and taking a look at the scene. firefighters don't know exactly what started this fire. scene this trailer house we're standing right in front of actually had a natural gas leak that was causing some problems. that gas leak probably caused by the fire itself. firefighters had to get that out. had to deal with a lot of hot spots. this fire burning very hot. total loss on two trailers. there were three people who were home. a woman, her older daughter and then a child were all in one trailer when this started


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