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tv   News 5 Today at 5AM  NBC  January 19, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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be coming to many people's services. are some the chang are on e table. they include incasing the equency ofeveral routes from 30 minutes to5... adding saturday service to route ... restructurinveral routes acss the city analso imoving the matou rings shute serve. onhen nacision is made, the changes will ginto effect thimay. there are six public meetings you can goif you want to go to. here's wheree of them are being held. the rst one is today from two to four, here at library 2c. and two more meetings wi be held tomorrow at city hall from 10o 12 and five to seven. for the full list of meetings and more details othe prosed chges, just head on over to our webse, we are koaa dot co now, reporting live in colorado sings, jona wise,news. colorado joined the nation in noring the life of "dr. martin luther king, jr." monday... and today fort carson is celebrating the late civil
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e motain post will host an enis aernoon cated to m-l-k. n-double a-c-p coloradsprings chapter president henry len will deliver a kte address. the theme of thiyear's event is "remember.. lebrate and act!" that starts at 2in the elkhorn conference room. yesterday... several celeations took place acrossouthern lorado... around 200 people joined in an m-l-k mah in colado springs last night. thdiverse group of marchs made their way from acacia park to colorado college, singing trional civi rights sgs andolding signs and banners horing dr. king. "this is what dr. king itilled in l of us, is racial equality and for everyone to get together and a beautiful thing." the march waorganized by coloraollege and n-double a-p, aore th5 emees wi-s-a-aurance tookart. and in pueblo... many people came together for a
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through downtown. they then joined together for singing and dancing... and ynote address at the el pueblo history museum. it a powerful day for many who return to this event eve year. and the theme... "sll moving fod" "we have to mber because i we fget where from, can't ve forward you kw? and u tend to repeat what you've already comehrough" the celebrations ended last nighwith a panel discussion at c-s-u pueblo. a remindhimorning. thodays ofcially the start of tax ason! e i-r-s will begin accepti dividual electroc retus sttingoday. ur eloyehas til bruary 1st to getour w-2 rm. you haventil april 18th of th year to fe yo 201tax
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athetrafon ts. teorologist stephen bowers is here nowith first er5. the morning drive can be a snowy drive, especially between lorado springs and denr. teeraturesill be in upper 20s to ler 30s. a cold frontoved through colorado early this morng. the upslope wind bind the cold front is generating snow fm denver south. thatnow is moving over mo hand intoorado sps this morni thst snowill only amou to an inc two and will blimited to mont hill. temperatur in snowy areas arnearr just bel fezin ahead ofhe sw, tperature e ilin t uer 3 a lowe40s. snowilbe arounfor th morng drive,hoh acmulati ay frorthn elascotynd telr unty wi bmimal. thsnow wl be lg ney 10 am around lodoprgs monumentanpulond on s waout for southereas arnd trida byoo even e clouds are eaking u e n ll ce out this
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chamonship me ain theatriots sold in a mter ut! as we to you.. th wt ale stday at noon ifoue iltryingo ato ndayam.. gey she o aot y! u can find them on-line... thcheapest at 0-llars! some as "high" as 10-grand!!! and a reminder this morning... police sayou shouluse site likehen-f-l exchangean
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guarantees for the tke they'rselling. but broncos fans, aren't too happy out other fans selling theitiets. here were a lot of those yello towels flyg around and the lasthing we need is bunch of paiotsans in stadium come sunday. its our home a we ne tbe there and be loud. don't sell your tickets to patrio fans cause that's where most them go is the opposing teams. of coue the cheast ticket in the house--wating it from yourery owving ! me this nd. a faly in lileton wi b divid in uque way! theye big broncofans except for their first rnon... who has gonegast the famil grain... evyone is a broncos n except for m. but... his defense...
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hamuch of a chce. s pares deded ame him after oever won thperbow in 2005,. hence e name brady. but the weiblers wee-blurs didn't stop th 2007 peyton manning led the colts to a super bowl so they nameeir second son peyton. s sunday, if the broncos lose, things could get ugly in the weibler wee-blur household. m going to punchbrotr t face." brady says he'll only wah the game with his family if ere's food dnstairs. t... if t patots lose, he say
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saving liv is not st for profsials... the skill experts say every
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in tod'sour hey family... learning or actuly havg to perfm c-p-r on somebodmay soinmidating tsome people expertsay it skie l shou learn. becae yover ow wn you might need to stepn to se a life. "jet zlarepos --- pk-- so chr fielder, red cross cpr instruor "y're into sustain life. it bter thanoi notng at a." chris field haseen with themerin red cross fo 25 yearsanteaches cp classes. but ehasizes that with or wiout form training... sot: chris fielderred cross cpr instructor "even if it's not perfect, even if you're not certifie" people who find theelves in an
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difference. simply by learning chest mpressns... sot: chris flder, red cross cpr instructor "compressions are thmost important part of cpr. circulating that blood because tre is ing to be so oxygen still ft in ose lungeven when the person bec conscious...ts "1nd 2 a 3 and 4nd 5..." sot:is fer, red s r instruct "tlicking u hear i meanism inhe mannequin that you're compressinghe chest at the prer dth which is abou two es impot tow.ecauseany peop arefraithey mig aca riif thetry doin mpssions on unconscious ct. cracked rib ist life thatin cardiac arrt is... w leaincpis so critical... nats "it's ing praredn al vels bse nof u can edicwhen we may ca upoto save aife. ts "place my face on tighten er the mou..." the scuereaths are also very portant as you want get ygennto the ngs of someone o n't eathing. nats
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th bk to comprsion..." and saysielder, you would coinuen cyes of 30 compns and two breaths uslly unherriv or there are signof lif wh tim of e ese, wh no e else is around or ows w top,ou me on one who do sothing. ne and two a three and ur." sot: chr fielderred crs r structor "in just a few minutes with a lile practice you can sa a li" p-r clase offered thh the red s online and also in a oom. once youlearned the illsneeded, yocan get certied. en if don't ge ceied, learnthe basics of c-pll enayoto ovide if anen you oun emerncy tuatio her d traffic the 5 meteologt stepn bors i here n witfit alert 5. the morng ivcan be anowy
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mpatures wl iupr 20 lower 3 a ld fnt movedhrough colorado early this morning. the upslope wind behd the cold front is generating snow from denver south that snow is moving over monume hiland to corad springs this morng. the aviest sw will only ount to an inch or two and wille limited to monen hill. temperates in the snowy area are ar or ju bow freezing. ahead the snow, temperares are stl in the uer 3 and wer s.snowl be ad for the morning drive, tugh accumulatiway from nthern elaso county andler county willnimal. the snow will be long goney 10 am around lorado sings, nt, pundn its y our southern areas around trinidad. by noon, evethe clou are breaki up.
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,,,,,,,,,,,, in today'sealth wa.. testing for h-i-v remains at an arming.... low level among young peop. in fact... data from e c-d-c veals that on a quarter of sexually acte teenana irofoung adults have been screen f h-i-v. this is disturbing for resears...
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thousa-i-v positive youths inhe u-s are uiagnosed. exrtsay low reening rates -- among young aen and ack women re especlly coning ... becae they repsent t marityf new ctions in peop und 24. despitother reports... new rech confirms that any amou of gular exercise willower the risk of heart diase and early deat some studies have suggested too much aeric exercise may be as harml to the hea abeing sedentary. but scientists at the american coege of cardiogy sports say that while the pes fromorous exercise do le ou--enefits far outwei the for some... wekeends can be ju abusy as the work week... but you might want to spend your saturdays ansundays catching up on sleep... becausexpeis may offset health prlemsassociated with sleep loss. resear suggests that four
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your risk ofiabetes by 16-pernt! buafr twnigh of te sleep -- the levs turno noal. we.. researchs y ngerer uds e needed to confirm esrelt ill ahead... all thblue a orae madns means big business for colorado springs. houpcoming game is bringing in money for lol stores! our r tender twith allhitereasmeat andnortifial esertive it's harto ris even for us. yoate l the turkey for our rhode island mart! how am suppod to quality control if i c't eathe product you wo in accounng thtender ey breast sandwi,
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, welce back... inhis morning'consumer watc... itill cost y more to send mail ithe near future. the ptal serv and they are raising i shngce ting sunday... the prices oprri mail and priority mail express will go up. priority mail in9- point-8-percent ilthe faster priority mail express jumps on average oint-4-pnt. is thrst princrease ine than yeaoroth
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ccked, and e price of a stamp will stay the sa at 49 cents. yoll soon be seeinmore mily swsn netflix. thcompany sa they armaking a spial effort to produce programmg for il and milies this comingr. the streing rvicwillff 20ew programs in the category. which will be led by next month's emiere rake of popular sit- comfull house." netflix says they' putting an emphis on family entertainment because there's not enoughprogramming r chilen and familiestraditional right no uber is king theompany to new heights! stenthis.. the ride-sharing service will soon be partnering wh -bus" on at progra ovide helicopter rides for users on deman acrding to "shable-dot- m" uspokespeon has confirmed the partnersp an says a trial run will happ at th sundance film festival ipark
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no word yet ow mucit wl st . when the denvebrons having a good season.. so do busisses here soutrnolorad at rig.. sometores say th seepike inales wn th broncos advance in the playoffs. it's a welcomed time apatsy's candies use the christmas rush is er and valtine's d istill off. but e bl and orae taffy is a big seer rhtow! in fact, they to ock the blueberry! abuffalo gals tering" so extrarilled tri-tilast weekend to peosay they were takifor gati befor the cos me. the owner sa busins will ly dble as t b coue to pl a win. "we've arranged to bring in about 16 cases of i-p for the nextwo weeks that we'll be grilling serving and slicing. the catere even offeat they call a tailgate speci
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ather and afc on ts. teologist sthen bowers i here now witfirst alert 5. the morning dre can be a snowy dre, eecially beeen colorado springs denr. temperatures will be in upper 20s to lower0s. a cold front mov thr colorado early this moin the upslope wind behind the cold front is geratinsnowro denver south. thatnow movinov numeill d in coro spris this morning. e heiest sll only amnt to an ior two a llmited to monument hi. mperates ithe snowy eas near ojustelowreezing. ahd of t sno tperatures are still in thepper 30snd wer sn wilbe aund for e morning e,hough accumula away fr norn elasun a tlecoty lle mima e owl longo by am arod lora sin, monu, and eblo andn its way for soutrn areas arou tridad.
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breang the suwillt this afternoon and warm uinto t 40s. ome ba-- you'll have a chance today to ha your ice heard about proposed changes to mountain metro transit. m-m-t is lking tincrease the frequency of several routes from 30 minutes to 15... adding a saturday service toroute 10... restructurg several utes
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welcomck-- ll hava chce tayo veour voice heard out oposedhang to mountain meo transit. m-m-t is looking tse tncy of several routes from 30 minutes to5... adding a saturdaservice to route 10... restructuring veral routes acro the city and al improving e masprings shuttle service. oncehen a nal decisi i made, the changes will ginto effect thimay. there are six public meetings you can go to if you want to go to. e firsone is today from two to four, he at library 21-c. and two re meetings ll be held tomorrow at city ha from 10 to 12 and fi to seven. toda.. 21-year-old "joshua hain" ll appear in an el paso county courtroom. he'sccusedf starting a hse fire that killedour dogs in the -hundred block of jon
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investigators say the fire sparked in theasement ofhe house. according to police... harvin is related to one of the residents... and even previously lived there. luckily no one was home at theme.. the two op lg there were splaced. harvin fes charges of arson... crinal mch. cry to animals. this morng we're learng more out at deadlshooting at araphoe gh schl o ars ag a new rert jt releed... says tre werwarnin signs... d administrators could have done more to possiy prent it. the highlyrical port.. reed b"cs center forhe sty and prevenon of violence"... sa the sool issed obvious warngs. d we resnsible f major failures in mmunicatio it also reveals neither staff nor e stentshemsves, reported behavior at should have been a red flag. the gunman 18 yr old arl pierson", killed himselffter shooting "claiav". e died dayafteth ta. claire was only 17.
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to force schools to "share wt's know abo a udent, whoomts vle act ainst students or achers. michaed redavis say ey'r"noturprised" by t report's findings. but they hope it will lead to anges. 83to a cer degree this rely isn about claire or karl anymore .this is about helping to identify the xt kid who is in crisisnd needselp and making sure schools ar preped to help them...46 428 hopefully it's this generion of alts th makes e changes, the n generation wildenily be safer 407 it's a gift at we've given to theamilies of cado and anyone involved wildren y inhe p school syst 17 because claire not coming me 21 her parents... frequently visit "clarity commons"... built in clae's honor..
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meets former classmas of claires... who are still ruggling with thloss. sohernolorado doctor is working improve the way patients are treed head injuries- while skiing o owboarding uin mountn towns. at many of theseki towns... there no ain injury specialist on teo treat paents. now a ct from pueblo is chnologyo angeat... using a comp, a cara and trning. dr"roc co-sla khlais arain injury specialist at st. mary-cwin medical ceer. and is now part ofentu heth -- tele-concussion program. he's trainrs a dto at oer mal oices aro the state... the fit summit coty.. toat and dgnos concussis while to wah and inract tough a sereeb cam. o esntllshe isy teion anshe's doin physical exaonhe pient "it's not just a pho call yo physician is making to a speclist, it the physician able to put
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the teleconcussion svices are also bngxpanded to durango and can city orng... warning fopet nersn colorado... r iree inoye rerted alonghe frorange. expertsay the stngth of coyoe underestimated and can be very dangerous... they can often times stalk out ur pets... and remb wn you take them out ofhe hou. if you run into one of theimals. exrts say to make eye contact with coyes and go wat withools that make sound or produ light. also... make exaggerated... loud and aertive movements. mostmportantly.. avoid any areas where you see coyote meoreaer traffic the 5s. meteorologist ephen bowers is here now with first alert 5. the morng drivcan be a swy drive, especially between
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temperatures will be in upper 20s to low 30s. cold frohrough cora ely this morng.upehind the co front is gerating snow fdenver south. th snow is ming over nunt hl antoolorado rings this morning. the avst snow willnly am t incor t and wille lited mont hill teatur in e snowareas are nearr stelow freezing. ahd ofhe sw, temperares e ill the upper and lower 40s. ow will arofothe rning thoug mulationwaom nthern pascotyndeller co wi bminimal. e owilbe longoney 10 amuncolorado springs, monument, and pueblo and on its way out for southern areas around tnid. byoon, even the clou are breang up. the sun will come outhis
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fa se snow u'reeaded north th rning. les take yivto monent hill and news s joanna wis-
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still ahead... a woman and her baby rcued
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plus... a police chase turns into a puppy pursuit! how severalogs
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welcome back... celebrations rang out all across the country for the late doctor martin luther ki junior monday... in whiton d-c yesterday b-i director "jamecomey" participated ia wreath-laying ceremot e ki memorial. and president obama and the rst lady also nod ki's lifend legacy byolteing atn elemen school. tho help plant vegetable seeds in a garbed and later helped pk backpacks thooks for in nd. while. e sech ctinues f 12 manes onboard tw helicopters that colded off e coast of hawaii. so far debs d th life-rafts he been found in the ocean. but ficis sachoppy
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further search effts. more than 60arines are dedicated to t search... using licopters ats and divers. the coast gud marines say they areorng tether determe how longer e search-andescussion wi ntin toda.. afflnza en "ethan uch" wille in texas courtroom foa hearin determine whheor n hisase remain in vele court. meerofhe ay group "mothersgast drunk driving" are pushing for couch's case to be moved to ult court to ensure s probn extends beyond his 19-tbirthday. thisfternoon a jges expeed tmake decn on the case. as we've been poin.. coh's ateys used a "affluenza" defense ter th teen killed ureople in a drundriving crash. as his former teets ready take on the deer broncos for the a-f-c champiship... former new england patri tight end "aaron hernandez" will be appearing in a massachusetts uroom. he will appear before a judg today...
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o men following an encounter at a boston nitclub... and has plead not guilty. last year,e was convicted of e murder of his friend a sentenceto life in prin. it mhte ld here in colorado but at least it's not this freing! a minneapos man is having a little f in the frigid zero degree weher... fg a pair of his pants and putting em outn for splay! he pted picture it fabook a now his ideis taking off! other residents are now freezing their clothes andointhe same thing making the neighborhood look a lot like an outdoor clothing store! tiowor weaer a traff on the 5s. meteogist sthen bors is re now with first ert the mornindrive can be a snowy drive,specially beeen loradoprings and denver. temperatures will be in upper
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e upsle wind behind the cold front ersnro er s. th sw is movg er mentl and to colorad springs this mor. the avienow ll o amnt to inch orwo and will be limiteto monument hill. temperatures in thsnowy areas arnear or just below freing.ahead t snow, temperatures are stilin the upper 30s and wer 40s. snow will be aund r the morning drive, tugh cumution away from norther el paso county and teller unty willminimal. the snow will be lg by 10 am around colorado sprgs,
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"you gotta googr?...hold on to her f good sight." a firefighter's helmet camera captes a dramatic fire rescue in california. a o story aparent complex erted intomes... when hp arrived.. .creound motr and her infant were trapped inside in a second story apartme filled withke.
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firefighter was able to help the woman and child ouof window using a ladd... no o was hurt. a los geles hiway looks a lot like a dog-park... ter police pull over a driver wi s pups inside her car during a high speed chase. you caseofficers had to run around trying to catch the dogs thatot out of the suspect's car whenhe chase ended. it all started when thwoman iled to pull over r state patrol... at one point -- the driver was traveling at 80-miles-an hour all the while the backseat was full of the dogs! offics did a pit maneuver tstop t driver... eventually all the looseogs were wrangled byice. this morning the pups are animalare services. still ead... a icide mber in pakist kills almost a dozen people. includg two children..
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adly blast... in peshawar, pakistan... two children... after a suide bomb riding a motorcycle s police checkpoint. 21 others were wounded in this morning's blas officials sathe dead include ur police officers andeven cilivians. far no has clmed responsibility for thettack. the taliban and otr lami militants have a stronghold on the region. authorities are vestig this morning...
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world's most notorious ug kingpin " chapo"... is tightening up security over fears that he might esca police custody for a third time. authorities ha reiorced the floor of his cell and are plin guard on his door at all times they are also quadrupling the number of secuty cameras... and will be movingelhapo raomly to differencells. the last time "el chapo" escaped. usea mile lontunnel tt went up ght to the floor of s cell. today... the rld's oldest man has died at the agef 112. yasutaro koide yah-sue-ta koh-ee-day from japan... waonly two monort of his 113th birthday! he says his secret to a long li was not to ovdo it, drink or smoke. w... the oldest man in japan is a 1 ye o... right no's uncle whoak e title as the oldest main the tire world. for the wome.. the dest is an 116-year ol
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ti now f weathnd traffic the 5 meteorologist stephen bowers is here now with first alert the morning drive can be a snowy drive, especlly betwn colora springs and denver. temperuresill be in uppe s toow 3. a ld fnted through lodo early this the upslope wind behind e co fris genering snow from denver sth. that sw is mg over nument hiland into corad spris th mning. thavwi oy ounto an inch or t and wi be limid toument hi. teerur in the snowy eas e near or st freezing. ahead of the snow, temratus are stl t upper 30snd lor 40s. snow wbe around for the morning dre, though accumution awafromorthern paso untynd tler coun wi be minimal. the snow will g gone by 10 amrod colorado sprin, monume, and pueblo an s way out for uthern areas byoo even the clouds are breaking up. the sun come outhis afternn and warm us into the40s.
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first on news fi tod. we've got some snow coming dow this morning... and it's making for a wet and slippery morng commute..'re trking road ions top get you on your way. ... when the denver brcos win... so do local businesses... coming u.. find out how the broncos are ming cash- cows fothe colodo economy.. snow is moving fronoto south through our ar. teerates a in the 30s and s and coing cold frt moves through. ill be short-lived this mng, and thsun will retu thiafternn to warm temperatures bacinto the 4. i will break idown hourhour andd to the ned unsettled weather cong uin weather & traffic the 5's. good morni, anks for joining on th tue, januy 19th i'ane snead... in for shellene coll. and i'm ira cronin. as we've been tracng -- a snowy and sliccommutovermonument hill. news 5's joanna se is live ere are things looking where you are? od morning.
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