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tv   Today  NBC  January 19, 2016 7:00am-10:00am MST

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>> thebute a pring in rlenn ey co-founder of thele who ed a the age of 67. his monum imp on sic, toy, j day, january 19t 2016. >> aouncer: from n news, this is "today" with matt laue and savanh guri fm sdio 1an ckefelle aza. good moineverodom t "tod" on tay morning. we have been engagingn nostalgia this moing. e loss of gnn frey has been great. we have bn our play lists wit our favorite eagles song. th g w gend.souch oy clege years a sch gu wilk ab thi guy cong w d a littl capella "des perado." >> wllet to the top story.litics and sprint to the sh in iowa. bothesre tighning.
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thekeye staing appear appeances at evts. let's start wh nbc corrndent p alande >>eporter: good morning, vann. out thisornings the nbc survey monke tracking po. naldrump holding a38 naonal. ted cruz, 17 point bindt %. wh mterss t ctical ea states. th menl tryo poach the her pporte tils trump onhe grodn iowa wh cruz n to upwin. >>raceationally is coming more more down to a two-mae beten mend donald >> reporter: t cruzew hampshire noolding ck. >> donald trump said he thinks ement domain i nttic.and h supports using goveren toeize ptepeop ho>>orter: trump get onal wcruz he' atygu body lm.
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that attack with tw urg the jet hi do, the lasouay haenratt pol numdown ot aittleupse reporter:n conservive commentators a reacting. >> wr you want to y, cruz is notty guy. whenouet i critic tter bebelievle. epter:nder fire for g liberal, trump is comparin himseo ot former democrat. >> rald ag younger, he was a s liral.e ve.>>onalreagan did not spend the first 60 years o his life pporting democratic politician >> rornd turning his trump card. ivanka.
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umpstumbled >> two corinth 3:17. that the one you like? >> rorter: the crowd correcti him. 's ii, nthen cpang h best seller td ofod ilws a deep, deep se to the bible.e bible is the bee bible. the bible blows it ay there's nothi like thee. >> reporter: as for donald trump's special guest i iowa.the speons swirlg ont it could be pali palin h pedrumpnd ted cruz i the pa athour, no on fm tmpaign. matt and nn. peter alexander, thank you. >> weillk abouth in while. democside, thousands turned out tear rnie sanders speak a rally inlabama a hillary clintonampaigning in iowa where the two are running neck
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nbc' andreaha part of the story. repter: good morning, matt. twoks before the first vote in iowa, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are turni up e he. hoping for a breakout vict in i ucus. >> whenbegan, we we 50 inbehi points behind einevable, inevit docraticno reporter:nie sander n't lti up. putt pure on hilry clintoinro of a massi alabamarowd m ni >>hat inevita c n' so inevitable >> reporr:he vermontenat is makg thbout elect electelectability in geection >>ast poll had us 15 of goodd ld r: while san stum, clintons hitti trump.
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ar consiste. >> rorter:peaking i iow late mon about the onomy, th care and ation. and calls in to rache maddow showrom thro >>ow do you win be sander suppoers er? >> i wil kp wor as hd as i can t convince as man peopleo suppo me >> rorter: new nbc news surv monkey oeollhows the pmary or caucus held today, 52% would vr lynn clinton. clinton. 36% for saers. if con shoulde both, nders is ding a f operatio to challenge her there. so both candidate are gng more combive. barn stoingowa tweek. nders holding fournts toda turning up thetn cnton who is despe to avoid a replay o the thirdceinish
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d if sanders can win i the early states, he has plenty of moy to prongheomination ght. someinghe cntoneam had nernticat whesh launched h camign las year matt >>drea,thks. marklp andnicoll wallacs heithus erved as an adver t mccailin aign. neck a nkween sande and cln. e haeims an electility d notng s to be work at s choosows c ery nega. wh are the ris? s nee a posive messa and she h nefinhe sitive messag wh doe she wt to say abo sands? is not table? she h toick meing.
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easteek is her incine of wha is i herarf whathe wts tsa about bernie sander atop himeum >> theronyre too. onhe doctic sidethey are fang silarhi t puic de of the passi i ohe s.lly clintosest argument is h wantsdo ts d thd her pi inhe s drms. is tt inspiring as a meag rember t mornif e fit date wch markedhe begiing of h fall. wealked about her going back to 2008 the pay's head candat nevethe heart caidate. she has n been able to fix t ructuralroblem ofunng i themtiprimary. >>et m stick with you for a second andovo e republan na trump i proming today aigendorsement. >> huge. >> huge, so i' use hisword georment iiowa.
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what d you ow>> ion't know. didn know anythi whe i rked for he sh somne a iarel s iendorsemen becse she uldip t sces. anndorntrom sah palin is the ishe lastoter sti on the fee betweenrump acruzif she puts her fger on the ale for trump, itou be pactful in wa befe iet to mnext question, do u have any reporting? t republicans told met i pali the trump cpan is not sang ums polic directod toe topdver topan. b ya' i might bearah li as nill said, she has been ose t cruz. this is syologal win for ump. >> aouple of the big talk s host unlehed a shout across
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isine to talk out th, butsing the birther i doeshis maer? >>hiss auy whoas tak oxews antakenn pley of establishntsnd antiablimentparts. i n't ink nee to rry abouit. he does nee to wch i talk rio has bee very gd to hi >>ouet ya' we will wat at happens inow ts afternoo by thewa warealking the shown the road to io. weilbeivin d moine o the morni of eauses lkg t candidasndoters alike. no tthe tseoon lltreet with stocks offo the worst start to the yr ev.t'so to jim amerostf moy" bc. goornin to >>savann
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or ishis bli or shod wewoy aboutroader sns ithe ecy? hecono is owg. he to be ccerned the stocks cld cre 3% o4%. thingsre lki utoy, saah. i nothiha i suaible. wereot outf eoo. ernight, the markets d okay ove seas, you tnk we wi have anka toda wavno bn able to stainnythingositive for a full d. kn i seems like iis cuusf tedal rerveaid ratesast m an thecomylde slowg. it i sngnd slong rlid >>'s talk about knoyou and a lnasts say i isoil. e pcef oils ummeting. s athe pce o a threold. if it t $25 a rrel we ar rt
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the o comniesant handle low $2 they will le aot of ne unssorrowth pks up dchine ow, that mae in will stulate, youillee bankruci a a sldoha out osyncith tedal reseehi wtsoai tesour times 20. >> will wat pce o l and tomen ttra i okg to add more oil to the wodmaet jim, tnkyou. >> thankyou. et's loo at other n this mornin wereeangro theamilies ofho arica who we releed fro captityn irwe'reeaing a borbo what it too toece their freedom. nbs keir simns is i ndstl,rmy. >>eporr: good rninmatt pl o f bk he nderg enuy geto go home.whene learnbohetrtment, iis car the reveryer a ove in th ess aw procs.
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enying time wh his wifend momnd brhesaysason aed autasebal and baskeall team the waiors, over dner. >> he . rackingth reporte in th notio ann pson, jas said he en9 ds in sitary coinemtnd exercises i an gh by ehtt conet ya. desibeingtorted >>e wnolar coement in a o metery e merellor lg time.>>epter: psycholisre ssessing t men's stef mi. a rreate ofhe freed prison saeeis yet tsehis family family. and another still missing in
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owgnything abo the dippearanc his family critizing a deal atid n incluhim. ias shocked. wdisappnted. i was extremely ary and i ft tred trayed. i has givenis life to un for decades. over 30ea o work f the cotry. he soler tha h b lebend >> repter: at oneint, annsried to pse jon rezaian's wife a mher fm flying out of the cntit m. nd amir kmati areoing roug more medic evuatis. one told m the bh spiritllynd physicay are dog eat. krimmonsthank you ry mu. the mayor o flint, mhin is going washing d.c. look for helpith t wat cris. mararenear is tinto
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e feralve th watas conminad wh leadhe the wat w taken fromhe flintrir. sts shodhe cre had evated levs ld in their blood. that is pdi fte anttd ter of cy of99,000ople. >> look. ta a ok h ttok>> we havnow stor. nyin cldap lo. >> exactl he unle aotf storms, hav af colirn ple a s we're tkingutth penti for a pttoo storlo t ete seoa. here'shy weon't wto g youorked u jt t. thne fhi stem is stil oheac cot. it h t make its way inate eoo a rht w,hursda the sysmake itwainto the central a southernplns ow fromempho tope
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fridayt sets ung the eastnaboard. a e h ib frido saay weld se hea snowrom bos a the way back washingn, d agn w wilot giveou accumulaons. e pential ihere for large amnts o sw. e otherifrentiatein facr is theol ai 1 in wasngn. 2 in n ykcity. ov the next tee ys, tse teeruresrate, bhe stitr b freezingth means weavehe pti r all of the idits for a noeaster. we will to your lal forecast comg upn thnext sonds. 2, 1 - smil alrigh.. big smile! smile! hey,oney!
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than, dad! there's my smile! the happy me. with fresh, licious, fornrown cies. onlyt mcld's >> and tha nd that's y and that's yst r. >> al, thanks very much.
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the ound of t gles. one of the most popular and esulands of alltime carson i heritor on that good morning. moin frey die new york city a his hlt took turn for the woe. hefrom comations fro arthris ande stponed an aparance at thenedy cr last week. it eas >> h tent sk ard with fan in a cek spanning four des. roit native moved to california a a music a hit off with a drummered don ey t '70s. i felt we wereor o a style none o usveheard fo >> thewo got togr formed the greatest songwriting teams a timellowing the
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ling it up at the hotelcali >> henley credits frey for starting it all. calling him the spark plug and e man with t. the group tthe statef california int a soun landin t five number one hits and sixrand f es splitn 1980 which frey flyingsolo. he heat is o >>e burned up the crt several tsn hi own and pursued an a career whh incled a re on "miami vice the despite of claim t uld reune when hell freezes over, t gupreunited was incted into t r' ro ll of fers later. henley said was lik a we were family. unction.
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know crossin paths w glen glennewis frey changed m life fover. and s marti wrote, shocker. my frienom the earlyays. weed an gle lakersan a wead myd at t mes and outside of them acrding to magic hnson. >>n terms ogrouea stongles. fome >> ere. >> shingbout thatusic atransrtsou to cer ace a tim in your life. ere' souch love >> gle persofied that in t group. was great, great, great guy. he had a smile that was infectio. it m y feel evethin woulbe all rit. th is wthe micdi >> iree. ortsou tfe inylife. me my colgeorm room ough a enough abohat. >>or me,ifthgrade. yoroug it
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ust aheaountin essure on chrrock. shouldhe osctoinhe li oftars threateni to ycott this year's ow. a stunning dline drunkdring. at b creted for werihol-ted ds t.sbuir ts istoda on
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>> >> coming up, sve hy opens up to nalie abouthe miss universe mix u a apolizes to the wom at the ceer of the stake. and in trendi, the video of the washing mhinehat people can't stop watching. why? afr your local newunless you me itight. then it becomes a sandwich as mighty as it is humble. sier to than a stake. as simplas a sunnyay,but just as perfect.
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good tuesday m good tuesday mning... we're coming up on theottom of the . i'ira cronin with this today show upde... let's checinwinna wise.. on a snowy monument hill for the latest on condions there joanna?
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, > 7:3 7:30 on a tsday moing, jay 1th, 16. we aaysppreateur crd. reat tm en m th moing. 16 degesouide on the plaza. 'r goi toundlp and g out and s hi those ppl in a littl while. anwhil te a look athe head links. donaldmpeao iowa for a ray today. his campaign isromising a jo annouement hand a very special guest. ump says wl be an endorsement. ere isculaon ioulde fr sarah lin. >> aarge and boisterou c greete democtic presideial ful be nders i abam lastnight. s fir r i that statef thispaign and sande was quico pointous h sur i the pol. >> when we began we we 50 points bend, 50 pnt bend th initle,vitabl democrat nonee. well gsswhat.
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ivie da >>s f demrac frt-ruerilinn, sh hd a ralf h on io. >> and t music world it mourni t lossof'sles legend glenfrey the-year-d ddnew york on monday wrote or rote of 's hit "cali," it easy and "desperado." >> a new twist in e backlash nst the oscarsall-whit nominationwith se stars now ying they will not attend the ceremony and some are wonde if tar's hos chr rock should dohe same c's mgan radfor is folling this story for us. rganood ing to you. >>eporte good morning, savannah. a-list celebriti arealling for a bcott a not a single acr of cor was nomated for an academy ard. that's w director spike ls king the acadeto, in his opinion,o the rht ing. hollywood hitting harith
7:27 am
nkett sth vowingo boytt theshowall eyesrenhehost. chris rock n facingueions overheer he, too, wl drop out. rock dn'tesnd to requests fo cment but earer addrsedhe controv twting the cars, t white b.e.t. awards fo her pt jada nkett smith sa he's sti perfect for the role. >> hey,chri i will not be at the academy awardsnd i w't be watching, but i c't think of a b man to do thehand this yeau, frnd. good ck. >> reporter: mxpecoco use his tderk bra o humor d s awa from the honest tt has so popular. eahey make for white peopleo joy. ter: he a the same issuehen hted in >>eave black noms t, so grea ki o like tf osc tot >> reporteemy'irst blside issued statemt overni saying she was heartbrok and ustrated, addingt'sime for bighanges
7:28 am
>>e h all of this talent. >> reporter: j jacks ed for a bcott in 1996 when no actors of color were nated that year either. >> 75% of the box , and yet yetfrican-ame not nominomi,as r:0 years ler t sa thin spike leeays h meansdisrespect to chris lock but won't support, quote, the lilly it aw show. but there is one nht well eam i gold. >> reporte this yeahile the cars m dam i ld,hey ma lose suppolo on t other , othery theack of dty isn't about ce. 's abouthe movies thatre ible. thuestio now more join the bo willhe viewerlow suit. ck to you.
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what he said about this, but don't you think itould bbetter for him to st out do e g, bf hels outs a b story for oday. >> gh f he decidesoostthere's l that anticipation and everything h saysn thattage ts played over a over agai he make a real difference. >> aetteray to deal with it. >> he has more of animpacty being there and dng it from the inside. >> ihinkso. l's take a loo athe apps that appear to be savin live ride sharing ssike and lyft arerong inlarity mothers a drunk ing cding t with dramatically reducing drunk drivin accidents. m costello is in washingto d.c. tom, good morning. >> reporter: millions ofsre usinhese phones we cli o app the car hereery qly, build t our credit and i turnsut a lot ofeoplelickin on
7:30 am
thavead too much to drink. tus o it cou be aood ing tbe tak for a de. in south beach whe tty ver ends, ube says its ridersp pks just wheunk driv typically hit t road. >> y're hom safe at the end of it. >> it's nthr fe. >> the's no mor drind iving. e'oea . repr: nk aow haore ube tellow s taxisestaxis and across theountryhe polarity ofdengs credi for atelpi drive dowlcoholated den road. downul %neva in st 2015, down22%n virginia last year and down56% inwo ars. partrs simply pul out tir phones hit t app and wait for a ride. >> they e getting in, can i play my music and the next thing you kno it feels like you'ren a club on wheel. repter: in washington this iveray three to foutimes anit. onridays and saturday s picks upartis too dru to
7:31 am
>>'ve bn fortunate they have not got skny r. repte i san francis aaron kne drives f lt. >> i took a gup oadie up to napgo wine ttingnd st oheidwh w in t t dignad driver ias t oha w ab t th. >> repte mothersga drk dvers sury fnd8% of people say they and their friends are less liky t dve impaired with de-sring n avaible. it all good news, ss madd, whose prest st herwn son to dru driving. dustinhurch wasnl 18 whe th iiced drir of th car h wasn went f t ro i tt thnologyas ailabl he could psiblye aliv bausee wlde gotten his own ride. rorr: today that choice is a spl as an app o a phone. sterday just minutft we teiewehat d. uber iverlpa, s g another ca,icked up a pasngernd turns oute was intoxicated,
7:32 am
aalcohol-lated accident. 13,000 lives a ye. i thi is helping to c in , is very goodew deed. gu, bac f yo t stlo, thank you vy ch. >> let's get a check of the atrowrom mr. roker. >>eporter: well,gu, we've been dealing with la-effect snow for t las coue of days sttcngrom mhinll the y t n ykat 'll loot somideo he frio can you see that accides, cars fhe ro,joajobms andor todaye' goutpith one me day okeffectnostretcngom bl, ohio t par of n enanyw fm 4o 6 ch of sn. 're also wching a clier mi out of e roces pushin iay to th east. itill bringnow srtin o todayn aha ando ks ty.nter wer aisorien ctor 25 mlion op. th wl ctie t sprd wno th sou sshlle, dianapolis,gt and ashell will seeing sw a well we lk at the swfall totals
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yohevie, aut 2 t 4 inch,utromuc t just rth ofasil wki out to inche o snow and i'tven theto w talkingbo coming later ts and t andt's yourates weathe va. >> all right, al. thank you. cong up, the road to sleep recovery. what you can do actlly reverse several nhts of or slp. >> i thought you cld do at. >>utou can.
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>>ndowife has chang hn and lisa rinsonfter ey realed that wning porballicketth wld rightere onday."
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prudenal bring your challenges we bht you here today gour honest onion about this new car. to keep thingsnbiased, we removed a t logos. feels like a bmw. reminds me a little bit of like an audi. so, this car supports apple carplay. siri, open maps. she gets me. wow. it also has te driver thnology. n mutes dio until the se belts are bkled. i'very curious what it i this is 2016 cvy malib and sellsor? it starts at twey-two five. what? oh wow. i meanith l this thnology. at's a game changer. >> all >ll t. 'rk no 43 as we wait fhe two remaing winne oas we's rerd-set powball jackpot to c for we can tel y atifeas bn like for the nnescoup who htbig. >> the oth cple who c o switchbod, johnnd lisa
7:39 am
winning ticket ontoday." we've bee following their joney ever since. >> we ju lovehem for sure t t past few days have been whirlndor t rinsonss e rlityf winning a share of the world'sargest jackpot now becomea real >>s pbably not an geraon to tha in the st week joh a lisa robinson's lif has anged. >> y'all hav to h one of thes >> in about 528 milliways. d ts stemt. >> wre common peop. 'reus likll ar >> is one of them. >> it' bn overwhelmin expeence and think huandnd i fal realid th imct. >> we've bn with the robinsons nce friday. >> they want to makehe nounment right . >> when t told t world clusiv here o "today" they won sharef the bilon jat t flying t nashville to validate the ticket. >> ty g thece o r, we got the moy. >>ot qte aorbing it >> sll uncertn.
7:40 am
>> we' le gd olefolk >> about the price of their hotel that nig and wh thene found fe the got a private tour of elvi mansion greland, sething lislways wanted todo. wreettingpeal eatment justecause iid w the loery. >>ndn invito e cntry ballpooryude children's hospital where they tountry mus elite, like the lead sinr oabama. lesshan a weekft ts change tir livreve night's jackpot i apprchg$1.6 lln. >> the robinsonsre bk inmunfd, teese. >> i'm meny home. ap to beho. >> home swe home,hone >> but the enmi is jt starngok in, and is more than jt the size of e ckpot jackpot. le hondas andan't even drive m ownarht now. >>e' vy pvate people m friends, theyan to ceee and they canomee me right now.
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>> ian to go vit som ofy frnd a jus relax. >> la was back at wkmonday. john is planningo ack toda in t end ou, mbe joh ha it right. >>ot my wife on my arm. at more i for? got plenty of money no >> swees ever, b as y can e it'see quite a rr aster ride forohn a la and la wants turun rself with rllyoo friends and savnahnd volunteedo be you gd ies. >>e' lae. doe'tan tohi about anng. d't yhink will wk o for tm because they are normal, reallygo-hrted pele. they ha are fami. >> talngbout goiac to worknmoay,be it was u, y like yrhe's like i le m joming up up, ungrsoet inshape. and i gom able helphur workt. thais te
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>7:56 cymorninet's over t carso in gre om. >> 8-ye-oldoria frerhodeandas been balingareorm o termina ncer and recently tol his family his one wh is to be famo. china, ofll ples, his parents tk t facebook to ask for photos using the he wrendg inhi and it dn't stoere. supp f dnas g glob a peopl aendi in th hashag fromllov. here's 2,500 people gathering spendi ohe st. leieoopart rob gronkowsisit dian and ild n'bid stre
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with twoays en, it makes lotf otr s se oneid my opioid pa medatmas meeel stopd upmillns of peop are estimated touffefrom opid-iucedonipatio oic, caus by opioids th use manage chronic pain. oiis a differe type of cotipation. opioids block in sls,buey c alsoctivi theel. findg reef has been al struggle! rey to paintdifft piure?fini!lk to your dtor abouoic anprescrtion treaent ons. i cado t want a differeay to eanse? try w mi water garthe esractt likeagne re2. cse an rsh. arshubbino rng w micear w om gcte. to the couple woering what a good deal looks like... no. serisly?
7:50 am
scary. wow, what out st putting a fair no hgle pre on the window? nozany eugh? sotimes e be deals are pretty plain tsee. good tueay m tuesday morning.. we're comi up on the bottom of the hour... i'm ira croninith this today show update... les check in livth joanna
7:51 am
on a snowy monument hill forhe late on conditionshere joanna? good morning chief morning meteorol-- stephen bowersoins us now th a look at r .. stephen... snow will be around for the moinive, tugh accuway from norther el pas and teller ty will be mal snow will lon by 10 am aroun
7:52 am
pueblo and os waoufo southern areas around trinidad. by noo evee clouds arebreaki up. thsuwill come out is
7:53 am
i beyond sorry fhat happened happened tt gh >> as heinallyitdo wh the women at the center of his mi unirs mistake. dhi iou from nbing a harto get rervatiotonehi y should never ever a server a restaurant insiderharehe secrets ofining o. and baby weight. on a little de wh our baby. the we go. >> no >>o more exses. jenna and ietack to t gym
7:54 am
jaary , 2016. >> >> we're from oklom university! >> hello to our friends inth lina >>re fm ama! >> i >> iurn 14 toda >>ay isy8th birth >> i'm celebrating my 90th birthday at the "today" ow >> >> good moing, evybody. 8:00 ontoday." it's janua 19th. is is a tuesday. it is a chilly one 17 deees. ou've g your nanook of the north t . >> crazy cold out here. >> it' a real thing. >>anyway, what do we havecomiup? >> letl you, l tell y shoo rd th label o your favorite beautyproducts. know you'r wonderi aut the sterious terms.
7:55 am
putting on yface. >>o you knhat elsee have ming up? day tw the sw cook we youave wh we vetoday? shor rib a cheese s. boom! >> that not bad. i'll beooki that. at's a gooone. >> smuch for eatingli baby. >> tre will heese grit les gonsido natalie with the p sts. eyod morning. with the iowa caucuses coming up, ted cruznd dald trp are competing. on monday,ed cruzticid trumporomparing himself to ronaldeagan. he said he did not support par of his le supporting democrats. and trump quotedrom scripture at liberty unirsity and joked that "the art of the al" is second only tohe bible. on democratic side, ie sanders reminded supporters in alabama mday night that he was once 50 pois
7:56 am
and w, they're running neck and neckn iowa. cited poll numbers to bac up his case that ld beat donarump in the genel election. hiary clinton kept h focus on the republins calling them wron b consistent. >> professional tennis is being rock by a report tt accuses top players o cheating lind to organized gambling. c niona coronde craig lvinhere wit very latest >> withhe austrian open geing unde this is stting tget aot o atntion. ifnvestigatilyzed more 00 matches andound abnormal bting patterns, and n. e t tennis grand slam of seas under way in in australian sunshine but the game now uer a shadow , fixing. buzeed d the bbc reporting that tennis ofcials dwisp corruption.
7:57 am
theop 50 have fixedatches, sing for money the rt says eight he suspecd players a now plg in the austral o ansome of the accused a grand slam winners. >> i wouldove to hear names, you know? then at leit's cete. >> i can onlanswer f me. i playery ha and eve player i play seemso play hard. >> retired player james bla in thinks t lanked players e more vulnerable. >> because there notg as much mone tat baco the tour investigation in 20 the same ye that novak djokovic sai members ofis team were approa allegedly offered $200,000hrow a mch at the. petersb open. >> ias not approached directly of course, we threw it away right away. >>orter: djokovic not play in that mch rt officia are accused of iing claims and failing
7:58 am
absolutely rejt any ggti that evidee g has been suppressed. >> reporter: well, one australian player even said had beenroacd through book a while ago. here's a story that think webe talking aut for >> i think we'llear a lot more. maybe starting to hear some names aswell thank you. well, there was an usual finish to theong beach car chas the police officer used a pin maneuver a when the driver got out, sev out, seral dogs made a run for it. the officers corralled frisky and fned pups th imal control officers were ca in to heland affic waing. u don't need suspeerso keep yourants up in t minnesot winter. that's a new landsca sculure, started f yea
7:59 am
out oe s cyclend mded th into sha outdoond so others we doing the same. uld be the most funhat yo ca have when tempetures dipow zero in minnesa. you' saying >> i didn't ghere but, urse you di >> all rit,natae. ank very ch > i we stood o thewo more nute >> i know. >>tould have hapned out er >> frozenpant let tak aookt the fior sparked byteve haey a litearli ts nthhen he stakenly croed therong winr of the ms iver paant. well,or t fir te he's enin up abo that nign s tv show aatal caugh upithimn chicag >> tt's ght. i was aheshow's tapg last ek, and harvey is now slling ut i atwo-y special uding conversns with bothissniverse and miss columbia. he's faced angry insults and accusatis that it wall a
8:00 am
threats in the ensuing ourime >> i'm truly soy. i wish- wis we all could have gten itight that ght. steve harveys breaking his lee onhe conatn that made headlines rldwid for a the wrong reasons. >> miss universe, 2015 is columbia lumbia lt mth he named ms combia ms uvee by miake. >> he t apologies. >> onlyoments ler the crown s removed a placed on t real winner, miss philippines. >> ble it in bigmont d the psonhaas hurhe mostas her. that washe greatest regret for me. >> he sit dn with both contestantsn o-part special, mis universe,he trh. miss uvee revealed herro came with mixed elgs >> i ted to kee aafe stance from her asoto disrespect her- n bec i 't want hero feel b. was bng sensitive toer feelings, so when i w standing there,as veryappy tt i won.
8:01 am
al thinking abouter and uldn'telp but think about how tough this must be for her. >> amoonal hary pubcly apog tos cbia a asd for her forgives >> iast you io a spotlight, alace that i -- that i never innded , that i would not wantoappen t ybody. just wantayow sor i'mea'm beyondor fohat hpened ttightnd that -- that it wa you. >> ms columbi says she forgivehim. take meack to tha minute, the fo a aalfinuteshe u' wri t own. >> iwas the happit four minutes and a half that iever, and i heeenble to mak an entireountryhappy, but aer that feltorrie i was crying a lot.
8:02 am
worst nightf my li, butt s theest one, too. >>yeah,he bt bauseow shs hing lot o oppounities to do thing like commers and phaps may a role n yean the miss universe pnt so we'reoing to he a lot more of that. that fullversation wh steve har andiss columbia will be rig here tomorron "todayncluding hary' planation ofhat happene at night, and c you more ofsteve's misunivsehe uth on hiswod d jusheck yr loc stin mes. >> allrigh natali tha you. >> than, na >>oming up on trending,id youearne aut t washi main t tmpine a the brick? . you will.>> i couldat fhos. >> plus, rognize her? e supst who disguise dn't kp cwds at bay.>>ndhen o consumecoidti iromentou nextestaant exrien.
8:03 am
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8:07 am
>> 789:14. wee pk on tay morning with whasrendg day. now if you're a regar viewer of this segntou know tha ons aays tg to sti up the gender war. so n he's sugstednothertoc. the questn carson has been asking who complains mor wn they get sick,en orwomen? >> you kw the queson. >> >> m it. >> me >> solute. >> you'r babies. >> menor sure. >> y get in the fetal posion on the uch. >> do you know why? >> bec thee babies. >> no tre might be another ason, okay, eially when it comeo theflu.
8:08 am
university,hatakes this tr, he sd w it ces to th fluhey haveou that the voyeur hitsen lot hder than it hitsomen becse tren i womenroteth t more aggresse sympto of flu lvi men to facehe wor cas. >> it allen wid t >>e ar ttronrgender we ow. >> b theway, these two thing ca te at thsameti. >>his helps you in thelu stor but abo tsnif, yo know ,nd y kw tt at's wha you ,ou g a cold, ieel rrib. talks toe like s tks tvail. y're baby >> extl>>e hedews for everybod outhereho doeot t enough sleep. despite what we'eard in e st it turns out that i fact you c revers some of e negati effects of sep deprivatn. this comes from a rather sma stud at the universit of colodo boulder, not yr johns hopkinsut fnd catchgp on
8:09 am
offset heah proble associatith sleep ls like increased ris of diabetes. >> that's how we all cch up. >>hoat e up o the week and, y ow, eve when i got little ee i sti feel pret bad. >> i got aot of sleep this weekend an still wanted to take a n in afternoon. >> whatim dyouormally wake upn weekends. get up at 4:00 to d this show, wh do you wake up o weekends? >> 8:00. idends. mkidsre old s ty tu t tv on >> 7, . >>5, 5:. >> that'sheny esopen. >> then clo tmagn. >> got to feedheroosrs >>eehe chke. >> we . >> a rhtlet y you're bor o anday, wtoou do to ps etime? younow the answerouut ic iasng mhine and put the washing machi on trampone. >>wow. >>hat does not look real to me. >>ooks anated. >>eople have a lot ofree time. >> does look like it floats a
8:10 am
op over. ts is theid tt's goneviral. you kw at, the more loo at i te i l fake >> it. >>he it t, intnet.>> onnend teok. >> starhose cov w bln.llywoosewes staets evenor adoble. rs a start." >>ak aoot ts blurry age, c y tell whoha, thcoat t hoodhe shad beyoe. mtol u borheeak, beyoe, tt'ghhene sing s h the outrn liiao reaer upconguperl orma and wh stus hrd sheas on campusrighly so th we wenuts
8:11 am
coldplayt thehalftime show in bruary. >> maybe the limo and the ho. >> t secury guards. >> why coveroursfup, jt own t's ght. nextirsthe world' mosousnd autifu permel. ke a lk athe lest cov "vogue it m look like ben sller but it's auallyoo land" and in hst coveothe 74 qutions tatment showing off his n york l a ansring all sortsf questio about his life as a mode so howongave you liv he? >> actuay i only winter here. summe place isupstai. what' the firhingou thoughtf whe you wokep this morning? m, i mt h falle asep. >> ws the btut ling inyo >> terse hav really goo looking people and also very active sgleem what arehree words to describeiving in new rk >> hustle, bustle and gosh. >> how d feel about brooklyn? i reallyope they find a
8:12 am
>> see the whole video at com. guys,finally, a newson to lovefs season's young breakout his is jacob trembl. 's just 9 years and srs in theie "roond or t weekd h won ariticsice ard and we showed y somf e speech onmonday. if youappen aveissed that take a look >> this is supcool irstant to say thank you al the ccs whoot for me itt b ser har vote e of all theer great tors in this ca >>artly jt done ing adorable. later thaig celebrated n aftit sfunk. >> wo omma s something here. eat . >> im speechless. that kid is great. >> sawesome.
8:13 am
>> thank you very ch . roker. >> that y. herehat's going oa clipper bringse snow throughhelains andn i mix fursouth. surf advisories from the pacific nwest coast all the way downo the carol cocold,y cold hn th windyconditio sunsne abnorylly in the south as lle tst'rng to be watchi. seeday brinngnowhr plains and then a w move into friday it mes s t east coast. oo friday intoaturday with h snowstrchg uth ofoston o i w annundayov t ast.
8:14 am
lations. we'll p ableo th bterd too tha tomorr morning >> and >> and ts youratest weather. matt. >>llright. a ank you so much day two ever o spe series nsumer confidtial. we talke about the alinesn monday. todayt's all about restaurants an whatou can do to impve your diningutexperience. this i damoncornuser director of opetis as rosso podoro here in yk ci. >>hanksor having me. gotur peoe sitting at tables. tell our seets. hoo yo get t bt tablen hot newestaurtther t droppiah name >> that w lp. >> plaingahd,finite, far out in advan as possib can. f andrying toecure tt realot at, t b thing i c s iser 3:00 in th afternn. most restaants are not really
8:15 am
until tate d orhe host getshere and you're hoping maybe ere' ccellat a u can sliden. >> cson eatin o y restaurantnd you comep a the waiternd you suggest the special. >> ablutely. doe that meanou've got too muchfhatn the kchen and you're ting to get rid of it? >> n ymore. these d a special an oppounity for eher a chef to try outomething new tt might en u on the menu, a opportunyor a s 0 s chef t exrint and prs the chef an sometng rll cool and rarenohhat it wot o the menu that e chef gets to play th. notngdits are all th fresh atrestaurants. >> it' arave newworld. everythi is fresh when it gs tohe restra. what cfends to wh it over the crs othe weekend i on the restrant. >> including the waitersho are esh. >> g ahead, gu. ifou'r her and sitng do, ouldt k, okay what's go he, what dyoulike? >>hat's good here isne ofy least forite questionsecause at really important it's not at'soodhere, it'sha goo he for yo so any leang
8:16 am
seerha sort of ld tm in theirti o what ye the mood r, i wanomhi richnd kindf cantt's colday o orad a b lunc what'siteit lerf you wt ne,hould you go ea andskorelp on the nerre youoing to g take absolutely. these , a lot o resurts wh somneho solob is tve you sething you le at any p point. havi aoue o words to eer them, dry aruiton't me anythganore, i le ol wldeahy, sething kind of ripe. >> bold. a gat word. >> great resurants willave a goodou wine? it is. hoeine is ahre that n' uds much andecause s synymsit what' th chees we he andhat uan s itheromething thatouan fre o meghaou gs are rtularly eit abt. >> i'lltop unghat phase. have family on their fst date. whatre yr names?>>l,tali >> what e yrestion
8:17 am
me resur are acty chng aake e. if youanto bng in cake, rthdarty al. >> same tng goeshorkage es. spitaly iiness very sge tries te y fo thatt is and i onl wo if ally sell stuff ane cy k t doo opfe selff. f aying that hps ptect our marg i h t sayit, we' got to chae a le f that bott of ne a ifou want bng crus cupcakes don'tectres then >> iyou bng sethi in i migh note theab t wantoenzehhat buther aays bei ne getsou aonway. peoe get annoyed when ty are not seated qckly or trying to your waer'satteion. sure. howo you deal wit thatnd here a backla fromhe st when you at? the isn so much. iould says'thoot the ssenge her the food iaking whe toe t, iot server fault,roba not co fault. at the end of e day i rea et manageme.
8:18 am
peopleoing too l a ta the of the day, magement isr fr ge tow them,ome r and start to learn wt u like and -- prope perntag to tip is? t's theaverag >> s acty the erage, nothe hig end anymore. >> can spot ad tips as the sitt ble. >> tend t fhat the ndly andic peoplendho eengaging andy ningdorerdood see. >> what about putng the tip in, buiit i already? >> sure. well, it's certaly srting to ow. it not widespreadh so iwouldt's lhemenu o th say gyaseen cluded. st p entage. re you d heen
8:19 am
job. tomo anidet hotels.ming upor the recipe slow in magi good tuesday m good tuesd morning... it's 8:26 i'a thisay show update... today... 21-year-old "joshua harv" will appear in an epa county courtroo heccused ostng house fire that killedour dogs in the 35-hundr bckf jon st in colorado springs. instators say the fire started in the basement of the house. and investigatorsay harvin ilated to one of the residents... even previousllived there. rvin faces chaes of arson... crimischief.. and cruetoma and we hwarning for pet owners ico. the's been an increase in coyote attks reported along the front range. experts say the strength of coyotes is underestimated... and they can often stalk your pets... when they are out of the house... if you run icoyote... experts say to make eye contact with the.. and go toward them wh tools th make sound produce lit. so... make exaggerated... ud and aertive men.
8:20 am
stepwers joinsnow with our local ... hen...ow wilund for th morninh accumulationfr northern el po ndelr county will be minimal. the snow will longone by 10 am arolodo springs monumentnd way out for southern areas n,ven e clouds arebrking up. e sull oowa us into the
8:21 am
a ll right. now on aue morning. it'she it the 19 of januar 2016. ldest day of e year soe brought tmnside studio 1a hoes hodo thael? gd b. >> g bkerai thank you om the tch my ne tth tif my es >> exactl b the waav are raefirthystoda he a -year-old birthday >>ha great. >> a a 90-year-old bove. nice to haveou guywhert's
8:22 am
comiup, fecteoplor a likis. itl warm yp. get, ribse gr e i . k wshere, ybody. chhaler.we'lgettheotto oer any sies tgvethg fromilic vle dgs >> doe sor le riernr a gpe. wldt y l t kn ook. butyrodusdecod. howo understd t trick la bore sme the f a o yr face. >> and jenna bh hage is re torase eesave f notexcising. how to use the limed time we allave kid to mak a ea workt. >> bu rst, mr.ror, how out fecas for all the op here. >> they ar doing okay in here. ot, yrsag came in from germany aot o the btnd ve le.awllyce >> gdo ha you here. >>ore stor comg into the pacicnorthwesnd wll s thonnuehr todaynto sd.
8:23 am
cot dasurfoaal oongouainno acmung and the wednesday weet ltle bit oa bak dhen t nexttemomesinargeting fro california to westn washgton. rafall aunts 2o 5 inches of rn fromeatt a the w into nerncalirnia. col ran also seeinore and there lookit more rom snoqumie thay i yosemi mt. whitney.
8:24 am
thas y ltweatnn. aright. a ts s andow t t todayieselping y ew year on right foot.a shersereig there w ofus, a quest to bk into thegym. inghe righ>> biggest andost tecution for gym actt i'm nowom oftw'mred,ll ti, and every second that i'mot work iant to be withthem but i'm dicated to being healthy for family s i grabbed a certainom fri for a wkout th our k weike tork o gether ery oen ile. >> we do. we've ner tried i with an accessory calle a baby. >> is that pop? >> poy. oinructor/baby wrangler rhe day new yk fness rutanooyhoreat thelass toetoms backn shape afteraving by. >> . weome. >>hankyou. >> got the large babe,'ve got th sma by.
8:25 am
that' why s loo s good.>> on atle with our ba we go. >> come on. >> m belly hn't been in in 17 months. rom squat planks t using yr baby a a weight ryesses long pds for each exercis to f thern i'msorr sorr weng gue. y want me. youan try me. >> you go forhe mommy with better thighs. >> taryn is a mom of two young gind like my ns she struggd w h weitfter e bthfst child. deteino get hlthy for her girls, she start her business reayor herself. >> forllhose moms tt are hausd, overwhme and ty just say, objtion i can d it, what wou you say? >>ll ohose things, t hausti and overelmed whatakes you bieve y't t. youst have to st >> you want to d a litump sqt. t moving andtart believing, fine blipsf ti where you can a whereou
8:26 am
ithe eyebal >> a the'sood reaso ju start.accordin arican ac atrics, thes ysically act a motr thore herhild will be sedentary earlyn life. w foropo iheaded to nersey to mt tra bgg erin whitehead. she srt fittomed mommor,s after dghr avery bo erin phosophy fitting fitness inter ilyive >>ne of myck is ladry k, put t basket o e floor. evy te pketng d a dqu a i ye al feeling intoit, youan alwayshr ltl jumn there. >> d y do at a jp sqt? i , sometime >>hat wil get yourrt reou >>workts f me aren' gett to e g for anour. ts me he tbe in beeen runng are tids t school andki them up youknow, whe i'm at the pk i try not to sit down sohat never having thaown and lwaysving.
8:27 am
spenot of time do and sure with t kids youdo, too, is pickingp to >> hey explode. >> so youick up toys lunge as a woout every day. >> godown, do a lunge andet ck up. >> what if don get back up >>hen your house't get clean. does your play wityo lot? >> yes. >>he doi a lot oges d squats and stuff? >> yes. she ds exeisesn th meile. i exercis withr. >> ? >>-hmm lik w kindf stu do yo do >>well, we squats andther workouts. tell them your favorite. jumpingro. >> jp ro. ands is another gat befit,y will go toed and sleep ll. y hope so >> hh , . >> so we'll h t say that g with our t raxing.
8:28 am
mes hard to bring on a baby,uthe whole iortant thing is when you're sitting , if you'an withur kids you dounthings. >> there ahings tha cando. >> i lhat ii couldatchtust to see poppy andvail, but it's a greatid you'repeing time wh your kids. >> plmy kids le to play. that brings us today's - start today fro eri wheaditbo c to tut aday, f play withr kid a thi some wdo doance ies,un around a, pla co >> l do is jus hfuseco eeciallce party. i l d rtie >>w thehat a stronom oks like f ieral exerci number da k autrctivitie if you' eatin smalle knife sma mealsay uple, , squats eve single day. thd, findie you shod p y and work shoul be and fin things
8:29 am
heshe toys. pus tou ywhere,lunges, pu-u fftive and can be done when you're waiting forour water to bo, folng lau or han out at t plound. >> i lik to lives vail. uso e to do 2 now e's so heavy and i'm like >>nkingut bringin milathatould haven a sast runng aer kid is thest out ahe mt fun, o. keeps youn >> exa. >>jennhank you >> moresn ite,tocom, c out. >>omingp ne,ne of ourfavoriter at least wel at way about you, sea.
8:30 am
she theope i a whole new we'll catchh chelsea handler, but,,,,,,,,,,,, > we' we're bacnow. 8: withhe always predictablhill pressu. e spent the brart o
8:31 am
es," a docenry series for tfli coving for y thght-provokg topicike mage. >> a a 40-year-ol do you think i canet up and show you my body and stuff, do u think that i'm too old toet maie >> no. okay nt gu? hankyo >> h,cha, areu? >> i'm grt. w are you,matt? >> i'mgood. been a wh mething i said? >> no, no, no, nothing. can s anyth nothing wouldend . >>elcome . >> tha you. >> i like this concep illy do. readgut it, fourery differt topi did now lotboutach e of t topics re you arteded? >> we, i thgh i knew litt bitut certain topics andhought kou cismnd you dnto i a thenou f out how ltl y are and how embraed yound how earsseoe i uny, peopl assocte rac wi really le db, you know
8:32 am
edat.>>ort ci. but i met wh a lot of educated intellectualacts whic iou azing so i wa t illtre at. >>ou'vot dgs a silon lley andarrie a we just saw. forhe maiage, youent on blin dates. at was thatlike? >> it s fu i an like conna in th afteoon. it wasterr. >> er b o bndes befo this documentar >>een on cple o bnd dates, nev that sobeand, you , onc or t iour 20s andnce you'rour 3 ree i not e goi toohat aga so i hir rl doment aryanshatou make do stuffoutside o m comfortne tee up with mir seoubori >> didn' y intervie your ex-boynd dha getuncomfortable. >> >vethg about it was fu and they sai wld i he to mt up to one of my ex-boyfriends a i'mikeon them e sakgit mehy did hgr with at >> enough tim hss. >>t had been 20yes. >> didn'tan to getac gether
8:33 am
yo know whe yavho me like bke uit him and'm goi t wt -- he cheate o m or did somethg. wait until he sees m ien years, gngo richnd mous a then yet tt mont andoueust le i don' want to have sonith yo anymor yw. >> y went to puo llucogenic drs, was that r the show or the ween >here thi about neli thewillund myrson lendut it o mera >> tlebout tt trip. >> i said ianted to d one on drug obvioly i havey cleelatiohip wit dgs an ieernc smany a ihoug w nutysfn meraook, you kn, bad notlaerin becse ny in this busines noby really likes to do thatnd ie n prlem wit s i did aot of dgs on camera that were rvis m sleing pis withalco just t illustte wh peoplhatou ok like whe you're doing at. >> sre? >> nscarutt's n prty, atactind the
8:34 am
to gooeru a doioaka.>> bein >>be t dr, ah >> dng ather tkho for nelix. >> goi to beike"clsea te." >> nothing like"chelsea laly i'si the documenri a brido sho ppleonly whe min i uldn'tant peop tohi i' becomg barba walrs bee ildt wto beme r, n o can. bteroust lethat go. chsea,ood to s you. colatis, don't make i so lon next time. >> ay. >> "cheeadoes" will be ailae on netfl startin this sa. > up , tht way t
8:35 am
bu o auesday mog, this day" on nbc.
8:36 am
coecome with adg food labels and undersg thengdients but what about sn care and cosms. edito is here about thinking may to tnkwice about t pructs you're usin odmorning,ood toou. >> good ing,sava >> lot ofeoplhink autyductse seeave be aved by theda before they can bn shel that tr? >> fae, cetely lse. prodts are not aroved b the fda be t h sre shelves. it doe't mea the pduct i lpful but it'sp to the consumer to be onsible. >> whicheanseant to g educed? >> absolutely. does febity to ll a product? they cannotthey can only ask aompany to israel t p andel themdo so. wt are some of e wat words as f ase're ced when y labe >> verybe nfed abt because productsill use a marketing strate, natural o ee nthetic-free.these officlms so dot be foole by that e also tha even i i
8:37 am
is nal and that'sarmful to huns. s go, mht b green ling but reay nd to look osely. >> ndur bottle ound. >>hich bring uso our next monire. when you d pull tha btl outhe'sorik- i dot tnk i canprofns that, thalates aparans. >> is consired tre eto comni dot he to disosehat eragrce ade, if you have alleies ositiveskin someingo l out for. >> mayn some othhemi at they don'tave to st. >> tly. wt abo these two mouthful >> paraben are useds a prerva andp oducts lonrhala m you feelilky and sh a th areonsidered endocne diirpts wchlter rmon, sentic orzaons sa 'veen labs that s pabenfr some people wan to avo the an look at the >>extly.
8:38 am
atennd sd pruc anef afstuledyhe a. f a wlolds tey n -he he imaono che a hafu b you arygo limit you chem eose there two to loo how t fo >> grt. let'surn ou. litt j with anuer whatoethumr me? beaut procts d pire, st le food, so if yoee th little jar, tumberindef is actllyhenuerf monthsftou on yulos it. iave stuff in my counter at been inhe sin like the >> all . good t looutor. >> another label i y see the lile "e veeverwnhat ts meant. >> meant it's u to e eurea unio stand aill seet onomeroducts in the u. th eu bans me an,3 ined ingrednts. e u bs only 11. doesn mea their product areafer but if you'reryg to be tchful somhi t wah for.
8:39 am
llebout them. >> y'll s saj ands, kn the jena h the o naturallineclnss, moturizers, everytngouseever day. ey aid that, be, thgs weeralking abo eaie wt's in mid-priced optionnd paned with gwyth ptr launch a cosmetics li,et e same colo, all the up youe. >>nd i've bee hearingbo ta harper. >> her recipe a azing, l-natulhings can be luxuris. sh h her own skinar farm vermont. went toisit r. e hves herwn iredients and uses em in e product.see more abo itt today.m/style.>>emy, tnk y smuch lear h l. the y, found out loreinudin a cple guide to reading lelst
8:40 am
it sous aming. >>8:52, s cooke week on "tay food." you throw the ingrowedients in, wa away a hoursater dner rved. ezabeths theeban farmerith a hea
8:41 am
>> never u onent this seent g. >> really? eel likee bn d.this is t mosttaic way ke e wo moo realize hmplete it was aow that'slete let's talk about ingredient you the y king rib slow cooker then rits. >> absoluly wantoe sure we're gogo season is.ife're g to e both side, we're going toean both s. >> okay. >> woing to go into a reaming hotn. pan is as hot as che hale >> brownfirst. >> extly. we want to make se weet thatgorgeous, gorges ramelizati bor we go into the s coer ote it we as tractive. it willk all the jces and tha we nt >> let get start withou voyage here. >> no, , ,'ve bee testing cipes. okay. >> i know the wayth slowcooker no but before in't know. i was a virgin. ow cooker virgin, that's what
8:42 am
ingredients. >> we'll mix thishe and added our flour a what's that going to do, because we d it tom itill sure weav any lumps, we'll a add some broth, little bit of red wine which fantasticnd now we're tolls together. >> can i menti we've got o sters downstairs and i have a feeling they are alreadyigging in on this. >> awesome good. >> fabulous root vegetables. got our onions and o allots, carrots andlery. we'latant you to do is start working on this rosemary. >> sfripg it. >> not my first reo here. >> i it. >> how are these ribs? fantastic. >> amazin on't even ndon't nd ae. these over he. >>yeah. why don'te do this. >> how long are these gng to sitn here? >> they have to beoved in the quid. >> >> aely.
8:43 am
liquidit>> t g to goour hou hiight on low a ene beaut ch ingredienpanel,e look goethis. s is gtssouf we have es thatil light th. have worcestershir and hot sauce and if yon'tant alcoh in you d sutituittle vegetable brot we e're going to this, mix mix going into e, g cassero tho t oveor a one hour. whilhat's ppening, n our shor ribs a fantastic. they a complely done. in oer t get ourauce en better. >> yeah. >> we're gngo go ahead and press all of these vets at n s beevab tender see h that' cingout. >> iant to review on therits wnstai. erfect combinatn. yeah >> s ligh >> light. >> ty arallingts light. >>aid it's like a soufe.
8:44 am
fay. we love a souffle. >> yway we'reng to go ead and take th >> i've g to actually say we'reoing to ptend that we've don that. eth wit mou i good tueay m good tuesdayorning. it's:26... i'ira cronin wh this today show update. you'll have a chce tod -- to ve yr voice heard abou proposed cnges to mountain metro transi m-m-t is looki to increase the fruency of seval route from 30 minutes to 15... adding a saturday service to route 10... restructurg several routes across the city and also improvg thmanitou springs uttle servic once when final decion i made, e changes will go into this may. there are six public meetings you can atte... the rst is today from two to four, at library1-c...
8:45 am
and two more meetingwill b held tomorrow at city hall -- from 10 to 12 -- and fe to seve chmorning teorologist stephen bowers joins us now wi look ar local forest... stephen... sn will around for the morning drive, thoh accumulation away from norther el paso countynd teller county willmi e snowl beg go by 10 am around colorado sprgs, monument, and pueblo andn its way t fouthern areas aroundrinid. by nn, even the ou breaki up. the sun wi come ou afrnood rm uto the 40s. i'm ith is news 5 w update... your fir alert fivforecast is nt .. and rember.. t the latest heaines ime. at koadot m xxxxxx i'm witthis news 5 now update.. your first alert five focast is just one minute away.. and rememb.. get the latest headlines.. anytime.. at koaa docom. good afternoon. than for joining ufor ws fi at on. i'm aa toss to wx you're watching news 5.
8:46 am
>> this morng o "today's kehr rknd pressure. sh t oscar host boycott this ye's ardsan thenll cch upith one of the stars otheew de niro fi irty grandpa" and t tributes are pouring in f glenfrey as we rember the eagles lend. l thatnd meomg up now. >> aouncer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al r,iemorale wil geis and tomorro ron hall liv from studio in rocfeller plaz 18. and it feels colder >> fm 16. the mercu ng.welcomeo "today"n a tuesday mornin a clly one here ithe east nuy 19,20. poorsouls. me on inside. >> the lastr broughthe fans . put them back o forur hour. >> let's g the fouof them. >>he hardysouls. >> come onn, guys. >> go get them.
8:47 am
>>eninside. >> now you're lienin of course, to"hel caliia" b theeaes. agai anoer rk legd in the space of a week or so glen freyied at thegef 67. one of thending members, of course,f theeagles. he died i newk ty. ts l otel fornia tchyman," you cano a on and the bd h said fo the pas seral wee frey was bating complicatns from rheumatoidhritis and pneu a hasn'tee in thebest ofhealth. ,ive nrne , x s, five arin mus awards and soleums tha any amerinand in hiory. dividu elvi m son, people done better, b band in ameri history hold mor gln frey , by the way, me upittle laterg "the hea is on." firstiad in workedbaward. >>"bly hil cop." >> righ >>reat undtck >> the v timeor us.
8:48 am
>>e weryric ok, the wo is bigr than neighb and h wasart of torld toughmt >>"m ". ad a lit recurng . >> and teg what he'll be remd for alongon henley andheere american sic in the 70s we're ver saot his psing. p couple of afte us. >> auple >> just a uple. >>"hot lirn"akk wasivin in spain and hanging outhy iest. >>nd tha mus w so mu. it was radio music. >> yeah. >> you ltene tt in your ivg, "despera." at singlofmu >> that's the great part of the gles and his career. for you music, f u mtv. hidays aiah who is we were in around jwo of , and w startedplaying, you
8:49 am
before knewt calirnia ""blasting because yo can't it wa t low just escape. "peaceful's feelg." d segwitheir popularity. they were asked to get together a reionn the'9 and the s who i goin to sun of old guys play and say they walked after were convd, fst showers, and e were 75,000 a i guess th athereneration who w t hear ourc. tou upped to j lt had tostpone. osed to bee ken hors and unfortu bee o glenn frey'salth. he certain missed. also , actors o color who ominorn academy award this y ne, so here are allhe nominees, okay.ther you go. fo best acto suppoing actor, supporting actress a day after last week's nonaonchris rockweeting theoscars
8:50 am
sihen two a-liste h sa they wereotoing to go to theevent,f se, jada pinkett smith o ofthem. sted this veo youtube talkinout herfriend,ost chris rock. >> beg for acknowlgement n askin dhes di and dimisower. hey,ch w be at academyawards andon't be watc but i thi a er man tthe jobt hand th thanyo fri good ck. >> it' intesng becau t of peopthere's been s pressurenhr r to boott, w i don't thie sh >> torop out h. >>orop fm hos becaus i think he'llddress sues. neipaick ha addre
8:51 am
address token the gue bec i kw p keeping cock will make them li. hastsl and tr no lovsh the funn joke,ght out mpton, hipovie and two bt peo ninat were wte a "cedla rector bckle bck supptingctress a o rson nomined i e, sill verllon brill that, and i tnk tho moes asidhis is a convtional wi, ention conversation tha ins al a lot o people poindt, maybe a 70-year-ol uy may notght oucon, it be that's w dor a living y a the pers you are aie p but like
8:52 am
>>y will have t change the maup of the academy,nd i think - >> d think that' m. i do thinks t prlem,solutely. e arehe people vote an t sheryl- presint eryl bsaacs respo and says s's heabroken frustrat. as manfou know we' plemend chaes t div ourmembership. changesot comin as fas as you lik and w need to do more better and quicy. i worry about thabecause that ilieshatf the art loike y tt's thenly art y're underdi a they are say -year-ol wh guys but these are peoe whoorkn that in. itot as ifyto the ffle in eson texas an recit the 70-yeaold co there. these arendividuals who wk in tha iustry that'sn a theost liberaltion of our country. i'aski. >> theydirsnd visly n eugh ando t have tosthe indus itself has to sta bngingn modiveity, i an,ll ndsiversity to th inry shaty ha a
8:53 am
well, clelyt'sh an impoantsue,nd it -- it has dived t acamy and i members so thehave too something aut i andhey e adessing it. >> it wouldeice to see a fnon-african-ic on-lo aors sak t, jessa chastain did a gat ch last year wre she did agreatpeech a ll. >> sote. >> on t cis rocquon, thin authepa. at has aigr imct h aying a homrn stage i front of 100 million people arou t world f ten minut an making a comnty and als ming fro him, a guy who has go a lifeme behiim ocommentary abo justicend race in america. that'she thrus o what he talks out. >> he'erctern to on a centern the issue and to be able talkbo .brry28 >> fro a cte wh sve haey >> ge youite priew yesteryndore dahe sat dn wh msolbia
8:54 am
de worldhelines, as you know, wn hencorrect named r ms unirse lason and ask ste abo t night before the paant. e wer sstio you wer out drinking and gamblin in ves t night before. >> i'v nevereen drunk a day in mlife. do i gambl in vas i? gamb in vegas all the timut i w as rearsal. d full n-thughithevybody,peectl >> wha wast that w hdest forew all that ve >> whll the spo tt i t, tate was ptty inns >> you sd u had deh thats. >> o n. >> from lumbia? >> i won'te going ovehe acio no timeoo probably. >> yeah. >> he's the best >> pbably a wise man. >> love steve. >> you've g more. >>ore hi cingp torrow. ull conversatio wh steve harvey and misoluma clinghaey's enaon at have hpened tha nit,
8:55 am
with mis columairs tomw as we go t for te and channe >> we' banen weirdob signments. what the weirdest thing you've been asked to do? >> here,aught me oguard. nothing >> everything you do is odd. >> iouldn'tall it weird but natalind i washed a guy on a tight rope across therand cany, that was exciting weir >> we've bn dked in stuff and askeo do ings. up. weirde thing i'v been asked toos esct our next guest in. i'veeensked too this, so wiie and al, i have surprise foryou. oh --well, how could you miss this >> comehere. ourco-star. >> on star of kunfu panda. >> this is our cause. >> your broth from another ther. ood to s yo >> bo is here because you guys ve a giant role. >> didn't get a g.
8:56 am
>> here we go. >> dim and sum.this is amazing. >> where is it? >> no. these are your cousins, dim sum. sum. lcome. >> oh,onsai string. >> we cal it a snackle. >> we' mak another one. >> that was just a taste of our starring role. >>behind-the-scenes video of yo gs doing yr hdwo. >> asnacace. callsnacklace. n'twoy, we' make y another on happens here all the time. wel make you ath one. >> welcome,cousins. bo, welcome, coins. we call it a snacace. we'll make you another one. >> can you do that here. >> i have a snacklace. >> some dim and se sum. >> i'm dim and i'm sum. >> had a chance to s t weekend over the move, fantastic. brought myds 20 of their
8:57 am
people will love the movie not just becausell-stars init. >> no. >> po it's all about you. >> oh, they are >> d't wt a col duling. >> cold as if they have been outside. there you have it. >> ande aresome. lks who wer standing outside, allour of them back there. wher are you fr? >> greenville, south carolina. >> se place. >> taa, ida. >>tamp >> a ri ve nice. hey, gue . we areatch armtem at'soingo srtnhe st - on t wes coas enally make w through into t midwest. thsday, snow ssible. ok whatappens fray. ain, it' still t early t ve you accumulatis, but we expect a wid swath of snow frommemphis to new yknd then friday into saturday, depending on the timing. den th syem. we'llee heavy snow sou boston, new yo philadelphia, washinc. and then sunda it moves out. we'll have pro
8:58 am
>> po's ,,, >> a t >> and that's yr latest weather. love having a poo. >> you know, al, we can now say that we'vehare the screen wingelina jolie and jack black. we've worked with angie, i like to say. >>he movie comes out a week from frid. "kg fu panda " its awesome. coming up next, important new health information including what's bee descred as a real breakthrough i ivtreatment.
8:59 am
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onel is inme ld thli that i want tlive.ere fre-pickedorangeueezo chbotttropanpureium. d absoluly ne fo suaterserves. trican we p thed orning. w na valy cere. mmm. lightlsweetened baked oa bis. thanks, mom. really? nature valley cerealnew at walmart. ossible brethrough in ivf treatment and new information about peloton zika virus. big mal hines aere with tha is wteed to kno prote yrea wh medicaoniborr.nali az.wnforon autndwt rat toest tube bies som calnghi a rl brhr. te ut i and h siican>> tditily y hav the egg sperm are fzedn
9:02 am
>>rit. n this thniqhat the iseseahers havones tually inserthe e and sperm andut it in a tiny psule an puthe caple in th wbnd allowerliti ur the, t iaei th cleasite ty s it sthe's so mbio exchae of fld betweeouknow, the embryo an the mother andhen t psule isaken out and ers thenelect t healthiembryosnd reimplanthose --reinsert for implanta. they havee this in around 250 women intenally. theyan say whether t the f-cassis gater or lesshan ttionalbut, agai the idea here ishere might beome advantage to moth andaby to have e rly exchangef uids,has thidea behind . >> potential gdnews. the next delopmentnhe zika virus. reoe who don'tnohat itis, t za virus and what' eew. the zikvis h been making headlines lel a thecdc hssd a tve warni
9:03 am
pregnantr tnkg autgeing pret t tralo -- o satur 17 latin america trie becauset's a concern thathis vis, which is rather - i't wanto say benign, but ratr innuous in noal heahyindividual it doesn really cause sickness theajf when it ds usually a vil sdrome but there's a concern that came outf brazil the last coupl of mths that the zika virus c asci thison microceph haode for smallrain or brain damage, fi im t zik virus in eother couldxposea risk to the developg c and rtn thisignal formatio tha really has had advers outcomes for t child. >> a mouitoorne illness. ere w aase ihawaii ceswe. >> iortantly te rorted overhe wkend from hawi w the fir case oahildorn in t cntry wh micreph ha ly,ith documentationt
9:04 am
qued abroad a imported into a had thisot a locally acquire n and that's importan stillon't have anyvidence thatccurringn the contintal uted stes. >> and quick, natie, be go. scs, rts say me peop areetting them y hatifant? righ th nrsre acty quite stgeri, ihink twi many catcans are being perfo in tast tyears. thn snifica issue here radiation. radin acost a fantastic molities.they g a ofnformati about thenside of thebody paicularlyne. arehere othertshat can be ilieuf a cat sn th doot pose that radiati sk,yes, the, is, f pleut i an ergen r orrgent care setng wn yo neednfortion very quily thve idiblef. are eensivend insuran ne topprove it andhe ise is ra if thetor says would i like
9:05 am
number ishere a ternive diagnostic test that could be used inew o cat scan? somemeshecans th right tt but not always. great summary on all the health sues. thanks so much dr. natae azar. >> come up, got ttar algse rober de niro andnd g to cis z ifou're looking to save money on your medicare part d prescrtions, walgens sacarpe med diem. seize e day to gete t of lifd medicare par just switch toalgreens for savings that'll be the highlight of yday. now preview the cost of ur copay before you fill. you can even g one-dollar copays on select pla. &j. it'ju pj. unless you me it rht.
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rpe di. tylenol 8 arthritis pn has two yersf pain relief. e fit isas the send lts a day we ge you ur day back. what you do with it is up tyou. no s she's one o hollywood's newestt gls making herark in tinsel townitheveral new moes. >> one of the is film "dirty grandpa"here zoeeuh applause zachepon love inst and sta algse robert de niro andoe ak it gi. >> i le yr e >>nks havinme how eitedere ube partf , zh epon, robert dro. >> real shame abo ttst.
9:09 am
w shnmazing exen. >> wldouayhis is le rort dni yen'tver seen h fo. ght, absoly, ye. "dtygrdpa" sayt al >>ve tim i thi of him thou havhisunny ige thops my ad. wereike waitiorhesh to be s ups pour in,aili ally cold, hdling nex ts aterhari aag of cool hdotoso u - u heardter rst, era. weerhang thiagfl h dori-nd i diractyhe suatit ha, and -- and heind ofe raises h ebrows and i'me wh g on bob, and i look band coat h caugh on fi rom heat >>rom tear. nd a h h t d was ise his eyebro.
9:10 am
nngferiesfany barrassi en. >> de ni saved m li. >>thersou moir. >> aownhlm here >> wha about thehirtssness and eronness ofach ephr. ion car how sicke i of hearing how great h body . >>h,y go. >> the man isust ridilo, ceo he s f tben a bikiext to himthe vie. >> g ithe bi. >> i kep comg up pit withtume designer reallyhink my charact would w tuleck just thi that ites sense. itn'twork >> no >> shock. >> by t way,niro l pr good his s f. know. outandin e. we'll hangh yoll day. turtlenecks at thewhou're acatn, time to pla
9:11 am
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9:13 am
fferen kinds of bugs at lst a ort-te basis, flies, spiders,eetles and antse most cn bugs und. someood new forts ove tflix. the strng serviceays will apecialt thi ar to proceamming dren a families. tflix wilffer 20 new prramsthe category which will bed byt month' premiere rema of theopular ull hous" the coany's cef ent officer says there' enough ramming for cldren and milin traditional. trartat gia uberayoon b gg customerliftliterally. unr partnering with airbus on tes progr t prode hecoer rides ondemand. a tri runill takelat th sundan film festil lat on this mont ices and rollout plans have not beenreveed prly too expsive for our dget s get aheck of theath with mr. ror. ? >> get to the chopper!
9:14 am
weatheng the wt cst from northn california, centralalifnia ithe pacic rthwest. an icy mix throhout the cel ai, snow to the north. wi and cd here in th rtheast andnow aro the great lakes for keect snow. torrowha area expds into e greatakes andhe ohio river valley. we're looking at more wet and ndy weathern the pacific nohwest andook for me rain makingtsay tough the gf coast. sin, a little bitildeere in
9:15 am
llontie i northern new ,,,, >> and nd a that' yrat athe torrow-in. >> a righty al. anksery much. les g . co is mornuesdd,ewye,yo can' we a mican tak us fleahy a yng b there a som pducts that canhe usout. iny z gro rm re's onli editor for "teen" magane. i hat that goiost up >>l >> i'l brihemvero yo whilou'rrela. >> tse are procts u a belve ato ave u fs aillopr e. >> . >>yoant mo sprit mllow. got to wk t rest othe y. llhas ierting
9:16 am
amil whi e ha y io aep suak and fl lki reesd. >>'mota m aieceandhere mid a ie ed themndt'soefctive. on'tven kwt'sworkg. >> spray theol room >> >>ally bn is i it's bec really faioble and cheer buy thesood sticks and theyid your spa of negivenergy. >> and if hav a stressfulay things are ovwhelming do is i just go in bathroom jt f a few minutes and burnhis just kind of meditate and decompress and that reall rebalances me duhe >> what else have ygot? >> t a vom little rollers. this oneeally nic fors of year y want t roll itn yourist. ps y breat better. if y'reling sicnd cotend c't raig
9:17 am
>>as thymeea te oil anou can o t dees iherend why oma therapy does havn impactn ourbody? >> i'm sure ere is. >> but y're lik i'm not scientist. ti and i ow i ryve and they mak feel good. next. t is choco ing t sether sen . we know chocolaood for you. i know if want give at a>>f se. >> t are pd with re anti-idan than norma darkchate. >> i don like dkhocolate and thiis tasty. u the side of e once the kids areleep, eak ien >> very virtre you itle you're wat reruns of my childr 's what i w be doin ndhese are soaps theyfusedh from tese tehat's used war off insects evendewndng it in y showerllyice kp
9:18 am
do yheitrus weyou up irning, it's cedary a respsibly harvested, t d it' ans erinsed. i't u the in theenugel pular a rt ofrebootin for tew year. nd ery lov a nal prt bauseou fl goo t u it, and is ea to rporate intour day--day it's not hardo takow and soap o to reaor a bar choco in teoon. >>o roll some of th and weavemehe. aurchime, does make youl completely calm atzen. >> feel like a mybl will mtaway. >> can't leave it nea a window. >> becauseoes get le chimy. f you want ty sof we'll post tn the website. ireal, really believes a
9:19 am
i, a l of t things hp me out less. >> especiallthe cholate. >> especially the chocate. >> theinging siblings you'll be singing at next month's grammy awards, so esome, the others os corn getting ready to sing their chart-topping single "stay aittle long" because that' what would likeouo do. th's re's little healthadvi. eat well ve w and ke owhat mes y, you. t downo yourskinitaveeno eeno ly turiotionwith ts n oatan5 vints for ier loin just one althy sk equbetifusk r ower softhe too! no nat betilts genel mills is roving ficiallavors ancolors from our cereals. so youan le al.
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, ow you're, 'cause c see. m callinyou to telyou to l'eggo ggo! an somthinre tdelicious sha. goen crispy, warmand fluffy eggo waffles. l'go my eggo. 201 to say t very least off t are for broth john and, duo n as b osborn released theireblbum and aeady b nomined a grammy. >> the slings have a long w from eam session their family home. now they are performingnrena ag withther b artists. we'll hear from the br in just a minute, bu first, let's see hot all n. what you doing right now
9:24 am
etr k as others osborn theuo heeerforming getherhe who l while gringin a small md to let'sut our hearts toge >> the si/songwriter brothers moved toashville and took the country mic storm by stor afte being named one of "rolling stones" artists you need to known2014 and hit roa last yeawith country greats eric church and darius rucker. th bros began makin name for themsees withountry music fa. heirmy-nominated single "stay a little longer" is the topng the arts reaching mber fe on billbod's hot cotry fiv you need to stay a lit longer >> and they ar plaing to stay a ltle longer wh thelease of tir debut and t.j. and john osborn, the guys you nee t th here.
9:25 am
d beforsven out this "sy a little longer" rerom the gr>> it is actualitsingle, going num ones w with it isrettycrazy. finilyweayo ki off16, ts for sur youearduthegrammy whee and what wasour reacti? we w b sleeng. ju gotff tr andinly hadik a mor to sepn oedsnderoving itnd tur phones weblin undhoting usight nndt s just teft tex out,ou kn, grnonati. mang >>ou h sooound d coo lo obouslo. hoo desibr sic. onfced u cingup i an, go >>evytng. oudad,eld l to evythirom like, you , d c likeoe jon mer hagyardeond rs and even m oni axton and popstar he liste everyth s influences
9:26 am
>> hdricksattooedown your arm. ah, ote ri for aong tim we did ow wha gres were goo si andadus aeopl wod ask us all theime and dn't eveno wha to em canel yhe a w lien, to achs kinof aool time. weerepeinn thre thebo how l o gres now he bece very en.a lot pple i tnk evenou micas d wellbecaus you can listeno lot of varty in onr i dn'eeri mi. >> t secondre. >> got a little sometng special forou gs cing in he. >>h, whoa. >>"sy a ltle ng 500,000 copiesld. >> amg. >> thought youere goi to tells mariah carey was here. >> y're a little dispointe actu littl by the go. tyou. >> that' rllyco. >> i wt t s bun of thin i c't say o television
9:27 am
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two wto earn, it m a lotf her card seem oided.> bac back with the brothersosrn who are rdy to sing cerfied gold "sta a littl on t but cal awnshop. here they ar brothers osbo. yea yh something le a song nd i coming over me
9:32 am
nk and doihis shouldn't be i rllhouldn't be give it one more call ismo what thechoi right it's o tripo sideof townnd you walk right in one more here we goga onee dri leads to her ou slideplose rhirts o each her your han a o i tellelf i n in utne more time is not enough one lastiss and then yore goner and i'm he wisng you could ay aittle longer so calnd so co, yeah try to be le itoe'tothe me tasimeas the las ti until i'mll alhei'm
9:33 am
oneore call,t's o more whatthecha doiht it's o morerip t my side of town and you walk right i one rewe go agaonerink lea to her you slose to m tear the trtac her your hands avere iell mysf i not in e love but one more te i not ough one last kiss and tnoue a goner d i'm re wisng youou ay lite lge yeah one me dri leao anher you sli up clo to me tea-shirtsff eh
9:34 am
i tel mysel'm not in love ut one me time iot enough one last kis and tn eyou'rea goner a'm hereishi y cou ay aittle lger sy aite lger whingouou stay ttle lon erer on ger >> arighrs th at bum "pawnshop." thanks so mu, gs.
9:35 am
fit, this is "today" onbc. >> s s nal sterday, y showed u some woou
9:36 am
ttle et. >> aot opleed >> but noted your yelw tag the botm of shs. #g #girlaftermy >> haddadi treatg iovt fashion oottom of your oe. t teased for leaving ton mine all theme h loves to kee herags on. >> love a good ain. >> n commented on the workou trends. everybmentedhe sticn my shoe. eagle eyes. >> yeah >>ngo seelo
9:37 am
>ou nnouncfromew ths "twithathie e gid and kot f stud 1a inkefe pla >> b oozey tuesdas nall arved, and i i also l gaeve, ev we packihes an gointo teg we a goi to e j. and ha ahow ve frotheron thsdayd we areo ta ove the stripca we t wait. >>know ihe pn coentionwe d car becawe areng tbehere epreg. i joi jen r, and ke lee takin soe off thaton there is bealled la m "" an video if video if you are bored. >> you like it? >> yes, it is a good o. >>ka >> andaring to have some
9:38 am
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