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tv   News 5 at Noon  NBC  January 19, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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new atoon -- wee leard extra security and lice are in place ountain dge middle sool. -- after a studen allegey made threats towards the school,.. those with disict 20ay - e adserity i prectiony inature. and th student inot in school today. class anactivies a not imct.... 'lke y upated as we learn more. about 20 pcent oalinri rorted fromkiing or snboarding -- are head injuries. t in many motain tow.. there'no brain injury ecstn site -- tat those tients. wsive's maddie garrett explains how a pueblo door i changing that through new program with centura health... that will allow patientso get the sttate of the art ncussion treatment diags... as soon bl. ok rq skng a hard hth.
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can tl ey're just not withou, t ysically they're ok, so it's a scary thing." scy whether it's you, or someone you're with. t rick uhl "i know en my step mom got a concussi she wasown and out severanths aerward it c happe anyonnd ten does... fac brain injuris the number one reported trauma in summit couy. sot nnifer kagan, nurs "wsee ndreds of concsions a year and huneds of coussion theki sn." annow the serious cases... nats "hello! oh y jen w are yoood." are geing trtefrom right here in pueb... at docroic sot rocky khosla "so essentiay she isy exnsn and she's doing the physical exam onhe patient."khla, in traumatic brinju, went thuglot of training with jennifer kag, registered nursin summit county. sot jennifer kagan "it's nojust aho call your physician is making to a speclistit's the physician isble to put their eyes on the
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sot khosla thi have a coussion and continue to do an activity that's high ris" rly diagnoses is key... sot ifer "this allows us serve, to pride them with a tt service." as welrevention. sot khos"helmets are tremendous in preventing fractures, ey rece force transmission." sot rick uhl "the helmets have made such a great safety impact over the laecade r sure." remember... helmets are imt buwot concuss... and doctor khosla says it's always best toonsult with your primary care psician too. he's currently expanng the teoncuion seices within ceura he to rango d canon city. we're leni me about the findings.. from studyf th2013 shootit arhoe gh scol... a new repo jusreleased.. sa there were rning gns. anadministrato couldave done more to possibly prent it. e highly critil report released by u'center for t
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says the school smsed obviouwarnings... and were resnsible for major failures in communication. lso reveals neithestaff e students themselves, reported behavior that should have been a red flag. the gunman... 18 year old "karl pierson", killed himself after shooting "claire davis"... e ed 8 days after the attack... claire was only 17. her pares. fought to chge state law.. orce schools to "share what's knownout a studen o commits violenact againsstudents or teachers. michael and deree davisay ey're "notprised" by t report's findings... but they hope will leado changes. 83to a certain degree this really isn't about clairor ka amore .is is about helpinto identifthe next kid who is in crisis and needs help and making sure schools are prepared and ready to help them...4
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because clai's not coming home 21 her rents... frequently visit "clarit coons"... built in claire's honor.. deree davis ys s often meets foer classmates of claires... who are still stggli with the ss yoll have a chce today to have youvoe ard abt proposed chaes to mountain metro trsit. m-m-t is looki to increase the frequency ofeveral routes from 30 minutes to 15... adding a saturday service to route 10.. restructuring several routes acro theity so proving the nitou spring shute rve. once when a nal desion is made, the changes will go into effect ts may. there are six public meetings you can go to if you want to go .
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to four, at library 21-c. and two more meetings will be held tomorrow at city ha fm 10 to 12 and five to seven. when the denver brcoar hang a good season... so do buss hin southern colora! some stos sathey see spikin ses when th broncos advae the playoffs. it's a wcomed me apatsy's candies beuse the christma sh iover a valentine's day is sll far off. but the blue and orange taffy is a big ller right now! act, ey have to resck the bluerry! and "buo gals catering" sold extrarilled tri-p last weekend to people o say they were taking it for tailgating before the broncogame. the says business will likely double ashe broos contue to play and win. e've arranged to bri in about 16 cas of tri-tip for
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grilling and serng and slin the caterers even offer what they call a tailgate special desied fall partie as expted... tickets for the brons a-f- championship game ainst t priotsold out matte minut! as old you... wen sale yeerday at. if youill tr to get seat to sunday's game... get ready to sheut a lf money! you can find them on-line... the cheapet 400-dollars! some as "high" as 10-grand! and a reminder -- police say you ould useites like the "n-f-l exchange" and "stub hub" because they have guarantees f e ticks they're selling. but broncos fans, aren't too happy about other fans selling theitickets. here were lot ofhose ylow tols fing arnd and the last thing we need ia bunch of patriots fans in stadium ce sunday
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there and be loud. don't sell your tickets to patriots fans cause th's where teams. of course the cheapest ticket in thuse--watching froyour very own living om! super now to the outpouring of support -- flowing the shocking death of eagl co- founder,le fy. th67-year-old music lege died yesterday in new several s. frey heen battling complications fromheumatoid arthris, pneumonia and a digestive issue. here's nbc's "cars. -- p- nats - "ket easy" n frey's talstruck a chord with generatio of fans.. in his career spanning more than four decad the deoit-native moved to liforn.. as a yng airing musici.. and hi off with a drr named don henley in 1970.
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felte we we working on a stylof music non us had everea before." the two got together and formed "the eagles".. one of the greatest sowriting teams of all time llowing the new genre of "coy-rock" to take flight henley credits fy for tarting it all".. calling him "the spark plug, the man with t plan." nats - "hotel califoia" the group turned the state of cafornnto a sound.. landing them five number one hits, six grammys and five a-m-as. thr populari f outlasting them -- heagles" spln 19.. icle freflng solo. nats - "e heat is on" he burned up the charts with several hits on his own.. and pursued an acting caer.. which included a role on "miami vice." despite henley's famous claim that "the eagles" would only reunite "when hell freezes over"..
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and were inducted into theock roll hall fame four years later. nats - "deerado" henlow reflecting on his bandte with a touching tribe.. saying quotehe was like a brotheto me; we were fily, and like most families, the was some dysfunction out that wson orting.. still aheafter it's officially tax ason.. we'rtaki a closer look a the latest recommendations from the-r-s. but first your extended forecast with meteorologist steph wers. stephen?
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the snow cleed out fairly quickly is morning, but clouds were a little longer lasting. the sun was ightening thsky at midday, a cudwill likely continue eaking up. teeratures are warming roh the 30s and 40s. the ouds had a quick hit of snow witth this moing. locally thatnow s limited to areas of nthern el paso countyike monument, palmer lake, and black forest. most o the isture was bcked by the palmerive anjust didot
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colodo sings. e lopresre a cold frt th tried to bring the snow ve med away tour east. high presse buding fm the noh wi make r a beautifully sunnafternoon d a clear eveng. our clouds will begin ineasing again as we proach midni owakes wl begiflyi over on t wesrn ope by aromidnight, o. th is om a sto sysm rollg f ofhe pacific and into the west coast th afternoon. thattorm system veryell cod anome snowy spots fo us le moownd into earl thsd mning. withhe sun this afternoon, streas will mana 40s this afternoon. high elevations ound momentblacfostand wolandark ll bthe exception thfternoon tempatures ithe s. the ening wi begin wh a clear sky and crisp 30at 5 pm. th30s will become 20s by 10 pm, and clouds will begin ireasinsoon after 10 pm. mo oweesy ll be calm with clouds buildi throughouthe day highwill be in the upp 4 d we50
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some snowy spots that linger into the evening. snow can pick up after midnight and stick arou tough the thursday morningrive before clearing out and allowing the n to shinehuday ternoo fraynd saturday will be beautifully sunny with temperatures warnghrgh e 50s! sundastarts to cld up a bit.
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works for nday. after the brea learning p-r. a skill that be intimiting to se...t experts say it's a
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a closer look in todays ur,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, in today's you in today's your healthy family... learningactually havin pep-on somebody y und inmidating to so people but expertit skill we all should learn... because never ow wn you might need to step in to save a life. anet zappala" reports. --- pkg --- sot: chris fielder, red cross cpr instructor "you're going to susinife. it's br than doing nothi at all." chrielder has b with the american red cross for 25 ars, and teaches c classes. buemphasiz that with or without foal training... t: chris fieer, red cross cpr instruct "even ifs not perfect, even if you're not certified." people who findmselves in a emery situation can make a difference. sily blearning chest compreions... sot: chrisielder, red oss cpr instructor "comessions are thmost important part of cpr. circatinthat blood because ere is going to be some oxyg still left in the ngs even when the person s unconscious..." nats
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t: chris fielder, red cross cpr instruor helicking you hear is a mechanis the mannequin that you're compressing the cst at the proper dephis about two inches." importantow.ecause many peopd they might crack b if they try doing compressions oan uncscioctim. d rib isfe atening. cardiac arrest is... and that's why learnincpr is so critical... nats "it's beinprepar on al levels..." because nonof us can predicwhen we y be called upon to save life nats "pce my face on tighten over the mouth..." the rescue breaths arelso very important as y want get oxygen into the lungs of someone who isn't breathing. ts "a head lt chin , breas, then bac comprsion..." a says fyou would continue cycle 30 compssions and two ths. uly untelp arris or ithere are gns of life whenimis of e essenc wh no onelse is around or
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someing. nats "one and two and tee and four." sot: chris fielderd crs cpr instructor "ijustew minutes wh a little praice u can save life c-p-r clseare offered through thred oss line-- and also in a classroom. once youe learned the skills neededyou can gecertified. and evenf you don't get certified, learning the basics of c-r, ll enable you to providcare-- if and when you find yourself in an genc situation. the internal revenue service hs anced the 2016 income tax lingso-- on. e agency expectsore than 1 ioople to retus thear. the od news fo procrastinats - yoll he unti mondaypril 18th tfile yo 25 rern at'secse t encipio day lidafas onriy ri 15.
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taxpayers plan ahe andtilize thtools on i-r-dot-gov. the ency is so providing addition msurefoonne seri.. officials exctround 80 percent of rurns to be filed eltronicallyith sila peentage of rendised by
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wel be rht back with one it might be co it might be coere in colodo but at leasit's not this freing! a minneapolis man is hing a little fun in thfrigero degree weather... by freezinpair of his nts d putting them o is fnt lawr dilay! he posted a cture of it on facebook and now his idea is kingff! her resintare now freeng their clothes and dointhe same thing making the neiborhood look a t liken outdoor clothing
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thanks for spendinpart of your afrnoon with us. than for snding part of your afternoon with us. for coinuous newupdates all
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